A cursed bracelet causes a chain reaction of transformations…

A gift story for the amazing wwbot ( )!

The bus rattled as it slammed into a pothole.  Alice gripped her purse tightly and then pulled it harder against her belly.


Her new bracelet rubbed against her wrist.  The thin metal pulled at the tiny blonde hairs that rose around it on her otherwise hairless arm.  There were sharp little pains as the hairs lengthened slightly and twisted around the bracelet.  Her skin dimpled outward until she rubbed her arm forward.


She’d found the bracelet in a dusty old antique store and thought it was cute. 


So, there’s an artist I like on DeviantArt – wwbot (  Yesterday he made a piece of art that I liked quite a lot:  Today I apparently decided to write a story around it.  I meant to create just a little scene description for him to put under the image but I guess I can’t write short things well.  So, here’s a story for it.  “Shifting.”

“That’ll be $31.23.  Cash or card?”  The cashier asked.

“Oh, gosh, card.  Debit card.”  The young woman answered.  Around her, customers browsed and laughed and made lewd comments to each other while holding up various outfits. …

Sketch Part 1: Mother

This is part one of the “sketch” series.  Rough draft little stories put together quickly.  In this one, a man and woman are test subjects.  One changing from man to woman, the other changing into a werewolf.

My head hurts.  Badly.

And I’m cold.

My eyes crack open and the headache flares as the overhead lights drill deep into my skull.

I can’t remember where I am.  I left work.  I remember that.  Night time.  Damn project due for presentation tomorrow to our clients and they changed their RFP the day before.  I was walking home and… and… and what?  I can’t remember.…

Layers Chapter 10

What does one wear when one knows one is going to transform into a massive werewolf killing machine later in the evening?  And, yes, that works as both a “werewolf that is a killing machine” and a “werewolf-killing machine” except not a machine, per se.  I don’t need Thomas suddenly appearing in a puff of disgusting, putrid stench to tell me that “Surprise!  You were a robot all along!  Lolz!”  I can handle a lot of stuff but I think that would be my breaking point.  So, what does a young sexy werewolf lady wear?  Something you don’t particularly care about? …

Layers Chapter 9

Consider the scene.

Elaine stands at the door with a small bag of various things.  I smell salt and vinegar chips, beef jerky and the aforementioned condoms.  Mostly those because the chemical latex smell is somehow mocking my lack of foresight.  Goddamn these hormones and Stephen’s body.  That sexy, sexy body.  Elaine smells slightly anxious and something close to jealous but not quite that.  It’s a complex thing and I’m not sure how to untangle it just yet.  I don’t think it’s entirely bad.  Probably.  I like her outfit and a small piece of me quickly wonders if I’d look as cute as her in it. …

Layers Chapter 8

I used to think my world made some basic, normal sense.  You are born basically the gender you die with (although, no, hah, not really, I guess) and, well, science.  It works.  The science.  There’s nothing strange or unusual in the world and karma doesn’t exist.  Neither do ghosts or witches or things that go bump in the night.

The world was plain.

Now, here I am, in my bedroom with a man and a woman that I turned into werewolves.  I am a completely different person – a woman now rather than a man.  Oh, and a werewolf, as well. …

Layers Chapter 7

Elaine turns to look at the two men across the street. I watch as she closes her eyes and sniffs. A strand of her red hair comes loose in the wind and flutters across her small, freckled nose. I watch her hair move and marvel at the way she looks. There’s a complicated play of emotions running through my body while I watch. She’s attractive to me – very much so. But, I feel this ache deep in my soul that makes me think of some base emotion – something deeper than love. I can’t put it into words exactly but I want to take her and just go.…

The Magic School Bus: Halloween Special

Chapter 1



Arnold’s car rolled to a stop on the shoulder of the small two lane road, gravel crunching beneath the tires. The private road in front of him seemed to lead nowhere and even the full moon, fat and pure silver didn’t give him an idea of where it went. His old Volvo shook as it idled. I should just turn around, he told himself. This is such a bad idea. Instead, he turned on the dome light above him to read the email he’d printed yesterday.



Layers Chapter 6

Random dreams. Something about chasing something. Sunlight? People laughing. Or is it a bonfire? Sitting around in cheap metal folding chairs, drinking, telling stories, laughing. Dogs curled up, close the fire. Bottles of beer or some other alcohol, leaning over to scratch one of the dogs between the shoulders and, mmmm… the fingers feel good between my shoulder blades.


I snap awake and the dream fades immediately. There was… there were people. It was happy? Warm? Where the hell am I? This isn’t my bed. Right. Right. Doggy pile. Last night. Is it still night? I turn to look at the front window and my body says hello.…

Layers Chapter 5

Pleasure in darkness.  My brain is foggy and I can feel myself struggling to wake up.  Struggling because it feels like I weigh a ton.  Fragments of the night before flash teasingly through my brain like a kinetoscope without a soundtrack.  Sex.  Claws.  Fangs.  Fur.  Little flashes of memory whirling ’round and ’round as I try to make sense of things.  There’s a … there are two pinpoints of pleasure hitting me as I wake – my chest and crotch.  I crack my eyes, moaning at the weight on me.  Elaine is on top of me, one hand on my lower stomach and another on her right breast, eyes closed, hips gyrating. …