So, there’s an artist I like on DeviantArt – wwbot (  Yesterday he made a piece of art that I liked quite a lot:  Today I apparently decided to write a story around it.  I meant to create just a little scene description for him to put under the image but I guess I can’t write short things well.  So, here’s a story for it.  “Shifting.”

“That’ll be $31.23.  Cash or card?”  The cashier asked.

“Oh, gosh, card.  Debit card.”  The young woman answered.  Around her, customers browsed and laughed and made lewd comments to each other while holding up various outfits. …

The Pact

Set against the backdrop of 1873, a young man learns the dangers of asking for your hearts desires.  For some forces and dark and enjoy the folly that follows such requests.  The young man’s wish comes with a heavy price that not only he must pay.

A single bead of sweat crept from beneath the band of Little Joe’s hat, burrowing through caked-on dirt until it worked itself down into a muddy afterthought.  The young man rubbed the back of his grimy hand against his cheek, smearing the streak and wiping away bits of dry earth.  He squinted up at the sun while he pushed the heavy plough behind the family’s old, tired draft horse. 

Sketch 03: Temptation

My first attempt at a bimbofication story with BE (breast enlargment).  Because, why not?  A young woman falls victim to temptation.

Tracy stood beside her small booth and watched as her classmates walked by.  Most of the other students ignored her but a few looked at her signs and laughed before walking away.

“Abstinence is the only answer,” the small girl said to no one in particular.  “We need to value our bodies and save ourselves for our husbands and wives.  Join the pledge to save yourselves for marriage.  I have shirts and promise bracelets so you can show your support for-”

A young freshman couple stopped in front of her booth and Tracy smiled at them. …

The Coin

The mid-day rush of people frantically making their way to or from lunch swarmed around Kelly as she dodged along the wide, hot sidewalk.  Her muted apologies (Sorry!, Excuse me!, I’m so sorry!) were smothered by the buzzing of conversations, traffic and the sound of the world around her.  At a little over five feet tall and a tiny bit under 110 pounds, she felt like a (Duck?  Water bug?  Hamster in a hamster ball thing?) fighting the raging current of a monstrous river.  She grinned at the thought of a hamster furiously scrambling in a floating ball before apologizing to a faceless stranger that accidentally elbowed her.…


Craig launched the shortcut to his Chrome browser with a practiced click.  His old, ragged office chair creaked as he leaned forward.  Without thought, he opened the link to his local Craigslist section and went to the ‘casual encounters’ section.  The young man brushed a few oily strands of thin brown hair away from his eyes as he browsed the ‘women for men’ listings.  He picked at a few acne scars absentmindedly with his left hand while he filtered through the ads.  Only once had he had luck with the site – if it could be called luck.  He soon learned that if a dollar sign appeared anywhere in the ad, the lady expected to be paid for her troubles. …

Layers Chapter 1

It was a box.  Or possibly a crate – wooden sides with a bit of plastic on the side containing what I’d think was a packing slip.  No visible marks otherwise.  No ‘fragile’ (which my mind nearly always reads mentally as fra-jill-ay) or other stamped text.  Just a decent sized box (crate?) sitting on the second step of the little concrete steps leading to my front door.  I stare for a bit and then push it slightly with my foot.  Slightly heavy but not bad.  I haven’t ordered anything lately so what was the deal?…