Sketch Part 1: Mother

This is part one of the “sketch” series.  Rough draft little stories put together quickly.  In this one, a man and woman are test subjects.  One changing from man to woman, the other changing into a werewolf.

My head hurts.  Badly.

And I’m cold.

My eyes crack open and the headache flares as the overhead lights drill deep into my skull.

I can’t remember where I am.  I left work.  I remember that.  Night time.  Damn project due for presentation tomorrow to our clients and they changed their RFP the day before.  I was walking home and… and… and what?  I can’t remember.

My arm hurts.  And my back is cold.  I think – yeah.  I’m naked.  I can feel my ass on something cold and hard.  Why am I naked?  There’s a crashing noise and suddenly my heart is forcing me awake.  Adrenaline.  I groan and sit up and almost fall over again.  My stomach is a sea of chaos and I think I’m going to throw up.  I fucking hate throwing up.  There’s a… there’s a… fuck.  No.  I’m not going to throw up.  No.  I tuck my head down and breathe slowly.  I am naked and I’m on a metal bunk of some kind, several feet off the ground.

Breathe.  Breathe.  I press my hand against my hairy stomach and clench the little developing pot belly I have.  The bench is cold against my naked balls.  I look up to find the sound from earlier and I see another guy on the other side of the room.  Also naked.  I look away as he pulls himself up to his feet.  But not, of course, before my traitorous eyes see his junk.  Great.

A small bit of sharpness in my right upper arm reminds me of the pain I felt earlier.  I look over and see a small pink band aid on my arm.  There’s a yellow smiley face on top of it and it hurts my head and my eyes to focus on it.  I can’t remember anything about the band aid or why I’d have it.  I tentatively take my hand from the bunk and, when the world doesn’t collapse around me, I peel the band aid off, wincing as it pulls my arm hairs.  There’s a small red dot in the middle of my arm.  Like from a shot.  Was that what put me to sleep?  Pain beats a drum in my head and I focus on my breathing again.

I think the guy is trying to say something but everything sounds funny.  I yawn to crack my jaws and hopefully open up my ears.  Oh, now the guy is on his knees again and is throwing up.  My stomach heaves in sympathy but I breathe through it.  I should probably go help him and see what the hell is going on.

My nipples hurt.  Like when I used to jog a lot years ago.  I’d get all sweaty and they’d be all sort and hurt and maybe bleed a little.  It’s like that except…  It’s… I feel the nipple push at my chest and it swells.  My little brown useless nipple swells in size until it’s hard and aching and I can fucking feel it on me.  Oh, Jesus.  Oh fuck.  There’s the… there’s the other one.  Again, the skin around my left nipple is pulled and twisted and I watch as the skin darkens to the same brown as my tiny nipple and then, like some… some tiny fleshy tornado it twists and pushes from my chest and I feel it all the way down to the bottom of my feet.  I shift a little because it feels funny.  They both tickle as they push through my chest hairs and now both nipples are fat and hard and they look really strange on my hairy chest.

“This,” I start to say out loud.  My voice hurts.  My whole body feels like a raw bundle of tension of dull pain.  “This is wrong.”  I reach tentatively for the nipples.  I want to touch them but, I don’t.  I’m afraid.  I’m stupidly afraid of them.  As if touching them will make them real.  So I reach and lightly touch one…

And then I moan.  The nerves run straight from the nipple to my toes with a pit stop at my dick.  I feel myself get hard and I sneak a glance at the guy at the other end of the room.  Shit.  I… That feels really good.  I touch my nipple again and wriggle a little.  It’s a ticklish feeling.  Well, almost but not quite.  I can see the pale white skin around my nipples darkening.  In a circle.  And something… something suddenly stings deep inside my chest.  Smooth skin grows slightly rough as the… whatever the fuck the stuff around a woman’s nipples is called form on my chest.  I move chest hairs aside and touch the skin.  It’s softer and moves against my chest like it’s separate.

It feels good to touch myself there.  On my chest.  It feels real fucking good because my chest hurts and this helps.  So I massage myself.  My chest.  And I moan because these nipples are sensitive.  Squeezing and pushing and kneading at my chest with my fingers until I feel something stab my chest.  I yell because it hurts so bad and then I’m falling and that hurts, too.  I’m on my hands and knees now.  My chest is burning.  I feel things inside myself.  I feel things moving.  I look down and my chest is stretching.  My hard nipples are moving and the burning is insane.  I lean forward to breathe, almost panting as my chest pushes out.  Chest hair flutters to the ground as, well, fuck, as my breasts grow.  It’s fucking weird to watch as my two little titties turn into a good handful and then continue growing, all under thick growth of chest hair.  Except, not so thick any more.  More and more bits of hair fall to the ground under me as my tits expand.  I can feel their weight now, pulling to the ground below me.  Smooth white skin with thick aching nipples.

The pain in my chest is so bad that I can barely feel what’s happening to my hands.  I feel something like small popping sensations; like when I crack my knuckles.  Except, when I look over, my hands are… are… getting smaller?  My fingers look different.  I’ve been alive for twenty five years so I’m pretty familiar with what my body looks like and those are definitely smaller hands.  Slimmer.  And, again, more smooth.  I used to have thick veins on the back of my hands but, as I watch, they disappear under perfect white skin.  And then, fingernails.  My fingernails are growing out.  Just a little bit but I have nails now.

Jesus, these fucking tits are heavy.  Sagging under me.

“Hey, man.”

I jerk.  The other guy is right there.  In front of me.  Shit. Shit shit shit.  I’m not looking up.

“Hey, you all right?  You remember anything?  I can’t remember a damn thing.”

I’m not looking up.  I’m not-  I gasp in pain.  Someone is twisting a knife in my guts and I want to scream.

“What the fuck?!”  The man says.

Oh.  I’ve accidentally looked up because of the fucking drill someone has in my stomach.  I… I…

“Are you… I thought… I thought you were a guy.  But…!”

I touch my face and I can tell immediately that something is different.  My cheeks are on fire.  Hell, my whole head is in pain but I thought it was the headache.  There’s no stubble any more.  It’s all smooth.  My nose is smaller.  As I’m exploring, I feel my cheekbones collapse a little and then move under my skin.  I want to throw up again.

I look at the man and I feel tears of shame burning down my cheeks.  “It hurts.”  I tell him.  “It hurts a lot.  Something is wrong.  I am a man but…”  I feel a tickle along the tops of my ears and then down my neck.  Reaching up with my feminine fingers, I feel thick, long hair growing from my scalp.  It moves like silk through my soft fingers.  I feel it touch my shoulders and then stop.  My lip trembles and I know I’m about to bawl.  This isn’t right.  This isn’t…

My throat crunches and I dry heave.  My long, luxurious brown hair falls around the side of my head as I lean forward, coughing and hacking.  I feel a rough hand on my shoulder and when I look up, the man is looking down at me.  Scared.

“You okay, man?”  He asks.

“Y… Yes.  Yeah, I’m,” I stop.  My voice.  My voice is wrong.  It’s soft and nearly as silky as my hair.  And, worse, the man has a raging boner.  This close, I can smell it.  I can smell his dick.

The man seems embarrassed and apologetic.  “Hey, I’m sorry.  Jesus, I’m sorry.  I don’t… It’s just… you’re beautiful.  I can’t help it.  You know how it goes, right?  I mean, you’re a guy, right?”

“I… oh fuck!”  I scream, doubling over in pain.  The drill in my stomach is on high speed now.  I grip at my legs and my nails dig into the soft flesh.  My scream is high and very much a woman’s scream.  My tits press against my thighs and I feel them bulge to the side.

“Hey!  Hey man!”

Strong hands on me, lifting as snot and tears run down my face.  I’m holding my sides in because I’m terrified that they’re coming out.  I’m… shorter?  I thought the guy was the same height as me but he’s several inches taller.  He hugs me to his chest and he’s warm and comforting and… and a fucking guy.  His heart beats loud against my ears and I’m afraid to admit to myself that it helps the pain.  I can hear a rumble deep in his throat.  A contented kind of rumble.

And then his hand reaches for my ass.  My flat ass.  He grips at it and I try to push him off.  I collapse against him again when something clicks in my hips.  Painfully.  Suddenly I feel his fingers digging into the flesh of my ass.  Kneading me.  Both of his hands are gripping my ass and he’s working the ass cheeks around as they expand.  It feels… it feels… fucking good.  Almost like when I massage my tits.  I moan and press against him because I can’t help it.  Skin stretches as my ass and hips expand.  I don’t even notice him pressing his face against my thick hair.  Growling into my hair.

“Oh,” I moan and I hate myself for it.  “It… it… ohhh…”  My tits are pressed against his hairy chest and my nipples are rubbing against his roughness and it’s making me feel hot.  Better, the pain in my stomach is gone.  In fact, my whole lower stomach is tingling.

The man pushes me and I move back until I’m pressed against the bench.  I can feel my ass pressing against the hard surface.  The cold of the bench feels good against the soft flesh of my expanded ass.  My tits lay heavy and full on my chest.  Looking down my now flat stomach, I see my cock.  Pre-cum is dripping slowly to the ground but I’m completely limp.  Slowly, my cock shrinks further and further and I feel a pressure in my lower belly.  Just an uncomfortable, slightly painful pressure.  Finally, only the head of my cock is left and then I feel something… flip?  The head shrinks smaller and smaller until it’s a tiny nub above my swollen balls.  Flesh grows out to cover the small nub and then I groan.  There’s a pain like someone kicked me in the nuts.

My balls are deflating.  I don’t feel the testicles go but the skin just suddenly lays flat against my body and then pulls in.

I didn’t see my opening.  My slit.  My wet cunt.  I didn’t see when it happened.  But now, as my ball sack pulls into my body, I feel the skin moving and I twist my legs together, moaning and whimpering as my sack forms into thick, dark pussy lips over my already developed pussy.  My legs rasp against each other as I gasp and twist.  I can smell my juices.  I smell like a woman and it’s strong.  I want to touch it.  I want to see what I feel like but the man…

I look up.  He’s wild.  His eyes are golden and he’s licking his lips with a thick, long tongue.  The hair on his chest is a mix between hair and fur and there are black claws at the tip of his fingers.

“Jesus!”  I cry out and my woman’s voice is shrill.  I press myself further back but there’s nowhere to go.  And then, suddenly, he’s on me.  I feel his claws in my back and ass and his mouth on my nipple.  I feel it immediately in my lower belly.  It’s a live wire straight there.  Straight to my new cunt.  I can’t help but grab the back of his head as I moan and bite my lip.  And then I cry out, shuddering because his teeth are biting at my nipple and it hurts.

But, oh god, it feels so good, too.  Something… something happens in my pussy and it feels all gooey and sticky now.  And good.  My legs are moving together on their own and I feel my wet pussy lips rubbing together.  It feels… It feels…

“Bite me again,” I moan.  Something is wrong.  My head is fuzzy and hot and I should be terrified but all I can think of is how good this feels and how turned on I am.  The man bites me and his teeth are sharp.  My hand pulls at my other nipple while I grip his hair.  Looking down, I see black fur sprouting from his back and arms.  Muscles bulge along the man’s shoulders and a small band aid flutters from his arm to the ground.  His has a little iconic picture of a wolf on it.

He’s licking and sucking at my nipple as if he’s nursing from me and it’s driving me wild.  I’m not used to what’s happening in my lower belly.  There’s no ache and throb of a cock.  Just a burning hot need.  A weird building ache.  I feel incomplete.  I feel something building deep in me but it’s not enough.  I know that him playing with my nipples won’t be enough.  Won’t be enough to push me over the edge.  I need it.  My pussy aches for attention.  It needs to be filled.  I need to feel him in me, filling that burning aching hole of mine.  Oh god.  Oh god.

I push him down and he looks up.  His face is a half-muzzle full of sharp fangs.  His nose is black and he’s growling at me.  “Go down.  Please go down.  Please.  Please, I need you.  I need you down there.  My… my pussy needs you.  Please.”  My voice is cute and urgent and breathless.

He goes and I gasp as his huge thick tongue rasps against my aching pussy.  And then I shriek, gripping his pointed ears through the thick tangle of fur above his head.  He’s inside of me.  Inside of my pussy with his tongue.  He’s so warm and it just slips into me.  It’s alien and warm and slick and fucking amazing all at the same time.  My back arches from it.  I can’t help it.  Oh Jesus.  I can’t help it.  I’m moaning and gasping and mewling and I can’t seem to keep my eyes open.

My hands go to my breasts and I squeeze them together.  The combination makes my hips shake.  I’m spreading my legs like a whore for this creature.  Jerking.  Moving.  There’s a… there’s a rhythm.  A certain… I find it.  I find a certain way to move my hips and I rock against him.  And still, and still it’s not enough.

“I need you,” I tell him.  “I need you in me.  Oh god.  I need you to fuck me.  I need your cock.  Inside of me.  Inside of this pussy.  I’m burning up.  I have to cum.  Oh fucking Christ, I have to cum or I’m going to go insane.”  And, I think I will.  It’s torturous to be this close to cumming, to feel this sensation of a burning raging storm deep in my gut and to know that it’s just going to take something.  I feel the sopping wet emptiness inside this woman’s body – my body.  I feel it and I need something in it.

He understands.  A part of him understands.  I gasp as he pulls away and stands.  I look up at him because he’s even taller now.  Huge.  Furry.  But, more importantly, I look down.  A fat red cock is throbbing in the air.  His.  His cock.  Red and thick with veins.  It’s not a man’s cock anymore.   The base of it flares out above a furry sheath – two fat bulges like a dog’s knot.  It’s fucking thick and it grows up to a smooth taper.  I stare at it, brushing brown hair away from my eyes.  My chest is heaving as I pant in need.  I can smell him and my mouth and pussy water from his scent.  He reaches for the back of my head and pushes but I go down to my knees willingly.

The werewolf’s cock is warm and huge against my small fingers.  I go forward hesitantly, opening my mouth and then, I lick him.  I can’t describe what it smells like or what this burning thing inside my pussy is doing to me.  I can’t help anything.  I need it.  I need to taste him on my lips.  I lick the length of him and then I press his tip against my lips, feeling it part them open as I wrap my tongue around him.  The pointed tip is odd but then, this is my first time sucking dick so what the hell do I know?  I gag when he presses me down and am thankful when he lets me back up.  Slowly, I take him further and further until I feel the tip at the back of my throat.  I pause and then go further.  Juice drips down my pussy and so I reach down to touch myself.

The man… werewolf, roars and I’m suddenly down on my stomach.  The floor is cold against my heavy breasts.  My cheek is on fire.  I try to move but I suddenly feel a thick, rough paw around the back of my neck.

I go very still.

Slowly, I move myself from my side to my stomach.  The tits make things awkward but I do it anyway.  Until I’m as flat on my stomach as I can be.  I can feel the thing’s immense strength.  I’m scared.  But, I’m also turned on.  Something about this is making me even more wet.  Something about the fear and the loss of control and not being able to see the creature as it positions itself behind me makes me moan.  I move my hips until they’re raised from the ground.  My ass is heavier than I’m used to feeling.  My long, thick hair is pooled on the ground around my head and a detached part of me notes how shiny it is.  Odd things to notice in times like this.  He’s growling  and it’s hard and harsh and very, very real.  He moves again and I suddenly feel his hot breath against my shoulder.

I bite my lip as he bites my shoulder.  My body is insanely sensitive right now and, like with the nipple, I love the feel of his teeth on me.  I push my hips back against him until I feel his cock touch my back.  If I raised a little higher, it might touch my pussy.  That’s all I can think of now.  I’m picturing him behind me.  I can see him in my mind’s eye.  I can see his huge cock right near my wet opening.  Will he be mad again?  Should I not do it?  Oh god.  What if he doesn’t fuck me?  What if he doesn’t?  Can I finish by myself?  I should be worried about him fucking killing me but all I want is to cum.  All I want is to feel him inside of me.

The creature moves again and I feel the tip of him pressing against my sticky pussy lips.  I tremble and make a fist with my hands.  I want to move so bad but I don’t.  I can’t.  He’ll hurt me again.  Slowly, he pushes forward and my mouth opens as he opens my pussy.  I can FEEL him in me.  His dick is pressing on things inside of me and it’s the most wonderful feeling in my life. Indescribably good.  And further he pushes.  I feel like I can’t breathe.  He’s filling me up and I want more.  I do… something and my muscles grip at his hot, thick cock.

“More,” I gasp.  “Oh god, more.”  I can’t help it.  I shove back and then scream as his knot nearly splits me open. I’d forgotten about it.  Oh fucking Christ, I’d forgotten about it.  It presses on things around my opening and I feel like I’m going to break.  But I can’t stop.  He’s so deep.  It’s incredible.  I feel the tip stab against something inside of me and…

He moves.  I gasp and moan and cry out as he pulls out.  His knot stretches my opening but then he pushes in again.  I’m scratching at the ground as I try to breathe.  Slow.  He’s going so slow.  My hips find the rhythm from earlier and I rock against him, pressing him deeper.  He pulls out and I whine in frustration, trying to wriggle back.  I want him back in the same spot.  The same.   And then he slams against me and I throw my head back in a silent howl.  The storm inside my belly breaks and I’m screaming as an orgasm crashes through my body.  Shaking, trembling, my back arched.  Trying to get away because it’s too much.  But, oh fucking Christ, I’m still rocking my hips, trying to take more of him.  I feel my ass quake as I push hard back.  I’m growling with my need.  I need more.  I NEED.

Sparks fly as bone grows from the tips of my fingers, splitting open my fingertips and growing into claws until they scratch the hard ground.  I roll my head as my jaw breaks.  Bones crack and my skin stretches in front of me.  I watch my face expand through watery eyes.  I want to howl with pain.  Small hairs grow out from my muzzle and I can see my wolf-like nose turn black.  My mate.  I can smell him behind me and I growl in appreciation.  Mate?  Mine?  That’s not right, is it?

He’s not so painfully tight inside of me now.  I feel the muscles inside of my pussy expand to take more of him.  Bones pop along my spine and I feel heat all over my body.  My hand is expanding.  No, my whole arm.  Everything is.  My milky white skin stretches as muscles develop within.  Fur pushes through the skin of my arm.  I can feel the heavy hair moving as I slam back against the beast above me.  I want his teeth on me again.  I want him to cum in me.  I want his cum.  I spread my legs and start frantically working my hips.  Grunting.  Groaning.  Growling.  My mate is above me.  No, the… the… mate.  My mate.  Chuffing.  Making this weird sound.  He’s close.  Oh yes.  Yes.  He’s close.  I smile with black lips, exposing my fangs.  Flesh pushes from the end of my spine and I know my tail is coming.  I’m sweating all over, drops of it dripping from my nipples as my change happens.  Wet fur pushes through the skin of my back and down my expanding tail.  I feel the tail touch my mate as it grows.

He reaches under me to my lower belly.  I cry out and it’s almost a barking sound.  He’s found a nipple where I shouldn’t have one.  He’s gripping my shoulder with one paw while another tweaks at a nipple on my lower belly.  While he mates with me.  Pounding into me.  Fucking me.  I want him to cum.  I want-  Another orgasm hits me and I yelp, snapping at the air with my jaws.  Sparks flash in my eyes.  I push with legs now bulging with muscle and we tumble, rolling and growling and yipping.  It hurts badly when his knot pops out of me.  I get to him first and he looks at me with golden eyes and lays still.  He tries to talk but I can’t understand him.

I straddle him.  The thick brown fur around my pussy and thighs is soaked with my juices.  My arms are longer and incredibly strong so I gingerly reach for my mate’s cock.  Eagerly, I position him as my tail wags in the air.  I sigh as I push myself down on his cock.  Leaning forward, my engorged, furry breasts dangle above his muzzle and his long, wolf-like tongue laps at my nipples, sending shivers down my spine.  I run a paw down my furry belly, feeling the new little breasts and nipples.

All thought goes from my head when my mate pushes up into me.  I reflexively push down and he’s hitting something else entirely.  I moan and rock my ass and hips until I find the right way to work them.  My tail swishes against his furry legs and I slowly rock back and forth.  I’m playing with my top nipples while my mate pinches my other nipples and it’s extraordinary.  How did I ever live as a man?  I never knew what I was missing.  I can sense my orgasm coming now.  My mate grabs my hips and he growls something at me.  I slam down and howl in pain as I become knotted to him.

We rut.  We fuck.  We mate.  Slamming together over and over again, feeling my heavy breasts shaking from the impacts, I ride through two orgasms until my lover… my mate howls.  His cock swells within me and I almost pass out.  His knot bulges, pressing against my clit and lips and all the sensitive things just inside my opening and I howl with him.

The feel of my mate’s cum drilling into me makes me want to sing and howl and run and dance.  Some new instincts make me push down and clench my muscles.  I want it all.  I want it all in me as deep as possible.  I collapse on him, fur to fur and grip his body with mine as his hot cum from the pointed tip of his cock.  His knot blocks any cum from escaping and I feel so full.  Finally, finally I feel full and complete.

My mate’s eventually cock shrinks inside of me and I grin.  His knot is still swollen, still holding his cum and a small new part of me hopes it plants seeds.  My nipples ache at the thought.  Hidden thoughts of cubs nursing at eight breasts swollen with milk.  We lie together warm and soft and soaked in sweat and cum.

We live in the room.  People bring us food.  Doctors.  Watching us.  We fought at first but there’s no way out.  They won’t talk to us.  I’m still a woman.  We both changed back from the werewolves but I’m still a woman.  We talk.  We laugh.  We make what life that we can in that room.

I grow to love him.  He’s kind.  Sex turns to making love.  Sometimes we change.  Sometimes we stay humans.  The change seems to fluctuate.  High stress definitely does it.

A little after a month, I throw up for the first time.  I still hate doing it.  The doctors continue to ignore us but I know what’s happening.

I’m pregnant.

I’m scared but Scott (my mate) talks me through it and we watch as my belly slowly expands.  The mood swings drive me crazy.  I scream at the doctors to bring me food.  Salt, Jesus Christ.  Salt.  And vinegar.  They sometimes bring things that taste similar but it’s not the same.  I scream at Scott and he weathers it well until I’m crying in his arms hours later.

Four months after that first day and my belly is stretched.   A young woman doctor has taken pity on us.  She’s left us notes.  Instructions.  Ideas.  We read them away from the few cameras we’ve spotted.

Two weeks later, we escape.  Running, changed from the adrenaline, scared that it might hurt the baby.  Running and running until we’re out.  Scott was shot twice but he never faltered.  They seemed afraid to shoot me.

And now, here I am.  Screaming in agony.  Changed.  Scott changes as he tries to help deliver the baby.  His own fear and worries force the beast out and then he does what he can, holding me, licking me.

I watch the baby come.  The little head crowns and I howl in agony.  He’s furry and so small.  I’m scared of how small he is.  I cry inbetween knife-like spasms.  He’s beautiful.  My furry little child.  A boy.  And still, the pains come.  Another child is coming.  I can’t take it.  I can’t.  I can’t take it.  It’s too much.  The pain is too much.  I can’t.  Just let it be-  and then my second child is born, mewling and yipping quietly as air touches his umbilical cord.

And then a third.  And a forth.  Three boys, one girl.  The third boy was born without fur but the rest were black and brown and mixed.  My furry little cubs.  Scott butts his head against mine and I lay with my children after gnawing their cords off and cleaning them up.  Lapping the liquid and blood and shit from them.  I don’t care.  I’m fucking exhausted and starving.  I don’t even hesitate at the placenta.

All four mewling cubs find an engorged breast and I feed them happily.  It’s… it’s impossible to say what it’s like.  To have these four babies… my babies… at my breasts.  Scott wraps himself around us as our babies nurse.

I’ve never seen a werewolf cry before.

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