Layers Chapter 8

I used to think my world made some basic, normal sense.  You are born basically the gender you die with (although, no, hah, not really, I guess) and, well, science.  It works.  The science.  There’s nothing strange or unusual in the world and karma doesn’t exist.  Neither do ghosts or witches or things that go bump in the night.

The world was plain.

Now, here I am, in my bedroom with a man and a woman that I turned into werewolves.  I am a completely different person – a woman now rather than a man.  Oh, and a werewolf, as well.  And not just a female version of myself but a completely different person.  If that weren’t enough, the reason I’m getting dressed is to meet a person in a park – a person that somehow hypnotized a squirrel into delivering a message.

It’s hard to live in a world like this.  It’s difficult to stop and think about things because I think if I did, I’d go slightly mad.  What else is different?  I met other werewolves today so there’s that.  Elaine, Stephen and I are not anomalies.  Are there vampires?  Witches that escaped the pyre back in the days of pilgrims?  Ghosts?  A heaven?  A hell?

See?  Maddening.

One step at a time.

I send Stephen and Elaine out of the room so I can think.  I can hear them chatting quietly in the living room.  Elaine is haltingly describing what it was like from her side of things.  The flash of memories she has from her change.  What it felt like to be semi-conscious when it happened and the pain and feeling of loss when she reverted.  Stephen gently asks a few questions but otherwise lets her talk it out.

I feel like an outside and it is a painful emotion.  How long has it been since I’ve taken a moment to myself since I’ve met both of them?  How long since I’ve stopped to breathe?   To think?  My bedroom is in disarray.  My life is in disarray.  I don’t know what I’m going to do about work and how I’m going to explain things or whether I’m even going back.  And, if I don’t, what happens then?

Who am I now?  The events of the past few days suddenly crash into me and I sit heavily on the floor with my knees up.  Becoming a woman.  A werewolf.  Meeting Elaine and Stephen.  Changing them.  Not just physically but, mentally.  All of us.  The other werewolves and my near death experience.  This new thing – the note.  I’ve just gone with it.  I’ve just let my emotions and instincts take over.  I let myself be dragged along by the events.  I took everything at face value and let myself go.  My head throbs and I feel a lump in my throat.  I can feel the tears threatening to come.  I never used to cry so much but, then, my life has been fairly mediocre and standard.  Nothing much to cry about.  No world changing events or anything.  Good parents and a simple life.

I run my fingers through my thick, long hair as I breathe steadily, head down.  It’s not my hair but it is.  It’s not my body but it is.  But, it’s not.  My skin suddenly crawls and I shiver from it.  I have an intense feeling of being still male but wrapped in a female body and it’s an alien, stomach-twisting feeling.  I don’t just mean mentally, either.  I actually have a near physical feeling of still being male but surrounded by female flesh.  The world swims around me and I hug my arms around my knees into an almost fetal position.  My fingers grip against my hair and I feel the sharp pull at my scalp.

I have doubts.  Serious doubts.  I have an accounting degree.  I do okay with my brain and I have some street smarts but the enormity of the situation is now staring me in the face.

What have I done to us?  What has this done?  I saw two people I was attracted to and I thought that’s all it was.  Now?  They’re constantly in the back of my mind.  And I feel the presence.  The thing.  The wolf hiding in my mind.  Quiet but watching.  A shadow hiding in the whispers of my thoughts.  But a real thing that didn’t exist before.  Both Elaine and Stephen are there with me mentally, too.  I feel the pull of them.  I feel the weight of their existence on me and Elaine’s smiling face immediately comes to mind with Stephen’s grim yet amused visage behind her.  The shadow of the wolf murmurs ‘pack’ but all I feel is love and my heart skips a couple beats.

Why?  Yes, Elaine is fucking adorable.  And Stephen… Stephen is a rock.  I haven’t had a chance to spend much time with him but I feel his deep strength.  And that’s it.  That should be it.  They are amazing people and I can’t believe they’re in my life but that should be all it is.  Instead, I feel this deep ache and I want to go out to them.  The wolf stirs, standing, making … her?  It feels like a female wolf.  Is that weird?  Making her presence known.  She’s a pressure at the back of my skull and when she speaks, she growls.  ‘Pack,’ she rumbles at me, louder now.  Her presence isn’t just for show; I can feel a surge of confidence and aggression and baser emotions flood through me.  Because of her.

It was here that it happened.  I can still smell our scents clearly.  It was here that they changed first.  Stephen’s mind slipping as he stared in confusion at the condom packet, no longer sure of its purpose.  His naked cocking shining in the air, inches away from my wet female sex.  Where they barely remember any of it, I can see it clearly.  I can remember it all and picture all three of us as if I were a ghost hovering in the corner.  I can still feel the raw ache of my woman’s body – the need to be filled.  I grit my teeth against the memory of it and my pussy drools.  Elaine’s lithe body twisting and reshaping while Stephen struggled with the sudden male urge to dominate and mount the female – me – in front of him.  The wolf growling loudly in the back of my mind as I put him in his place.  It’s all clear.

I squirm a bit.  I can’t help it.  It’s an itch I want to scratch but I can’t right now.  I won’t.  The wolf prowls in frustration.  It’s all so simple for her.  There’s no confused love and loyalty.  There’s no feelings of shame over basically mentally raping two people.  She knows who she is.  It’s all base emotions. I’m left with the rest of it.

This body.  This amazing body.  That’s part of the rest of it.   Still sitting with my knees up, I look at my hands in front of me.  Long, strong fingers that are still recognizably feminine.  My nails are strong and clear.  No hairs anywhere and a few freckles randomly doting the backs of my hands.  No hair on the palms.  Ha-ha.  I used to have a lot of freckles on my hands and fingers.  It’s all changed and different.  The feeling of riding in the woman’s body rushes through me again and I frantically push it away.  Strong.  So strong.  And healthy.  And sexy.  Everything.

And still cowardly.  Still me.  I should talk to them.  I should apologize for what I’ve done to them.  Stephen…  Out of the two of them, he has to have been hit the hardest.  His strength and stability has anchored him but also makes it harder for him to change.  And now…

There’s a knock at the door.  I know it’s Stephen before he speaks.  “Hey, we’re going to have to go soon if we want to make it on time.  I thought we could walk since it’s a nice day.  Just whenever you’re ready.”

Of course, I think.  Whenever I am ready.  Me.  I sigh as quietly as possible and my voice, still odd to my ears answers him.  “I’ll be out in a minute or two.”  He leaves without responding.

Dressed.  Shit.  There’s that, too.  Clothes.  Elaine’s enthusiasm and the brightness and promise of a new day have worn off.  I look over to the floor near my closet.  At the thrift store bags.  Dresses and skirts and whatnot.  Women’s clothing.  It’s like… like those times when you’re doing something (drunk or not) and it seems like the most reasonable, awesome thing ever.  And then it wears off and you’re stuck wondering what the hell you were doing.  It’s wrong.  It feels wrong.  I can’t go out like that.  I can’t go out in women’s clothing.  I have visuals of people pointing and laughing while I shamble along in a skirt.  Laughing at the pretend woman.  They’d know.  By the way I walk or talk or some other little thing that tells them.  They’d know.

Deep breath.

I close my eyes.  My body is warm and strong around me.  The wolf has settled.  I picture her with her paws crossed and her muzzle comfortably on top.  I know that I could draw on her.  I know it would work.  I feel a kind of link and I know that if I wanted to, I could pull and I’d have a spike in confidence and more.  Like some drug flooding my system.

Deep breath.  Eyes closed.

I won’t.  I won’t take that option.  Not now.  If I can’t go through any of this without cheating then I’ll never learn.  I stand and the motion is fluid and graceful and not entirely me.  I pick the skirt from the thrift store bag because I want the freedom to run if I have to.  I could pick slacks for the same reason but I’m forcing myself.  Forcing myself to do this.  The skirt is pale green and slightly pleated.  I rummage and find a matching top – armless and it swoops down gently to show the tops of my breasts.  My nipples make tiny domes against the fabric.  It takes a bit to find one of the panties Elaine got for me but I do and I tug them up over my legs and thighs and then edge my finger under the band to make it comfortable.  I nearly feel the ghost sensation of my dick being pressed against my pelvis by the underwear but it’s just the echo of a memory as a man.  My hand strays down my flat, soft stomach to my soft panties.  The smoothness of the whole area is still a wonder.  My fingers explore my mound under the panties.  Nothing out of place.  Still a woman.

Deep breath.

I open the door and walk to the living room as unselfconsciously as possible.  Without looking, I know both Elaine and Stephen like the outfit.  Quite a lot.  Stephen growls and then coughs and I hear Elaine’s whispered ‘pervert’ before I turn to look directly at them.

Elaine is dressed in tight blue jeans and a blue shirt.  Her smile tugs at the corner of her mouth and a rush of emotions slams into me again.  The wolf shifts on her paws as it happens.  Stephen’s dick is setting up camp in his pants and the tent it’s trying to make looks painful.

Man.  Dicks, huh?  Yup.  Yup.  My mouth actual waters seconds before my pussy does.  If we weren’t meeting some strange person soon, I’d make a repeat performance of the day before.  Only perhaps this time I would crawl to him on my hands and knees.  As a she-wolf would.  And then see what that does for him.  I wonder if it hurts when he changes.  When the knot grows in.  God.  That knot.  The way it spreads me open fucking hurts but then feels amazing.

“We’re not having sex,” I tell the room.  “Just to be clear.  But, I’d like to reserve the right for sex later.  If it’s okay.  If it works out.  Although.  Umm, I’d like to talk when we get back.  It’s important.  That first, I think.  And food.  Jesus, yes.  Food.”

Stephen coughs again and then nods.  A pained look crosses Elaine’s face but she nods as well.

“You look,” Stephen starts.  He pauses and thinks for a moment.  “Fuck it.  You look beautiful.”  He’s flexing his hands like he wants to hold something.  My tits?  My thighs?  My hips?  My ass?  All good options.  Fine options in my mind.  The she-wolf huffs appreciatively but I can also feel her smile.

I blush.  And look away.  It feels wrong in a sense and I think yesterday I would’ve been mad for a dumb reason.  But, like with the skirt, I take a conscious step forward.  A very clear and conscious step.  “Thank you.  You look,” I pause this time.  And then I force myself to look at the man.  “You look handsome in that outfit, Stephen.”  The words feel staged on my tongue.  Awkward.  I actually mean them but it feels like I’m reading lines from a script.  Next I’ll be swooning, I’m sure.  Or heaving my bodice.  This body makes me bold and, as if I were again an outside observer and not the actual woman, the thought of a man fucking me… her… turns me on greatly.

Elaine is trading looks between the two of us.  A slightly confused, slightly amused, slightly aroused look.  And something else.  A hint of jealousy?  The edges of it?  Jealousy for whom?  Shit.  I mentally add that to my list to talk about when we’re back.  I absolutely do not look forward to this conversation.

“I’m ready if everyone else is?”  I ask.  They answer by standing and watching me.  So, we leave and I lock the door.

It is beautiful outside.  There’s a blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds and a soft breeze that ruffles my hair and skirt.  I close my eyes and take in the scent of the world around me.  And then sneeze.  And curse.  Sweetness mixed with poop and chemicals.  I tentatively sniff again and it’s all still there.  I turn slightly and sniff again and it’s not as bad to the south.  Also, I can kind of sort of ignore some of the poop.  Kind of.  Maybe it’s learned behavior and I can turn things off eventually.  Hopefully.  I really don’t want to go through the rest of my life smelling poop.

Stephen grunts behind me.  “It smells like shit out here.”

“Yeah,” I tell him.  “Dog poop, I think.  A lot of it.  The neighbor has a dog so I wouldn’t be surprised.  Well, probably dog poop.  Not that I could tell what kind of poop it was.  Hah hah.  No way.  That’d be weird.”  They’re looking at me.  They’re both giving me the eye.  Shit.  “So, umm, yeah.  Off we go!”

New problem.  Where do I stand?  Physically where do I stand?  Do I stand in the middle?  Do I stand beside them?  And beside whom?  Stephen?  Will Elaine get jealous?  Or next to Elaine and worry about Stephen being left out?  Oh my god.  Why is this a thing?  Why is this a thing in my world?  Maybe… Maybe I could take turns standing next to them?  Oh shit, really?  They aren’t children needing turns with a toy.  Fuck.  Fuuuuck.  Think.  Think.   Think.

“You two go on ahead.  I’ve got some things I’m thinking through still.  I’ll just follow.”  And another thing added to my list to talk about.  This is dumb.  And they know it.  Probably.  Stephen raises his eyebrow slightly but they both go ahead of me.  I’ve only been to the park once and it was about ten minutes to walk there.  Plenty of time to chew on things and figure out what I’m going to say when we get back.

Despite how the world smells, it certainly feels good.  The sun feels great on my legs and face.  A bit too hot with all this hair but not too bad at the moment.  As we’re walking, I sometimes just close my eyes for a moment and let the sun soak into my face.  I already feel better.  Birds are chittering around us, hopping from branch to branch as we walk the uneven sidewalk.  Dogs bark occasionally and they start a domino effect of other dogs barking and growling in response.  Elaine stops to talk to three different dogs (or as she puts it, the ‘cute wittle puppies’) through three different fences on the walk.  They growl and bark and jump and wag their tails at her.   Whether in excitement or anger or something else, I have no idea.  They smell interesting.  Different and interesting.  At the third dog, my eye strays towards its cock and I immediately look away and blush.  I wasn’t even thinking about doing anything with the dog – I was drifting thinking about stuff and then there’s the dog and it’s a male (I can somehow smell it) and then I thought of Stephen and his cock and how it looks as a werewolf and then that had me look at the dog’s cock.  Whoa.  Wow.  Yeah.  No.   Moving on…

Near the entrance of the park, I feel goose bumps break out along my arms.  Something is wrong.  Something smells wrong.  Familiar and wrong all at the same time.  My stomach twists into a knot and I almost vomit.  Cold sweat.  Nausea.  My limbs tremble slightly and I feel Stephen’s arms suddenly around me.  The she-wolf is growling loudly but I also feel her ears back.  She’s hunkered down low on all fours.

“Hey.  Hey, are you okay?”  He asks, voice full of concern.

“Y… yeah.  I…”  I pant, catching my breath.  “S… something is wrong.  Can you smell it?  Can…”  My stomach dry heaves once and I lean on Stephen.  “I’ll be okay.  Just… Just give me a second.”  Elaine is slowly rubbing my back in a circle.  My stomach heaves again but nothing comes up.

Stephen has an iron grip on my arm.  “We should go back.  You don’t look good at all and I don’t smell anything wrong.”

“N… no.  Just give me a second.”  Slowly, my arms and legs come back to me.  My stomach is still in knots and I feel like I need to throw up again but at least I can stand by myself.   “C… come on,” I tell them both.  “I see the pond from here.  And the bench.  See the guy?”  I assume it was a guy because of the awkward handwriting but that’s probably sexist.

The smell gets worse the closer we get.  The figure is bent over on the bench, tossing crumbs to a flock of seagulls and ducks that are surrounding him.  Probably a man.  Wearing a black coat and a short hat of some kind.  Some short hat with a brim almost like a cowboy hat but not quite.  Also black.  Stephen and Elaine look at me and I nod.  We take the last few steps and then he’s right in front of us.

I’m nearly floored by the miasma surrounding him.  Elaine rubs at her nose briefly but looks otherwise unfazed.  The man looks up and smiles and I wish he hadn’t.  His face is chalk white and there is something living in his eyes.  I want to run.  I want to bash his head in.  I want to vomit.  All of it.  A piece of his face moves as if a small worm was burrowing under his skin.

Stephen does a double-take.  “What the…”

“Hello!”  The man says with a grin too wide for his face.  He stands, setting his brown bag of crumbs on the bench.  He offers his gaunt hand but none of us take it in return.  His fingernails are black.  And two of them are missing.  Ah.  Okay.  He’s looking at Elaine and Stephen at the same time.  One eyeball is pointing directly at Stephen while the other is swiveled towards Elaine.  “Oh my,” he says.  His breath smells like the sulfur.  “My oh my.  You’ve done well for yourself, haven’t you?”

“Who… who are you?”  I ask.  My nails are digging into the palms of my hands and I’m shaking slightly.  In anger and fear and I’m not even entirely sure why.  I mean, other than the obvious gross things happening.

“Ah.  Ah, ah, ah.  Yes.  Yes yes.  You don’t know me, do you?”  Both eyes independently swivel to me.  “But, I know you.  Yes yes.  Yes I do.  We’ve met before once.”

I look at Stephen and then Elaine.  And then back to the creep.

“I…” I start.

“I watched you die,” he says and now his grin is positively splitting his face.

Stephen steps forward, hands clenching and unclenching.  “Listen,” he growls.  “I don’t know who the fuck you think you are but if you think you can just…”  I hold up my hand and he stops.  But not before glaring at me.  Temper, temper.

I look back at the man in black.  “I’ve never met you in my life.  Trust me, I’d remember if I’d seen you before.”

The man rocks back and forth on his heels like a little boy with a secret.  “No no no.  I know you.  I know you, Hannah.  I held your head in my lap while you choked on your own blood.  Yes yes, oh yes.”  A fleck of black light flits across the man’s left eye while he talks.

“My name is not Hannah.  Who…”

Now he holds up his hand to stop me.  “I’m Thomas.  Pleased to meet you again.   Would you like any bread?”

“No, I don’t want…”

“There was an awful lot of blood.  It ruined my favorite coat.  But, I suppose, not as much blood as there was later.  No.  No no, certainly not.”  He giggles and it makes my skin crawl.

Now it’s my turn to growl.  The wolf echoes me in my head and I feel her gathering he strength.  “Who the fuck are you,” I ask, not pleasantly.

“Ah.  Thomas.  I said.  I said that.  No no no, he means who.  Who are we.   Yes.  I, dear sir, am a wizard.”  The man pulls his hat off and bows deeply.  He’s missing patches of hair on the top of his head and the skin is red with bumps.  He straightens, fixing his hat.  “A good wizard.  Still learning.  Still experimenting.  Still living so that means I’m a good wizard.”  His grin turns into a grimace before returning again.  “You look well.  Very well.  Alive, even.”

Stephen steps forward slightly.  “You need to…”

The man turns to Stephen.   “How does it feel, young man?  How does it feel to be part of a pack?”  I watch him while he talks.  Something… something is off… what…?  Oh.  Oh, what the hell?  His voice is out of sync with his mouth.  What the fuck is this freak?  He continues.  “It couldn’t have been long.  A day?  Two days?  Was it immediate for you?  I don’t often get to talk to live werewolves.  Fascinating subjects but hard to hold down.”  He laughs as if he’d made a joke.  “Do you feel the bond?  Have you submitted?  Both of you?  To your Alpha?”

Stephen grunts and I see his eyes flicker over to me briefly.

“Is it hard?”  The man gestures theatrically.  He bends down and looks up in supplication.  “Do you fight against them?  The ties that bind?  Do you struggle, oh man?  Mightly?”  He stands and twirls in place.  “Or do you accept it willingly?  Which are you?  Do you know she’s a man?”

“It’s none of your goddamned business what I feel.”  Stephen’s voice is threatening and I see the anger behind his eyes.

“No?  No?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  She is beautiful, isn’t she?  Our Hannah.  A beautiful specimen.  I told you answers would be coming and I meant it.  Listen well, children.  The woman standing in your midst was a man at one time.  But, I’ll start 6 months ago.  Almost 6 months ago.  Will you sit?  No?  I will.”  We all share a glance as the insane man sits on the bench in front of us.  He clears his throat and a small white thing wriggles out of the corner of his mouth.  His tongue flicks up to pull it back into his mouth.

“There once was a beautiful woman named Hannah.  She lived in Canada.  Strong.  Very strong.  A born werewolf.  An Alpha.  But no pack.  So, she made one.  She tried.  She started with a man.  Scott.  They met at a bar and got drunk together.  Things got rough and hot and heavy and, well, she turned him.  Made him into a werewolf like her.  Oh, but not exactly like her.  No.  No no no.  An Alpha does not make an equal.  She makes a pack and she leads.  The pack follows.  She makes a bond that cannot be denied.  It’s forced.  Forced into the person when they change.  It’s fascinating, really.  I plan to study it soon.  Very soon.  So, the Alpha needs to pick well.  Because they’re stuck.  Until death do they part.  So, they pick someone good and it’s happily ever after.  Scott.  Scot was not good.  Scott was not a good choice.  No.  No, sir.  Scott raged against the bond.  Scott struggled and fought and hated every second of his servitude to Hannah.  Until he killed her.  I personally can’t imagine what it would take to murder your Alpha but he did.  I watched it.  Remotely.  Never, ever get into the middle of werewolves fighting.  No.  Werewolves by themselves are bad enough but, fighting?  No no no.  He bit her throat out.  Tore it out.  She couldn’t heal fast enough.  The pain of the loss and fear and shame at what he did must’ve driven him mad.  He ran.  I made it to her just in time to watch her die.  Strong, beautiful Hannah.”

My stomach is roiling and I want to cry.  I know where this is going.  I can guess where it’s going.  Elaine is fighting tears beside me and I see the flush of anger in her cheeks.  Stephen is gritting his teeth.  He knows, too.

Thomas claps his hands and rubs them together.  Black markings line the back of his hands.  “I took her body.  Dragged her.  Werewolves are heavy.  So heavy.  But, I lived nearby so I dragged her home.  And then I cut her open.  Emptied her.  I staked her empty flesh to my table and drew on the inside of her dried flesh.  It was an experiment.  A test.  You know the old legends.  Drink from a wolf’s paw print or wear the skin and all of that.  And then I followed Scott.  I followed him here.  And I thought, what a perfect chance to see what would happen if Hannah came back.  A simple divination spell to find a likely candidate and a skin suit in a box and there you go!  Although, imagine my surprise when the bones told me it was going to a man.   Even I didn’t think that would work.”

He stands again, watching me.  And then, he reaches out, snake fast to jab at my stomach with his finger.  Elaine’s hand magically appears on the man’s wrist, locking him down.  She’s growling and I can see a line of thick red hair down her arms.  Stephen’s hand has materialized around the man’s throat and he’s not growling.  That’s even more scary.  The man’s upper arm moves as he struggles but Elaine’s grip is steady.  Her lips pull back to show more teeth than she needs.  I hear a small crack and the man gasps in pain.  So, he can still feel pain even with his body the way it is.  That’s good to know.

“Elaine.  Stephen.  Let him finish.”  Stephen snaps his head to look at me and the anger is still there.  Elaine releases the man’s wrist and it falls limply at a wrong angle.  Her golden eyes never leave his face.  Stephen slowly releases his grip and the man falls to his knees, gasping for air.

“I… I… it’s … I think… I think it’s broken.  Werewolves.  I said.  I said never get inbetween them.  I said.  Hah hah hah.  I should’ve listened to me.”  He looks up at me.  “Didn’t think it would work.  Did it hurt to become a woman?  Can you breed?  Do you want to?  So many questions.  So many.”

At the word ‘breed’, Stephen turns fully to look at me.  Comprehension dawns on his face and so many emotions flood his body.  I can smell fear, apprehension, confusion and surprise.  And then, tucked down under all of them, a cousin to joy.  Something related to it.  I put a hand on his arm and squeeze.

“What do you want with me?”  I ask, even though I’m pretty sure I know the answer.

“More experiments.  Answers.  I’m a wizard.  That’s what I do.  Wizards.  So you’ll come back with me and answer some questions and I’ll poke you a bit and feed you and try a few things and then we’ll see if we can find Scott.  And then I’ll ask him some questions.  It’ll be fun!”  As he talks, the man flops his broken hand back and forth, as if testing his pain tolerance.  Lines wriggle beneath his flesh in a migration from his entire body down to his wrist until a bulbous lump surrounds the area.  I can barely watch and the smell… I start breathing through my mouth in an attempt to make the smell stop.

“If I refuse?”

The man cocks his head to the side.  “But you can’t.”

I take a step, feeling the wolf push forward and my own transformation starting.  The flush of warmth signaling my change.  I can feel the hairs pushing out from my lower stomach to my belly button and my teeth are starting to itch.  “If I do?”

“Well,” Thomas pauses.  “I guess I’ll just have to use someone else.”

The floor drops out of my stomach and I nearly collapse.  The wolf and my own surging aggression keeps me up.  “What do you mean?”  I’m nearly growling now and I hear a rip next to me.  Red fur is pushing through tears in Elaine’s jeans.

The man looks at me blankly.  “I’ll cut Hannah off of you and give her to someone else.”

I reach for him and three of my fingers are tipped in claws.

Thomas grins.  The birds around us drop to their sides, dead, and the man vanishes.  I growl and nearly fall.  Goddammit.  Elaine is half changed, clothes ripped, her growing tits surrounded by red fur.  She’s padding around the bench, sniffing at the birds and the bag of crumbs.  Stephen is on his hands and knees, clawing at the ground.  Near his hand I see a white chalk circle that was surrounding Thomas.  It’s filled with intricate designs along the outside rim.  I’d guess Thomas was expecting something to happen and he prepared for it.

More rips.  Stephen’s shirt lays in tatters around him and his upper body is being consumed with thick fur.  His face cracks as his jaw lengthens.  I feel a pain at the base of my spine that flares suddenly and then is gone.  Shit.  Shit, shit.

I grab Stephen’s lengthening ears in my hands and stare at his golden eyes.  “Home!”  I yell.  “Home, Stephen!”  I do the same with Elaine and then I run.  I hear the two follow behind me after a second and we’re dodging fire hydrants and trees on our mad dash back to the house.  I look back briefly to see Elaine fully naked and running on all fours.  Her body is completely covered in a thick red carpet of fur and she’s only holding back in order to stay behind me.  Stephen can’t figure out whether to go to all fours or run standing up.  He shambles along, growling and huffing.

Home in record time.  I slam the door shut behind all of us.  Elaine pads over and pushes her muzzle against my face.  Stephen is ripping his pants off of his body, grunting with the effort of it.  His cock bulges as the skin turns pink.  His knot is forming.  I can’t look away.  It’s both disturbing and erotic to watch.  The skin stretches thin along his engorged length and he paws at it as it grows.  Elaine stands and goes to him, her tail swishing behind her.  Her ass is wider and thick with muscle.  I can smell both of them and it’s driving me crazy.

But, all I can hear is ‘I’ll cut Hannah off of you.’  Over and over in my mind.  My changes stopped along the run home.

The scene unfolds before me.  Elaine and Stephen are gone.  Mentally gone.  Stephen stands fully transformed and he looks like a goddamned wolf-bear.  He’s huge.  His arms enfold Elaine and they hug briefly before he pushes her away.  She goes to her hands and feet with her ass raised and he grips both of her ass cheeks with his claws, spreading her red, furry ass open to his muzzle.  He pushes into her and then pulls back, licking along the length of her wet pussy.

I want them both.  I want to join in.  ‘I’ll cut Hannah off of you.’  Again.  Echoing in my mind.  Drowning any sexual energy I can work up.  Is it even possible?  Would it kill me?

Stephen is sitting now, his huge legs angled and spread open.  His massive cock throbs in the air.  Elaine stands above him and then crouches, grabbing his dick with her paw, guiding him towards her pussy.  Her tail thrashes once, twice and then stands rigid as she eases herself onto him.  I watch her (now black) pussy lips spread wetly as he enters her.  She hisses and moans and growls at the same time, pushing down to his knot.  Stephen’s hands are on her hips, claws kneading at her flesh.   Elaine grabs his shoulders and closes her eyes.  Slowly, she pulls herself down further and I watch her pussy envelope the knot at the base of Stephen’s cock.  The fur around Elaine’s cunt is slick with her own juices.  Her lips tighten suddenly as she passes the base of the knot and she collapses forward, her larger, furry breasts against Stephen’s muzzle.  Stephen looks up at her and then pushes up.  Elaine yelps and moans and holds his neck tightly.  Again, Stephen pushes up into her and then down, his knot bulging out of the base of her pussy.    And again.  With small, hard movements, Stephen fucks his mate while I watch.

‘… cut Hannah off of you…’  I close my eyes and press my palms against my temples.  Everything is too much.  I can’t listen to them fuck.  I can’t think beyond the man’s scratchy voice.  I play through every single minute of my life since I opened that box.  And then again.  No.  No, no, no.  I don’t want to lose this.  I don’t want to die.

I don’t know how long I sit like that but eventually, I look up to see the two have stopped.  Elaine can’t even seem to hold herself up and she’s laying heavily against Stephen’s chest.  They’re both sweat and cum soaked.  Nuzzling each other.  I watch white globs of cum leak out of Elaine’s pussy, catching in the thick tuft of fur surrounding it.  I can smell it.  Strongly.  I remember the sweet, slightly salty taste of it.

I go to them.  To both of them.  I hug Elaine’s back first.  I feel her strength and her warmth.   She gently pushes back against me but her muscles are rubbery.  I hug Stephen the best I can from our positions, with Elaine knotted on him.  He reaches an arm up to hold me tight.  And then I pull them to the ground and I lie with them.  I close my eyes and listen to their heart beats and feel their warm fur surrounding me.  And, like a child, I fall asleep.

My dreams are full of red wetness.  Blood and the stench of death. Screams.  Nightmares.  I wake shrieking and I feel Stephen’s arms tighten around me.  “Shhhh,” he whispers to me.  “Shhhh.  I’m here.  You’ve been having nightmares.  It’s okay.”

My heart races and I’m clawing at Stephen until I realize that I’m okay and he’s there.  There and human.  The sky is red with the sunset and I can’t hear or smell Elaine in the house.  “Wh…” I swallow and try again.  “Where’s Elaine?”

Stephen is stroking my hair.  I love the sensation.  The feeling.  It’s soothing.  It’s incredibly soothing.  His voice is low and even.   “She’s gone to the store for food.  She left about 5 minutes ago.  She’ll be back.”

“‘kay,” I whisper to him.  I feel like a small child in his arms.  He hasn’t changed his position except to pull himself closer to me.  He’s still naked and I feel his limp cock against my bare thigh.  His sticky cock.  I’m oddly okay with that.  Mostly, I’m just grateful for him holding me right now.

“I’m sorry.”  I tell him, my voice low as if we’re hiding in the bedroom from our parents.  “I’m so sorry.  For all of this.  I didn’t know.  I didn’t know it would happen.  I’m so sorry.  It’s what I wanted to talk about when we got home.  I wanted to talk to both of you about it.”

Stephen continues to stroke my hair without talking.  Finally, just as the worry is building within me, he answers.  “It hurts.  It hurts a lot.  I don’t know you.  I don’t know a damn thing about you.  I know what you’ve told me but I don’t know who you are.  Are you smart?  Are you funny?  Are you kind?  Are you a good person?  You tried to save Elaine earlier this morning so that’s in your favor.  And you’ve told us your background but that’s just words.  Elaine knows you more than I do so far.  She likes you.   That’s good, too.  She’s got good gut instincts even if she’s entirely too optimistic for her own good.  But, me?  I’m not so easy to trust.  I’ve heard too many lies.  I’ve had too many people that I thought were good people come to me and tell me about some horrible thing they did and then beg me to help them.”  His hand is still stroking through my thick hair.  Over and over in the same spot.  I wait.

“Are you one of those people?  Will I later find out you hurt someone badly?  Murdered someone?  Treated us badly?  It takes time for me to trust.  A long time.  Elaine and I dated for 2 years before I finally admitted that I loved her.  Before I could trust her with that.  I’m not the kind of guy to just throw out the word whenever it works for me.  It’s a huge goddamned thing.  Love.  Should.  Be.  Earned.  And then you.  You fucking come along and I have no fucking choice.”  Despite the words, his tone of voice remains calm and even and his hand never falters.  I feel even smaller now.

“It.  Hurts.  I didn’t need that freak to tell me that whatever this is was forced on me.  You think I wanted to touch you when you were a man?  Do you know what was running through my head that morning?  The struggle I had?  All these new smells and feelings and everything ramming into my head.  This… this thing growling in the back of my mind.  And all I could do was beg.  And abase myself.  To you.  And through it all, I felt this thing like love.  Near enough that I can’t tell the difference.  Because of what you did.  I didn’t want this.  Neither did Elaine.  I was working through it.  Making it okay before this fucking guy showed up.”

I’m swallowing back tears.  I can’t help it.  My face feels hot.  Stephen is still running his hands through my hair.  “Tell,” his voice cracks and he clears his throat before he continues.  “Tell me you’re sorry again.”

I swallow the lump in my throat.  “I am sorry, Stephen.”

I feel something drip onto my hair and I know he’s crying.  “Tell me you’re a good person.”

My own tears slip out unbidden.  “I try,” I whisper.

Stephen’s arm tighten around me.  “Tell me,” he whispers back.  “Tell me it’s safe to love you.”

I can’t talk.  I can’t.  I nod and the tears are hot and wet on my cheeks and hair.

“It still hurts.  Still hurts.  I have no choice and never did.  The only thing keeping me here is that you didn’t know.  And now you’re stuck with me.  With us.  But if you ever treat us badly, I will walk.  And suffer from it.  For probably forever but I won’t stay around like some whipped dog.”

I untangle myself from his arms and turn to face him.  My eyes dart around his face.  “I can’t hurt either of you.”  I lean in, half-expecting Stephen to pull away but he doesn’t.  My lips touch his and we both close our eyes.  Our tongues meet and I feel a thrum inside of me when my insides loosen, finally allowing me to ignore everything but the touch of my man.  When I struggle to take my top off, Stephen nearly rips it off for me.  The skirt comes off easier – the zipper is on the side.  I expect him to take my panties off next but he doesn’t and when I try to do it, he restrains me.

It takes a huge amount of effort but I let go.  It’s difficult but I just let go.  Stephen rolls me carefully back onto my back and then straddles my body.  His knees are next to mine and I feel his dick against my lower stomach.  My nipples ache.  Stephen kisses me again and I grab his short hair with my long fingers.  My other hand goes to his back and I feel his broad, strong back muscles as he holds himself above me.  He moves slightly and the head of his dick presses against my clit through my panties.  I twist and moan and my hips automatically press up against him.  His hands are in my hair and he pulls back, exposing my throat.  I stop myself from reacting like the she-wolf wants me to.  His beard is rough against my throat and he’s growling slightly as he licks and kisses and bites gently against my neck.  His lower body presses down and now he’s grinding against my clit.  My body moves of its own accord, my legs wrapping around his.  Hips bucking in time to his movements.

“Stephen,” I whimper.  “Stephen.  I want you inside of me.  Please.”  The words are paradoxically both easy and hard to say.  The ‘Please.’  He pulls himself down and his rough hand grabs my left breast, gripping and kneading at the flesh.  I moan and whine as his dick slides away from my pussy.  When I try to push myself down to feel him against me again, I feel him hold me in place.  The she-wolf is growling but I ignore her.  “Please, Stephen. Ple-  Oh.”  His tongue flicks at my nipple and I arch my back.  His wet mouth sucks the nipple in and his tongue works and over it.  I feel the pressure building slowly within me.  I grab the back of his head and press him down harder against the soft flesh of my breast and moan again when he takes my entire areola and nipple into his mouth.  “God.  God,  yes.  Stephen, please.  Please.”

My mate lets my nipple go but both hands go to my breasts and I bite my lip from the feeling of him pushing them together and kneading them.  He kisses down my chest and stomach until he’s at the top of my panties.

“I can smell you,” he says.  “Even if it weren’t for the wolf, I could smell your sweet little pussy.  And your taste.  Your virgin taste.  And how fucking tight you are.  You have no idea how good you feel.  My tight little virgin whore.”

That’s… oh, that’s new.  With the last sentence, I feel a flood inside my pussy.  I’ve never let go this far.  I’ve never just sat back and let someone take control this much.  It’s… I don’t think I want it all the time but, goddamned am I wet.  I – OH FUCK.  Stephen’s mouth is suddenly on my soaked panties and he’s biting at my clit.  Fuck fuck fuck.  “Stephen.  Stephen, please.  Please for the love of god, fuck me.  Please.  I want your cock inside of me.  Please.”

He ignores me and pulls my panties off.  I can feel the way the soaked fabric rubs at my sopping wet lips.  I lift my legs up so he can pull them off easier and he growls loudly as my scent floods the room.  With force, he shoves my legs down and apart and opens my cunt wide with his thumbs.  His tongue enters me and I squirm, holding my legs open for him.  Hol… hol…. the orgasm pushes through me and I buck with it but he’s still sucking at me.  I try to talk but he presses two fingers into my wetness and then presses up.  Another orgasm and I’m trying to tell him to stop but I can’t.  I can’t breathe.  I can’t… another orgasm and a spray of cum as I squirt, soaking his face.  Stephen growls again and I see gold flash in his eyes.

“N… No.  No.  Stephen.  Fuck me.  As a man.  Fuck me.”

And, he does. He pulls himself forward, kissing me with the taste of my pussy on his lips and his wet beard rubbing against my face.  His rock hard dick rubs against my clit and I reach for it but he grabs my hand and pulls it away.  “Stephen.  Stephen, fuck me.  Fuck your… fuck your tight little whore.  Please…” My voice is a girlish whine that turns into a whorish moan as his thick cock opens me.  I forget the feeling every time and every time it surprises me.  I feel his dick rub every bump and ridge inside of me as he slowly eases in, pressing until I feel his balls against my slick, soaked ass.  He leans down and takes my nipple in his mouth again and I shudder.  The nerve in my nipple is live all the way down to my pussy and I gasp while he sucks on me.  His dick slides out and my pussy lips suck at him eagerly.  And then in.  “Fuck me, Stephen.  Fuck your little whore.  Fuck my tight cunt and fill it with your cum.”

Every single line from every porn movie is going straight from my brain to my lips as I tell Stephen what a dirty whore I am and how much I want to feel him cumming inside of me and etc… etc…  I twist and moan and buck and arch my back and pull myself down onto him until I’m matching his rhythm.   He’s close.  His change is close.  No.  No, I want him human.

“Fuck me like you fucking mean it, Stephen.  Pound m—FUCK!”  He’s slamming into me and it’s hitting something deep inside of me.  “FUCK!  R… right there!  What the fuck is that!  Yes!  Oh fucking god yes!  Don’t… don’t stop…  FUCK!”  I claw into Stephen’s back as one of my hardest orgasms yet rocks my body.  And he doesn’t stop.  His body is burning up and I hear him grunting, pounding hard.  I start pounding back.  I tell him – I tell him I’m his whore.  I tell him everything.

But when I tell him I’m his mate, that’s what pushes him over the edge.  He grips the carpet and he groans hard.  I push myself down eagerly on him and three orgasms crash into me one after another as his dick swells with each pulse of his cum.  I feel it fill me.  I feel  how much more wet I become and the way it drills deep into me.

I look at him and see how feral he’s becoming.  His arms press tight against the sides of my tits and I can feel the muscles in them twitching with his oncoming change.  I reach up and caress the side of his face.  “Shhh,” I tell him, my eyes never leaving his.  “Shhh, come back to me, Stephen.  Come back to me.  Shhhh…”  His brows knit together in confusion but I keep talking gently to him as his cum leaks out of my pussy.

Slowly.  Slowly my mate calms. I hug him to my body and I feel both of our hearts beating so fast.  We’re almost too warm together but the feeling of his naked skin against mine is intoxicating.  My whole body feels alive and sensitive.  I stop him when he tries to pull out.  “Don’t,” I tell him.  “Don’t.  Stay there.  Stay in me.  Just stay with me.”

Time passes and we just lie together, holding each other close.  I hear Elaine singing outside as she comes home.   Her song stops as she reaches the front door.  Stephen and I watch the dead bolt open and Elaine looks around the corner sheepishly.

“Ummm… I… I bought some condoms…?”

Fuck.  Right.  Fucking condoms.  I sigh and pull myself off of Stephen.  His limp, wet cock slips out easily and a blob of his cum follows shortly as I sit up.  My breasts and nipples ache.  I rub at my eyes with the palms of my hands.

“We should talk.  I’ll find clothes.”

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