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Beast of Burden Ch. 01

The meal was eaten in silence but the barely repressed anger of the host filled the room as one harried servant took the place of many.


At the head of the table the host sat on a lowered, cushioned couch, his back utterly straight as he glared at his food.  Despite the small size of the room and the meager trappings, the meal itself was rich.  Plates of fruits lay in an elegant pattern between bowls of thick, rich stews.  Two long baskets of bread edged the table and a large pot of scented rice dominated the center.


Spiced coffee steamed to the side of the guest’s plate. 

A Close Companion

A young man hypnotizes and physically changes his female classmate
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As always, on the first day of one of these new events, I’m anxious.  I’m not good around people but I’ve been trying to get out more.  To put myself out there and make an effort.


My therapist says I’m doing well.  Even that was a difficult first step – seeing a therapist – but she’s kind and patient, even when it took a few sessions before I opened up.  I could go through the laundry list of issues that I think led to my problems but, ultimately, my mother kept me away from people. 

A New Familiar

The house is quiet but I know that won’t last.  My kid sister is home from college and she’s brought her roommate with her.  It’s okay since I’m not home much longer.  In fact, I’ll be gone quite a while but they don’t know that yet.


They – the anonymous “they” – always said that college would open doors for me but they never said what kind of doors.  Or to what dimension those doors would lead.


When I was a kid, I cracked my head good at the playground.  An exposed bolt beneath the slide that should’ve been covered. 

The Den

“Are you sure you can’t go?” Riley asked, her fingers hooked into the front belt loops of her husband’s blue jeans.  “Just picture it.  Me on the dance floor, shaking my ass all alone while sex-starved men circle like animals.  I’ll be all alone.  Helpless.  Vulnerable.  Out there twerking my booty, unaware of the approaching predators.”


“Oh please, David Attenborough,” Carter laughed.  He pressed the palm of his hand against her cheek and she gently nuzzled back against him before he traced a finger up and over her ear.  “You’ll have Zoey and Brooklyn there with you and I trust you more than I’d trust Mr.

What Goes Around

The sky was a perfect, boundless blue without a single imperfection.  A gentle breeze whirled past, carrying the scent of the nearby ocean as Penelope sauntered down the sidewalk.  She adjusted the duffle bag against her white t-shirt before pulling at her bikini top’s strap on her left shoulder.


In the distance, children laughed and yelled as seagulls cried high above.  The girl’s flip-flops smacked against the concrete in a slow staccato.  She passed the post office in her small town and the scenery opened up to show trees kept in beautiful condition by the local parks department.  In the distance, the path curved toward the ocean. 

Esssssential Oilsssss

I know I shouldn’t answer my phone when I don’t recognize the number calling and I don’t recognize the name I’d saved with it.  I don’t know who “Terry” is and I usually have a pretty good memory for people.


I shouldn’t answer it but I do, holding the phone to my ear as I stare at my spreadsheet.  It’s mid-morning Sunday and the office is almost completely empty.  I don’t need to be here but I’m near the bottom rung of the ladder and pulling extra work is the only way I know how to move up.  I think I can see a way to-



Solo Play Ch. 02

“Olivia!” came a whispered shout.  “Olivia, you have to see this!”


Olivia sighed, adjusting her glasses before standing from her desk.  She stretched, raising to her tip-toes before walking around the small partition of her cuble.  Nodding, she smiled at Joseph across the way and then stepped into Sandra’s cubicle.


“I have a meeting in a minute,” the girl chided her coworker.  “What is it?”


“Look, look!  It’s soooo adorable!”  Sandra told her.


A small video played on the monitor.  In it, a long plastic sheet was laid out on vibrant grass and a hose sprayed water along its length. 


A man sees a young woman in his reflection and his own changes begin.

This is a gift story for the amazing Cluedog (https://www.deviantart.com/cluedog) loosely based upon the image here: https://www.deviantart.com/cluedog/art/Changed-872410114

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A low buzz filled the restaurant, accompanied by the clink of silverware against bone china plates.  


Todd stood by at the end of the bar to survey the tables, but, more importantly, to watch the hostess and the doorway beyond.


The hostess was a sight to behold with black slacks that outlined her hips and ass tight enough to show a gap between her thighs. 

Solo Play Ch. 01

A young woman enjoys some time alone with her curse.

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“No, I love you,” Olivia said, wrinkling her button nose at her husband.  She held her phone directly in her hands.  Her legs were crossed and her thick comforter covered her lap.  Beneath the blanket she wore only her white panties.  She’d stolen her husband’s Captain America t-shirt and her nipples pressed against the cotton fabric.


“I should be home in about an hour if everything goes well,” her husband told her.  His face filled her phone’s screen and he scratched at the beard he was starting to grow.

Counting Sheep

“It never works,” Ally said, twisting in her bed.  She wore fleece pajamas pants and a buttoned top while laying in her friend’s bed.


“Trust me, I do it all the time!” Jennifer said from the floor next to her.  She lay on a spare blanket with another covering her.  Her pajamas were silk – a luxury she paid for with her own money.  “My mother got me into it when I was little.  She always thought it was hilarious but swore it would help.”


“It’s just dumb,” Ally told her.  “A kid’s thing.”


“I’ll start,” Jennifer said.