Unchained [The Change Universe # 2]



In her dreams, the man has no face.


The dark, dirty room shifts and vibrates as if an earthquake is trying to open the ground under them.  Only the man is clear and unmoving.  Black lines and diagrams stand out on his body, centering around his navel and running to his feet, hands and head.  Where his face should be is a blank expanse of skin, slightly bulging as if covering his real face.  The man stands on the bare ground and thick, black smoke curls around his toes to waft lazily in the air.  Even in her dream, the smell makes her gag. …

Skin [The Change Universe # 1]



“So then I said, ‘Darlin, if you want to see the whole thing, you’ll need to take a bus to the next city’!”  The man’s sudden braying laughter startled the couple at the table next to him. His face was flushed from the martinis and he seemed to have no idea how loud he was talking. The clear liquid of his drink sloshed over the glass and onto the table while he tried to catch his breath.


Victoria had to run the last bit of the conversation in her head a few times to get the joke.…

The Change [The Change Universe # 3]



The creature sat, crossed-legged on the ground. It had been a long time since it first came to this realm. A very long time. It had enjoyed killing many humans throughout the centuries and planned to continue savoring the taking of life for a long time. They were so easy to break down and destroy. Finding someone that thought they were a pure, good soul and then watching that same pathetic human kill and eat a fellow captive… The creature shivered in pure pleasure. It took months to wear down the strongest of them and the creature enjoyed every second of it.…