Getting Ready For The Night

An unaware, newly infected werewolf can’t stop her urges as her date night approaches…

Jamal sat at the edge of the bed he shared with his girlfriend, watching her move around their small bedroom.  He scratched his cheek and then lower to his side while he eyed her slim figure.  She’d spent an hour on her hair while he’d tried to relax on the couch but he was restless and found himself walking around and fixing minor annoyances that had cropped up at home over the week.


He squeezed his cock through the slacks he wore as she bent to dig through a pile of clean clothes still stacked in her laundry basket. 

Feeling Cute

Noegenhed ( made this impossibly adorable image for my character (feeling more comfortable in his femme form after an unspecified amount of time) being given a compliment.

My heart melted. It’s so freaking cute, y’all, and such a wonderful piece of art. I guess there really is something different about seeing art made for your own character.…

Small Werewolf CYOA Thing

Sooo… some years ago I made a simple CYOA thing with a male werewolf as the main “character”.

It runs off of Google Slides and it branches out based on your choices. It’s nothing huge but maybe will would like it.

Feel free to give it a shot here:…

Petting Zoo Ch. 02

The changes spread and others are drawn in and changed as well as the secret of the zoo is revealed

The hardened edge of the car’s buckle dug into Janelle’s hip as she shifted uncomfortably in her seat.  Amber lights flooded the streets while she slowly made her way downtown, passing groups of smokers standing outside bars and restless homeless people setting up camp for the night.


She wore a red dress that rode high on her thighs.  At a stoplight, she tugged at the edge of the dress while raising her ass in the seat.  The dress was meant to be revealing but she didn’t remember it being as tight as it was. 


A man tries to boost his livestream by hunting for a local legend but finds himself prey instead.

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I have all of my gear ready and arrayed before me.  A light backpack with a thin laptop connected to a 4g hotspot.  The hotspot is connected to a big portable battery and I have a couple more batteries for the laptop.   Just in case.

The big item is the GoLive!! streaming headband.  That was pricey.  The laptop is old and I bought it used but the headband is new.  Took several months but I know it’s going to be worth it. …

Off The Beaten Path

A young woman is led astray on her summer trip to Greece

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Brick buildings, worn and weathered by countless storms and the passage of time, filtered past in a seemingly endless blur of gray and white.  The scene was broken only by the passing of cars and thin, green trees lining the sidewalk.  

Sunny sat back in the cracked leather seats of her taxi as a generic radio filled the interior with club music from the previous decade.  She’d quickly learned her driver knew a minimum of phrases in order to deal with tourists so she stared silently out of the window with her backpack held against her chest.…

On my Patreon: A sequel to An American Werewolf In London

Just a heads up that the latest story on my Patreon is a 15,000 word sequel to the movie “An American Werewolf In London”! A fantastic artist gave me a little writing prompt that I thought fit well with October and Halloween so I gave it a shot.

If you’re interested, join up and read it here:

There’s a basic $2 tier that gives you access to all the tiers, a $5 tier that also grants access to period art based on my stories and a $10 tier that gives you access to a custom story queue (I ask for prompts after every round of stories are done and one is typically written a month).…

Office Party

A woman buys a cursed costume, infecting as she changes

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I’m three pages deep on Amazon and I still don’t know what to get for the party.  I can’t wear one of the typical ‘slutty girl’ costumes and not just because it’s my first work party as an actual, functioning working adult.  It’s just not my style.  I’ll save those for girls with more self-confidence. Or more alcohol.

So, I close the tab and just do a basic search for a costume.  After a bit of back and forth. I decide a onesie is probably my best bet. …