My Own Ref Sheet!

I got my first and only ref sheet and I’m so, so, so incredibly happy to have Noegenhed ( be the mastermind behind this absolutely wonderful art.

The idea for this was prompted by a lovely patron of mine who worked tirelessly with me and Noegenhed to make sure things went smoothly and to offer input and advice along the way. Honestly, I never considered getting a reference sheet. I just thought, you know, that I write smut. I don’t really have fursonas or anything like that. However, the idea was brought up and, after talking it out, I was sold.…

Art Interlude #2

I actually did this about 3 weeks ago but I’ve not been sure whether I should include pictures on this site.
Thoughts?  Yay?  No?  Don’t care?

I was proud of the hand for this one – I had to use my own as a reference  and make it fit somehow.  And I thought the foot turned out nicely – something else I had to add :)  Oh, and BE and muscle growth, too :)

lycandope_002_01 lycandope_002_02 lycandope_002_03 lycandope_002_04 lycandope_002_05


Terrible Drawings

So, I kinda sorta messed with doodling a few times in the past.  I always wished I could draw but, apparently, writing is more my thing.  However!  I still like to mess around with art.

I ordered some sketch paper and drawing pencils recently and decided to start actually practicing.  Last night was my first attempt and those are attached here.  It’s terrible but I wanted to at least share the pain :)  I found a picture I liked and then attempted to copy (without tracing) the angle and outline and then added to it bit by bit while taking pictures at every step.  …