The Pact

Set against the backdrop of 1873, a young man learns the dangers of asking for your hearts desires.  For some forces and dark and enjoy the folly that follows such requests.  The young man’s wish comes with a heavy price that not only he must pay.

A single bead of sweat crept from beneath the band of Little Joe’s hat, burrowing through caked-on dirt until it worked itself down into a muddy afterthought.  The young man rubbed the back of his grimy hand against his cheek, smearing the streak and wiping away bits of dry earth.  He squinted up at the sun while he pushed the heavy plough behind the family’s old, tired draft horse. 

The Pact – A Small Preview

So, I had this conversation via text a while back:

Pretty Lady: Haha I like texting, don’t get me wrong, I just hate typing heaps on my phone 

Me: Ah, that makes sense. So I’ll save the heaving bodice talk for when you’re not on your phone. Mmmm… bodices and ankles and bosoms :-)

Pretty Lady: Lmfao That sounds like Little House on the Prairie porn
Me: Oh my gosh. Now I know what I should write to follow up the magic school bus porn! “Little Joe looked across the field and noticed the slightly bony part of Mary’s ankle impossibly showing through her multiple layers of thick, long clothes.