Layers Chapter 5

Pleasure in darkness.  My brain is foggy and I can feel myself struggling to wake up.  Struggling because it feels like I weigh a ton.  Fragments of the night before flash teasingly through my brain like a kinetoscope without a soundtrack.  Sex.  Claws.  Fangs.  Fur.  Little flashes of memory whirling ’round and ’round as I try to make sense of things.  There’s a … there are two pinpoints of pleasure hitting me as I wake – my chest and crotch.  I crack my eyes, moaning at the weight on me.  Elaine is on top of me, one hand on my lower stomach and another on her right breast, eyes closed, hips gyrating.  My right hand is on her left thigh.  My left hand is tussled in Stephen’s hair, fingers twined through strands as I hold him to my chest, massaging and rubbing him.  His mouth is warm and wet against my nipple and that, more than Elaine, is making my toes curl.  He’s rolling and licking the nipple, making little “mmmm” sounds as he does.  I reach for his dick and he hunches, moving himself closer so I can grab it’s thickness in my hand.  He murmurs his approval and I can feel a small bit of pre-cum on the head of his dick.  My mouth waters at the memory of sucking on him the night before.  He kisses me briefly before bending back down to my nipple.


Elaine feels amazing.  Her lithe body like a dancer focused on her moves, alone in a crowd.  I watch her body flexing as she rides me.


…as she rides me…


No.  No!

“No!” I yell – out loud this time.  They both freeze, almost comically.  I grip Stephen’s hair and pull, hard.  My nipple comes out of his mouth with a wet pop, his dick slipping through my hand as he backs away.  I start to push Elaine off of me but she gets the hint and pulls off to sit on the edge of the bed near my legs.


My dick slaps against my lower stomach, wet from Elaine’s pussy. I can feel it throb against me.  MY dick.  Goddammit!  I scramble back, hugging my knees to my chest, face to my knees and my eyes closed.  I should tell them to get the fuck out of my house but I can’t even look at them.  Can’t even talk.  They saw.  They saw me as a man.  I feel sick.  I kissed Stephen.  As a man.  Held his dick.  Wanted to suck his dick.  As a man.  My stomach clenches, hard muscles tensing, threatening to empty itself.  Yeah, I see the logic problem here.  I was the same person last night, just different looking.  Different equipment.  That doesn’t make what I’m experiencing right now any different.  I can’t help it.


“Why?”  I gasp, still curled into a tight ball.  I want to vanish.  I’m crushing my body against my legs and it hurts a little.  My balls ache and I wish I could crush them into non-existence.  The nipple Stephen was sucking on aches dully.


I can hear them both move slightly.  Possibly looking at each other?  There’s a slight pause but then Elaine answers.  She sounds unsure.  “Why what?”


Now it’s my turn to hesitate.  “You remember last night, don’t you?  You remember me.  How I was then.  Why?  You see me now.  Why are you two doing this?”


Another pause as she or they consider it.  Stephen shifts his weight on the bed and it feels like he’s moving towards me.  I lean away from him and he stops whatever he was doing.  Elaine answers again.  “Because.  You’re… you’re you.”


I lift my head and look at her, taking care to keep Stephen out of my peripheral vision.  Elaine is sitting with her legs crossed, hunched slightly, arms crossed with her hands on her ankles.  It hurts me to look at her for some reason.  She looks completely honest and open and pretty.  She has a sprinkle of freckles above her small, perky breasts.  I can’t help but look at her slightly hairy pussy.  She was neatly trimmed last night.  She’s obviously wet and the scent from her pussy is keeping me hard – I can smell her on me.


We watch each other for a moment.  “I don’t get it.”  I tell her, finally.  “Look at me.  I’m not me.  I’m not the woman from last night.  Don’t lie to me.  Just fucking look!”  I’m kneeling now as I yell at her.  She flinches from my voice but she looks – head to knees to crotch to head.


She blinks and shrugs.  “I know.  I know you’re not the woman from last night.  But, you are.  I… I don’t know how to say it but… you smell the same.  Only not exactly like that.  Not exactly like a smell.  But I know it’s you.  And, yeah, I’d like to know how the hell that happened but when I woke up, all I saw was you and something moved in me and … I just wanted you.”  Her voice is quiet at the end.  Like a small child.  She’s looking down at the bed as she continues.  “And it doesn’t make sense but it is what it is.  Even now I want to touch you and feel your arms on me.  I have this urge to make you happy and I can’t help it.  I know you’re different.  You’re not a woman now but you’re still you.  That’s what I mean.”


My heart aches looking at her.  I want to hold her, too.  It’s not that we’ve had sex.  It’s not even completely that she looks like a sad chastised child.  There’s something else that I can’t put my finger on.  Something that makes me simultaneously want to comfort and protect her and something that makes me want to take her.  To mount her and fuck her until I’m filling her with my cum.  Elaine looks up, almost as if she can feel my desire.  Her eyes are small and hopeful.


Stephen’s presence weighs heavy to my left.  I can feel him there.  Hear his breathing.  There’s something almost like a heat coming from where he sits.  I feel myself tugged by him as well.  Something that makes me want him.  I gnash my teeth against it.  A small growl bubbles up.  It shouldn’t bother me.  I mean, it should.  On some level, it should.  I was physically a woman last night but still me.  That should’ve bothered me – that I’m still mentally a man and I was sucking a guy’s dick.  And me touching him this morning should bother me.  Then there’s this ache in the pit of my stomach.  The way my mouth waters at the thought of tasting our cum on him… that should sure the hell bother me.  This fucking body!  It’s making me want it even though it’s wrong.  It’s MAKING me.


My voice is harsher than I’ve ever heard it.  There’s an edge to it and I feel the anger in my body.  “You want to make me happy?  You want that?”  Elaine nods at me, eyes lowered.  “Then come here and give me your ass.”  She doesn’t hesitate.  She crawls to me and then turns, presenting herself, ass in the air and head down, hands gripping the sheets.


“Please.”  Is all she says.


I grab her ass and lean in to taste her.  She’s wet and I feel her shudder against my mouth.  She pushes into me and I suck at her cunt.  I don’t notice Stephen move until his hand touches my shoulder.  I recoil from him and pull off of Elaine.  My eyes are wild and angry as I finally look at him.  This man that outweighs me by at least 60 lbs and all of it muscle.  This naked man with a hard dick bigger than mine.


This supposedly completely straight man.


“Get the fuck away from me!”  I yell at him.  I shouldn’t be this angry.  I’ve never been an outwardly angry person.  Ever.  I expect him to get angry.  I expect both of them to tell me to eff off and then leave.  I welcome that.  They don’t.  Stephen scrambles back, pushing himself into a corner, knees pulled up.  Elaine whines slightly and wriggles her ass at me, reminding me that she’s there and waiting.  Her back is strong.  I want to run my fingers down her.  I want to touch her and nuzzle against her.  I’ve never had a woman as beautiful as she is.  Something about her makes my heart ache in this strange way.


I take my mostly hard dick into my hand and push into her.  She cries out and pushes hard back, impaling herself on me.  Something about the extra movement – the unasked for movement – pisses me off and I grab the back of her neck hard, pushing her down on the bed.  If anything, she gets even more wet.  I lean forward on my left hand while holding her, digging my toes into the bed as I fuck her.  Growling, gnashing my teeth, so damn angry at nothing and everything at once.  My loss.  The situation.  That fucking man.


Her orgasm pushes my dick out and I’m ashamed that I’m not even completely hard.  I just pop out of her as she cums.  All that rage, all that anger and I can’t even stay hard while fucking a woman.  Jesus wept.


“Can… can I touch myself?”  Stephen’s voice is unexpected and hesitant from the corner of the room.


Oh Christ.  I can’t… this is just too much.  I sit back as the anger drains out of me.  Eyes closed with my hands pressed against them.  “Just go.”  I tell them.  “Don’t say another word and just go.  Please.  I can’t deal with this.  I can’t.  I just fucking can’t.”


They go.  Quietly.  Without a word.  I hear them gather their clothes and keys and who knows what else.  They could be robbing me blind and I wouldn’t care.  The front door opens and closes and I still sit in the same position.


I can’t even cry about it.  I just stare at the bed thinking about nothing at all.  Purposefully thinking about nothing.  Pushing away any coherent thought when one threatens to rear its ugly head.  I feel empty and nauseous at the whole thing.  My clock glares at me – a little after 7 AM.  Too damn early.  They must’ve turned off my alarms because nothing is screaming at me right now.  I contemplate just going back to sleep but I don’t think I can.  I’m tired but unsettled.  Keyed up.  Goddamn chest hur…


My fingers pause mid-scratch on my chest.  Fingernails that I shouldn’t have brushing against a very, very slight swell that shouldn’t exist.  Just inches away from a fat nipple still slightly wet and happy from Stephen’s mouth.  Was that what he was sucking on?  It’s not gone completely this time?  I look down and see both of my nipples are exactly like they are when I’m a woman – brown and large.  Odd on my nearly flat hairless chest.  My dick aches and the sight excites me but I can’t seem to get completely hard.


So, I do cry now.  It’s not like yesterday where I have no idea why it’s happening.  At least, I hope I’m right about why.  Yesterday it took a while before it started.  Today… perhaps today I woke up to these nipples.  Maybe tomorrow I wake up as a woman.  And then maybe I stay that way.  It’s maddening.  I don’t know what the rules are.  I don’t know why this is happening, how long it’ll last or anything about it.  All I know is, I want it back.  I want it back and I don’t want it to go away.  I… I don’t even care about the werewolf stuff.  At all.  If it was just the woman… if it was just her… I would like that.  I’ve never even had a fetish about it.  Never even been curious.  But, having experienced it – having felt what it means, I want it.  Badly.  I’d give anything for it to stay.  All of that goes through my head while I shake quietly from the tears.


And so, when I can feel a slight tug on my ass, I smile tremulously.  It feels like some has their fingers in my skin, directly massaging the nerves and muscles.  It surprisingly doesn’t hurt but it makes me wriggle a little.  I can feel myself filling out.  I can see the skin pushing out when I look down.  Smoothing out the few little wrinkles and folds in my skin.  My thighs are next and I can’t seem to control them – little tiny muscle spasms tug and pull at me and all I can do is watch.  Thickening.  Muscles growing under the slight padding of fat and skin as they grow to match my larger ass.  I feel the way the new muscles connect to the ass cheeks.  There’s a slight itch as nerves and muscles combine, pulling the ass firm, fitting the way my hips flair out as – there’s a muffled cracking sound that makes me gasp.  Bones rearranging.  It does hurt now.  That dull ache is back inside of me and my dick immediately goes limp.  I’ve never seen that happen.  One moment it’s semi-hard, throbbing and leaking pre-cum and the next it’s just down and smaller as if a switch was flipped.


My balls shrivel up like it’s suddenly freezing.  The skin contracts within seconds and I almost feel like I’ve been kicked in the nuts.  But, no wonder.  I watch in semi-horror as one side of my sack dimples in and there’s this sensation like… like… a bit like sucking a grape hard through a straw.  Only the straw is somewhere in my pelvis and the grape is one of my testi… there goes the other one.  Fuck.  That’s not pleasant.  Not at all.  My ball sack hangs empty like a deflated balloon, close to my crotch since it’s still shriveled.  It’s actually really gross to see.  There are things going on in my stomach.  Moving around.  Things that – oh, yup, that’s… yup.


I lean over the side of my bed and puke, stomach heaving.  I can’t help it.  Whatever is happening in my stomach or pelvis or whatever the fuck it is hurts bad.  Very bad.  And there’s this sudden rush of something all over my body that makes me feel extremely queasy.  Cold sweat shaking kind of queasy as if I just took a huge amount of some drug or something.  My nipples brush against my blanket and I wish they’d stop because even though I’m puking, they’re distracting me.


But then the whatever-it-was is gone and I’m feeling too happy.  Manic almost.  Everything is suddenly funny and bright.  I’m still shaking and sweating and dry heaving but laughing in-between it.  Like a crazy person.  It’s just… it’s just… I don’t fucking know… everything… But then it all drops out and I’m crying.  Sobbing.  It’s terrible.  Like my whole family died in … no, now that’s passed.  It’s ping-ponging back and forth but getting shorter between peaks.


“Fuuuu-!” Crunch.  My throat goes bad and it hurts.  Fingers to my throat and I’m gasping through a furnace of pain.  I need to throw up again but I can’t.  I can’t even breathe.  Nothing is coming out and I’m gasping for any air at all.  Tossing and flopping on the bed because I didn’t get a good deep breath before it… oh, fuck.  There it goes.  I can breathe again.  Thank fucking god.  And the weird emotional stuff has passed, too.  My stomach clenches again and it hurts but it’s empty and the nausea is starting to pass.  I bury my face in the bed, smelling the sex from last night.  All of us mixed together.  My ass is in the air and the memory of what that means stirs things inside of me.  Things that weren’t there this morning.


When I’m sure I won’t suddenly throw up again, I sit back.  I think my legs are longer.  Somehow along the way it looks like they’ve stretched out.  My thighs aren’t quite as thick as just a minute ago and I have calf muscles again.  My feet are about the same size as a man but the toes are … longer?  Skinnier?  I can’t tell but something is definitely different.  More feminine in a subtle way.  All of it smooth.  The skin from ass down is a creamy white color with a hint of a tan.


My ball sack is still hanging loose and shriveled.  I touch it gently but feel nothing.  I can’t even feel my own touch.  Like there’s nothing there. I push harder and my finger pushes the skin inside me.  THAT is fucked up.  My pussy is in place and waiting.  It doesn’t hurt so I push all of it inside.  While I can’t feel my scrotum anymore, I can sure the hell feel my pussy and it makes me gasp.  My fingers slide around inside with the skin.  There’re no pussy lips or anything – it’s just this long hole leading into me.  But then, my scrotum separates and reattaches.  While I’m touching it.  That almost pushes me into throwing up again but I hold it back.  A wave of prickling heat burns along the walls of my pussy and then my fingers just press all the way inside.  Deep inside, I’m wet but it’s dry just at the entrance of my pussy.  For just a moment and then I’m completely wet.  And warm.  So warm.


I’ve missed this feeling.  I missed it so much.  The feeling of a pussy.  I can’t stop touching and rubbing myself, even as I watch extra skin grow from the edge of the pussy.  Lips.  I wish I could see them better but at least I can feel them.  Extra skin from the outside of the pussy is pulled and bunched into my labia and I feel another rush of heat as they fatten, becoming engorged.  It’s intense.  I’m aching in a good way now.  It makes my breath catch and my heart starts fluttering.  I remember.  I remember offering myself to Stephen last night.  Forcing his dick into my wet pussy.  Feeling the way he opened me.  Feeling the way my pussy eagerly pulled him in.  And then, oh Jesus.  The knot.  Fuck.  My hips buck and roll, rocking at an imaginary dick pushed deep into me.  My fingers go to my mouth and I suck at my fingertips, feeling the hard long nails against my tongue.  Moaning as I lick them.  Tasting myself.  Eyes closed, remembering myself being mounted and the way the hard knot hurt and felt amazing at the same time.


I don’t notice when my dick is pulled in or the way the skin folds around, forming my clit.  At least I don’t notice until I touch myself and that wire goes live against.  Goes straight to the pit of my stomach with an electric pulse, making my legs jerk and pull in.  Making me open my pussy with two long, feminine fingers hooked into myself, scratching lightly against that one particular spot.  Feeling the way my ass moves as I grind my hips against my fingers.  The pressure builds inside of me as I push harder and harder, faster, no longer trying to touch anything specifically – just fucking myself with my fingers.  More and more and more – I want it all.  And then, release.  I scream and the voice is the woman’s voice.  Shrill and high and loud until I bury my face in my pillows, still screaming.  My body is shaking like it usually does and my hand is completely soaked in my cum.  My thighs as well – warm liquid completely covers my upper thighs and my ass.  I’ve squirted again.  Oh god.  Please.  Please let this stay.  Please let me stay like this.  I’m not religious but I say that small prayer as I’m shivering and quaking from the orgasm.


When my body work again, I sit up and back against a pillow.  The smell of my cum is strong.  I can see the way it looks on my pussy and the area around it.  Slick.  I love the way my thighs feel and how sensitive they are after I cum.  The way it feels to scratch my inner thighs with my long nails, raising and lowering my thighs as I sit with them open and down.  The way the air feels on my cunt and the way it feels inside: warm and hungry and wet.


My chest is still mostly flat.  I can see myself in the standing mirror and my face is caught half-way between man and woman.  I look away – I can’t see myself as a man right now.  I can’t deal with it.  Not right now.  Instead, I grab where my tits should be and pinch my nipples.  Oh Jesus.  That’s fucking amazing.  It’s the same thing as always but every time the feeling screams down my spine and stomach to dig into my cunt and make me want to be fucked.  The skin around the nipples is loose and itchy so massaging them feels really good.  The itch is deep but I grab and knead at the flesh to try to reach it.  My shoulders and neck tickle, sending goose bumps down my arms.  My hair is growing out.  I feel it sliding against my scalp and ears and neck.  Thick and blonde again.


There’s slight popping sounds around my shoulders and back.  I can feel movement all over but I don’t want to look at what it’s doing.  In case the male part of me is still looking back.  My shoulders are twitching so something?  As a woman I was bigger in general so maybe I’m… haha… filling out?  Speaking of that, I feel my tits now.  Small.  Rounded.  Slightly rounded under my hands.  I’d probably get sick again if I could see what was happening under the skin.  Different things growing and forming.  Glands or stuff?  I should read about it.  Fat tissues?  They feel good.  Really good.  Soft even at this size.  A small contented growl escapes my lips as I arch my back, stretching new muscles and luxuriating in the feeling of my tits.  They’re moving under my hands, rasping slightly as they grow larger.  The itching intensifies and I watch the aureole grow as my tits become C cups.  And then larger.  Heavy.  My chest in general has expanded from this morning.  I AM bigger as a woman.  Stockier but still curvy and sexy as fuck.


When I look in the mirror this time, she looks back at me and we both grin.  It’s done.  Not even 8 AM and she’s back.  I’m back.  I feel perfect.  Happy.  Incredibly happy and confident and like everything is going to be all right.  I stretch, back arched, hands back, legs all the way out and toes pointed.  And then to my hands and knees, head down, arms all the way out, wriggling side to side with my hips.  And laughing.  My breasts pull at me.  The position is too tempting and I masturbate again with my legs spread, ass up and arm under me, rubbing at my clit and inside of myself.  And again.  It’s a rush every time.


I finally break away from the bed and into the shower to clean off all of my cum.  I’m tempted again in the shower but I tell myself I’ll wait.  I have a whole day ahead of me.  Plenty of time to explore and experience things.  I should remember to charge my camera and take more videos this time.


My hair is still a pain in the ass to dry.  Somehow the thought of needing to buy a hair dryer makes me feel unreasonably happy.  I nearly squeal from the thought of me standing as a woman, blow drying my hair.  That probably means I’m stupid but, whatever.  Dried off and dressed in my old clothes again.  Ready for the start of a beautiful day.  Even if there are dark clouds out there.


There’s a small folded piece of paper on my living room floor.  That’s creepy.


Oh.  Right.  The couple from last night.  I almost throw it away without reading it.  I come very damn close to doing that.  Like, standing at the trash can close.  It takes effort to force myself to open it and my stomach is full of butterflies.  The handwriting is fast and messy but distinctly female:  “Call us.  Don’t care if man or woman.”  And a phone number.  It chokes me up.  Why?  Not “Why does it choke me up” but (well, okay that too) more “Why are they doing this?”  I don’t understand.  If it were me… if I were on the other side and saw that?  Fell asleep to the woman and woke to a man?


No, not a woman.  Part of it but… why do I keep forgetting the werewolf?  Even now it’s hard to mentally grasp.  It happened last night – didn’t it?  I couldn’t have imagined that.  Changing.  Watching them change.  Do they remember it?  What does that mean for things?  Did I do that to them?  How?  Too many damn questions.


Calling is safe.  Not being able to see their faces.  Not being face-to-face.  Safer.  They can answer questions and I can hang up and never talk to them again if it goes bad. I dial.


It picks up almost immediately and it’s Elaine’s voice.  She sounds overly eager.  “Hello?”


“It’s… do you remember from last night?  And this morning?  I’m… I’m back.  As the woman.”  How lame that sounds.  I wasn’t prepared for this part.  For how to introduce myself.


The phone rustles slightly and then I hear Stephen’s voice, faint in the distant.  Faint but relieved.  “Oh, thank god.”  He says.  Elaine speaks over him. “Yes.  Yeah.  Of course we remember.  Thank you.  Thank you for calling back.  I – ”  She laughs and it almost sounds like she’s about to cry but that can’t be right.  “We didn’t think you’d call.”  I hear Stephen again: “Tell him I said thank you too!”  Jesus.  He sounds like some eager little boy.


“She.” I tell Elaine.  “Not he.  She.”  I don’t know why it bothers me or why it makes a difference with them but it does.


I hear a rustling and that specific weird scraping noise that tells me Elaine’s covering the phone.  I can still hear her.  “Stephen, honey, I love you but if you fuck this up, I swear to god…  It’s ‘she’ not ‘he’.  She wants to be called she.  She’s a woman.  Please, Stephen. Remember, okay?  It’s important.”  The hand comes off and she’s talking all cheerful like she wasn’t just yelling at her husband.  “I told him.  Sorry about that!  Are you still there?”


I weigh my options.  Do I ignore that outburst?  No.  I need to know why.  So, I ask.  I ask her why it’s important to her.  There’s a long pause and I start to wonder if she’s hung up or something’s happened.  I’m about to ask if she’s still there but she speaks up.  “I don’t know.  Something happened.  I can’t remember everything last night.  By the time we made it to the bedroom… everything after that is just this weird blur.  But, waking up, seeing you?  There was this immediate ‘What the hell?’ reaction.  It was brief but it was there.  I knew it was you as soon as I saw you.  As soon as I … smelled you.  And… have you… have you ever been in love?  Crazy stupid love?  Where you get these warm fuzzy feelings and you feel like you’d do anything for the other person?  That they have a piece of you?  An important piece?  It feels like that.  Please don’t laugh or be creeped out.  I can’t explain it except to say that it’s there.  For both of us.  We’ve talked about it all morning.  We’re both anxious.  We can’t sit still.  I… we…”  She is about to cry.  “I can’t handle you being mad at me.  I know how this sounds but we just want to be near you.  We want… we need to see you again.  Please?  You’re not mad at us, are you?”


What the fuck do I do with that?  How do I even begin to respond to that?  Both of them?  Stephen?  My memory of him is brief but trying to imagine him as needy or anxious or anything like that doesn’t work.  Not from the little I know of him.  And how does that even work with what he saw this morning?  But, the funny thing?  I can hear Elaine getting anxious and almost scared and it’s doing something to me.  I don’t like it.  I don’t like hearing her unhappy.  It makes me want to hurt something.  It makes me want to bite something.  I’m grinding my teeth as she finished talking and it’s not because I’m mad at her.  I apparently don’t like hearing her under duress.  I can hear Stephen asking about it – what I’m saying and whether I’m mad.  He DOES sound anxious.  I remember him last night.  Feeling his warm arms around me, holding me up.  Feeling that strength and comfort but then nearly tackling him in the bedroom because he was moving too slow for me.  Nearly forcing myself on him.  Wanting to hold him down and sit on his dick.  I can feel my pulse speeding up at the memory.  The duality of it – his warmth and protectiveness around me but then feeling my aggression and dominance kick in.  It’s there again now.  I want to smack him and then fuck him right now.  I’m so messed up.


She’s waiting for me to talk.  She can hear my breathing and she’s waiting for me.  I can at least answer.  I can do that.  “I’m not mad, Elaine.”  Her sigh is heavy with feeling.  “I still don’t know what’s going on.  This is completely new to me.  All of this.  This… being a woman.  I don’t know how or why exactly.  I don’t feel the same thing you do but there’s something there.  I…”  I pause but then plow ahead.  “I want to see you both again.”


She squeals and I can picture it.  It makes me smile and my heart does this little happy jump.  She tells Stephen what I said and, while he doesn’t squeal, I can hear the delight in his voice.  I’m trying to talk over their little happy party but it takes me several tries to interrupt them.


Elaine is immediately apologizing.  “Sorry!  Sorry!  I’m just… I can’t believe it!  I don’t know why I feel this happy but I do.  I seriously do.  Thank you so much.  Oh my gosh, thank you.  When?  Now?  Can we see you now?  When?”


“No.  No, not now.  Well, wait.”  I bite my lip while I think.  I need clothes.  I can’t keep just wearing the same thing here.  “Yes.  But, can you do me a favor?  Can you pick up some clothes for me?  Just one set so I have something.  And… underwear?  I’ll pay you back when I take out some cash.”  I’m blushing.  Holy crap.  I happily sucked a man’s dick last night and I’m blushing at the thought of wearing women’s underwear?  Actually?


Elaine sounds like she’s bouncing.  I can hear her smile through the phone.  “Are you kidding?!  I’d LOVE to do it!  I’ll drag Stephen with me and we’ll find something for you.  I love shopping!”


Now I’M smiling.  “Okay, then.  Not much.  Something simple?  Do you remember how big I am?  I don’t know anything about sizes or anything.  I’m just… I don’t even know my bra size.  Nothing crazy.  And call me when you’re close to here?”


“Yes!  Oh gosh, yes!  I’ll find you something cute, sweetie.  You don’t worry about that.  I think I remember your amazing body really well.”  I’m blushing again, damn her.  “Okay!  We’re heading out right now and we’ll be there in about an hour?”  I tell her okay and I have to hang up first because she won’t or can’t stop talking about how excited she is.  I have no idea how that isn’t annoying as hell but it isn’t.  So far.


It’s more like two hours before my phone rings.  I’d been lounging.  Catching up on news.  Looking up porn.  Looking up transgender things.  Reading about menstrual stuff and women’s health.  Body diagrams.  That kind of thing.  So when my phone rings, it startles me but I answer and thank Elaine for letting me know she’s on the way.  Fifteen minutes later, my doorbell rings.


Elaine stands in the front this time with Stephen nervously standing behind her.  She has both hands full with shopping bags so she ignored my “one set” comment, it looks like.  She’s beaming at me.  It’s almost painful to watch.  I hug her and she goes to tip-toes to nuzzle against my cheek.  It’s not a quick little face hug – she’s actually rubbing her cheek against me over and over and there’s this little vibration deep in her throat that almost kind-of sort-of could be a low growl.  I have to break it off.  She looks a little dazed but is still smiling.  Some part of me feels … settled…?  with her there.


Stephen goes for a hug while I go for a handshake and we do that awkward dance thing that ends in a half-hug that feels completely alien as a woman.  Elaine is very pointedly not watching.  He also smells my hair.  Or takes a big whiff of me and my hair just happens to be there.  That’s kind of creepy.  I feel that same odd thing with Stephen that I do with Elaine.  Kind of like my family came home and I haven’t seen them for a long time.  But, I also very specifically remember the way his dick had me spread open last night.  I can feel my pussy relax and grow wet.  Dammit.


I stand back quickly and wave them into the living room where I offer them the small couch.  I make drinks for everyone but before I can take the one chair in the living room, Elaine is already digging through her bags.  She eyes me, takes things out and then tosses most of the clothes onto the couch.


“Okay!  I have some clothes!  Let’s go!”  Before I can argue, she grabs my arm and pulls me into the bedroom.  Once there, she empties the shopping bag – three shirts, two slacks, some panties, various bras and a black bag.  It looks suspiciously like a makeup bag but I ignore it for now.  I want to touch the clothes but I feel nervous.  Not ashamed but…?  No, I don’t quite know what it is but I hesitate.


Elaine is watching me.  “You’ll need to get naked, honey.”  She tells me.  ‘Honey.’  I don’t know how to respond to that.  At all.  It feels weird.  I’m shy getting naked but I do.  Elaine is biting her lip and her cheeks are red.  “Oh.  Oh, yes.  You’re beautiful.”  I turn away, arm across my breasts and hand covering my pussy.  Blushing again.  This is embarrassing.  She’s seen me naked.  We’ve had sex of a kind.  Why am I bothering to cover myself?  I turn and take my hands away.  It’s hard to do but I do it.


Her eyes are crawling over my body as if she’s memorizing every curve and line.  I can smell her pussy again.  It’s faint but I can smell it.  She’s very wet.  It stirs something in me and my teeth are starting to itch.  I clear my throat and she blinks up at me.  “Right.  Yes.  Clothes.  Right.”


Bras are weird.  All I’ve had so far is my somewhat tight old shirt and it was thick enough so that it actually held the breasts in a bit.  But bras?  Weird.  Elaine shows me how to put it on but I can’t reach my arms around properly and I get frustrated when she keeps trying to teach me.  So, instead, I put the padding in the back, strap in the front so I can see what I’m doing while I hook it.  And then I pull it around and stuff my breasts in it.  It’s tight and it feels like it’s cutting into me.  I have to kind of dig my hands into the sides and shift my tits around to settle them.  Not sexy at all.  Not at all.  Elaine finds it amusing and is biting back her laughter.


Two of the five panties she brought don’t fit but the other three feel great.  Silky on my skin but otherwise like they aren’t there.  There is no scrotum for the underwear to pinch on or a dick that’s getting in the way and pressing on things or anything like that.  It’s all flat and awesome.


There are two shirts, black and dark green.  The black one fits and that makes me happy.  Nine times out of ten, I’ll go for a darker color like black.  It’s…hmmm… low cut.  It shows off my tits.  No way around that.  I have to adjust it so my bra doesn’t show and, when I do that without Elaine having to tell me, she does let out a cute little laugh before biting her lip again.  Her eyes are shining from unshed laughter.  Damn her.  The fabric feels great.  Soft.  Slightly stretchy.  I like it.  The pants are just slacks.  Again, nice material and it holds everything in without being too tight.


My ass is FANTASTIC.  I have to turn over and over in the mirror to look.  I hear a loud and very obvious “Mmmmhmmmmmm” from Elaine as I look over my shoulder at myself with my hands on my hips.  I look amazing.  Blonde hair, heart shaped face and curves to die for.  Very, very slight dimples on my cheeks.


“Now.”  Elaine says.  “Now we finish you off.”  She hops onto the bed and sits with her legs crossed, black bag in her lap.


“Oh no.” I tell her.  “Huh-uh.  I’m good.  I don’t need it.”


“No, you don’t.  You really absolutely don’t.  But, let me show you something.  Please.”  Fuck her and her pleading little puppy dog eyes.  I choke back a snarl and sit in front of her.


I have no idea what goes on.  Every time she comes at my eyes with some pencil looking thing, I jerk back and ask what she’s doing.  EVERY.  SINGLE.  TIME.  My heart is pounding.  She could put my eye out with those goddamned things.  She has these thick poofy brushes tipped with pale brown powder, black pencils, some eye curling thing that makes me want to weep and… I eventually just let go.  I give into it.  Like some dog resigned to the bath that he knows is coming whether he wants it or not.  Whether she wants it or not.


After an eternity, she’s done.  She says nothing but points to the mirror.  I’m scared but I turn.  Oh.  Oh, okay.  Yeah.  It’s… subtle.  I thought I’d look like some cheap prostitute with all the things she was using on me but you can barely tell it’s there.  The faint black eye lining and eyelashes, blush and god knows what else just enhances my features.  I look incredible but not fake.  That’s the important part.  Just accentuated.


“No fucking kidding, Elaine.  You’re amazing.  Look at me.”  I touch my face carefully, as if it’s a mask waiting to just come away.  It doesn’t.  “Maybe… ummm… maybe some day you can show me how you do that.”  I look over her way and wish I hadn’t.  She’s about to cry for real.  Her lips are trembling.  I want to nuzzle her and reassure her.  What was she scared about?  Was she worried I wouldn’t like it?  Or had she been so worried that I wouldn’t want to see her again?  Fuck it, I give her a hug and then I DO nuzzle against her, murmuring nothing but reassurances.  She relaxes against me.


When we walk out, Stephen is in exactly the same position on the couch.  He stares.  Hard.  I look away and feel like a fool.  “What?”  I ask him.


“You’re stunning.”  He’s breathless as he says it.  Almost worshipful.  Now I REALLY can’t look at him and instead, flop down in my little chair.  It somehow feels really good to be dressed.  Properly dressed in clothes that fit me now.  More comfortable.  More relaxing.  I sit with my legs out and to the sides and my arms on the arm of the chair, looking at the floor.  Not at all lady-like but it’s how I’ve sat most of my life.  Elaine cuddles up next to her husband and a quick glance shows she’s doing that beaming “I wasn’t just about to cry” look again.  I sigh.


“So,” I say.  They wait.  Expectantly.  Shit.  What was I going to say?  How do I even begin?  I can’t think of a smooth way to do it so I just start with who I am.   Standard childhood, parents that did their best with me and we still keep in touch when we can.  I love them and try to remember to call them on holidays but they live in another state so that doesn’t happen often.  I wasn’t a popular kid in school but I wasn’t picked on a lot, either.  Some but not a lot.  Mostly I was just ignored and that means I have a hard time with people.  And, because of that, I’m not exactly the most confident person around.  My tongue gets tied and I stress easy.  Usually I get steam-rolled.  I’ve dated a few times and they never seem to end well.  The lady just gets bored and we end up breaking up.  Not their fault.  I think I’m a good guy but I usually deferred to the woman and couldn’t ever come up with things to do when we were together.  A degree in accounting from the local college with decent grades and the job in the credit department while I procrastinate on studying for the CPA exam.


And then the box.  This part is hard.  I hesitate.  I pause.  I blush.  I look away.  I tell them that I like werewolves first.  That’s hard to do but they have to know for the rest of it to make sense.  I don’t tell them that I fucked the suit.  No way in hell.  I tell them I tried it on.  And how things felt different after that.  The little things the next day and then the big changes the day after that.  And then again this morning and how it happened faster.  How I’m still me but I see things slightly different.  I try to frame it in the sense that I have this body – this gift of a sort and I just want to experience things.  But I admit that I want it now.  That the thought of being fucked actually turns ME on now.


And then I finish.  “I don’t know how or why but you saw it.  You saw me this morning.  I’m not making it up.”


“Do you think it’s permanent now?”  Elaine asks.  They both look fairly serious.  Considering.


I look at her and frown.  “I hope so but I don’t know anything about it.  That’s why I made last night happen with Craigslist.  What if it isn’t permanent and I only have a little time to experience life as a woman?  That’s the biggest reason I decided to try sex with a man.  I have these lady parts so why not try them out with the real deal?  The body certainly agrees with me.  I just have to see something or think of something and it just reacts.”  Speaking of reactions, Stephen has a boner.  Has had a boner, I think.  I can’t help it.  I remember last night again and it makes things all slippery inside of me.  See?  Can’t help it.  I’m just along for the awesome ride.


“I asked Elaine on the phone this morning.  I asked her why she did that this morning even though I was a man then.  Why you, Stephen?  The email said you were straight.  Very much so.  Didn’t it bother you?”  I have to know what he thinks.  He’s been quiet most of this time but I need to know.


Stephen looks at his clasped hands in front of him.  It’s his turn not to be able to look at me.  “I agree with Elaine.  I am straight.  I still am.  You’re a woman.  I see that.  I saw that last night and you’re the same.  That’s what I know.  This morning…”  He frowns and it looks like he’s considering his words.  He is a handsome man with the slight grey and few wrinkles.  He just looks like he’s had a lived-in life and enjoyed it while learning about so much.  Very different than what I had as I mostly drifted along.  “This morning, I could tell it was still you.  That was you as a woman.  Even before I saw that your…ahhhh…. your nipples were the same.  You were a man but you had a woman’s nipples.  Still.  Still if it was anyone else, nothing.  Would’ve been freaked out and horrified and probably ran out.  But there was something about you.  You’re pulling on me even now and it was the same this morning.  It’s almost as if I could smell that it was still you as a woman.  And when Elaine started, I got riled up and joined in.  I’ve gone over it mentally and the thought of two guys fucking still doesn’t make me excited.  It was… it just felt different this morning.  With you.”


He looks up at me now.  “When you told me to sit in the corner, I went.  That’s never happened before.  Ever.  But I found myself moving before I even knew what I was doing.  And then… oh boy, this is hard for me to say.  When you were fucking Elaine, I really wanted to jack off.  But every time I went to do it, I couldn’t.  There was a block.  It felt like I’d be disrespecting you and I have no idea why.”


He coughs.  “So.  Dammit.  So I asked.  I felt pathetic and stupid but I had to ask.  I know that if you’d said I could, it’d be all right.  But if you’d said no then I couldn’t do it.  I wouldn’t have been able to touch myself.  How dumb is that?”  He’s back to looking at his hands.  His knuckles are white and they shake slightly.  Elaine puts her hand on his wrist and I feel this urge to go to him.  Like with Elaine, the thought of him hurt bothers me.  I don’t even know these people but I keep getting this little protective vibe.  Oh.  That’s the word my mind’s been searching for.  Ownership.  It feels like I own them and should take care of them.  What the hell?


I stand.  Hesitate.  Look at Stephen.  And then walk to him, kneeling in front of him.  He’s still not looking at me.  I take his hands, a little larger than mine by not by much, and separate them, putting them on the couch.  The next part isn’t nearly as hard as it should be.  I lean in between his legs and kiss him on the lips.  He’s surprised by it but then I feel his hand on my back as he joins in.  It’s a hard, rough kiss and we both have to break away.  I stare lustily at him and wipe my mouth, feeling the lipstick rub against the back of my hand.  He’s watching me.  Wanting me.  He groans when I grab his dick through his pants.  His hands go to my hair, stroking me, massaging slightly.  It’s a good feeling – one I hadn’t ever had done to me as a man.


But, his dick.  Oh yes.  His dick.  I can feel my cunt drooling at the thought of it.  There’s a heat in my lower belly, a need, a craving to be filled.  To have something in me.  Something hard and thick opening me up, pressing into me.  This impossible itch needing to be scratched.  I ache for his dick.  It’s actually mentally distracting and that’s unusual for me.  At least it was when I was a man.  My hands fumble slightly at his zipper but I get it down and unbutton him.  I feel Elaine move and then her lips against my neck.  It makes the goose bumps happen but I’m focusing on Stephen now.  He lifts his hips as I pull down on his pants and underwear until his dick springs free.  He still smells slightly like my pussy.  He’s got a little bit of pubic hair and I smell that he’s showered but I can still catch little hints of my cum on him.  I growl and there’s no hesitation when I grab his dick and pull it to my mouth.


I’m a guy.  I know how blow jobs go.  I know what I like.  I have to say, though.  It’s slightly different playing for the other team.  It’s warm.  I kiss the tip and then push down to take the head of him into my mouth.  The extra foreskin is something I don’t have experience with as a man.  The skin on the head of his dick as an interesting texture against my tongue but I’m distracted by the simple fact that I’m incredibly turned on at the moment.  Hard to think of the process clinically when just having a dick in my mouth is making me wriggle my ass and moan.  Ooops.  Now he’s halfway into my mouth and I’m pulling it to the side, feeling it press against my cheek as my mouth works him over.  And then back up to the head.  Holding onto the base of him, slowly pumping his dick as I suck on him.  I feel small hands on my own pants and Elaine unzips me.  It’s difficult to get my pants off.  Difficult because I don’t want to take this dick out of my mouth.  I feel flushed from the thought of it.  Now I’m just bobbing my head up and down, trying to watch where my teeth are going, trying to move my tongue around as much as possible on it – the soft flat part of my tongue.  So, yeah, it’s difficult to get undressed but I work my hips and legs as Elaine tugs and soon my pants are off.  Even when she grabs my ass (causing me to moan with a mouth full of dick) I still don’t pull off.  I’m breathing through my nose and sucking on Stephen as Elaine pushes at me, telling me to sit up.  I do, kneeling up as she lays under me.  And then she pulls me down and now I can’t even concentrate on what I’m doing.


I’m sitting on Elaine’s face as she’s sucking and licking my extremely wet pussy with her fingers deep in me.  It feels amazing and it’s this distracting thing – pulling me away so it’s hard to focus on Stephen.  Her mouth on my engorged lips, sucking and biting them gently.  Fingers pressing on things inside of me.  I can’t – it’s hard to do more than one thing at a time when she’s… Jesus… there’s these OH YES FUCK spots inside of me that she’s rubbing and her mouth is warm on me and I can’t FUCKING CHRIST MMMMMmmmmmm I’ve got my head against Stephen’s dick and he’s still stroking my hair.  I force the focus.  I didn’t even know I was grinding my hips against Elaine’s mouth.  I’m just doing it.  My body is.  I focus.  I can do this.  I kiss Stephen’s balls a little and then the base of his dick and then the tip.  I can feel an orgasm building.  I want it but… her fingers aren’t enough.  I reach down to hold Elaine’s head as I sit up and then stand.  She whines beneath me but I ignore her and sit on Stephen’s lap.  He’s barely there.  His eyes are smoking with desire.  He wants me so fucking bad.


His dick presses between us.  I can feel it against my flat, hard stomach.  My ass rests on his legs comfortably.  I love the way it feels.  Is that narcissistic?  That I think I have an amazing ass and I love how it’s all squishy and soft but firm if I press into it?  I don’t give a damn.  It just feels great.  My legs are spread as I sit on him, the shaft of his cock pressed against my clit.  And then I lift up, grab his dick and moan loudly as I pull it down and it rubs against my clit.  I want to keep doing the same motion over and over again but, instead, I press the tip of him against my pussy lips.  He’s got one hand on my side and another on my ass and he tugs a little but I wait.  I want to remember this.  He’s still a little slick from my spit and I can feel the way my pussy lips are spongy with my juice.  I sit slowly, still holding his dick.  My lips part for him and then he’s at the entrance to my pussy.  A little more and I feel myself open to him.  I make a very female noise and then lean forward to clasp his head to my chest.  I don’t have to hold his dick any more.  He’s not all the way in but it’s not going anywhere but in.  He’s rubbing against my breasts and I remember I’m wearing a shirt.


But, first… I slowly sit down on him.  “Ohhhhhh….” I say.  Original, right?  It just… it’s amazing.  He’s hard and feeling his dick against the wetness inside my pussy – against the insides of me as it rubs certain places… I’m moaning and gasping until I’m completely down.  I feel his balls against my pussy lips.  I don’t know what kind of face I’m making but my lips are pursed and my … I think it’s almost like a “Please…” look?  I really just want to pull up and then down and ride his dick.  I really really REALLY want it bad.  I want to feel the head of his dick pressing against every spot inside of me.  I want him as deep as he can go.  I reach for my shirt but he beats me there, grabbing and pulling as I lift my arms up for him.  Immediately his hands go for the bra and I feel him fumbling around at the clasps.  I can’t stop myself from wriggling on his dick.  Just grinding on him while he’s inside of me.  Oh.  Oh.  Fuck.  Fuck yes.  He’s hitting something inside of me and it feels really damn good.  Some… yes.  I grab his neck again as he finally gets one of the clasps undone.  I’m breathing in little short gasps as I move.  He needs to hurry the fuck up with the bra so I can start moving.  It’s frustrating as hell.  My breasts relax as the bra comes undone and I lean back so he can take them off.  His mouth is immediately on my nipple and the jolt goes straight down as he bites and sucks.


I can’t stop any more.  I ride him.  It takes a bit to get the rhythm right but I’m soon slamming my ass down on him.  Up and down, forward and back but if I lean forward in slightly the right way, his dick hits this one spot that has me moaning and growling and shaking.  I’m rough.  I can’t help it.  It hurts how deep he is in me but it feels so fucking good, too.  Way more good than bad.  Way more.  It’s getting hard to remember to breathe as my orgasm looms closer.  His hands on my ass, squeezing and massaging, isn’t helping, either.  I can hear a wet smacking sucking sound now because I’m so wet.  “Jesus, Stephen.  You’re so big.  So fucking big.  It feels so good in me.  Do you like it?  Do you like me riding you?”  I growl and my voice goes harsher.  “Taking you and fucking you like this, Stephen?  Do you like it?  Fuck.  Fuck.  FUUUUUCK!”  I don’t even talk during sex normally but the words are just rolling off of my tongue.  I scream and feel his arms around me as the orgasms erupts.  My legs aren’t moving any more.  Well, they are but they’re jerking and I’m way too sensitive for anything right now but now HE’S slamming himself up and into me and OH JESUS I can feel another orgasm coming as I’m still shaking and stuttering from the first one.


The second one hits and I squirt all over us.  I feel it – the hot liquid spraying out.  Everything is intense and too much but I still feel it.  I still want it.  I can feel the pressure building yet again even as this slight ache is starting to form deep in me.  But my pussy is an electrical storm and he’s hitting everything inside as we frantically fuck.  Growling and tearing at him with my nails.  I don’t notice that I’m biting his neck hard now as I growl and slam my ass down onto him just as he’s pushing up.  My brain is helpfully offering up various things I could be saying (“Please”, “Oh god yes.”, “Your dick is huge, Stephen”, etc… etc…) but there’s this strange anger mixing in with the pleasure.  This dominance.  I want.  I fucking want.  I bite hard, feeling some drool as… but then I let him go and go limp, resting my head against his shoulder.  He’s hitting something – some actual thing inside of me and I can’t concentrate at all.  I can’t move.  I can’t think.  I can’t even breathe.  I can just sit there and take it and that pisses me off.  I force myself up and push back against him until another orgasm rolls over me and it’s suddenly too much.  Everything is too much.  I can’t handle it.  It’s … no… it’s too much.  I push off and fall ungracefully to the floor, shaking and rocking and hugging myself against the orgasm.  Jerking from it.  Trying to talk but I can’t.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Shit.  Breathe.  I don’t know how long it takes to recover from that but, Jesus.  Fucking intense.  And that ache is stronger now.  I want more.  I want so much more.  I’m not at all done yet.


When I can move, I take them with me to the bedroom.  We fuck for hours.  I don’t even know how many times I orgasm but I’m soaked in my cum, Elaine’s and, finally, Stephen’s.  I’m somehow proud that I can get him to cum twice for me.  FOR ME.  What a strange thought but it makes me do this mental wriggly happy dance.  The bedroom is warm and smells like sex and we’re all spooning each other, sweaty and exhausted and content.  We sleep.


I wake first with Stephen behind me and Elaine curled up in this warm happy little position against my stomach.  I kiss the back of her neck and she stirs, grinning and mumbling something sleepily.  I wake Stephen by grinding my ass against him. I feel his dick stir before he does and the thought of taking his dick inside of me again makes me wet.  Again.  He squeezes my tit almost possessively and I make this little “mrrrrrrr” sound and stretch back against him.  I’m sorely tempted to start another orgy but I’m dying of hunger.  When we’ve untangled ourselves, Elaine and I conspire against Stephen and vote him off the island and into the kitchen.


Oh.  That’s… huh.  Cum.  In my pussy.  And now running down my leg.  That’s an entirely weird feeling.  I have a momentary struggle where I consider tasting it but it’s probably all cold and weird so I ultimately head to the bathroom and sit down.  It’s then that I realize I haven’t ever peed as a woman, either.  I push and it feels really damn weird and makes slightly odd little sounds but I get a good bit of it out.  Stephen’s cum, not my pee.  But then, pee just comes out.  I almost squawk.  I didn’t mean to do it but there it goes.  It makes me giggle for some reason.  An honest to god giggle.  Because I’m peeing.  Sitting down.  As a woman.  With a pussy not quite full of cum.  There’s a little dot of pee left when I stand so I dab it off with a bit of toilet paper.  HOT.  I giggle again and walk out naked.  I don’t even feel embarrassed about it any more.


Elaine is wandering around looking for different pieces of clothing while Stephen gets dressed to go out food shopping.  They’ve offered to take me out to eat but I’m not ready to go out like this yet.  Not yet.  Elaine hands me my clothes and I decide that I’ll just wear the bra and panties.  It feels liberating to go without clothes.  I’d go completely nude and luxuriate in this body but I think nobody would get much done and I know Stephen needs a bit of time to recover.


While Stephen’s gone, Elaine and I curl up on the couch, facing each other.  We chat.  Hah.  A girl chat with our legs all pulled up.  She decided if I were going to go without clothes, she would too so we’re both in our underwear and talking.  Learning about her.  She had great parents that are still local and she still keeps in touch with them weekly.  Her dad teaches chemistry at the big high school in town and, amazingly, still loves his job after 15 years of it.  Her mom does some complex math work for a medical startup.  Some 3D imaging stuff that I don’t comprehend.  She inherited her optimism from her dad and her awesomeness from both.  She’s a fan of big dogs and cats and has a little kitten with possible dog plans later.  Stephen was adopted after living in a foster home for a while.  A rough time growing up but he had some good older kids and great adults at the Boys & Girls Club.  After getting into trouble and being arrested a few times as a teenager, a judge pulled him aside and talked to him.  And it finally sunk into him.  Shortly after, he cleaned up and hit the books.  Top of his class at high school and college and really well in law school.  He’s very good at what he does.


Stephen walks in while we’re talking about his high school days.  He doesn’t knock before coming in and it doesn’t occur to me that that’s weird or that I should be bothered by it.  He rolls his eyes at one of Elaine’s remarks and then fumbles around the kitchen.  I don’t know what he can do with my cheap thrift store pots and pans but I hear him washing them first.  Yeah.  I don’t cook.  After a while, the smell of cooked chicken fills the small living room and my stomach gurgles.  Stephen yells out that food will be ready in fifteen minutes.


We’re still chatting when I notice Elaine scratching her bare leg over and over.  She leaves red lines with each stroke and it looks like should hurt.  Oh.  Shit.  One of her nails is gone.  Right index finger.  As I watch, a thick black nail slowly grows into place.  How the hell did she not just feel that?  I look at her but she’s still chatting and smiling.  And scratching herself.  There’s a subtle different scent in the air and it makes the small hairs at the back of my neck stand up.  I can feel my nose flair, taking in the cloying scent and my lips pull back in a quick half-snarl.  I push to get myself under control and to keep my hands from clenching.  My heart rate picks up.  I want her.  I feel this aggression flood me and I almost growl.  I want her bad.  I shiver and it’s not because I’m cold.


“Food is ready!”  I’m thankful for the distraction.  Elaine smiles a lazy little smile and it’s not like her normal smile at all.  There’s a very clear difference.  A very clear line of predatory that she’s crossed.  I stand and go to the kitchen.  I have a small, very cheap Formica table that we crowd around.  Bowls are already set full of some pasta with white sauce and chicken.  It’s delicious and exactly what I need.  I’m on my second bowl when I feel Elaine’s left hand on my thigh.  She’s eating but her hand is tracing along my leg and then, digging into my flesh.  Claws.  Definitely claws.  More than one.  I twitch at the feeling but it also turns me on and I feel myself growing wet.  At that, she turns and gives me that same smile.  Can she tell?  Can she fucking smell me?


I clear my throat.  “How much do you two remember of last night?  And what we did?”  I have to take Elaine’s hand off my thigh and she just grins even bigger.


Stephen looks confused.  “Uhhh… we had sex.  Right?  The bedroom is a haze.  But I remember sex.”


“Right.  Yes.  Sex.  Anything else?”


He furrows his brow as if I am the one asking stupid questions.  “No.  Just sex and then passing out.  I think I must’ve been really tired because I barely remember anything.  Just fucking you.”


I turn to Elaine.  “You?”


She’s still grinning.  “No.  Sex.  Why?”  Damn.  She even sounds different.  Less bouncy.  Less cheerful.  Deeper voice.  And she’s watching me.


“Elaine.  Put your hand on the table.”  She cocks her head for a moment but then, does.  Her left hand.  Three of her fingers are claws.  Thick and black, the joints on those fingers swollen.  Her hand looks slightly swollen in general.  She looks at it, shrugs and then back to me.


“Jesus, Elaine!  Your hand!”  Stephen looks shocked but Elaine glances at her hand again and still doesn’t react.  Okay.  So, they aren’t lying.  They don’t remember.  Shit.  Why can I remember but not them?


I sigh and put my head on the cool table near my bowl.  “Do you remember what I said of the suit?  The bit about it being a werewolf?  A she-wolf?  How I changed when I put it on?  I… I think I gave that to you.”


“No.  No fucking way.  Impossible.”  Stephen is standing now, near the fridge.  He looks almost panicked.


I turn my head to look at him.  “Impossible like a man physically turning into a woman?  Your ears, Stephen.  Feel them.  The tops.”  They’re pointed and I can see them moving slightly as they grow.  Stephen is hyperventilating but I hear a small ‘snick’ next to me.  Looking over, I see Elaine still grinning.  Her hands are both stretched and swollen and all five fingers are tipped with deadly looking claws.  She’s just cut through her bra and it’s laying in her lap.  Her tits are swelling, nipples rock hard in the air.  I can feel my pussy throbbing with sudden need.


I can’t do this.  I can’t face this.  I nearly run to the living room, slamming into the fridge on the way out.  I smell her before I hear her.  Elaine is crawling to me on hands and feet.  That same grin on her face.  Ten feet away she stands.  Her body is covered in fine hairs and sweat.  Her tits have grown a cup size or more and she pulls one up close to her mouth.  A long tongue rolls out and she licks her own nipple, moaning as she does.  Her other hand goes to her panties and her claws cut small holes as she rubs herself.  A patch of fine red hair is growing from the tops of her white panties, spreading out and then up in a line between her breasts.  She moans again, digs shortened fingers under the side of her panties and rips them off.  Her pussy is covered in red hair.  I can smell her so strongly.  Fuck.  Fuck, I want her.  I’m so fucking wet and the smell is making it hard to think.


Her breasts grow another cup size while I watch.  The skin just spreads as she becomes more full.  Her aureole grows out as her tits do.  The line of fur down her stomach sas reached her chin and is fanning out to the sides to cover the sides of her breasts and stomach.  More fur grows on her face, along her cheeks.  Her nose and lips are turning black as I watch.  There’s a crunch and her jaw shifts.


I’m brought to my knees when the aching in my cunt turns to pain.  Sharp pain that burns along my spine.  I can’t breathe.  I can’t… fuck.  I rip the bra off of me.  Muscles bulge when I get my fingers under the straps and I just pull to the side, feeling the material break as the edges dig into my flesh.  It doesn’t hurt at all compared to the immense amount of pain along my spine.  My breasts hang in front of me as I lean forward on my hands.  Sweating suddenly.  I can see my fingernails popping off one after another, claws growing in their places.  I CAN feel the swelling in my hand as joints pop and grow.  I watch my fingers thicken and shorten, my hand growing larger as my thumb is pulled back a tiny bit on each hand.  Hair is growing from my knuckles and the back of my hand.  My arms are tensing.  More hair growing from the forearms and shoulders.  Muscles growing into place as blonde fur erupts from my shoulders down to my hands, joining with the fur growing there.  Stronger.  I’m getting stronger.


There’s a roar and crash from the kitchen.  I look up to see Elaine on her hands and knees.  Her grin is gone and she has her head down on the carpet, long dog-like tongue lolling out of a very wolf-like muzzle.  She’s watching me with these beautiful golden eyes.  Her face is completely fuzzy but I watch her ears shift and move, growing longer as they do.  Her teeth are like daggers and she’s panting in pain.  I can smell Stephen now.  Him.  His scent.  More strongly.  It makes me growl and want.  WANT.


There’s a noise like firecrackers going off but all I know is someone is hammering on every single part of my spine.  I feel like a crowd of people have grabbed both of my sides and are pulling as hard as they can – trying to tear me apart.  My nose burns and another cracking sound signals the start of my own muzzle.  I can see my nose flatten as it grows out.  My tits are even bigger.  Fuller.  Heavier.  Furry.  I watch blonde hairs grow out on both breasts, hiding the nipples beneath a coat of fur.  Now someone is tugging on my spine.  I feel a tickling around my ass cheek as my tail grows straight from the base of my spine.  The skin just expands as new bones grow into place.  Fur dots the tail and then fans out with an almost perceptible whining noise.


I’m soaking wet.  I want.  I want both of them.  I need to be fucked.  There’s this huge amount of pain but I’m smelling both of them and I want them.  Stephen is standing against the wall.  He’s got a full muzzle but barely any fur at all on his body and it looks odd.  He scrambles at his pants with awkward paws and ends up shredding them.  His dick is hard.  Huge.  Fur grows in suddenly on his massive legs and then in a wave up to the base of his dick.  From there, he bulges.  I watch as his knot grows in.  This … bubble grows from the base of his uncut cock and is quickly covered in fur.  His dick throbs and lengthens, excess skin covers each new inch until he’s over ten inches long.  And fucking thick looking.  He’s rubbing himself and his muzzle is tipped back, smelling the air.  Smelling me.  Or Elaine.  Or both of us.


I watch Elaine’s tail grow in.  A thick bony growth of skin extends from her spine, growing out between her ass.  She raises her ass higher in the air and whines in pain.  My eyes are watering from the combined smells of pleasure and pain.  And from the agony of my own transformation.  Hairs grow out from her tails as I feel my own wag back and forth.  It takes seconds before she’s got a bushy new tail of her own.  And then, she stretches.  A full body stretch on her hands and feet before shaking like a dog out of the water.


I stand.  Shaky-legged.  I have a growth of stubble on my legs but I can see the veins throbbing.  Muscles are growing out here, too.  My thighs are massive and SHIT!  I fall to the ground and catch myself.  My feet lengthen, pulling my little toe back.  The stubble on my legs grows into full fur.  Claws pop my toenails off and I feel rough padding along the bottom of my feet.  Leathery.  It doesn’t take long before I’m completely covered in fur from ear tips to toes.  And then, the pain stops.  Thank god.  I try standing but it’s not working yet.  I wait on my knees.  Stephen is curled into a ball of pain, whimpering and whining but Elaine is padding over to him on hands and feet, pushing at him with her muzzle and then putting an arm around him.  It’s touching.  But, soon, he’s finished as well.


I take both of them in.  Magnificent.  I had no idea.  They’re both bigger but along the same body shape.  Elaine with her sleek red furred body is at least four inches taller.  Stephen looks almost like a bear.  My eyes go to the sheath where his dick is standing at proud attention.  Knotted and pointed, dripping pre-cum.  He’s watching me, crouched down on his knees.


Neither of them look like they’re completely there mentally.  I can smell their need.  I can smell how they both want me.  Now I stand and my muscles hold, thick and strong.  I feel like I could run for miles flat-out.  I spare a moment to look at myself and the change is amazing – thick blonde fur over an incredibly strong body.  My tits are even bigger than before but they’re set over a proportionately larger frame.  I flex my arm and feel my shoulder and arm muscles working.  The palms of my hands are padded slightly with the same black leathery growth of skin from the bottom of my feet and the fingers are shortened but powerful and tipped with deadly claws.  I reach down to feel the tuft of fur above my pussy and I find the fur is slick with my juices.  Elaine and Stephen aren’t the only ones excited by the changes.  The tail… the tail is odd. I can feel it against my legs as it just lays there.  It tugs slightly on my spine.  Very slightly.  I … hmmm… I briefly try to figure out how to make it move but I can’t seem to do it.  Like trying to make my ears wriggle – there should be a muscle or something that makes it work but I don’t know which one.


And, you know?  That’s okay.  Because right now I’m distracted.  By the two wolves in front of me.  Still watching quietly.  Both of them crouched.  My center of balance is off so I nearly stumble as I walk but my tail does its own thing to help, shifting and moving while I figure out how to walk on these new feet with these legs and extra mass.  When I get close to the two in front of me, the look down and their ears go back.  Is it deference?  What the hell do they expect me to do?  Jesus.  I look at myself again.  I’m nearly as big as Stephen is.  My tongue feels weird.  Almost like it’s swollen.  Really hard to get used to its length and the way these teeth feel in my mouth.  Muzzle.  Whatever.  They’re still not looking at me and I can smell this scent… I don’t know how to put it because it doesn’t translate into words.  It’s a feeling.  The closest I can come to describing it is that they’re wary of me.  Worried?  Apprehensive?


I kneel next to Elaine and butt my forehead against hers.  She shivers but stays in place.  I rub my cheek against hers, feeling the softness of her fur against mine and the smell that is her.  And then, I lick her ear because why the hell not?  Stephen gets the same treatment and then I stand and offer my hands… paws… whatever to them.  They look up, take my hands and then stand.  They still smell out of sorts but in a different way.  This is going to drive me nuts.  I was way happier misreading simple facial expressions so I don’t even know what to do with the scents.


They are incredible.  Werewolves in the flesh.  Elaine’s tail is swaying back and forth and I’m somewhat jealous she can make that happen.  I’ll have to ask her about it later.  If… if she remembers any of this.  If she’s in there.  Her breasts are probably the same size mine were as a human.  Stephen is just an inch taller than me and a titch bigger overall.  His dick is pulled into his furry sheath at the moment.  There’s pre-cum along the top of the sheath and I can smell it VERY well.  Just like I can smell Elaine’s pussy as if my mouth was on her cunt.  And probably like Elaine and Stephen can smell me.


I step to Stephen and grab his sheath.  Part of it is attached to his lower stomach by this thin skin.  I can’t feel it very well because of the padding on my hands but his cock has probably doubled in thickness.  I… how the fuck do I kiss him?  Thank god they can’t see me blush because I decide to just lick the side of his face while rubbing his dick.  I feel it moving under his sheath and, soon, the tip is out and still coming.  The knot follows and I can feel myself get even wetter.  I remember that well.  How that felt.  The knot.  Stephen is rumbling in his throat as he grabs my hips.  His hands are rough on my skin.  Rough with the same padding.  He’s gentle with his claws but I can feel them on me.  I like it.  A lot.


Jesus.  His dick is a baseball bat.  Will that even fit?  Seriously?  I… I want to try.  I want that.  In me.  My fucking pussy always feels hungry for more when I’m fingering myself or the few times I’ve been fucked and maybe this’ll do it.  Maybe this huge cock will finally fulfill me.  Ah… now he’s getting riled up.  He’s digging his claws into my hips and the rumble is turning into a growl.  It excites me.  NOW my goddamned tail is wagging slightly.  Traitor.  I turn, feeling his claws scrape me as I do.  Going down to my hands and feet, I feel my tail lift slightly.  I go down even more with my muzzle against the carpet.  Thighs apart, ass raised with my ass cheeks apart and my pussy glistening in the light.


He’s on me in a second.  I feel his claws on my shoulders and his teeth on the back of my neck.  His dick is warm, huge and hard against my furry ass.  A growl rips from my throat at his show of dominance but I let it slide this time.  It’s just… it’s really hard to ignore it.  I want to stand up and hit him.  Wrestle with him until he knows his fucking place.  But… I also want him in me.  His dick probes my ass and I move around to help but … AHHHHH SHIT.  Yes.  Fuck yes.  There’s no gentle pushing.  He slams into me and the knot almost feels like it’s ripping me open.  He howls, head back, claws digging in deep.  I can smell the blood in the air.  My blood from his claws.  I growl back and push myself up to my hands just to show him I can.  Looking back to stare him in the eye.  He tries pushing me down but fuck that.  I stay up even though he’s really strong.  My growl ratchets up and I try to tell him to just fuck me but it comes out as a garbled mess.  The way his dick feels now is completely different.  My pussy is bigger than before but not by that much.  He completely feels me up.  Completely.  And the knot sitting just inside of me is wondrous.  I push back to remind him why he’s there – why I let him mount me.  He tries pulling out but the knot is slightly stuck so he can’t go far.  Instead, he just slams back into me and I lose most of my mental capacities as he hits my cervix.


Hah.  Cervix.  I have one now.  I saw it in the diagram.  I might’ve looked specifically at the bits that make up the vagina when I dug around online earlier.  It feels like he’s pressing on all my buttons at once and I’m so fucking wet that even though his knot feels gigantic, he’s able to pull it out and then back in again.  I jump every goddamned time he does it.  And moan.  And wriggle my ass back at him, whining for more.  Wanting to feel the way he opens me.  Trying to push hard back against him while lifting and lowering my hips to find just the perfect spot for him to be.  Just the right spot for the tip of his dick to hit.  I don’t even notice my tail or the way I’m shredding the wood floor beneath the carpet, digging in to hold myself in place.  Slamming back against him over and over as I feel my orgasm building bigger and bigger.


I cum when I feel his left hand tighten on my shoulder, drawing blood.  His right hand grabs my tail and pulls and with a particularly hard slam of his dick, I’m over the edge and cumming but he’s not stopping.  I’m howling and moaning at the same time, loud and long and still cumming, squirting over both of us.  I can smell it and feel it.  And he’s STILL pounding me.  I can barely hear his own grunts and growls but he’s getting close.  His breathing is going erratic.  JESUS!  Another orgasm hits and I can’t even howl any more.  I’m scrabbling at the ground as if trying to get away but he’s got his claws into me and my tail in his hand.  I’m pretty sure if I really wanted to get away then I could but… I don’t really want to.  I just can’t stop my body from trying is all.  Everything is sensitive and – my eyes roll into my head as I cum again.  He’s swelling.  It’s… fu….Jes…. FUCK!  He’s cumming in me.  I feel it.  His dick – his whole dick is expanding and it feels like his knot just swelled up.  His sperm drills into me and he’s doing this low howling sound as he pushes himself as deep as possible into me.  I push back.  I can’t help it.  I can’t.  I want it.  I want all of it.  To feel him in me.  To feel his cum.  He’s still fucking going, filling me up with it.  I can feel it mixing with my own cum, surrounding his dick with this slickness.  His hands are shaking on me.  And, still.  Still he’s cumming.  He leans in and bites my shoulder really fucking hard and THAT makes another orgasm roll over me.  I feel my pussy tighten around his dick and knot and it’s like a domino effect because then things are pressing on more things inside of me and I’m shaking from all these little earthquake orgasms.


Can’t… can’t think… can’t… I collapse onto my stomach, flattening my huge breasts.  Panting and shaking.  Stephen follows and my breath leaves me in a rush.  Fucking heavy pig.  Oh Jesus.  Oh Jesus.  Don’t move.  Don’t try to pu- FUCK!  He tries to pull out of me but his knot is swollen and it’s rubbing on something right at the entrance of my pussy and I’m trying to shriek and get away because I can’t handle another orgasm like that.  No.  No, please.  JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!  I squirt again and there’s a roaring in my ears as a blackness covers my eyes.  My jaws hurt.  I can’t… no…


It hurts badly when he finally does pull out of me.  But, the pain is consumed by the orgasms.  He’s licking my back and neck and ass and pussy FUCK YOU!  More aftershocks rock my body and now I can’t even see straight or catch my breath.  I do scramble away from him now, slamming into the couch, hearing the cheap wooden supports inside crack against my strength and weight.  Minutes pass.  Minutes of me panting heavily while trying to focus my eyes.  My stomach hurts from all of it.  When I can see, Stephen is kneeling where he left me, watching and … there’s that scent again.  Fucking… it does that thing where I feel like I want to hold him and cuddle him.  I try to push up but I’m still shaky.  So, I wait a few more minutes.  His dick IS bigger than before and the knot is noticeably swollen just above the top of his sheath.  I am not ashamed to admit that I want it in my mouth.  I can already taste it.  The smell is enough to tell me what it tastes like – both of us.  Both of our cum.  I want it.


I crawl to him.  I’d like to say it was sexy but I doubt it.  I crawl and nuzzle his wet dick against my face and then lick up the length of him, savoring the taste.  It’s salty and sharp with a tiny hint of sweetness.  Thick and wonderful on my tongue.  He has his hand in my hair, claws against my scalp.  I pull his dick into my mouth, stopping just shy of his knot and my tongue is wrapping around it.  It’s hard to keep my teeth away – I cut into him.  I can’t help it.  The sharp iron taste of his blood mixed with cum but I still keep going.  I actually like the taste.  A lot.  Is it the blood?  The cum?  Both?  He doesn’t seem to mind at all based on how much more he starts growling and how his paw tightens in my hair.  I grab his ass, digging in sharp and feel him twitch from it.


Elaine.  Right.  I suck a bit more, making sure I got every little bit and then pull away.  He tries to put me back but I growl and grab his wrist.  And tighten.  I hear something click inside his wrist and his hand goes limp.  He whines and pulls away, rubbing his hand.  I growl louder and stand, staring at him.  He avoids my eye and hunches over, head down.


Too fucking right.  I’m angry but it’s passing.  He’s down.  That’s fine.  He knows his place.  I sucked his dick because I wanted to.  I offered my pussy to him because I wanted it.  That’s it.  Done.  I look over at Elaine and she comes to me on hands and feet.  Dammit.  She pulls off a sexy crawl with her larger ass swaying and her tail working counter-point.  Eyes steady on my pussy.  My turn.  I grab her head and pull her to my cunt.  Her tongue is thick and warm and rough and ohmygod amazing on my pussy.  It’s large enough to cover my whole pussy, clit AND dip in-between the pussy lips.  So what I’m saying here is that I basically fuck her tongue.  I spread my legs for her and she presses her tongue into my pussy, teeth on my ass on lower stomach.  I grind against her, her breath hot against my cunt.  I can feel an orgasm slowly building but I want her.  I want to taste her.  I pull her off, ignoring her whine.  Walking over to the couch, I tap the cushion.  She cocks her head to the side and doesn’t move.  Shit.  Yeah, they’re not really there.  I go to her, grab the ruff of her neck gently and walk her over to the couch, pulling her upper body onto it.  NOW she gets it.  She holds onto the couch, spreads her legs and waits.


She tastes like she smells.  My nose is against her asshole and I think that’s a first for me at any time.  I don’t care because I just want more of her in my mouth.  And it’s awkward because of the muzzle but my tongue is long and I fuck her with it.  Lapping up her cum.  Claws on her furry ass, spreading it for me.  Rubbing my cold black nose against her asshole.  Hearing her mewling gasps and moans and animalistic whimpering as she grinds against me.  I let go of her ass with one hand and put a finger in her cunt.  She jumps.  I think I accidentally cut her with the claw but I’m lost in the… no, I can smell it.  The blood.  I growl, pushing the finger in deeper.  Trying to kind-of sort-of not cut her with it but honestly not caring too much.  Which is probably a dickhead move but she’s still going and… ahhhhh… I feel her pussy convulse around me right as she pulls her head back to howl, clawing strips of cheap material off of the couch.  Her ass does this jerky shaky thing that pulls my finger around inside of her.  The smell of blood is getting too strong. I pull out and see her blood mixed with her stringy cum.  I lick all of it off of my finger and then back to her pussy.  Licking and cleaning her.  When I’m done, my tongue travels around the black lips of my muzzle feeling the fur mixed with Elaine and Stephen’s cum.


I could die happy right now.  Instead, I stroke Elaine’s back.  Her fur is a couple of inches long and quite thick.  I love the way it feels as I run my hands through it, claws scraping lightly against her skin.  Her back is broader.  The muscles are defined and there’s no fat on her.  She’s working her head in little circles as if working out a crick in her neck as I basically pet her.  Her ass is way bigger – as a human she was a bit too skinny but this is… I squeeze and massage it with my fingers and claws and she’s wriggling against me.  The tuft of fur around her pussy is slick with her cum and my tongue.  My body feels weak.  Exhausted.  Stephen is still crouching and Elaine isn’t moving.  Well, she’s trembling but that’s different.  I walk to the corner and then lay down.  How… how do I get them to come over to me?  I can’t talk.  Do I growl?  I know how to do that, at least.  The growling.  I’m good at it.


“Hey!”  I try to talk.  I actually try.  Except I bark.  Seriously.  I bark.  Like a dog.  They both look over immediately, their ears going back.  Elaine whines but Stephen is silent.  I pat the ground next to me.  It takes a few times and another bark (don’t laugh) but they come padding over.  Dog pile.  Elaine wraps herself around my torso, muzzle in my lap.  I turn over to my side to cuddle her.  And then I scoot a bit and look at Stephen.  He lays down behind me, arms over my body.  Is that unmanly?  To be the little spoon?  To love the way his strong arms feel around me?  To moan a little when his rough paws grab my tit protectively?  The way his muzzle lays on my shoulder, nuzzling me before laying still?  I don’t care.


We fall asleep in the embrace.

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