Missionary Positions

Jason stared through the tempered glass window next to him as the city bus rattled over the uneven street.  In the aisle seat to his right, his companion, Greg, lay with his head back against the headrest and his eyes closed to help against the car sickness he felt from the fumes and rough terrain.  


Although it wasn’t their first time in the area, the transition to the rough neighborhood was as shocking the second time as it was the first.  Jason watched for it on this ride and as soon as they crossed Center street, yards went from well trimmed and even to ragged lawns covered with old toys, machinery he couldn’t identify, and other random pieces of trash. 

Office Bitch Ch. 04

Anne learns some self control… and just how tenuous it can be with her new needs and urges.

A tiny amount of the now cold coffee has spilled over the edge of my cup.  Dark brown rings surround the bottom of the mug as if created from a caffeinated Spirograph rather than my nervous fiddling.


My monitor dims but I push my cordless mouse while distracting myself by staring at the spilled drink.  I should get a coaster.


I rest my fingers against the bottom edge of the mouse to keep my computer from falling asleep and my attention is drawn to the motion. 


A college jock finds himself slowly turning into a woman… and then growing fur and a tail while lusting after the nerdy tutor who accidentally cursed him.



Life returns with pain.  Cramps and a headache. 


It’s mostly quiet but I hear some of the guys moving around the frat house.  Opening my eyes shows me one of the coffee tables so I must be on the couch.  Body feels heavy.  


Slowly.  Glacially.  Turn my head.


Some blonde laying on me.  Almost red hair but it’s mostly blonde and straight and kinda tickling my chest, to be honest. 

Delayed Gratification

Sabine toyed with the collar dangling from the back of her neck.  She reached up, scratching her throat and then around to her nape.  It was there, beneath the surface of her skin, as if the beast were clawing her flesh.  Sweat poured down her naked back, catching against the few scattered hairs lining her spine.  Wetting them until they were slick against her body.


So difficult to hold it back.  It was part of her training.  Grabbing the wolf by the neck to restrain it and keep her changes at bay as long as possible.  Three months since she was bitten by her girlfriend – the gift purposefully passed on when she thought she was ready.

Under The Lights

Under The Lights
A spoiled model is gifted magical boots that change her
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Lights crashed.  Blinding.  Bright.  The electric wind-up signaled each of their bursts which briefly exposed faces floating in the dark.  


A raised platform lay centered in the room, long and sleek.  Glossy under the lights.  




And then voices.  Pens scratching as explosions rocked the huge room.


Tanya crossed her right leg in front of her left, lifting her chin to look down upon the anonymous crowd. 

Puss In Heels

The lunch crowd rushed along the sidewalk, flowing around Milly as if she were a pebble in a coursing river.  She clung to her purse, fixing her chestnut brown hair every time a pedestrian jostled her.  The two chopsticks holding her hair up felt loose but she had no time to fix them; she just prayed they wouldn’t come out.  They were her only nice pair, despite the chips along their length.


She moved with a purpose, keeping her distance from everyone as they made their way to their favorite cafes.  Her stomach growled but she pressed her balled hand against her cream-colored blouse. 

Pink Gum

‘Ew,’ he said, staring at the pink gum stuck to his fingers. He sighed and walked off the bus, eager to wash his hands. His erection surprised him later that night. He ignored it until it became too much and his fingers wrapped around the angry, throbbing shaft.

Traces of pink marked his shrinking cock when he stroked himself. His grunts became gasps and then moans. Bright pink tinged his pre-cum and his stroking fingers rubbed the tiny head of his dick as it slipped beneath his fleshy hood. His empty scrotum split into his fleshy labia.

Beads of pink cum slid down his slit.…


An experience in a magical sensory deprivation tank forces a woman to change
Over 100 of my as yet unreleased stories can be found on my Patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/markgraham

I can see the whole room from where I’m standing.  Subdued pop music plays from hidden speakers as people mill about, talking and laughing and socializing.  All while I watch from my little corner, back against the wall.  I wish I could join them but it’s just as difficult now as it was in high school.  Maybe harder.  I can barely look anyone in the eye.


The cup I’m holding in my right hand feels warm against the very center of my palm so I know that means it’s probably burning myself. 

Riding The Bull

A work event goes horribly, horribly… right? when coworkers take on a more bovine appearance
Over 100 of my as yet unreleased stories can be found on my Patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/markgraham

Amelia glanced up and then groaned, pinching her the bridge of her nose as Kinsley and Naomi stopped by the wall of her cubicle.


“You’re coming, right?” Kinsley asked.  She was dressed in clothes that clearly broke even the relaxed ‘casual Friday’ work rules.  Her bluejeans had holes in them and her dirty blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail over a white t-shirt with an obscure metal band on the front.

Primal Fantasies: Wolf

Trying a werewolf cock sleeve for fun begins to change a young man and the curse spreads in a strip club.
Over 100 of my as yet unreleased stories can be found on my Patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/markgraham

The faint sound of cardboard hitting concrete was easy to miss but Joseph bounced from his couch as soon as he heard it.  The mailman never knocked or rang the bell, even when the package required a signature.  So, he’d grown used to listening.  He’d been refreshing the shipping notification every few minutes while idly playing a game on his phone but it slid between the cushions, forgotten as he raced to the door.