So, there’s an artist I like on DeviantArt – wwbot (  Yesterday he made a piece of art that I liked quite a lot:  Today I apparently decided to write a story around it.  I meant to create just a little scene description for him to put under the image but I guess I can’t write short things well.  So, here’s a story for it.  “Shifting.”

“That’ll be $31.23.  Cash or card?”  The cashier asked.

“Oh, gosh, card.  Debit card.”  The young woman answered.  Around her, customers browsed and laughed and made lewd comments to each other while holding up various outfits.  Tara blushed as she watched them from the corner of her eyes.  It was her first experience in a Halloween store and she’d had no idea how many skimpy outfits were available.

The cashier handed Tara a large plastic bag with a smile.  “Here you go, miss.  Your receipt is in the bag.”

“Th… thank you.  Have a good Halloween!”  Tara said, shyly.

“You, too,” the cashier beamed.

Halfway to the bus stop, Tara’s phone buzzed in her purse.  The young woman juggled her bag and purse with a small ‘eek’ as she tried to fish out the cellphone.  “Hello?”

“Tara!  It’s Steph!  Hey girl, did you get an outfit?  You’re still coming, right?  You promised this year.”

“I- Hey Stephanie.  Yes, Yes, I’m still coming.”

The girl on the phone squealed.  “Yes!  I finally got you to do it!  Did you get a costume?  Please tell me you got a good one?”

“Stephanie.  There were so many.  Did you know there is such a thing as a sexy bee costume?  I thought it was a cute little bee thing but it’s just tight black panties and a black and yellow bra with wings.  They’re all like that, Stephanie!”  Tara’s cheeks blushed as she remembered a woman stepping out of the fitting room while wearing a ‘sexy fox’ costume.  She’d yelled out ‘What the fox say?!’ and her friends all laughed and giggled with her.  It was even more skimpy than the bee costume.

Laughter echoed over the phone.  “Girl, you should see what I’m going to wear.  Sexy secret agent.  No bra and all the way open down the front to show off the girls.  And tight enough to show the freckles on my ass.  If I don’t get laid tonight then there’s something fucking wrong.”

“Stephanie, that’s not funny.  What happened to Rick?  Aren’t you two still going out?”

“Rick?  We broke up last week.  He’s nice and all but a dud in the bedroom.  I invited Jonathon over.  Do you remember him? He used to go to high school with us but then he moved away.  I found him on Facebook and he said he’ll be in town to visit his parents and, damn, he’s looking good these days.  I’ll tie him to a chair and interrogate his sexy ass.”  Stephanie’s laughter bubbled over the phone again and Tara blushed.  “So, what’d you get?  Tell me you got something good, Tara. ”

“Hold on,” Tara answered.  The young girl stood as her bus stopped in front of her.  Mouthing ‘hello’ to the bus drive, Tara made her way to the back.  “I… Stephanie,” Tara whispered.  “I couldn’t do it.  You know me.  It took everything I had to agree to go.”

“Oh my god.  Please tell me you got something sexy.  Please, Tara.”

“I, well, no.  Yes?  No.  I got a onesie.  A mouse onesie.  It’s so cute, Stephanie.  And I think it fits me and my personality.  Mousey?  Quiet and out of the way.  Oh gosh, it has little ears and a tail and everything!”

“A onesie.  You got a onesie for a Halloween party.  Does it show off- no, it wouldn’t.  This is Tara I’m talking about.  Tara, sweetheart, you’re not ugly. If you wanted a guy, you’d get a guy.  Why don’t you let loose once in a while?”  The exasperation in Stephanie’s voice was clear over the small phone as Tara rode the bus back to her house.

“Oh, Stephanie.  I don’t- I’m not ready yet.”  Tara pushed her glasses up with the tip of her pinky finger.  “I don’t want to rush into anything and I’ll eventually find someone.  I’m just-”

“Shy.  You’re shy, Tara.  I know.  The mouse costume fits you and I’m sure you’ll look really cute in it.  It’s just that we’re not going for cute here.  Look, the party starts in a couple hours.  I’ll send Jonathon over to pick you up early and you can grab a drink or two to relax.”

“I can get a bus-”

“No, Jonathon will get you.  He’s a nice guy.”


“No.  Jonathon.”

“Stephanie, come on.  And you know I don’t like to drink.”

“Tara, sweetheart, you’re drinking.  I’m not going to have you in the corner sipping juice in your mouse onesie while everyone gets all stupid drunk.  You promised.”


“Gotta go!  Jonathon’s here!  Don’t worry – no naughty stuff until later.  Too many people around right now.  I’ll send him off to you soon.  Mwuah!”

Tara sighed, laying back against the bus seat.  I shouldn’t go.  Oh my gosh, it’s going to be terrible.  So many people.  I won’t even know them.  Why in the world am I going?  Briefly she considered canceling but a promise was a promise and she’d sworn to go.  Tara pulled the small handle to signal her stop.  The bus squeaked to a stop as Tara made her way to the front.  The girl smiled at the bus driver, thanking him for the ride.

The bus kneeled with a hydraulic hiss and Tara clutched her purchase to her chest as she exited.  The moon lay fat and full on the horizon, murky yellow and dim of light.  Tara shivered as her breath steamed in the air.  She hated this time of year – the scary movies and decorations always made her uncomfortable.  Usually she would curl up in bed with her outside light off and read some happy little novel.  Her current book was about a woman’s experiences in college.  It was both hilarious and sweet and she was even able to make it past the semi-steamy parts without blushing too hard.  At least the party will be bright and full of laughter and fun, she told herself.  Not gloomy and scary or anything.

With a turn of her key, the door unlocked and Tara let herself in.  The woman dropped her purse before turning her heater on for the evening.  Glancing at the clock, she muttered under her breath at how little time she had before the party started.  With the store’s bag in hand, Tara made her way to her bathroom, turning lights on as she walked through the house.  The young woman placed her bag on the edge of the bathroom sink.

“So much to do still,” Tara told herself.  The young woman stepped to the bath tub to turn on the water.  It took the old water heater a while to work and she wanted it nice and hot for her shower.  Kicking off her shoes, Tara reached down to pull off her white and blue Doctor Who themed socks.  She smiled at them – her favorite pair.  The new season had just started and she missed Matt Smith already.  Capaldi just seemed so serious.  But, she was just a few episodes in to the new season and she felt like she needed to give him time to develop.  She’d thought Matt Smith was goofy and weird when he first showed up but then fell in love with him over the seasons.  The young woman fingered the small silver TARDIS on her necklace as she pulled her costume from her bag.  She wished she’d been brave enough to buy a cat costume – she’d briefly considered dressing  up as one of the cat nurses from Doctor Who.  But, the only cat costumes were Tigress bikini ones and she had no idea how to sew or make her own clothes.

Holding up the light gray mouse costume, Tara smiled to herself.  It is perfect.  A mouse costume for a mousey girl.  I’ll sip a single glass of wine the entire night and say hello to Stephanie and then she’ll forget about me with all those other people there.  And that’s just fine by me.  I’ll have my phone to play with and then I’ll just sneak off without a sound.  She set the costume down to stare in the mirror, checking for any obvious pimples.  Tara gathered her shoulder-length black hair into one hand, moving it to her back before releasing it.  Her simple brown eyes flicked over her round chin, smooth cheekbones and slightly pointed nose.  And it’ll give me a good chance to watch everyone, she continued.  Staring at them.  In all those shorts and panties and outfits.  Showing everything off without shame.  Mmmmm.

Tara brushed a loose hair back behind her ear and then winced in pain.  Something had cut into her and she gingerly touched the side of her head.  She felt blood but nothing hiding in her hair that could’ve caused it.  The young woman leaned in closer to her mirror, pulling her hair away from the side of her head.  Blood seeped from a thin line cut in her skin.  Absent mindedly, she brought her finger to her mouth to suck the blood off and a quiet growl purred low in her throat at the taste.  There’s nothing there.  That’s weird.  I was-

Sharp pain lanced into her ear and Tara gripped the bathroom sink as the world titled before her eyes. The woman’s stomach protested the sudden shift in her reality and a cold sweat broke out on the back of her neck and her forehead.  And then, as suddenly as it appeared, it was gone.  Tara groaned as the vertigo fled from her head and stomach.  She pressed her hand on the back of her head as she breathed slowly in and out through her nose.  She felt cold and clammy and… fuzzy?  She wondered.  Tara glanced at the back of her hand.  Fine black hair lined her knuckles and the area around her wrist.  What the hell?  She thought, the curse slipping unnoticed through her mind.

A dog barked in the distance and Tara felt her ears twitch in response.  The shower suddenly roared with the volume of a waterfall and the woman twirled, her heart racing.  The sound abated, lowering to a louder than normal ‘shushing’ sound but the girl stared at it.  Around her, the house groaned.  The heater warmed the cold wood in the floor and walls and it shifted around her, croaking and moaning like an old pirate ship hiding in the mist.  The dog continued to bark and another joined in as Tara’s eyes flicked around the suddenly unfamiliar house.  It’d never sounded like this.  Everything had a high-pitched edge to it and a volume she couldn’t understand.  Glass windows screeched minutely and she heard the sound of every single car that passed.  “Will someone… will someone make that dog be quiet?”  She said, her voice loud with fear.

The tips of Tara’s ears pushed away from her head.  Slowly, cartilage and skin moved, opening her ears to allow for better hearing.  Sounds whistled and groaned and roared and screamed around her as the skin of her ears thinned and grew until they were inches longer and tipped with a fine point.  Tara felt her hair move around her growing ears but the steadily increasing volume of the world around her held her complete attention.  “The… the dogs,” she said.  “Someone, please, the dogs!  It’s too loud!”

Goosebumps rode along the length of the woman’s spine, raising flesh all the way to the base of her neck.  In response, more small black hairs pushed through the flesh at the back of her neck and around her spine.  One or two hairs became three and five and ten and more.  Tara nervously scratched at her neck, barely noticing as two black claws scratched bloody marks into her skin.  While she scratched, three more fingernails fell away as deadly claws pushed through the suddenly empty nail beds – long and curved and tipped with a razor sharp point.  The timbre of the dog’s barking changed.  They sounded frantic to her ears now.  No longer just barking but emoting, telling the world they were mad and scared and something was wrong.

“Somebody… somebody!  SOMEBODY SHUT THOSE GODDAMNED DOGS UP!”  Tara screamed.  Blood dribbled from the edge of the woman’s mouth.  With a sickening crunch, she felt her throat seize up.  Tara’s eyes widened in fear as breathing became impossible.  Air whistled from her throat and she fell to her knees, fingers around her throat while she tried, in a panic, to force air into her lungs.  Something popped in her neck.  Flesh slid through her fingers as her neck lengthened.  Another popping  followed a crunch as muscles in her neck continued growing, pushing her head further from her shoulders.  Vertebra and veins and nerve endings attached themselves to her spine as it lengthened.  With a third pop, Tara’s throat relaxed and air flooded her throat.  She tasted blood and spit and her tongue unrolled from her mouth as she panted in the warm air.  Long and flat and thick, her tongue made a circuit of her mouth and then lolled out again, laying against her chin while she gasped for the warm, moist air.

The fine hairs along her neck continued to sprout, more and more growing up the new expanse of flesh until a black mane ran from the base of her hair to between her shoulders.  The change in perspective from the longer neck was subtle but noticeable; everything seemed slightly further away and a little off.  Her long, flared out wolf ears twitched in fear.  The black fur on the back of her neck crept up along the side of her hair to her jawline and then up to her larger ears.

Tara suddenly cried out in pain as her lower back cracked with a sickening, bone breaking sound.  Falling to the ground, she weakly picked her head up to look back.  The longer neck allowed her to watch as her hips slowly pushed away from her body.  She could see the bones of her spine pressing against her skin.  Wincing in pain, she closed her eyes and laid her head on the ground.  Something moved on her hands and she looked at them.  “What’s, oh god, what’s happening to me?”  She cried.  Tara’s necklace came free from her thickened neck with a snap of the faux silver chain.

Trace amounts of blood leaked from under the fingernails of her left hand.  With a faint ‘click’ noise that tickled her sensitive ears, she watched as claws as black and sharp as the ones on her right hand tore through her fingernails, pushing them aside.  The bones of her hand were twisting, shifting, moving under the skin.  She could feel muscle tearing within her hand as both of them stretched, pushing her fingers away from her thumbs as they lengthened into long paws.  Underneath the fingers and on the palms of her hands, skin darkened into a dull black.  She could see the callouses forming under that dark skin as she lay, listening to her back pop and grow.  “It hurts,” she whispered through the pain.  Tears leaked from her eyes.  Small slices of yellow coloring speckled her irises.   Like dawn rising over the hills, the yellow bloomed from the center of her eyes until they nearly glowed in the light.  “It fucking hurts,” she cursed between breaths.

The hair on the back of her hands was thickening into black fur.  Tara gasped as her entire body suddenly flushed with warmth.  With the heat came an odd sensitivity.  Her clothes rasped harshly against her skin.  Her teeth felt on edge from the way they fit and touched her.  Tara sat up, groaning as unfamiliar back muscles held her longer body erect.  The bottom of her simple top lay high above her waist and she curved her longer neck to look down at the taut flesh of her belly.  Tara groaned, hooking her sharp claws into the top of her shirt and, pressing down, she felt her bra.  The woman pulled and her claws tore through the fabric.  Pulling harder, she sliced and yanked, throwing both bra and yellow shirt away from her.   Tara purred, rolling her long neck as she exposed herself to the air; it was almost sensual in the way the moist air caressed her naked body.  Her small pink nipples hardened suddenly and she groaned in appreciation.  The thick tuft of fur along her neck crept down her naked back and again, the sensation was incredibly erotic to her suddenly over-sensitive body.

With little hesitation, Tara fumbled at the zipper on the side of her short skirt.  Her long hands were awkward on the material and she couldn’t work the zipper carefully.  With each try, an unfamiliar anger burned hotter and hotter deep in her chest.  “Stupid… stupid….” she growled.  “Fucking… Goddamned zipper… FUCK!”  Tara tore, slicing both flesh and fabric with her claws.  She hissed at the pain and then leaned over to lick at the wounds with her thick wolf’s tongue.  The same deep growling purr resonated through her body at the taste.  Grabbing the tattered skirt, she pulled and threw it to the side.

The heated, moist air of the shower tickled the fur growing along her back and Tara shivered in return.  She looked to the living room with her golden eyes.  The heat within her rose higher and she panted again.  I need something cooler.  Too hot.  It’s too hot here.  The human side of her told her to stand walk to the living room but the emerging wolf scoffed.  Tara went to hands and knees and slunk into the living room, long body swaying with each movement.  Stopping near her couch, she sat back, leg tucked behind her.  She looked down again.  Breasts.  Small breasts, her mind said.  Two?  Two breasts?  Why… hard to… think…She hefted her small, slightly drooping breasts and then explored the long expanse of her stomach.  Something felt wrong to her but she couldn’t place it.

Tara’s feet were a sudden bright point of pain.  Like her hands, the bones within her feet felt like they were melting, reforging into a longer mold.  She watched with her teeth gnashed together as her toes pushed out.  Bone screeched in her feet as the skin stretched to accommodate.  Her small toe on each foot stayed in place as her feet lengthened into paws.  As the front of the foot moved, three spots of black appeared in a triangle shape at the ball of her foot.  Slowly, the spots puffed out and grew into thick black padding until all three touched and merged into a wolf’s padded paw.  More black spots appeared on the bottom of eight of her toes as her wolf’s claws sliced through the delicate flesh behind her toenails.  Her little toes shrunk on her feet until they were barely exposed.  Smaller claws pushed through as her dewclaws grew into place.  Something cracked mid-foot as the bones adjusted to allow her to stand properly, on paws rather than feet.

The heat from her core pulsed down and Tara moaned, feeling the muscles within her pussy relax.  She felt the liquid within her pool in lazy excitement.  With each deep throb in her lower belly, her nipples ached in return.  Tara reached a paw down to the soft wetness between her thighs.  Carefully, she dredged a thick clawed finger between her folds, shifting and groaning as her lips parted wetly.  As if in response to the sensation, six black points appeared along her stomach.  Tara’s fading intelligence made her rub harder in hopes it would bring the six developing nipples faster.  The new nipples pushed forth from her body and the woman felt pinching pain beneath each of them as her milk came in.  Two of the six leaked a drop of pink milk, blood mixed with the white.

Fine hairs grew among her short, spiky pubic hair.  The soft black hairs sprouted quickly, covering her pussy as she grunted, rubbing herself harder and harder.  Pussy juices made the growing fur slick, holding her scent and flooding the room with the smell of her sex.  The fur around her pussy grew thicker and thicker before racing up to cover her hard, lithe lower belly.  She could feel the fur along the smooth skin of her wrist and the way she pulled at it with her dense, clawed fingers as she masturbated.  The folds of her pussy darkened while she rubbed, the engorged lips growing denser and larger to accommodate a possible mate and his knot.  Tara plunged her finger insider her dripping wet hole in sudden excitement at the thought of a mate mounting her.

The black fur along her spine reached the base of her back and, suddenly, flesh bulged out into a point.  Muscle and tissue dimpled out to a furry black tip as the beginning of Tara’s tail grew in.  She could feel the way everything pulled and pressed and a deep aching pressure made her leg go numb as nerves rearranged themselves on her spine.  The tip of her tail wagged slowly back and forth as it grew.  The rough black padding of her finger pressed on Tara’s clit and she smiled.  As she did, her teeth cracked and her four canine teeth pushed further from her gums.  All four teeth came to deadly points and Tara pulled her hand from between her legs, clenching it as intense pain suddenly bloomed in her head.  Her damp black hair hung loosely to the side of her side.

She opened her mouth with her eyebrows knit, whining in pain.  It.  Hurt.  Hurt.  Pain.  Human thoughts faded slowly as the changes reached deep into her head.  Tara growled, slowly working her long neck back and forth.  The woman’s lips blackened over her white teeth.  A gentle crunch sounded from the bridge of her nose as It bulged and then flattened, drawing down into the lips of her mouth.  Black flooded up into her nose and she licked at it, feeling the cold, pebbled texture of it.  Fur from her jawline grew along her cheeks, disappearing into her hair as it slowly covered her face.

Tara shuddered, whining and growling in pain as her face pushed away from her head.  She watched her nose appear in front of her yellow eyes.  Her black, flat wet nose glistening in the light as fur marched down the long muzzle to cover the naked flesh.  Tara gnashed her jaws together, yipping in pain as more teeth pushed through her gums until her muzzle was lined completely.  She grit her new, flat molars together and then shook her head, feeling her long human hair play against the thick mane of fur at the back of her neck.

The young woman froze as someone knocked on her door.  She could smell the other person now that she focused.  She closed her eyes and breathed deeply, taking in the scent of the male, feeling drool pool at the corner of her mouth.  With a lazy, wolfish smile, she touched her furred clit and wondered what to do.  Fur continued to grow from her crotch down her smooth legs.  The knock came again and Tara huffed, dropping to her hands and feet.  Her short tail wagged behind her, five inches from the base of her spine, covered in thick black fur and still growing.  She padded to the door, sniffing along the way, feeling the texture of her fur on the naked, fleshy parts of her body.  Pausing in front of the door, Tara cocked her head.

“Hey, hello?”  The man’s voice called out.  “It’s Jonathon.  Stephanie told me to come out.  Are you there?”

The doorknob turned slightly as the man tried to open the door.  Tara’s foggy mind was trying to tell her something but she sat back on her haunches, confused.  Her sex leaked, aching to be touched.  She sniffed the air again as her growing tail thumped the ground quietly.  The male would mount her but how to get him in?  The foggy thought came again and Tara whined.  Reaching with an awkward paw, she gripped at the doorknob.  No. Not.  She looked up.  Fur sprouted around her shoulders while she reached up, pushing the deadbolt.  Her tongue lolled out and she growled slightly in frustration.  Once, twice, three times she pushed at the deadbolt until it clicked open.  Tara let out an excited, happy huff and then stared at the door again.  Thankfully, the male on the other side worked the doorknob and she moved behind it as it opened.

Jonathon stepped through the door with a cautious “Hello?”  Tara pushed the door closed with her shoulder and the man turned.  His expectant smile turned to fear as he looked down to see Tara sitting back on her furry ass.  His mind impossibly saw a very black dog but the furred human breasts and pieces of skin with no fur made him stumble back.

Tara leapt; tail wagging as she crashed into the male.  He yelled as his head slammed against the carpet and his eyes became unfocused.  Tara lay astride him on her hands and knees, her tail wriggling happily in the air behind her.  She could smell him.  He was excited.  From before.  She could smell a bit of his scent on his cock.  The smell of his seed.  Tara whined and pressed her hips down on his crotch.  The woman buried her muzzle into the man’s shoulder, nipping and licking at his flesh.  Harder she rubbed against him as the urge built within her.  She was incredibly riled up and the male excited her.  As she rubbed, she felt him grow harder and his cock pressed against her clit.  Tara gasped, pressing her hips down until she found the right angle.  She humped the male, panting with her need as his erect cock pressed on her engorged, furry pussy through the rough material of his blue jeans.  A growl escaped her lips and she lowered herself, pressing her small, furry breasts against the man’s shirt, clawed fingers flat on the ground beside the man’s head.  In her passion, she bit at him, drawing blood that she quickly lapped up.

“Wha.. what’s…” The man moaned as his eyes refocused.  “What the fuck!”

Tara growled, gripping her claws into the man as he tried to get away from her.  The sharp nails made the male instantly freeze as her pace quickened.  Grunting and huffing, her rhythm became erratic the closer she came to her orgasm.  Tara pressed her lips to the male’s neck as the heat raged through her body.  Her orgasm came suddenly and the woman gasped, as it poured into her, filling her gut with electricity and heat.  She bit at the male again and he cursed at her.  With her body temporarily weak from the orgasm, she relaxed and the male scrambled away.  She sat up on her forearms, watching him, licking her black lips at the bulge pressing against his pants.  The entire front of the man’s pants was soaked with her cum and she could smell both of them – her juices and his excitement from earlier and now.  Despite his fear, he couldn’t help but be roused.

“I- ugh!”  The man’s stubble erupted into brown fur along his face.  She watched as he clenched his hands, tendons standing out as his hands lengthened into paws.  The man pressed his hands against the side of his head, howling in pain while his canine teeth lengthened into proper fangs.  Black claws pressed through his fingers, shoving fingernails aside as they grew in.  “No!  No!”  The man screamed, drool flinging through the air as his face pushed forward into a hairless muzzle.  The brown fur on his jaw ran up to cover the lengthening muzzle, reaching his suddenly black nose.

With a roar, the male tore his t-shirt apart, exposing his chest.  Patches of brown fur sprouted along his body and he fell to his hands and knees.  Tara’s sensitive ears picked out little pops and the sound of bone against bone as the man’s neck lengthened.  Brown fur quickly covered his neck as it lengthened.  Further and further it pushed until he opened her eyes to look at her, pain and confusion and dwindling human intelligence plain on his animalistic face.  “Wrrr… Wrrrr?”  The man tried to ask.  More cracks sounded along the male’s furry back and he howled, scratching at his pants with now awkward claws until he was ripping and shredding the material, leaving long strips of denims on the floor along his legs.

The sweat soaked scent of the male’s cock flooded the room and Tara growled in approval.  Her heat rose again, forcing her to her knees.  The woman spread her furry thighs to rub herself while she watched the male change.  The slightly pointed, reddened tip of the man’s cock pressed above the man’s underwear.  Tara’s fingers rubbed harder as she watched Jonathon’s underwear swell over his manhood.  The male whined, growling  as he pushed at the underwear, exposing his developing knot and throbbing wolf’s cock.  Veins stood out on the man’s dick as it swelled, growing thicker and longer above a brown furred sheath.  Jonathon rolled his head, pushing at the ground with his paws while vertebra and muscles grew at the base of his spine, forcing his body longer.

Tara sighed as another, smaller orgasm rolled pleasantly through her body.  The changing scent of the male was driving her wild.  She wanted him and he was almost finished.  The woman turned, falling to her hands and knees, spreading her thighs.  She lowered her chest while raising her hips, arching her long back as she offered herself to the male.  Tara turned, using her longer animal neck to look back, her eyes clouded with need.

The male stood on shaky, furred legs, sniffing the air.  When his eyes focused on her, Tara whined and spread her legs further apart.  The fur along her upper thighs and ass was thick but her scent was strong.  The male’s member was huge and red – angry looking in the light.  She desperately wanted him inside of her.

Jonathon dropped to his hands and feet to walk over to Tara.  The young woman closed her eyes in a slow sigh as the male pressed his muzzle between her legs, pressing his cold nose against her wetness.  She rocked her hips back, encouraging him and then purring when his thick, raspy tongue licked up her swollen, soaked sex.  Over and over the male licked with neither grace or delicateness.  Pressure built quickly within her but she knew it wouldn’t be enough. Reaching under herself, she tried to touch her clit but couldn’t reach.  Tara hunched her longer frame, reaching further and further until she yipped in pleasure as her thick claw pressed against her clit.  Pressing her muzzle against the ground, the woman rubbed herself in furious circles as the male licked and bit at her swollen lips.  His strong hands pressed into her inner thighs through her thick fur as he held her open for his tongue.  Tara felt his hot breath behind her but a sudden white hot orgasm crashed into her and she howled as her body shook from it.

Wasting no time, the male came up and behind her.  Again, she felt heat rise in her as Jonathon’s thick cock pressed against the base of her tail.  He fumbled, holding himself by his knot, pressing himself into her and she felt his tip seeking her pussy.  Tara raised her hips just as he found her asshole and the male’s tip slipped down between her wet folds.  Her wolf’s enlarged pussy opened completely for the male and she pressed back, feeling the muscles just inside her opening stretch to take the baseball sized knot.  Tara’s slick vaginal muscles gripped around the male’s cock, clenching and tightening around him.

Tara pushed her up to her elbows as she pushed back, forcing the male deeper into her, growling in pain as her pussy opened wider and wider, threatening to split.  More, her simple mind told her.  More.  More.  With a shriek of pain, mixed with pleasure the male’s knot pushed past her opening.  Tara’s pussy immediately closed behind it and she gasped at the feeling of being nearly completely full.  The knot pressed on her clit while his entire cock filled her tight, virgin pussy.  Her eight nipples ached to be touched and kissed and licked and bitten but all she knew was the pleasure and need consuming her.  The male bit at the back of her neck and Tara went back down to her chest, her body relaxing automatically in response to the show of dominance.  When he bit harder, she felt herself grow even wetter.

The male grabbed Tara’s tail and she yelped.  Just as she began to whine for the male to fuck her, she felt him push.  All thought, human and wolf fled as he moved.  She felt her stomach bulge around his girth and she couldn’t even think to whine or beg or breathe as he pulled out.  The muscle around her opening bulged around the male’s knot but he stopped before coming completely out of her.  With a growl, he shoved harder, forcing himself deep inside her wolf’s pussy.  Out again and then harder back in.  Tara flexed, arching her long back as she pushed in return, panting at the building heat and orgasm.

The male rose up to his hands and feet and her hips raised to follow him as his knot pulled her up.  Her mind knew what was about to happen.  Tara dug her claws into the ground and held on as the male began pummeling her, slamming into her again and again, each motion spreading her slightly open as the male’s knot bulged, pressing against her clit from the inside while she stretched around him.  Tara’s mind went white with static as the male properly mounted his male, huffing and groaning and moaning and growling as he neared his own orgasm.  Tara howled as a massive orgasm roared through her.  Suddenly, she was overly sensitive but the male kept pounding, straining to cum inside of his mate.  Tara tried scrabbling away, whining from the way her body screamed: ‘Too much!’  Another orgasm hit her and she sprayed, squirting the male with her cum.

Tara gasped, trying and failing to catch her breath.  Her movements stopped as the male’s canine teeth closed around her shoulder.  Her instincts forced her to be still as the male jerked.  The orgasm that pushed her over the edge earlier paled in comparison to the one that struck her when the male came.  His knot swelled along with his cock and every single point inside her vagina became a livewire.  Tara’s ears filled with a static hissing noise as fireworks bloomed in her darkening field of vision.  It was too much.  It was all too much.  The pleasure of it all closed over her and Tara blacked out.

Less than a minute later, the young woman gasped awake.  Her entire body ached.  She tried to move but felt a heavy weight against her.  The male lay next to her, breathing heavily.  She could still feel his swollen knot against her stretched pussy but when she thought of it, she could feel the heat threatening to build again within her body.  Tara trembled and licked the male’s furry arm before pressing herself back against him.  She was incredibly full, even with the male’s shrinking cock still inside of her.  His knot kept both of their cum locked deep inside of her and she could feel the liquid moving slightly against her insides.

Around them, all of the dogs of the neighborhood were silent, hiding in fear from the two mated wolves.  Tara huffed at this small victory, long pointed ears twitching to catch every small sound around her.  They lay together contentedly, the male lazily playing with Tara’s small upper breasts, flicking and twisting her nipples carefully with his claws.  She groaned, pushing her hips against him as his knot slowly shrunk.  Outside, they both heard the rumble of a car engine followed by the car’s breaks.  A car door opened and closed and they both swiveled their muzzles to follow the (female, the scent told her) as she stepped out of the car.

The female knocked on the door.  “Tara?  Hey, it’s Stephanie.  You still there?  You okay?’

Jonathon slowly stood above Tara.  His cock glistened in the air above the prone woman.  With the male pulled out of her, enormous amounts of his cum dribbled out slowly between Tara’s black pussy lips.  The young woman growled with greed as the male’s cock grew erect again.  Walking to the door, Jonathon fumbled at the doorknob until it opened.  Stephanie stood before him, her face quickly turning pale in the moonlight.  Before she could turn to run, Jonathon grabbed her, pulling her inside.  The door slowly closed behind them as Jonathon shoved Stephanie down.

Stephanie turned around, kicking backwards in an attempt to escape but Tara stopped her and Stephanie looked back at the she-wolf, her mouth opening and closing in shock.  Tara gripped the woman, forcing her to turn around, to present her properly for the male.  Jonathon dropped to hands and feet to pad over to Stephanie and his long tongue licked at Stephanie’s crotch.  The woman wore thin black yoga pants and she gasped at the attentions.

“No!  Oh please god, no!  I… I… I…”  She stuttered.

Jonathon gripped Stephanie’s pants and pulled, exposing the woman’s sex.  With a feral growl, he shoved his face between her folds and licked deeply within.  Stephanie tried to move away, moaning despite her panic but Tara held her.  “Please… I don’t… Please….”

Tara grinned as Jonathon knelt behind the new female.  His claws gripped her waist, blood running down where the tips cut into her.  With one paw, the male guided himself into Stephanie’s smooth-shaven pussy.  Her pussy wet from Jonathon’s tongue, the male’s cock slid easily into the woman and her eyes widened as she took Jonathon’s enormous girth.  Stephanie’s pink little pussy lips bulged around Jonathon’s knot and she pleaded for him to stop.  The male pushed but growled when he couldn’t force himself into her completely.

“I… what… oh… oh… oh yes… no, please… noooooOOOOWWWWLLL!”  Stephanie howled through suddenly sharp teeth, head held back.  The woman closed her mouth, looking up at Tara with panicked eyes.  “T… Tara…?  Please… Oh god, no.  It’s… it’s starting to feel good, Tara.  It’s… I’m starting to want it, Tara… Please… Please, Tara, if that’s you, please make it stop.  Please…  I… Oh fuck.  Oh fuck.  Oh fuck me.  Fuck me harder.  Furrrr… hrrrrr…. wrrrr… make me yourrrr bitch…”  Stephanie growled, pushing back harder.  The lips of her pussy darkened to a deep black as they stretched, growing to take in the male’s cock.  Blond fur sprouted around her smooth pussy as bones shifted along her spine.  Her head pushed away from her shoulders as hairs grew on her jaw.

Stephanie howled again.  The male and female’s cum mixed into her, infecting her.  Changing her and soon, the woman was no more.  All three howled together in joyous pleasure.  A pack made new under the full moon.


When morning came, Tara woke first.  The house was a ruin.  Every single piece of furniture was broken.  She could hear the sound of the shower coming from the bathroom and she wondered if it’d been on all night.  The young woman felt bruised and her entire body ached tremendously but her skin was white and smooth and unharmed.  She felt warmth behind her and, turning, she saw a naked man pressed against her.  As she became aware of her body, she felt the man’s dick on her leg.  Vague memories tugged at her and she knew it was sticky with more than just the man’s cum.  Turning further, she spotted Stephanie behind the man.

As Tara watched, Stephanie groaned and opened her eyes.  She gasped in sudden panic and then calmed.  Her eyes found Tara’s eyes and they stared at each other.  Emotions and memories flashed between them.

“I… I remember… I remember some of it, Tara.  Oh god.  I remember and…”  I liked it, she couldn’t say out loud.  Tara reached for her friend’s hand and they held hands together, both unwilling to move as the memories of the night washed over them.  “I feel a piece of you in my head, Tara.  I can… ummm… smell you.  You.  Not the cum and everything.  I can smell you.  And feel you in my mind.  What…”

“I’m here,” Tara answered.  “I’m here and I feel you there, too.  And him.  I don’t… I don’t know what to do.  But, stay with me.  At least just for a bit, just stay with me.”

“I will, Tara,” Stephanie said.  “I will.  I can’t do anything else because….”  … we’re pack now, a hidden piece of her mind told her.

The three lay together in a pile until all were awake.  Slowly, feelings and emotions were discussed, plans were made and a new family was born.

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