A cursed bracelet causes a chain reaction of transformations…

A gift story for the amazing wwbot ( )!

The bus rattled as it slammed into a pothole.  Alice gripped her purse tightly and then pulled it harder against her belly.


Her new bracelet rubbed against her wrist.  The thin metal pulled at the tiny blonde hairs that rose around it on her otherwise hairless arm.  There were sharp little pains as the hairs lengthened slightly and twisted around the bracelet.  Her skin dimpled outward until she rubbed her arm forward.


She’d found the bracelet in a dusty old antique store and thought it was cute.  The owner had no idea where it came from but that wasn’t unusual in her line of work.  So many customers came in to sell off old jewelry and other items over the years.  It was impossible to keep track.


Phases of the moon were etched into the silver band and the full moon seemed darker than the rest of the carvings as it rested on her wrist.


Despite the cold emanating from the window beside her, she felt overheated.  The girl shifted uncomfortably in her seat while fanning the cream colored cardigan she wore over her blue top.  She shivered, and not from the cold, as the motion pulled her shirt against her warm body.  


Hours ago, she’d woken up with the blankets kicked to the floor.  Twisting and groaning in her sleep, nails dragging against her body until her pajama top was pulled up over her bare breasts and her bottoms were twisted around her thighs.  She’d wondered if she was sick as her muscles and joints ached and she felt feverish.  For a moment she’d considered calling off work but a restless energy rose within her as she woke fully and she rolled out of bed.  She’d stared at the snow falling outside, opened her windows and leaned her head out with her eyes closed.  Her hands gripped the windowsill as she pulled her upper body out into the snow, gasping and grinding her teeth as the tiny snowflakes swirled around her.  They melted upon contact with her skin.  Withdrawing back into her apartment, she’d decide on a skirt and thin top but found even that uncomfortable in her overheated state.  Still, she’d grabbed a cardigan on the way out, out of habit.


The bus hissed from compressed air and she wrinkled her nose against the cloying scent of diesel and thousands of passengers that used the bus previously.  Alice gagged for a moment and then growled quietly with the back of her hand against her lip.


A thread of a smell wafted over to her.  The growl turned into a quiet groan and she rubbed her tongue against the roof of her mouth as she lifted her delicate chin to inhale.  Her thick blonde hair brushed against her left shoulder when she tilted her head.  Closing her eyes to focus, her lips parted and her pink tongue darted out to lick her lips.  


Beneath the rounded tip of her nose, a single gray line appeared like a crack of lightning that slowly branched out.  Her tongue lashed out, wider than before and the tip narrowly missed brushing her nose.  A single bead of sweat formed above her breasts before soaking into her shirt.


Her eyes opened.  Pale sunlight reflected off of faded gray eyes that were sprinkled with honey.  


It was him, she realized.  A man sitting in an aisle seat on the other side of the bus, two rows ahead.  He smelled like- like-


A rumbling groan escaped her lips as she thrust her chest out.  Her hand reached down to her thigh and she clamped tight before pressing her pointer finger against the outside of her labia.  


Cum.  He’d masturbated recently.  Not sex.  She couldn’t smell pussy on him.  No.  Just his cum.  Alice’s tongue rested against her bottom lip and she leaned forward.  Another gray crack appeared in her nose as she breathed in deeply.  Her thighs pressed together and she rubbed herself while staring at his side profile.  At his short, well groomed beard and curly black hair.  Her hips flexed back as a second finger joined the first and her thighs opened.


Her jaw ached, dull thudding pain that she ignored as she filled her head with the smell of the man.  


Blonde hairs emerged from the thin strip of pubic hair just above her clit.  They pierced her panties as they grew forth and she rubbed her palm against them with a happy growl, scratching her growing fur as she toyed with her clit.  The fur fanned out slowly in fits and starts until they reached her hips.  


She could feel her heartbeat in her engorged clit and the tip of her finger touched a wetness that surprised her.  The girl shivered once more as her clothes dragged against her sensitive skin and her finger pressed into her swollen pussy through her skirt and panties.


Alice bowed her head with a gasp that brought her back to reality.  She leaned forward until her forehead touched the heavy plastic handle on the seat in front of her.  Her heart raced as her tongue, long and wide, dangled from her open mouth.


What the hell? she thought to herself.  What the hell am I doing?


She looked down to see a thin, wet strip on the front of her gray pleated skirt.  She groaned and swallowed as her thighs pressed together.  While she’d writhed in her seat, she’d pulled her panties tight and they’d slipped between her lips.  She could feel her throbbing labia against her inner thighs.  Sharp little hairs dragged against her soft skin and her knuckles whitened as she gripped her seat.  The girl’s lips trembled.  Her shortened canines grew painfully slow until they lay far beyond the teeth surrounding them.


Her breath was hot in her mouth and she felt flushed.  Sweat beaded on her chest once more before her shirt absorbed it again.  She pulled at her cardigan, twisting her arms until she slipped free.  


Long blonde fur stood out on her nape, hidden beneath her thick hair.  They punched through her skin as they continued to spread down her spine and she pushed against her seat to rub her back against the rough fabric cover.  More fur sprouted from the edges of her rounded ears.


Alice’s hand slipped down to her thigh.  She caressed herself as her fingers drifted higher.  Tiny black points slid free beneath her nails and her hand trembled as muscles formed to anchor her forming claws.  They pierced her skirt to the skin beneath and she moaned, throwing her head back.


Light golden hairs stood out on the front of her neck.  The tips of her ears, visible now with her head back, began to gather to a sharp point.  Leathery skin lining the bottom of her palm dragged against her skirt as she pawed at her mound, luxuriating in the feel of her sparse fur scratching along her lower belly.  Finally, she leaned forward, panting as the bus hissed to a stop.


Her own scent made her feel dizzy.  Her body felt as if it were on fire.  Every brush of her shirt, every accidental touch of her hand, every torturous scratch of the ends of her hair against her back set her on edge.  A line of drool formed at the edge of her mouth until her long tongue lapped it up.  Her head buzzed.  She shifted again in her seat and loose bones crackled in her hips.


Have to- have to get out, she told herself, suddenly overwhelmed by all of it.  By the rising sounds of people and traffic clamoring for her attention, by the chemical scents of machines, by the chaotic mixture of odors of people.


By her heat.


She stumbled up, barely remembering to grab her purse as she left her sweater behind.  Her fingernails flaked away as she pulled the purse tight and stumbled down the aisle, stopping briefly next to the man she’d spied earlier.  His smell was far stronger now and she rubbed her nose.  The gray was darkened to black as the cracks worsened, fracturing into a pebble-like texture.  She growled and her eyes watered as a burning filled her nasal cavities.


She forced herself onward, claws clinking against the metal railing at the front of the bus.  The swollen padding along her palm barely felt the chill of the rail as she stepped down.


The girl’s toes were bunched, the tips of her toenails digging into her open-toe sandals.  The flesh bulged around muscle growing within and her heel slid backwards a fraction of an inch.  She stepped into busy foot traffic on the sidewalk, bumping into a random woman and then a large, overweight man before she could lean against the concrete wall of a nearby building.


Snow whirled around her but nearly invisible steam billowed away from her body.  


The tips of her ears parted her hair and she snarled as a man began to approach her, concern in his eyes.  


Hanging her head, she plodded on, rising to the balls of her feet and then down to her arch and heel.  Sounds and smells screamed at her and she shook her head to ward them away.  


Her clothes irritated her body.  Fur was spreading down her spine and to the side of her body.  Each step made a bone grind painfully in her lower back until a loud crack forced her to stumble and lean against the wall of a department store.  


She felt something pull at her ass and back as skin bulged outward from the tip of her new tail.  


The girl’s oversaturated panties pulled even tighter against her body as muscle and fat formed.  The edge slid against her labia and then between her lips.  Clear liquid leaked from her pussy, sliding down until a blonde hair pushed through the skin of her inner thigh to tangle with her cum.  


Her claws screeched against the thick glass of the wide door in front of her as she forced herself to move.  The strap at the front of her shoes dug into her feet.  She pushed the door and her biceps bulged.  The heavy glass flung open, clanging as the metal edge lining the bottom slammed against the doorstop bolted into the floor.


Alice stepped in and clawed at the bracelet on her wrist.  She rubbed her arm and her padding dragged against the hairs now covering her entire bare arm.


“-help you?” a disembodied voice asked.  Female.  Drenched in perfume.  


Shaking her head, she stepped around the woman.  Her ears flicked as they slid through her hair.  They grew thick as they elongated and light gray fur coated the inside.  Her hairless tail brushed the back of her skirt as she stepped through racks of clothing.  Women browsed around her but entire families chattered and laughed as they took the escalator to the floor above her.


The strap holding her right foot in place snapped and she stepped out of it on the balls of her feet.  The skin along her forefoot was irritated and red and swollen.  Her nails caught against the thin carpet as she wandered, searching for the changing room.  Searching for a way to isolate herself from her overwhelmed senses.  The other strap broke and she continued on barefoot.


Despite the distance, the man’s scent followed her.  She should’ve fucked him.  She growled while grabbing at her side, tearing strips from her shirt to expose red marks from her sharp new claws as well as pink skin and wisps of blonde fur.  


Should’ve- should’ve straddled his lap, she thought, lips trembling to show sharp fangs as she licked the forming drool.  The tip of her nose was black now and streaks began to form along the bridge while tiny blonde hairs emerged around them.  Forced my pussy down over his cock, licking his neck and biting his ear as I pushed my ass down.


Her tail slid against her skirt, pushing against it as the band dug into her expanding waist.  The girl’s nipples hardened when her shirt pulled tight.  Loud, sickening popping sounds made her groan.  She grabbed a nearby rack of clothes as her tendons tugged at bones and the world grew slightly smaller around her. 


An open changing room stood before her.  She snatched her hand away from her lower belly and marched to it, closing the door behind her as she sat back against the cool wall.  Alice pulled at her long top, bunching the bottom of it as she slid a hand beneath her skirt.  Her long tongue brushed fur along her cheeks as she growled quietly.


She slid down the wall slowly as she toyed with her clit.  The soft flesh around it was engorged and hot to the touch but she felt it swelling further against the padding tipping her finger.


When her ass hit the floor, she opened her eyes and then froze as she stared at her reflection.  Beautiful golden eyes stared back at her.  They darted up to see her sharp ears lean back as adrenaline spiked through her body. Her hardened nipples pressed obviously against her top and a light dusting of blonde fur covered her chest, just above her breasts.  A narrow strip of hair dipped down into her cleavage.  


Something moved against her hand and the girl jumped.  She tore at her skirt and her claws easily ripped through the fabric.  A quick tug of her hand snapped the band of her panties to leave her completely bare.


She pulled at the bottom of her long shirt, bunching the ends of her hand until she could clearly see her pussy.  Her mound was dark with fur that glistened with her cum.  


A strange urge made her growl as she nearly bent to clean herself off.  She forced herself to sit back.  Her free hand slammed against the carpet beneath her and she clawed at the ground while her pussy lips filled out.  She watched in drunken amazement as they pushed away from her body.  When they touched together, she moaned, leaning her head back with fluttering eyes and gnashing fangs.  They were incredibly sensitive and she could feel them pressing and rubbing as they reshaped themselves.  


When the skin surrounding her clit flowed downward to meet them, she bucked and thrust her chest out, gasping and growling from a small orgasm.  Her tail thumped the ground behind her.


Pain in her feet made her open her eyes.  Cramps forced her to clench her toes.  She snarled through clenched teeth, staring at herself in time to see her premolars growing down to sharp points.  A wave of cramps in her soles preceded sharp cracking sounds.  She bit back a shout as she raised her feet before her.  


The girl’s pure golden eyes widened as black claws pushed aside her toenails, curving as the dense points slid out from the tips of her toes.  Her feet trembled as they lengthened and the rose colored skin darkened further to show the padding forming along the balls of her feet.  She watched her soles in the mirror as her toes pushed away from her heels.


Dirty blonde fur sprouted from between her toes.  Her big toes cracked and bent as they began to pull back, counter to her elongating feet.  The other four toes spread apart as her feet cracked, bones pulled into wide paws to support her growing body.


“Oh, oh god, what- what is- mmmmm-” she moaned, slamming her head against the wall as a wave of pleasure spread from her chest down to her lower belly.  She pulled at the bottom of her shirt again to reveal two dark points nearly hidden by blonde fur.  Pulling her shirt higher made her gasp as she dragged the shirt over a second row of tiny, still-growing teats.  


Scattered fur spread from her legs and she moaned, slowly leaning forward until she lay her hands on the ground.  Like her feet, they were stretching out and she found herself pawing at the ground to offset the aches within.  


Her hips moved on their own.  Bent forward, her distended, swollen pussy grinded against the floor.  She grunted as she soaked the carpet with her cum and her tail pulled at her spine while it waved behind her.  It grew thick as it pushed away from her body and her shirt pulled up to reveal a heavily furred back.  


Down and back.  Down and back.  She snarled quietly and then growled, trying to picture the man from the bus.  It was fading as the beast began to take over.  

Down and back.  Down and-


Alice leaned her head back, jaw cracking as her face crunched and pushed forward into the start of a muzzle.


“Ahh- awwoooooo!” the girl howled, luxuriating in the feel of the animalistic sound being forced from her very core.  


“Need,” she panted, clawing at the carpet.  She scented the air and pushed herself up, stumbling with her new paws.  She growled loudly.


Alice slammed the changing room door and it cracked on its hinges.  It flung away before crashing into a rack, spilling clothes to the ground.  The girl leapt into the department store, hunting. 


She spied him as someone else screamed.  Alice dropped to all fours, bounding away before standing on two legs.  He turned to fend her off, barely able to raise his hands and she accidentally bit his raised arm.  Her nostrils flared, wet and black but she pulled away.


Taken, she huffed to herself.  He had a woman.  She could smell her scent all over him.


“Baby?”  a woman’s voice called out.  “Baby what’s- oh god!”


Alice turned away as the man clamped a hand over his bleeding wrist.  Brown fur slowly emerged around the bite marks and the man shrank back as Alice moved away, deeper into the store.


“Oh god, are you alright?!” the woman said, racing to her husband.  She grabbed his arm as he sank to his knees with a low groan.  His arm trembled as black claws sliced through his fingernails and muscles bulged on his forearm.  “Baby, talk to mmmph-!”


The man turned and kissed his wife roughly but she backed away, wiping her mouth.


“S-s- sorry,” the man groaned.  Sharp canines dripped blood.  He gnashed his teeth and suddenly growled loudly, tearing at his shirt to reveal a broad chest dotted with brown fur.  The pointed tips of his ears slid against his short hair while he leaned back.


His wife stared with open horror but her eyes slowly wandered down.


The man’s cock was obviously hard in his pants and it continued to grow.  His blue jeans bulged as it slid free to show the tip.  And yet it continued to lengthen, stretching out as the head formed to a red tip.


“Wha-”  the woman said, grabbing at her neck.  She licked her lips and squeezed herself before groaning.  When she pulled her hand away, light red fur dotted her neck.  


The woman grabbed her husband’s jeans and pulled, tearing them open to expose his cock with a triumphant growl.  Thick skin covered his testicles and flowed upward, coated in brown fur to form his sheath, already pulled back beneath his erect cock.  The skin above his sheath grew red and angry as it swelled outward into a dense knot.


The man’s bobbing cock slowly pulled back towards his body as bone formed above his urethra, the new baculum forcing it stiff.  His wife eagerly grabbed at it and her tongue lashed out, long and wide to wrap around it before bending down to take him completely in her mouth.  He growled quietly, gripping her hair tightly to reveal ears growing to sharp points.


“Hey, you can’t-” an employee said from the side.

The wife snarled and swiped at him.  Her fingernails hung freely over claws that sliced through the employees side.  The other woman staggered back, falling to her ass with her hand against her stomach.  She crawled, gasping for breath as shock threatened to take her.  Inch by trembling inch she moved on all fours until she reached her desk.


Another employee, drawn by the shouts and noise, came to the girl’s side.  


“Ellie,” the wounded girl said weakly, pressing her back against the desk.  


“What the hell, Dee!” the second girl yelled, going to her knees beside her.  “What happened?!  You’re bleeding!”


“I-  I grrrrot- grrr-,” she panted, her tongue against her lip.


“Move your hand, let me see,” Ellie said, pushing her co-worker’s hands aside.


Unmarked flesh lay beneath the blood-stained shirt.  Blonde fur grew through the opening and Ellie’s eyes widened.  


“What the hell!” the girl said.


“Hot,” Dee moaned, grabbing at her pants.  “So hot.  I’m so hot, Ellie.”


Dee pushed at her pants, unbuckling them and then undoing the zipper until she suddenly leaned forward to kiss the other girl.  Ellie froze and then returned the gesture before pulling away.


“Not- not like this, we have to get you to-”  Ellie said.


“You like me,” Dee interrupted, rocking her ass back while thrusting her small chest forward.  “I know.  I’ve known.  Oh.  Oh god.  Oh god, so hot.  Can smell you.  Can smell you want me.”


“Yes,” Ellie whispered, mesmerized by her co-worker’s writhing body.  She felt something within.  A small spark and a rushing wind that threatened to fan it into a raging fire.


Dee leaned back and pushed her pants down, hooking her fingers into her panties.  Lines of cum connected from her pussy to her black panties and she groaned, placing fingers around her pussy to spread herself open.  She reached up to Ellie and pulled her but the girl went willingly as golden flecks appeared in her eyes.  


Ellie shoved her face between Dee’s legs, reaching arms around to hold her thighs in place.  She spread her knees and raised her ass as bones cracked in her hips.  The girl could feel Dee’s pussy moving in her mouth.  Her pussy lips swelled and Ellie suckled at them while forcing her lengthening tongue between them.  Dee snarled and thrashed before gripping Ellie’s hair with short claws, holding her in place while she rubbed her slick, swollen wolf’s pussy against her co worker’s mouth.  The girl growled and then began to pant as her orgasm built within.


In a different part of the store, Alice crashed into a rack of clothing, scenting the air as people began to panic around  her.  She raced through the department store and then stopped.


A male.  Alone.  Hiding.  Terrified.  Heart racing so fast.  Faint smell of a female but she smelled similar to him.  Family.  His family. She turned the corner to find him.  He was short but she didn’t care.  She could fix that . The repressed human side of her admired his bare face and his strong jaw but she didn’t care about that, either right now.


She went to all fours, huge and furred and walked to him.


“N-no, please,” the man whimpered.  Unbecoming but she would change that, too.


She stopped before him, staring into his brown eyes.  He shrunk back but she leaned forward, pressing her cold nose against his neck and shoulder.  Alice licked the man’s neck and then up to his ear.  She moved forward more until she was over his legs and then she sat back, grinding once against his flaccid cock.


Alice grabbed the man’s hand carefully, repressing a growl when he pulled back.  Her own hand nearly wrapped around his as she brought his hand up to her breast, pressing it against the warm, soft furred skin.  Once more, she pressed herself down, soaking his slacks with her pussy.  She squeezed his hand and moaned.


When she took her hand away, he squeezed her himself and she could feel his cock stirring.


“What are you?” he whispered, gently exploring her breast.  His fingers brushed her nipple and Alice’s tail wagged behind her.  “I thought you would-  That I’d-  It’s so soft.”


She reached beneath her to squeeze his cock and the man hissed while biting his lip.  With her other hand, she cradled the back of his head and pulled him forward, brushing fur and the soft skin of her breast against his mouth and nose until his lips bumped against her nipple.  She dragged it back and forth until he opened his mouth to suck at it and she shuddered, pressing down hard against his crotch.  


Alice raised herself when she felt fingers beneath her.  The man undid his zipper and she wasted no time in grabbing his cock and pressing it against her sex.  She groaned as her incredibly tight lips opened around the head of his dick.  Her black lips parted and he moaned, reaching around to grab at the fur covering her back as she pushed herself down.  Her tail settled against his legs.


“God!  God you’re so-  God!” the man gasped.  


Alice rocked, raising her hips and then lowering herself, licking drool from the corner of her mouth as her muscles tensed and flexed.  The man clawed at her back, stroking her over and over while she slowly sped up.  As she did, his hands lowered to her ass and she licked his face, her tongue dragging roughly against his lips and nose.  She pulled away but he pulled her back with a growl, opening his mouth to her. 


She could feel him stretching her deep inside.  Growing bigger.  His scent was changing and it stoked the heat within.  She slammed down, spurting cum that coated the hairs beginning to grow from his legs and crotch.  Sharp points dug into her ass as his claws took root and her tongue brushed the fangs in his mouth.


When she pulled away, he stared at her and then bucked with a snarl.  She heard bones popping in his torso and the skin strained against his arms.


Her orgasm built as the man changed beneath her.  She squeezed his cock and slammed down.  Alice’s strange pussy opened wider and wider with each thrust, forced apart by the knot forming at the base of his dick.  He began to thrust in time with her and she whimpered as the tip of him brushed her cervix.  


The man pulled her down and her muzzle rested against his bare shoulder.  He held her in place, claws clamped against her ass as he thrust up into her with powerful, sharp movements.  Each movement drove her wild.  He was deep enough to hurt and she loved every bit of it.  More and more and-


Alice’s claws tore at the man’s clothing and she thrashed in his grip.  She spasmed against him and her toes scrabbled against the floor.  Her powerful jaw worked soundlessly as she came in his grip, shaking from the orgasm.


He pushed at her until he popped free.  She stared at him quizzically for a moment and then she turned to present herself with a wide smile.


Beyond them, a man stood over a woman, hands against the side of his head.  His cock was growing straight and stiff as a bone formed within.  A tuft of fur surrounded his changing dick.  Beneath him and before him, his girlfriend was on all fours with her hand beneath her, spreading her pink pussy open.  Brown fur lined her spine and her ears were sharp.  Clear cum dripped from her pussy and her mouth bulged over growing fangs.


“Mount me,” the girl moaned, raising her hips higher and higher.  “Fuck!  Fuck me, baby, fuck me!”


All around them came panicked screams and shouts but, mixed in were the frenzied cries of lust from those changing and rutting.


Alice gasped as the man went to all fours above her.  Her throat vibrated into a growl that rose into a pure howl as his cock slid down her ass to pierce her sopping wet pussy.  


Beside them, two men kissed deeply, the claws from one exploring and marking the other’s body as they changed together, lost in their love and heat.  Next to them, a woman with a short, hairless tail, a mane of fur and sharp ears rode her husband’s face, rocking her hips back and forth.  When she lifted her ass, dark black lines marked her pussy as it bulged together while pushing away.  A stream of filthy words rambled from her mouth as she clawed at her tits hidden beneath her shirt and bra.  Thick skin grew up over her husband’s cock and his claws marked her ass and side.


The mirrors surrounding the department store showed the wreckage of the orgy.  A single policewoman staggered against the wall, a hand to her shoulder.  Sweat poured down her temples and she snarled at the people around her.  Slowly, she slid to the floor and, when she took her hand away, red fur coated her shoulder.  She tore at her shirt, popping buttons to show a vest.  She clawed at it, cutting the material covering it before reaching beneath to tear the undershirt apart.  Her breasts flattened out, bulging as they swelled.  Patchy red fur emerged from her creamy white tits, spreading to surround her nearly translucent areola and nipples..  

The police officer’s claws tore at her belt and trousers and she shoved to expose herself, eagerly forcing fingers into her pussy with her legs spread.  A male, half-changed, broke away from his wife and approached cautiously.


“Yes,” the officer moaned, spreading her legs further apart.  She stared at his strange cock, mesmerized by it as her head buzzed.  Spittle flew from her lips as her fangs grew in.  “Yes!  Take me!  Breed me!  Cum inside my dirty, slutty pussy!”


The male dropped to his knees to lick the officer’s face.  She kissed him but clawed hands pulled her head to the side.  The man’s wife knelt beside the officer and she licked the police woman’s face before kissing her awkwardly.  


“Mmmmph!” the police officer said, bucking as the male’s cock slid into her sopping wet pussy.  She hissed, rocking her hips as she clawed at him and his wife.  She gasped, panting for breath when her vest crushed her chest but the other female pulled at the straps, snarling and clawing until her raw, pure strength tore it apart.  


Thick auburn fur covered the police woman’s chest.  The man’s wife suckled at her nipple and then lowered herself to lick the other woman’s teat, wetting the fur surrounding both with her rough tongue.  The officer lowered herself until she lay on her back.  The male adjusted, slamming into her hard enough to make her breasts ripple but the officer grabbed the woman, pulling the she-wolf over until the woman’s dripping, swollen pussy covered her face.  She pulled the woman down and shoved her tongue deep into the tight pussy, licking and sucking at her lips until she felt her jaw crack.  Her fingernails tore off to reveal claws that spread the woman’s ass wider.


Finally, she forced the woman to the ground and pulled away from the man.  The woman’s husband took the hint and immediately mounted his wife once more.  The officer sucked the man’s knot and testicles from behind, cleaning her cum from his fur before going around to lick his wife’s nipples.  She straddled the woman’s face and the man leaned down to suckle at her furred breasts.


The trio lost themselves in their orgasms, snarling and howling as they pleasured each other in turn.


Alice lay still, listening to those around her as the male’s cum leaked from her pulsing pussy.  She rose at his touch, pushing her ass against him with a low growl but her ears pricked at the sound of voices and megaphones.  Threatening sounds.  She barked twice and then howled and the other wolves fell silent around her.  When she stood, she pulled the male up behind her.  


Her pack approached, growling as they glanced at the police officers gathering outside.  Alice snarled at the doors and then turned, running deeper into the store towards the back.  The others followed as she broke through the back door and raced through the alleys, her sharp ears warning her of the fading officers that gave chase.  Their endurance was endless and civilization slowly gave way to dirt roads and forest as the sun lowered in the sky.


In a clearing, they stopped to scent each other deeply.  To learn each other’s smell.  Stomachs grumbled and they separated without a word to hunt, knowing they would return when full and decide their next move as a pack.

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