A Welcome Guest

Two women explore an old attic and accidentally unleash a hungry demon

A super duper duper short little thing about a woman turning into a succubus and… modifying her friend in return. I’m posting three really short stories today, all around gender fluidity.
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The ancient attic smelled of dust, mold, books and rat shit.  Cindy waved her arms around to clear old spider webs as Jessica followed behind her.  


“This is the dumbest thing ever,” Jessica whined.


“Think of the adventure!” Cindy said in return. 

Slow Burn

A young woman becomes cursed and changes into a demon
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The bus screeched to a stop with a hiss that went unnoticed by the unruly children riding in their seats.  Waves of laughter echoed through the vehicle along with the muted sounds of videos playing on phones.


Fatma slipped her arm through her backpack’s strap while stepping into the aisle.  She carefully made her way through the chaos, moving around splayed legs and bags until she reached the driver.


“Thank you,” she told the driver with a smile, as she had every day. …


3,000 (out of an estimated 6,000) words into the commission story.  Should be done tomorrow.  I’ll post a link to the story once it’s done but it won’t be posted here since it’ll belong to the person that commissioned it.  I’ll admit I was stuck on it – I’m not used to doing commissions and I sometimes struggle with them.

Then, again, I’ll start work on a bimbofication story that isn’t a simple sketch.   Then either a chapter of The Lady Wore Red or Testing Grounds but definitely both of those before a chapter of Sacrifice.

I’m mentally working through the plots of all the stories, including the new werewolf one I’d thought of recently.  …

The Lady Wore Red – Chapter 4

Lily stood from the couch and looked around the little room.  She listened to the faint howl of the wind outside the house while she ordered her thoughts.  The small tree near her front window clawed the glass in slow patterns, sounding all the world like a ship groaning in high winds.  The living room lights flickered and Lily frowned in consternation.  Now, she thought.  What do I need to do?  Makeup?  Something nice to wear?  Neither thought filled her with excitement but she made her way to her bedroom to find what she could.

Every footstep and creak in the house sounded amplified as the growing storm muffled the outside world. …

The Magic School Bus: Halloween Special

Chapter 1



Arnold’s car rolled to a stop on the shoulder of the small two lane road, gravel crunching beneath the tires. The private road in front of him seemed to lead nowhere and even the full moon, fat and pure silver didn’t give him an idea of where it went. His old Volvo shook as it idled. I should just turn around, he told himself. This is such a bad idea. Instead, he turned on the dome light above him to read the email he’d printed yesterday.



The Lady Wore Red Chapter 3

Her dreams were of a single flame. No source or base or anything else – a single flame in darkness. Flickering slowly as if a slight breeze chased an invisible pattern in the air. It wasn’t calming. It wasn’t frightening. It was nothing. She felt nothing – not anxious or happy or at peace or any other feeling someone might get from meditating. She thought once that something moved in the darkness. Moved as if it had always been there, watching and then decided to walk away. As if it had been there before she fell asleep. The quality of the darkness changed and moved and that was the only way she could tell something perhaps was there from before.…

The Lady Wore Red Chapter 2

Michael woke with a groan when his bedside clock blared its siren. His body ached in weird places and he couldn’t remember exactly how he made his way home last night. The evening was a blur after his fifth glass of beer at the bar. Sixth? Seventh? There was that woman and giving her a car ride home but everything after that was fragmentary. Snatches of images and distorted sounds swam to the surface of his memory and then fled when he tried to latch on to them. He rolled over and sat up, slamming the clock to silence it. No time to think about it now – it would come to him or it wouldn’t but right now his headache was killing him.…

The Lady Wore Red Chapter 1

Another late night surrounded by file boxes, paperwork and twelve different documents labeled with “Important!” sticky-notes. Lily sighed, sitting back in her chair to rub her tired, nearly watery eyes under her glasses. She knew she shouldn’t be doing this. She was wearing herself out working late. Twenty-nine years old and she’d found a single gray hair in the mirror this morning. One single gray hair but it stared at her accusingly. She wasn’t even really afraid of losing her job if she didn’t stay so late – she just didn’t want to leave anything at all to chance in this job market.…