Plotting and The Three Series and The Next Thing

If anything new comes out soon-ish, it will probably be a simple “sketch” story.  I have three series (The Lady Wore Red, Sacrifice and Testing Grounds) in the air and I need to plot them out a bit to make sure they’re solid.  So, that’s my next step unless I need a break and I write something quick inbetween.

Which, by the way, I’m still keeping my eyes open for any good suggestions.  Don’t feel shy.

Once I have some general outlines for the the three series, I’ll start writing.  I plan to do them in order unless something happens so The Lady Wore Red chapter 5 will be first.…

Sacrifice [Dragoness/TF] – Edited

I’ve edited Sacrifice’s ending for clarity and to clean up a few points in preparation for turning it into a multiple chapter series.  New stuff begins in the last … quarter?  Of the story.


Maida grit her teeth as she lugged the heavily laden basket of potatoes back to her parent’s house. The sun had not yet burned off the early morning fog and the young woman relished the cool mist. Summer had fully set in and the sun spared no mercy for those that worked the fields. Maida grunted and lifted the basket higher, lean muscles tensing under the load.…