An Afternoon Snack

Hermione accidentally encounters enchanted blueberries that make her a little bigger than before.

The gigantic oaken table, dark with centuries of use and polishing, was lined with books, quills, ink pots and scrolls.  Hermione sat before the impressive array as if an invading army contemplating the best strategy to assault the fortress of dead trees.  Her sharp eyes darted left as she flicked through pages of an open tome and then right as she dipped her quill into a waiting pot.


“Eh-HEM,” a voice declared loudly from behind her shoulder.


“No, I won’t help you study,” she said absently as she scanned the book with a finger blackened from her writing.


“Er, no,” the voice said, thrown off track slightly by the girl’s statement.  “The food.”


“The what?” Hermione asked, cursing mentally when the quill left an excessive blot.  “I don’t have the time-“


A finger tapped her shoulder and she finally turned to spy an assistant librarian staring her down.  The young lad’s face was drawn in disapproval, his lips pursed tighter than a bursar’s drawstrings.


“There’s no food in the library,” he told her, pointing at the jar of blueberries on the table.


“Listen,” Hermione said evenly.  “I haven’t eaten since yesterday.  I have an important test in potions in an hour- well, three hours from now but one hour from when I should be, and no time for a proper meal.  For whatever idiotic reason the library was closed now and so I’m stuck studying then.  Which is really now.  To you.”


“Still,” the boy said simply.


“Ugh, fine!” Hermione groaned, pulling at her curly auburn hair.  She grabbed the jar, opened her mouth wide and tipped them inside, slamming the jar down while chewing and turning her back on the assistant.


“Yes, fine, thank you,” the boy mumbled before moving on.


Time stretched on as she dug through countless books to find passages needed for her research and homework.  The longer she studied, the more dizzy she began to feel until she caught herself re-reading the same sentence multiple times.

With a quick glance around, she brought out her wand to tap it against the empty jar on the table while moving her lips in a quiet spell.  The very tip of her wand sparked a violent red and a thin stream of smoke issued forth.  Blueberries burst into existence within the glass container and she quickly piled them into her hand, popping them into her mouth until her stomach grew quiet.


Hermione reached for her quill but then stopped when she noticed the blue streaks on the tips of her fingers.  She brought her hand to her mouth and then shook her head, returning instead to her studies.


The girl reached out to turn the page of the book in front of her.  It cracked loudly as it flipped and her fingers left bright blue marks where she’d touched the edges.  A thin cobalt line traced an erratic path down her fingers, curling around to the back of her hand like a lightning strike in slow motion.


A single drop of blue juice welled from the tip of her right pointer finger, brought out by the pressure of the finger against the quill she held. It slid down the shaft, spiraling around until it hung precariously at the carved tip.  She continued to write and it fell to the paper beneath, causing her to huff in frustration.  The juice left behind a blue spot that slowly widened.


“Eh-HEM,” came a familiar voice.  Unlike last time, this was immediately followed by a tap on her shoulder.  “I told you no food, Miss.”


“I don’t have any food,” she told the boy behind her.


“I can clearly smell it,” he said.  “And if I can smell them, you still have them.”


“I swear I don’t,” she said shortly.  “Now leave me alone so I can study.”


A pristine feather from a pegasus, she read to herself.  The blue line crawling along her arm reached her armpit.  It curved and slowed as if confused.  Hermione touched the pegasus and smiled, stroking the side of its illustrated body as if it were real.  Hair from a satyr.


“Oh my,” she whispered, tracing the form of the goat man slowly from the tip of his horns to cloven hooves with her eyes.  


Another blue pinprick formed on the finger of her right hand and again the juice fell to the quill, flowing this time to the very tip.  She laughed quietly and brought her stained left hand to her mouth.  


“Mmm,” Hermione moaned, tapping a completely blue finger against her reddened lips.  She sighed, opening her mouth and slipping a finger inside, groaning as she sucked at the sweet taste.  


The quill pressed against the small crotch of the satyr.  She slipped a second finger into her mouth and the tip moved carefully as a warmth formed beneath her breastbone.  The thin, dark line began to move again, torturously running over the swell of her right breast.  A third finger joined the first two and her lips swelled outward.  Azure coloring appeared in the cracks of her lips.  She pulled her hand free, groaning and shuddering as she ran the tip of her tongue from the palm of her hand to her fingernails.  Her hand fell to her breast and she squeezed herself with her nearly violet tongue sticking between her full, soft lips.


Her heart beat.  And again.  The blue line reached out, touching her heart.  She gasped, dropping her quill and hanging her head.  Her curls dropped around her to hide her face as she twisted in her chair.  Her heart skipped, stopping for one horrifying second.  Blue coloring flooded the organ, pushing out the red as her heart restarted.  


Hermione bit her lips as she squeezed her thighs together and pressed her forehead against the table.  She gasped, panting as cobalt streaks spread from her blue lips, creeping over her cheeks and over to her ears.


“God,” she moaned, squeezing her thighs together painfully.  She could feel the warmth between them and her toes curled as a small aftershock of the previous small orgasm rumbled through her body.  “God, what was that?”


She gasped, hand to her chest when she saw the book before her.  An erect blue cock pointed out from the satyr’s crotch.  Her fist flew to her mouth and she bit in to hide her cry as she remembered drawing it.  The girl’s teeth pressed into her hands, drawing forth small drops of blueberry juice.  She instinctively sucked on the juice, closing her eyes as the warm, sweet taste flooded her mouth.  It mixed with the warmth within her core and she groaned again.


A hand appeared on her shoulder.


“Told you,” she said dreamily.  “Not eating blueberries.”


The assistant librarian leaned forward.  Goosebumps rose on her skin as she felt his hot breath on her neck.  He kissed her.


“What-” she gasped, squeezing her thigh.  “What do you think- ohhh-“


The boy’s lips found her earlobe and he sucked at it.  Hermione gripped the arms of her chair as the blue filling her face reached her ears.  Intricate whorls spiraled out and around her inner ear before reaching her lobe.  The boy sucked again and she groaned as she felt him taste her juice.  


The hand holding her shoulder slipped down beneath her jumper and the white shirt she wore underneath.  


“Don’t- ohh- don’t touch me there,” she moaned but even she could feel her lack of conviction.


Her nails trembled against the chair but she reached up to pull him away.  His hand cupped her meager breast, the thumb flicking against her nipple.  She jumped and her hand clamped to his, holding him in place.  With each beat of her heart, the juice spread.  Her breast swelled in his grasp as it filled.  Her nipple and areola darkened to a brilliant plum coloring.  


Hermione squeezed the boy’s hand while opening her mouth and leaning back.  His lips found hers and they kissed, tongues wrapping together as he kneaded her breast.  When he drew back, a translucent line of blue spit connected their lips briefly.  Hermione’s eyelids were low and she stared at him lustfully, spreading her thighs as she pictured him between them.


The boy squeezed her again and she writhed, arching her back as juice squirted from her full, heavy blue breast.  Her shirt lifted, showing her pale midriff.


A hand slid through her hair, grabbing the roots and turning her head.  She looked shocked for a moment until someone kissed her.  The roots of her hair darkened to violet and the color spread slowly as the soft fingers holding her in place scratched her scalp.


“Smells good,” a third voice said behind her.  “Sweet.”


Hermione gasped when she was released.  Tanya stood before her in her black jumper with the green highlights.  Blue circled her lips and the girl leered back at her as she pulled at her own tie and then the bottom of her own shirt.  Hermione watched, unable to stop her hips from gyrating while the girl undressed.


Hands gripped the bottom of Hermione’s jumper and she raised her arms as they pulled it free.  Dark blue stained her white shirt while it strained against her still growing breasts.  She could feel the two warm spots over her nipples and she giggled.  Lithe fingers reached for her buttons but they pulled apart without help as her chest continued to grow.


Something warm and soft pressed against her blue cheek.  She turned and moaned as the head of someone’s cock slipped between her dark lips.  Her tongue wrapped around it as Tanya knelt beside her to suckle at her right breast.  Hermione reached up to stroke the cock as she worshiped it, slowly rocking her head back and forth.


Hands grabbed her chair, pulling her back from the table.  She glanced over briefly to see Ginger sitting on the book she’d drawn on.  The girl had her skirt raised and her panties pushed aside.  She was staring at Hermione with hungry eyes as she swirled her fingers against her clit.  The girl’s nostrils flared as she breathed in the scent Hermione gave off.


When someone grabbed Hermione’s right hand, she gave it willingly, grasping the offered cock.  Her blue fingers had grown incredibly soft and they bulged over the cock, slowly leaking blueberry juice that she used as lube.  Another hand grabbed her left hand but she shook her head, focusing on the cock-


It burst within her mouth and she groaned as she swallowed the cum.


“More,” Hermione gasped, wiping her mouth and leaving blue and white streaks along her cheek.  “More.”


Another cock replaced the previous one and she eagerly bent to it.  Her drool coated her teeth and they softened as she bobbed her head back and forth.


The skin beneath the girl’s stocking grew dark when the juice flooding her flowed down her body.  Her thighs swelled in response and the stockings stretched as blue skin pushed through the sheer fabric in tiny bubbles.  Soft fingers pulled her panties aside and she leaked juice to the floor.


A warm tongue lapped at the juice and Hermione bucked, sliding her ass forward until the waiting mouth surrounded her engorged labia.  She spared a glance to see a girl she didn’t know between her thighs.  She was small but in the same grade as her – sixth form.  


“Cum,” Hermione groaned around the cock in her mouth.  “Gonna cum.  Gonna- gonna-“


She bucked in her chair as she squirted, filling the girl’s mouth.  The small girl swallowed eagerly and leaned back, grabbing and squeezing her own breast as her fingers pressed between her tight pussy lips.


Blue filled the small girl’s sclera but Hermione had no time to notice as hands led her from the chair.  A boy lay on his back with his erect cock throbbing above him.  Hermione squealed and crawled to him.  Her ass bulged behind her, trapping her panties to the side as she straddled the boy.  


A hand pressed against her back but she ignored it as she lowered herself onto the waiting cock.  Juice dripped freely from her pussy and nipples, marking the boy as she bottomed out on his dick.  Her large, blue ass slapped against the boy’s thighs before she raised herself with a loud, quivering moan.  The hand pressed harder and she leaned forward.  A second cock slid against her slick pussy and then up, probing against her asshole.


“Wait,” she whispered.  “Waaa-ohhhh.  Oh, yes.”


The lubricated cock spread her asshole and she placed her hand on the ground as all thoughts fled.  Both dicks rubbed within her, pressing against every inch of her pussy and driving her wild.  She barely noticed when someone held her chin and slipped a fat dick between her lips but blue drool coursed down her chin as they fucked her mouth.  The boy beneath her leaned up to drink the juice from her nipple and she squeezed her breast to give him more.  


Soft blue lips found her other nipple as Tanya suckled from her, squeezing Hermione’s breast while begging for more of her juice.  


Hermione came, hard, squirting once more as she collapsed to the boy beneath her.  He kissed her face and pulled away, already stroking his cock.  It throbbed in his hand and began to swell as blue consumed the pink flesh.  


The slim girl walked back to the now empty table and lay against it with her legs up and spread wide.  A single drop of clear liquid fell from her pussy.  Another drop fell.  A third welled with a single speck of blue within.  It slid down her pussy lips as a bright blue drop of juice formed in its place.


The girl pulled at the tie of a nearby boy and he grinned as he unbuckled his pants and stood between her legs.  He leaned down to kiss her and guide his dick into her waiting, dripping pussy.  She cried out as she wrapped her legs around him and he stood straight, squeezing her small breasts.  Blue lined his mouth but he licked his lips clean and began thrusting.  The girl’s shirt tented over her nipples and a cobalt stain spread over her left breast.  She clawed at the desk as her breasts filled with juice and pulled at her shirt.


A male student held a blonde girl’s ponytail, tipping her head up as he tapped his cock against her lips.  She stared rapturously up at him as blue dripped from the tip and into her open mouth.  Unable to wait longer, she grabbed him and leaned up to suck his cock.


A distant feminine voice cried out in shock before slowly giving way to moans.  Hearing the girl and more beyond her, a pair of students separated from the rest.  They raced to the front of the library to lock the doors, grinning at each other before returning to a waiting redhead with dark blue nipples and violet eyes.


A girl stood highlighted in the frosted glass beyond the doors.  She stood on her tiptoes and tried to peer inside but then cursed when she tried the doors and found them locked.


Light flashed beyond the library doors and Hermione screamed as she orgasmed, her blue body shaking as her massive breasts quaked.  Juice coursed down her torso.   Hands surrounded her, touching her, squeezing her incredibly soft skin and wiping the juice up to lick clean.  She lost track of who she laid with as the orgy spread.

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