Thicker Skin

A young, unpopular girl finds a peculiar book that sets her on the path to royalty… of a kind.

The shelves of the library acted as acoustic baffles, swallowing the sound of rambunctious high school students yelling and laughing and roughhousing in the hallways outside.  A few female students entered, allowing the sound to follow before closing the door behind them.  


Erin glanced up at them with a worried frown while pushing her glasses up with a bent knuckle.  The intruders giggled with a quick glance towards the librarian before slipping between the aisles.  They whispered loudly but their words were indistinct.  Erin watched students through the frosted glass, jumping and tangling with each other as they passed by.


The girl’s right hand made a tight fist against the pages of the book she was reading.


Passing me by, she thought to herself, chewing on her lip as she watched the procession outside the huge room.


Not for the first time, she felt a wave of sadness wash over her. She’d drifted away from her classmates over the years but it grew worse when they entered high school.  She’d seemed to miss some memo or meeting where everyone changed.  They’d filtered into cliques and grew more daring while she continued as before.  No, worsened; withdrawing more fully into herself and the books she loved.  Living other lives more interesting and full than her own.


College was around the corner.  She’d celebrated her 18th birthday months ago and yet she felt life passing her by.  Racing past.  Ender’s Game lay open on her lap but she ignored it, staring a thousand miles away.


It was the dumbest thing but what she regretted mostly was that she hadn’t even had a first kiss.  She’d watched with envy as couples formed, broke apart, re-formed and often splintered angrily in drama-filled rants that dragged other students in its wake, in person and in chat groups and she still missed it.  Wanted to be wanted.


“Douglas,” she whispered, hanging her head before brushing blonde hairs aside.  He was handsome and popular with an amazing smile and often visited her daydreams when she lay in bed.  Already she could feel the slow tingling forming and flowing as her body woke to the thought of him, readying itself for what usually came next.  She pressed her thighs together and swallowed, ignoring the oncoming wetness and the urge to touch herself.  


She wasn’t stupid, she knew he’d never date her.  He probably didn’t even know she existed, despite being in a few classes together.  


It was childish and fantastical but she just wanted a kiss.  In her daydreams, nearly always preludes to masturbation, she approached him, confessed her attraction to him and asked if he’d kiss her, knowing she was going off to college on the other side of the country and they’d never see each other again.  He’d laugh, she would grow embarrassed and start to leave but he’d grab her and hold her tight while kissing her deeply.


Silly, yes, but the daydream kept returning over the past year until it took root and became something more than fantasy.


The tingling worsened and she looked down her small chest while hooking her ankles together.  Her top teeth dug into her bottom lip while she breathed heavily through her nose.  It was bad enough now that she could smell herself as, in her mind, Douglas was nibbling at her neck while slipping a hand beneath her shirt to play with her breast.


“Ohhh,” Erin moaned, shoving her ass back in her chair.  She pushed the book, closed now, between her thighs until the binding rubbed her clit.  Spots of red appeared in her pale cheeks and her thin lips parted.  She licked them quickly and groaned, nudging the book back and forth.


I’ll ask him, she told herself as she pulled the book away.  She checked the binding to ensure she hadn’t marked it and then spread her legs to make sure she hadn’t marked herself, either.  I’ll do it.  I’ll ask him.  Tomorrow.


The girl opened the book on her lap and flipped pages until she found her place.  She read and reread and reread the same paragraph while her heart raced. Shifting in place, her shirt dragged against her braless nipples.  She squirmed, drawing in a sharp breath before biting her lip again.  Her nipples stirred but refused to harden as the nerves within sent sharp, pleasurable jolts down her body.



“Tomorrow,” she told herself, staring at her reflection in her bathroom mirror.  She had her thick hair held back with a scrunchy and water dripped from her sharp chin.  Her eyes always seemed larger than they should be but the pale gray was unique and the only thing people commented on before forgetting about her and moving on.


She had fifth period with Douglas and he was always one of the last ones to leave.  Talking with his friends before getting his books together.  She’d loiter and follow him until the hallways were empty.


“And then I’ll ask,” she said, leaning in to touch her chin.  


She hated how her lips looked when compared to the girls around her.  Thin and colorless where others had an incredible array of colors they used on mouths that actually looked kissable. Erin pushed her lips out and sighed.  Her parents wouldn’t let her use makeup and she often wondered if that was part of what started the alienation she felt from her classmates.


“I need to use the bathroom!” came a young voice.


“Just a minute!” Erin yelled back at her younger brother.


She looked down at her frost blue pajama top with happy little red hearts.  Her breasts were small bumps tipped by nipples hidden behind the folds of the shirt hanging loosely against her body.  She stood up straight and the shirt flattened against her.  She frowned at herself and then lifted her shirt to look at her dark nipples.  


Bee-stung, she thought, echoing the words she’d read in a few online stories, hidden away beneath her blankets and out of sight and hearing of her parents.  


Erin’s soft fingers circled a nipple as she avoided looking at herself in the mirror.  She sighed while she played with herself gently, feeling the happy little spikes as her index finger rubbed the dark skin.  Her thumb joined to pinch and she tightened her grip on the edge of the sink.  She pulled, watching her small breast bulge outward before pushing it back to pinch harder.  Her breathing was faster now as she massaged herself with the palm of her hand and her nipple hardened in her fingers.


Imagining Douglas behind her, his hands instead of hers.  His crotch against her ass as-


“I’m gonna tell dad!” her brother yelled.  “I have to pee!”


Dammit! Erin cursed mentally.  She pulled her shirt down and stormed out with an exasperated grunt, crossing her arms over her slim chest to hide the way her nipples pressed against her pajamas.


The girl slammed her door and threw herself into bed in a huff while wrapping her comforter around her body.


“Tomorrow,” she said out loud, as if vocalizing the word would harden her resolve.



Oh god, Erin thought, staring at her open binder on her desk.  The class was restless around her as it neared the end of the period.  She looked toward the front at Douglas but then lowered her head.  Blackness filled the edges of her vision as her heart thudded painfully in her chest.  Maybe I shouldn’t. I don’t have to do it.  I can wait another day.


She knew herself, however.  Another day would continue as she pushed the goal posts until they graduated and she lost herself in a new life in college.


A chime sounded and books closed without waiting for the teacher to dismiss them. Her hands jumped to stow her things but she slowed herself purposefully, waiting until the others filed out of the room.  Finally, she grabbed her bag and stood, walking quickly to shadow Douglas when he left.


The hallway was already mostly vacant with a few straggling students but both Erin and Douglas’ next class were across the hallway.


He wore relaxed bluejeans with black Nike shoes, a t-shirt with the logo for a band she didn’t know and a red hoodie.  He exuded calm self confidence and it thrilled her.  His strong jaw and curly blond hair only made her ache more.


Now or never, she told herself, psyching herself up for what was coming.  Oh, god, he probably doesn’t even know who I am.


“H- hey, Douglas?” she said.  Already she regretted speaking out loud.  


“Oh, hey.  Later Justin!” he called out, turning from her for a moment to wave at a friend further down the hall before turning back to her.  “What’s up?  Erin, right?”


He knows me! she yelled internally, biting her lip to keep a smile from surfacing.


“Y-yeah,” she told him, fidgeting before him.  She grabbed the straps of her backpack and stood up straighter, both hoping he’d notice she wasn’t wearing a bra and feeling horrified at the idea of her breasts showing publicly.  “I- I was wondering-“


He tilted his head slightly when she didn’t continue immediately and a single eyebrow raised.  A muffled chime gave warning that the next period would begin shortly, drawing his attention to the large clock set high on the wall behind Erin.


“W-w-would you like t- to maybe- are- are you dating-” she stuttered, blushing to the tips of her ears as she stared at his chest, unable to meet his eyes.


“Oh, hey,” he said, his voice soft.  He shuffled from one foot to the other.  “No, I’m not but, look, you’re-“


“It- it doesn’t have to- we don’t have to date!” she said, too loudly.  She looked up to his face and then down to his shoes.  “I’m- I’m moving away to college when we graduate and I haven’t- I haven’t done anything.  Not even- not even a kiss and I thought-“


His hand touched her shoulder gently.


“I can’t be that guy,” he told her.  “I get what you’re asking but that’s not how it works for me.”


Tears welled in her eyes and she bit her trembling lip while her hands tightened on her backpack straps.  Unable to hold back, she sniffed as a tear raced down her cheek and she wiped her nose with the back of her hand.


“I’m sorry,” Douglas said again. “There’ll be other guys out there that are into you.  Just, maybe in the meantime you’ll need some thicker skin.  It sucks now but you’ll find him.”


Erin nodded as her eyes watered.  She waited for Douglas to go into the class and then she turned away, breathing out with a quiet, swallowed sob.  She brushed her eyes harshly with her sleeves and fast-walked towards the library until the thick door hissed shut behind her.  The librarian was in the corner, typing on her computer and another student sat at a table with a pile of books but she ignored them both and slipped into the aisle between shelves.


She sniffled as quietly as she could while slowly walking down the aisle.  Her brain unhelpfully replayed the interaction endlessly, alternating expressions on Douglas’ face ranging from pity to disgust in its effort to bring her down.  She shrank into herself in return, desperately pushing away the memory while it relentlessly ignored her.


The light seemed dim in the back of the library and she was surprised to find she hadn’t reached the end yet.  She turned to look back and her stomach lurched from a sudden, intense bout of vertigo.  The pathway twisted in a disconcerting way that forced her to lean against the shelf next to her.  Squeezing her eyes shut, she breathed shallowly until the feeling passed.


Her eyes opened to spy the aged, ragged spine of a large book on the shelf before her.


Reconstructing the Id


Its ribbed binding spoke to her as her eyes glazed over at the title.  She found herself reaching for it and then using her other hand when the weight pulled against her arms.  With both hands against the bottom, crossed below her chest, she held the book tight against her body.  As she was about to walk back to the front of the library with her prize, she noticed a red leather chair just beyond the sudden end of the shelf.


Warmth radiated from the book, flowing into her.  She felt her body stir against it and her nipples tightened, making her gasp as she scurried toward the chair.  Beneath the larger title on the front of the book was the subtitle Eros and Thanatos with lusty currant coloring on the former word and glossy sable on the latter.  Eros glowed faintly, radiating a golden haze until she sat back in the chair.


Erin flipped the book open, cracking it to show the middle where a silk bookmark lay between pages.  As the pages settled, one turned as if pushed by the flow of air and she stared at the title of a new chapter and the text below.


As discussed before, the Id is never changing.  It is the seed which lies at the heart of the Ego and Superego.  It is the most basic, primal part of us that exists, a holdover of evolution that remains despite our best efforts to tame it.  To make ourselves more genteel while ignoring the base desires and instincts that drove our ancestors.  Gratification should be delayed or ignored in the pursuit of more nobler purposes in order to redefine the human race into something much more.


It would be a disaster to let the Id wither at the expense of the Super-Ego’s moralistic control.  We’ve shown how a chaste society would operate in just such a world and the disasters that would follow.


The Id is not something to cage or restrain while ignoring the demands it makes.  We mustn’t let our Ego be the subconscious mediator.  This is the path towards disillusionment and indecision.  If we allow reality to define who we are as a person, we’ll quickly find ourselves trampled beneath the hysteric mob called Mediocrity.  The guilt caused by the majority of society will flow through the Superego to cripple our Id until we are made small.


Give in.  Strip away the Ego in its entirety and learn to listen to your Id and the passions within.  Reshape reality around you rather than allowing reality to shackle you to your monotonous place in society.


From the diminutive ant to regal lion, our animal brethren live in the moment.  When they are hungry, they feast.  When they are tired, they sleep.  When they are aroused, they mate.  Differences are settled quickly and violently, without the need for spineless politicians and their endless red tape.


The words bore into her brain as she worked to grasp the underlying meaning of the new concepts it presented.  It felt powerful and inspiring to her in a way she couldn’t grasp but she continued to read, turning pages as a soft glow surrounded her.


Periodically, Erin would reach up to scratch beneath her breasts.  Her nipples moved as the skin surrounding them stretched.  Glandular tissue and fatty tissue formed around the lobes and ducts within and the bottom of her plain shirt slid up her belly as the shirt molded itself to her growing bosom.  White stretch marks appeared on the inside and outside curves of her breasts and she scratched the new skin before leaning back to allow her to read more comfortably.


A flickering flame finally caught the girl’s attention.  She gasped when she saw the dark sky through the windows beyond the bookshelves.  Her large breasts shook when she slammed the book shut and she jumped up, swaying for a moment when she bent to grab her backpack.  The shelves twisted around her when she power walked towards the front of the library and the hallway beyond, ducking her head to try to hide from the cameras with their blinking red lights.


My parents will kill me, she moaned to herself as her heavy breasts swayed before her.  They bounced with each step and she found herself growing painfully sensitive as her braless nipples continuously rubbed against the inside of her shirt.  I should just take it off.  Fuck it.  Don’t care if anyone sees me topless and, if I do, it’d just attract-


She stopped, grabbing her backpack tight against herself while examining her thought process.  The idea of being topless in public was making her excited and she couldn’t understand why.  It was a thrilling fantasy that grew to include onlookers calling for her to strip completely and her smiling lewdly in return before stepping out of her pants, displaying herself for all to see.  Giving into the lustful urges pulsing within while eyeing the men around her as they took their cocks out.


“What the hell, Erin?” she gasped, grabbing at her throat as her cheeks burned.


And yet, it didn’t feel entirely wrong.  She straightened herself and her shirt lifted to show her belly button as she confidently squared her shoulders and sped up to make it home before it grew too dark.


Muscles formed in her calves with each step.  The gentle curves stretched the skin of her legs when they hardened beneath her flesh, bulging outward and pulling her pant legs tight.  As with her breasts, thin white stretch marks appeared and then streaked upwards as the changes continued to her thighs.


Her fingers worked shamelessly at the button of her pants and then the zipper to provide relief when she felt her jeans bite into her legs.  She massaged her ass and hips quickly while walking and then slipped a hand into her pants to press a thumb into her thighs, ignoring the shocked look of a man standing at a bus stop.


Erin’s home stood three blocks away.  She broke into a run, her bare breasts slapping painfully against her chest.  Her calf muscles strained against her jeans and she found herself propelled forward faster than she’d ever run before.  Wind whipped her hair and she laughed as she gave into the pleasure of exerting her changing body far beyond the limits she’d grown up with. 


Stitches burst in the seams at the sides of her jeans when she stopped herself by grabbing the railing leading up to her house.  She leapt up the stairs, clearing three at a time with unnatural ease before opening the front door and walking inside.


Her mother came quickly, storming in from the kitchen.


“Where have you been?!  We’ve been worried!” her mother fussed.  Red dripped from the spatula at her side and Erin’s stomach rumbled when she smelled the meat sauce simmering in the room beyond.


“I’m hungry,” Erin blurted out.  She dropped her backpack and then frowned at her bluntness.  It came before thinking, forced out when she realized she was hungry.  She tried to say she was sorry but realized she really wasn’t.  The lie came easily to her instead.  “I was studying late for a test tomorrow.  Is food almost done?”


Her mother stared at her in mild shock but Erin found she couldn’t care very much.  She felt empowered by what she’d read and the words dug deeper into her brain, encouraged by her acceptance.


“Y- yes, almost,” her mother said, lost for words.  


“Okay, I’m going to change out of my clothes and be back to eat,” the girl said, walking away and into her room.


Once inside her room, she turned, hand against the closed door for balance and her eyes widened when she took in her body.


Her nipples pressed hard against her shirt but it was her breasts that made her gasp. Her shirt strained against her chest now and her breasts pressed together to show impressive cleavage. Seeing them, she could suddenly feel their weight.  And their softness.  Full and firm before her.  


She lifted her shirt, struggling to get them over her breasts before flinging it aside to ogle herself.  Light blue veins stood out against the pale skin but her fingers traced the scars of the stretch marks, gasping when she realized how sensitive she was when her fingernails scratched her skin.


Erin placed a hand beneath both breasts and lifted.


“Holy crap,” she whispered, staring at herself.  Her stomach was lined with muscle and she only just realized her pants were unzipped and open wide enough to show her white panties.  Skin bubbled up over the sides of her pants and, when she tugged at the jeans, she realized they were stuck.  “I look- I look beautiful.”


She couldn’t stop staring at her huge, perfect breasts and the thick nipples atop both of them.  Aching for her touch.  Her eyes fluttered and she moaned as the thought made her instantly excited.


Rather than push away the arousal, she grappled with it, holding it close as she caressed herself, running her hands down her flat stomach and further against the perfectly smooth mound below.  She moaned again, eyes closed as she immediately gave into the urge boiling up from her core and her finger came back wet from her jeans.  


“Gotta get out of this,” she panted, pushing aside books and papers on her desk until she found a pair of scissors.  


The girl carefully slipped the scissors into the front of her jeans, cutting away her panties in one snap and then continuing further, slowly snipping at her jeans to expose marbled skin pulled tight over muscles beneath.  Stretch marks exploded outward from her knees, up to her thighs and down to her shins like lightning.  She ignored that and continued to cut until she stood naked save for her socks.


Her wet pussy glistened in the lights and she smiled at herself, walking backwards while admiring her body in the mirror.  She sat on the floor with her legs spread, staring at herself while slipping fingers between her thighs and the folds of her pussy.


“God, yes,” she moaned, leaning her head back.


Her glasses slipped up and she flung them away with her free hand to stare at herself once more.  She spread her pink pussy lips and imagined a fat cock slipping inside.  Her hips writhed at the image and her hot breath puffed out as she squeezed a massive breast with one hand, bringing it up to suck at the nipple.  She lifted her ass and it bulged out behind her, stretching as her waist began to match her breasts and thighs.  Her ass jiggled when she slammed back down with a sharp moan.


Her pupils dilated and then opened further, consuming her gray irises until no color was left.other than the white of her sclera.


It wasn’t enough.  Her body demanded more and she gladly gave into it.


Looking around her room while her fingers slid in and out of her aching, dripping pussy, she spied what she needed and smiled.  Standing, she shoved her fingers in her mouth to clean the clear, sweet cum from her fingers before climbing into bed.  She turned, spreading her thick thighs and wide ass with both hands planted on the bed before her.


Gray streaks appeared in the stretch marks surrounding her breasts, clouding the white before growing darker.  Needle thin fibers pushed out from the marks and then began to harden into thin, glossy black strips.


Erin rubbed her ass back against the post at the corner of her bed, moaning when the bulbous wood grinded against her clit.  She lifted her ass and then leaned back further, impaling herself on it.  She’d only ever used her fingers and the girth of the post was astonishing.  With a whimper, she lowered herself as far as she could go and then pulled back before shoving down again.  Her breasts bounced before her and her forearm muscles bulged as she held herself in place with one hand while the other explored her body.


“Dinner’s ready!” her brother yelled from outside her door.


Tell him to go away! her inner voice yelled as she groaned loudly while rocking her ass back and forth against the post.


“Fuck off!” she yelled back.


That’s not- no, her voice said. It was quieter now and she ignored it as it complained at her harshness. 


She had no time for niceties.  No time to find the socially correct way to answer her brother when he squealed that he’d tell on her.  Her lust consumed her and she completely gave herself to the base need, rocking harder and harder as her pussy stretched over the rounded post.


It was coming.  She could feel it.  Growing.  Stronger and stronger.  She pictured Douglas before her, grabbing her tits, sucking on them as she rode him harder and harder-


“God!” she screamed, shuddering and collapsing on the bed.  She kicked her leg and then curled up as she spasmed from the intense orgasm.


More gray streaked the stretch marks around her knees and legs.  She smiled and then jerked as she forced her hands between her thighs while strips of hardened exoskeleton formed around her kneecaps.


Erin’s whimpered happily, muscles still twitching as she rubbed herself and rolled to her stomach to stare at the post.


It was covered in her cum and her mouth watered.


You can’t, the stern voice told her.


“Fuck you,” she laughed, going to all fours.  She crawled to the post and stuck her tongue out while raising her ass, grasping the base of the wood to suck it like a cock.  Her other hand slipped beneath her to rub her clit as she moaned and cleaned the wood.  


It was an entirely new thing for her.  She’d always dreamed of having a dildo but knew she never would until she was on her own.  Once, a month ago, she’d playfully and shyly sucked on a pen but, briefly.  Now, she worshiped the post and bent over it, opening her mouth before shoving her head down, licking and sucking while rubbing her clit until she could feel the orgasm building once more.


Erin popped off the post with a wordless shout as she squirted a thin stream of clear liquid from her pussy.  Muscles flared in her forearm and the post splintered before breaking off in her powerful grip.  She covered her swollen sex and gasped with a shuddering breath but her finger continued swirling.  Her body demanded more orgasms and she complied with enthusiasm.


When her stomach rumbled again, she pulled her hand free and licked herself off, going to the door until the voice within screamed at her.  She sighed, rolling her eyes and turned to look for her pajamas.


Microscopic chitinous fibers pierced the skin high on her forehead.  It consumed the flesh and hair surrounding it as it solidified into two lumps hidden behind her bangs.  


Finally, she found her pajamas and pulled them on.  They slipped easily over long strips of black exoskeleton on her shins and thighs but grew tight closer to her hips, forcing her to wriggle her ass until they slipped up and over her curved waist.  They crotch dug into her soaked pussy and a large wet spot formed as she searched for the matching top.



Forks clinked quietly against plates as Erin’s mother stole glances at her daughter. Erin ignored her and focused on her food, shoving wads of spaghetti into her mouth over and over in between sips of water.  Her brother yelled loudly from his room, lost in an online game with his friend.


She scratched at her side, just beneath her breasts and her nails bumped over ridges of hardened skin.


“What-” her mother started to say before stopping herself.


The stubby tips of Erin’s antenna twisted beneath her hair as they pointed towards her mother, pulling her attention in that direction.  The woman smelled heavily of old wine and sweat and spices from the kitchen.


“What what?” Erin asked while twirling her fork around more pasta.

Rather than answer, her mother shook her head and continued to steal glances at her daughter’s chest with an odd frown.


Dense muscle formed in the girl’s back, pushing against her skin until a thin line appeared in the middle, centered on her spine.  She grunted and twisted as her body anchored the powerful muscles of her legs and arms to her core.  More stretch marks appeared  beneath her armpits, running in alternating patterns down to her waist.


As her hunger became sated, she could feel herself grow tired while her changing body consumed the fuel it needed.  Beyond that she could still feel the pulsing hunger of her arousal.  She eyed her plate and then slid her hand into her pajamas while spreading her thighs.  Erin’s index finger rubbed her clit beneath her dinner table as she forced herself to finish her food.


She felt drained but horny as new glands grew beneath her skin.  Her orgasm was annoyingly close but not close enough to cum as her body diverted resources and attention elsewhere.  She sighed, pulled her hand free and licked her fingers clean.


“Did you-” her mother said before her pupils widened and her mouth fell slack.


Erin’s pheromones wafted away from the glands still forming within her body.  Although weak, they filled the small area quickly.


“I’m done,” the girl said, pushing back from the table.  Her breasts shook as she stood and then lifted when she raised her arms into a stretch.


Bands of glossy black chitin surrounded her side, matching the stretch marks that had formed earlier on her back.  She reached up to scratch beneath her sides and then down her side.


“I’m going to bed, maybe to masturbate,” she said bluntly before walking away with a yawn, already dreaming of her pussy being filled by a mass of faceless men.  “Don’t bother me while I’m in my room.”


Her knees creaked slightly as the kneecaps hardened and segments appeared.  Chitin spread outward, beneath her knees and down when she threw back her bedsheets and stripped out of her clothes, standing naked in her bedroom with the door wide open.  She lay in bed with the covers back and her legs spread, slowly masturbating as sleep consumed her.



“What the hell,” Erin whispered as she sat on the edge of her bed.  “What the hell is this?”


She’d pulled her shirt off and was staring at her side.  A dense black shell cradled her breasts and continued down, stopping just above her hips while growing into the middle of her stomach in blunt, segmented points.  She rapped on the side of the black material and felt it push against the surrounding skin as it absorbed the impact.  Her knuckles throbbed and she rubbed them.


Standing, she stared and cursed when she saw the chitin covering her entire back.  It flexed to show thousands of thin segments when she moved her arms and upper body but turned into a solid black mass when she stood at rest.  It ended in smooth curves just above her ass but continued high on her thighs as if she wore organic stockings.


Her knees were entirely changed, flat rather than bulging outward and surrounded in elegant lines that turned strangely when she flexed her knee.  The chitin spread down to her shins and, when she squatted, she could see gray lines circling her ankles.


“What the hell,” she repeated.  Her antennae brushed her hair aside as the shortened tips bent backwards.


It was wrong.  She knew that.  She tried her best to try to conjure disgust or horror at her body, imagining what others would think of her when they saw her but she felt no shame in how she looked.  Rather, as she stared at her breasts and turned in a slow circle to see her wide, curvy hips and ass, she found herself getting turned on.  The black exoskeleton was sleek, the contrast only serving to highlight her changes. She looked almost robotic, in a futuristic sense.


Her mind shielded her and the words from the book burrowed deeper.  All she saw was a body made for pleasure.


Made for birthing a colony.


The rest was nonsensical noise that didn’t matter.  Worrying about others, worrying about what was happening to her – it was nothing.  She was her own universe and only her needs and urges mattered.  


She turned and bent over, spreading her legs with hands on the bed while she imagined a cock in both holes, one in each hand and another in her mouth.  She’d never had a gangbang fetish before but the small fantasy she’d had last night was growing now as the urge to mate became overpowering.  And, more so, to have scores of males constantly keeping her pregnant and pleasuring her to wear away at the never ending ache between her thighs.  


Erin went to the bed without hesitation when she acknowledged how completely horny she was.  The dark plates in her back made quiet scratching noises as she arched her spine and then bent outward while fucking the unbroken bedpost at the other side of her bed.  She sat back on her shins with both hands squeezing her breasts.  She pressed them together and then raised them, taking turns to bite and suck at both nipples until her first orgasm left her breathless.


Falling forward, she twisted to lay on her back with a groan before reaching for her foot.  Her pink toes were a light gray color and she could feel them being pulled apart beneath the flesh.  Fibrous strands of chitin emerged from the skin as the joints separated and extended, forcing her toes further from her foot.  She touched her toes carefully but the chitin was already hardening into an armored exoskeleton.  Wiggling her toes made them click together metallically. 


The fibers spread like growing hairs, sprouting in a wave that consumed her flesh.  A burning sensation in her toes caused her to watch them once more.  Her toenails disappeared beneath the slick black strands drying in the warm air of her bedroom but they pulled at her toes, widening them before flowing outward and down.  She stared at her feet, wiggling them slowly as the giant claws tipping each of them tore at the bed beneath her.


Short, bristly hairs slipped through the seams in the growing armor on the sides of her legs.  She brushed them and then shivered as nerves rewired along her body.  Tiny hooks arrayed along the hairs latched onto her fingers, straining to hold her in place before she pulled free.  More of the hairs appeared while she watched, spreading along her leg and thigh. 


An intense thrill washed over her body, beginning in her hands, rushing through her arms and down her core.  She pressed her thighs together and found herself rubbing her legs in a sawing motion that produced a faint rasping sound.  Her antennae swiveled toward the sound but she ignored it, leaning back as she clawed at her arms.  The same thick hairs grew beneath her fingers, racing around and up to her shoulders until she was gasping and moaning from the new sensations erupting along her body.


Chitin continued to spread over her feet like stitches being woven into her skin over and over before merging into a single plate.  And then higher to her ankles.  She worked her toes and ankle, listening to the muted clicks and shivering as the chitin formed higher, crawling over her flesh in a tantalizing, torturous touch.  


Erin lay back, raising her ass while shoving both hands between her thighs.  Gravity pulled her heavy breasts down to nestle against her face as she tried once more to quench the raging fire of her lust.



“You’re late,” Ms. Teak said with a frown when Erin pushed the door open to her fifth period.


“I know,” Erin told her as she walked into the room.  


The girl wore no backpack.  Her old sweatpants hugged her body tight enough to show every new curve.  Her toes click-clacked loudly against the linoleum.  Each step left behind five miniature fractures in the old, scuffed linoleum flooring.  She held her hands in the old, gray hoodie she’d stolen from her father.


At first, walking on her feet had presented problems for her. The exoskeleton was extremely slick and she’d slipped several times before realizing she needed to walk on the balls of her feet with her center of gravity forward while using her toe claws to anchor herself.


Heads turned to follow her but she ignored them, instead looking over at Douglas to ensure he was watching her.  She brushed her hair back, gently pulling her long antennae back with them while working a new muscle to hold them in place.  They didn’t always listen to her but she found her command over them growing quickly.


Pheromones followed in her wake, dispersing widely to announce to potential suitors that she was ready to mate.  Always ready, now.  A few of the boys in her senior class adjusted themselves, twisting their suddenly hard cocks to the side in order to sit more comfortably.  She smiled indulgently at a few before taking her seat.  The entire class of 18 year olds, already full of hormonal drives, found themselves pushed further.


A few eyes took in her bare feet.  Eyebrows rose in confusion but they quickly found themselves oddly unconcerned, instead returning Erin’s smile with lazy indifference.


Ms. Teak sat at her desk.  She stared at the stack of papers and open books, opening her mouth and then closing it again before shaking her head.  Grabbing a pen, she pushed at a paperclip on her desk.  


“I have to go,” she whispered to herself, sparing a last glance at Erin before standing and striding through the classroom door.


Erin leaned back in her desk, rubbing her body against the hard plastic of her chair.  Two nodules stood out against the hardened exoskeleton, just beneath her shoulder blades.  They felt incredibly itchy but she couldn’t scratch through the armor plating to make the feeling go away.


“I like your hair today, Erin,” Josephine said.  The girl stood fidgeting nearby, pulling at her shirt while shooting shy smiles at the seated girl.


“And your hoodie,” Tessa said.  She beamed when Erin looked her way.


Josephine reached out to stroke Erin’s hair but took her hand back when Erin shied away from her.


“D-do you need anything?” Josephine asked.


“I have my lunch,” Trevor said in front of her.  He dug through his backpack to retrieve a paper bag.  “It’s a ham sandwich and some fruit.  My mom made it.”


“I have leftover pizza!” Ryan said behind her.


Erin’s antenna lifted, ignoring her attempts to lay them flat.  They tilted and rotated, scenting her classmates while the few bare hairs along her arms vibrated from the sounds they made.  She hated how the hairs felt behind clothes.  Every time she moved, they brushed against her shirt and jeans and she felt like people were touching her.  Or standing against her.  Looming over her.  


Her fingernail tapped impatiently on her desk as others chimed in to offer her food.  Her hand spasmed, forcing her to hiss while making a fist.  Donovan, a smaller senior that sat two rows back, knelt quietly beside her to gently take her hand.  He massaged it wordlessly as Josephine went behind her.


“M-m-may I massage your neck?” the girl asked hopefully, reaching out but holding herself back when she remembered the earlier rebuffing.


Rough chitin threads spread out from Erin’s nail beds as Donovan pressed his thumbs against her palm and joints.  Her skin began to resist his attempts as more chitin formed.  She felt the exoskeleton spreading again and her pheromones leaked her displeasure at the irritation it presented.  Josephine squeaked and pressed her warm hands against Erin’s shoulders, quickly digging fingers in while pinching with her palm.


“That’s good,” Erin murmured, closing her eyes.  Someone else took her other hand, a girl if the soft skin and sweet scent of her perfume were any indication.  Erin’s antenna trembled while they focused on the newcomer before continuing their restless scanning.


“I’m so glad,” Josephine said quietly.  She was close and her hot breath warmed Erin’s neck.  The girl was a year older than the rest, already 19 years old due to an illness when she was younger that made her miss a grade.  Her lips brushed the hard, black exoskeleton plate that formed just beneath Erin’s nape.  And then higher to the side of her neck.  Higher still and her teeth nibbled at Erin’s earlobe.


“I have strawberries,” Trevor said anxiously.  Erin opened her eyes to see him holding a plastic baggie full of fruit in one hand and a single strawberry in the other.  At her nod, he brought it to her mouth and she bit it from the stem.  The boy sighed happily, dropped the stem and grabbed another strawberry to feed her.


“Douglas,” Erin said while looking in his direction.


“Y-yes?” he asked, standing quickly.  


“My clothes are bothering me,” she told him.


After multiple orgasms earlier in the morning, she had debated going to school at all.  It no longer seemed important.  There was an entire world of experiences waiting for her.  Sitting in a classroom to have useless knowledge drilled into her by rote felt pointless. 


What made her change her mind wasn’t one of the base desires driving her forward but something else entirely.  A need to build and a place to begin.


“I’m sorry about yesterday,” Douglas said when he stood before her, his eyes downcast.  


“Why?” she asked him, honestly curious.  He’d said what he’d meant at the time and she couldn’t fault him for it.  Better that than wrapping a dismissal up in social niceties to save her feelings. 


“I just-” he struggled to remember why he’d turned her down.  She was gorgeous.  Not just her full figure and well endowed chest but she exuded command and charisma far beyond any girl he’d ever dated.  Or any celebrity he’d lusted after previously.  Those were childish desires.  He knew that now as he stared at her.  


“She told you to take her clothes off, asshole,” Ryan hissed at him enviously.  “Don’t make her ask you again, you lucky, lazy motherfucker.”


“Sorry!” Douglas yelped.  He reached out quickly but then slowed as he took the sleeves of her hoodie, sliding it off her upraised arm.  The other arm followed quickly and he groaned as he stared at her cleavage.  He squeezed his cock and then reached around her, temporarily pushing Josephine aside as he raised Erin’s shirt, pushing his hands against her huge breasts when he reached her chest.  Erin moaned in appreciation and, emboldened by it, he reached around to squeeze her breast, hefting it in his hand.  He almost fondled her nipple until he remembered her earlier command.


He went around the desk and Josephine quickly took her place once more, pushing Tyra aside when the other girl tried to take over.  Tyra instead massaged Erin’s upper arm while glaring at Josephine.  


Douglas knelt before Erin, licking his lips as he tugged at her tight sweatpants.  His mouth opened and he swayed forward, nearly planting his face between her thighs before catching himself to slide the pants down her body.  They resisted at her waist but then slid against the completely smooth exoskeleton covering her thighs.  


The dense claws now tipping Erin’s fingers scored the desk when her sweatpants rubbed against the coarse hairs lining her legs.  She rocked her chest and both Tyra and Josephine reacted in kind, bending to kiss her bare skin while grabbing Erin’s breasts.  Their kisses left a trail along her body until she felt their lips surround her nipples.  She cradled their heads with her arms, holding them close as she writhed at her desk.  


Douglas needed no further direction.  She sat before him, nude and beautiful.


His queen.


His hands rested gently against her thighs and he tugged her carefully.  She slid at his urging while spreading her knees.  His warmth spread throughout the shell covering her legs and her antennae quivered in anticipation as the administrations of the two young women suckling at her breast made her pussy grow damp.  He kissed along the hardened exoskeleton covering her inner thighs, higher and higher while increasing her anticipation. 


His tongue startled her and she clenched the two girls in return.  They moaned and kneaded at her breast while nibbling and licking her nipples but Erin focused on Douglas.  It was the first time she’d been licked.  The first time someone else had done anything with her pussy.  His tongue flicked against her clit before diving into her folds.  She gasped, nearly clawing the two girls before slamming her fist against the desk nearby, easily snapping it from the stem holding it in place.  She saw hands pick up the broken desk to move it away from her.


Someone kissed her neck as another kissed her back.  She ignored them while staring at Douglas, panting when his tongue flexed inside of her.  The orgasm building within was far different than the ones she’d given herself.


“Fuck me,” she gasped, pulling the girls away from her body.  They reached for her, caressing her arms and back as Donovan stood.


The boy unzipped his pants before letting them drop.  Veins stood out on his bulging, reddened cock and pre-cum dripped freely.  Her pheromones acted upon them all, loosening their libido while pushing their physical bodies past their limits.


When he kissed her, she could taste her own cum and she twisted her tongue against his, clawing at his back while pulling him towards her.  He reached down, pushing his cock between her thighs and she screamed when his throbbing, angry cock split her apart.


Another mouth, a boy, she thought distractedly, kissed her as Douglas braced himself on her chair.  Tyra bent down to her breast, pulling it towards her to kiss and then suck at the swollen, wet nipple while yet another girl played with her other breast.  


“God!  God yes!” Erin shouted.  Her calves rubbed together and the room filled with the rasping sound.  It drove Douglas forward and he grunted, suddenly slamming into her.  


“Fuck!” the boy yelled.  She could feel him cum inside of her already, his hot seed filling her pussy.  He swelled deep within, thick and hard but kept moving as veins stood out on his temples and sweat filled his brow.  “Can’t- can’t stop.  Still hard.  Still- fuck!  Still hard!”


She lost herself in the gasping, thrusting, moaning pleasure that filled her head and her loins.  Because of this, Erin barely registered the muscles twitching in her back.  She crossed her legs around Douglas, holding him tight while gripping the chair as the buzzing continued.  It vibrated her skull as she cried out from her second orgasm.  Lips kissed her open mouth and her body while hands caressed her skin and exoskeleton.


The lumps on her back separated from the heavy plating of her armor, swelling outward to expel a thick, white ropy mass.  Again, the muscles vibrated and the still-wet wings slapped her back.  Hands tugged gently at the wings to unroll them until they were flat and they buzzed again, almost lifting her from her seat.


Douglas exploded inside of her and it pushed her over the edge a third time.  She grabbed his neck, pulling him close while clenching her thighs and rubbing her shins together, making the grating, rasping sound that caused her nearby classmates to cry out rapturously.  They began to shed their own clothing as their inhibitions lowered further.


Erin kissed Douglas’ forehead before unwrapping her legs.  Despite cumming twice in short order, his cock still throbbed.  His cheeks and chest were red but she touched his face and he immediately relaxed, going to his knees and then his back.  Bella, a girl from the loud, rebellious  punk clique, helped him down but then grabbed his cock, sucking and licking him clean in order to get a taste of Erin’s juices.


Cocks bobbed all around Erin, ready for her to choose.  She flicked her wings and touched herself, feeling Douglas’ slick cum against her swollen pussy.  It covered the black exoskeleton on her inner thighs until she gestured at Jennifer, who knelt beside her, clinging to her leg.  The girl eyed the cum hungrily and leapt at the chance to service Erin.  As she worked, she slid a hand along Erin’s thigh, watching her expression carefully to ensure she wasn’t displeasing her.  


Jennifer sighed, eyelids fluttering when her fingers slid into Erin’s soaked pussy.


“Close the curtain on the door and lock it,” she told the classroom, not caring who followed the command.  She caressed Jennifer’s hair while rocking her hips in small motions and her wings fluttered gently behind her.  A warning scent mixed in with the pheromones, built to drive away curious outsiders as they passed the classroom.


She grabbed a nearby cock to kiss it and the young man gave his thanks to her when she opened her mouth around it.  He would be next, in a few minutes-


“Ah!” Erin gasped, grabbing Jennifer’s hair when the other girl licked between her thighs.


Maybe more than a few minutes.  He would have his turn.


When the next period bell rang, they would wait until the school emptied in order to build a base of operations.


A colony with which she could start her kingdom.

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