Haunted House Party: Truth or Dare

Two of three in a series!

Another group arrives and each change in their own way.

The Mercedes’ engine ticked in a steady rhythm as Morgan sat in the fading heat of the front seat.  She double-checked the red-stained fake bandage on her upper arm and tapped her fingers on the steering wheel.  


A black BMW X5 was parked next to her, hidden in shadows cast by the brilliant crescent moon above them.  The moon was larger than she’d ever seen it and almost painful to look at.  The silvery light pulsed from its surface.


“We’re too early,” the girl said, pulling at her blonde braid.  She’d almost dyed it brown to match the character she’d dressed as – Lara Croft, but her mother had thrown a fit at the idea so she’d left it as it was.  The urge to obey her parents was a constant sore point for her.  She couldn’t wait to go off to college out of state but worried they’d extend their grasp to the other side of the country to continue controlling her.  And more worried that she’d let them.


A beam of light bounced behind her, flashing in her dimmed rear view mirror before sliding to her right.  An old Camry screeched to a stop beside her car.


“That would be Max,” Ian said from the back seat.  “Great.”


“I thought you two were friends?” Parker asked from the passenger seat, looking through her window at the new arrival.


“Were,” Ian clarified, adjusting the heavy pirate hat he wore.  “Last year.  The dude won’t grow up.  Still stuck on cartoons and video games.”


I like cartoons, Parker thought.  She shrugged, however.  Max was far outside her social circle but never bothered her so far.  Her hand reached up to scratch beneath the white wig she wore and then down to tug at the edges of her black dress.  She’d found a 2B costume from Nier Automata at the mall and instantly bought it.  Now she regretted how short it was.  As well as the overly large “boob window” as her mother called it.  And video games.  Video games are fun.


“We should go in,” Ian said.  “It’s getting cold and I’m bored just sitting here.”


“We’re too early,” Moran said again.


Ian pulled the handle of his door to step into the cold night air.  His breath streamed from his mouth and the large, puffy blouse he wore did nothing to insulate him.  The boy settled the sash on his side, pushed the plastic sword back in position and walked to the house.


“Oh, hey-” Max said from beside his car.  His voice faltered and he lowered his raised hand as the two front doors of the Mercedes opened.  “Uh.  Ian.  Hey M- Morgan.  P- P- Parker.”


“Hey Max,” Parker nodded.  “I didn’t know you were invited.”

“Y- yeah, Noah said I could come,” Max said, shuffling his feet while pulling his long white lab coat over his light blue shirt.  His limp, brown hair was spiked and poorly colored blue.


“Rick, right?” Parker asked as she led him towards the house.  “From Rick and Morty?”


“Y- yeah!  D- do you watch it?” he asked her.


“No,” she said, stepping up onto the wide porch.  Morgan slipped inside the house and a blast of warm air buffeted her.  “I just see the memes sometimes, you know?  And I asked Terry.  She told me about it.”


“Oh, y- yeah!  It- it’s good!  You should watch it sometime,” Max said, staring at the ground as his heart hammered in his chest.  Every ounce of his willpower went towards not staring at the short girl’s costume.  It was snug and accentuated every curve of her well-developed body.  His eyes darted over to her cleavage and he swallowed, waiting for her to go inside before following.


“Not my kind of humor,” she said dismissively.  “Wow, holy crap, wow, look at this place.”


Morgan and Ian stood with Jake at the bottom of an enormous, wide staircase.  Thick, red carpet lined the stairs with gold accents on the edges.  It led up to the second floor and glossy, wooden double doors even larger than the ones they’d just entered through. 


A twisted wrought iron pole held an old oil lamp that burned with soft light.  Max followed Parker to the stairs but stopped as a cold finger traced down his spine.


Jake stood nearly motionless in his Zeus costume, the thick white robes covering all but his arms and shoulders.  In the shallow light, the robes appeared to writhe as if snakes tumbled and fought beneath them.  Lumps appeared over his chest and moved, chasing other bumps down to his legs.  Higher still the shadows cast by the single flame made Jake’s face appear ghoulish, wrinkles at the corner of the boy’s eyes, his forehead and his lips cracked with-


An unseen wind caused the light to flicker rapidly.  Jake turned to face Max, his body nearly transparent and blinking in time to the guttering light but Max could still see and hear him talking to Ian.  Green light wavered in the second Jake’s ghostly eyes but the strange wind died and only the one Jake remained.  The boy’s robes hung perfectly from his athletic body.  Calm and unruffled.


“The hell?” Max whispered before joining the group.  “What the hell.”


Any room?”  Morgan asked.


“Yeah, any room,” Jake told her.  “I’ve already set it all up.  Got here hours ago.  Had a catering company help.”


“A catering company catered a party at an abandoned house?” Ian asked skeptically.  “What kind of company-“


“One that likes money,” Jake answered sharply.  “We’ll meet back here in two hours for the big party so just go relax and have fun in the meantime.”


“Where’s Tracy, Karima and Grace?” Morgan sighed, looking around the empty house.


“They texted ten minutes ago,” the boy answered.  He shrugged.  “Said they were on their way but running late.”


Oh, right, Max thought, grabbing his phone.  He opened his texts and found the last one from his mother, typing out a message to let her know he’d made it safe and would be home later.  Halfway through his message he saw the “No Service” text at the top of his phone.


“H- hey, Jake?” Max asked.  “Are- are you on T-Mobile?  I don’t have service.”


“Verizon,” Jake replied.  His eyes bore into Max’s skull and Max shivered, remembering the strange vision he’d seen earlier.  “I’ll send the girls your way when they’re here.  Keep Max with you.  I don’t want people getting lost before the party.”


“Fine,” Morgan huffed. She looked left and then turned right to walk down the wide hallway, leading her small group to find an available room.


The first door looked hand-carved with intricate details.  The door handle was silver shot with gray but it barely turned when Morgan tried it.  Ian took a turn next, rattling the door but Max ignored them to inspect the door itself.


Tiny creatures frollicked on the edge of the door, locked in time by the artist who created them.  They were a varied bunch, men with goat legs and pan pipes as well as miniature giants raising clubs to the sky and many, many more.  Higher on the frame, a lone figure was portrayed as floating or falling or frozen above a jagged, barren landscape.  It had wings and-


“Are you coming?” Parker asked.


“Oh!  S- sorry,” Max said, glancing at the frame again before following the other three to the next door.  


The second door opened easily into what Max immediately thought of as a smoking lounge.  Red leather chairs with tall, wide backs were scattered throughout the room.  Empty bookshelves covered the walls and an old wooden globe, nearly five feet in width lay to the side.  It was anchored by wood along the equator and four slanted legs beneath.


“Eggs?  That’s it?” Ian groaned.  


Morgan looked over at the boy and down at the small table set in the middle of the room.  Silver trays held perfectly aligned rows of deviled eggs.  She wrinkled her nose and stood on her tiptoes to see if there was anything else left out for them.  Two hours to the main party and she was stuck here waiting while her friends took their time.


“We could try a different room,” Parker said.


“Doesn’t matter,” Morgan told her.  She chose one of the more prominent chairs and sat back, pulling her plastic guns around to the front of her belt.  The girl shivered as her mostly bare thighs touched the old leather but she did her best to ignore it


Ian plucked one of the small eggs and popped it into his mouth.


“They taste alright,” he told them, grabbing another to eat while he walked around the room.


“Wow,” Max said from the far side.  “This is really old.  It’s in French and it doesn’t even have all of the US mapped.  Australia is just ‘Nouvelle Hollande’ on this.  And on the top- oop.”


A soft click came from the globe and the globe popped on hidden springs before Max snatched his hand away from the top of it.  Morgan leaned forward with interest as the boy slowly pulled the sphere open, laying the top carefully against the wood surrounding it.


“Holy shit, score,” Ian said.  He walked quickly to the globe, reaching in and pulling a bottle free from the interior.  “No label and there’s wax around the cork.  Whoa, whoa.  Check it out.”

The boy held it up to the light being cast from hidden fixtures high upon the wall.  He shook the cloudy bottle and the liquid inside whirled slowly.  The motion revealed something floating at the bottom of the bottle.


“It’s a fucking worm,” Ian told them.  


“No, they don’t really use worms,” Max said.


“It’s a worm,” the other boy said firmly.  “Parker, look, I dare you to drink it.”


“No.  Fucking.  Way,” the girl said, sticking out her tongue while clutching her stomach.  


“Oh, hey, how about that?” Ian asked. “How about we play truth or dare?”


“Pass,” Morgan told him, rolling her eyes.


“We have to do something,” Ian frowned.  “At least until more people get here.”


He grinned suddenly, twirling the bottle in the air and catching it one-handed.


“Unless you want to play spin-the-bottle?” he asked, his smile wide and full of teeth.


“C- come on, Ian,” Max said.


“Hey, Max, chill the fuck out,” Ian grumbled.  “You aren’t my mom and I don’t need you babysitting me.  But if people are too chickenshit – Parker – then that’s fine.”


“I’ll do it,” Morgan said.  She grabbed one of her fake pistols and twirled it to hide her anxiety.  Despite her helicopter parents, she wasn’t entirely naive.  She knew how the games could go.  She’d just have to control it.


“Alright, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about,” Ian cheered.


The boy spun around the room dramatically, eyeing each of them in turn before settling on Morgan who squirmed beneath his crazed grin.


“Morgan,” he said.  “Truth or dare?”


Truth, she almost said, stopping herself at the last minute.  If he asks me something embarrassing, I don’t think I could lie right and then I’d look stupid.  If I go for a dare after saying ‘truth’, they’ll think I’m hiding something.  There’s no way he’d dare me to do something sexual and if it’s terrible, I can just laugh it off.


“Dare,” Morgan said, lifting her chin and blushing when the boy laughed at her.


“I dare you to drink from this bottle,” Ian told her, holding the bottle out by the neck.


“That could be poison for all we know,” Parker said.


“Y-yeah, Morgan, that’s not safe,” Max chimed in.


“There’s other bottles in there,” Ian told the both of them.  “And my uncle has a hidden liquor cabinet like that.  It’s alcohol and alcohol never goes bad.  They fuckin’ pulled some wine up from the Titanic at the bottom of the fuckin’ ocean and said it still tasted good.”


A quick sip is nothing, right? Morgan wondered.  Ian approached with the bottle and she took it, ignoring the worm at the bottom.


The wax around the cork was the color of a dull, uncut garnet.  She twisted the cork, praying it would break in place or not come out but the wax cracked and the cork pulled free easily, surprising her.  The alcohol sloshed within and the heady scent of spices spilled forth.


Morgan sneezed, covering her mouth with the back of her left hand.  


“Is it bad?” Parker asked.  “You really don’t have to do this.”


“No, it’s fine,” Morgan told her.  “Just intense.”


The blonde-haired girl swallowed and stared into the bottle as her stomach clenched in anticipation.  She swallowed again when she spied the worm but, this close, she could tell that Max was right.  It was too fat and too white with little segments and, worse, little things that looked like feet along its body.


She held the bottle still as she psyched herself up for the dare and her eyes tracked the little larva.  Watching it intently.  Swallowing again as she marveled over how fat and juicy it looked.  Imagining it crunching and exploding in her mouth when she bit down on it, leaning her head back to let it slide down her throat-


“Shit!” Morgan said, dropping the bottle.  It miraculously fell straight down to the carpet, thumping on the base and staying up straight without spilling a drop.


The worm had moved within the bottle, squirming within the alcohol as it tried uselessly to burrow from a hovering predator.


“What’s wrong?” Ian asked, eyebrows knit together.


“N-nothing,” Morgan told him, licking her lips.  She grabbed the bottle and stared down into it to see the grub still floating.


Before she could change her mind, she brought the bottle to her lips and tilted it back to taste it.  It wasn’t as strong as she’d worried it would be and she tasted the spices more than the alcohol itself.  


Her short tongue slipped into the bottle, questing for the worm.  When it eluded her, she lowered the bottle to bring it up to her eye.  She shook her shoulders and clicked her teeth in frustration as she saw it still floating there.


“Wow, hell, Morgan,” Ian laughed.  “You actually did it!”


“Wha-” Morgan said, blinking up at him while holding the bottle tightly.  She smacked her lips and then looked back into it before pressing the bottle deep between her thighs.  To keep it away from the others.  “Oh, yeah.”


“Who’s next?” Ian mused, tapping his chin.  “Maaaax.”


“C-come on,” Max pleaded, shuffling his feet.


“Morgan drank from a thousand year old bottle with a worm in it, Max,” Ian goaded.  “Truth.  Or.  Dare.”


Morgan ducked her head, tapping her teeth against the bottle between her legs.  She shook her head, grabbed the neck and brought it up for another sip, shaking it to encourage the larva to drop into her mouth.  


“T- truth,” Max sighed.


“Have you ever had sex,” Ian asked immediately.  “Oh, sorry.  With a woman.  A real woman.  Oral, anal, pussy, whatever.”


Morgan lowered the bottle, cocking her head with a sharp motion to look at it before looking up at Max.  


No way, she told herself, eyeing the larger boy.  She took another quick pull from the bottle, luxuriating in the way the spices filled her nose while the alcohol flooded her body.  She reached up to scratch beneath her bare left arm.  Although, I guess there are some girls who might do it.


“Uh, y-yeah,” Max said quietly.  


“Who?” Ian prodded.  “What did you do?”


“I’m- I’m not saying who,” the other boy told him.  “And it- it was just making out.  And then she-  I-  it was sex.  Just sex.”


“Bull.  Shit,” Ian laughed loudly, clutching his sides.  “No fucking way.  You’re lying your ass off.  I know you, Max.  You used to talk about how scared you were of girls.  You can’t even look them in the eyes, man.  Don’t tell me-“


“You’re being a little bitch, Ian,” Parker said, jumping to her feet.  “I don’t care if you were friends or not but you don’t have to be such a cunt to him.”


“It’s called ‘Truth or Dare’, Parker,” Ian sighed dramatically.  “Not ‘Lie or Dare’.  The whole point is to be honest about whatever you’re asked.”


Morgan closed her eyes as the others argued.  She felt a sudden fever grip her and she bowed her head while clutching the bottle.  Sweat dripped from her brow and she couldn’t stop herself from shivering.


Flight muscles formed beneath her breast and her body fed the new growth.  Marrow and cancellous bone seeped out from the thinning walls of her compact bones, flowing through her body while breaking down further.  Her breasts jutted out suddenly, straining against the tight camisole she wore as part of her costume.  It lifted further, baring her midriff to show skin growing thin over dense muscles lining her core.


“Crraaahhh-” she groaned, quietly, the noise masked by Ian laughing again.  


Sweat poured from her skin, soaking her shirt while she trembled from the changes.  Her follicles opened wide along the inside of her arm as her body designated feather tracks.  Hard keratin formed in the miniscule gaps, building on themselves over and over until the shafts of her primary feathers slid free.


She gasped as the wet feathers lay against her skin, their progress stalled as her body prepared her for more changes.  Barbs grew along the shafts, branching out into her feather’s vanes as barbules laced over each other again and again.  Smaller down feathers pushed forth and she slammed her head back against the chair as a rush of heat raged through her body.


“-alright?” Parker asked from the side.


Morgan turned slowly, blinking her eyes.  Deep within the pale blue of her irises arose pure midnight black.  They appeared to float to the surface of her eyes before spattering and spreading.


“What?” she asked through the haze and burning.  She grabbed her arms to hide the feathers, biting back a moan as her fingers brushed the shafts.  They dug into the follicles and scratched deep inside her body.  Her teeth chattered and she lifted her knees before stamping them down.  “Fine.  I’m f- f- f-“


Something moved within her pussy, twisting and pushing and making her convulse.  She clenched by instinct and felt the slick walls of her pussy slip together.  The back of her taut shorts lifted and the shorts dug painfully into her thighs and waist.  She groaned, clutching the arms of her chair as the wall between her pussy and asshole vibrated and grew thin.  Bones cracked as a lump formed over her ass.


“Morgan?” Parker asked, reaching a tentative hand out.


“D-d-d-don’t,” Morgan groaned.


The blonde girl’s eyes fluttered but when she opened them fully, inky darkness stared back at Parker, causing the other girl to jerk back with a hiss.  Beneath Morgan’s shorts and her silky white panties, her asshole began to move.  Muscles pushed at bone as they lowered, forcing her hips to reshape.  Her pussy, swollen and red and fat, traveled upwards towards her puckered asshole while the skin surrounding it began to grow smooth.


“It’s- it’s- it’s-!” Morgan screamed, jerking in her chair as she orgasmed, her feet thumping against the ground.


The girl’s asshole opened as it met the bottom of her pussy.  The walls between them melted away to leave her with a slick cloaca.  Her thin, inner lips wasted away to nothing, leaving only her engorged labia behind and a large wet spot from the front of her shorts to the back.


“What the shit, Morgan,” Ian said.  


She looked up to see all three watching her.  Staring at her.  The girl jumped up and practically flew as her hollow bones and lighter frame left her at a fraction of her weight.  New instincts forced her to pump her arms in midair and the motion caused more follicles to open along her feather tracks.  New shafts emerged but she landed nimbly with a light thump.  She hopped and the skin bulged from her back into a rounded point.  The tip of her fledgling featherless tail lowered.


The girl fled.


“Parker, what the shit,” Ian asked again, turning to the short girl.  He grabbed at his cock and adjusted himself quickly, shoving his half-erection down without realizing what he was doing.  “What the fuck did I just see?”


She looked back up at him with an open mouth and wide eyes.


“I- I don’t-” Parker stuttered.  “I’m going after her!”



Morgan turned right at the door.  As she stepped into the hallway, her foot cramped and she stumbled.  The girl raised her arms and her flight muscles tensed as she turned as if to correct her path.  As if she were flying.


She fell and rolled, jumping up once more to continue running.


The tip of an onyx claw speared the front of her right boot.  The tough leather parted easily and widened as the claw lengthened.  A second claw pierced her left boot.  Both dug into the carpet while she ran and every third step was a half-hop.


Her tail dragged at her spine.  Flesh gathered around it and it pushed outward through the gap between her shorts and shrinking shirt.  


With another step, a tear opened in the dark patch of her shorts. She groaned, leaning against a wall as she fumbled with the buttons and zipper, shoving and pushing and dragging her panties down until she freed herself.  New feathers brushed against her shorts when she dragged them over her thighs.  She bit her lip to hide the moan but it was too much.  The feathers and the feel of the air against her virgin cloaca made her cry out.  


Her shorts stopped at her boots and she knelt to untie them.  Her tail lifted in response and it was already dotted with dark gray shifts and glossy black quills.


“M- Morgan?” Parker said behind her.


“Craaww!” Morgan cried out, startled at the sudden appearance of her classmate.  She twisted and fell against the wall as she accidentally pulled her right foot free from its boot.


Four toes lined the front of her foot and a long black claw, deadly and curved covered her middle toe.  Her fifth toe, the smallest of them, lay at the side of her foot but it was still moving, sliding around to her heel.  Dark cracks appeared in the smooth, pink skin of her foot.  The skin was shriveling and fading to the dull color of charcoal.  The webbing of her third and fourth toes slid forward, pulling them together.


“Morgan, I don’t-  I don’t understand what-” Parker said, wringing her hands.


A new feather track formed at the nape of Morgan’s neck.  She groaned, falling to her knees with her hands on the ground as it slid down her spine.  She thrust her ass back and her broad tail quivered.  The girl reached up to grab her shirt, pulling hard to expose her smooth breasts and soft, inverted nipples.


“I can’t- I can’t- I can’t-” Morgan tried to say.  “Feel so full, Parkaaaawwrr.”


“What- what can I- can I do anything?” the other girl asked.


“Jake,” Morgan gasped as she tore at her shirt.  Her powerful chest muscles had snapped her bra and it hung low on her body, caught in a few new feathers growing beneath her breasts.  She pointed down the hallway towards the stairs.  “Get.  Jake.  Make him.  Make him call.”


“There’s- Morgan, there’s no stairs,” Parker said quietly.


“Craw!” Morgan gasped, turning.


They hadn’t walked far down the hallway after they arrived.  The second room was close enough to the entrance that she’d expected to hear when new people arrived.  Yet there was nothing but more hallway.  It curved beyond her eyesight, an endless passageway of red carpet, dark windows and doors.


“N-n-nawwwww!” Morgan stuttered.  She fell to her ass with her knees spread, rocking back and forth against the carpet.  Each motion left a wet stripe on the ground beneath her.


“What’s wrong!  Just tell me what’s wrong!” Parker pleaded.


“Full, Parker,” Morgan gasped, pulling at the red threads beneath her.  A second claw slit her left boot and she could feel how cramped her foot was.  “Hurts.  It hurts so much.”


“Where?” Parker asked.


Rather than reply, Morgan lifted her ass.  Her feathered tail spread, sending a powerful gust of wind towards the small girl.  It carried the scent of the girl’s arousal, slamming into Parker and making her stumble backwards.


“Morgan, I don’t know what you want me-” Parker tried to say.  She swallowed as she stared at the girl’s cloaca.  It glimmered in the light, surrounded by her thick labia.  Goosebumps rose along her body as the other girl’s strange tail swept down to send another wave of the intoxicating smell her way.


“Inside me,” Morgan whined.  “Something’s inside of me.  Need.  Need you to touch it.  Take it from me.  Please.  Please, god, please, you don’t know.  Please.”



“Tell me you saw that,” Ian said, staring at the open doorway.  He scratched at his chest as he tried to listen to the fading sounds of Parker’s muffled footsteps but he found himself distracted.


His fingernails dug into the skin over his chest, again and again, clawing at the sparse hair he’d been able to grow over the past year.  He tugged at the vest he wore, jerking it out of the wide belt at his waist.  Hairs stood up all along his body as a rush of warm air surrounded him.  The boy grabbed his tri-fold pirate hat to fan his face but the fingers of his free hand continued to scratch.


The tips of the boy’s nails slid past the end of his fingers to drag across his tunic.  He groaned as he dug them deep into his skin


“Huh,” Max grunted.  He grabbed his forehead, massaging his temple before dragging his hand through his blue-tinted hair.  Two faint circular outlines stood against the side of his head partially hidden by his thin, spiked hair.  “Yeah.”


Ian looked over at the other boy.  Something in his voice sounded different.  Deeper.




He grabbed his cock to adjust it again, confused at the feeling of arousal yet lack of an erection.  Morgan had had an orgasm right in front of him.  An obvious, loud orgasm strong enough to leave her soaked from it.  And her tits-


His hand pressed against his chest and he cupped his finger as he stared at the chair where she’d sat.  The hand holding his hat sped up as the warmth burrowed into his bones.


“Oh,” Ian gasped, stumbling but catching himself on the back of a nearby chair.  He swallowed, eyes wide as sharp, needling pain lanced through his hips, just beneath his cock.  His arms felt weak and he lowered himself, dropping his hat as he folded his arms over his stomach.


Beside him, Max grunted again.  His jaw ached and his entire body felt sore.  The boy’s nostrils widened, the top spreading outward as the bridge of his nose widened.  He rubbed his face, dragging thick fingers across sudden prickly stubble.  Thick brown hairs emerged from his scalp as testosterone flooded his body.  He grunted and pawed at his cock, squeezing its hardness through his plain khaki pants.


“Nnnnn,” Ian groaned, his lips white as he pressed them together.  


His balls ached, throbbing with a dull pain as they changed.  They slowly receded as a minuscule tear opened behind his ballsack.  He pressed his tongue against the roof of his mouth while turning his head to the wings at the back of his chair, pressing his forehead into the hard leather, nuzzling against it again and again as sweat poured down the nape of his neck.  


Fat cells formed in his adrenal glands and immediately began pumping estrogen throughout his body.  Ian groaned, grabbing his neck with fingers under his jaw.  His slightly pronounced Adam’s apple grew smooth and, almost in unison, his testicles slipped inside his body.  They burrowed within, opening his cervical canal as they moved.


Fallopian tubes bloomed deep inside, spreading while his cervix surrounded his still-retreating balls.  The tubes branched off, left and right while shrinking slightly.  Tissue built up around his traveling testicles, lengthening and anchoring to his new reproductive system before settling in place to become his ovaries.


“You okay?” Max asked, his voice fairly booming in the room. The sound reached deep inside of Ian and he squirmed in his seat with his legs together.


“Yeah,” Ian said, wiping his forehead with a hairless arm.  His voice was higher pitched and he coughed before massaging his sore throat.  He looked up- and then continued to look up to see Max looming over him.  


What- why do I feel- Ian wondered, staring at Max.  The other boy was simply bigger, his jaw square with dark brown hairs lining his cheeks and thick arms bulging against the white lab coat he wore as his costume.  Why do I feel so small?


A loose strand of brown hair fell against Ian’s ear.  He pushed it back but it bounced forward once more, forcing him to hook his long fingernail and pull it up and around his ear.  His short hair was growing, sliding down his neck and nape.  Kinks appeared as it lengthened and the hair coiled slightly into bouncy curls.  He shivered as the hair caressed him but that movement made his tunic slide against his belly and that made him groan, head tilting down as blood rushed to his cheeks.  His tiny cock turned uselessly beneath his trousers.


Ian placed a hand against his cock, pressing at skin and bone.  Something clicked beneath his fingers and his eyebrows came together.  His soft brown eyelashes curved away from his eyes as he blinked and looked down, pressing once more.  There was something there.  And nothing.


And then he tensed the muscles of his taint and shrieked, his voice climbing higher and higher.  


He could feel new muscles deep within.  Pressing together, empty and hot and needy and wet as his Bartholin glands produced fluids for the first time.  A flush coursed through his body causing him to spasm when his estrogen levels spiked.  His eyes rolled back and he moaned, his voice sweet and needy.


“Whoa, Ian, what- you-” Max sniffed.  His jaw cracked, sliding forward and he gnashed his teeth.  Dense bone formed within the twin rings on his forehead before pushing against his skin into wide points.  “Smell like- like- what is that smell?”


“No,” Ian whimpered, pushing his hands between his legs.


It was shrinking further.  His cock.  Shriveling beneath his hands.  He grabbed at it, pinching it and yanking in a futile effort to hold it in place.  Beneath it, skin gathered on both sides of the small, internal tear between his thighs.  His fingers, growing slim and shrinking as fat and bone melted away, brushed his labia.


His cock was nothing more than the shrunken head laying above his labia.  Soft, thin skin flowed down from the head to become the hood of his not-yet-formed clit.  He shoved his knees together and pulled them up to his chest, squeezing his legs against his body.  Bones scraped together painfully as his hips widened and his ass started swelling.


“No, no, no,” Ian said, rocking slightly in his chair.  He looked up at his old friend, staring through brown curls that framed a heart-shaped face.  Fat grew beneath his cheeks and his lips swelled, filling and pushing forward while a tiny dimple appeared in the middle of his chin.


The boy’s widening hips tore at the skin between his thighs and his pussy opened.  His body reacted and he moaned, twisting and opening his legs while reaching up to grab the back of the chair.  His ass continued to balloon, pulling the trousers and underwear against his body.  He dragged his fingers down his face, hooking his pouty lip before shoving his palm against his pussy to touch himself in wonder.


“Haa- haa- haa-” he panted, his face red in shame.  Even he could hear how sexually charged he sounded but he couldn’t make it stop.  His body forced him into it, betraying him with the building lust.


His fingers felt the warm wetness.  Flesh moved against his fingers and he moaned, twisting once more in his seat.  His inner pussy lips grew in place, sensitive and soft and he desperately wanted to touch himself more.  Deeper.  To ease the throbbing aching emptiness within.  


I have to go, he told himself, pushing at his thick hair.  Have to get out of here.


“You’re a woman!” Max bellowed.


“Shit, I-” Ian said, shoving back into the chair.  He’d forgotten about Max through everything else.


His last mistake was looking up at the other boy.


Max’s shirt was torn to show a heavily muscled torso, thick with brown hair.  A tuft of fur spread out over his straining pants.


The tip of the boy’s dick lay exposed.  Ian groaned and licked his lips, hypnotized by the sight of it.  The soft, rounded head was widening as the circumcised edges flared outward.  Black splotches appeared on the skin as the cock continued to grow and the button holding his trousers snapped open.


Twin horns adorned the huge boy’s head and his face was elongated with a thick tongue that wrapped around dark lips.  The hair on his face was thicker now and clearly fur rather than simply hair.  It crept down his neck and over his shoulders in thick, rough patches.


But his cock-


Ian shivered and hugged himself.  His ass rocked back as he thrust his flat chest forward.  He sighed and then stuffed a finger into his mouth, biting hard against the soft skin to keep from making noises.


“Something’s happening,” Max groaned, grabbing his massive cock.  He pulled and his zipper came undone to expose the length of it.


And it was still growing.


The boy’s thighs were clearly outlined in his khaki pants.  Tears appeared at the seams on the sides.  He grunted, tugging at his cock and lifting his legs, ripping the pants in a single motion.  Brown fur dotted his thighs.


Ian’s tongue lapped against his finger.  He stared at Max’s cock as he straightened the finger and sucked at it, wrapping his tongue around it, pulling it in and out of his mouth and scratching his long nail carefully against his tongue.  His other hand slipped down his body, playing against the softened skin low on his belly before slipping beneath the band of his trousers.  


“God!” he moaned as his fingers brushed his clit.  “What- no!”


Ian jumped from his chair and fell but strong arms caught him and held him easily.


“Let me go!” Ian said, struggling in Max’s grip.  “Let me- let me go!”


Max opened his arms and Ian pushed back, running to a chair on the opposite side of the room to hide behind the back.  


“I’m not- urrgh,” Max groaned, falling to his knee.  His pants split down to his ankles to show flaring calf muscles with thick fur covering the back of the hardened muscles.  He grabbed his foot with a grunt and his nostrils opened and closed rapidly.  His spayed fingers ripped his shoes easily in half.


“Oh.  Oh god,” Ian’s eyes widened at his friend’s nude body, unable to tear his eyes away from the gigantic cock bulging away from the other boy’s body.  Ian licked his lips and pressed his palms against his stomach while pressing his legs together.  Liquid dripped from his pussy, trailing down his soft inner thighs.  “God.”


The bones of Max’s toes pushed forward, skin swelling over the knuckles as his toes lengthened and spread.  His toenails were ragged and thick and curling over his toes, enveloping them into split hooves.


Ian’s hand crept down his body.  His breath came quickly, hot air puffing across his tender, full lips.  The tips of his ears burned.  Lower, fingers sliding beneath the band of his pants.  His pubic hair was soft to his touch but the heat from the pussy between his legs was what he ached to touch.


The pussy, he told himself.  Not mine.  Not mine, oh god, not mine.  


The bare tip of Max’s tail swished behind his back, growing lower and lower as it developed.  The boy groaned, gnashing flat teeth in his wide face.  The tips of his ears tweaked and then lowered, the skin growing thick as they pushed out to the side of his face, flicking in sympathy to the pain emanating from his feet.


Huge, Ian thought, licking his lips.  His hand trembled against his mound but he could already feel wet hair against his fingertips.  Wet from his- the pussy.  His arousal.  He sank to his knees and snatched his hand away.


“That hurts,” Max said, pushing against his knee to help himself stand.  He rocked on his new hooves and his tail thrashed behind him.  


“Jesus,” Ian said quietly as he stared at the size of him.  He was easily larger than anyone in their class.  And anyone he’d ever seen in person. 


And his cock, the boy thought to himself, holding back a moan as his ass thrust back.  He placed a small hand on the ground, staring at the gigantic dick thrusting outward.  It curved under its own weight, pink with black splotches and as thick as a can of soda.  Ian wiped drool away from his mouth.  What- what the fuck am I-


“You okay?” Max asked bluntly.  He suddenly seemed to realize he was naked aside from the lab coat.  “Sorry!  God, sorry!”


The boy worked his arms but his bulging biceps tore the sleeves of the coat.  He grunted and pulled, ripping the coat away.  Ian watched as his friend wrapped it around his waist to try to hide his cock.  His bulk and the length of his dick prevented him from covering it completely.


“Sorry,” Max said again.  He walked over to the chair with his hand out and Ian shied away.  “Let me help.  We’ll go find Jake and- and- I don’t know. “


“I can’t let them see me like this,” Ian whispered.  He blushed as he realized he was staring at the other boy’s cock.  Again.


“I’ll just tell them you’re some-” he stopped, rubbing his wide nose.  His ears lay back before dropping briefly.  “Some- sorry.  Some girl.”


“I can’t,” Ian whimpered. 


“Come on,” Max told him, reaching down.  His hands gripped Ian gently, raising him to his feet.  “Let’s get you help.”


Ian leaned into the other boy and his head slipped under his forearm.  Max’s hand brushed against Ian’s chest but he yanked it away.


“Al- aaah!” Ian cried out, gripping onto Max’s body.


“What’s wrong?  Ian?!”  Max said, reaching down to hold his friend.


Fatty tissue formed beneath Ian’s nipples and the tiny milk ducts expanded while more developed around them.  His tiny nipples moved and the blouse over them dragged against them, making him bite his soft lips.  The boy’s areola began to expand, dark skin replacing pale white as they widened to a quarter of an inch.  A half inch.  Nearly a full inch.  His nipples grew thick to match and they hardened to push against his shirt.  He leaned into Max and his small, pert breasts pressed against his friend’s side.


“Uhh, Ian?” Max said quietly.


Ian’s fingernails dug into his friend and he rubbed his head against the fur sprouting from the other boy’s body.  Lost in the ecstasy of his growing breasts, he opened his mouth and his bottom lip stuck to Max’s body.  With a hungry, needy sigh, he kissed the boy’s side and squeezed him.


“Amazing,” Ian gasped.  His breasts pushed against his loose shirt to show bulging cleavage through the opening at the top.  The weight of both tits pulled at his back but Max held him tight and he couldn’t stop himself from rubbing against his friend.  He stood closer, opening his legs to twine his body against the other boy.


Hard muscle pressed against Ian’s clit and the boy shrieked.


“Ian,” Max groaned.  His cock pushed against the robe around his side, freeing his cock.  It slapped against Ian and the boy grabbed it by reflex.


The room was eerily silent as both boys stared down at Ian’s small hand cradling the gigantic cock.


Ian bent, opening his lips and Max’s hand clutched against the other boy’s curly hair.


“You don’t have-“


Soft lips brushed the sensitive head of Max’s dick.  He shuddered as Ian’s tongue lapped out at the pre-cum covering the top.


“Thought- thought it-” Ian gasped, slowly stroking the cock with both hands. He couldn’t touch his fingertips together.   “Thought it would taste bad.  It’s good.  Too good.  So fucking good, Max.”


Ian pressed his face against the head, rubbing his cheeks and lips around the flattened head.  He opened his mouth and pressed down, but his teeth brushed the edges and he backed away, wiping his mouth.  The boy pulled at his blouse to bare his breasts, firm with dark nipples over wide, bumpy areola.


“Beautiful,” Max said, licking his lips.  “You’re so beautiful.”


“Don’t talk,” Ian said, looking down.  He turned, pushing at his trousers and underwear, sliding them over his bulging ass.  “I can’t- Stop- I can’t stop myself.  If you don’t talk, I can pretend.  I can pretend it’s something else.  Me and a girl.  I can pretend.”


“Ian, we don’t have to-“


“Don’t talk!” Ian yelled.  He leaned forward, spreading his thighs and his hairy, virgin pussy lips opened to show glistening pink within.  One hand held the chair in front of him as his other squeezed his breast over and over.  “Just- Just- please, before I lose it.  Please.”


Max held his cock and walked forward, laying it gently against a bulge low on Ian’s back.  The other boy looked back through long lashes and an open mouth.  Skin moved on Ian’s face as the bridge of his nose widened.  He reached under himself, sliding his fingers through the tangle of hair and around his wet lips.  Thrusting back, he pushed his fingers apart to open himself further.


“Now, please, now,” Ian gasped as clear liquid dripped down to cover his fingers.  His brain was afire and he whimpered.  He hated to admit it but he was on the edge of begging to be fucked.  He would plead and give whatever Max wanted to make him take his virgin pussy.  It dominated his mind.  The thought of his friend’s cock inside of him.  Thick drool dribbled from his lips as his face began to press forward.  The tips of his ears parted his curly hair as the edges flowed outward.  The lump on his back squirmed but he held himself in place.


“O- okay,” Max said, guiding his cock down to press against Ian’s pussy.


“Fuck!” Ian cried out, grabbing his thigh.  His pussy lips bulged against the tip of his friend’s cock.  “It’s- it’s too much!  Oh god, it’s too big!”


“Sorry!” Max said, starting to pull back but Ian’s hand reached up to hold him in place.  


Ian groaned and his legs jumped as he pushed back.  His pussy lips bulged around the head of Max’s cock and he stopped, panting for breath.  Soft brown hairs sprouted from the middle of his back.  Just above his pubic hair, his skin tightened and four tiny holes appeared.  He could feel pinching pain beneath the skin but he ignored it as he slowly pushed against the waiting cock.


Bones creaked in Ian’s waist.  The tip of his tail, barely an inch long, slapped against his ass as his hips opened.  He groaned, his long, thick tongue lashing out as the head entered him.


“Mmmmm- It’s inside!” Ian moaned.  “Oh god, it’s inside me! I can- I can feel it and- oh god, yes!”


Max grabbed Ian’s soft, padded hips and leaned forward slowly, watching with astonishment as his cock slid inside Ian’s pussy.  He was warm and wet yet gripped him tightly and it was the best thing he’d ever felt.


“Mmm- ohhhh,” Ian said, drooling as he turned back with a lazy smile.  The skin low on his belly began to sag and four little pink teats protruded, wobbling as his udder filled out.  “Mmmmooo!”


The tip of Max’s cock hit something solid so he pulled back, watching Ian’s pussy lips expand around him.  His dick was wet from the other boy’s pussy.  Irregular patches of dark brown covered the pink lips of Ian’s distended pussy.


“Fuck- fuck mmmme, Max,” Ian moaned, reaching underneath to pull his friend back inside. His hand hit his udder and his legs dropped before Max held him more firmly in place.  Ian’s fingers gripped a single teat as he shoved his wide ass back hard.  Light brown fur began to cover the boy’s hips, flowing down from his back.  “Fuck me!  God, fuck me and use me and fill mmmmmmeeee!  Mmmooooooo!”



“It’s naaaawt right,” Parker said.  She cocked her head in confusion and touched her throat.  The skin beneath her chin darkened to red and her fingers touched rough little bumps.  Turning, she stared at a nearby window to try to see her reflection but the other girl’s scent drew her back.


“Just touch it,” Morgan begged.  “Something’s there.  It feels so- so-“


It’s helping her, Parker told herself.  She went to her slowly, rubbing her throat as the skin became loose and mottled.  Her chin grew narrow with each step while slowly pushing out into a slight arch.  Her own excitement was building within and it confused her.  Morgan was a girl but staring at the cloaca and smelling the scent of her was turning her on.


The small gaps between Parker’s teeth vanished one-by-one as they merged.  She reached her friend and stopped, pulling at the scarlet wattle beneath her narrow chin.  With a sneeze, her nose began to shorten, the nostrils narrowing into two small slits until it lay flat against her face.  She knelt as the skin tightened around her jaw and her lips melted away to leave the beginning of her beak.


“Are you shaaaaaw?” Parker asked, rubbing at her arms.  They itched ferociously and she clawed deep marks into them as her own follicles opened.


Morgan lowered her body and raised her ass.  Dark black feathers lined her arms and the barbules continued to grow, covering them in darkness.  The air stirred with each movement and she groaned as downy feathers emerged from her back.


Parker reached a hand forward.  Slick pink muscles writhed within Morgan’s cloaca, waiting for her touch.  She settled a finger on the girl’s labia and Morgan’s tail feathers spread as they lifted.  Tiny black fuzzy feathers dotted the skin on the girl’s inner thighs.  Parker rubbed one with her thumb to feel how soft it was.


“Yessss,” Morgan said.  She turned back to her friend and Parker squawked in concern.


Morgan’s face was changing.  Pink skin turned to gray beneath her black eyes.  Her top teeth were angled outward in one solid mass but the dark skin was growing down to cover them.  The teeth grew forward, dragging the skin with them until they were a sharp point away from her face. 


Short black feathers pushed through the skin at the base of the girl’s beak.  They shined in the light as they dried and spread to cover the slender holes of her changed nostrils.  


“Yaaaawrrr face,” Morgan said, dipping her head and blinking.


Auburn feathers covered Parker’s wrist.  Her eyes widened as she noticed them and she yelled.  She gripped one and pulled but screamed in pain when she tugged it free.  Blood dripped to the ground beneath her arm yet more shafts pierced her arm, flowing up to her elbow.


“Naaaawwk!” Parker said, grabbing her arm with one hand.  


Invisible fingers pushed into the girl’s guts and she gasped, pressing hands to her stomach.  She groaned and shivered and curled into herself as her body prepared her to lay eggs.  Her dress bulged outward over her waist while her hips widened and a thick lump of skin pushed against her back.


The cheap costume tore against her stomach.  She tried to hold it in place but it tore further and short reddish feathers protruded from the gaps.  Her panties hugged her pussy and she moaned, clawing at her side while her hips squirmed and her ass rocked back and forth.  With a click of bones inside her waist, she was shoved forward and her beak pressed against Morgan’s cloaca.  Her cheap wig fell to the ground at the sudden movement.


Parker groaned as Morgan began grinded against her.  She opened her mouth as her tongue shriveled within.  Reaching forward, Parker spread Morgan’s soft, feathered ass to try to lick between her pussy lips but her shortened tongue didn’t work right.  She clucked and then groaned as the phantom fingers thrummed inside of her.


“Faaark,” Parker sighed.  She reached forward, pushing two fingers against Morgan’s cloaca and the other girl moaned loudly as she clenched her pussy against the fingers penetrating her.  Morgan gasped and worked her ass back, desperately trying to fuck the other girl’s hand.  It riled Parker and she bent her fingers down to thrust into the girl’s changed pussy.


Parker’s asshole shifted as bones creaked in her hips.  She jerked when her pussy moved and she slammed her ass down to grind against the floor.  Unknown to anyone but herself, she had a small butt plug at home that she trained herself with.  Whatever was happening to her felt like when she masturbated with her thin dildo while the butt plug was in place.  She crowed as her asshole began to merge with her pussy into her own cloaca.


“Mooaaarrr!” Morgan said, shoving back relentlessly.  Parker shook her red feathers and her wattle trembled as she clacked her beak together.  


A clear claw sliced Parker’s soft shoes, separating the sole from the rest of the shoe.  Bands appeared on her foot, growing up to her ankles as her middle toes merged. 


Morgan gripped Parker’s fingers tightly and she made rough cawwing sounds over and over.  Feathers spread across the girl’s bare back.  She flapped her arms, lifting her body off the ground before bucking and crying out.  She leaned her head back as she knelt on the ground, snapping her beak open and closed over her black, hardened tongue.  The girl’s legs shook as she orgasmed.


Parker’s dress rode up to her waist.  Small brown feathers dotted her thighs and ass but her skin was mostly bare.  Her ass quivered as it swelled and she spread her legs wide.  The fingers inside her body were a fist now, pressing on her stomach and bladder.


“Maaaaargan,” Parker groaned, laying her chest on the carpet.


Morgan flapped her wings, lifting into the air to settle lightly on segmented black feet tipped with curved, onyx claws.  She knelt beside her friend anxiously, tilting her head to the side while touching the girl’s body.  Her blonde braid lay against the feathers covering her chest.


“GaaaAWWD!  GaaAAWWD!” Parker clucked.  She kicked her feet, tearing through the carpet with her clear claws.  Yellow streaks marked her elongated toes and feet.


Morgan cawed quietly and rubbed Parker’s back over and over.  Liquid suddenly spilled forth from Parker’s cloaca and the girl spasmed, shaking from an intense, sudden orgasm.  A white sphere crowned between the girl’s thighs.  She clawed at the ground and moaned as a huge egg spread her cloaca wide.  It lay between the bare skin of her thighs, covered in her cum


Parker rocked her hips in short, fierce movements as if riding a huge cock, slamming her crotch to the ground and shuddering as the egg finally slipped free.  For a moment, she lay still with her beak open and her flattened tongue pointing to the ground.  But soon, her eyes rolled back and she grabbed Morgan’s arm, rolling to her back with her legs spread.  Tiny feathers blanketed her now with larger ones pushing them aside as the shafts lengthened.  


“Gaaaaawk!” Parker moaned more quietly, pulling her friend’s hand down to her cloaca.  Her own hands grabbed her breasts, pushing them together and then pulling them while digging for the nipples hidden behind down feathers.  She bucked as yet another egg crowned, dripping with clear liquid.


Morgan swallowed and shivered.  Her free hand untied the fake bandage on her arm, caressing her feathers before slowly moving down her torso.  Fingers slid through glossy darkness until she felt the slit between her legs and the still-human clit above them.  She toyed with herself as the egg slipped free from Parker and the other girl bucked from yet another powerful orgasm.


And a new thought formed in the raven girl’s head:  What would she have to do for her own clutch of eggs?

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