Teacher’s Pet

A teacher’s pet becomes one in physical form while her lustful heat ravages her body

The silence was unnatural, broken only by the faint scratching of pens and paper turning.  Steven eyed the class, watching for tell-tale signs of cheating from students bent over their papers.  His eyes lingered on Alexandria as she huddled too far over her desk with her arms on either side of her test paper.


Steven rolled his eyes with a quiet sigh.  The ancient chair he sat in squeaked loudly when he pushed it back to stand, knuckling his back as if stretching while hiding his true intentions.  He strolled nonchalantly up to the first row of desks and groaned when Chen smiled up at him.  The smaller senior watched him for a moment before sticking her tongue out and bending back down to concentrate on her test.


The girl was a thorn in his side this year.  Nothing but polite and attentive and smart but also clingy and inappropriate in a, thankfully so far, innocent manner.  


Last week she’d brought him a packaged lunch of homemade food.  Not from her parents but one she’d made by waking up early.  She’d tried to pretend it wasn’t a big deal but it was intricate with the vegetables cut in spiral or diced neatly and the meat was still warm.  He’d had to talk to her after class and tell her she couldn’t do things like that.  He just didn’t have the heart to go further and discuss how attached she was with him.


He passed her, standing as far away from her desk as he could without being obvious.  Along the way, he paused at different desks while still making his way to the back.  Finally, he stood in front of Alexandria’s desk.


The red headed girl was hunched over her test protectively.  He tapped the corner of her desk and then gently moved her arm to reveal a tiny piece of paper with microscopic handwriting covering the surface.  He frowned down at her.  The girl looked up at him with a sheepish expression bordering on terror.  Steven grabbed the paper while shaking his head.  Glancing at her test, he saw she was barely a quarter of the way through so he left her to it.  


A zone rippled around Alexandria, a vacuum of sound as if a vast abyss opened up around her.  It traveled through the class as everyone became even more intent on their papers while worrying about being targeted next.


At the front of the class, he turned to sit.  Once more Chen was looking up at him.  She nodded and smiled and then continued her work.  The girl’s striped socks drew his attention when they moved.  Pink and soft white.  Her knees were together beneath the gray pleated skirt the girls were forced to wear as part of the dress code.  She kicked her legs back and forth in slow motion as she stared down, the tip of her pink tongue between her lips.


It was only Monday with testing happening every day this week and he was already exhausted from it.


Time passed and Chen silently slid from her desk to bring her test forward.  She lay it on Steven’s desk and then paused as if expecting a word of praise.  Instead, Steven motioned to her desk as a random boy snickered behind her.  He rubbed at his short beard and then his eyes while the girl went back to her desk.


Just before the bell rang, a flood of students rushed to the front with their papers.  Alexandria was at the front.  They slammed their tests on the desk and then ran back to their seats, vibrating with their need to talk amongst themselves.  The bell rang and the students immediately gathered their books and began talking.  Steven ignored them as he gathered the tests and paged through them to ensure they were all signed.


“Thank you for the test, sir,” Chen said.


“You don’t have to-” Steven sighed, shoving his hand through his short brown hair.  “You’re welcome.”


“You’re such a teacher’s pet,” a girl said from the middle of the class.


“I’m not!” Chen said, spinning to see who had spoken. 


Ellie stepped forward and Steven averted her gaze away from the girl.  She’d developed quite a bit compared to her female classmates but, despite being of age, she was still a student.  The girl was a mystery.  She was always alone and constantly writing in her journal while ignoring everyone else.  And when she was watching everyone around her, it was with an intent, calculating gaze.


“You are,” the girl said.  “You bring him food.  You stay after class to help set things up and you’re always here first.  Get over yourself.”


“That’s enough,” Steven said in an effort to defuse the situation.  The last thing Chen needed was to be ostracized from the class any further than she was.  He would have to speak to her.  “She’s just being helpful and polite, nothing more.  Now go along, I’m sure you need to get to your next class.”


The class filed out and he shook his head as he grabbed the folder for the next period.



Chen frowned at her desk.  She scratched her side and wriggled in her seat before bending down to mark at her test.  Steven glanced up at her and then continued grading papers.  The girl had been restless since she’d arrived in class and unusually quiet.  He’d put it down to her being called out the day before and was grateful for the lack of attention.


A noise made him look up.  It was soft and nearly lost in the turning of pages but it’d sounded like a high pitched whine.


Chen was scratching at her jaw with her eyes closed and a blissful smile on her face.  


The girl wore her long, silky black hair back with a simple ebony bow that drooped down.  Steven cocked his head as he stared at her.  Something was different but he couldn’t quite-


The girl’s hair parted on either side of her head as she reached up with her free hand to scratch the other side of her face.  Soft, pale skin showed through her hair.  His brow knit as he stared at the folded edges of her ears and then his eyes bulged when the edges of her ears began to lengthen and pull down.  Tiny black hairs emerged from the backs of her ears and she reached up to rub them.


He looked down to see her staring at him, her lips parted and her tongue against her bottom teeth.  Her gaze was almost rapturous as she rubbed her floppy ear between her fingers.  


From where he sat, he could see hair lining her jaw, as black as the ones on her scalp.  Staring at her jaw, he noticed as the middle of her upper lip pulled higher.  Tiny holes opened around it and she reached down to claw at them, rubbing her mouth as her lip continued to draw upward.


Dark spots dotted the girl’s nose. Her short, pink tongue circled her lips as she thrust her chest forward and her ass backward.  She hung her head and then shook it, blinking at her desk.  Her ears flopped on the side of her head.  He could still see skin around the short hairs covering them but it was slowly vanishing as more grew forth. Finally, she grabbed her pen, wiggled her hips and continued her test.


Steven stared at her in shock.  


What the hell did I just see? he asked himself.


None of the students next to her seemed bothered by what happened.  He rubbed his eyes and looked again but Chen sat there with her tongue hanging below her chin, wider and longer and tipped with a single drop of drool.  Her nose was entirely black now and her slightly split upper lip seemed to hang loosely over her teeth.


As minutes passed, she reached up to scratch her neck.  Her nails came off, dropping to her desk with quiet little ‘tick’ sounds.  She swiped the nails from her desk and bit at her other hand.  Opening her mouth he spied longer canines.  Her upper lip was looser and when she bit at her nails and spat them to the ground, he could see whiskers along her mouth.


Chen growled quietly as she nibbled at her fingers.  Her sharp teeth cracked against dense black claws that curved away from her fingertips.


When she pulled her hand from her mouth, he caught sight of hairs pushing through the delicate skin of her throat.  She scratched at them again and her dull claws left red marks that were easily visible.


The bell sounded and his students groaned, grabbing their papers and marching to the front to turn them in.  Chen worked at hers and then whined, putting her pen down and following the rest of the class.  He watched her, sure the changes were some trick that would vanish as she approached or when the light fell on her in a different way but they stayed.


Worse, she placed her test on his desk and her claws scored the soft, old wood briefly.  She stood before him, alone and staring down at him with her brown eyes.  The girl reached up to run her fingers through her hair.  Black fur covered her ears completely now and as she dragged her claws around them, he could see they were lengthening once more.


“I couldn’t finish,” the girl whined.  She grabbed at her stomach and then reached beneath her blazer to scratch herself.  Her frown turned to a smile and her tongue stretched out to lay against her bottom lip as she worked her fingers.


The girl raised her arm and her shirt pulled up to reveal tight, bare skin.  Her hand pushed down on her skirt as her fingers dug into her belly.


Thick black fur spread out from her skirt.  She pushed harder and he could see the defined lines of her thighs.  Just as he looked away, he was sure he saw the hood of her clit.


“Thank you, Chen!” Steven said quickly, staring down at his desk as his head pounded.


“Oh,” the girl said, coming back to herself.  She stumbled away, grabbing her backpack at the last moment.


Steven watched her go and then grabbed his desk phone.


“Yeah, I hate to do this,” he said after dialing a number.  “I’m not feeling well at all suddenly.  I’m going to go home and need someone to cover my classes.”



He was sure a full day of rest would solve whatever the problem was but Chen sat before him once more with her floppy ears and strange mouth.  The hair from her jaw had grown up to her cheeks now and she seemed even more wiggly than before, scratching at her stomach and sides and legs.  


Short black hair pierced the white bands on her stockings.  She whined, pulling at her skirt and raising it to show simple white panties.


Steven immediately looked away.  He could feel his hot cheeks as his heart pounded in his chest.  Licking his lips, he looked up again to see her leaning back in her seat.  Her right hand clenched the armrest on her desk while her left tore holes in her stockings to reveal bare skin and patches of black hair.


The bottom of the girl’s panties were darker and he could clearly see the outline of her labia.  The wet patch lay between them and it seemed to be spreading as she panted in her seat.  She reached up with her right hand to pull the bottom of her shirt and it revealed fur covering her lower stomach.  It was thick and creeping over to her sides while spreading in a thin line up the middle of her chest, vanishing beneath her blazer.


Chen growled as drool dripped from her tongue.  She opened and closed her legs while rocking her ass back and forth.


Suddenly, the girl jerked and kicked at the back of her shoe with her other foot until her flats were off.  Her toes pressed into the pink band at the end of her stockings.  Black claws cut through the fabric as she rubbed her feet on the ground.


She reached down to grab and claw at the stockings until her feet were bare.  Her big toes were shrinking, shriveling as bone melted away.  They slid along the inside of her feet as the claws tipping them curled slightly.


“Ch- Chen,” Steven said, clearing his throat.


The girl glanced up, her tongue and ears flopping as she smiled.  


“Stop outside for a moment, please,” he said, swallowing as he stood.  “I need to speak to you privately.”


Oh god, he groaned, biting his lips.  His dick was hard.  He prayed it wasn’t visible.


He walked out of the classroom without waiting for her but she followed closely as a student tittered behind her.  Steven glanced to see Ellie lowering her head with a sly smile.


Once he was in the deserted hallway, he turned.  She pressed herself into him immediately, legs spread and over his thigh.  He could feel her warmth and her wetness.  She panted and whined as she humped his leg.


“Chen!”  he gasped, pushing her and glancing around.  “For god’s sake, you can’t- you can’t just-“


“I’m- Oh, I’m-” she said, shaking her head.  “I’m sorry.  I’m just so-  I can’t-  Hard to think right now.”


She hung her head and shuffled her bare feet.  Her claws clicked against the tile.  Standing with her in front of him and still dangerously close, he could see the back of her skirt moving as something twisted beneath it.


Worse than that, he could smell her wet pussy.


“Is anything-” he paused, trying to find the right words.  It was absurd.  The whole thing was absurd but he couldn’t think of anything to say or do to make it better. “How do you feel?”


“Hot,” she moaned, stepping towards him once more.  “Empty and hot.  And I’m wet down there, sir.  I think I had an accident.”


Steven closed his eyes but then opened them as she grabbed him.  Her claws dug into his clothes and she held him as she spread her legs over his thigh once more.  She whined as her hips rocked and she pressed hard against his body.


“You can’t-!”  he tried to say.


The girl licked his face with a rough tongue and then went to the balls of her feet to slip her tongue into his mouth.


Steven shoved her away and she whimpered.  He wiped his mouth while staring at her.


“Grab your backpack,” he told her hoarsely.  “Go home.  I’ll make a note.  You can retake the test.”


“But,” Chen whined, clawing her side as her hand crept to her breast.  “I’m- I’m so-“


“Now,” he told her.


Her ears folded back and she hung her head as she went back into the classroom.  He waited as she took her things and slunk away.


Jesus Christ, he told himself, watching as she walked through the hallway.  She held her shoes in one hand and walked on the balls of her feet.  The bump at the back of her skirt was subdued now and she glanced back once with sad eyes before continuing.



Chen sat in her seat, the same as the day before.  She’d brought no backpack this time and barely looked at her test.  She was barefoot and still wore her torn stockings.  The other students glanced at her curiously but left her alone and he was dumbfounded at their reactions.


She turned to the opening at the side of her desk and lifted her foot.  The skin over the ball of her foot and beneath her toes was darker than the pale white along her arch and heel.  She whined and pulled her foot up to lick the fur along the top.  Her claws dug into the sole of her foot and she massaged the flesh as it bubbled outward.  Steven watched in amazement as she licked the bottom of her foot, lashing the leathery padding again and again.


The way she sat forced her shirt upward to reveal a stomach covered in black fur.  The girl dropped her foot and whined again, arching her back while digging her fingers into the silky hairs.  They parted to reveal a tiny pink bump that she toyed with, caressing it as it widened and lengthened under her gentle ministrations.  Her other hand parted the fur on the other side of her belly, higher up and he spied another tiny bump forming.  She whined a third time as she rocked her ass in her seat, squeezing and pulling at her teats.


Oh fucking Christ, he thought.


She wore no panties and her fur was coated from her swollen pussy.  Her thighs spread while she growled and he could see her pink labia and the soft lips within.  They parted but he forced his eyes away.


“Wow, no shame, huh?” a boy laughed.


Oh shit!  Oh shit! Steven gasped to himself.


Chen leaned forward with her hips out as her long tongue lapped loudly at her pussy.  Between each stroke of her tongue he could see her pussy lips changing.  They swelled and pressed together while she licked herself, the edges of her tongue folding against her legs.  The girl shuddered, slipping a hand beneath her blazer to pinch her nipple.


“It’s just a dumb dog,” another student said.  “Doesn’t know any better.”


Steven frowned at the class as they shook their heads and returned to their work. Chen leaned back, legs wide to show her pussy.  The lips pushed away from her body now.  They pressed firmly together in the middle and he could see more skin gathering at the top where her clit was.

She stared at him as she raised her shirt, biting the bottom with sharp teeth to hold it in place.


Her breasts were bare with a line of black fur between them.  Her nipples were hardened and larger than he’d expected, sitting atop strange black areola.  Now that he watched, he could see the pink from her nipples fading as they darkened to match the bumpy skin surrounding them.  Fur emerged beneath her small breasts.


A loud thumping sound filled the classroom but then stopped as she whined and grabbed her face.  She licked her lips over and over as her jaw pushed forward and her floppy ears dragged through her long, silky hair.  


The bell rang and Steven’s heart tried to leap through his chest.  Students laughed at Chen as they passed, scratching her head.  She clawed through her shirt to leave it in tatters around her and then raised her short muzzle as the thumping sounded once more.  Alexandria scratched the bottom of Chen’s jaw and then placed her test down on Steven’s desk.


“So cute,” the girl said.  “What’s her name?”


“Her-?” Steven asked.


“Alex, hurry up!” Susanah said from the door.


The students filed out but Steven ignored them as he stared at Chen.  She twisted in her seat, grabbing at her breasts as her fur began to cover them.  Ellie was last and she patted Chen’s back once before sweeping through the closing door.


Oh shit, Steven thought as the door opened again and the principal stepped inside.  Oh shit, oh shit.


“Steven, hello,” the older gentlemen said with a smile towards Chen.  “Listen, I just wanted a quick chat.”


“Sir, I have no idea-”  Steven started to say.


“No, it’s fine,” the man told him.  He reached out and Steven blinked at the leash in his hand.  “I love dogs and it’s fine that you brought yours to school.  I just think you shouldn’t leave her unleashed.  I have a spare from my old boy.  He passed away but I kept it because I’m a sentimental fool.  You can borrow it for the day.  She seems friendly but I’d like you to keep her close so she’s not a distraction for the students.”


“My.  Dog,” Steven said with uncertainty.  He pointed at Chen.  “My dog over there?”


“Yes, hello sweetheart,” the old man said with a little wave.  Chen stood and walked to him, leaning against the principal’s side.  Her breasts moved beneath her fur, bulging outward as they pressed together.  He laughed and scratched her head.  “Sweet girl.  Okay, I have to run.  Just whenever you leave for the day, can you return the leash?”


“Y- yes?” Steven said.  

Chen knelt beside Steven to nose at his crotch.  His eyes shot up to the door as it closed and he pushed her head away but she shoved it back, licking his hard dick through his slacks.


“You smell good,” she told him, grabbing at his pants and pulling.


“You can talk!” he blurted.


Her fingers pulled at his zipper but he shoved her away and she whined, rolling to her back and thrusting her chest forward.  Her tits quivered as she spread her legs and lifted her ass with her heels to the ground.  Her thick, black tail curled to touch her swollen pussy.


“So hot,” she whined, rolling back and forth.  “So hot, sir.  I need- need something.”


“Aww,” Carlos said as he walked into the room.  “I didn’t know you had a dog.”


“Y- yeah, haha,” Steven laughed.  He knelt and scratched at Chen’s belly, just beneath her breasts until Carlos turned his back.  Chen grabbed his hand and pushed it down, brushing a teat as she shoved him toward her pussy.


“Come here,” he whispered fiercely, pulling her beneath the desk.  “Stay.  Stay there.”


“Okay,” Chen smiled, kneeling with her knees apart.  Her tail brushed back and forth against the floor as he greeted his students.  


“Just took a t-t- test,” he gasped, stuttering on the last word.


Chen had somehow pulled his zipper down.  She’d wasted no time in licking his cock when it flopped out.  He pushed at her but she moved her head to the side and continued, folding her warm tongue against his manhood.  His hand closed on her hair as she leaned forward to take him completely into her mouth.  The teacher jumped as the overly sensitive head of his cock bumped against the ridges on the roof of her mouth but soon her tongue enveloped him and she moved, bobbing up and down inexpertly.  He winced as her teeth rubbed against his cock.


He grabbed at her hair and ears, pushing her away as carefully as he could without looking obvious but she held on, digging her claws into his thigh while grabbing him carefully around the base of his dick.


A knock startled Chen and she pulled off with a yip.


“Scared me,” she whispered.


“Excuse me, Mr. Hathers?” Janice – one of the secretaries, said.  She peeked around the edge of the desk.  “Did you have Chen Huang yesterday?  Her parents said she didn’t come home last night and nobody has seen her today.”


“That’s my name!” Chen said proudly.


Janice tilted her head as Chen came out from behind the desk.


“Aww, what a little cutie?” the secretary cooed.  “Black lab?”


“Uhh-” Steven tried to say.  He froze in place to keep his cock hidden.  “Uhh.  No.  I haven’t seen her?”


“Okay, I’ll keep asking around, thank you,” Janice said, closing the door behind her.


What the hell? He wondered, staring down at Chen as she crawled back beneath the desk on all fours.  Her tail was tall and proud but she still seemed humanoid.  Decidedly not a labrador retriever.  How does everyone else see her like that?


He moved forward as Chen crawled around to find a comfortable position.  He puzzled over what had happened and then nearly cried out as Chen’s pussy ground against his cock.  He started to pull away but then stopped when he remembered his dick was out in the open.  Chen reached beneath her to grab his dick and point it down.


Steven looked under his desk and saw her with her ass up as she guided the tip of his cock towards her pussy.  


“Will it hurt?” she asked breathlessly as she rubbed the head against her lips.  She was panting and her hips moved in small motions.  “A lot?  Will it hurt a lot?  Need it.  I need it so bad.”


Some of the kids glanced up but then went back to their tests.  He grabbed her hand but her claw touched his cock.


“C- can’t wait,” she gasped, pushing back as she held him in place.  “C- can’t wait any more.”


The girl groaned long and loud as she lowered herself onto his cock.  He watched her tight little distended pussy open over the head of his dick and she rocked her hips as she forced herself down.  


“Gooooood,” she moaned, her tongue lapping her nose as her tail began to wag.  “Feels sooooo gooood.”


She stopped half-way with a whine and then pulled back before pushing down.  He grabbed her ass to stop her from slamming down against him and his fingers dug into her soft fur.  Her pussy gripped him and it was driving him mad as she started moving faster.  He squeezed her as his breathing quickened and she began whining faster and faster.  Her tail thumped the top of the desk and he spared a glance down to see her biting her own arm to keep from talking.


Oh god, god, god dammit, he groaned, ducking his head over papers on his desk.  


He grabbed her ass and pulled her cheeks apart, accidentally pushing up into her as he lost himself.  His cock swelled and he breathed through his nose as sweat poured down his brow.  Chen’s ass jerked and then slammed down hard but his fingers softened the blow as she shook against him, whimpering and moaning from her own orgasm.


Steven pushed her off as gently as he could and reached for a tissue, wondering how he would hide what he was about to do.  Chen solved the problem by grabbing his cock and licking the cum from his dick.  She moaned, slipping a hand between her thighs as she knelt and cleaned him, sucking the extra bit of cum from the head of his cock when she squeezed him too vigorously. 


The girl kicked out and clawed at his thigh as a smaller orgasm tore through her but then she licked his thigh and bent in half to clean herself, her tongue once more loudly licking against her pussy.  She growled happily as his cum leaked from her pussy.  She smiled up at him with strands of it on her muzzle but her tongue lashed out to wipe it all away.


Content and exhausted from the sex, she lay at his feet and slept, barely cracking an eye open when the students filed out after the end of class.


“Chen!” Steven whispered loudly.


The girl yawned and stretched and he looked away from her breasts as the motion pulled them up.


“We have to go,” he told her.  “Come on.”


“Okay,” she said sleepily, smiling up at him.  She brushed her nose against his crotch and then crawled out before standing next to his desk.  “Oh.”


“What’s wrong?” he asked as her ears lay back.


“I’m-  It’s-” she gasped and then began to pant.  “Still feel you inside and I’m getting hot again.”


“Oh god,” Steven groaned.  “I can’t- we can’t-  Come on.”


He grabbed the leash and then her hand before freezing.  Her tail wagged happily when he looked back at her and he closed his eyes.


Would it look wrong? He wondered.  Can’t take the chance.


“Chen,” he told her.  “I need you to walk on your hands and feet, okay?”


“It feels weird,” she told him.


“I know but just for now, okay?” he pleaded.


“Okay,” she smiled again, going to her knees and then all fours.  She shivered, raised her ass and butted against him.


“No, no, no,” he said, stepping away from her.  “Come on.”


He walked to the door and held it open as she walked through.


“Awww, what a well trained little puppy!” a student he didn’t know said.  “Can I pet her?”


“Yes?” he said.


“Yes!” Chen barked.


The student scratched Chen’s head and the girl leaned against the standing girl’s legs.


“Feels good,” Chen said.  “But not as good as-“


“Okay, we have to go,” Steven said, patting Chen’s neck.  She strutted awkwardly beside him as he walked through the hallway, wagging her tail with each random petting and scratching she received.


Once in the parking lot, he led her to his car and she climbed into the passenger seat, leaning forward with her hand between her thighs.


“You can’t do that,” he hissed.


“Okay,” she whimpered, hanging her head again.  The girl perked up and leaned over, grabbing and squeezing his cock with her padded paws as she tried to unzip his pants.  Her tail thumped against the door next to her.


“Not that, either!” he said, pushing her away.  “No- come on!  Don’t-!”


Pushing her back up, he reached over to buckle her and she pressed her breasts against his arm before licking his face.  When he clicked her belt, her hand slowly slid down her body and she spread her knees with a high pitched whine.


I just have to get her home, he told himself as he backed out.  And then- and then- shit.  And then what?

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