Haunted House Party: Seven Minutes In Heaven

A pair of women struggle with corruption during a light hearted game of seven minutes in heaven

Darkness surrounded the old-growth forest and an unnatural chill emanated from the sides of the old van, beating back the attempts from the struggling heater.  The warm air from the front vents twisted with the cold, swirling and mixing before being forced down to the floorboards.  


Leah sat in the back, watching the others from the third row of seats.  The grotesque shapes of bent trees with reaching arms passed as dim shadows in the darkness beyond her window.  She shivered, rubbing her upper arms while leaning away from the windows.  


“Can you turn up the heater?” the girl asked loudly.


“It’s up all the way,” their driver, Troy, answered.  Still, he reached out to turn the knob just in case.  The silver glitter on the sleeve of his costume reflected the light of cellphones from inside the car before he put his hand back on the wheel and slowed.


“Doesn’t bother me,” Tanya purred from the passenger seat.  She raised her arms and her bosom swelled.  Leah rolled her eyes when the girl’s left nipple peeked out from the thin lapis bra.  Her Princess Jasmine costume was see-through and the girl flaunted it.  A leather collar encircled her neck to complete it.  She touched it when she brought her arms down.  “And you’re even wearing clothes.  Why couldn’t you bring a costume like Soon Bok?”


“That’s not my name,” came a muffled voice from the second row of seating.  The tiny girl with silky black hair had her shirt up over her head, fighting to get it off without bumping anyone.  Red peeked through in flashes as she struggled.  “Nobody look!  Nobody- okay, I’ve got it.”


She tugged at the costume she wore beneath her long sweater and then shivered.  Glossy red strips of fabric covered her meager breasts.  They ran down to a bikini bottom and up to a ring below her neck, where they were tied together.  Long white collars, also attached to the ring, lay against her shoulders to complete the outfit.


Her nipples were hard in the cold air and they pressed against the red outfit.


“Tonight, I am no longer Soon Bok,” the girl said with an air of haughtiness that was betrayed by the fierce blush on her cheeks and the trembling smile she held.  Her hand started to reach for the red straps but she held them back.  “I am… Sin.”


“Oh lord,” Leah sighed.


You should’ve been Vampirella, Jennifer,” Tanya said, looking over her shoulder at the other girl sitting in the second row.  “Or some other vampire.”


“Because why?” Jennifer asked, her thin eyebrow arched in curiosity.  She wore a tight black latex costume with a yellow iconic bat symbol across her slim chest.  A loose yellow belt and black boots completed the look.  


“You’re-  You-” the girl fumbled.


“Batman,” Jennifer said bluntly.  “I’m Batman.”


“Batgirl, you mean,” John said from the back.  He nodded his head lightly while his thumb and index pointer tapped out a silent rhythm on his Spiderman costume.


“No, I said what I meant,” the girl retorted.  Her voice took on a gravelly undertone.  “I’m Batman.”


“Should’ve been a vampire,” Tanya said again.  “You like to wear black.  And- umm- you’re-“


“What?” Jennifer asked again.  “I’m what?”


“Nothing, never mind,” Tanya said quietly.


“So why aren’t you wearing a costume, Leah?” Jennifer asked, turning to look at the other girl.  Her eyes dipped down to the small silver cross the girl wore at her neck.  “Too religious?”


“No,” Leah said, looking once more through the windows.  She touched the cross briefly and it seemed to shine despite the lack of light.  “It’s just all ‘slutty slave princess’ and ‘slutty cleaning maid’ and I’m tired of it.”


She fidgeted for a moment, on the cusp of speaking again before closing her mouth.  But her expression firmed and she decided to continue after all.


“I know you think it’s stupid and don’t believe-” 


“Hey, whoa,” Jennifer said, palms up and flat.  “Yeah, no, I don’t but that’s your business.  Don’t go preaching to me and I won’t tear down your flimsy beliefs.  We’re cool.”


“Why’d you come?” John asked.  Both of his hands tapped against his thigh, moving higher and lower.  The drummer never seemed to relax and it was worse when he had a pen or pencil in his hand.


“I like parties,” Leah shrugged.  “I thought it’d be fun.”


“It will be,” Troy said from the front.  He slowed and turned to go around an obstacle in the path before straightening the wheel once more.  “Jake is running it and I’ve been to his parties before.  They can get a little crazy but I’ll try to keep an eye on things.”


Their driver adjusted himself as subtly as he could while glancing at Tanya.  The girl in the passenger seat pretended not to notice but a sly smirk crossed her lips.


Lights bloomed in the car as they returned to their phones.  Troy hummed softly with both hands on the wheel.  The drive was surprisingly treacherous with rocks jutting from the dirt road.  And it was so dark.  He kept thinking he saw things moving on the side of the road and he would tense, ready to slam on the brakes but it would pass and he’d see nothing more than a rotting branch stretching out as if to touch him.


The tip of the crescent moon appeared, painfully bright.  It seemed to burn through reality itself against the void of the night sky.  No stars twinkled above and no clouds could be seen but Troy knew they must be there as more of the moon started to show.  Once fully visible, he found it hard to focus on.  And disconcerting.  As if it were an open wound on a screaming victim.  He shook his head at the thought, wondering why it came to him and tried to focus on the road instead.


The house appeared suddenly.  Sullen and dark.  Imposing in the eerie silence with the cars parked around it as if they were supplicants, kneeling in adoration.  Or terror.


“I don’t see any lights,” Tanya said as she leaned forward.  Her voice was hushed and she hugged her arms while licking her lips.  “Shouldn’t there be lights?”


“There’s cars,”  Troy told her as he pulled into an empty spot next to a sleek BMW.  “Probably just curtains or something.  My granddad lived in an old house and I swear the curtains each weighed a ton.  You couldn’t even hear anything once you were inside.  Blocked out everything.”


Leah’s breath formed a ghostly ring on the window next to her when she bent to look at the house.  She gasped as a deep chill settled beneath her breastbone and her hand instinctively went to the cross she wore.  It burned her hand but she held it tight and the pain ebbed.


Soon Bok tugged at the handle of the sliding door next to her.  It groaned on old wheels but finally slid open.


“Fuck!” the girl gasped as a rush of cold air invaded the van.  “Wr-wr-wrong costume i-idea today.  I’m going in!”


The driver and passenger doors opened as everyone filled out behind Soon Bok.  She squealed and dashed through the grassy parking lot until she reached the entrance.


“Somebody heeeeelp,” the girl whined piteously when she struggled with the massive double doors.


Troy walked faster and they both strained to open the doors.  


Jake stood rooted within the foyer, open mouthed and vacant-eyed.  Troy blinked and Jake bowed with a wide smile.


“You’re the last of us,” Jake said.  His voice boomed but sounded strained, as if the very air was being forced through his lips while his tongue and mouth worked to form words.  The sentence started strong but slowed to a wheezing hiss.


“Hey Jake,” Troy said.  There was a smell that he couldn’t place as he stood close to his classmate.  His mind worked at it over and over but the only thing he could think of was something like pond scum.  Rancid pond scum.  “Where is everyone?”


“With us,” Jake replied.  His pupils consumed his eyes, black colorless holes floating on a sea of white sclera tainted by a rash of broken blood vessels.  “Here.”


“Uh, okay,” Jennifer said, glancing around.  The tips of her black hair bounced against her pale neck.  “Dude, it’s not my place to say anything but maybe lay off whatever you’re on.”


“I’m full to the brim with it,” Jake groaned.  “It consumes me.”


“Yeaaaah,” Jennifer said while looking back at her classmates.  Soon Bok hid behind Jennifer, barely concealed by the other girl’s slightly larger body.  Her fingers clamped against Jennifer’s arm painfully tight.  “We can tell.  So, uhh, where’s the ‘no drugs’ part of the party?”


“Behind me,” the boy hissed, twisting his arm backwards until it bent to an impossible degree.  “Nearest the source yet further than I was.  More will join soon.”


“You’re laying it on thick,” John grumbled.  His right hand tapped his hip while he looked around Jake to see the door.


Beneath the wide stairs lay a door steeped in oily shadows.


“You go first,” Soon Bok said, gently shoving Jennifer.


“Troy drove us here,” Jennifer told her, leaning back.  “He can lead.”


“Oh, fine,” Tanya sighed while rolling her eyes.  “I’ll go.”


The girl adjusted her transparent, cerulean outfit before stalking past Jake.  The baggy leggings billowed around her.  The matching top she wore was separate, barely covering her chest and leaving her midriff exposed.  Her lean, tanned back flexed as she mixed her steps up and purposefully began to sway her hips.  She paused with a dramatic twirl, her hands clasped above her as she shook and the thin metallic rings clinked against her wide waist.  Her shoulder-length curly hair bounced against her back and shoulders.


Facing forward once more, she hummed one of the songs from the Aladdin movie until she reached the designated door.  Tanya turned, twisted the handle and bumped it with her hip before spinning into the room.


“She never turns it off,” Leah sighed.  


“No she does not,” Jennifer agreed.  She walked and Soon Bok followed, her hand still clutching the other girl’s arm. 


John glanced around the interior while tapping against a faint beat bumping from the headphones resting around his neck.  Just ahead of him, Troy watched Tanya steadily until she was out of sight.  He sped ahead and the rest of the group to catch up to her.


“Come on, Sin,” Jennifer laughed, taking Soon Bok’s hand away from her arm.  She held the girl’s hand to bring her into the room.


The opulence within made the group stop and stare.  A huge fireplace roared from the far end of the room, blasting waves of heat strong enough to force the group to step back.  Black leather couches and chairs dotted the room with tables laid out in between.  Ice buckets were set atop each table, perfectly centered with a constellation of wine glasses surrounding them.  Three bottles of wine rested within each bucket, their dark green glass dull in the shifting flames.


“How is that ice not melting?” Jennifer asked as she plucked at the top of her costume to air herself off.


“I don’t care.  Chilled alcohol sounds amazing right now,” Tanya said.  She went to the nearest table to grab a bottle.  The cork stopper, already halfway out of the bottle, popped off easily and she poured herself a glass.  The currant colored liquid seeped out of the glass.


Troy sat next to the table in a black loveseat as the others arranged themselves nearby.  Tanya sipped at her wine cautiously and then nodded as she took a deep pull.


“There’s room here if you want,” Troy told the girl, tapping the space next to him.  She pretended not to hear as she walked around their furniture.


The heated air from the fireplace swarmed over them, tugging at their clothes and hair as if they were a million greedy hands begging for their attention.


“Leah?” Jennifer asked, a second bottle in hand.  It was angled over a glass next to hers as she looked up at the uncomfortable girl opposite her.


“No, thank you,” Leah said, shaking her head.  She fanned herself while licking her glossy pink lips but then spoke up again.  “Well, maybe a little.”


“Cool,” Jennifer said.  “Nothing for our designated- what are you doing?”


“What?” Soon Bok asked.  Her finger was frozen on her face.  Wine darkened the skin surrounding her mouth and she smiled mischievously.  


“What do you mean, ‘what’?  What are you doing with the wine?”


“I’m a vampire,” Soon Bok sniffed while tapping her lips and cheeks a few more times.  “Look.  It’s blood.”


“I think you’ve already had enough,” Jennifer laughed.


“Nooooo,” the other girl cried as she shoved the glass against her lips.  She tilted her head back and her throat worked as she swallowed.  “Gah.  It burns.”


“So, what are we supposed to do?” Tanya asked after completing her mini tour.


“Coke-head Jake said others will be here soon,” Jennifer said.  She frowned at the memory of it, biting her lip briefly before taking another swallow of her wine.  “I think.  I think that’s what he meant.  This is good stuff.”


“I’m already bored,” Tanya groused while refilling her glass.  She sat on the arm of an empty chair.  Even slumped, her stomach was flat and hard after years of gymnastics.


“Well, everyone’s drinking,” Leah said while reaching for the third bottle.  “We could find some paper and do a tipsy pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game.”


“No, thank you,” Tanya said, raising her leg to rest against the other knee.  She bounced it slowly while looking around.  


The heat was oppressive but it had faded the more she drank.  Yet it was still present.  Surrounding her.  Caressing her.  Slipping beneath the tiniest of gaps in her clothing.  Forcing itself past her lips whenever she opened her mouth.  Slipping down her throat to warm her chest and fill her head with a warm buzzing sensation exacerbated by the wine she was drinking.


Soon Bok giggled as she accidentally knocked her glass against an empty bottle. It thumped against the table and spun to point at the fireplace.


“I’ve got it,” Tanya said with a wide smile.


They turned to her and then followed her eyes to the bottle.


“No,” Jennifer said.


“Yes,” Tanya replied.


“What are we talking about?” Leah asked before slowly sipping her wine.  Her eyes were wider than before and the cross lay against skin reddened by the fire and the alcohol.


“She’s talking about playing seven minutes in heaven,” Jennifer told her with a shake of her head.  Once more, the sharp ends of her hair brushed against her neck and ears.  This time, she found herself breathing out as the sensation sent a tingle down her spine.  


“Isn’t that the-“


“Kissing game?  Yes,” Tanya affirmed, licking the bottom of her teeth before biting her tongue gently.


The fire crackled in the silence that followed and even John’s restless fingers grew still.  The heat had battered their wills before the wine broke them down, leaving them open to the suggestion that began to infect them.


“Sin doesn’t kiss,” Soon Bok said, touching her wine-stained lips.  “She bites necks and drinks blood.  So, if I can do that, I’ll play.”


“Not me, thanks,” Leah told them.  Her eyes were locked on the bottle and the single drop of wine hanging from the neck.  The words seemed to come from a thousand miles away and she felt like she was both present in her body and projected backward, staring at the entire room.  She shook her head and the room spun briefly before righting itself.  Her ears burned as pinpricks tickled the back of her head.


Jennifer looked up around the room.  Four doors, smaller than the one that lead to the room but equally as dark, sat at the four corners.  They were lacquered with an elaborate gold trim along the edges.


“We even have our closets,” Tanya said.


“Why are there four?” Jennifer asked, shaking her head slowly.  “Who the fuck needs four closets in a single room?”


“We- we don’t have to do this,” Troy spoke up.  His Adam’s apple bobbed while he snuck glances at Tanya.


“-do it,” Leah said quietly.  They all looked at her and she pulled into herself, digging her elbows into her stomach as she hunched over.  “I’ll do it.”


“You?” Tanya asked, honestly surprised.


“I’m not a prude!” Leah lied.  Her lips moved as if she couldn’t control them but she wanted to do it.  She hated the idea that her classmates judged her based on her faith.  She believed, strongly, but she wasn’t her parents.  She wouldn’t let it shackle her and drive every single decision she made.  


Tanya laughed, hand against the wide leather collar at her neck.


“Go on, then,” she said.  “Do it.”


“I will,” Leah said, staring at the fallen bottle as if it were a viper.


Thus, she was surprised to see her hand reach out.  She touched the green, label-less bottle and stared at her distorted face in the curves.  The flames from the fireplace reflected strangely and seemed to appear behind her head.  Despite being recently chilled by the ice cubes, the bottle was warm to the touch.


They all watched her, spellbound by her decision as she twisted the bottle and then spun it gently.  It wobbled while it rotated, the neck dipping and raising in a sinuous wave.  Their pupils widened as they watched it, mesmerized by the light racing along the bottle in a hypnotizing pattern, shrinking and growing as it faced towards and then away from the fireplace.


It slowed, dipping once more to deposit the last drop of wine on the table before stopping.


“Huh,” Jennifer said as she stared into the open mouth of the bottle.  It took a conscious effort to claw back from the daze forced upon her.


“Well,” Leah said, swallowing hard as she followed the line of the bottle to the girl sitting off to her left.


“I mean-“


“You don’t have to-“


The two girls spoke at the same time and then stopped.


What did I do? Leah asked herself.  She remembered volunteering.  She remembered wanting to do it.  But now, faced with the result, she hesitated.  


“Look, really-” Jennifer started to say.


“P- pick a closet,” Leah told her, looking away to stare at the bottle once more.  She breathed deeply and her lungs burned from the heated air.  The movement pushed her breasts forward and her shirt brushed against her body.  She breathed out suddenly as all the little nerves along her sides and belly begged for attention.  Just beneath the center of her bra, two little bumps formed on her shirt as her nipples twisted, the skin gathering and pushing outward as they hardened.


I’ll do it, she told herself.  I’m not my parents.  I’ll do this.  I want to do this.


“Fuck it,” Jennifer said quietly.  She stood and walked past Leah’s chair, grabbing her hand and pulling her up.  The other girl meekly followed as the rest of the group watched in astonishment.


The closet door opened to darkness.  For a moment, Jennifer was taken aback but she stepped inside and Leah closed the door behind her. She was sure she could hear her own fluttering heart beat in the imposing silence.  The room felt impossibly vast until Leah’s hand brushed against her, reminding her of her presence.


Jennifer opened her mouth to say something.  To tell the other girl that this was stupid.  To tell her that she would lie for her and say they’d done it.  To-


Hands held hers.  Trembling but warm and smooth.  She felt Leah come closer and now she was uncertain.

Warmth, close to her face.  The sweet smell of honeysuckle.  The thick, heady scent of wine filling her nose.  As near as she was, the darkness was complete.


Lips on hers, dry but soft.  A quick peck.




Jennifer leaned in, letting Leah’s hands go to hold her properly.  Finding her lips again she kissed, hard this time, and the other girl sighed as she opened her mouth.  The sigh stretched into a moan as their tongues touched.


Deep within her brain, the pounding, throbbing, buzzing noise cracked and frayed.  She could almost pick out notes from an impossibly beautiful symphony playing at the edges of her mind.


The closet was a formless void and darkness covered the two girls as they groped each other and a wave of heat swept over their bodies.


Jennifer could hear the music now and tears streamed from her eyes as it filled her.  It poured into her, flowing down her body until she thought she’d burst from the-


“Light!” Jennifer gasped, raising her head skyward as the chorus roared within her body.


And there was light.


It blossomed within her heart, brighter and brighter with each beat.  Leah hissed, shading her eyes with her hand as she backed up from the painful glow emanating from her classmate.  It forced needles into her brain, stabbing over and over until she thought she’d go mad from it.  Her lips curled and the dried cracks widened as they began to swell.


“GAH!” Leah cried out, grabbing for the cross she wore.  It was agony, the worst thing she’d felt in her entire life.  Her hand closed on nothing and she looked down, still screaming, to see it melt into her chest, forming a cross-like silver mark that ended at her cleavage and stretched out to her collarbones.  She panted as the pain began to recede.


The skin between the cracks of her pink lipstick grew dark.  She hissed again and groaned and her tongue slipped out.  Further.  And further, growing thin as it lengthened and wavered before her face.  Tasting the air as she gagged from the pure scent filling the room.


Twin bulges formed at the front of her tongue, fleshy nodules that stretched to the side until a split formed in the tip of her tongue.  It widened and her forked tongue wavered once more before pulling back.  Leah snarled in pain as inky coloring filled her swollen, pouting lips.  Her gums ached and she tasted blood when her canines cracked.  Dentin formed at the base of them, crowding her mouth as enamel flowed outward into deadly points.


So… fucking… bright, she thought to herself, squinting and blinking to try and rid herself of the purple afterimages of her classmate.  Her pupils were shrunken, quivering as they narrowed.  Tiny edges formed at the tops and bottoms, slicing into her irises as her round pupils turned to vertical slits.  Red cracks formed around the new slit before spreading outward to consume the soft brown of her eyes.


Relief filled her when her eyes began to glow with their own light, a dark crimson.  Although Jennifer still glowed with shifting pearlescent light, she seemed able to tolerate it now.


A multitude of voices poured from Jennifer’s open mouth.  Her eyes were open wide, staring above her as tears fell to course down her cheeks.  She lowered herself slowly to her knees, hands to the neck of her black costume.  The light shined through the fabric but holes began to appear, tiny shafts of light that burned away the cheap polyester to reveal unmarked skin beneath.


Leah groaned, pulling at her blouse when she spied a perfect, pink nipple in the holes of the other girl’s costume.  She could still taste the girl on her lips and her fangs grinded together as she tore at her shirt, gasping and moaning at the thought of wrapping her tongue around the soft pink nipple to feel it grow erect.  


Holes appeared in her own shirt.  Her plastic press-on nails cracked and fell away to reveal uneven fingernails beneath that bulged away from the tips of red claws pushing from the tips of her fingers.


The fire burned within her, thick and black.  Sweat poured from her body, soaking into the back and front of her shirt while the rest evaporated from her forehead, steaming from the heat boiling her alive.


She ripped her shirt, drawing blood from her skin as she tried to cool herself from the infernal fire.  With a loud groan, she tugged at the straps of her bra and then hissed in satisfaction when her breasts tasted the cool air.


The skin around the silver cross mark on her chest, already a delicate rose pink due to the wine and the shame of her kiss, now turned scarlet. The miniscule hairs that lined her body burned off, tiny flares that puffed into nothingness as her white skin turned pink.  Smoke billowed from her open mouth and she raised her hands to her face, pulling and clawing at her cheeks before running her fingers through her curly brown hair.


Leah’s palms brushed twin lumps at the sides of her forehead.  She moaned and tore at the flesh surrounding them, writhing her hips as the nerves at the base of her nubile horns began to thrum.  She felt herself grow wet and she widened her knees, shoving her ass down against the floor.


Her screech filled the room when the horns burst through the thin, red skin of her brow.  Cum sizzled from her pussy and her lips pulled back into a frenzied snarl when the little orgasm washed over her.  


“Has- has to- stop-” Leah groaned, pulling at the small horns.  She looked up at her friend and her slitted eyes narrowed once more.  The girl reached out, sensing salvation.  


Demonic blood coursed through her.  She clutched at her sides and bent, laying her forehead to the ground as she tried to remember her prayers.  Her spine bulged against her back, the rounded curves flowing into short points.  Muscles formed and then multiplied beneath her shoulder blades and the flesh above trembled and tightened to show hard lines.  


Leah screamed, throwing her head back as sharp bones pierced the new muscles and skin until the tips of her twin talons lay exposed beneath her shoulders.   She could feel something moving in her back around them, twisting and pulling as if it were alive.


“P- please, Jennifer,” Leah groaned, reaching out once more.  She was terrified.  Of her changes.  Of the images filling her mind.  Of the pain.  And how she was becoming aroused by it.  By the sweet taste of it.  She grinded her teeth at the feel of it, pain and pleasure mixing together until she thought she’d lose herself from the addiction of it.  Teeth scraping and scratching and grinding as they all grew to needle-like points.


Her friend was entirely nude now and her skin was the perfect shade of marble, smooth and white and unmarred by freckles or scars.  As if a master sculptor had just finished his masterpiece.


“I can hear Him,” Jennifer said.  Her eyes were a glacier blue now and larger than they should be.  “Why did I ever doubt it?”


The girl prostrated herself, unconcerned by her nudity.  Leah stared at her, envious.  Covetous.  Hungry for her touch.  Wanting to defile her perfect body until she begged for-


“Noooo,” Leah moaned, bowing her own head.  Her bangs parted to show the lengthening horns as they curved outward.


Skin opened on Jennifer’s back and thin bones slipped through the bloodless holes.  Leah panted as she watched and then worked her shoulders as her own wings forced themselves out in fits and starts, the heavy black leather skin slapping wetly against the reddened skin.  In contrast, Jennifer’s porcelain bones slid free easily while translucent quills sprouted.  Snow white vanes grew from the shafts and her feathers stirred the air.


“Why you?” Leah growled.  She beat the ground and then clawed at it, tearing chunks from the carpet with her dense claws.  Her wings shared her anger, spreading as they emerged.  Red ichor dripped from them while they dried.  “Why you?!”


Something stirred between her thighs and her slit eyes grew wide. She groaned, clawing at her neck as raw nerves slid between her smooth legs.


A bulge appeared in her pants and she pushed at it with the butt of her hand, groaning when it rubbed her skin and the floor beneath.


“Leah,” came a mellifluous voice.  


Jennifer stood before her, her wings folded against her back.  Leah stared at her hairless mound and the gap between the girl’s thighs.  Voices screamed in her head, gibbering about wanting to taste her sweet cum.  She moaned and squeezed the fleshy lump in her hand.


“N-n- no, stay away,” Leah groaned, pushing herself up and back until she pressed against the wall.  Her heavy wings bent against her and the talons cradled her ass by reflex.


Now standing, her calves flexed and bulged, straining her pants.  The seams tore to reveal hardened muscle beneath and she stared down at herself in wonder.  Thick veins stood out against the glossy red skin on her legs.


A single brown hair slid through the gap in her pant legs.  She pulled it free, cutting her leg with a red claw in her haste.  The base of her claws were mottled with black but she ignored them and then whined as more hairs replaced the first.  They grew swiftly to cover her calf before spreading down, racing over her shins until-


Intense, sharp pain burst in her feet and she moaned in pleasure, squeezing the throbbing lump of flesh that dangled between her thighs.  


The tops of her feet pressed against the laces of her shoes and she could feel her toes bunching together as the bones shortened.  Her balance shifted when her heel suddenly dissolved and she raised herself up to the balls of her feet to compensate.


Jennifer knelt before her.  The roots of the girl’s hair were blonde and spreading, eating away at the black until none was left.  


“Oh Lord,” Jennifer prayed.


Leah hissed, pressing palms against her ears.  She could feel the flesh moving there, the thin skin growing thick as the tips folded together and slid outward into rounded points.  She stared down at her friend as the soles from her shoes burst apart to reveal the stumps of her toes.  She could see her toenails – black now and merging together into two lumps on both feet.


The pain of it was exquisite and she hissed while pulling at herself.  Unable to hold back, she hooked claws into the holes low on her pants and dragged her nails up, easily slicing through the material until she could pull the pants off and fling them aside.  


She stamped on her cloven hooves and the shaggy fur covering her lower legs waved in response.  


Red veins stood out on the black skin of her cock. It stood at attention, throbbing before her as it continued to lengthen.  


Jennifer looked up at her friend, still praying, and the cock pressed against her smooth, white cheek.


“The- the- L- Lord,” Jennifer said, pulling back, quick as a snake while revulsion filled her face.  She closed her eyes to continue her prayer but her brow wrinkled as she tried to remember where she’d left off.  


Leah squeezed her cock and raised her head.  She ran her thumb against its length, moaning as the tip of her claw marked it.  Pre-cum welled from the slit at the center of the wide head.


Jennifer opened her eyes.  Her mouth was parted and she stared at the cock before closing her eyes again.  


“Whose grace f- finds us in- in-” Jennifer stuttered.  She cocked her head with her eyes squeezed shut.  “There’s- what’s that noise?  It’s wrong.  It’s discordant.”


“Sorry,” Leah moaned as she stepped forward to place the head of her cock against Jennifer’s forehead, marking her with the pre-cum.  Baptizing her with lust.  It dribbled down her skin as Leah took another half-step on her hooves.  The cock slid up into Jennifer’s short blonde hair and the wet slit below the base of it brushed Jennifer’s nose.


The other girl breathed in sharply but her eyes were still closed.  She concentrated inward, ignoring what was happening outside the conflict in her mind.


“N- no, it’s spreading,” Jennifer groaned.  “It’s warring with the other sounds.  Disrupting them.  F- fucking with them!”


Red appeared at the base of her blonde hair and smoke wafted away as the color burned its way up.


A single feather fell from the girl’s wings.


“I can’t hear Him,” Jennifer said, her voice shaky.  “I-“


Her eyes opened and she jerked her head away again, wiping at her face and staring at Leah’s pussy.  And then up to the massive black cock that dripped cum.


“I- I-” Jennifer said, swallowing as she brought her hand up to her lips.  Her eyes were wide as she stared at Leah, transfixed by the sight of her tugging at the skin of her cock.  The other girl made small thrusting motions with her hips with each jerk.


Leah’s scarlet breasts quaked while she stroked herself.  Black specks appeared in the pink of her nipples and areola.  Her forked tongue flicked out to tap her nipple and she moaned as she lowered her other hand to her pussy, slipping clawed fingers into her slit.  As with her nipples, streaks of obsidian coloring appeared on her pussy lips.


“Feels so fucking good, Jennifer,” Leah moaned.  She touched the tip of her cock, wiping the cum away before bringing it up to her black lips. Her tongue reached out to taste it and she twisted and grabbed herself again.


Broken blood vessels filled Jennifer’s perfect blue eyes.  She mirrored Leah’s motion, bringing her hand to her mouth and licking it, tasting where she’d wiped the other girl’s pussy juice from her face.  Black marks appeared on her lips where the cum touched.  It spread like a disease, eating the soft pink of her lips and the alabaster of her skin.


“Can’t hear Him,” Jennifer whispered, staring at the thick cock.  She licked her lips.  And again, rubbing it against her teeth.  Bumping over lengthening canines.


A second feather fell.


“Sorry,” Leah moaned.  She touched Jennifer’s cheek and then slipped her fingers through the girl’s short, blood-red hair, tightening her fingers while pulling her head forward.  Jennifer allowed herself to move but then stopped and Leah released her.  “Feels good.  Feel so fucking good, Jen.  You’ll see.  You’ll see.  I want-“


The sopping sounds of Leah’s fingering her pussy filled the closet. Jennifer licked her lips and groaned.  Blood rushed to her cheeks and they burned as she imagined the cock in her mouth.  Drool slipped from her black lips to course over her perfect, white skin.  It traced a line down her body and the skin grew dark in its path, white fading to gray and then black.


Three more feathers fell.  Black skin hung in the gap they left behind.


Leah slammed her ass back as bones cracked within.  Something new writhed beneath her skin, eager to be freed.  She felt herself stretching inside and her waist grew wide when the bones pushed against her body.  All five of her fingers slipped into her pussy and she squeezed them tightly with the slick muscles within.


“Fuck!  Fuck yes!” Leah moaned, pushing her hips forward as she quaked from another orgasm.  The spade tip of her short tail slapped against the wall behind her.


“All gone,” Jennifer whispered.  Blood welled beneath her hairline as sharp points pierced her flesh.  She licked her lips when the blood reached them and her tongue split as it wiped at the gray skin over her cheeks.  “Just voices now.  Beautiful voices.  Singing of pain.  Telling me-“


She gasped when Leah bent to kiss her and their long tongues wrapped around each other.


“N-no!  You can’t-!” Jennifer said, pulling back to wipe her face.  Her gray hand was a light contrast against her blackened face.  Her changing skin appeared to draw in the light and destroy it, leaving something far darker behind.  The scarlet tips of her short hair brushed her black skin as the tips of her ears began to lengthen.  They flicked as her horns grew outward.  Unlike Leah, her horns held three points each as they grew from the thick, ringed burrs set against her skull.


Despite her words, she couldn’t stop staring at Leah’s cock. It was massive now.  Almost wrist-thick with a blunted, flattened tip and color nearly as dark as her own body.  She pressed her hands against the ground and raised her ass slightly, lips parted.  Her tongue forked out to scent the cum still dribbling from the cock and it drove her wild.  


A mound of feathers covered the floor behind her and they smoldered in the sulfuric air filling the room.


“Show me,” Leah panted, eyes glazed from the stimulation of stroking herself.  “Show me your pussy.  Show me.”


Jennifer whined and turned, lowering her chest while raising her ass even further.  Clear liquid, tinted with black, dripped from her pussy as it spread open.  Her hips jerked upward when her ass cheeks pulled apart and her slightly boyish figure filled out.


A wide swathe of black skin ran from the nape of her neck to the bulge over her ass.  The skin surrounding it was dead white but shifting to gray as she raised herself higher.  Her wings spread above her, nearly featherless now with gray, batlike skin hanging from the black bones.


“Pleeaasssssse,” Jennifer hissed, reaching beneath her to flick her clit.  Sharp red points slid from her nails as she spread herself open.


Leah knelt behind Jennifer and her heavy cock slapped against the other girl’s ass.  She grabbed her dick with both hands and pressed it against Jennifer’s pussy, snarling and moaning in turns as she felt the girl open to her.  Her own masturbation felt dull in comparison to the other girl’s tight, wet pussy gripping her.  Pulling her in.  


Jennifer pushed back with a scream that rattled the walls.  The six points of her horns trembled as spittle flew from the fangs filling her mouth.


Leah reached forward to tear the remaining feathers from Jennifer’s wings and the other girl bucked from the pain while crying for more.  Leah forced her cock forward, leaning into it and then grunting when she reached the other girl’s cervix.  Inches more stood free.  Snarling, she pushed on, digging her claws into Jennifer’s ass.  It opened to her.  While Jennifer’s pussy pulsed greedily, it spread open to allow her entire length, adjusting and adapting until she was full from it.


Jennifer’s wings folded above her, caressing Leah as she bent over the girl and began to pound.  At the same time, Jennifer’s own tail lengthened, sliding up Leah’s body before circling a breast and squeezing.  The sharp, barbed tip flicked a nipple and then loosened, curling down once more to slip between the girl’s thighs.


“Fuck!  FUCK!” Leah screeched as Jennifer’s tail plunged into her pussy, fucking her as she slammed her cock into the other girl.  She lost herself to it, slamming into the girl over and over until Jennifer dropped to the ground, spasming and jerking from the orgasm tearing through her body.  Her tail whipped around inside of Leah and the girl slammed her hooves into the ground.


Leah’s release was lost in the chaos of her twin orgasms.  Her cock bulged, slipping out slightly as her jet black cum filled the girl’s pussy and her own cunt squeezed the tip of Jennifer’s tail, quivering around it when it sent her over the edge.  Her breasts shook and she reached up to squeeze them while screaming her pleasure to the voices filling her head.



“Are we supposed to time them?” Troy asked after a few minutes passed from when the door closed behind Jennifer and Leah.  He pushed his palm against his cock, ignoring how hard he felt as he stared at Tanya’s breasts.  She was getting harder to ignore and he wished he’d been able to drink some wine with the rest of them.  For courage.


“They’ll come out when they’re ready,” Tanya said.  She played with the fake slave collar she wore, pushing a finger beneath to scratch herself.  “Leah’s probably crying by now.”


Soon Bok watched them both.  She tipped her wine glass back but it was empty.  The girl licked her lips and swallowed.  She felt so thirsty and her lips were parched and dry.


“Is there any more wine?” Soon Bok asked, glancing around their little table.  


“The bottles are empty,” John said with a shrug.  Like Troy, he’d skipped the wine and, instead, had lost himself in the music blaring in his ears.


“There’s more on the other tables,” Soon Bok pointed out.


“Yeah,” the boy agreed.


She stared at him.  Did he expect her to get up and get more?  She touched her stomach and then her chest before clawing down her belly once more, dragging her nails purposefully until she felt the bump of her clit beneath the red bottom of her outfit.  She felt parched and sober again, the tipsiness having worn off at some point.  She wanted more wine.  Or more water.  Or, or, or-


She shook her head with a frown and grabbed her side.  Something dark twisted between her muscles, coiling against them to give her preternatural strength and her grip left a pale indention on her flesh.


“Get one for me,” she told him.


“What?  What am I, your-” he stopped as he stared into her eyes.


They were dark black to match her hair but there was an added depth to them now.  They fell away into nothingness, a void that dragged John’s soul screaming from his body.  He fell slack.


“Yes,” he told her, standing in an efficient, mechanical way to walk to another table.  He grabbed a bottle and returned, kneeling beside her to pop the cork and pour wine into her glass.  She stared at him while he did so.


“What is that?” she asked herself quietly while listening intently.  


It was powerful.  A drum beating an irresistible rhythm.  It tugged at the nerves inside her body, lighting them on fire and making her gasp.  The beat played down her spine from her sore gums to the throbbing ache between her thighs.  


She focused on him and saw it.  His heart.  Branching out into lines that touched every part of his body.  


And now she could smell it.  Sweeter than the wine she’d finished.  A deep, ancient scent aged over a millennia of human evolution.


Her red lips bulged, filling and pushing outward while her teeth elongated.  She licked her lips and ran her tongue over her teeth while breathing in the aroma of the blood coursing through John’s body.  She hungered for it like nothing before.


“Never mind,” she told him, standing.  He stood with her, stepping back to stay at her left.


Soon Bok walked away without another word.  Troy and Tanya turned to see her, staring at her back and then cocking their heads when John followed.


“Wow,” Troy said.  He squeezed his cock and then pulled it, moving it away from the cramped position it was in.  “I had no idea they were- whatever.”


“Right?” Tanya said, scratching at her neck.


Hairs lined the edge of the costume’s collar, bent by the pressure of it.  She reached up to play with the cheap plastic chain that dangled from it before pushing the collar up slightly to scratch the thick ring of red fur beneath it.  


“Get a few drinks in them and I guess they just do whatever,” Tanya said, unfolding her legs to straddle the arm of the chair.  A dark spot appeared in the crotch of her loose trousers as she began to rub her ass back and forth, whimpering slightly with each movement.


“I want a drink, too,” Troy sighed.


“Have one,” Tanya told him.  She clutched the chair’s arm hard enough that her knuckles turned white.  Her nails dented the leather but, as she gripped more tightly, they bent to show the wrinkled white flesh beneath.  


A single glossy black tip pushed through the top of her finger, sliding out to pierce the chair.  More followed, curving out from her fingertips until she anchored herself.  Sweat formed at her neck to slide down her back while more slid down her chest.  The droplets raced between her breasts and around her belly button before tangling with the thick red hairs growing among the well-trimmed brown hairs covering her mound.


“You should,” she told him, eyeing him.  Staring at his bulging crotch.  She growled quietly and her hips jerked.  “Have whatever you want.”


Me, the thought said, echoing in her mind.  More hairs crept out from beneath the collar, growing in lazy, scattered lines down her neck.  The hairs were red and long and thin and they tickled her overly sensitive skin when they emerged.  Own me.  Have me. TAKE me.


Drool pooled in her mouth as she watched his hand stroke his cock. She moaned and ran her fingers through her hair, squeezing her ears before scratching the mane of fur beginning to grow from her nape.  Tanya licked her lips and her tongue reached up to her nose before resting against her bottom lip.  Slobber dripped from the tip before she pulled it into her mouth and swallowed.


She stood, unable to hold back any longer.  Her claws tore at her flimsy costume and she stepped out of it, kicking off her slippers to walk barefoot to him.


“Wha- wha- what are you-” Troy tried to ask but he stopped when she clawed at her thighs, running her curved, deadly nails along her skin.  They cut easily through the band of her panties  and they fell away to reveal the wild, wet tangle of red fur covering her crotch.  It ran up to her belly button in a peak that spread slowly outward and upward.


Two black spots lay nestled deep in the fur, just above her mound.  The fur was missing an inch above them in two more spots and the skin in that area was irritated.  Bulges formed and dark cracks appeared in the flesh as more tiny teats grew.


Bending, she kissed him, filling his mouth with her tongue.  She huffed and moaned and held his head tight with one clawed hand while the other tore at his pants to reveal his cock.  The girl pulled back and Troy wiped his mouth while staring at her.  


She straddled him, pressing her breasts against his face with a low growl as she lowered herself, sliding her slick pussy against her hard cock.  Her tongue bumped over sharp teeth.  For a brief second, she felt pain in her nose that made her eyes water but bones screeched in her jaw and it pushed forward into the hint of a snout.  Tiny stretch marks appeared on her nose when it widened and they fractured into a cracked texture that slowly darkened.


Troy’s hands fumbled with her top.  The costume was cheap and tore easily but he struggled with her bra.  She pushed faster against his cock, whining with quivering ears as the head of his dick rubbed her clit over and over.  Her claws tore through the back of the couch.


“Fucking- fucking thing, can’t- there!” he cried out, pulling the strap apart finally.  She leaned back to free her arms and then forward once more, whining when his mouth and teeth found her nipple.  


Troy’s arms hugged her tightly as his fingers groped her back and down to her flexing ass and hips. 


She growled when he almost entered her but kept moving, shoving back and forward.  Teasing herself.


Testing him.


The thick mane of fur at her nape now covered her upper back.  He gripped her there, tugging at her fur with one hand while squeezing her ass with the other.


Tiny flames erupted from the ends of the fur on her back.  They popped in sequence, merging into a larger flame when they connected.  The air wavered over them and the heat burned his hand, turning pink flesh to charred black.  His other hand reached up to caress her, burning in the same way up to his wrists until both were changed.  Red lines traced up from the burns to his elbows and he roared, grabbing her hair and pulling, forcing her head back to kiss and bite her neck below the collar.


The flame centered over her back burned through the collar in an instant when it spread up to her hair.  It fell between them and then to the side as she continued grinding against him.


“Yes!  Fuck yes!” Tanya growled, encouraging him.  She needed him to take her.  The urge was building within her, overcoming the hidden fetish and consuming it before turning it into something more.  A stronger desire that destroyed everything else.


Thick hairs covered her pussy and inner thighs and they were soaked from her pussy.  She snarled and growled and leaned down to kiss him once more but he gripped her throat tightly and, instead, she shuddered, overwhelmed with arousal at the show of dominance.


“Mine,” he gasped, steam escaping his lips.  His eyes were coal black to match his hands and he forced her head back to stare at her face.


Something wiggled in her coccyx, thrashing in her hips as she grew excited at the command and confidence growing within him.  She desperately wanted to force herself on him but he needed to be the one to do it.  He-


Troy reached down to grab his cock while gripping the fur covering her back.  A huge flame hovered over the pelt but he seemed unaffected by it.  He reached his hand up to her neck, the burnt skin working as perfectly as if it weren’t damaged.  He squeezed and held her in place with his nails digging into her flesh.  Skin bubbled out over the tip of her tail and it curled in anticipation.


She raised herself and he rubbed the head of his cock against her, over and over.  Red fur emerged from her chin, spreading to her cheeks as her face pushed forward again.  Her ears lengthened, twisting forward and then back as she panted with need.  


Beneath her, her dangling feet stretched, the arches vanishing as bones pushed the forefoot wide.  Her big toes trembled and shriveled while pulling back.  Loose skin gathered beneath the balls of her feet and her toes, swelling outward into rough padding.


Tanya licked Troy’s face as the tip of her growing tail brushed the fur on her back.  Two bumps appeared on her brow, just beneath skin unmarked by fur.  Sharp black points pierced the skin to show glossy black horns ringed with ashen gray coloring.


Clear, steaming liquid dripped from her pussy and her ass trembled in anticipation.  His fingers tightened in her fur and he pulled, forcing her down.  Her muzzle opened with a loud, piercing whine when his cock entered her.  He reached down to caress her hairless thighs, rubbing the stubble there as more red fur began to appear.


She would do the work.  He was her Master now and she would take care of His every need.  She rocked down and back, whimpering and groaning as she slapped her furred ass against His thighs, feeling Him hit painfully deep inside as He grew larger inside of her.  


“Mine,” he told her with a rough voice, as if his throat were burned.


“Yes,” she growled, showing her teeth with her ears flexed at an angle.  Spikes pierced her back in two rows beside her spine, straightening as they grew past her fur.  He reached for her back and she lay the spines flat to protect Him as He stroked her and suckled at her nipple, drinking from the burning milk she provided.  


Held in place, she worked her hips alone, slamming herself down harder and harder and harder  until-


Tanya howled, her jaw stretching as her face continued forward into a full muzzle.  But He hadn’t cum yet and, despite her sensitivity, she continued to fuck Him, leaning back to lick His face and neck as smaller orgasms exploded deep in her belly. 


The couch groaned beneath them as the wood and leather smoldered from their heat.  She would ride His cock until she was sore from it, whatever it took to make Him cum.


He hissed steam and clenched His hands against her and she froze, squeezing His cock over and over until His seed burst within her.  The world exploded around her as He pulsed within her.  She’d thought the first orgasm was powerful enough but it compared nothing to having her Master fill her pussy with His blessed cum.


Tanya sat against him, panting and weakly licking his face.  Her thin horns curled in a spiral before her long ears and she nuzzled Him, grateful for His touch.


“More?” she asked.


“No,” he grumbled, pulling her off.  She shook, falling to her side as the very act of Him pulling out drove her over the edge once more.  Her clawed hands dove between her thighs, rubbing His sacred seed into her fur and body.  She felt it soak into the thick padding along her palms before she brought it up to her teats, teasing them with the milky liquid.


Troy stood.  Steam rose from his nostrils as he stared at his charred hands.  Tanya slid from the couch to kneel respectfully beside him, head bowed.  He’d lusted after her his entire, short life.  She was beautiful now, breasts hidden beneath thick red fur.  He knelt beside her and she went to all fours while once more pulling the spikes flat on her back.  The boy ran his hands through her fur, staring at the flames that licked painlessly at his hands.


He needed more.  More hounds for his pack.  Something told him this.  He needed to find something.  To hunt for something.  And he’d need his hounds for this.


He’d make more of them.


He wasn’t sure how much time had passed since he’d entered the room but he couldn’t feel the others.  Some new sense within him reached out but Soon Bok, John, Jennifer and Leah were gone.  Elsewhere.  They were different now, too.  He could feel the touch they’d left behind on the world.  Despite his new powers, he couldn’t tell where they were but knew they were unbound.  They’d be searching for their place in this world now, just as he would.


“Tanya, come,” he growled, turning without worrying whether she would follow.  She bowed deeper from her kneeling position and then followed from a respectful distance, scenting the air and listening to the wind for any potential threats.  Or for new prey.


Her Master opened the door and she followed Him into an abandoned warehouse.  Her flame gave light but she knew His eyes wouldn’t need it.  She turned to look over her shoulder but knew what she would find:  nothing.


There was no door back.  They were somewhere else now.  She lifted her muzzle to smell and then smiled to show deadly fangs.


Surrounded by prey.  Sinners like she’d been.  Her Master would find the worst of them and chase them to the ends of their lives.  It was their duty now and she’d follow Him wherever he led.


Even to the depths of Hell itself.

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