Haunted House Party: Truth or Dare

Two of three in a series!

Another group arrives and each change in their own way.

The Mercedes’ engine ticked in a steady rhythm as Morgan sat in the fading heat of the front seat.  She double-checked the red-stained fake bandage on her upper arm and tapped her fingers on the steering wheel.  


A black BMW X5 was parked next to her, hidden in shadows cast by the brilliant crescent moon above them.  The moon was larger than she’d ever seen it and almost painful to look at.  The silvery light pulsed from its surface.


“We’re too early,” the girl said, pulling at her blonde braid. 

Her First Clutch

Tainted eggs bring about strange changes and new urges.

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Jan held the receiver against her ear, waving at her coworker as she answered the company’s phone.


“Tellus Technologies, how may I direct your call?” she asked, watching while Linda, the head of the accounting department, stepped up to the front desk.  “Yes, please hold.”


“Jan, I remembered to bring them before I left!” the portly woman said.  Although she ran her own department, she was down-to-earth and a little ‘out there’ compared to the other executives.  Rather than their dreary gray suits, the older woman wore a bright red Christmas sweater with Santa Claus driving his reindeer across a white sky.