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A streamer allows her viewers to choose each of her changes
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Despite being incredibly open minded, confident in my body and outgoing, I’m still nervous before every session.  However, once I’ve been going for a few minutes, I lose myself in it and enjoy it.  But, until then, I’m a little cute wreck.


I sit on the edge of my bed after making sure my guest room – not my real room despite what I tell my viewers, is clean and ready.  My real room is a disaster.  Horrible, really.  Clothes on the floor, makeup everywhere and I’m pretty sure the scrunchies are slowly taking over my carpet.  My old teddy bear sits on my lap.  I wrap my arms around him while staring at the monitor on the desk in front of me.  The camera sits just to the left with no blinking light.


Sir Thomas Wellington, III (my teddy bear) is non-judgemental and only wants what’s best for me.  Which is money.


Today is red underwear day.  My thong is freshly washed and I’m not wearing a bra beneath my slightly darker spaghetti strap top.  Legs, freshly shaved, crossed beneath me and my blonde hair held back with a scrunchie that’s dying to join its brethren in my bedroom.  Hot pink scrunchie just because.




Here we go.


The chat on my session is already live and I see a few names I recognize.  High rollers.  At least in my case.  I’m just trying to start out.  I take a moment to say hello to them personally so they feel special and then I click the camera and smile.  Sir Wellington III waves at everyone with special help from my fingers before I push him down between my thighs.  Nearly every other name is new and there’s at least one hundred more subscribers.  And climbing.  Two hundred when the camera starts.


‘Hello everyone,’ I type, winking at the camera.  ‘As promised last week, I have a special treat for everyone!  My friend Jenny is also just starting out and she showed me this special add-on that does funny filters.  I thought I’d give a little show before the main event.  Something silly to get people started.’


I’d met Jenny through an online forum when I was browsing my competition.  She’s very pretty and laughs a lot.  Shorter than me but wider hips and bigger tits.  Such a sweet girl and local!  We met offline, chatted a bit and she mentioned the add-on.  I thought it sounded like a fun treat.


Wow.  Three hundred new people.  Cha-ching!  Word must be getting out!  I’ll have to thank Jenny because she said she was going to spread the news a bit.


‘This is a poll with five rounds,’ I continue on the keyboard.  ‘If you’re pledging $50 or more, you’ll get a vote so if you’re not at that level, raise your pledge!  But that’s enough typing.’


It takes a second to pull up the new add-on but it links quickly to my account.  Animals are listed in order from aardvark (cute!!) to zebra (white chocolate horse!!).  It’s a silly little piece of software but if there’s one thing I’ve learned since starting my show, it’s that people have really weird fetishes.


Standing back from the desk, I twist, bend and wiggle my ass before turning to smile at the camera with my tongue between my lips.  Sir Thomas commandeers my chair as I slink over to my bed, purposefully raising my hips left and right and left again.  My ass cheeks quake and I reach back to give myself a little smack before flopping in bed.


Everything should be automated at this point, if the simple directions Jenny gave me are right.  If not, no harm, I’ll just skip and show my titties and go from there.  


I rock back and forth with my legs folded, toying with my top, tugging it down a little, slipping the strap down “accidentally” before giving an overly innocent ‘oh gosh’ look and fixing it.  Typical little stuff as the voting goes on.


Animals move up and down in the list.  I’m praying for a cat or red panda but frog is steadily moving upward.  Frog.  What am I supposed to do with that?  Ah no, it’s in first place.


Dropping to second.  Yes!  Now back to first.  No!


Holding.  Holding.  Dammit.


But the whole time I’m giving my cute, wide-cheeked smile to hide how gross I find frogs.


An overlay appears on screen over my face.  It’s pixelated at first but begins to sharpen.  I smile and the face on the screen, an odd mix of human and frog smiles with me.  A fake tongue rolls out to snag a virtual fly and I giggle at it.  


But now I give them a little show.  I wiggle my hips slowly and pull down on my top while looking coy.  When my hands are completely in view, frog-like forearms and fingers appear overtop on the video.  I’m not quite sure what kind of frog is black with weird yellow stripes but I didn’t make the program.  It seems pretty limited-


Oh, with my top down the video shows my body in the same color and pattern with puffy black nipples.  I’m surprised it knows how to change something like that.  I mean, my nipples-


Staring down, my eyes go wide.  A band of gray skin covers my left breast.  I watch pink fade as it spreads, flowing in curving lines as it reaches over to my right tit, “cutting” it in half.  The bottom of my nipple fades to dull ash.  


And then the gray darkens.  More patches of skin grow dark in sections along my body but, in between them my skin is turning a sickly flaxen coloring.  But then, unlike the gray, it brightens into a virulent yellow.


I touch myself carefully.  The camera is long forgotten as I explore my body.  My finger presses against my skin and then slides as a soft film exudes from my pores.  My top is immediately stained with it, the red darkening to ruby.  But now I’m distracted even more because the tips of my fingers are flattening and widening against my slick chest.


Drool pools in my mouth and my tongue writhes, twisting and slipping within my mouth.  It fills me and then pushes back towards my throat since there’s nowhere else for it to go.  I gag and my throat bulges.


“Fuck!” I shout, grabbing at my throat as tears fill my eyes and I cough.


My tongue, narrow and slick, lances out, stretching as the tip expands into a shiny mass.  It hits something in the air at the edge of my bed and ricochets towards the ceiling.


“Noooo-ibbit,” I croak.  


Something is happening in my stomach.  My guts are twisting and pinching.  It aches and I feel bloated.  My hand presses against my stomach and then slides against the strange film as my arms lengthen.  Bones lose mass, shifting to the ends to stretch muscle and ligaments and give me a lean, limber look.  


“Iiii-bit,” I groan, pressing my hands against my stomach.  


Fire burns through my face.  Cartilage crunches, collapsing my nose and the room shifts around me.  The left side of the room stays in place but the right side jumps down as my eyes begin to travel along my skull.  My long, flattened fingers smack against my face.  It feels flattened slightly but it’s hard to tell exactly as my fingers have lost some sensitivity.  Still, I feel like my entire head has compressed.


My eye sockets screech as they open further and my eyes bulge outward.  


“Frog!” I yell, turning toward the computer.  The animal is locked in first place as voting has ended.


My legs slide beneath me as I unfurl.  Like my arms, my bones are stretching. I jump and then cry out in pain as I slam into something blocking the edge of the bed.  The force pushes me back and I roll until I’m on my stomach and facing the pillow.


More pores open along my gangly bare thighs as my legs take on a glistening black hue.  Yellow edges the black once more, breaking it up into a living Rorschach test all along my body.  A freakish froggy inkblot test.


“Dammi-bit,” I croak, groaning as I try to push myself up.


Something else twists in my guts and my long tongue reaches up to lick my eyes as I moan.  My ass shakes.  Bones crack in my hips, opening me for the unfertilized eggs forming within.  I dig my toes into the bed and my foot drags back as they stay in place, stretching like my fingers.  Muscle grows dense in my feet and then upward, surrounding my long, thin legs like armor.


As my waist widens, my ass fills out and my thong pulls tight, slipping between my pussy lips.  My asshole is shifting, moving downward as shifting bones push my pussy up to meet it.  


“Oh! Oh! Eh-bit!  Rrrr-ii-!” I moan, my voice rising higher and higher as an egg slips down and crowns from my pussy when it meets my asshole, both merging into a cloaca as my egg slips free.  I look back with heavily lidded eyes to see it, soft and transparent and coated in goo.  I shudder, licking my thin, nearly nonexistent lips and my eyes.  


My ass raises as another egg flows down and bulges away from my pussy.  More.  I’m panting, caught on the edge of an orgasm that doesn’t want to fully happen and it’s driving me mad.  I slip my long arm down my body but my clit has flattened into a strange little nub of skin.  Just a little further and my flat finger slips into my cloaca.  I feel it open and I touch an egg, fingers sliding over it.  I pull it free and then slip my fingers inside.  All but my thumb goes in.  And then my hand.  I fist-fuck myself, thumping my wide ass against the bed until-


“Eh-bit! Ribit!” I croak, shaking from a hard orgasm.  My muscles clench against an egg and it’s almost like a cock is filling me up.  I shiver as I pulse my cloaca to push it free.


My hand rests before my face as I shiver from the aftershocks.  I see my pointer and middle fingers merging together while my ring and pinky fingers join.


The film covering my body is drying up.  I watch it happen.  Skin gathers on my fingers in ropy, ashen bumps.  At some point, I’d lost my fingernails but now I see new nails growing.  Darker than the skin around them.  They curve away from my three thick fingers.


And then my pores open once more. No, my follicles.


“Oooooiii-bit,” I groan, gumming at the bed with my wide, thin lips.


A prickling rush scours my body when clear shafts push through my forearms.  They appear in a wave, spiraling around my arms as they race to my shoulders.  Small shafts surround longer ones.


“What the faaawwwk!” I squawk, pushing myself up as I stare at my hand.  The barbs from the growing feathers are wet but drying quickly in the air conditioned room.


My face feels squished.  I reach up to touch myself as carefully as I can to keep the strange nails away from my face and my claws click against hardened skin.  My mouth is bulging outward, dragging the slits of my nose as a beak forms.  The thin skin over the beak pumps out keratin in a mad rush to keep up with my changes.


Air whistles through my nose.  It hurts more than I’d like to admit.  The top of my beak curves far in front of my eyes and over my shorter bottom beak.  The flight shafts are still growing out from my arms, leeching the spongy bone and marrow from around my body until my bones are nearly weightless. 


“Awwwwk fawwwk,” I say, pressing the rough palm of my hand against my face, rubbing as tiny shafts emerge from my cheeks, white as snow.


I kneel, panting, my beak clicking with each breath.


My eggs lay in a slimy pile before me and I groan, covering them with a blanket and pushing them against the invisible barrier at the edge of my bed.  


When I stand, I feel incredibly light.  Bones groan in my back as a weight presses against my ass.  My thong dangles beneath me, snapped at some point so I toss it aside.  


As more feathers sprout down my neck and over my chest, I shiver. My shirt is heavy and wet and cold, soaked from the- the frog’s grossness.  I tug it off and throw it, gagging as it splats against the barrier.


The short feathers covering my neck are a soft black but when they reach my collarbone, gold appears and then spreads.  Millions of tiny feathers emerge from gaping follicles and I cry out, falling to my back.  They feel like a trillion fingers tugging against my body.  Like they’re scratching my soul.


Clear liquid leaks from my cloaca and I raise it high, heels to the ground.  Only then do I realize what I’m doing.  What I’m showing.  And to whom.  I roll to my side, bend, go to my knees and then stand.  Like my fingers, the skin over my toes grows rough, black bumps forming over gray skin.  My big toe and pinky toe are pulled forward by my elongating feet while sliding around, pulling the bed sheet with them and I wobble on suddenly unstable feet.


Something slaps my ass and I squawk again as my short tail spreads new, wet feathers to stabilize me.  I moan, clacking my beak as my tail feathers slide against the downy feathers on my ass.  The feel of it, of drying feathers caressing my soft skin and the fluffy tiny feathers around them drives me to my knees.


I lean forward with my claws on the bed and my still lengthening tail behind me.  Muscles tug my spine and I spread them, flapping my tail gently.  The motion spreads the scent of my arousal in the small room and I gasp at it.  Looking down, I can see my hardened nipples floating over fluffy golden feathers.  Every movement makes the feathers brush my nipple and I want to touch myself so bad right now.  It’s an indescribable feeling.


Emerald blue feathers line my arms.  I press them together to shield my body.


Sure enough, ‘macaw’ won the second poll result.  I turn my head to focus my wide-set black eyes on the screen and the chat.  Most of my original subscribers are gone and I’m up over a thousand new ones.  They’re all raving about the changes and more are joining every second.  I’m in the tens of thousands of dollars for this session alone.


Tens.  Of.  Thousands.


Maybe.  Maybe this isn’t so bad.


I open my wings and kneel, slipping a freakishly long finger between my thighs.  


“Do you like thaaawk?” I ask, looking at the screen.


My feathered ass rocks back and forth as the rough, bumpy finger spreads my cloaca open.  I crow quietly while leaning back to show them what I’m doing but I feel something moving on my body.


Looking down, I see a line of skin pinch the top of my cloaca.  The smaller patch wrinkles into a new asshole and then moves.  The soft feathers surrounding my cloaca are pulling back now.  Wrinkles rise along the edges while skin swells beside them.


I have a pussy again!


My ropy black fingers glisten with my cum as I open myself.  But the labia resists, pressing together as it pushes outward.  The little nub where my clit was is growing larger and pushing down to the labia.  The soft, pink skin darkens to black as my tri-fold pussy rubs against the feathers on the inside of my thighs.


Behind me, my tail brushes against the bedsheets.  The five feet long feathers are wagging as I touch myself.  


Keratin recedes in my beak, pulling the huge top part straight while pushing the bottom part forward.  Bone begins to replace the hard surface and the thin skin swells.  When I swallow, the dried stump of my black tongue clicks the roof of my mouth.  I taste something and feel spit and then sneeze when my nose slits bulge up into an actual nose.


Teeth push through the gums forming along my muzzle.  They curve, sharp rather than the flattened molars and incisors I, well, that I grew up with over the past twenty years.  


I can’t stop playing with my pussy.  My wide fingers separate with a sharp twinge of pain and now I have five fingers again.  The index finger is far too long but it’s shrinking nicely.  Strangely enough, the claws stay in place.  Even more strange, as my hand takes shape once more, the skin along my palm is still rough and dark.  It softens slightly and then separates.

Into a paw print.


My tail pushes against my ass as the tail feathers draw back.  The broad lump of flesh grows narrow and thumps against the bed slowly.  Drool drips from the corner of my mouth.  I rub it with my forearm and my feathers brush hairs on my cheeks.  


Looking at the screen, I see a dog’s face staring back at me.  My hardened tongue is stretching outward as it rehydrates, black fading to gray and then to pink while it widens.  I pant before licking my lips.


Flesh gathers over the empty holes on the side of my head, pushing at my blonde hair as my ears take shape once more.  Blonde fur grows from the edges as they lengthen, sliding through hair before flopping over.


And then it hits me.  The heat.  It doesn’t come slowly but rather all at once and I shiver, shaking fur and retreating feathers as I whine, clawing at the bed and shoving my swollen pussy against the rough blanket.  I mark the bed, grinding harder and harder before I remember my audience.


“I’m- I’m-” I think hard and fast, pushing through the haze in my brain as my breasts shake.  Fur grows around feather shafts, replacing them as they vanish beneath my skin.  I feel slow and dumb and so fucking hot.  So hot.  “Good girl.  I’m a good girl.”


I stare at my face and wish it was a male looking back at me.  Coming to me.  I turn to the viewers and raise my ass.  My tail curls and the few remaining feathers wave in the air as I drip cum to the bed.  I reach beneath my body and then cry out as I brush sensitive spots along my belly.


Turning, I lay my head against the bed and whimper.  


“Need it,” I tell them, not even lying.  “One of you to mount me.  Want bitch.  Want to be your bitch.  I live at- at-“


I whine again, trying to remember my address so I can tell them.  If I’m lucky, one of them lives nearby and can break down my door and mount me.  Spread my ass and impale me with his cock.  Or more than one.  All of them.  Cover my fur in their cum and tell me to lick it up like the bestest girl I am.  Because I am.  I am the bestest girl.


I roll to my back with my tail wagging fiercely beneath me.  My ears flop to the bed as curly blonde hair grows to cover my belly.  Sharp pinches of pain explode beneath my teats and two of them express drops of new milk.  I whine, imagining sharp puppy teeth latching on.  My tongue hangs from my muzzle while I pull my knees up.


My toes are sliding back around.  Once more my feet mirror my hands, rough, ropy black skin turning to padding that lines my toes and the balls of my feet.  The claws retreat as my big toes pull back into dew claws.


I don’t care.  Just want to be mounted.  Want to be someone’s bitch.  I want to roll in their cum until I’m too sore to move.  My finger slips into my pussy and I whine as I claw my tit.


“I need moooo-re,” I groan.


My top two teats unravel, pulling back to soft skin as the four below them writhe in the thick tangle of fur low on my belly.  The skin around them grows hard and I reach up to squeeze and pull the teats as they lengthen.  They grow thick in my paw and then move as my belly grows out.  I grab myself, claws gentle against the swell.  Fur pulls free to show pink skin underneath.  I push and scratch myself while milk dribbles from all four of my teats.


The udder weighs heavily against me and I turn to rest it on the bed.  Blonde fur retreats as my tail thumps slowly against the bed.  Like the rest of my body, it becomes hairless except for the very tip where I’m left with a wild tangle of sand-colored fur.


I groan, arching my back as my ass fills out.  Fat gathers beneath the skin and it bulges before spreading down to my thighs to thicken them.  I shiver and shout as they squeeze my distended pussy but the lips are pulling back.  And elongating.  As my ass grows, so do my hips and my pussy stretches to match.


A tiny black spot appears on my ass as it continues to swell and then the spot spreads.  My ears slide down my soft cheeks and it makes me giggle but then I moan as my breasts start to fill with milk.  Stretch marks appear on the curves of my breasts as they strain from the new fatty tissue and ducts growing beneath the skin.  They push my arm away as they grow out, hard and hot.  I massage them to ease the pain and my nipples quiver while milk dribbles from the tips.  They bounce and then distend, doubling in length as I squeeze my new, massive tits.


Tiny traces of blood race down my forehead as sharp, bony points pierce my brow.


I moan and it comes out as a loud ‘mooooo!’ while my tongue grows thick in my mouth.  I smack my lips and touch my tongue to my teeth, feeling how flat they’ve become since I’ve started changing again.  


It takes a little effort because of the weight of my tits and udder but I push myself up and stare at my reflection.  My ears flick and I reach up to touch the horns growing from my skull.  I giggle again and heft my left tit, pulling it upward to lick and then suck the long nipple into my mouth.  


“Mmmmoooo,” I moan, pulling at the wet nipple.  “I taste soooo goooood.”


I spread my thighs and then giggle again.  I can’t see my pussy because of my udder.  I reach beneath it with soft, delicate hands and lift while leaning back.  The position is awkward so I bunch all the pillows up and then lean against them, holding my udder up while fingering myself.  


My fingers pull and squeeze the teats until I learn the proper rhythm and express a thin spray of milk.  I cry out and my fingers rub faster, grinding against my clit as it swells and bulges.  It slips out of the small hood and I squeeze it.  And orgasm immediately, spraying milk and squirting at the same time.


Pain digs into my soles and I rub my feet on the bed, back and forth.  The curved claws of my shrunken big toes retreat as they twist around to the rear of my foot.


Blonde fur pulls back from the tops of my feet to leave bare skin behind and I stare at it while still fingering myself.  My remaining four toes are merging into two lumps while the padding covering my feet deflates.  The bones fuse together beneath my skin and then push my toes further away from my ankle.  My nails grow thick and gray, consuming the claws and the tips of my toes.  I feel myself losing sensation in my feet as my split hooves grow into place.


I sit up and grab my pillows, pulling them down so they lay between my breasts and udders.  I lay against them on my belly and my tail raises and flicks above me.  My elongated, gaping pussy drools as short black and white fur spreads from my swollen labia.


Looking back, I smile at the camera.  I feel the tips of my ears slipping through my hair as they grow firm and fold.


“Like this?” I ask, wagging my ass back and forth.  “On my hands and knees?  Four of you beneath me, sucking my teats while two drink milk from my nipples?  A cock in my long mouth, a dick in my ass and more in this pussy?”


I laugh and snort.  The weight of my udder seems to be shifting.  I can feel my teats dragging against the pillows and I pout as I try to focus on the poll.  But it’s too many words and too far away and I’m so horny and hungry that it doesn’t matter.


Fat develops at my waist and a tiny fat roll forms.  My tail is shrinking, bones and muscle dissolving as it twists and coils.  The edges of my narrow ears expand outward, twitching as they brush against my blonde hair.  


I lean back against my hooves and grab my udder as it continues to shrink.  The black spots on my body are also fading away, replaced by short wiry white hairs.  


My nipples are compressing.  I give them a last, sorrowful squeeze as my belly gurgles.  I cover my mouth with a giggle and then snort.  My fingers feel bones shifting beneath my long face.  My nostrils push forward and the skin surrounding them flares outward, dark pink skin replacing the pebbled black as my nostrils widen.


Pleasure ripples through my torso and I gasp, spreading my thighs and bouncing my jiggling ass against the bed.  Beneath the short, wiry fur, dark nipples are pushing out over growing milk ducts.  I snort and rub them, from the bottom ones just above my pussy and higher.  Three more rows of teats grow into place and I can’t stop rubbing my hands against them.


With a squeal, my ass shudders and I coat my bed in cum as I crash forward.  My legs twitch and my curly pink tail wiggles above my wide hips.


The tips of my receding horns tear a hole in the memory foam mattress beneath me when I rub my head against the bed, nibbling at the blankets.


“Or like this?” I ask my viewers, rising on all fours with my twelve nipples dangling beneath me.  “Eating from a trough of food while you each take turns on me?  An endless gang bang as I gorge on whatever you put in front of my greedy, fat face?”


My cheeks bulge as I snort and root at the bed.  My hand slips beneath me and I spread my pink pussy open for them.  I squeal as I push a finger inside and then collapse to my side with my thighs holding my hand in place.


Sweating, grunting as I finger fuck myself while imagining cock after cock after cock pounding into me.  My body quivering with each thrust.  Distracting me from eating.  My tongue cleaning the food from my face as I cry out with the unending orgasms.


I kick as I roll to my back and my hooves knock together.  They break apart and I flex them briefly as the hooves flake away to show shortened toes.


The fat beneath my belly melts away and I snort, grabbing for my teats and pulling them to try to keep them in place but they slip from my fingers to leave smooth, taut skin behind.


I taste blood when my canines pierce my gums and push against the nearby teeth.  My snout is shrinking, pulling back into a cute little button nose.  I shiver, gasping and trying to talk as the short fur retreats as well.  I make fists while pressing my toes against the bed and raising my ass.


And then finally, I lay on the bed, panting and shaking.  And human again.


After an eternity, I sit up and laugh weakly.


My breasts are far larger than they should be and my ass feels heavy.  I look down to see curves I never had before.


Slowly, I crawl to the edge of the bed and then reach a hand out, smiling when I feel no barrier holding me in place.  I sit at the edge of the bed with my left leg folded beneath me and brush messy blonde hair away from my face.


The poll results flash on screen and I shiver once more.


A single golden hair around my belly button.  I scratch at it and the ones that grow around it before massaging the four sensitive spots above my pussy and the hardened skin beginning to bulge beneath them.


That heat is back.  Stronger now.  My hips work on their own and I run my hands through my hair, thin, leathery padding on my palm brushing against two short bony horns.  I snarl as my face pushes forward and my nose widens into a pink snout on top of a long muzzle.  


Translucent shafts pierce my back around my spine and soft blue barbs lay wetly against my back.  A soft, curly tail wiggles low on my back when my legs begin to stretch, muscle building as black and yellow flesh exudes a clear film.  My toes splay against the ground as I stand on them.


I don’t bother sitting.  The air stirs as I reach forward with my wings, typing carefully with black claws on padded paws.  Sir Thomas watches without judgment.  As he does.


‘I’ll give my address to anyone pledging $10,000 or more,’ I type, shivering with my eyes fluttering in my head as the heat pulses.  I whine and lick my soft pink snout and the golden fur around it.  ‘Hurry.’


I go back to the bed and spread my slick legs as I wait, slipping a paw between my thighs and against my thick, black pussy.  My slick black and yellow ass rocks in the air and my curly tail wiggles happily.


I want more.  So much more.

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