The Pact

Set against the backdrop of 1873, a young man learns the dangers of asking for your hearts desires.  For some forces and dark and enjoy the folly that follows such requests.  The young man’s wish comes with a heavy price that not only he must pay.

A single bead of sweat crept from beneath the band of Little Joe’s hat, burrowing through caked-on dirt until it worked itself down into a muddy afterthought.  The young man rubbed the back of his grimy hand against his cheek, smearing the streak and wiping away bits of dry earth.  He squinted up at the sun while he pushed the heavy plough behind the family’s old, tired draft horse.  The remains of weeds and old crop lay in the furrows behind him.  Little Joe could see his father in the distance.  The old man was mending their fence after one of the sheep got tangled in it.  There’d be fresh mutton if the dumb animal didn’t survive. 

Little Joe removed his wide brimmed hat to scratch at his black, wavy hair.  He fanned himself and wished for the hundredth time that a breeze, any kind of breeze, would come by and cool him off.  He eyed the wide blue sky but the one tiny white cloud far off in the distance gave no hope for shade and his father would have his hide if he ran off to rest under one of their apple trees.  Tree lined mountains surrounded the small world he lived in and, again for the hundredth time, he told himself he’d make it to those mountains and keep walking.  Some day.  For now his bare feet dug into the fresh turned earth and provided him his only comfort in the sweltering heat.

“Saint Fran-swaur,” Little Joe whispered.  He’d stopped his learning a long time ago but he could remember Miss Pastern in her thick dress and hair pulled back.  Her with her stick, tapping on an old sheet of paper and trying to teach the packed room about their local geography.  Little Joe remembered little of what he was supposed to have learned but he always remembered the name of the mountain range nearby.  “Saint Fran-swaur,” he repeated, as if saying the very words would carry him away from his home.

A tug at the plough reminded Little Joe of what he was doing and he wiped the memories away as easily as he’d wiped his sweat.  The morning wore on with little more than the wooden and leather creak of the plough and the occasional cry of a bird far above.  His father was out of sight, working further down their property.  Little Joe heard the rustling of the apple trees moments before a sweet breeze swept around him.  He turned to look for his sister at the orchard but he only saw her old wooden, half-filled basket.   “What the…  Whoa!  Whoa, there!”

It took a moment to fumble with the straps before the young man was able to get his harness off.  Little Joe hung it on the plough and patted the horses’ flank as he passed.  Another rush of wind ruffled the trees and tall grass and the overalls he was wearing – his father’s old pair, mended by his mother to fit him.  Also with it, a snatch of a laugh from beyond the trees.  Little Joe walked through the grass and under the small trees until he reached the family’s weathered red barn.  He could hear a light conversation as he reached the back corner.  Looking around the edge, he spied Lily, his sister, standing face to face with James Tolbert – John Tolbert’s oldest boy from two farms away.  He was dressed in his work clothes with a faint red to his cheeks and sweat covering his brow.  His sandy blond hair nearly brushed his eyebrows.  He was tall and lanky and well loved by all the girls in the area.  Little Joe grit his teeth and nearly stood to call them out.  He stopped when James bent down to lift the hem of Lily’s dress.  The other boy’s hand vanished beneath the fabric and Lily gasped and laughed and bit her lower lip.

“I… ohhh… I have to get back to the apples, Jamie.  Oh.  Oh, not there.  Don’t… oh.”  Lily’s hips rocked slightly and she leaned against the other boy.  James had his arm around her back and the girl’s dress was up to her waist.  Little Joe felt a stir in his drawers as he watched James kiss Lily’s neck.  He rubbed himself as the two lovers kissed.  James’ deft, feminine hands quickly undid the laces at the front of Lily’s dress and she shrugged her left shoulder, exposing her small breast.  Little Joe had seen his sister naked years before and thought nothing of it but now, watching the two of them together, his hand quickened its pace in excitement.  He watched Lily’s nipple vanish into James’ mouth and listened to the way she moaned when he pushed her hard against the side of the barn.  The overalls were rough against his manhood but he gripped himself hard through the fabric.

Lily tilted her head back.  She had her dirty fingers in James’ thick hair, twisting and twining her fingers as the boy sucked at her.  “Jamie.  Ohhh, my beautiful boy.  Kiss me down below, Jamie.  Like before.  Please.”  The boy stood back and Little Joe saw how her fat nipple glistened in the sunlight.  James knelt and lifted Lily’s dress, easily exposing her slim lower body.  A thick tangle of black hair hid away her girl parts but Little Joe almost caught a glance as his sister lifted her foot to place it on James’ shoulder.  The boy leaned towards her hair down below and then stopped when Little Joe grunted.  He felt his hot seed spurt against his belly and he couldn’t hold the noise back against the sudden release.

Without looking back to see if the two lovers had noticed him, Little Joe ran as quickly as he could back to his plough.  Their horse, Buster, stomped and dipped his head, snorting slightly at the folly of the young man.  Little Joe muttered at himself as he felt the cold wetness in his overalls sticking to his bare lower body.  He’d have to hide his deed by working with the pigs and “accidentally” getting some slop or water on his clothes.  Better the water – mama would make him wash his own clothes if he came home in a stench.

Little Joe chanced a quick look over to the apple trees as he turned the plough for a new row.  Lily was walking back from the barn and he knew the red in her cheeks wasn’t from the sun overhead.  She nearly fell over on shaky legs when she moved her basket to the next tree and Little Joe felt a quick pang of guilt when he pictured her with her dress up again.  He cursed himself and leaned back into his harness to slow Buster.  “Steady.  Steady on there.”

When time came to feed the pigs, Little Joe had no need to fake an accident – one of the younger excitable pigs knocked over the feed trough while he was filling it.  He had to near fight the pigs off to right the wooden structure.  He cursed and kicked at the crazed little animals and they simply ignored him and pushed forward.  “Jus’… Jus’ wait for me to…”  One of the pigs slammed into legs and he fell to his knees in the muddy slop among the grunting and snorting pigs.  Little Joe snarled and struck the animal’s head, staggering it.  “God damn you stupid little shits!”  He yelled at them as the blood pounded in his ears.  It maddened him how crazed they became at the simple idea of feeding.  It was the same thing every time and he wanted to beat some sense into them when they did it.  “It’s jus’ food, you dumb sons-a-bitches.  You can control ya’self for one damn minute.”

The sudden clang-clang of an old bell made him stand up.  He looked over to the house to see mama ringing the bell for lunch.  She rang it loudly a few more times for his father and the sound echoed across the field.  Mama’s sleeves were rolled back and a single hair had escaped her tight bun.  Patches of sweat under her armpits made him thankful (for once) to be working outside.  Lily made her way to the house with a full basket of apples and nary a hair out of place.  His youngest sister, Annie, peeked from around mama’s dress and grinned when she saw Little Joe walking over to the house.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking, young Joseph Kellerman,” Mama called out.  “I can smell you from over here and it ain’t a good smell.  You get yourself over to the stream and clean off before you even think about coming inside.  And if you don’t see your father coming home, you run out and fetch him and tell him his food is getting cold.”

Little Joe sighed and turned to the right, walking across the tall grass as he made his way to the little stream near their house.  He snatched his other pair of overalls from their clothesline, holding them away from his soiled clothes.  He smelled of rotting vegetables, offal and sweat mixed with a faint whiff of pig.  The young man spat to the ground beside him.  “I bet James Tolbert never once smelled like pigs,” he said, angrily.  “Ain’t no girl want to be with me but they flock to him like … like pigs after slop.”  The mental image of James on his knees, arms wide and a horde of sows charging at him made Little Joe laugh and it was a mean sound.

The thigh deep water was freezing cold and Little Joe shook as he entered naked into the water.  His clean clothes hung from the branches of a nearby oak tree while his dirty ones lay on the rocky bank.  The young man’s small frame shivered as he cleaned himself quickly.  He turned to face downstream and then pulled the skin back from the head of his cock to make sure he cleaned every drop of his seed from his body.  His manhood swelled, standing to meager attention.  He’d played naked plenty of times as a child but the only adult he’d seen naked was his father and he swore his old man was bigger than him down there.  A small part of him wish he’d seen James naked so he’d know once and for all whether he was as small as he feared he was.

The sun, previously harsh, now felt like the warm embrace of a lover as he dried himself off on the edge of the water.  It only took a few dredges through the river to get most of the slop off of his old clothes and, by the time he was done, he was completely dry.

“Joe!”  Little Joe’s father’s voice rang out loud and clear.  “We waitin’ on you, son!  Hurry up, boy!”

Joe dressed quickly and ran back to the house, only stopping to wipe his feet outside the front door.  His father, mother and two sisters were already seated and waiting for him.  Their long, slightly warped old wood table dominated the tiny dining room.  A small bowl of congealed butter was placed next to a loaf of fresh baked bread and the house was filled with the smell of it.  A bowl of thick brown stew lay in front of everyone.

“Hurry and sit so we can say grace,” his father told him.  I need to get back to the fence before I let the sheep out.”   Traces of dirt lined the wrinkles of his father’s face.  Stubborn bits that rebuffed a simple washing.  The older man was squat and weathered by long days outside and his fingernails seemed permanently stained brown.  Little Joe sat and his father nodded.  “Mother, will you say grace this time?”

Their mother, stray hair rescued and back in place, nodded in return.  “Annie, sit still or you’ll have no food.  Dear Lord, we thank you for the food at our table.  We thank you for the bountiful crops and healthy animals and healthy children.  Please look favorably upon us as we continue to work in your name.  Amen.”

Everyone else bowed their heads more deeply and intoned “Amen” before unclasping their hands.  Little Joe eagerly dug into his stew and he scooped up chunks of potato and carrots with thick pieces of bread.  Their Australian Shepherd, Lucy, lay on the floor behind Annie.  The dog waited patiently as always for the child to drop crumbs.

In a pause between bites, the elder Joseph spoke up.  “The pastor stopped by while I was out mendin’.  Carl Spitzer’s boy has the Scarlet Fever.  They’re bringing him into town but it don’t look good.”  Mama tsk’ed at the news and shook her head sadly.  “An’ his daughter’s been coughing so they’re lookin’ after her, too.  I don’t want nobody going over to their farm until it’s all done.”  The old man swabbed his bowl with a small piece of bread and then swallowed the bite.  “And him just finding that load of gold on his property.  The Lord giveth…  I’ll be on the east side of the field if anyone needs me.”  The man turned to his son and continued.  “I’ll find you when I’m done.  I still need help fixin’ the barn roof.”

Little Joe bowed his head.  “Yes, sir.”  When the old man left, the boy looked up.  “Mama, y’all said I could go to the fair tonight if I finished all my chores.  I won’t have time if I fix the roof tonight!”

“I’ll talk to your father but you know how he is.  Now, I suggest you get back to those chores, young man.  If you want even a chance of going out tonight.”  His mother fixed Little Joe with a hard stare until he went back to his bowl of stew.  The young man finished his food in minutes and then left at a run.

The day progressed and the sun lay fat and red on the horizon before the elder Joseph found his son.   Little Joe briefly considered mentioning the fair again to his father but he knew that the old man would simply say ‘no’ and that would be the end of that.  For any chance, he’d have to pray that his mother would still talk to the man.  But, as the evening progressed and the sun sunk lower on the horizon, his hopes dwindled.

When his mother appeared at the barn doors, yelling for his father’s attention, Little Joe felt a spark of hope.  His father huffed down the large ladder from the loft and then out of the barn.  The young man heard nothing beyond tones and parts of words but he held his breath.  His father came back into the barn and up the ladder  This would be the last night he’d have a chance to see the fair before it closed down for the summer.  His father glanced at him and then picked his hammer back up.  “Go on downstairs and talk to your mother.  I’m done with you tonight.  And you best give her your thanks, boy.”

“Yes, sir!”  Little Joe yelled.  He flew down the ladder and out into the cool night air.  A few stars twinkled above him as the sun faded to a deep orange on the horizon.  He found his mother and she cocked her eyebrow at him as he tried to gasp his thanks in-between breaths.  Her face softened into a smile and she took his hand, opening it to drop a few coins into his palm.  Little Joe looked at the nickels in surprise.  He had a little bit saved up and his family wasn’t well off; he hadn’t expected any extra money.  “Aww, thank you, mama!”

“No,” she told him.  “Thank your father.  This was from him.  Now get on out of here before you miss it.”

The thought of his father giving him spending money was completely foreign to him; he hadn’t even expected his father to allow him to go.  Little Joe hugged his mother and then left as she hollered out “And don’t you be stayin’ out too late!”

The fair lay at the edge of their little town and it was a thirty-five minute walk from the family’s farm.  The young boy alternated between running and walking so he’d be there quickly enough without worrying about being soaked in sweat.  Finally, as he crested a small hill, the distant sounds of the fair turned into lively music and laughter and loud conversations.

Little Joe stared in amazement as he walked down the gentle slope to the grounds below.  The warm summer wind brought smells of roasted meat, pies and other foods to his nose and he felt his stomach rumble in response.  Loud voices called out to describe the various wares on display while others spoke in moderated whispers of the wonders behind the curtains of their stall.  The young boy walked around a large group of farmers standing in front of a simple table.  The man behind the table wore a simple brown suit with a black bowtie.

“The Winner is named so for a reason, gentlemen!”  The fox-faced salesman cried out.  “Glidden’s design is simple, cheap and, most importantly effective!  Your cows or sheep or goats may try to break through a fence made of this fabulous material but only once!  The barbs are not sharp enough to cause permanent damage but they hurt enough that even a dumb animal will shy away a second time!”

Little Joe glanced at what the man was selling.  Metal wire looked to be twisted upon itself to create little spikes along the length of the line.  You put that with the fence?  Little Joe wondered.  Or is that the fence?  Good Lord, our fool sheep would get stuck in that and kill themselves.  Still, the young boy made a note to mention it to his father as a possibility.  Rough farmers in the overalls shot questions at the salesman as Little Joe walked away.

The boy wandered the fair in a daze.  Some locals brought their food and he bought a turkey leg to gnaw on while he looked at the exhibits.  Folks blew fire from their mouths or swallowed swords while others simply talked of events beyond their small town.  Little Joe stood rapt as he listened to talks of the Comanche and their fearlessness in battle.  Women and men gasped in horror at tales of scalps being taken or, worse, women hauled off from small outposts after their menfolk and children were slaughtered.  He listened to news from outside for the longest and his yearning to see the world only increased.

At another demonstration, a faint electric glow filled two connected glass tubes while the salesman furiously cranked a handle.  The small crowd surrounding the equipment watched in silence as the man rambled about electricity and vacuums and other things they’d never heard in their entire lives.  Little Joe snorted at the useless little light but then stopped when he caught a glimpse of Susan Talbot.  The young boy fairly lusted after Susan and the yellow dress she wore only made his blood boil even hotter.  The heat, constant buzz of the crowd and the thrill of the fair itself made him bold and the young boy swaggered over to stand before the girl.

“Hello, Susan,” Little Joe said with a smile.

Susan Talbot turned to look at Little Joe and she glanced at the boy from head to toe.  “Little Joe,” she replied.  “I didn’t think your daddy would let you out to the fair.  I heard from Jim Witt that y’all were working on your barn.”

“Well,” Little Joe answered, his cheeks burning in embarrassment.  “Jim Witt don’t know everything now, do he?”

“It’s ‘does’, Little Joe.  ‘Does he’ is how you say it.  You’d have learned that if you’d stayed at school.”

“I don’t give a damn how-!”  Little Joe swallowed his sudden anger.  “Listen, I didn’t come over here to argue with you.”

“What did you come over here for, Little Joe?”  The girl asked, defiance in her eyes.

Little Joe reached for the young girl and she stepped back lightly. The boy’s cheeks burned an uglier red when he answered her.  Almost he didn’t answer her but he felt drunk from the energy of the evening.  “I think you’re real pretty, Susan.  I thought I might see if you wanted a kiss from a real man.”

Susan’s laugh was sudden and loud enough that several people turned their heads to look.  Her speech slipped to a simpler form as she berated the boy.  “From you, Little Joe?  Oh Lordy.  You ain’t all that, Little Joe.  Coming over here, talkin’ ’bout bein’ a man and wantin’ a kiss for nothin’ mor’n that.  You smell like pig shit and you got grease smeared all over yo’ mouth.  You best leave before-”

A large figure suddenly loomed behind Susan.  “Little Joe,” the figure rumbled.  “You troublin’ my sister?”

Red quickly turned to pale white on Little Joe’s cheeks.   Susan Talbot’s older brother stood nearly a foot taller than he was and double his width.  “N… naw, Ben.  We was jus’ talking.  Ain’t that right, Susan?”

The girl stared harshly at Little Joe.  “Yeah.  We were just talking, Ben.  Little Joe was telling me something awful funny.”

Slow thoughts formed in Ben Talbot’s head as the sarcasm completely passed him by.  “I think you should get on home now, Little Joe.  Help yo’ mama tuck in your sisters and then tuck yo’self in.  Gettin’ late.”

For a brief moment, Little Joe considered lashing out.  And then, his bravado failed and his shoulders slumped.  “Aw, I was jus’ leaving anyway.  This place ain’t so fine as that.”  The boy turned and left.  Looking into the sky, he saw how the moon sat and his mother’s warning about time came back to him.  Little Joe looked down the path to his home.  After a quick decision, he turned and ran.

The boy was furious at Susan and his anger settled deep in his heart.  Anger at his situation and anger at the girl for reminding him of it.  Thoughts of hurting her tumbled through his mind and so he didn’t notice when he was suddenly in an unfamiliar area.  A small, neatly made cabin sat within a cleared-out part of the forest between two properties – his family and the Spitzer family.  Trace amounts of white smoke spiraled out of the chimney at the front of the house.  Bright light shined around the black curtains covering the few small windows.  Had there always been a house here? Little Joe wondered.  I’ve been all over these woods and never saw it. 

The door opened and a young woman stepped into the night.  Little Joe took a half-step back as light flooded the small area.  He could see a wooden table with a chair and various jars lining the table but nothing more.  The woman leaned to the stack of wood by her front door and then, she stopped.  Turning, slightly she looked straight at Little Joe.  She wore a brown dress with black highlights at her hips and her brown hair was straight and long.  Little Joe cursed his unkempt appearance as he stared at her beauty.

“I wasn’t expecting a visitor,” the woman told him in a smooth, cultured voice.

“I,” Little Joe paused.  “I ain’t… I’m not… a visitor,” he finished lamely.  “I jus’ was on my way home and wasn’t watching where I was goin’.  I didn’t mean to come here.”

The woman fully turned to face the young boy and his heart beat faster.  She had high cheekbones and a small angular nose on a slightly round face.  Her smile showed faint white teeth.  Little Joe could easily see the swell of her breasts through her dress and he had to remind himself to look up at her face.

“And yet, here you are.  Finding your way here isn’t easy, young man.  Only those seeking a different path tend to end up on my doorstep.”

“I ain’t lookin’ for nothin’,” Little Joe told her.

“No?  No hidden desires?  No dreams of another life?  No wish for escape from a dull existence?”

“I…”  The thought of a life on his father’s farm unfolded before him.  Long, back-breaking hours spent planting and fixing and herding and tending to land and animals weighed down upon his shoulders.  Eventually finding a woman, raising kids and living every year worrying about blight or sickness.  Every day waking up before dawn to do the same exact thing as yesterday.  Thoughts of life beyond the mountains taunted him; stories told at the fair and his own imagination pulled at him.  He knew he was meant for something more than what he had.  Susan’s horrible laugh made him grit his teeth in anger.  She knew what lay ahead for him and it burned his soul to hear it from someone else.  “I guess I am.  I am looking for something.”

“Ah,” the woman smiled.  “I thought so.  Come in, won’t you?  Tell me of your desires and we’ll see what fate has in store for you.”

Little Joe stepped forward hesitantly and then took another step.  She’s so small.  What could she do?  The woman grabbed a small piece of kindling from her stack before entering her house.  Little Joe followed her in.

“What the-!”  Little Joe staggered back.  A mountain of a man stood silently in the corner.  Little Joe thought Ben Talbot’s father was the largest man he’d seen but this man was a head larger and even bigger.  It was also the first black man Little Joe had seen.  He’d heard of them from the talk of others but nothing more than just talk.  The man wore simple handmade denim pants and a plain white cotton shirt with the arms cut out.  Even without flexing his arms, the man’s muscles bulged.

The woman glanced up and smiled again.  “Ah, this is my friend, Christopher.”

“You have a nigger for a friend?”  Little Joe frowned.  “It don’t seem right for a single woman.”

“A friend and an assistant,” the woman assured him.  “And a protector.  As you say, I am a single woman and the world is not always a kind place.  Now, please, have a seat.  I’ll make some tea.”

Little Joe watched the black man warily as he sat at the small table.  Sheets of cream colored paper and bottles of powder and liquids covered the surface of the table.  The bottom of one of the pages grabbed his attention.  Two words were heavily circled and another person had written in angry lettering below the words.  The paper tore where the second author pressed too hard into their writing.  Little Joe mentally worked out the two words while the woman busied herself with a small pot over an open flame.  Rrrr-eh… ch…ch…aaarrrr….d-uh…. Rich-ard… Richard… M-eh…ill… errrr… Mill-er… Miller.  Richard Miller.  The boy tried to work out the black, angular words beneath the other two but the other writing was far less easy to comprehend.

The woman suddenly appeared beside Little Joe.  She placed a steaming cup before the young boy and then, glancing at his face, she shuffled the papers from the table together into a pile before turning them upside down.  “Now,” she said.  “Tell me of your dreams.”

Playing with his cup of tea, the boy wondered where to start.  Finally, he spoke, telling her of his dream to go out in the world.  He spoke haltingly of his hatred of working the field and the dread he felt of that becoming his future.

The young woman nodded.  “All boys want more than their fathers.  It is a truth in life.  And?  Is that all you want?  To leave this place and travel?”

“No.  No, that’s not it.”  Little Joe pushed at his tea with a finger.  “Not jus’ that.  I know I’ll have to get out there on my own some day and jus’ go.  But for now…”  Thoughts of James Tolbert and his sister filled his mind and he blushed.  The blush turned darker when Susan’s face replaced the other two.  Her laughing at his advances.  “Ain’t no girl wants someone like me.  I work hard helpin’ my pa but all it does is… is… I smell bad workin’ with the animals, they say.  I ain’t pretty like some of the other boys.  My family ain’t rich.  I got nothin’ they want.”

Across the table, the young woman watched Little Joe with a speculative stare and pursed lips.  “Perhaps,” she said.  “Perhaps I can help you with both.”

Little Joe laughed cynically.  “Is that right?  I don’t want no pretty blind girl that can’t smell nothin’.  If you have one hidin’ around here.”

“No, nothing like that.  I can make the women want you.”

Wood crackled and popped in the small fire at the corner of the room while the two stared at each other.  Finally, Little Joe spoke.  “How?” He asked simply.

The woman shrugged.  “While you waste your life away in this tiny pocket, the world, she moves around you.  Medicine and science evolve.  You want to see the world so desperately because you know deep within that there is so much more to life than what you have here.  And, there is.  I can give you something that will make you appear as more than you are to the women you want.  I can make you desirable and irresistible.”

The pretty words flowed around Little Joe, leaving him in a trance.  He knew little of what exactly she was saying but he understood the gist of it.  He understood and he felt himself grow excited at the prospect.  “You ain’t lyin’ to me?  You can do it?”

“Yes,” was the reply.

“But… I ain’t got nothing to give.  I spent all my money at the fair.”

The young woman smiled and her teeth flashed between dark red lips.  Little Joe had never seen such perfect teeth on anyone before and he blushed in response to her mature beauty.  “Sometimes,” she told him.  “Sometimes one does something simply for the act of doing it.  Sometimes, giving someone what they want and watching them enjoy it is payment enough for the deed.”

“So… so it would make Susan Talbot want me?”

“Young man,” the woman said.  “It would bring you any woman you desired.  Only say yes and it is yours.”

Little Joe felt his heart thudding in his chest.  The thought of seeing Susan Talbot giving herself to him made him extraordinarily excited.  Watching her snide grin slide off of her face as she realized how much she wanted him… Little Joe looked up.  “Yes.  Yeah.  I’ll take it.”

“Wonderful,” the woman told him.  “Now I must ask you to wait outside while I prepare the mixture.  Christopher, come to me.”

The large black man moved and Little Joe blinked at him; he’d forgotten about the other man, so still had he stood.  The front of the man’s pants bulged and Little Joe blushed before nearly running out of the small house.  Collapsing against a tree facing the cabin, he wondered if she were telling the truth.  Blood pumped in his ears as scenario after scenario played through his mind.  Finally, the cabin door opened and the mysterious woman stepped out.  With tussled hair and a redness to her cheeks and neck, the lady smiled as she held up a small glass vial.

“I’m finished,” she told him.

Moonlight shone through the glass tube.  The liquid inside was milky with flecks and tiny sticks suspended throughout.  A simple cork stopper topped it off.  Little Joe approached and then took it from her.

“Keep it warm and wait until morning before drinking it.  If you remember nothing else, remember to wait until the morning.  Moonlight queers the mixture.  All you must do is drink it and then approach the girl you want.  She will be yours.  Now go, I have much to do tonight.”

Little Joe gripped the tube in his hand and then walked off, stumbling a bit as he found his back to his home.  Not a single light seemed to be lit as he approached.  What if I forget about it?  The boy wondered.  What if I forget and I wake up and my ma finds it first?  I’ll lose my chance and the lady probably won’t make me another one.  Stealing another glance around, the boy unstopped the vial.  Strong herbs suddenly filled the air and he wrinkled his nose.  Beneath it all he smelled the faint scent of something else and a slight moan escaped his lips at the combination of smells.  Before he could change his mind, the boy tipped the vial to his lips.  The solution oozed into his mouth and he gagged on the thick creamy, salty taste of it.  The young man pinched his nose while his stomach heaved against the mixture.

Finally, when his stomach stopped rumbling, Little Joe dug a small hole to bury the glass vial.  Satisfied, he dusted off and went inside.

The boy’s mother sat on their old rocking chair with her knitting and a single candle providing light.  She looked up as he entered.  “Joseph Robert Kellerman, if you think this is the right time to get home… well, never mind.  You’re gettin’ older and you’re home before too late.  Wash up and get to bed and we won’t talk of it again.”

“Yes, ma.”  Little Joe used their wash basin to clean himself off before settling into his bedtime routine.  Finally, creeping through the room he shared with his sisters, he slid under his quilt.  His dreams were filled with the laughter and moans of women.


Little Joe woke in darkness as his body told him it was time to start his morning chores.  He moved and then stopped.  His legs and blanket were sticky with his sperm.  It wasn’t the first time it had happened but it seemed like there was so much more.  Little Joe bundled up his blanket and sheet, face burning with shame as he put them in the pile of things to be washed.  When he changed out of his long johns, he looked down in amazement.  His manhood was much larger than it should be.  Whereas before it would dangle above his testicles, his penis now hung low beneath them, thick and long.  Half of him had expected the woman to lie but, seeing this change, he knew she wasn’t lying.  The young boy gently touched the skin of his manhood.  And then, he pulled back his foreskin to expose the head.  It looked more reddish than before but it was also huge.  He could feel the slight pressure at the base of his penis a second before blood rushed to it.  He watched himself grow hard and it was amazing to behold.  Further and further it swelled until it throbbed out before him.  The reddened head of his penis exposed itself outside of his foreskin.  He felt an urge to play with it until he came again but then he remembered where he was.  Cursing, he grabbed his clothes and prayed for the monstrous new penis to relax so his excitement wouldn’t be so obvious.

On the table was a bundle of cloth with a red ribbon tied around it.  Little Joe took the ribbon off to find some cheese and bread and a hunk of dried meat within.  His stomach growled loudly at the sight so he devoured the food gratefully.  Once finished, the boy made his way outside for his morning chores.  Shivering through the cold mist, he walked the field, his mind drifting away from his chores and into vague thoughts of his new manhood.  He felt himself grow hard as he imagined Susan touching him, playing with it the way he played with it.  The way her breasts would feel in his hands as he kissed her.  How she would look naked, shyly covering her breasts as she asked him to be gentle with her; to love her as a man should love a woman.  He groaned at the thought of it.

Finally, he could hold back no more.  Sneaking away, he sat against a large tree facing away from the house.  Frantic with the urges coursing through his body, he stripped down to expose himself.  His cock ached to be touched and he wrapped his hands around it, pumping his new thickness.  Picturing Susan in the only way he knew – like an animal on her hands and knees, looking back at him, waiting for him to enter her.   Asking him to please put it inside of her.  He’d only seen animals rut and that was all he could imagine for Susan as his own imagination failed him.  Just like the animals, the pigs squealing or the goats braying as the male jumped up onto the female’s back.  Their penises missing, squirming until they were inside and then mindlessly pushing until-

Little Joe’s cock spasmed and he cursed himself for forgetting to think of Susan when it happened.  Thick globs of cum spurted forth again and again as he jerked his member, grunting from the effort of it.  He was amazed at how much came out – easily three times what he normally made.  Perhaps more.  Finally sated, his penis relaxed back into the foreskin and the boy buttoned his clothes again.  He grinned as he stood; he could feel his new penis lying thick and warm against his leg and it made him feel confident.  Better yet, the woman wasn’t lying to him and that meant he’d show Susan Talbot what happened when you laughed at him.  He’d make her beg him.

The rest of the morning passed as it always did and Little Joe was plowing the field when his mama called out to him.  “Little Joe! Find your sister and tell her I’ll be visiting Cora Whitfield the rest of the day and I’m takin’ Annie with me.  I’ve set food on the table for later.”  Little Joe waved his understanding and then unhooked himself from the plough.  He’d seen his sister walking to the south part of the field so he set off to find her.  The day was as hot as the day before and he fanned himself with his wide hat while he walked, bare foot through the hard earth.  Little Joe smirked as he neared the copse of trees at the southern part of their land; no hidden place for his sister and James Tolbert to enjoy each other’s company.

Memories of his sister naked and moaning suddenly filled his mind and Little Joe’s grin slipped when he felt himself harden beneath his overalls.  A dull ache settled into his balls and he groaned, remembering the way his sister’s small breasts looked in James’ hands.  How she’d panted for her lover.  When the boy stepped into the midst of the trees, his sister was suddenly there in front of him.  Lily looked down and the boy knew she could see his excitement.  He wanted to hide himself and apologize and run and do so many things but thinking through the blood in his ears was difficult.  He saw her in front of him and he could picture her naked in his mind’s eye and it wasn’t entirely shame that made him turn red.

Lily walked to her brother in a stupor.  Without a word, her small fingers worked at the buttons of his overalls until the young boy’s scrawny chest was exposed.

“W… wait… Lily…”  Little Joe moaned.

The older girl bent on her knees, tugging at the boy’s clothes and underwear until his erection popped out.  The girl grabbed Little Joe’s manhood, wrapping both of her warm, dirty little hands around his thickness.  Without a single sound, she pushed her lips down and around her brother’s cock.  Little Joe moaned, confusion and excitement clashing in his mind as he leaned against the tree next to him.  His sister’s mouth was soft and wet and she took half of his length into her mouth before she gagged and pulled back.  He’d never felt anything like it.  Unable to hold back, the boy gripped his sister’s head while shifting his back against the tree.  His fingers tightened against her black hair and, unseen to him, those same fingers thickened and splayed out.  Black hair sprouted from the enlarged knuckles of both hands, racing up to his wrists and along his forearms as skin shifted to allow for expanding muscles.  The black hair grew out densely up his shoulders and then down his back and along his spine before ending at a spot on his lower back.

Little Joe’s shoulders cracked as they widened, stretching his small frame.  He looked down and his mind barely registered the thick growth of black chest hair growing along his expanding chest.  Hard muscles rippled along his lower belly as the change expanded down his body.  His chest hair grew down in waves to partially cover his belly and the air was suddenly filled with the heavy scent of his musk.  The boy could see his sister and a part of him knew it was wrong but a much larger part demanded more.  Pressure mounted within the pit of his stomach as Lily jerked back and forth rhythmically.  The girl pulled one hand from his manhood to cup and squeeze at Little Joe’s balls and still her pace never varied.  She continued to silently suck at his thickness until her brother cried out from the sudden orgasm.  He felt himself swell in his sister’s mouth and she gagged as her throat was forced to expand for him.  Hot, thick cum spurted from the tip of Little Joe’s fat cock and his sister continued to gag as she tried to swallow all of it.

Gasping and sweating from the effort, Little Joe looked down.  His sister’s eyes were blank, distant from everything while her throat worked up and down with every spam of her brother’s cock.  A tiny piece of his mind recoiled in horror as his creamy cum dribbled from his sister’s nose.  Still, as she pulled away from him, all he could see was James Tolbert’s mouth on his sister’s nipple and the thought was too much for him to bear.  Little Joe pushed his sister over and she toppled over without a sound.  Muscles bunched and bulged in Little Joe’s arms as he grabbed feverishly at his sister’s dress, ripping it down the middle to expose her small breasts.  Above him, Lily’s eyes dilated full and then compressed into horizontal bars.  Around her newly shaped pupils, the brown coloring brightened into a murky yellow.  Her brother’s cum continued to run from her nose and, as it did, her nostrils flared.  Bone and cartilage shifted within the bridge of her nose and it stretched, widening into a mockery of a goat’s flattened nose.

Little Joe bent to his sister’s nipples, eagerly taking one in his mouth.  It wasn’t with pleasure that he sucked at her; primal forces drive him to take the female and he answered the call.  Lily’s nipple lengthened in his mouth and he happily suckled from it.  Red and swollen her nipples became until both stood out nearly two inches from her small breasts.  Little Joe knelt over the ruin of his sister’s dress while he massaged both of her breasts.  The older girl’s back arched involuntarily as the flesh of her chest expanded.  Meager breasts swelled through her brother’s thick fingers and Lily finally made a sound, moaning as her breasts became engorged.  Further and further her breasts grew doubling and then tripling in size until Little Joe was hefting them and squeezing them together.  Still they continued to fill until both lay heavily to her side.

Blue veins stood out against the pale white flesh of Lily’s gigantic breasts and her nipples ached for release.  The girl cupped her hands around the base of the long nipple in Little Joe’s mouth.  With practiced ease, she squeezed and pushed over and over until the slightly sour taste of his sister’s milk filled Little Joe’s mouth.  Lily moaned again and then pressed harder on her breast and a sudden hard stream squirted into the back of her brother’s throat.

Little Joe brayed in surprise, suddenly coming back mentally to where he was and what he was doing.  He sat back and stared as his sister milked herself, moaning and twisting beneath him.  Her face held the hint of a goat’s profile and her breasts were heavy swollen bags with nipples too long for a human.  His own body was covered in wiry black hair and thickly muscled.

“Joe.  Milk.  Please.  Milk.”  His sister’s voice was subtly different.  Slightly deeper and, yet, softer at the same time.  She looked at him and he covered his mouth in horror.  She had the eyes of a goat.

The boy stood quickly and his spent cock hung heavily below him, the base covered in heavy black hair.  “What did…  Oh God, Lily!”

The girl sat up and her immense breasts weighed her down, hanging nearly to her belly.  She looked at him pleadingly as she continued milking herself.  The air smelled of sex and sweat and goat’s milk and Little Joe suddenly couldn’t stand it.  The boy pulled up the tops of his overalls and then swore when he could no longer fasten it around his larger frame.  Tears lined the bottom of the clothing and he could see hard muscle behind black leg hair.  His sister was leaning against the tree now.  Streams of off-white milk sprayed from her obscenely long nipples and she gasped every time.

Little Joe ran and his legs carried him with speed toward the forest in the distance.  Startled birds fled to the sky as he sped past.  Tears ran down his face as his mind cruelly recounted what he’d done.  I couldn’t help myself!  He cried.  I didn’t mean to do it!  I was just… she was… Oh Lord, forgive me!  The boy ran and ran until he found the small cabin again.  Without waiting to knock, he slammed into the front door and it cracked around him.  The woman sat in the corner near her black manservant.

“You witch!”  Little Joe screamed.  “What did you do to me?!”

“Well,” the lady answered, standing slowly.  “I’ve given you what you wanted.”

“You… you lie!  I didn’t ask for this!  My sister… my sister…”

The woman cocked her head.  “Your… oh, my.  Little boy, did you not listen to my instructions?  Not to drink the vial in the moonlight?”  The laugh that escaped the woman’s lips was slow and sultry.  “Well, I’m afraid you’ve made some mistakes.”

“What do you… what mistakes?”  The boy asked.  “What did you do?”

Picking up a small murky mirror, the lady presented it to the boy.  In the reflection he could see the changes in his face.  Like his sister, his nose was flattened and wider than it should be.  Worse, his eyes were the same yellow color with the same horizontal pupils his sister had.  The eyes and beginning face of a goat.  The flesh of his forehead pressed out slightly in two bumps above his eyes and, touching them, he could feel hard bone underneath.  “You did this to me,” he whispered.

“Yes,” came the reply.  “Yes.  These changes are what I did.  They would happen naturally.  But, your sister is entirely your fault.  Is she changed like you?”  The boy nodded dully.  “Then, yes.  That is you fault.  My potion should’ve driven you to your heart’s desire.  This… Susan you spoke of.  Your changes would have occurred naturally over time.  Now, I’m afraid you’ll shape what you touch and you won’t be able to help yourself.”

“I won’t,” he said.  “I’ll run away and never touch Susan.”

The woman tsk’ed.  “I’m afraid you’ll do neither, little boy.  Not now.  Not as you are.  Look here.”  Hands at the hem of her dress, the lady pulled up until her hips were exposed.  She wore no undergarments and her sex was smooth and hairless.

Little Joe stared at the woman’s vagina.  He felt the dull ache begin in his balls as his manhood hardened for the third time this morning.  It shouldn’t be possible but he became full erect as he stared.  Blood pounded in his ears as a dull buzzing sound hummed through his mind.  Little Joe flexed his fingers at his side and his forearms tensed.  “I won’t,” he whispered.

“Come to me, boy.  Give me your mouth.”

He could smell her from where he stood.  The nostrils of his wide nose flared to take in the female’s scent and a soft animal sound escaped his lips.  He’d never touched a woman’s sex and now, here a woman was, offering herself up to him.  Just like he’d dreamed of many nights.  Little Joe found himself walking towards the strange woman.  He felt himself drawn to her and he kneeled in front of her vagina.  Grabbing her thighs with his powerful hands, he held her open.  Little Joe’s tongue lashed out, tasting the woman’s juices and she murmured her approval as her fingers played through Little Joe’s hair.  With each lick, the boy’s tongue grew.  Longer and thicker his tongue rolled out of his mouth until it was almost too much for his jaw.  Thick ropes of nearly white drool dripped from the corner of his mouth as he licked between the woman’s slick pussy lips.  Little Joe’s cock groaned for release but he couldn’t pull himself away from where he kneeled.

A loud crack sounded in the air and Little Joe stifled a scream.  The boy’s feet merged beneath him and he could barely think through the pain of it.  Lying his head down on the woman’s thigh, he breathed deeply through his nose.  And, even with the pain, he couldn’t help himself from slowly licking between the woman’s thighs.  The skin of his toes stitched together until his feet were long fleshy masses.  Hot tears rolled from the corners of his eyes as the feet stretched, pushing his ankle further away from his toes. Blood dripped from the front of his feet as sharp, rigid growths pushed through his feet.  The new growth combined with his toenails and then continued piercing his skin throughout the front of his feet in a semi-circular shape.

The woman pulled away and Little Joe reached for her weakly before collapsing to the ground.  Her crotch was covered in Little Joe’s drool but the woman barely noticed, dropping her skirt to cover herself once again.  The opaque growths on his feet solidified into soft white hooves.  Little Joe’s feet twitched and the hooves clattered against the wood flooring.  “No,” he moaned.  “Please.  No.  Not this.”

Rather than answering, the woman sat and watched.  The tops of Little Joe’s hooves darkened and the black coloring flooded downward as they hardened.  Finally, the boy trembled, pushing himself up.  The hair along Little Joe’s spine thickened and new hair pushed from the sides of his back.  The base of his spine bulged and the boy groaned as new nerves and muscles and bones formed a small black tail.  Grabbing the edge of the table nearby, he pulled himself completely up and then wobbled on his new feet.  Little Joe stood over a foot taller than he had been and his powerful legs shook as he found his balance.

The boy briefly considered attacking the strange, beautiful woman but every time he tried to move against her, he couldn’t.  The lady smiled slowly as she read his intentions.  “No, I think not.  I made you, boy.  You can’t fight your creator.”  She swayed toward Little Joe and he watched the motion of her hips.  The taste of her was strong and fresh on his lips and he was still erect.

“Oh my,” the woman said.  “Look at your beautiful cock.”

Little Joe looked at himself and his heart leapt in fear.  His hard penis was completely red and thick but it slowly narrowed towards the tip.  Her hand wrapped around the base of his cock and Little Joe moaned but held his hands to his sides.  The woman pushed at the now thick hair around his manhood and, beneath it, he saw a fleshy growth at his base.  It was covered in soft, short black fur.  The woman went to her tiptoes to whisper into Little Joe’s ears.  “Your sheath is coming along nicely, my dear.”

Hot tears fell from Little Joe’s eyes as the woman stepped back.  “Now, don’t you have someone you need to see, little boy?”  She said.

His voice was shaky but Little Joe answered.  “No.  I won’t go to her.”

The woman laughed again.  “Oh, but you will.  You won’t be able to help it.  She was your desire and it will drive you to her.  Just picture her in your mind’s eye.  Smiling sweetly at you as she undresses.  Standing naked before you, her young, lithe body ripe and ready.”

“Ngh…”  Little Joe grunted.  He could see her now.  Her cruel laughter fading to desire as she saw him and his monstrous manhood.  Coming to him, whispering how much she wanted him as she gripped his cock.  Telling him how she’d dreamed of him taking her and making her his.  Going to her hands and knees so he could bend over her and mount her.  His cock pushing through its sheath in excitement as he spread open her furry pussy lips.  Little Joe shook his head and sniffed the air.  She was-

“I called her here for you.  She’s wandering the woods near the edge of town and can’t remember why.  You will go to her and finish it.”

Little Joe walked out of the small house, sniffing the air to follow the faint scent of the girl in his head.  She was smiling wide in his mind, beckoning him forth.  Spreading her legs for him.  Little Joe stomped through the forest as his small tall slowly wriggled back and forth.  The tatters of his overalls dragged behind him until he simply ripped them off.  Hooved, covered in black hair with a subtly long face and a thick line of fur running down the middle of his back, ending in a short tail, Little Joe huffed at the air.  She was close and his strange eyes scanned the forest while he tested the air.

A few minutes later, he found her.  Susan wore a simple white dress with red flowers.  Her, long blond hair was pulled back in a single braid that reached the middle of her back.  She turned, saw Little Joe and then screamed.  The boy was confused.  No.  Not right.  No scream.  This close to his heart’s dark desire, his mind slowed to an idiot’s capacity.  He stepped to her and she fell back, eyes wide with fear.  Not right, he thought.

Going to his hands and knees, Little Joe crawled to Susan.  His larger form overshadowed the young girl below him.  “Please,” Susan gasped.  “Please don’t hurt me.  Please, God  have mercy on me.  Please…”  Little Joe licked the girl’s neck lovingly and his long tongue left a thick line of drool along the girl’s neck.  “No…” Susan moaned.

The boy smiled at the girl to show how gentle he was.  “Susan.  Joe.  Me.”  The boy’s voice was deep, nearly rumbling as he spoke.

“Joe?”  She asked.  “Little Joe?  No… it’s… but, I see… Little Joe, please.  Don’t.  Don’t do this.  Don’t-”  The girl gasped as Little Joe’s wide mouth covered hers.  Her mouth was forced open as the boy pushed her lips open with his tongue.  Susan’s pleadings turned to struggles and she struck the side of the boy’s face with her fist.  Little Joe pulled back, touching his aching face with splayed fingers.

“Don’t you touch me!  Don’t you dare-!”  The girl screamed.

With a roar, Little Joe grabbed the top of Susan’s dress and pulled.  The fabric tore easily under his immense strength and the girl’s soft breasts jiggled from the force.  Soft pink nipples lay flat against her smooth white breasts.  The boy tore again and the dress fell away, exposing her small vagina.  Curly blond hairs grew around her pussy and Little Joe felt the ache in his balls worsen.  Susan screamed and tried to cover her nudity with her arms and hands but Little Joe easily held her hands apart.  The girl bucked her hips in fury but Little Joe just laughed.

Susan made a small grunt of pain and with the crack of the bridge of her nose, it flattened.  As she continued to struggle, the boy watched the girl’s front teeth flatten.  Above her nose, the beautiful green of the girl’s eyes was consumed by yellow.  Finally, as his sister’s eyes and his eyes had done, the round pupils squeezed into horizontal bar shapes.  The girl looked around frantically, trying to form words through her pure panic.  Colors seemed to lessen behind her eyes and her thoughts became erratic.

Little Joe’s jaw cracked and the boy squeezed his eyes shut against the pain.  His nose flattened further against his face as his jaw lengthened slowly to a short muzzle.  Black hair crept up from his back and around his neck to surround his cheeks in a coat of short animal fur.  The boy licked at his lips and, where the wet tongue touched, the lips blackened until the tip of his furry nose and lips were completely black.  Strings of drool fell to the ground as he pulled back to shove his muzzle between Susan’s thighs.

“Mee-eeee-eeeeh!”  The girl screamed in a high animalistic sound.  Little Joe’s ears twitched in pleasure at the sound of the changing girl and they grow to long points.

Small brown and faint blond hairs grew from around Susan’s thighs and vagina as Little Joe frantically licked at the girl.  Under his attentions, Susan’s vulva swelled and she gasped, arching her back as everything he touched suddenly turned sensitive.   Susan’s fat, swollen pussy shifted slightly under her and she bit her lips to distract herself from the orgasm she felt building in her lower stomach.  Short brown hairs grew down her thighs in patches and trails until they reached her slim feet.  Over and over Little Joe’s tongue rubbed against her exposed clit and Susan couldn’t hold back the goat’s voice that issued from her throat.  Base thoughts were overcoming her and she slowly stopped struggling.  With her legs covered in short, wiry hair, more sprouted around her hips and ass until her lower body was completely hidden behind the short fur.

Feeling the lack of a struggle, Little Joe let Susan’s hands go and she gripped them deep into the earth as she pressed her hips hard into the boy’s muzzle.  He held his hands beneath her and pulled her up against him and she went willingly, gasping and crying out in that strange mixture of a goat’s cry with a woman’s moan.  Little Joe kneaded against Susan’s small, muscular ass and it swelled as he did.  Fatty tissue grew beneath her skin and her ass bubbled out to accommodate.  The young boy spread her new ass cheeks and then, on a whim, he pressed his long tongue inside of her.

The girl’s orgasm was immediate and she sprayed Little Joe’s muzzle with her juices; a thick, musky, clear liquid issued forth as she squirted from her first orgasm.  Veins stood out on Susan’s neck and a faint hiss escaped her lips as the intensity of it wiped human thought from her mind.  Her hips bucked again and again as small aftershocks rode through her body.  Behind Little Joe, Susan’s toes merged in the beginning of her own set of hooves.  The boy gently laid Susan down and she gasped as another small orgasm made her legs quiver.  Her lips blackened and a long tongue rolled out of her mouth to wet her suddenly dry lips.

Little Joe gripped the girl’s expanding hips and flipped her over.  She immediately went to her hands and knees, spreading her furry thighs to expose her swollen sex.  Above her now-large ass a small brown tail wriggled in excitement and it continued to push out from her spine.  Fur from the tail sprouted along the girl’s back in a line up to her neck and then around to her sides.

Susan looked back at Little Joe with her eerie goat’s eyes and, when she opened her mouth, it popped and lengthened into a short feminine muzzle.  “Meeeeeeeeeeeh!”  The girl screamed.  Above her eyes, flesh pushed out into bumps and then split, exposing slick, wet bone.  Susan shivered as two small ridged horns grew from her forehead in a slight curve.

The girl’s furry ass had dirt and small sticks stuck in the wet fur around her puffy asshole and swollen pussy but Little Joe could care less.  She smelled like the most amazing thing in the world. The scent from between her legs was driving him mad and he gripped his manhood to guide it into her.  With a hard shove, the boy entered Susan’s furry opening and he sighed as he felt the slick muscles inside open to him.  Small drops of blood mixed with the girl’s juices from Little Joe’s harsh entry but she slammed back in encouragement.

Fur spread up from the girl’s lower stomach.  Six patches of skin became red and irritated along her soft stomach and Susan whined with her goat’s voice as the flesh hardened into nipples.  Almost in unison, her eight nipples lengthened as Lily’s had, pushing inches away from her flesh.  The large upper nipples looked cartoonish on her small breasts but, soon, those breasts became heavy on the girl’s chest.  She could feel things moving beneath her skin as her upper breasts grew and filled with milk.  Further and further they pushed from her chest until her extended nipples brushed at the dirt beneath her.  Now not just her nipples ached but her breasts also felt sore and hot and heavy with milk needing to be expressed.  Below the top set, the other six nipples moved as smaller breasts formed.  Skin moved and stretched until eight heavy breasts hung to the ground with the bottom six a third the size of her top two.

“MEEEEEEEEEEH!”  Susan screamed as Little Joe’s cock painfully stabbed deep inside of her soaking wet pussy.  And yet, she pushed as hard as ever, trying to pull him further inside.  Her entire lower body was a throbbing, aching pain that needed to be filled.  She needed Little Joe to spread her.  She needed to fill his thick cock rubbing at every ridge inside of her.  She lost herself to the motion as she rocked herself back over and over.

Little Joe nipped at Susan’s furry back with his flat teeth.  He could see her massive breasts slapping against each other with every slam of his pelvis against her now soft ass.  Milk leaked from the ends of all eight of her long, red nipples.  He felt the slick muscles deep within her pussy convulse around his cock and the girl cried out before collapsing weakly to the ground.  Her hooves knocked hard together over and over behind him and she shook from the pleasure of another orgasm.  The furry flesh of her breasts made it look like she lay on a brown pillow but more and more Little Joe’s mind shrunk down to one simple thought, shutting out everything else around him.  He had to orgasm.  He was so close.  So very close.  The pressure was building and building in his stomach and balls and-

Susan’s hips jerked as Little Joe dug his fingers into the pillowy flesh of her expanded hips.  The boy’s thick cum filled Susan and a monstrous orgasm stormed through her body.  Again, her body squirted, ejecting the clear white liquid.  Over and over the boy grunted, pushing deeper and deeper until he felt a bone touch the tip of his swollen cock.  White cum dribbled down Susan’s furry opening as her pussy overflowed.  Little Joe grabbed the girl’s short tail and thick braid and pulled, trying to force himself deeper into the girl.  Susan gasped at the feeling and another, much smaller orgasm rolled through her body.  Drool oozed from the corner of the girl’s mouth and she closed her yellow eyes from the overstimulation.

The crack of a branch made Little Joe look around.  The woman from the cabin stepped carefully around the forest as she made her way towards the couple.  Her black manservant followed behind her.  Little Joe’s fat nose flared and his eyes widened.  Afraid.  Scared.  His simple mind screamed.

“Oh my.  Just as I pictured.  No, don’t move.”  Little Joe froze.  His red cock stood full exposed from the sheath surrounding it and he was still deep inside of Susan.  The woman stood close and touched a single finger to Little Joe’s forehead.  The boy felt skin break on his head and the two bony growths tugged at his forehead as they expanded into thick horns.  Her finger felt cool on his feverish skin.  “I could leave you as you are but then, what would become of you?  Killed by the townsfolk, no doubt.  We can’t have that, can we?”

Little Joe’s nostrils flared over and over as his heart slammed deep in his black furred chest.  The woman leaned close to him, her finger still gently pressing between his eyes.  “Remember,” she whispered in his ears.

The woman stepped back, her eyes locked onto Little Joe’s yellow eyes.  He stared back, confused.  And then, he remembered.  The boy sat back, eyes full of fear and shame.  As his cock pulled out of Susan’s still engorged vagina, the goat girl made a sad little noise.  The boy’s cum oozed from the suddenly empty opening.

“No,” he said.  “No.  No no no NO!”

Susan pushed herself up, curious and concerned about the noises the male was making.  The male stood and her eyes slid hungrily to his glistening cock.  “Meeeeh?”  She asked greedily, reaching for him with fingers tipped in hard black fingernails.

“What’s wrong, boy?  No longer interested in your heart’s desire?  She wants you.  Badly.  She’ll never stop wanting you.  And you did this to her.  Will you take her with you?  I promised you I could give you your heart’s desire and let you see the world.  Now I’ve delivered on my promise.  For, where else can you go except away?

Little Joe felt the tears on his face.  He knew he couldn’t live like this.  He knew he couldn’t go back home to face his parents or ever see anyone again.  They’d maim him or worse.  And Susan… Little Joe looked back at the girl.  She lay in a pool of their cum, the brown fur around her thighs now nearly black from the liquids.  Her expression was simplistic and curious and slightly worried.  As he watched, her beautiful blond hair came away strand by strand until the braid simply fell from her head furred head.  She’ll slow me down.  It was her that did this to me, anyway.  Laughin’ at me.  Temptin’ me.  Treatin’ me like I ain’t nobody!  And now… and now… look at her.  Look at her.  She’s… she’s…

He went to her, reaching out with his black furred, heavily muscled arm.  A soft brown hand reached back for him and their hands touched.  Little Joe whimpered, biting back tears as he gripped and pulled, hooves pressing heavily into the ground as the girl came to her new hooves.  Susan collapsed against Little Joe and he felt her warmth and her softness when she pressed herself into his short fur.  Warm milk from the ends of her teats soaked into his black fur.

“Oh, hoh,” the woman said in wonder.  “I will admit, I didn’t think you would.  My, my.  Was I wrong about you?  Over three hundred years I’ve been on this earth and I’ve yet to be wrong.  Although, my time in this country has been short and if I hadn’t been chased here by… no matter.  Perhaps your people are different or perhaps I’ve not yet met someone such as yourself.  Regardless, the deed is done and you’ve gone beyond what I expected.  I don’t expect I’ll see you again, boy.  Come along, Christopher, I’m expecting a guest any moment now.”

With a swish of her dress, the woman turned and left and her ever silent servant followed.  Little Joe watched them go as he held Susan in his arms.  The smaller figure shifted against him and he felt a sudden wet tongue against his ear.  The briefest hint of a smile played at the corner of the girl’s black lips before she nuzzled back into Little Joe’s arms.

The boy looked through the trees to the mountains in the distance.  Little Joe gently pulled Susan away from him and the girl looked up with slightly worried eyes.

“Susan?”  He asked.  The girl looked back quizzically and he knew she didn’t understand him.  Instead, he held her hand and pointed to the mountains beyond the trees.  “Come?”  Little Joe asked more simply.  The corner of Susan’s mouth turned up in the hint of another happy smile.  The girl wobbled on her hooves and then licked Little Joe’s face.

With a heart full of regret and an uncertain future, the boy led his girl out of the forest.  They both turned to blink up at the warm sun.  Susan tugged at Little Joe’s hand with a small contented ‘meeh’ and the boy blinked away sudden tears as they walked.

“You won’t know what I’m sayin’ or remember the words, Susan, but those are the Saint Fran-swaur mountains.  That’s where we’re going.  And then we’ll figure things out from there.  Can you say it with me?  Saint Fran-swaur?”

Little Joe’s voice faded in the distance as the two figures made their way into their new lives.

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