Layers Chapter 1

It was a box.  Or possibly a crate – wooden sides with a bit of plastic on the side containing what I’d think was a packing slip.  No visible marks otherwise.  No ‘fragile’ (which my mind nearly always reads mentally as fra-jill-ay) or other stamped text.  Just a decent sized box (crate?) sitting on the second step of the little concrete steps leading to my front door.  I stare for a bit and then push it slightly with my foot.  Slightly heavy but not bad.  I haven’t ordered anything lately so what was the deal?

I shrug and open my door.  The sun is starting to set behind me and it’s been a long day at work so I decide to figure it out inside.  With a drink.  People at work aren’t the easiest to deal with and drinks often help.  Relaxing with a drink, closing my eyes and temporarily imagining a fantasy world where I tell my bitchy coworkers exactly what I think of them rather than smiling woodenly and nodding my head. Feeling my heart race and cursing myself for wanting to just run from the lady in purchasing or whoever is yelling at me at the moment.


The box isn’t as heavy as it looks so I drag it into the living room and set it down in front of my couch.  I’m curious but tequila is calling my name so I leave it and put together a little sweet mixed drink in my small kitchen.  The house I rent is perfect for me – a bedroom, small office, living room big enough for a small flat screen TV, couch and recliner and a kitchen big enough for a microwave.  And stove.  I guess. I even know how to turn the stove on and off and I call that an accomplishment.  I recognize some people use them to cook food but that seems akin to black magic and I’d rather not deal with it.  I try to tell myself that the pudge around my waist and general lack of definition is due to getting close to 30 (still 27, dammit!) and not all of the ramen noodles I eat.  Or the drinking.


So, I take my drink, ice clinking in the glass, back to the couch.  Sitting hunched over, I stare at the box but my mind wanders.  It’s the same every evening.  Kicking myself for being a pussy.  I know I should man up and deal with my coworkers better but hindsight is what it is.  Easy for me to think of what I should have done but when I’m there and having to deal with people, I get a little mini panic attack.  Fight or flight and I always back down.  Working in the credit department and having to tell sales people why we can’t sell to a particular customer is stressful.  I can almost feel the sweat and shakes starting at just the memory.  Such a stupid thing to get worked up about. I’m doing my freakin’ job, making sure we don’t sell to someone that’s going to bail but I have to deal with pushy sales people rolling their eyes at me and giving me shit for it?  Fuck.  But the part that pisses me off the most is that I take it.  Cowed.  When all I’m doing is my job.


My drink is almost halfway gone already and I take another quick swig of it.  I can feel my cheeks heating up and everything is slightly softer around the edges.  Perfect.  Just where I want to be.  Fuck work.  I lean forward, open the plastic pouch on the side of the box and pull out the packing slip.  It’s blank except for my full name at the type in simple typeface.  Nothing else at all.  I turn it around but the whole thing is completely blank other than my name.  I’d wonder if it was a prank but who would go to this kind of effort?  I don’t have friends.  I’ve lived in the town for a few years and never bothered making friends.  Most of the ones I had growing up still live on the East Coast and have their own lives.  And children.  And whatever.  I hardly even talk to them online.


My nearly empty drink goes on the end table next to my used, cheap couch and I lean forward to pull slightly on the top of the box.  It’s sturdy but a hard tug lifts it.  A harder tug with my out-of-shape muscles and a loud creak makes the top give way.  The top is off but I can’t make anything out inside of the box.  A large plastic bag and something brown.  The bag looks like a garment bag from a dry cleaner.  I reach my hand in and it’s all soft.  Fuck it.  I grab and pull it out.


And then drop it again.  A large wolf-like head stares up at me.  It’s not real.  I can see that.  It’s close to being real but it’s not.  It’s big.  I know what wolves look like and this isn’t it.  And the head is connected to something.


Full disclosure time.  The biggest reason I’m shocked is because I have a thing for werewolves.  Were-animals.  Furries aren’t my thing.  What are those?  People that dress up in typically large plushy outfits almost like large stuffed animals.  Nothing against them but it’s never been my thing.  They don’t look real to me and that’s what I want.  Realism.  That’s what turns me on.  So I see this head and that’s what I see.  Werewolf.  A real, well-made werewolf head.


Now I do look around.  I have werewolf porn on my computer.  Mostly pictures, some stories and a few video clips.  My kneejerk reaction is to wonder if someone is snooping on my computer and sent this as… what?  Blackmail?  When I calm down I realize how much that doesn’t make sense.  Why would they?  Why pay money for something that looks that realistic and then send it to me?  If they were going to make fun of me or make me feel bad, a letter or something would’ve done it.


Too many windows in here.  I leave the lid but pick up the box and bring it to my bedroom, closing the door behind me.  The two small windows are already closed so I close the door and take a minute to look around for the bogeyman.  It’s a stupid thing but it makes me relax.  Only now I feel like checking the rest of the house, calling myself stupid the entire time.  My hands are sweating and my heart is racing.  Closets are empty, doors are locked and windows are closed.  Nothing under the bed or in my cupboards.  Back to my room and the box.


I stare for a moment again.  Simple but well-made wooden box.  Fuck it.  I pull out the plastic bag and set it on the bed.  The … thing slides out of the bag so I throw the plastic in the corner and stare at the thing left on the bed.  It’s a suit.  A fur suit.  But not like any I’ve ever seen.  I can smell the slight scent of chemicals – latex?  Rubber?  Hell if I know.


Breasts.  Distinct lack of penis.  It’s a female werewolf fursuit.  Extremely realistic.  I’m hard just staring at it.  With shaking hands, I lay it out on the bed on its back.  There’s a zipper from the throat down to the lower stomach.  A very small zipper.  The suit is deflated but I can tell it is taller than me.  I can’t stop staring at the breasts and pussy for the life of me.  The pussy is hidden under fur but the breasts are full and not at all deflated.  They lay somewhat flat and I can see the hint of the fat nipples through very realistic fur.  The tail is thick and somewhat bushy but those tits… I reach out hesitantly and then stop.  Licking my lips, I reach out and touch.  Definitely some kind of rubber but I can feel the nipples and I think I might be leaking pre-cum because I’m so fucking turned on.  The fur is soft and I have no idea what it’s made out of but it’s incredibly real feeling.


I trace my hand down the breast to the deflated stomach, feeling the bumps where hard muscles would be but instead finding formed rubber fake muscles.  The “skin” under the fur is smooth and an interesting texture.  My finger goes down to the thigh and then I touch the tuft of fur above the thing’s clit.  I dig a little to find the pussy.  The pussy lips are delicate and there’s a hole that opens into the interior of the suit.  I step back to look again.


My hand is on my pants.  I’m rubbing myself and my heart is hammering in my chest.  Too crazy.  I’ve never really looked for fursuits online but in my accidental Internet browsing, I’ve never seen anything close to this kind of detail.  I couldn’t even imagine what it would cost.  Or, why it’s here.  I’ve never told anyone about my fetish.  Ever.  I don’t know enough about computers but I’ve heard the stories about people hacking into people’s computers but, again, why do that and then send something like this?  None of it makes sense.  God.  I want to jack off.  This is turning me on far more than any of the other erotica I have.  Pictures or otherwise.


Turning it over, I learn the ass is slightly padded as well.  It takes a bit to arrange the thing but I do it.  Laying the arms out and up, fingers straight out.  The claws for the thing are actually sharp and hard.  I have no idea what they’re made out of.  The tail is connected at the end of the tailbone but it’s floppy and I can lay it to the side.  Classic position now – doggy style.  It even has a little asshole under a light bit of fur.  I feel ridiculous thinking it but the thing has a nice ass.  Round and strong looking even if it’s a deflated suit.


Fuck it.  When I masturbate, I usually use tissues to hold the cum but otherwise use my bare hands.  However, I have a bottle of lube for … special occasions.  I strip and avoid looking at myself in the mirror.  Yeah, I’m ashamed of my body.  I don’t keep it up.  I keep telling myself I’ll go to the gym but I always seem to come up with an excuse.  So I’m pudgy.  Dammit.  And embarrassed as hell by what I’m about to do.  The bottle of lube is slick and annoying to hold but I ignore that and bring it over to the bed, standing behind the suit.  My dick, a respectable 7″ is throbbing and there is some pre-cum at the tip.  I think about it again but I can’t seem to stop myself.  A squirt or two of lube and my dick is slick with it.  I rub some off of my fingers and onto the thing’s pussy lips, pushing my fingers in and pretending it’s real.


Wiping as much of the lube on my leg as I can, I put my hands on the suit’s ass cheeks and spread them.  It’s… awkward.  They’re padded but still just parts of a fursuit.  I can see the pussy more easily from behind and I guide my dick into it.  It’s not at all the same – the hole opens up directly into the suit so I can only feel it around my dick at the opening.  I close my eyes and lean forward and pretend.  I thrust in and out a few times and eventually I’m gliding without the suit sticking to me.  It almost feels real.


I’ll save you the embarrassing details of the noises I make.  While the pussy isn’t griping my entire dick, the feeling of the fur under me and my imagination kicks in and I’m suddenly cumming.  A lot.  That’s not so unusual but, Jesus Christ, I’m still hard and it takes several more minutes before I’m exhausted and I pull out.  I watch when I do so I can see what it looks like to pull my dick out of she-wolf’s pussy.  Some of my cum has stuck to my dick and the fur around the suit’s pussy but just a little. I’m still half-hard and breathing heavily.  I can’t stop staring at the thing.  It’s detailed.  The outlines of shoulder blades and muscles along the back, tendons in the neck leading up to the head and it even has a thick bit of fur along the back of the neck and a mix of long brown hair from the human part of the werewolf.  Ridges along the nuzzle and teeth but no tongue.  The teeth aren’t real teeth but, like the claws, they’re hard and sharp.  I could cut myself on them.


It looks like the thing is over 6′ tall.  Maybe 6’5″ or a little taller?  Hard to tell with it deflated.  I’m 5’8″ so bigger than me.  And strong, lithe muscles in the detail.  They’re sculpted into the rubber and hidden by thick fur but it’s easy to tell the thing is supposed to be strong and big.  I sit next to it on the bed and stroke the fur some more.  Shit.  I turn it over to find my cum on the bed (came out through the zippered opening of the suit) and a good bit of cum pooled in the bottom of it where the ass would be.  The inside looks like pink-brown rubber and is slick to the touch so it should be easy to carefully clean.


Another thought hits me as I’m looking.  It’s obvious but not something I really thought of at first.  It’s a suit.  Sure, a lady werewolf but still a werewolf and still a suit.  And it’s not a bulk fursuit.  I could… I could try it on.  It’s not really my thing, is it?  But one time just to see what it looks like?  One time and then off and done, right?  I can feel myself getting hard at the thought.  It’s an interesting mix.  Guys do nothing for me.  No, I have nothing against non-hetero guys at all.  I don’t get creeped out by hugging a gay guy at all.  Just… doesn’t do anything for me at all.  But, werewolves do.  She-wolves.  Lady werewolves.  So, dressing up and looking… maybe I could try a couple pictures and keep them for later for myself?


There are holes for legs and feet and arms and it looks like the head works a bit like a hoodie.  Possibly a tight fit but its stretchy and there’s some room.  The muzzle has no tongue and no bones to support it so it might look floppy but if I have my head at a good angle when I take a – I stop.  I’m seriously considering it.  Actually considering putting the suit on so I can see what it looks like.  I touch the inside of the thighs and I can tell my own unimpressive legs will fit through the holes.  I’m hard again.  I consider, what?  Fucking the suit again?  I flush and it’s not the alcohol this time.  No worse than using a Fleshlight or masturbating, right?


Pulling the right leg over to me, I put my foot into the opening and there’s plenty of room.  The material is slick enough and the legs are big enough since they’re made for something much bigger than me.  It’s cool against my skin and I have to tug somewhat hard to make my foot fit at the very end but it finally does.  The material on the bottom of the foot is harder around the balls of the feet and the hells.  Leathery and tough.  My toes don’t fit into the spaces for the suit’s toes but it kind of matches.  There are claws here too and they’re made of the same stuff – hard and sharp.  The little toes are pulled back to the middle of the foot on the side and the feet are longer than a normal human feet with the balls of the foot stretched out so that it’d be comfortable to stand on them if it was a real werewolf.


My dick is throbbing and bobbing in the cool air.  I look at my leg in the suit and the effect is amazing.  I can easily pretend I’m a werewolf like this.  The skin still feels rubbery and loose against my own skin since I’m very much smaller than the werewolf is supposed to be but the fake sculpted muscles are a nice touch and the fur feels like real animal fur.  That thought makes me pause.  Surely it’s not real fur, right?  Whoever made this wouldn’t use real fur?  I don’t have much experience with animals but it’s not quite like dog fur.  It’s not wolf fur, is it?  I finally decide to pretend it’s fake like the skin.  It has to be.


The other leg is harder to pull on for some reason.  My sweat is making the inside of the leg stick harder to my leg but I still struggle and yank and pull until I have my foot in the bottom.  Only as I sit back down all the way do I feel my cold cum against my ass and balls.  Ugh.  I think about cleaning it off but I’m not sure what to use that won’t mess up the rubber.  Soap and water?  Would that eat the rubber or make it less stretchy?  For some reason that rings a bell.  I’ll just shower when I’m done and then look up how to clean it off.  I’m losing my nerves and it was a pain in the ass getting my legs in so whatever.  It’s my own cum, it’s not going to kill me.


My balls sit uncomfortably against the opening for the pussy and I’m careful that the zipper doesn’t grab at my pubic hairs.  I reach into the pussy and feel my balls.  The tuft of fur above the clit is split in half by the zipper. I run my fingers through it.  My ass fits decently into the space where the suit’s ass checks are.  Lower but roughly the same area.  I grab the right arm of the suit with my left and tug it around my arm.  This is harder than the legs.  Definitely a tighter fit.  The leg muscles of the werewolf are massive but the arms are more lithe and my slightly chubby arms push against the material.  Like with the feet, my fingers don’t fit all the way into the finger holes but it works.  The fingers themselves are shorter than what I’d expect, and thicker but still longer than mine.  They aren’t particularly made for delicate work – no grasping and manipulating small things.  Like I’d expect for something like a werewolf.


The left arm goes on harder since my right hand is inside the suit.  However, the suit’s skin is relatively thin so I’m able to pinch and pull with my fingers through the material of the outfit and eventually, I wriggle my left arm in.  The shoulders of the suit lay against me, hanging down and back.  Definitely at least 6’5″ and maybe bigger.  The shoulders feel slightly padded and they’re massive.  Same for the fake back muscles.  The back and thighs are definitely where the creator focused on with muscles.  Fast and strong.  I rub the divided belly of the beast.  Stomach, too.  Strong core, back and thighs.  The top weighs heavily on me as it sags against my smaller frame.


I look down and it’s an odd visual.  Two large, fur covered breasts hanging down and to the sides, divided by the zipper.  My dick is throbbing, nearly aching from the thought of wearing the outfit and from having … fucked it.  My balls are nestled into the pussy and my sparse chest hair shows between the thick fur of the suit.  The suit fits me loosely and I’m starting to warm up almost uncomfortably from all the body heat trapped in the thing.  The breasts are also surprisingly heavy.  I grab one in each hand and fondle them.  My brain does a tricky thing where it imagines me doing it to some woman rather than me doing it to myself.  But I’m watching myself do it and now my balls are aching badly from the build-up.


All that’s left is the zipper and the head.  I stand and almost fall from the way my feet don’t fit quite right in the suit.  I feel my cum stretch away from the inside of the suit while sticking to my balls and ass.  It’s… kind of uncomfortable.  The suit sags even more against me but I ignore how strange it feels to have it hanging on me.  It takes quite a few tries for me to pinch the zipper with my fingers in the suit but I finally do.  Very carefully, I push my eager dick and wiry pubic hair out of the way and zip up. The tuft of fur above the suit’s pussy comes together nicely but I have to pull harder to bring the breasts together.  My dick presses against the front of the suit but the suit is tighter around the stomach area so it’s not too bad of an effect.


The zipper ends under my chin.  I turn to look in my dresser mirror.  It’s slightly disappointing.  It’s too saggy.  Not only was the model for the outfit taller by at least a foot but they were bulkier in the shoulders and legs and it wears wrong.  I almost take it off but all that’s left is the head.  It lays against my blond curly hair and I feel one of the teeth poking at my scalp.  I have to move my arms around to make the shoulders of the suit work right but I get my fingers in the opening under the werewolf’s head.  It takes a bit to stretch it out to fit over my own head but it finally does.  I notice, briefly, with even more disappointment that there are no holes for me to look out through the mask.


Briefly I notice this.


When the head touches the top of the zipper, the world explodes in pain.  There’s this high pitched keening noise and it feels like someone has slammed a baseball bat against my forehead while simultaneously drilling all of my teeth at once at stabbing my stomach over and over with a huge knife.  I can’t breathe.  I’m suffocating.  The air I’m sucking in through the mask starts to burn and I don’t know if I’m standing or on my back or stomach or throwing up or anything.  I might be screaming.  I might be trying to claw my eyes out.  I can’t feel anything through the pain in my head and my whole body is burning.  Like what I’d imagine an acid would feel if it were coursing through my veins.


I’m on my hands and knees.  I can feel the cheap carpet against my knees and the weight of my body on my hands.  I’m shaking and gasping for breath and the floor is spinning in front of my eyes as I try to keep myself from throwing up.  My stomach is clenching and unclenching painfully – cramping over and over and I growl against the pain, feeling a lump in my throat burning with the need to vomit everywhere.  The carpet is swimming – the cheap brown and yellow pattern waving in front of me and I feel a cold sweat and the smell of sewage and food and everything else hitting me, threatening to make me empty my stomach.  I stand, try to stand and fall back over, crashing into the dresser and not even feeling the pain through the way my head is screaming at me.  Something breaks – glass and wood and I don’t even pay attention.


The ceiling is spinning now and I close my eyes and then stand again, swaying dangerously.  My ears are still ringing and everything is moving too fast.  I fall against the wall and feel the coolness of it against my skin.  I close my eyes and breathe.  Slowly.  Slowly.  Slowly.  I can feel my heartbeat slow slightly and my ears aren’t ringing nearly as bad as they were.  The pain is going away.  I open my eyes and the room isn’t trying to tilt any more.  I stand, shaking from everything.


And then I freeze.  I can see my nose.  Not my nose.  The end of a muzzle.  Mine.  My muzzle.  I reach for it and see my fingers.  I miss at first, overreaching.  I’m wearing the suit.  But, no, I’m not.  I can see.  Those fingers in the suit are mine.  The effect almost makes me throw up.  I can almost, for a brief moment, feel the ghost of my fingers as they should be, not as they are now.  Not these strong, thick black-clawed fingers.  I hold one up in front of my face… muzzle and turn it back and forth.  I can feel them but these aren’t my hands.  My arms are covered in medium, brown fur.  I can see the muscles moving individually as I turn my arm. Flexing under the coat of fur.  Mine.  I slowly bring my hand to my nose and touch it, feeling the sensation in both fingers and the bridge of my nose.  Running my finger along the the length of the muzzle, I can feel the bones, skin and very short fur.


Holy fucking god.  It’s slightly hard to see but the suit’s breasts – they’re there too.  It’s all there.  All of it.  It’s not the suit any more.  It’s me.  When I grab the… my breast, fat and heavy against my chest, I can feel it all.  It’s like I’m suddenly aware of my whole body from my head down to my toes.  I can feel my ears twitching against my head, swiveling slightly.  My dick is gone.  When I think of it, I can again almost feel a ghost of it.  Where it should be.  But my stomach is flat and the tuft of fur above the pussy is there.


I fall to my knees.  I can’t help it.  I’m trembling.  I feel something else and it takes me a moment to realize it’s my tail laying against the ground.  I can feel it on my ass cheeks.  My breasts feel heavy and strange.  My dick… I bring a hand to my thighs and then between them.  I can almost feel a heat.  There’s this… I can’t describe it.  A softness between my legs but inside of me.  When I notice it, I can feel it tighten.  It’s a muscle.  Some muscle inside of me.  My pussy.  At the thought, I can feel the muscle relax, expanding.  I feel things rubbing slightly on each other inside and just this… like my mouth filling with spit at the scent of some delicious smelling food.  That’s the closest I can put it.  And this throbbing. I should know what that’s like – when I’m hard and fucking horny and my dick is throbbing at me.  Only it’s not my dick.  I feel it outside of me.


My hand touches my pussy lips and I find where the throbbing is.  It’s the lips.  I’m suddenly… I rub my thighs together slightly at the sudden feeling.  This hot throbbing and I can feel this liquid that shouldn’t be there but I can feel it inside of me.  Jesus.  The feeling of my fingers against my p… JESUS CHRIST!  I touch something and my whole body jerks from it.  The clit!  Fuck!  The clit!  It can’t always be this sensitive.  I moan and growl and my finger presses harder against my pussy lips and I’m so hot.  I can feel my cheeks burning and this building pressure.  I lean forward into it with one hand on the ground and the other between my thighs, stroking my engorged pussy lips.  Lost in the feeling of it.  My finger dips inside of me and I jerk as the claw on the tip of the finger hurts me for a moment but then I’m pushing the finger in more and that noise is back in my ears.  My breathing is erratic.  I … can’t … I can’t… focus… but my hand is pumping hard, rubbing my lips and pushing into myself until I can’t…


There’s a roaring in my ears and I can hear myself screaming in this unnatural voice – shrill and deep and almost a howl of a kind but still very human.  I can feel the liquid coming out of my pussy, covering my legs and ass and hand and I’m still rubbing until it’s suddenly too sensitive.  I want more but I can’t handle the thought of touching myself any more.  The smell – it reminds me of my cum but it’s different.  Very different.  I collapse to my side and my legs are rubbing against each other.  I can’t stop them.  Everything just feels incredible and my muscles can’t stop moving and I just… FUCK!  I shake from something similar to the orgasm that brought me down.  It’s sudden and makes my body tremble and jerk from it.  I wrap my arms around myself to try to hold it all in and THAT is a mistake as my furry arms slide against my stomach and breasts and I’m hit by another smaller orgasm from how sensitive my skin feels.  My toes are curling over and over, the claw from my right big toe cutting into the wood of the dresser, cutting strips out of the wood.


Eventually, I stop shaking.  The smell… MY smell is intoxicating.  I bring my hand up to my eyes.  My cum.  My cum from earlier, before all of this… it’s on my fingers.  I spread them apart and see the strings it makes.  I can smell the new scent mixed in with the smell of my old cum.  SHIT!  I can feel more leaking out of me where I shouldn’t be able to feel anything.  I put my fingers between my legs by reflex and cry out from how sensitive I am.  My whole crotch is soaked with cum – new and old.  It’s… it’s getting hard to think… I just… the smell… I can feel a growl at the back of my throat and I don’t hold back.  My fingers come up to my muzzle and I breathe in deeply, luxuriating in the exotic smells.


Before I can stop myself, my fingers are in my mouth.  My muzzle.  The taste explodes on my tongue and I feel my body go slack from it.  Like I’ve been drugged.  I almost cut myself on these new teeth – like little daggers.  Everything reacts and I lick my fingers eagerly.  More.  I need more.  More of it all.  Both hands go between my legs and I’m eagerly scooping up cum that’s been soaking into my legs and fur.  I can feel my tail thumping slightly as I take my fingers into my mouth, licking with my long wolf’s tongue, lapping up all of my juices – old and new cum.  Every time I touch my pussy, a jolt travels up my spine but I want more.  This musky scent of the she-wolf’s cum mixed with my old cum and this body’s scent is intoxicating.


Until I’m clean.  My fur is soaked from the cum but there’s no more leaking out.  I almost whine in frustration.  I want more of it.  I want to feel that again.  I roll onto my back and feel my breasts pull up and to the sides slightly.  I grab one with my left hand and experimentally tweak one of the fat, dark nipples.  I jack-knife from the sudden feeling of electricity that goes in a line down from my nipple to my pussy.  I can feel the inside of me doing that thing again – relaxing almost and feeling looser but knowing it’s my wetness growing.  I’m pinching and rolling my nipple and I don’t remember consciously trying to do it, moaning from the feeling of it.  My other hand reaches down to my pussy.  My lips feel fatter than I remember them but it’s all a new experience.  I brush my clit and almost scream from it.  Not yet.  Not yet.  I rub at my pussy lips for a moment, feeling the shivers in my spine, legs and inside my cunt until I can’t take it and I press two fingers into the sopping wetness of my pussy.


I’ve never had my ass played with as a man so I don’t know how to describe what it feels like.  Or what it potentially feels like to have something inside of my body like this.  I don’t know if it’d be similar at all.  I want to touch everything at once.  There’s rough skin on the bottoms of my fingers and palm of my hand… paw?  I ignore it and try to be gentle with my claws.  It’s frustrating.  I want to rub the inside of my pussy but the claws are keeping that off the menu.  I DO whine now and I’ve never done that before in my life.  It just happens.  I’m massaging and rolling my nipple in one hand and it’s bigger and harder now.  My feet are rubbing on each other over and over by themselves again and I’m trying to push my fingers into my pussy as far as they can go.  I feel… full?  Nearly full?  But not full enough.  There’s this building pressure and the electricity from my nipples is hitting against some nerve thing in my pussy and I’ve lost myself in the feeling of it all.  My whole body feels it along my spine and it’s just building higher and higher and I’m slamming my fingers harder and harder into myself, feeling the tips of the claws against the flesh, feeling the pain for a half-second before endorphins kill the bad pain.  I’m moaning and whining and making this… mewling sound as I twist on the ground, my tail pressing against me as I twist and turn.  I don’t… this pressure is massive.  I almost can’t take the sensation but I can’t stop.  I can’t fucking stop now.  I’m almost there.  It’s almost there.  I can’t… I can’t…


The world explodes again.  I wish I could say how amazing it felt.  How completely different it felt from the first time.  I felt a hint of all of that – fringes of this amazing release.  But, I can’t.  I can’t because whether I’d forgotten to breathe or it was all too much suddenly, I black out.  Screaming.  Howling.  Body shaking.  Blackness.

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