Sketch 03: Temptation

My first attempt at a bimbofication story with BE (breast enlargment).  Because, why not?  A young woman falls victim to temptation.

Tracy stood beside her small booth and watched as her classmates walked by.  Most of the other students ignored her but a few looked at her signs and laughed before walking away.

“Abstinence is the only answer,” the small girl said to no one in particular.  “We need to value our bodies and save ourselves for our husbands and wives.  Join the pledge to save yourselves for marriage.  I have shirts and promise bracelets so you can show your support for-”

A young freshman couple stopped in front of her booth and Tracy smiled at them.  They looked up at the large ‘ABSTINENCE!’ banner above her stand and the simple ‘Abstinence is the only answer’ t-shirt Tracy wore.  “Would either of you like a bracelet?  They’re free.”

The boy looked at his girlfriend and then laughed.  “Nah.  I already sinned and we plan to sin some more tonight in the car.  But if I can use this to convince my girl that butt sex doesn’t count then I’m all in.”

“Ew!”  The boy’s girlfriend said, slugging him in the arm.  “I’m not letting you put it in my ass.  Come on, you’re embarrassing me.”

Tracy watched the couple go as a blush crept up her neck.  You both think you’re so funny, she thought.  It won’t be so funny on judgment day when God looks on your soul and sees how you’ve tainted yourself.  More students passed and Tracy continued the spiel for her cause.  Never once did anyone actually stop to ask for a bracelet or one of the pamphlets that talked about the dangers of premarital sex but she knew her duty and she stood strong.

As the afternoon wore on and the stream of students leaving the school dwindled away, another senior sat on the wall next to her.  “I never understood why you do this kind of stuff, Trace,” the young man said.

“Do what, Jeremy?”  Tracy asked as she scanned the crowd for any potential.

“This.  This stuff.  Trying to get people to not have sex or go to church and all that.  I mean, what do you care?”

Tracy sighed.  “Seriously?  No offense, Jeremy, but you’re the last person I’d try to explain it to.”

With a short laugh, Jeremy answered, “Hey, I might be an atheist but I’m not an asshole.  And I’m curious about people anyway.  So, seriously, why?  I won’t make fun of you if you tell me.”

Tracy shaded her eyes to look at the man sitting nearby.  “Because, Jeremy.  I think it’s important to spread His word.  I’d love to see every single one of my classmates and friends and family in heaven.  I think it’s dumb that they’d waste the little time we have here in order to spend eternity in hell.  That’s why.”

“Ah,” Jeremy nodded.  “So you’re one of them.  A true believer.  I’m kind of surprised.  I mean, I knew you were religious but I didn’t know you were an evangelist.  Doesn’t it ever bother you that people make fun of you for it?”

“No.  If it were easy then I wouldn’t need to be out here.  I don’t care if they laugh or make fun or ignore me.  I’ll keep trying until someone listens.  Even if one-”

“Hey Tracy,” a new voice called out.  Jeremy and Tracy watched as the school’s quarterback walked up.  “Hey Jeremy.”

Jeremy nodded with a grimace.  “Spencer.  Hey.”

“I’m having my birthday party tonight.  You two coming?  My parents are going to go out so there’s going to be booze and shit.”

“No, I most certainly won’t be going,” the young woman answered.  “Even if there wasn’t going to be alcohol.  I’ve heard what goes on at those parties.”

“Hey,” Spencer replied.  “Lighten up, would ya?  We’re just having fun.  It’s tonight at 8 at my place.”  The young man looked up at Tracy’s banner and grinned.  “You know, Tracy, I don’t think you have to worry about not having sex.  I mean, you kind of look like a guy anyway.”

Jeremy pushed himself down from the wall.  “You’re a fucking douche, Spencer.  Leave her alone.”

“Ohh, scary,” the larger man said with a falsetto voice.  “Anyway, tonight at my place.  Bring your own shit if you want to.  Hey, Bella!  Wait up!”

Jeremy and Tracy watched as Spencer ran off after his girlfriend.  “What a prick,” Jeremy said.  “Don’t worry.  With your grades, you’ll be off at Harvard or wherever and he’ll end up flipping burgers.”

“No,” Tracy said.  “He’ll work for his dad’s construction company and end up owning it so he’ll do okay, I’m sure.”

“Well, okay, there’s that.  Privileged asshole.  He’ll probably run it into the ground anyway.  Hey, I’m out of here.  Good luck with your stuff, yeah?”

Tracy nodded without watching the other man leave.  With Jeremy gone and the school mostly empty, the young woman decided to take down her booth.  She stored the borrowed folding table back in the school’s supply room and then packed everything else in a large duffle bag.  The entire walk back to her house she was lost in thought.  She’d lied to Jeremy and that bothered her a lot.  Contrary to what she’d said, she was weary of it all.  Nobody ever listened to her.  She’d had a friend when she was a sophomore and they both went to church together and read Bible passages and hung out but, eventually, the other girl found a boyfriend and moved on.

At home, Tracy found a small note:  Your father and I are out at a soup kitchen and then we’ll be off to a prayer meeting.  There’s leftover meatloaf in the fridge.  Don’t wait up!  The girl sighed.  Lately, her parents had been gone an awful lot.  More and more she felt lonely both at home and at school.  No friends and her parents always seemed to be off at a new meeting or event.  Sometimes they’d take her but most times they’d leave before she got home.  I guess that’s what a pastor’s supposed to do, though, she thought.  I just wish they’d let me go, too.  Or be home more.

The young woman said her prayers over dinner and then ate in silence.  Afterwards, she sat in her room.  There was no television in the house and her parent’s computer had a password on it.  She’d read all of her books several times and she was a week ahead on her schoolwork.  The thought of re-reading the Bible for the thousandth time made her tired and then that thought made her feel guilty.

She was restless and she didn’t know why.  Tired and worn out and bored and upset over the events from earlier.  There’s not even a good reason for it, she told herself.  Just dumb comments made by a stupid boy.  Tracy sat up and grabbed her keys and left.

The bus stop near her house was empty and the young girl sat with her ankles crossed and her back straight as she waited.  The sun warmed her back as she thought of her plans for the future.  Missionary work and then college and then finding a husband to support.  Just like her mom did.  And children.  More than one because she hated being an only child.  Not that it was her mother’s fault – it was a huge strain on her to have one child and the doctors said she was extraordinarily lucky just to have the one.  It was God’s blessing, no doubt.  She’d also decided she would home school her children.  She would rather save her children from the stress and temptations she’d found at public school.

When the bus arrived, she used her bus pass and then sat, continuing her daydreams.  She smiled at the thought of four or five little kids running around the house while she cleaned and raised them.  Five little perfect cherubs listening to her with wide eyes while her husband relaxed from a hard day at the office or wherever he worked.  They’d all go to church on Sunday in their best clothes and every night they’d have a little family Bible time.  And, of course, she’d start a women’s group and help with the community when she had time.

Tracy stood as the bus squeaked to a stop near the mall.  She thanked the driver and told him to have a blessed day and then she made her way into the huge building.  The mall was a guilty pleasure of hers and one she didn’t often indulge in.  For the first part, she sat and people-watched.  She smiled at the young children and the older couples that walked past and her eyes strayed to the ring finger on any passing young couple.  Nearly all of them were unwed and she felt sad for them.

And, yet, a small part of her felt even more alone.  She didn’t dare try to date anyone in high school.  Her father forbid it and she understood why as most guys in her class seemed obsessed with sex.  She still blushed at the accidentally overheard conversations about masturbation and penises and vaginas.  It was sickening.  And it meant that she spent the majority of her time focusing on her schoolwork away from everyone else.  The girls were barely better and seemed obsessed with makeup and clothes and the latest pop star or movie star and other vapid things.

Tracy stood to walk around, letting her mind wander as she did.  She felt glad that she was small and didn’t stand out.  None of the boys bothered her much.  She wore loose clothing and she wasn’t as well…. developed as most of the other girls seemed to be.  She was small and mousey and well hidden and that suited her just-

“Excuse me, sir,” a voice said from her left.  Tracy looked at the man next to her as she moved out of his way.  He was impeccably dressed in a black suit with a dark gray tie.  His hair was slicked back and he had a round, innocent face.  As he looked back at her, he placed a hand on his chest.  “Oh my… I’m terribly sorry.  I thought you were a young man for a moment.  I’m very, very sorry, miss.”

Tracy grimaced.  “It happens.  Don’t worry about it.”  The man continued to look over the young girl over and she squirmed slightly under his appraisal.  “Can I help you with something?”  She finally asked.

“I was just,” the young man paused.  “I hope you don’t think me impertinent but I was just thinking that it was a shame for a beauty such as yours to hidden.”

“My beauty?  Are you making fun of me?”  Tracy asked.

The man’s face hardened.  “No, miss.  I would never dream of it.  And I work in a clothing store that deals with women so I would consider myself a good judge of a woman’s character.  Surely you’ve noticed?  Surely your man has told you how attractive you are and encouraged it.”

Tracy’s face reddened.  “I don’t have a boyfriend and… and… anyway, it’s not your business.  I…  You’re not the first person to say I look like a boy.”  The girl looked shyly up at the salesman.  “Do I really look pretty?  Nobody has told me that before.”

“Yes,” he assured her.  “You are quite a pretty girl.  Enough so that I’m surprised to hear that you have no boyfriend.  You’re quite a catch, if you don’t mind me saying so.”

“I’m saving myself,” she told the man proudly.

“Ahh… I see.  How wondrous for you.  Still…”

When the man didn’t continue, Tracy prompted him.  “Still, what?” She asked.

“Well,” he continued.  “If you hide your beauty away until you decide you’re ready to find someone then how will you be able to attract their attention?”

“I… I…”  Tracy stuttered.  “He’ll see how intelligent and pure I am and how faithful to the Lord.  I’ll win his heart with that.”  The girl subconsciously touched on the pure white promise bracelet around her right wrist.

The man fixed Tracy with a pitying look.  “I see.  You are quite young and I mean no offense for that.  But… what will you do when there are other women of similar virtue?  Women that have experience in flaunting their natural qualities?”

It had never occurred to Tracy that her future husband may look for qualities other than the purity of her heart and this new thought filled her with dread.  “Well, but, any husband of mine wouldn’t be interested in superficial things like that.”

“Superficial?” The man asked.  Placing one hand under the opposite elbow, he tapped his lip with his free hand.  “My dear, I think the nature of the thing escapes you.  You hide yourself away physically and your confidence suffers.  If your confidence wanes, you may never get a chance to approach the man you desire.  What my store offers is not superficiality but a way to show the world who you truly are.  The clothing and makeup and undergarments allow you to express yourself further.”

Tracy blinked.  She’d somehow walked into the man’s store while they were talking and she now found herself in the middle of lace panties and frilly bras.  Her cheeks burned with embarrassment and she couldn’t find a place to put her eyes without touching upon something sexual.

“Here,” the man said, taking her elbow.  “Let me show you a few things.  I’ll bring you to our makeup section.”  Tracy followed the man in a daze, too ashamed to say anything.  A small part of her wondered whether he was right.  What harm was there in making yourself noticed?  The man was an encyclopedia full of information on the various uses of makeup and how the smallest of touches could completely alter someone’s perception.  They walked away from the area with two tiny kits.

When the two reached the bra section, Tracy balked.  “No.  No way,” she said.

“Why not?”  The man asked.

“I can kind of understand makeup but there’s no way I need a… a… bra like any of these.”

“When I first met you, I accidentally thought you were a boy.  You then told me I wasn’t the first to do it.  You are a woman and you should embrace your womanhood.  You should stand tall and be proud of who you are and what you’re capable of doing.  You plan to have children, yes?”

“I… yes,” Trace admitted.

“Will you bottle feed them?  I think not.  Will you nurse them?”

Tracy’s cheeks felt like they were on fire.  “I really don’t think that’s-”

“Will you hide yourself away to do it?  You are a woman and you should not be ashamed of who you are.  God gave you breasts to nurse your children.  You should be proud of them, not hiding them away.”  The man laid his hand on Tracy’s upper arm and then continued.  “Any man that wants children will want to know his wife is capable of giving their babies enough to eat.  Would you want him to see you and worry that you’re incapable of providing for your children?”

“I…” He seemed so reasonable when he put it like that and she had a hard time finding her arguments.  She wanted to be able to nurse every one of her children.  She sometimes pictured herself sitting with a babe in her arms while her children played at her feet.  Would her husband be disappointed in her if it was a bottle she had in her hand with their child?  Would he worry about having more children and whether she was capable of it?  Wait… she wasn’t finished growing, was she?  Her breasts cold still develop, right?  She didn’t have to worry about it so much… did she?  Tracy tried to remember her biology lessons and the little she’d heard from other people but all she could see were her female classmates with their cleavage.  It wasn’t fair.

“It’s not fair,” the man told her, his voice low and seemingly just for her.  “All of those girls are doing the same thing.  You turned eighteen two months ago and you’ll not grow any bigger.  See this here?  It’s a pushup bra and I will tell you that all of the girls in your class are wearing them.  And, it’s not just for school.  As you get older, the women will continue to wear them.  Men will stare and lust after them and you’ll not get a second look.  You’ll be alone and childless and no man will want you.”

No, she thought through the buzz in her head and heat in her cheeks.  It’s not fair.  I’m… I’m a good person!  My husband just has to get to know me and he’ll see that.  He just… he has to see me first… It’s not fair…  Tracy reached for the white padded bra on the stand next to her.  The man smiled beatifically at her when she held it to her chest.  Touching her elbow, the man guided her to the front of the store.

“I think you’ll be very pleased with your purchases,” the man said.

“Thank you,” Trace replied with vacant eyes.

“No,” the man insisted.  “Thank you.  I thought this would be more difficult.  Enjoy them well, Tracy.”

Tracy blinked as the bus hit a pothole.  In her lap she had the nondescript bag from the store.  When did I…?  I can’t remember buying them.  How did I get on the bus?  The girl didn’t have much time to consider what happened as her bus pulled to a stop near her home.  Still in a daze, she thanked the bus driver and got off.

Back home, Tracy stood shirtless in front of her mirror.  Her face was red but not from embarrassment.  She felt shame.  The man was right, she decided.  I am small.  No man would see me for anything more than a boy and certainly not for having children.  The woman cupped her meager breasts and they fit within her warm hands.  Her small pink nipples were almost at small as her father’s nipples and with the man’s words filling her head, she wondered how in the world her babies could ever find them to suck at them.  Carefully, Tracy put the new bra under her breasts.  Reaching back awkwardly, she touched the hooks to the first row of clasps.  And then moved to the second.  And then the third.  And then finally, she hooked the fourth row of clasps on her narrow chest.

Tracy’s breasts rested on the cushions of the bra and for a moment, she didn’t know what to do.  Finally she realized that she needed to adjust them for the effect to take home.  Reaching in for a breast, she pushed and pulled until the bra sat comfortably on her body.  Once finished, the young woman turned left and right to admire the effect.  It looks like I have cleavage now.  Like I have actual breasts.  This isn’t so bad, she told herself.  I’m just making it even.  I know I can nurse babies.  I know my breasts will fill with milk.  I just need my husband to see it.  To not write me off.  Gosh, I even feel more confident about it.  I wonder…

The young woman grabbed her discarded shirt and she put it on.  Her breasts pushed out further against the shirt and she smiled at herself.  Biting her lip and blushing, she pulled down at the bottom of the shirt and the smooth skin of her breasts appeared in the plunging neckline.  “Oh, gosh.” Tracy repeated.

“Now, what did he say about the makeup?”  Tracy said out loud.  Whispered thoughts came to her mind, guiding her hand as she applied fine strokes of paint to her face.  A fine line here.  A bit of color there.  Some redness over there… Tracy looked at herself in surprise.  She looked subtly different.  More feminine.  “Oh.  Wow.  I can’t even see the makeup.”  The woman unconsciously played with the light gray bracelet around her wrist as she admired herself in the mirror.

Beneath her bra, the flesh around Tracy’s nipples thickened and her nipple grew in size, pressing against the bra and then back into her small breasts.  The soft, milky white flesh darkened around the nipples as her areola nearly doubled in size.  The girl adjusted her bra without realizing what was happening.

“Huh,” she said.  “All dressed up and nowhere-” Tracy looked over at her simple bedside clock.


Spencer opened the door and then looked down slightly.  “Oh, hey.  Tracy.  I didn’t think you’d come.  Hey, did you put makeup on or something?  You’re looking good.  Come on in.  Almost everyone is already here.  Did you bring anything?”

“No,” Tracy answered shyly.

“Aight.  Just come in and don’t break anything, okay?  And don’t get wasted unless you can get a ride home.”

“I don’t drink so that’s okay. I just thought I’d get out for once.  I’ll be in the corner so you won’t even see me.”

Spencer nodded, already looking past her.  “Cool, cool.  Come on in.”

Tracy looked around the huge living room, wincing through the noise of the booming speakers.  The air throbbed with bass and the main area was full of kids dancing and grinding on each other.  The young woman made her way through the room, apologizing as she bumped people.  Finally, she found the corner.  To her surprise, Jeremy sat on the edge of an empty couch.

Well,” Jeremy said.  “Holy shit.  I didn’t expect to see you here tonight.”

“Please don’t curse like that,” Tracy said.  “It’s rude.”

“Ah, right, right.  Have a seat.  You want anything?  I’m just sitting and watching.  I love coming to these to see how stupid people can get.  And, let me tell you, they can get pretty fu- dang stupid.”

“No, I don’t-  Actually, yes, please.  But just juice, no alcohol.”

Jeremy grinned.  “You’ve found the one safe person in the entire party.  Pro-tip:  The grape is the alcoholic juice.  The red is non-alcoholic.  Be right back.”

Tracy looked through the room as she sat with her ankles crossed.  Everyone was standing in groups or as couples or out dancing.  And the way they danced… Tracy blushed.  Everyone was so well dressed and pretty.  After her encounter with the salesman, she found her eyes drawn to the faces and chests of the women around her.  He had to be right about the pushup bra because almost every single woman had a huge amount of cleavage.  She caught the boys staring hard and now she knew the man was telling the truth.  Of course they’d look.  I mean, look how soft and big their breasts are.  Put on display like that, how could they not look?  No wonder they talk about sex so much.

With a quick glance around the room, Tracy gave her shirt two quick little tugs.  Her own meager cleavage showed through the top of her shirt and she smiled in triumph.  Jeremy returned and her smile widened when his eyes flicked to her chest before moving back up to her face.

“You doing okay?” Jeremy asked.

“Yeah.  I’m doing great, actually.  I have to admit that I’ve never gone to a party before.  It’s really lively.  Oh, thanks for the drink!”  Tracy’s gray bracelet fell lower on her arm as she reached for the cup of red juice.

“Okay, cool.  How’s your stuff going?  The, umm, abstinence stuff.  Did you get any takers?”

Tracy turned to the young man with a puzzled look.  “Abstinence?”

“Yeah.  The… your booth.”

“My…?  The… oh, right.  My booth today.  But what’s ‘abstinence’?”

“Are you fuc- kidding me right now?”

Tracy cocked her head to the side.  “No, seriously.  What is it?”

“It’s… come on, that’s not funny.  You know, not having sex before marriage.  That stuff.”

“Oh!  Ohhh!  Abstinence.  Right.  What a funny word.” Tracy giggled as she drank her juice.  Her thin reddened lips swelled slightly as she drank and when she pulled the glass away, her lips were plump and slightly pouty.  “I like the juice.”

“Yeah, it’s good.  So that’s a no then?  Nobody interested?”

Tracy turned back to Jeremy and smiled.  Behind her now full lips, her one crooked tooth twisted slightly, straightening in line with the rest of her teeth.  “Interested in what?”

“The… Jesus.  The abstinence stuff.”  Jeremy frowned.  “Sorry, didn’t mean to say that.  Jesus, I mean.”

Tracy giggled again.  “Oh, it’s okay.”  She turned back to the crowd.  Her dull, short brown hair lightened minutely until it shone beneath the few lights above her.  New silky strands slowly pushed from her head as her hair grew an inch to touch her shoulders.  The young girl scratched at her thigh as she hummed mindlessly to herself.  Fingernails previously kept short pushed forward until the scratching of perfectly shaped nails on the fabric of her jeans made her wiggle slightly.

Uncrossing her legs, Tracy leaned over closer to Jeremy.  “I like the music!”  She shouted.

“Y… yeah.  Me, too.”  The boy looked down at Tracy’s chest as she bent over.  He could see the slight curve of her boob.  “Hey, you sure you’re okay?”  When he looked back up, she was staring right at him, smiling.  “I’m… I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to-”

Tracy kneeled on the couch and then crawled slowly to Jeremy.  Her beautiful brown hair flowed around her as she pressed her cheek against Jeremy’s cheek.  “Can I confess something to you,” she asked.

“Y… yes.”  Jeremy gulped.

“I’ve never kissed a boy.  Can I?  Can I kiss you?”

Jeremy shivered.  The way she breathed tickled at his ear and drove him wild.  He nearly jumped when Tracy’s lip touched his earlobe.  She felt so warm this close to him and she smelled amazing.  He could feel his dick pressing against the front of his pants.  “Do… do you want to?”  He asked.

“Oh, yes,” Tracy moaned in Jeremy’s ear.  “Yes, I do.”

The girl smiled widely, showing off her now perfect, dazzling white teeth through juicy red lips.  She placed her well-manicured hand on Jeremy’s chest and then leaned forward.  Their lips met and Jeremy’s mouth ran dry.  She smelled even more amazing now.  Tracy kissed him as if she had all the time in the world.  With her free hand, she pulled Jeremy’s hand to her chest.

Jeremy automatically gripped at Tracy’s breast.  He could feel the padding of her bra but he didn’t care.  He felt the blood in his ears and he opened his mouth to Tracy.  She moaned against his lips as her own wet tongue explored his mouth.  Tracy pulled back and then moved, straddling Jeremy’s lap.  She leaned next to his ear again.  “I feel you against me, Jeremy.  You feel good.  You feel really good.”

“I… Oh Jesus, Tracy.  I didn’t-”

“Nnngh,” the girl answered, biting her lip.  The flesh above Tracy’s jeans pressed hard on the band of her pants as her ass swelled.  Fabric stretched and she groaned as her ass filled the pants to bursting.  The front of her crotch ripped slightly and she sighed at the small release.  Tracy’s bracelet turned dark gray and she gasped.  Unheard by their ears, metal whined as it stretched.  The hooks of Tracy’s bras bent under the sudden pressure of Tracy’s breasts expanding.  More fatty tissue and lobules grew in beneath the skin of her breasts and they pushed out until the bra strap snapped.  Tracy moaned at the feeling of the bra breaking against her skin.  Jeremy’s eager mouth found hers and they kissed until Tracy pulled away again.

Tracy’s shirt pushed out under her swelling breasts and, with barely a thought to the people around her, Tracy pulled the bottom of the shirt up and over her head.  Her small pushup bra fell to her lap, exposing her growing bosom.  Thoughts slipped from Jeremy’s mind as his hormones raged.  Tracy’s nipples were hard and erect and beautifully pink.  He took one of the fat nipples in his mouth and Tracy cooed to him from above as he sucked at her.

“Jeremy, my pants.  Undo my pants, honey.”  Tracy’s dulcet voice said.  The young man wasted no time in undoing the button of the straining pants and he was rewarded with a soft sigh from Tracy.  “That’s my good boy,” she told him.  Guiding his hands, she brought them to her rear and he shoved them under the waistband of her loose jeans, massaging the soft flesh of her still expanding ass.  When he accidentally bit Tracy’s nipple, she bucked and sucked in her breath.  And then she pressed him harder against her tit in encouragement.  Jeremy’s head moved back as Tracy’s breasts grew to a double-d.

Slowly, the young man reached a finger down to find Tracy’s asshole.  He looked up at her with her nipple in his mouth.  Tracy’s face was radiant and blissful.  He pressed the tip of his finger against her asshole and the young woman moaned.  Slowly he worked the tip of his finger back and forth until he felt her open.  She gasped when the tip of his finger entered her.

“But… but… that’s my ass… Jeremy… oh God.  Oh God that feels amazing.  More.  More finger, please.  Deeper in me.”  The girl moaned.

Jeremy pushed deeper as he wriggled his finger back and forth.  “Tracy, I want you to talk more.  I love hearing a woman talk dirty.  Tell me things.”

“But… ohhh… but, what?”

“Tell me you’re my whore,” the boy said.  “Tell me you’re my dirty slut.”

“Oohhhh… I… I… will you… oh God.  Oh God, Jeremy.  Will you fuck me if I do that for you?”

“Yes,” the boy hissed through clenched teeth.

Tracy lifted her heavy, full breasts.  Her black bracelet was a counterpoint to the beautiful white skin of her soft body.  She felt the heft of her breasts and a slight ache in her back as they continued to grow into h-cups.  “I… I want you to… Oh sweet Jesus.  I’m your dirty whore, Jeremy,” she whispered.  “I want you to put your… your cock in me.  I want to be your good girl.  I want you to tell me I’m your good girl when I spread my legs for you.  It feels so good inside, Jeremy.  It feels amazing.  I’ve never touched myself but now I… I…  Please oh god please please I need you inside of me.  Please.”

Going to her knees, Tracy worked her pants down over the soft flesh of her expanded hips, exposing her glistening pussy to the multicolored lights of the room around them.  Jeremy pulled his own pants down and his cock throbbed in the air.  Tracy stopped when she looked down.  She could see the clear liquid on the tip of Jeremy’s cock.  She knew what it was called but it was hard to think.  She wanted to giggle and fuck and… and… She needed to be fucked but she couldn’t resist touching the young man’s cock.  Something inside of her pushed her to do it and she barely resisted.  He wasn’t large but it was her cock.  She made him hard and he wanted her and that was all that mattered.  Bending over, exposing her engorged pussy lips to the room, she deep throated Jeremy’s cock.  Easily taking the length of him with a throat that no longer had a gag reflex, she sucked and bobbed on him until she felt him gripping her thick, long brown hair.

Jeremy grunted and tensed and filled Tracy’s mouth with his cum.  Tracy moaned at the taste that flooded her.  Electricity flared along her spine, driving delicious spikes to the pit of her stomach as she pumped Jeremy’s cock, milking him for every last drop.  Satisfied that she had all of it, Tracy sat up and then crawled forward, pressing her massive tits against Jeremy’s chest.

“I… I don’t know if I can still…” Jeremy gasped.

Tracy giggled as she held his still erect cock.  “I think you still want it, sweetheart.  I think you want Tracy’s hot wet pussy, don’t you?  You want your slut’s juices around your hard cock.  You want to hear your whore moan your name as she cums.  Is that right?  Am I doing it right for you, lover?”

Jeremy’s cock slipped into Tracy’s wet cunt and they both gasped at the feeling of it.  Tracy’s pussy gripped hungrily at his dick and the man dug his fingers into the woman’s big ass, spreading her open.  “Oh… Oh…. I… I had no idea…. I had no… Oh fuck.  Oh fucking Christ.”  Tracy shivered and then moved, working her hips back and forth as she rode Jeremy’s cock.  “Suck me.  Oh please.  My breasts are full of milk and I need to be sucked.  Please, Jeremy.  I’m aching for you.”

The boy took a hard nipple in his mouth as the girl rode him.  He knew he wouldn’t last long so he reached a finger into her asshole again.  Tracy bit off a shrieked as he pressed his finger into her, feeling his cock through the flesh separating her ass and pussy.  Her movements became erratic and know he knew she was also close.  As he sucked, he tasted a warm, slightly sweet liquid on his tongue.  Sucking harder made Tracy moan and shudder and more liquid leaked from Tracy’s nipple into his mouth.  He could see a trace of milk leaking from her other lactating breast.

“Dude, hey man, you can’t-”  Spencer said beside the couch.

“Oh Jesus!”  Tracy screamed as her very first orgasm crackled through her body.  The girl collapsed against Jeremy’s chest and her breasts splayed out to the side of her body.  Tits, ass and thighs shook as Jeremy frantically pumped against the girl, gasping in his need to finish.  With her mouth next to Jeremy’s ear, she whispered to him, “Fill me up.  Make me yours, Jeremy.  Fill me with your cum until I feel it in my belly.  Make me your personal slut.”

The boy threw his head back as every muscle in his body tensed.  His cock pulsed once, twice, three times as he spewed cum deep inside of Tracy’s pussy.

Spencer shook Jeremy.  “What the fuck, man!  Are you listening?”

Jeremy’s head lolled to the side.  The entire party had stopped and they were all watching him.  Somehow, he didn’t care.  He wanted to laugh and flip them all off but he couldn’t move.

“And who’s this fucking slut?!”  Spencer yelled.

Tracy stood and worked her legs until her pants were completely off.  She smiled at Spencer.  “I’m your slut.”  The young woman went to her knees and unbuttoned Spencer’s pants.  The young man’s cock sprung from his pants and Tracy kissed it before taking it into her mouth.  He was bigger than Jeremy and she felt the excitement race through her body at the thought of him fucking her.

“Hey, you bitch!  That’s my boyfriend!”  Tracy looked to the side as she sucked at Spencer’s cock.  The young man was moaning with his fingers in Tracy’s long hair and his eyes rolled back in his head.  Spencer’s girlfriend, Bella, stomped over to Spencer’s side, tugging at him to come away.

Tracy smiled around Spencer’s cock.  Reaching forward, she pressed her fingers against Bella’s pussy through the girl’s yoga pants.  The other woman moaned and then grabbed Tracy’s hand, guiding it up and into her pants.  Tracy touched the woman’s pussy and felt it suddenly go slick around her fingers.

Bella grinded her hips against Tracy’s fingers.  Thoughts came harder to her as her chest strained at her bra.  She giggled and pulled her shirt off, exposing her toned upper body.  The flesh of her breasts pressed around the edges of her bra.  She whimpered in frustration as she tried to control her body well enough to undo the clasps but Tracy’s fingers were driving her wild.  Someone came from behind to undo her bra and she smiled when it fell away from her, freeing her breasts as the swelled.  When someone (she looked down to see Aaron from her Algebra class) licked her nipple, she nodded in encouragement.  Another person kissed her other breast and she moaned when they bit her nipple.  The elastic material of Bella’s yoga pants ballooned out as her ass and hips widened.

The sound of music was soon replaced by a slowly spreading orgy as, one by one, each person succumbed to the touch of one another.


In another part of the country, a smartly dressed young man accidentally brushed past a young woman.  He smiled and apologized, “Excuse me, sir.”

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