Getting Ready For The Night

An unaware, newly infected werewolf can’t stop her urges as her date night approaches…

Jamal sat at the edge of the bed he shared with his girlfriend, watching her move around their small bedroom.  He scratched his cheek and then lower to his side while he eyed her slim figure.  She’d spent an hour on her hair while he’d tried to relax on the couch but he was restless and found himself walking around and fixing minor annoyances that had cropped up at home over the week.


He squeezed his cock through the slacks he wore as she bent to dig through a pile of clean clothes still stacked in her laundry basket.  Her panties hugged her tightly and the position made him suddenly excited.  


The tall man stood silently and walked to her, resting a dark hand against her smooth, pale back.  His rough hands slid down her side and he heard her gasp quietly when he gripped her hips to pull her back against his crotch.


Tina’s shoulder-length brown hair fell over her left shoulder when she turned to look up at him with a lewd grin.


A faint trail of thin brown hairs lined the nape of her neck, centered on her spine.  They pressed together into little wispy peaks.


He reached up with his right hand sliding along her spine and up to her shoulder to pull her against him.  She never failed to turn him on but it was worse now.  He felt drunk from it, his head buzzing and his thoughts difficult to keep focused.  She wiggled against him playfully, her ass cheeks surrounding the bulge in his pants as her ankle bracelets quietly jangled.


For a moment, he almost shoved her to the ground to fuck her, the powerful urge to dominate her was sudden and fierce but his fingertips brushed the bite mark just over her collar bone.  They were puckered and reddened but she swore they didn’t hurt.  His arousal waned, pulling back slightly to leave him to horny but in control.


“We should go back to the doctor,” he told her.


“It’s fine,” she said, standing with a bra in her hands, slightly disappointed that he hadn’t taken it further.


“It’s been a week and they still aren’t healed,” he fussed.  His thumb brushed her cheek lovingly before he reached down to touch the mark gently.


“They gave me the shots,” she sighed while rolling her eyes playfully.  “And I feel fine.  Great, in fact.”


She stepped closer, standing on her tiptoes and he breathed in the scent of her freshly-washed hair.  Her lips brushed his and then she opened to him, kissing him deeply while her fingers dug into the back of his shirt.


“More than great,” she whispered, stepping back while holding his gaze.  She took his hand and guided him down until he felt the heat and wetness between her thighs, despite her panties.


Jamal growled, grabbing her roughly to pull into an embrace.  He kissed her again while squeezing her ass and she melted into him, tearing at his shirt with a frenetic energy.


“Ah!” she tsked, backing away with her hand to her mouth.  “Too much teeth, baby.”


“Sorry,” he growled, caressing her side.  His canines pressed against his incisors, their tips scraping the premolars above and below.


She laughed and he tilted her head at her inquisitively.  


“‘Too much teeth'” she repeated with a chuckle.  “Never thought I’d be the one to say that.”


“Let’s fuck,” he told her simply, his mind once more growing fuzzy.


“Mmmm,” she moaned quietly, her lips opening to show a wide, lazy smile.  She purposefully licked her lips and her tongue flattened against her mouth, wider than before as it traced over the bulges of her own short fangs.


A smattering of yellow filled her soft brown eyes, like flecks of gold beneath the sun dappled water of a tiny stream.


“Tempting,” she whispered hoarsely.  She squirmed in place, amazed at how wet she was from his attention.  Her entire body felt on edge and the simple movement of air from the nearby vents made her shiver when they grazed her skin.  “But we have reservations and we’ve been saving up for a date night since forever.”


A lone brown hair pushed through the scarred round flesh of the bite mark.  A second hair slid through beside it and three more emerged from the other marks.  


Tina bit back a gasp, turning her head as her sharpened teeth dug into her lips.  Her eyes widened when a strange flush swirled through her body, the heat leaving behind a vacuum as it coursed through her from her cheeks to her feet.  It rebounded and she dug her toes into the carpet, bunching them together while digging her fingernails into her bare thighs.


The short hairs along her nape began to spread slowly, rising over every bone in her spine before spilling out into the valley of flesh in between.  They grew four hairs wide, light bronze that faded nearly to blonde as they marched downward, prickling her skin as they were pulled forth.


“You okay?” Jamal asked, concern in his voice.


“Mmhmm,” she replied, unwilling to show how incredibly turned-on she was.  Bones grated painfully deep in her hips as she turned away from him to hide her reddened cheeks.  They’d put aside money for two months for their date and they were already short on time.


A thin, dark line appeared on her panties.  She pulled at them and the wet spot spread.  Jamal’s nose lifted and his nostrils opened as he caught the edge of her scent.


“I’m going to go shave,” he said, rubbing at his cheeks once more.  If he couldn’t fuck her, he’d have to get out of the room so the sight of her didn’t tempt him.  He scratched at curly charcoal hairs and more pierced his skin as if drawn out by his fingers.  


A fine crack of brilliant butterscotch yellow ran from his pupil to his sclera.  His face throbbed as his ears buzzed.  Skin stretched, pulling at the edges of his nose.  The rounded tip strained and miniscule splinters appeared, spreading along the tip of his nose as the brown skin surrounding them began to darken.


“Mmhmm,” Tina repeated, still fighting back the urge to ignore their expensive plans in order to ride her boyfriend’s dick.  The hairs surrounding the bite mark on her shoulder lengthened.  Below them, on her forearm, the scattered hairs she never bothered to shave grew out and spread, curling around to the bottom of her arm as they expanded down to her wrist in fits and starts.


She grabbed a loose top, laying it on the bed while bringing her bra up.  But then, she stopped.  The corner of her lips curled into a smile and she tossed the bra back onto the heap of clothes.  


No bra tonight, she thought to herself, thrilled at the idea of going out in public with her nipples showing through her sheer blouse.  She could picture Jamal staring at her.  Hungering for her.  Trapping him in the knowledge that everyone could see her yet not able to do anything about it.  Working him up until he held her against the car afterwards, slipping a hand down the back of her skirt and under her panties, fingering her roughly while telling her she was a teasing, slutty bitch.


The girl moaned at the thought and the words she imagined.  At how rough he would be.  At the idea of being fucked in public, forced to turn around as he spread her legs, pulled her panties down and mounted her, teeth in her shoulder, claws in her side, the tip of his sharp cock questing for her-


Tina gasped, falling to the bed while shaking her head.  Bones clicked above her ass and a tiny mound of flesh appeared, pushing the band of her panties down slightly.  Her ears throbbed in time to the beat of her heart while her face grew hot.  She swallowed and pulled her top on, biting her lips as the fabric slid against her nipples.  Her left nipple twisted, hardening as if a lover were tweaking it and she dug her fingers into the sheets of her bed.


Two of her fingernails pulled loose to reveal onyx curves peeking just above the nail bed.  Shaking her head once more, she stood, nearly stumbling as she stepped to the closet.  


The entire crotch of her panties were soaked and she’d left a small wet spot behind where she’d sat on the bed.


She’d shaved her legs two hours ago but the hairs pushed forth once more, and longer now as she crouched to grab a skirt to match her blouse.  More fingernails came free while she rummaged through her basket of clothes but she found the one she wanted and stepped into it, wiggling her hips as it slid up her thighs.  The fleshy, hairless tip of her tail curled upward but it was too short to make a difference as she covered it with her skirt.


-hands on my thigh and back, pushing me down and then pulling my ass up on the concrete, between the cars so anyone could see us, growling in my ears while his dick slides between my ass until I try to help guide it into my dripping pussy but he growls louder, biting deeper into my shoulder to keep me in place and then he pierces me and I-


Tina exhaled, her breath a long, shuddering moan as she collapsed once more, barely reaching the edge of the bed in time.  She shivered, grabbing at her arms.  Her lips shifted, pushing forward slightly as bones creaked in her face.  Her nose pulled apart to show white stretch marks that quickly filled with pure black before fracturing further into a pebbled texture.


The girl’s tongue, now too wide and long for her small mouth, unrolled, the tip nearly touching her chin as she shuddered and squeezed herself.  Sweat rolled down her forehead and down her back, the droplets becoming trapped in the fur along her spine.


“God,” she whispered, scratching red marks on her arms as more claws bulged outward from her fingertips, cracking her nails as they anchored themselves to the bones beneath. 


She panted as she tried to hold onto the plans for the evening.  They had a date.  She had to remember that.  Neither of them made a lot of money but they tried to make time to get out and enjoy themselves.  It was important to both of them.


We can- we can fuck anytime, she panted, closing her nearly completely golden eyes.  Her thighs brushed against her completely soaked panties, the heat radiated from her swollen pussy lips and the bare skin of her inner thighs, coated in her cum, glided together as she squeezed them together.


Pinching pains tugged at the corners of her ears as invisible fingers pulled at them.  Flesh grew up from the base of her ears, swarming the thin skin as they flowed upward and then further and the tips of her ears came to sharp, small points.  Scraggly brown hairs emerged from the now thick skin as they continued to elongate.


Fuck- fuck anytime- she panted, throwing her head back with her mouth open.  Her jaw clicked and enamel flowed down her premolars, leaving them tipped in sharp, deadly points.  The girl grabbed at her neck with a growl and then down, clawing and tearing at her blouse until it split to show her bare breasts, the areola already circled by sweat-soaked fur.


Scattered brown hair covered her chest.  She leaned back and then hissed as a cramp forced her to bunch her toes.


Tina raised her right leg, holding it steady with her left hand.  Her bracelets slid up her leg and light reflected from their silvery finish.  Her eyes widened as she finally noticed the long hairs dotting her shin and calf.  Panic flooded her, barely beating away the heat as she watched more hairs emerge from her thigh, just above her knee.  And down to her ankles.  Only now did she notice the hairs covering the top of her feet.


It looked like she was holding her boyfriend’s leg, studded with hair.  Tears of shock welled in her eyes before falling, marring the makeup she’d put on earlier.  Dark lines trailed down her cheeks as the skin moved subtly.  


Her forearm was covered more densely with hair but her eyes locked onto the claws tipping her fingers.


“Something’s-” Jamal said, suddenly stepping into the room.  His shirt and pants were in tatters and sleek black fur peeked through the gaps in the tears.  “Something’s wrrrrong.”


Despite her panic, Tina sniffed the air, drawing a lungful of her boyfriend’s scent.  It calmed her.  And excited her.  He looked at her, dark lips pulled back over a shortened muzzle full of fangs.  His honey-hued eyes stared at her foot and he grabbed at his cock.


She looked at it, drawn by his motion.  Thick skin covered his ballsack but it continued up, ringing the base of his cock.  She watched his cock grow even more erect as the circumcised head throbbed and slowly, deliciously, grew to a point.  Tina moaned, dropping her feet while spreading her thighs.  She pulled at her skirt and clawed her panties, easily breaking them to expose her soaked sex.


Jamal snarled, squeezing and pulling at his own dick as it continued to stretch forward.  She whined as she watched it bulge in his hand but her eyes were again drawn to the strange skin covering the base.  It was moving now, sliding down as his cock pushed against it.  


No, she realized.  Her mouth watered as she watched his knot begin to form.  It filled with blood and pushed at his sheath and she whined again.


Jamal dropped to all fours and his cock bobbed beneath him, held in place by a still-forming baculum.  She watched him come to her and she growled in anticipation, spreading her knees as he approached.  She was anxious.  Ready.  Her panic was forgotten as his scent filled her and her heat returned, melting away everything other than the need to mate.


She could see the thick mane of black fur along his back and the still-elongating tail that wagged gently with each movement, leaning from one side to the next.  Sparse black hairs covered it but more were growing with each passing second.  


He stopped before her and she couldn’t hold back the high pitched whine that issued from her lips.  She tore at the sheets to restrain herself and then caught his eyes as he looked up at her.  Pain in her nose made her eyes blur as bones broke and reformed, pulling at her cheeks and jaw and nose.


His hot breath tickled the hairs covering her foot.  She shivered, the pain forgotten as his cold nose touched her soft, pink foot.  He breathed in the smell of her shower soap and she leaned back to watch him, curious now.  She held herself open, claws tearing at the inside of her thighs as more hairs marched up to cover them and grow into dense fur.  


Jamal knelt and took her foot, sniffing it again and again.  She shivered as the puffs of air surrounded her and she was amazed at how sensitive she was. His claws dented the sole of her foot as he raised it flat.


He moaned, long and low and opened his mouth.  Leaning forward, he pressed his rough tongue against her heel and slowly dragged it against the length of her foot.


Tina gasped, throwing her head back as she made fists with the sheets.  Her furred breasts quaked when she fell to her elbows and she snapped at the air.  Her boyfriend’s tongue lashed her foot again and it covered her completely with its width.  She felt the bumps against the soft lines in the arch of her foot and then up to her forefoot.  His tongue dragged at the loose skin there and he swirled it, twisting his tongue left and right to clean the pads beginning to cover her feet.


Bones creaked in his grasp and pain lanced through her foot.  She snarled and then moaned, biting the blanket next to her when his warm, wet tongue plunged between her toes.  His drool coated her toes but he quickly cleaned them up, opening his shortened muzzle to suck her pinky toe.  She thrashed at the attention and then yipped when her growing tail flexed painfully between her and the bed.


Sitting back up, Tina squeezed her breast, clawing through the fur that still grew over them.  She pulled it upward and her tongue reached out to brush her nipple.  She moaned, licking herself as she watched Jamal worship her foot.  Her big toe cramped and bent, shedding the nail to reveal a small black claw.  She could see the leathery padding forming along her forefeet and, when Jamal pulled her foot away from his mouth, she noticed more dotting the skin beneath her toes.  


Fur grew dense along the top of her foot, already wet from Jamal’s mouth.  He glanced up at her, sharp ears angled back before carefully lapping at her sole once more.  She shook as his tongue dragged against smooth skin, rasping and driving her mad as a thousand prickling, tickling sensations danced the edge between pain and pleasure until they tipped over the edge and she felt a new string of wetness between her thighs.


Tina’s chest heaved.  She pulled her skirt away and tossed it aside to stare at the mess her pussy had made beneath her.  The brown fur covering her thighs was slick from it and she’d left a small puddle of her cum beneath her.  Her pink lips were streaked with black as they swelled away from her body, folding into themselves.  She felt her muscles tighten within and clear liquid was forced from her pussy as her labia pressed together.  The pure black pussy bulged in a glistening spade that ached to be filled.


She whined again, reaching for Jamal but he grinned at her and let his tongue hang loose.  Her foot stretched forward in his grasp as her big toe shriveled into a dew claw.  Keeping her gaze, he raised his tongue and flexed it against the padding beneath her toes.  He pulled his tongue into his mouth slowly and then pushed out, letting her curved toe claws drag against the pink, wet flesh.  


As her foot stretched, her heel grew narrow.  The dark, rose-colored skin covering it grew loose before filling out to cover her new carpal pad.


Jamal’s tongue pressed between her index toe and middle toe, folding to fit between them as he rubbed back and forth, dragging at the fur that now grew thick between her toes and along the top of her foot.  The ring on her index toe clinked against his fangs before his tongue folded over it, surrounding it completely, flexing and undulating until she thought she’d go crazy.  She growled with pleasure as he moved to the next two, cleaning between each in turn until he lifted her foot higher.


Tina whined again.  She pressed her paw between her thighs.  Bones cracked and skin stretched, forcing her hand to lengthen as her feet had but she pressed shortening fingers against her strange new pussy lips.  She tried to open herself but the folded, tight lips resisted so she caressed herself instead.


And he still ignored her.  His lips brushed the thick padding over her paws and then his wet nose touched the furless skin of her arch before settling against her carpal pad.  He suckled at it and she cried out, snarling and forcing a clawed finger into her pussy, ignoring the pain from the nail.  She could feel his sharp teeth against the new digit but his tongue quickly replaced his fangs as he swirled it in his muzzle, licking and rubbing the nub as if it were a nipple.


Licking and flicking and swirling over and over as his hot breath teased the sole of her paw and his claws slid back and forth against her furred calf while her finger pressed deep inside, rubbing and gliding until she could feel the orgasm rising and she couldn’t stop the tiny bursts of continuous whines from escaping her lips as her other hand squeezed her breasts awkwardly, the paw too long to work well so she shoved it up and against her growing muzzle to lick her own nipple like he was licking the strange dense padding that-


Tina spasmed and her pulsing pussy forced her finger out, which made her growl in pain as the claw dragged against the slick muscles within.  Her tail, dense with fur now, slammed against the bed and she jerked once more until she was finally able to breathe.


Jamal stood before her now, huge and black furred and hard.  She reached for his cock eagerly but he pushed her wrists aside and grabbed her, turning her roughly until her upper body lay against the bed and her toes dug into the flooring.  


His weight settled upon her and their fur tangled together, ebony against tawny as his cock pressed against her ass.  She turned her head to lick his face and he licked her back.  Their tongues twisted together briefly until he pulled back and the sharp head of his cock slid between her ass cheeks.  She felt it brush her asshole briefly and her tail lifted in anticipation but it slid further and she shoved back, too soon, causing it to rub against her slick lips.  Jamal growled before biting into the thick fur at the scruff of her neck.  She writhed and growled until his teeth clamped down harder.  The brief pain only made her more aroused and she lifted her ass for him.


Her boyfriend’s cock bumped against her distended, swollen pussy lips.  He thrusted against her, again and again, growling with his ears back at every animalistic attempt until, finally, he felt her warm, wet lips part.


Tina howled when she felt herself open to him and Jamal joined in, leaning forward with his paws beside her body as he pushed harder and harder until his knot touched her pussy.  When he pulled back, she clenched against him, desperately trying to keep him inside of her.  


The next thrust drove the breath from her body and she slid forward on the bed.  His arms pressed against her sides and he leaned even closer to press his forehead against her shoulder.  He continued to speed up, pulling back with a quiet growl as his mate squeezed him and then hissing and snarling as he thrusted forward.  Tina felt tiny fractures as her hips broke and then healed.  New muscles pulled at the bones, forcing them upward and her pussy moved to more closely fit the werewolf that was taking over.


She slammed back, biting at the bed when his knot spread her open.  It was pain that threatened to tear her apart but she wanted it so badly.  She wanted him to fill her up.  She wanted his knot to lock her in place with the head of his cock against her cervix.  As a human, she’d wanted to wait years before having children but the wolf only knew that it must breed to survive.  


It was harder to breathe.  Harder to think of anything but the growing storm low in her guts.  Six points of pleasure bloomed on her belly when her teats twisted into place and rubbed against the sheets.  Her tail thudded against his chest and her legs, weak from the overwhelming heat coursing through her, pressed against the floor to lift herself higher.  


Her pussy lips bulged around his knot.  She could feel them stretching and straining, a little further each time.  She grunted and growled and pushed harder, over and over with her ears canted back in concentration.  The bed creaked dangerously beneath them as her firm, furred ass slapped against her boyfriend’s crotch.


Harder.  Harder.  Harder.


Tina snarled and bit the bed, tearing a chunk of the memory foam free beneath the sheet when he finally knotted her.  He pulled back and she went with him, her hips jerking to follow his motion as she clamped hard against his cock.  Now completely inside of her, she growled as he bruised her cervix.


Jamal’s claws dug into her ass and he spread her apart as he leaned forward to pound into her with short, sharp thrusts.  She whimpered and her paws clawed at the floor and bed.  White filled her brain and she tried to speak – to howl- to do anything but her orgasm destroyed her and she went into a frenzy, scratching and biting and bucking against her boyfriend.


Once more, his teeth found her shoulder and she went limp.  His hot breath tickled her ear, making them flinch as she panted with her tongue out.  He never stopped moving.  His cock rubbed against her over and over and the pain soon faded to intense pleasure.  Another orgasm, far smaller than the one before, made her whimper quietly.  

He swelled within her and she found herself pushing back into him to force him deeper.  To make sure he impregnated her.  She reached her arms around to hold him in place while squeezing his cock to milk him while his knot trapped him.  His cum seemed endless and she moaned every time he tensed but each spurt only made her more wild, pushing the human side away.


Until it






She woke with a groan, her entire body sore.  Tina blinked her eyes and rolled, extricating herself from her boyfriend’s grasp.  She was on the floor, next to the bed and her brain seemed to try to tell her something but she ignored it while she pushed herself up to stand.


Smacking her lips, she stepped around broken furniture while focusing on the bathroom ahead of her.  


Being upright forced cum to leak from her pussy.  That also made alarm bells go off but she ignored it, instead reaching down to wipe some up.  She brought it to her nose, sniffed at it with a quiet, human growl and then licked her fingers clean.  Her nails were sharp against her tongue but she ignored it as she continued forward.


Tina wavered in front of the sink.  She turned the handle for hot water and stared at it until she could see the steam.  Turning her hands, she pressed them together into a bowl that she filled from the faucet.


She splashed the water against her face and then stood back.


And placed a hand against her open mouth.


Soft, butter yellow eyes stared back at her and her ears, shorter than in her hybrid form, were still sharp and were bent back at the very tips in alarm.  Her canines lay exposed next to her incisors and premolars, longer than they had any right to be.  Obviously not human.  Her right shoulder was completely unmarked and smooth, the skin the same pale pink that surrounded it.


Jamal’s face flashed in her memories.  Changing.  Muzzle.  His cock.  That strange cock.  


She moaned and gripped the sink.  Hard lines of muscle stood out on her arms and the sink screeched against the wall.


Staring down, she noticed rows of dark teats and a thick trail of hair that rose up between them in a peak from the thick tangle of pubic hair covering her mound.  Sharply defined abdominal muscles flexed as she moved.


She’d shaved herself completely bare the day before.  Before her date.


Worse, even standing bent over, she could see her pussy lips.  Cum dripped from the black fleshy labia and she couldn’t stop herself from breathing in sharply to smell her boyfriend’s scent. 


Something clinked against the edge of the sink and she took her hands away to see onyx fingernails, slightly curved and sharply pointed – something in between nails and claws.


Tina stepped back and waved her hands in a panic.before turning to the bedroom to call out her boyfriend’s name.


He lay on his back, larger than before.  Heavily muscled.  His cock lay flaccid and close to his belly, held tight by a short sheath.  Like her, his lower stomach was covered in thick fur.


The sight of his sheath made something new uncoil within her and she groaned, falling against the side of the bathroom door frame while pressing her fist to her hardened stomach.  Her hand accidentally brushed the lowest row of her teats and the groan turned to a quiet moan.


Around her boyfriend, the room was completely destroyed and she could see even more destruction in her limited view of the living room beyond.  Strips of carpet were torn up and the mattress was somehow in two ragged pieces.


Yet her eyes were drawn back to her boyfriend’s sheath.  She licked her lips and pushed away from the wall to go to him, kneeling at his side.  With another glance at his cock, she forced her eyes closed, sighed and shook him gently.


“Baby, wake up,” she told him as he stirred.  “You, uhh, there are some things you need to see.”


Jamal’s sheath slowly pulled back to reveal the head of his cock.  She was mesmerized by it, by the furred skin shrinking and his ridiculously thick manhood sliding forth.


Oh god, she whimpered as she watched the slightly curved, pointed tip part the wild fur that had overgrown his pubic hair.


She reached out as her heart began to speed up but the sight of a box beside the bed made her hesitate: a spilled box of Trojan condoms.


Another memory of her boyfriend.  Fucking her raw.  His bare cock spreading her open.  Knotting her.  A whispering voice beginning for it, wanting it.  Back in the bedroom, her hips rocked slowly as her cheeks heated up and she closed her eyes once more.  To focus on the memory.


She didn’t want to be pregnant.  It was a far away thought for when they were in a better place with more money.  Children were not at all on her radar.


Still.  Still, that voice.  The excitement.  Racing through her.  Making her wet.  


“Oh, hell,” she whispered, reaching forward to wrap a hand around his sheath, feeling the softness of his fur as she turned and straddled him, holding his cock in place while lowering herself.  


“Gooooood,” she moaned as he spread her open.  The feeling of his bare cock inside of her was intoxicating.


Babies, little babies crawling-


She pushed the thought aside as she lowered herself to his base.  His knot began to inflate inside of her but she raised herself before she was stuck.  When she pushed back down, he was fully hard and she groaned and trembled as her pussy bulged over the flared base.  


“Wha-” her boyfriend said sleepily, reaching for her.  She grabbed his hands with hers and pushed him down gently before licking his cheek.  It felt natural but weird and she didn’t really care right now.


“Cum in me,” she whispered to him, her breath tickling his ear. 


“Honey, we can’t-” he started to say but she kissed him and sped up, gasping and sitting up when his knot nearly entered her.  He growled beneath her, grabbing her hips and thrusting up while gnashing his teeth.


Explanations could wait, she thought to herself before thoughts were lost.


“Breed me,” she panted, once more leaning close while slapping her ass down against him, harder and harder.  Her powerful core let her ride him effortlessly as her now-muscled thighs clenched his hips.  Words fell carelessly from her mouth as the wolf inside began to exert control, mixing with her human persona.  “Baby, breed me, baby, fill me up with your cum.  Make me- make me- make me your- god!  Make me your bitch.  God, yes!”


She bucked on top of him and his small claws bit painfully into her ass as he spread her open.  His eyes were wild as the animal surged forth, called by the words spilling from her mouth.  


He flipped her and she screamed out for him to mount her on all fours.  When his hand reached around to her belly, accidentally clawing at one of her teats, she imagined a little pup suckling from her.  A whole litter.  She screamed as she came, squirting when the orgasm overpowered her.  Jamal’s teeth found her bare, hairless shoulder and he nipped her while grunting, closer and closer to his own orgasm.  Drool coursed down her upper arm as he rutted against her.


“Fill you-” he gasped, pounding hard into her.  His thoughts regressed and his words became simpler.  “Fill you.  Cum in you.  Cum inside your pussy.  Fill you until your belly is full from babies.  Mount you like a bitch.  My bitch.  Mount you.  Fuck you.  Fuck!”


He groaned, holding her tight while cumming deep inside of her and she pressed up against him, shoving back and flexing her hips to force the head of his cock to brush against a specific spot inside of her.  Her breathing became ragged but she was nearly-


Tina’s mouth opened in a wide “O” and she leaned her head back with a shy, human-like howl.  She collapsed into a twitching heap as her boyfriend wrapped his heavy arms around her, holding her gently against his chest.


He’d knotted her again and she loved it.  Loved being so full.  Loved how his knot pressed on the clit hidden behind the changed pussy and the g-spot just inside.


They dozed once more, surrounded in their scents and warm in their embrace.

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