I should’ve posted this a while back but, as a heads-up, I’m taking a little break from writing. I feel like I need it but, don’t worry, I’ve got plenty of ideas still and I won’t ever give up writing.

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Part 2 of 2.  Theseus enters the Labyrinth as his body changes further.

Always forward, never left or right, Theseus remembered.  The tear on his left side continued stretched against his increased bulk, ripping up to his armpit.  The cool air that flowed in and against his skin made him shiver with pleasure.  His small breasts had grown enough to show through the tear, the swell of the new skin soft and white against his tanned skin.  White fur sprouted between his breasts, lengthening into a small tuft that tickled his thick, hardened nipples.

Theseus walked forward, wincing in pain with each step.  As soon as he was out-of-sight of the soldiers, he stopped to retrieve the ball of yarn tucked away.  His slim, deft feminine fingers quickly undid the small knot and he unraveled a bit of it to tie around a protrusion in the wall.

Satisfied, he continued forward.  The heat within the Labyrinth was stifling.  He’d imagined it to be open to the sky but it was sealed.  And yet, light dim somehow found its way into the massive structure.  Whether by accident or masterful artifice, Theseus could only guess.

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Part 1 of 2.  A retelling of Theseus facing the Minotaur.

Air stirred in the small cell. Small strands of hay danced, twirling and spinning around each other as warm wind found its way through the cracks and hallways of the palace. Young Theseus closed his eyes with a sigh, welcoming the fresh air. The man sat stiffly against the cool wall of his cell, strong arms crossed over his stomach. Despite his calm demeanor, the youth hummed with energy, purpose and confidence.

Suddenly, the door to the cells groaned open. Theseus squared his shoulders to face his captor but, to his surprise, a young woman soon stepped into view. Her hair was golden curls held up and away from her smooth, tan neck. She wore a simple, yet expensive, white chiton with an ornate golden girdle that matched her luxurious hair. Her body was hidden by the long, loose fabric yet Theseus could nearly imagine her form and his heart raced from a different kind of energy.

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Part 2 of 2.  The woman’s changes continue as her mind slips further away and strong urges take their place.

Julia sat hunched at her desk.  She was rocking back and forth slightly, her hips and ass flexing as she arched her spine slightly.  The smell of the man from earlier wouldn’t seem to leave her.

The young woman panted lightly in her chair, lips occasionally pulling back to reveal slight fangs.  She held the edge of her desk and rocked, pushing her ass back instinctively.  She felt hot and hungry and her entire body ached.  She’d been attracted to boys before and had even occasionally, shamefully wondered what sex was like.  She wasn’t dumb, she knew how it worked.  She just never felt the urge to explore.  Her sex drive was low and, combined with her religious upbringing, she kept her hands to herself.

Her sex was swollen.  A small part of her knew she should stop rocking.  Knew she should stop rubbing back and forth but she couldn’t.  It felt so good.  Reddish hairs sprouted from her lower back.  Barely noticeable against her tanned skin, the hair slowly crept up to a small peak at the base of her spine.

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A young woman is humbled after making rude comments in front of a supernatural creature.  

Part 1 of 2.  I know this because I’m only about 1,000 words away from finishing part 2.  Second part should be out in 2 or 3 days!

Julia held the door for her friend.  “Why not a cat?” she asked.  “Cats are quiet, clean and small.  They’re perfect little pets.”

“I know.  I like cats.  It’s just,” Pamela paused.  “I need an animal to help keep me active and get me out there.  And, well, it’d be nice to have a happy face to come home to.  Cats are too aloof.”

A low murmur of adult voices mixed with the loud, excited voices of small children as the two women entered the animal shelter.  Kittens played behind glass in small, sectioned off cubes to their left.  Young pre-teen girls squealed as the kittens fumbled and pounced in their areas.  A small room to their right, labeled “Exotic Animals” held less than exotic bunnies and parakeets.  Julia wrinkled her nose at the faint antiseptic smell permeating the room.

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I’m writing this as much to just write something as I am to make a story.  So, it’s slightly rushed and I didn’t mean for the TF to be that long and I ran out of writing time so it is definitely rushed.  Apologies but I really just wanted to write something!

Set in the DC Comics world, Artemis targets Wonder Woman.

Tabitha held herself still in her chair. She sat apart from the rest of the students and all were arranged in a crescent around an old, round theater stage.  The young girl nervously moved her notebook and collection of pens until they were perfectly even with each other.  She watched as a middle aged woman entered from a side door.  The older woman was tail and thin with her curly, dirty blond hair pulled back in a loose pony tail.  She had the look and physical confidence of a ballerina.  Every step seemed measured and purposeful.  Tabitha nervously pushed at her thick glasses.

The room hushed nearly immediately.  The older woman glanced around, cataloguing her students.  Out of the thirty-one students, three were young men and all three sat together near the back of the room.

Lights dimmed far overhead as a hidden projector clicked on.  The older woman pressed a button on her small laptop and then stepped away to stand facing her class.

“Good afternoon and welcome to CWS 101.  Feminist Theory.  I’m professor Abrams and this is the only 100 level course I teach.  By the time you’re finished with my class, you’ll be well prepared for most of the higher levels.  We’ll start immediately.”  With a quiet click, the screen behind the professor turned dark black with a single word printed in stark white.  Tabitha immediately wrote it down.

“Power,” Professor Abrams said after a pause.  “Everything begins with power and the control it affords.”

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In case nobody has noticed, I’m taking a break in December and will be back mid-January with stuffs :)  I have quite a lot of ideas so definitely don’t worry that I’m not posting because I have no thoughts on what to do next.

Take care, be safe and enjoy yourselves!

A newborn princess is given a gift by an old crone – a gift that expresses itself violently on her wedding day.

“And on this, the occasion of our daughter’s birth, we call forth the three fairies to be her godmothers.  Wise beyond even their own years and powerful beyond our knowing, we offer our finest jewels to thee.”

The king stood atop the dais, arms raised.  His staff of office was held in one hand with the other bare to show his good intentions.  Before him, a select crowd of nobles and rich merchants applauded politely.  The queen, so fresh from a harsh childbirth, smiled thinly from her seat next to her royal husband.

Doves were released from behind the throne.  Chosen for their purity, their white wings fairly shined in the mid-morning sun.  The doves, the symbol of their kingdom, spread in an arc above the crowd.  A few unlucky nobles cursed silently when the birds relieved themselves but the ceremony otherwise proceeded as planned.

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