This is from a commission that I failed to complete on time.  Not just failed but spectacularly failed.  Chapter 1 of 2 – a short piece where a young woman cursed to turn into a werecat finds herself at her friend’s house the night of the full moon.

A warm breeze flicked at the heavy pages of Liz’s sketchbook and she yawned, stretching luxuriously in the morning sun.  Bones popped in the young woman’s back as she wiggled into the full body stretch, arms raised to the sky.  Her jaw cracked, mouth opening wide before she lowered her arms, twisting each joint.  She felt drowsy, warmed by the sun.  Liz’s eyelids drooped heavily but then sprung open suddenly.  Her ears twitched at a faint, one-sided conversation.

“… yeah, I think I see her now,” an approaching voice said.  “No, probably just thirty minutes.  I need to get back to work so I can’t be long.  I’ll call you when I’m done.  Love you, babe!”  Liz’s ears swiveled minutely but she sat where she was, smiling slightly.  It was the first day of a full moon and her senses were unusually sharp.  “Liz!”

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Sooo… y’all probably noticed not much activity lately.  Yup.  That’s pretty much true.  Life and my day job intruded and I haven’t found the time and mental willpower to try writing late at night.  Because, you know, after waking up at 6 am, working a full day and caring for the family, there’s not a lot of brain space left for writing.

I haven’t given up.  Yes, I’m late on all the projects I have planned.  Yes, I kept talking about how I’m almost done on the commission.  Yes, I’m a terrible, terrible commission-ee.

My work project is close to being done and that’ll free up my brain and time a bit and I’ll be able to write again.

Don’t worry – I’m still around and I still love to write.

3,000 (out of an estimated 6,000) words into the commission story.  Should be done tomorrow.  I’ll post a link to the story once it’s done but it won’t be posted here since it’ll belong to the person that commissioned it.  I’ll admit I was stuck on it – I’m not used to doing commissions and I sometimes struggle with them.

Then, again, I’ll start work on a bimbofication story that isn’t a simple sketch.   Then either a chapter of The Lady Wore Red or Testing Grounds but definitely both of those before a chapter of Sacrifice.

I’m mentally working through the plots of all the stories, including the new werewolf one I’d thought of recently.  More and more, I like how it’s working out plot-wise.  It’ll probably be similar to Legal Issues in that I’ll release it in short-ish chapters one after another until it’s finished.

I promise I’m not dead.  Unfortunately, as writing is just a hobby of mine (sigh), sometimes life intrudes and so I don’t get as much time to write.

I am still working on the commission and will hopefully be posting new things soon.

Nothing new today and probably nothing new for a couple days as I take a little break.  Kind of did a lot of work with Legal Issues and, since I’m not a full time author, I have to split the time with work and, you know, a real life :)

Anyway!  I thought of a nice little werewolf story over the weekend :)  So, that will probably be third in line.  Commission, bimbofication story and then this new werewolf story.

I think it’ll be pretty awesome.  The new werewolf story, I mean.  I have ideas on how it could be a little mini-series but I’ll be writing it as a one-shot for the moment.  No way I take on another active series right now.

Chapter 7 concludes “Legal Issues” and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Although, I’ll admit that it’s over twice as long as I expected.  I was kind of aiming for about 10,000 to 12,000 words and, all together it is 28,000 words long.

I kind of find that the stories take on a life of their own.  As I write, I try to think of what the characters would say or do and sometimes that takes them down different paths than expected.  The story diverged fairly heavily from my initial notes starting at chapter 4.

So, next is a commission piece with were-cats and then?  I think I’ll do a little bimbofication story :)

After that, I believe I have a new chapter for Testing Grounds mentally plotted.  And then The Lady Wore Red and then Sacrifice.  So far.

I’ve liked how this has worked – breaking down the chapters into smaller bites so I’ll probably continue that.  It gets things out faster and allows me to get feedback which can then sometimes alter the story.

The final chapter in the story.

A young woman visits a farm with intention to make the farmer sell his property. Forces intervene and the woman changes.

Early morning sunlight streamed through Lynn’s curtains.  The young woman woke slowly, still smiling from her dream.  She felt unreasonably happy, as if she were a small child tucked into bed by loving parents after a full day of play.  An empty chair stood beside her bed and, next to the chair was a small table.  Atop the table was a plate full of vegetables and a bowl full of mixed greens.  Lynn’s stomach rumbled loudly and she remembered she hadn’t eaten anything the day before.  But, worse was her bladder.  She wanted to stay in bed, wrapped in warmth but both basic needs cried out to her.

Lynn carefully pulled the blanket away from her.  Her udder seemed to bulge a little more but everything else seemed the same.  Except- Lynn looked at her arms.  During the night, both arms had become covered in white and brown fur like the rest of her body.  A large nearly perfect circular patch of white fur covered her right elbow while the rest of her arms were mostly brown.  Looking down, she saw that her legs were similarly covered in fur.  She smiled hopefully at the few changes.  Swinging her legs carefully over the edge of the bed, she groaned when her bladder yelled for attention.

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Chapter 6 of 7.   A young woman visits a farm with intention to make the farmer sell his property.  Forces intervene and the woman changes.

Lynn sat in her car.  She’d worn a large t-shirt over a bra that didn’t at all fit properly, even at the furthest clasp.  She wore her black yoga pants and the fabric stretched over her ass.  Her tail rasped slowly over the wide elastic band around the waist as it moved.  She’d tried to hide the tail in the pants but it hurt to have it bunched up.  She couldn’t pull them up high because of her udder.  A baseball cap she’d received from a previous client hid her ears and her face from casual view.  Her shoes absolutely didn’t fit so she’d gone barefoot.

The cool quiet of the parking garage helped calm Lynn as she wriggled herself into a more comfortable position.  The thought of driving on the open road suddenly seemed far too daunting.  There’s going to be other cars and, she grimaced.  Loud noises.  And what if they see me?  Or what if I get pulled over?  What will the cop do?  I can’t.  I can’t do this.  I can’t.  Lynn’s face crumbled.  She felt a lump in her throat that threatened to turn into another crying fit.  She swallowed several times, breathing through her nose as she fought for calmness.

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A young woman visits a farm with intention to make the farmer sell his property.  Forces intervene and the woman changes.

Lynn woke slowly, her mind clawing its way out of a near-drunken haze.  Her body tugged at her, calling attention to different parts that ached or itched or hurt.  She sat up, blinking through gummy eyes while smacking her lips.  Sharp pain lanced through both of her breasts when she moved.  She looked down at her swollen breasts and suddenly adrenaline crashed through her, lifting the fog from her brain.

“Muuh!” Lynn cried out in a sudden deep-throated panic.  It wasn’t her breasts that alarmed her; rather, it was the distended area of her stomach that brought her fully awake.  Her mind told her it was impossible.  Surely it was a trick of some kind.  An illusion.

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