First up, I’m closing commissions for a bit.  Not permanently and I’m not currently working on any commissions.

Now here’s what’s going on:

  1. I’m working on a TG story for an anthology!  I’ll post a link to it (next month?) when it’s released.  Pretty excited about it :)
  2. I have an idea I want to try to work out for an illustrated story.  I’m mentally fleshing out the idea but the thought is that I’d write a little short story and then make simple in-story illustrations to go with it.  I want to make a paid section of the site for things like this.  Where registered users could pay to see these things.  It’s an experiment that I want to try for both illustrations and whether I can add payment options.
  3. Working on non-TF/TG stories.  I may open up commissions again at this point or I may wait until I’ve finished these.  Guess it depends on things.

Anyway!  That’s where I’m at.  Thank you for stopping in!

Three girls enter an ‘Escape The Room’ with a forest setting and find themselves changing to fit.

This was a commission from internmatt on Deviantart.

Jennifer sat in an overstuffed chair, staring at the faint cracks in the white leather.  She settled her glasses on her nose out of nervous habit, awkwardly ignoring the other two girls in the room.  Her arm stood out in stark contrast against the chair, her skin as dark as burnt mocha.  

The young woman stole a quick glance at the other two girls – Emily and Madison – and then bent back down to picking at the lines in the chair.  She silently cursed her mother for making her come and then quickly apologized to her in the same mental breath.

Stanton Community College, the all girl’s school she went to, had decided to select three students as “Young Leaders”.  No specific background was given for how they selected but, looking at the other two girls, it’s was obvious.  Madison was the track and field star.  Blonde hair, perfect complexion with long legs and a lean frame, she’d won State every year in high school.  Jennifer was intelligent and, well, nerdy if she was honest with herself.  Her adviser had bawled when she’d learned Jennifer had misplaced her college applications, missing the deadlines.  So now she was in the local community college until next year.

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A young scientist finds herself the subject of an experimentation and struggles to escape as she begins to change.

This is a commission by okpoet72 at http://okpoet72.deviantart.com/

Soft white LED tube lights filled the simple room.  Within the room was a huge table lined with high walls.  The room was sterile and white and even shadows were seemingly banished by the array of lights.  Five black cameras watched the table, four in the corners and a large dome camera directly above.

Dr. Bowman looked up from the monitors on the table before her.  She saw herself in the thick glass set in the wall separating her from the white room.  She blinked her tired eyes and then massaged the bridge of her nose, pushing her stylish glasses up until they brushed her thin eyebrows.  The table held a massive maze and, within the maze, a brown rat sniffed the air.

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A young man and his older sister, both missionaries, journey to a remote to join their parents, unaware of what awaits them.

Written on commission from fredwirtz on SoFurry.

This is definitely not my usual style and is very dark so, heads-up! Read the tags for any particular trigger warnings for you.

Concepción buzzed around me as dusk settled upon the city like a mantle.  Bright city lights ticked on one-by-one, illuminating the streets and shops in the small district.  I watched two young artists from one of the many universities set up canvases on tripods while musicians found their corners, instrument cases open to accept donations.

It was a young city full of beautiful men and women.  Alive with a frenetic energy that was contagious.  I smiled as a man took his date by the hand, twirling her away before pulling her back into her arms and hugging her close.  A grandfather, relaxing in a well-worn chair by an old shop, shouted out encouragement.  The girl blushed and pulled her lover through the growing crowd.

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It’s been a bit. I’d wanted to take a break before but then stupidly thought I’d try commissions. Did a few and got dangerously close to feeling burned out completely. So I took a break, unfortunately breaking commission promises in the meantime.

So, where am I?

First – cool news, “Layers” was picked up for publishing by an erotica & romance publishing firm. Some of my other stories may also be published and, who knows, future stuff as well, maybe. I’ll post updates on that when it happens!

Second – I’ll probably start writing soon. I want to try to finish the commissions I’d accepted so I’ll try that first. A little at a time so I don’t burn out.

Anyway, that’s where I am. Thought I’d let y’all know!

This story is a commission. The rough scenario (man to bird and singing on stage) is from the commissioner but I built a world around it to place it in. The universe it’s set in is mine.

A young man unwillingly changes in front of a crowd as he sings.

– My first bird TF!

The bar fell into a hush when she walked in.  Conversations stopped in a wave around the entrance, rippling out until the entire place was silent.  Kanye blared from the digital jukebox but you could hear a pin drop.

If she blushed, you couldn’t tell; her cheeks were hidden behind deep black fur.  The tip of her black tail, weighted down with a golden metal band, twitched, possibly in annoyance at the attention.  Her raven black hair was tied in a delicate braid and nearly hidden in the fur covering her.

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Just sent the rough draft for my third commission to the commissioner and it’s a first for me – a bird TF.  And TG rolled into one.

Slowly working through my list!  Apologies to everyone in queue since I got a late start and I hope everyone’s enjoying the stories.  It’s interesting trying to come up with a story in my style that fits the requested scenario.

This story was commissioned by danio13 ( http://danio13.deviantart.com/ ) – all ideas, characters, settings, situation and story title are his.

A young man finds a shifter. Unaware of who she is and assuming she’s a lost dog, he takes her home and finds a bitch in heat.

It hurt.

She trembled and lowered herself, long golden fur brushing the leaves and wet grass covering the small hill.  She crawled with her legs splayed.  Ashamed but unable to contain herself. She whined quietly as the cold dew eased the burning between her back legs.  She pulled herself, rubbing her engorged pink sex along the ground.

It wasn’t enough.  Not nearly enough.

A few cars passed on the nearby street but the little town was sleepy as Fall settled in.  The sun was a faded yellow on the horizon, struggling to provide warmth through the cold evening.

The cold didn’t touch her and not because of her thick fur coat.

She stood and licked her muzzle, head low until her legs stopped trembling.  Her tail wagged and the brush of the fur against her sex made her growl in frustration. People walked in the distance and she looked up, her floppy ears twitching.  She thought briefly about joining them.  Walking among them on two legs but she knew herself and knew how hard it’d be to contain her urges.  And their complex societal rules still confused her.

Instead, she paced.  Back and forth, back and forth.  Frustrated.  Trying to think through the throbbing in her head.  Licking the drool from her thick black lips as her breath puffed out into the chill night air.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.

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This story was commissioned by RayO_ElGatubelo – all ideas, characters and settings are his.

A young woman wanders into the rainforest and is attacked. She finds herself changing under the light of the moon.

The sharp, high calls of coquis and thousands of other hidden nocturnal creatures began to fill the air as the sun slipped lower in the sky.  Darkness fell quickly in the rainforest, the trees blocking what little light remained of the red and pink and orange sunset. The sound of laughing tourists joined the small animals calling for their mates as locals moved silently around a large clearing, re-lighting special torches used to keep mosquitos and other biting insects away.

A small bus wound silently along the beaten path to a large building at the center of the clearing.  The little electric vehicle squeaked to a stop and the doors hissed opened. Employees of the large “eco hotel” exited the vehicle, talking animatedly with each other.  They broke off into groups and made their way to different parts of the complex.

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