In case nobody has noticed, I’m taking a break in December and will be back mid-January with stuffs :)  I have quite a lot of ideas so definitely don’t worry that I’m not posting because I have no thoughts on what to do next.

Take care, be safe and enjoy yourselves!

A newborn princess is given a gift by an old crone – a gift that expresses itself violently on her wedding day.

“And on this, the occasion of our daughter’s birth, we call forth the three fairies to be her godmothers.  Wise beyond even their own years and powerful beyond our knowing, we offer our finest jewels to thee.”

The king stood atop the dais, arms raised.  His staff of office was held in one hand with the other bare to show his good intentions.  Before him, a select crowd of nobles and rich merchants applauded politely.  The queen, so fresh from a harsh childbirth, smiled thinly from her seat next to her royal husband.

Doves were released from behind the throne.  Chosen for their purity, their white wings fairly shined in the mid-morning sun.  The doves, the symbol of their kingdom, spread in an arc above the crowd.  A few unlucky nobles cursed silently when the birds relieved themselves but the ceremony otherwise proceeded as planned.

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At the conclusion to the story, Heather succumbs to her thirst and learns what happens when she loses control.

Heather lost track of her dreams, memories and reality.  She thought Teri tried to wake her up twice but she wasn’t sure whether she was dreaming it or remembering the morning before.  She dreamed she was flying and it was as glorious as she remembered.  Wind buffeted her face and fur and she spiraled down to the ground before swooping back up.  Catching prey in flight.  Claws rending flesh.  The smell of blood filling the air.  The rush of excitement from the chase and the kill.  The near sexual pleasure she felt as she drained the-

“Heather,” Teri whispered.  An echo of the day before.  “Hey.”

“No,” Heather rasped.  Her back was to the other woman.  She’d curled up in a fetal position under her covers while she slept.

“Heather, it’s almost 1 pm.  Tell me the truth.  Are you sick?  Or just tired?”

“Tired,” Heather said faintly.  The young lady could barely think and she was sure she couldn’t move.  Her body didn’t exist to her; only her mind was there and that only faintly.

“Oh, Heather.  I’m worried about you.  You’ve gotten worse since yesterday.  I’ve got the room for another day but I think I’m going to ask for a doctor.  I’m really seriously worried about you.”  The bed moved as Teri sat beside her friend.

“No,” Heather said again.  She pulled her knees closer to her chest and the move tired her.

“I’m sorry, Heather.  I have to.  You haven’t been right since-” Teri screamed.  Her hands flew to her mouth as she stumbled up and away from her friend.

In her sudden fear of being found, adrenaline surged through her and Heather found the strength to face her friend.  Heather’s eyes were an endless black and her fangs glistened in the dim light filling the room.  Her long, curved ears twitched in irritation.

“Jesus Fucking Christ!” Teri screamed.

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Part 3 of 4.  Heather begins to change as night approaches.

“Heather,” Teri whispered.  “Are you awake?”

Bright morning light peeked around the edge of the thick, red curtains of their east-facing window.  Heather groaned as her eyes fluttered open.  Her body felt heavily and useless, as if she were buried under the thick, old quilt.  Her freckles stood out in harsh contrast against her pale skin.

“It’s almost noon, Heather,” Teri continued to whisper.  “I’ve already had breakfast and explored the town a bit.  Do you still not want to get up?”

Still? Heather thought wearily.  Speaking seemed to take too much effort.  But I’m just now waking up.

“I think we should just stay here today.  And maybe I should have the doctor come over and take a look.  Just to make sure you’re okay.  You look a little off.”

“No,” Heather said softly.  The young woman willed strength into her body and she slowly sat up.  It took an enormous effort to move and she found herself breathing heavily while she lay against the wall with her eyes closed.  “Just.   Just give me.  A second.”

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The two friends explore the nearby area to watch the Hunter’s Blood Moon but accidentally awaken something deep within the caves.

Part 2 of 3

“How long are you going to stare at them?” Heather asked.  The young woman tightened her backpack’s strap against her chest.  A sudden cold wind knifed through the folds of her coat and she shivered.  Heather turned, sniffing the air lightly.  The wind was sharper than the evening air and she wondered if a storm was far behind.  “It’s cold, Teri.”

“I may never get a chance to see lanterns in my life, Heather,” Teri said.  They both stood outside the inn.  Two outdoor hurricane lamps swung on hooks above the door, creaking slightly as the gust of wind pushed at them.

“Home Depot has them.  Probably on sale right now.  Back home,” Heather added.  “They probably have a sale on them since Mr. Edison just came out with his fancy light bulb invention.  I know you don’t read the news but everyone is talking about it.  Come on, Teri.  They’re just lamps.  Charlie’s back near my apartment has some on his bar.”

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I think at some point this weekend I want to write a quickie scene – something 2000 words or less. Something with a lady changing into a were-animal type (not Amazonian, etc…). Maybe TG elements, maaaybe not? Dunno. Thinking more just “normal” TF but feel free to throw some thoughts anyway. You never know :)

Toss some ideas if you feel like it and I’ll pick pieces and parts of what sounds good! Don’t be offended if I don’t pick yours, please! Or if I only pick a part of your idea!

My Halloween story!

A young Twilight fan convinces her friend to take a trip to visit Dracula’s homeland during the week of a blood moon.

Part 1 of 2. Probably. Maybe 3 total.

“No,” Heather said.  “Abso-fucking-lutely not.”

“Come on,” Teri whined.  “Just one week.  That’s all I’m saying.  What else are you doing?  Nothing, that’s what.”

“I’m trying to pay off my student loans!”  Heather shouted.  “You know, that thing we owe?  The one you keep ignoring?  They won’t just forgive it, Teri.  You know that, right? It just keeps getting worse and, eventually, they’ll-”

“One week,” Teri interrupted.  “I won’t ask for anything from you ever, ever again.”

“Blood,” Heather said.  “Sharks.  Water.  Student loans.  It’s stupid, anyway.  Twilight had nothing to do with Dracula.  From what I can remember of the movies you made me sit through.  They weren’t even the same kind!  Dracula didn’t sparkle in sunlight; he burst into flames and died screaming!”

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I actually did this about 3 weeks ago but I’ve not been sure whether I should include pictures on this site.
Thoughts?  Yay?  No?  Don’t care?

I was proud of the hand for this one – I had to use my own as a reference  and make it fit somehow.  And I thought the foot turned out nicely – something else I had to add :)  Oh, and BE and muscle growth, too :)

lycandope_002_01 lycandope_002_02 lycandope_002_03 lycandope_002_04 lycandope_002_05


The sounds of the city’s nightlife greeted Robert as he stepped from his apartment complex.  He stopped, eyes wide and watching as an increasingly small part of him worried about how he looked.  He frowned at himself, unsure of why he’d be worried yet the feeling didn’t fade.  A warm breeze caressed his soft, hairless cheek and he shivered in pleasure.  Goosebumps rose from his arms and the young man hugged himself, hands rubbing against his arms.

An older gentleman walked by and Robert watched him pass.  Behind the man, two young women walked, laughing and talking about a movie they’d just watched together.  A hot flash of jealous raced through his body.  Suddenly, he felt his throat grow tight and his eyes watered.  He turned and looked down at the ground, breathing through his nose to fight against the sudden urge to cry.

That’s dumb, Robert, he told himself.  You’re okay.  Just breathe.  The young man tried to pinpoint why he was so emotional but nothing made sense.  His cheeks burned to the tips of his ears and the clothing store’s cashier flashed into his mind.  She smirked at him.  He felt shame for himself but the fog hid the true source from him.

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Just checking in to let everyone know I’m still alive.  Haven’t had much time to write lately but have been chewing on a few thoughts and ideas.  Writing (for me at least) is something I have to be in the right mindset for it to work well.

So, I may finish the last Honeypot chapter this weekend (maybe) and doodle a bit since I’m enjoying that as well.  Don’t worry, though.  I’m definitely not going to try to give up writing in order to draw :)

Thanks for being patient!