A retelling of the absolutely brilliant horror movie ‘Cabin in the Woods’ with an altogether different ending.  Chapter 3 of 4.

… outside, a voice called out, just at the edge of hearing.

“Who’s there?” Marty said, looking up from his book.  He barely even realized that he’d been staring at the same page for the last few minutes.  He strained his ears, nervously glancing around the room.  “Dana, was that you?”

The silence stretched.  He could hear some talking from the living room but, otherwise, the entire cabin and everything outside was-

You should go outside, the voice whispered again, slightly louder.  It seemed to come from the entire room as well as right beside him.

“Jesus!” Marty said, standing.  The book, Treasure Island, fell to the ground.  He’d never had a paranoid episode.  Ever.  “No fucking way, man.  Listen, you ghost mother fuckers!  I heard all the jokes before and I ain’t Shaggy.  We aren’t the… the fucking gang come out here to solve some lame-”

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A retelling of the absolutely brilliant horror movie ‘Cabin in the Woods’ with an altogether different ending.

Chapter 2 of 3/4.

Notes: Soooo… hey! Bad news-good news-maybe bad news! Bad news is that I wrote way more than expected so chapter 2 is not the end of the story. The good news is that I’ve already got 9000 words done on chapter 3! I plan to release that chapter Sunday evening. The possible bad news is that I may have to break it into chapter 3 AND chapter 4. If I do that, the final chapter 4 will be out by Tuesday. I think I just need about 2000 more words to finish the whole thing up so I’m 100% sure on the timelines here. Sorry!

Back in the cabin, all five friends poured their own drinks from a keg while music played through a nearby docked iPhone.

“Okay, my turn!” Marty called out after taking a hit on his joint.  “Dana!  Truth or dare?”

“Oh god,” Dana said, blushing and shifting on the couch next to Jules.  “Uhh.  Dare.”

“Yes!” Marty said, raising his arms and standing.  “I dare you to make out with that moose over there.”

“M-moose?” Dana asked, looking around.  “Marty.  Are you talking about that wolf’s head?”

Marty squinted at the mounted wolf’s head.  “Well, whatever that glorious, mysterious beast is, then.”

“No, no way,” Dana said.  “I’m changing to truth.”

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A man finds himself cursed by the bite of a rabid whooooooore!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed.  On the best of days.  All right.  I’m not dumb.  I just sometimes miss the obvious.  I get distracted and sidetracked and my mind goes on its merry little way.

Today is one of those days.

Hi, hello.  I’m Donald.  I hate my name.  I go by Don and that doesn’t help much.  Neither does Don Juan because I can’t say it with a straight face.  So, when I’m trying to be funny or sexy to girls, they just laugh.  And not that “Oh, haha, that’s hilarious!” laugh, either.  Oh no.  It’s the awkward little “Oh.  Hah.  Ha ha.  Oh, look at the time.  It’s 6 pm and I need to go to bed.” laugh.

See?  This is what I mean.  We were talking about other things.  Back up, though.

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A retelling of the absolutely brilliant horror movie ‘Cabin in the Woods’ with an altogether different ending.

Chapter 1 of 2.

Notes: Man. I do NOT like summarizing and mirroring existing works. This was an oddly painful experience to do. Still, I’ve had an idea about rewriting the movie to make it a bit more TF friendly sooooo…

Please note:  There is no sexiness in this chapter, sorry. It’s all build up and prep work for the second half which will have plenty of good stuff in it!

Dana danced around her room, grabbing books and clothes from various places.  The young woman worked quietly, bouncing around to the music, unconcerned at being semi-nude in front of her open windows.  She barely thought of anyone outside that might see her in her panties, assuming that the shirt was enough to hide her nudity.  Her thoughts were a million miles away, focused on the upcoming weekend in the cabin.

Tucking a thick strand of red hair behind her ear, she picked up her sketchbook, turning the pages slowly until she found a sketch of her professor.  Her fingers traced the sketch carefully, mindful of smudging the edges.

“Is that who I think it is,” a voice asked from behind her.  “Dana, seriously, you need to do something about that.  Him.  Whatever.”

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A young woman and her friend are unwitting entertainment in a new club.

Note: I made this one specifically for a reader. I needed another quick little story and figured why not give one to someone that has taken the time to write detailed reviews of my stories over time. I don’t normally do full animal TFs but hopefully the story hasn’t suffered for that lack of practice!

Bright neon lights reflected in small puddles at the side of grimy roads, the light vibrating in miniature waves before being broken by a car swerving too close to the curb.  Chelsea and Hazel walked near the seemingly endless rows of shops, away from the road and passing traffic. The rain had stopped sometime earlier but the humidity seemed to pull the water from everywhere and nowhere.  Chelsea felt dampness in her armpits despite the antiperspirant she’d covered herself in earlier.

“I hate being out in this,” Chelsea complained.  The young woman wiped sweat from her brow, flicking it to the side with a well manicured nail.  The heat was oppressive and, with the rain from earlier, the entire downtown was a sauna.  All she wanted to do was go home, turn up the air conditioning and soak in cool water. Her thighs were starting to rub together painfully.

“Come on, come on!” Hazel said, pulling her friend along.  “Aaron is waiting for us.  You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to see this club!”

“You could’ve waited longer,” Chelsea told her friend.  “And why couldn’t we have gotten a ride?  This is killing me.  You haven’t even mentioned this guy before.”

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I think I’ll be able to get a story done this weekend but the other cool news is that I have someone I’m going to be working on a story with.  We’re just about to finish fleshing it out and outlining it and will be writing soon-ish!  As time allows between two people, of course.  My first time doing this but I think it’ll be a pretty good one :)

Looks like ‘cow’ is the winner in the poll so I will start thinking and plotting and figuring out how to do this!

I guess I shouldn’t be too terribly surprised since my cow stories are basically the second most read stories so it looks like they’re pretty popular with the TF community!

Feel free to toss out random ideas here if you like but don’t be disappointed if I don’t use any of them!


Just a heads-up that the poll ( http://www.hidden-shelf.com/?p=503 ) is currently sitting with a cow TF as the winner and frog and big cat tied for second place.

The poll will close Sunday night so if you haven’t cast your vote yet, do it before then!

A young woman tries to control her change

Note:  Soooo… I completely didn’t plan this story.  Just kinda suddenly decided to write a quick story, settled on a large cat TF and just… sorta… wrote it all in about 5 hours.  Accidentally.  Meant to do a werewolf one next.  Uhhh.  Sorry?

Some days you want to curl up in bed and never, ever move again.  And, that’s fine.  But, then, sometimes you need to just push.  Push yourself to get up.  Push yourself to roll out of bed.  To brush your teeth.  To follow the routine you’ve been following for years.  There is a time and place for hiding from the world but, fuck it.  Sometimes you gotta fight it.

And, yet, I still feel terrified.  Standing at my front door.  Purse in one hand, little lunch bag in the other.  Staring at the door.  Blank mind.  Just.  Staring.  I could still call in sick; my work is pretty lenient about this kind of thing.  I can feel my heart in my stomach, pounding away.  I have to face it at some point.  I have to push it as far as I can.

Before I can change my mind, I open the door and step into the warm, late Spring air.  I shade my eyes against the sun and then head over to my old car.  A little Camry my dad got for me as a graduation gift from college.  It was old when he bought it and it’s even older now but it runs and that’s all I care about until I can afford a better one.

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