The changes continue as everyone struggles to adapt.

Chapter 2 of 3, apparently. I completely underestimated (some how?) how long this would be. Don’t worry, I have THREE of the FOUR story threads finished already. I suspect the 3rd and last chapter to be put out by Friday at the latest but more probably Wednesday.

Mikela smiled shyly as she slid her small hands along her sides and belly, slowly working her slim hips back and forth.  She glanced quickly at her chat window and her smile deepened at the large list of users and the fast scrolling conversation window.  Looking away again, she moaned, pulling at her shirt and skirt.  The young woman pressed the heel of her palm down against her sore lower stomach and she gasped at the sensation.

The small pink bump above her mound was hot and smooth to the touch and she felt tiny spikes of pleasure deep within her pussy every time she kneaded at the smooth skin.  Mikela sighed, leaning her head back.  She found herself squeezing at her belly, groaning and rocking her hips every time she pulled.  Her smile widened for the camera and she showed every single one of her flat teeth to the viewers.

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Four separate groups of people visit the /r/gonewild subreddit to find it different. But, on sharing their pictures, they quickly find something else has changed as well…

Chapter 1 of 2. Once finished, I will probably take each POV and post them (on my website at as separate little chapters so you can read the individual streams instead of them jumping around.

“I think your brother looks really cute,” Hannah said, her eyes twinkling as she bounced her legs off the side of Emily’s bed.

“Ugh, no,” Emily told her, rolling her eyes.  She ran her fingers through her short, black hair and leaned back against the wall.  To her left was an older poster of Justin Timberlake and to her right, a new poster Ariana Grande.  “He’s such an asshole.”

Music played in the large room, the artist P!nk singing about the world trying to bring her down.  Lauren sat next to the iPod, tapping her fingers as she added artists to the playlist.  The young woman’s hair was tied into a thick, short braid ending just above her shoulders.

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It’s quiet.  It’s always been quiet here.  I found the place about three years ago and fell in love with it immediately.  It’s large enough to be comfortable without being too ostentatious.  And it’s far enough away from the main road to give me the peace and quiet I need after a long day at work.

And yet, I can hear cars in the distance.  The low susurrus of tires on a well maintained city road.  People awake and going about their business even in the middle of the night.

My eyes are closed and my heartbeat is a steady thump deep in my chest.  Focusing on my breathing like I’ve learned in my yoga classes.  Another car passes and I feel my ear almost twitch at its passing.  It’s an odd feeling – like a micro muscle spasm but not quite because my ear doesn’t actually move.  A phantom feeling.  I wonder if this is what amputees feel?

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A mysterious stranger walks a hidden island, searching for his prey

Welcome to my first collaborative effort! I’ve convinced b-ridge ( to write a story with me and after some back and forth, this is what we came up with. It’s my pleasure to work with a talented writer and I hope you enjoy the story as it unfolds! And have fun trying to find the seams between our writing :) 

The peace of the island was broken by a sudden, hot northern wind.

It swept in, pulling at white­-capped turquoise waves to crash against the sheer cliffs. High overhead, a golden eagle shrilled in anger as it tumbled briefly before righting itself, banking hard to find new hunting grounds. Further inland the wind roared, crushing wild grass flat and forcing ancient olive trees to groan.

The wind gathered slowly. In a wide field, grass and wheat and weeds began to move, rocking back and forth on long stalks. A pattern emerged as the wind turned on itself, collapsing into a large sphere. Red light sparked within the sphere and it compressed, swirling, bending the land as it spun. Faster and faster, smaller and smaller until a loud crack split the air and cracked the earth.

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A simple, quick story of a male changing into a werewolf and, in turn, changing a woman. Bonus section at the end for a second woman.

Needed to write something quick and dirty so here you go! And, remember, since this is a sketch series, it’s just… you know. Basic. And I really really didn’t check for editing.

A single overhead light flickered and hummed far in the corner of the study area.  Justin glanced up at it with an internal sigh before focusing back on his books and notes.  He was grateful the small community college had a quiet room for students to study but he wished they kept it in better shape.

The young man stretched his neck slowly, working out the soreness that seemed to have crept in over the last hour.  Too long in one position staring at pages and pages of poorly written notes, he assumed.  He fanned the front of his shirt slowly to move some of the stale air while reading.  Unlike most of the students here, he was old enough to have his own place and knew he’d be more comfortable there but, he also knew he’d be too comfortable to study.

Did I just read this part?  Justin wondered, pinching the bridge of his nose with long fingers.  The buzzing from the bad light seemed to grow in volume, as if a cloud of bees were slowly but inexorably making their way towards him.

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Looks like the vote is split between Testing Grounds chapter 2 and Office Bitch chapter 2.  And then second place tied with The Club chapter 2 and the frog story.

Soooo, I’ll do a quick little Testing Grounds chapter then Office Bitch then the frog story then The Club chapter 2.

Thanks for voting, everyone!

Hi hi!

So, I think I’m feeling back in the mood to write a little bit more before the next break.  I could just pick what I want to write but I thought, hey, why not put it up for vote?

Pick the next story or leave a comment here with something else if you like!

What should I write next?

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A retelling of the absolutely brilliant horror movie ‘Cabin in the Woods’ with an altogether different ending.  Chapter 4 of 4.

Silence filled the control room. Sitterson, Hadley and Truman stared at the monitor.  They watched as the two werewolves rutted over the corpse.  The two moved from the floor to the couch, tearing chunks out of the fabric and wood frame.  They were hypnotized by the sheer feral fucking happening on screen.  The lithe, smiling blonde from earlier in the day was replaced by a huge beast rutting with enthusiastic abandon.

“Are-” Sitterson said and then swallowed.  “Are we recording this?”

“Yes,” Hadley replied, his eyes never leaving the screen.  Not even blinking.

“I’m,” Sitterson said, shifting.  He searched for the right words, conscious of the throbbing in his pants.  A small part of him felt it was wrong to be turned on – they were just animals now for godsake!  A much, much larger part of him couldn’t look away from Jules’s open thighs.  The raw animalistic passion of it was heady.  His fingers twitched as he wondered what it’d feel like to grip the woman’s (creature’s!) fur and feel her tail against his stomach.

“Yeah,” Hadley told him.  He reached blindly for a glass of water and gulped it.  The male was standing, holding the female.  He’d cum just a moment ago and it had fountained in thick globs out of Jules’ pussy, splattering both of them, tangling in their fur.  Jules clawed at the male’s back when she had her second orgasm and blood sprayed the nearby wall.  Neither stopped  bouncing.  “Yeah.”

“Where, uhhh,” Sitterson asked.  “Where are the other three?”

Hadley glanced for a half second at a different monitor before looking back.  Jules was riding the male now, somehow the knot had come free and each bounce forced more of the male’s thick white cum out between her swollen black lips.  “Dunno.”

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A retelling of the absolutely brilliant horror movie ‘Cabin in the Woods’ with an altogether different ending.  Chapter 3 of 4.

… outside, a voice called out, just at the edge of hearing.

“Who’s there?” Marty said, looking up from his book.  He barely even realized that he’d been staring at the same page for the last few minutes.  He strained his ears, nervously glancing around the room.  “Dana, was that you?”

The silence stretched.  He could hear some talking from the living room but, otherwise, the entire cabin and everything outside was-

You should go outside, the voice whispered again, slightly louder.  It seemed to come from the entire room as well as right beside him.

“Jesus!” Marty said, standing.  The book, Treasure Island, fell to the ground.  He’d never had a paranoid episode.  Ever.  “No fucking way, man.  Listen, you ghost mother fuckers!  I heard all the jokes before and I ain’t Shaggy.  We aren’t the… the fucking gang come out here to solve some lame-”

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