A Welcome Guest

Two women explore an old attic and accidentally unleash a hungry demon

A super duper duper short little thing about a woman turning into a succubus and… modifying her friend in return. I’m posting three really short stories today, all around gender fluidity.
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The ancient attic smelled of dust, mold, books and rat shit.  Cindy waved her arms around to clear old spider webs as Jessica followed behind her.  


“This is the dumbest thing ever,” Jessica whined.


“Think of the adventure!” Cindy said in return.  “Plus, what else can we do out here?  At least until my grandmother gets back.”


“I don’t care about exploring,” Jessica answered.  “I care about stepping on a rusty nail or being killed by a spider demon.”


“Well, I’m not going to try this spell downstairs,” Cindy told her.  “They’ll smell the sulfur and candles.”


“And the demon, right?” Jessica said.  “Can’t have the demon rummaging in the cupboards.”


“Come on, don’t make fun,” Cindy told her.  


“You don’t even have everything that stupid book says to get,” Jessica teased.


“No, but does it matter?” Cindy said as she cleared a spot on the floor.  She set two vials down and then opened them, shaking them at the floor while plugging her nose.  Once finished, she lit two old birthday candles. “I’m bored, you’re bored and we have some of it.  You always said you wanted to get into ‘witchy shit’ so here you go.  Pardon my language.”


“Okay, yes,” Jessica conceded.  “But actual stuff.  Like creepy black stores with creepy old women.  Not some jack-off selling books online.”


“Sit,” Cindy told her.  “I’m going to start.”


“Fine,” Jessica sighed.


Cindy kneeled with the book in her lap.  Her blonde hair hung down to her neck in two short pigtails.  She was slim and short and the highest compliment she’d ever heard was a boy two years younger calling her ‘mousy’.


Jessica rolled her eyes as she sat cross-legged in a slump.  She watched as Cindy began to recite words from the book she held.  The other girl stumbled over the words but seemed to grow more confident as she went.


With the final word spoken, the candles blew out in a puff of black smoke.


“Whoa,” Jessica said, sitting up straight.  “Hey, that was actually pretty badass.  How’d you do that?”


Cindy hadn’t moved.  The book fell from her grip and Jessica frowned.  She leaned forward and touched her friend.


“Cindy?” Jessica said.  “You’re kind of frea-“


Cindy’s hand whistled through the air as she backhanded Jessica.  The other girl fell over in a dazed slump.


“Wha- Jessica?!” Cindy said, blinking her eyes.


Blackness filled the girl’s blue eyes, billowing and flowing like ink injected into water.


Take her, a voice commanded.


“What’s that?”  Cindy said loudly, looking around.  “Who’s there?”


Take.  Her.  the voice said more loudly.


“I don’t know what-“


An image flashed in her mind.


“No,” Cindy said, holding her arm against her chest.  She blinked rapidly over pure black eyes.  “No, I won’t do that.”


So sweet and soft and young, the voice told her.  


“Jessica!” Cindy said, kneeling by her friend.  She shook the other girl’s shoulder.  “Jessica, wake up!”


“Whaa-” Jessica said, her eyes opening briefly before closing again.


Cindy licked her lips.  Her tongue flicked out and the tip split.  She stared at her friend and bit her lip in worry and frustration.  Again her tongue flicked out, the tip rocking up and down as it lengthened further.  


“Jessica, please, there’s something here,” she told her, shaking the other girl harder.


Cindy’s eyes fixated on the girl’s shirt as her breasts shook.  She licked her lips as she stared at the gap between the buttons of her shirt.  At the bra and the soft skin beneath.  At the delicious curve of her breasts that showed.  The girl developed younger than the rest and continued to grow well past high school.  


“Jessica,” Cindy said quietly.  She reached a hand out to her shoulder but hesitated as her heart began to race.  Her tongue flicked out slowly and she bent close to taste the air.


There was a sweet smell the began to fill the air.  Centered on Jessica.  Cindy breathed deeply and it entered her, flowing down her throat and into her stomach.  And further between her thighs.


With a groan, Cindy’s outstretched hand reached for Jessica’s breast.  She squeezed it as her cheeks burned.  Her clear nails grew dark to match her eyes before pinching at the middle and sliding forward to sink into Jessica’s shirt and the skin beneath.


“Cindy,” Jessica said weakly.


“Sorry!” Cindy said, pulling her hand back.  Her claws tore at Jessica’s shirt and bra.  An unnatural strength flowed through the blonde-haired girl as she accidentally ripped the other girl’s shirt in half. 


Jessica shrieked and sat up, covering her chest.


But, Cindy saw.  Her tongue flicked out as the heat in her loins spread.  She felt hungry.  So very hungry.  The girl went to her hands and knees.  She worked her shoulders as two daggers of pain pierced her back.  Still, she saw the other girl’s large breasts through her fingers and arms.  


And she was so hungry.


“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” Jessica yelled.


Cindy crawled to her with a smile.  Her canines lengthened, pushing at her soft lips.  The teeth surrounding them flowed down into smaller jagged points.


What was that smell? The girl wondered.  She ached for it.  A void had opened within her and she felt she could never be filled.  


“What are you doing?  What’s wrong with your- oh god!”  Jessica shouted, pushing herself back.  


Two thumb-thick, hardened black claws pierced the back of Cindy’s shirt.  The fabric bulged around them as it pulled tight against her body.  She could feel bones and flesh moving in her back as the claws emerged from her body, pushing until the straining shirt could no long contain them.


Cindy hooked her nails into her shirt and pulled to expose her growing wings.


“I think- I think I’m going to be sick,” Jessica said.


Cindy lunged, reaching her clawed hand out to grab the girl’s throat.


“Why do you smell like that?” Cindy asked, her tongue flicking out against Jessica’s soft cheek.  She grabbed the other girl’s arm and pulled, easily pushing Jessica’s arm out of the way despite their size difference.


“Stop, please!” Jessica begged.


Cindy bent down and her tongue wrapped around the other girl’s nipple.


A tiny flow of energy passed between them.  Cindy relished it as it swirled into the pit deep within her body.  She moved forward, grabbing both of Jessica’s arms as she forced her down. 


Jessica opened her mouth to scream but Cindy kissed her, shoving her fanged mouth against the other girl’s soft lips.  She wrapped her long, thin tongue against Jessica’s tongue and kissed her deeply as a trickly of energy passed between them.


Rather than feel replenished, she felt anger and her small wings flapped wetly above her.  It wasn’t enough.  It wasn’t even a fraction of what she needed.  


Blood coursed down her forehead as the sharp tips of her horns pierced her brow.  She reared back with a hiss, her hand closed over Jessica’s throat.


Like this, the voice told her.


Cindy’s onyx eyes flashed as she saw what the voice told her to do.  She felt a moment of uncertainty but the void pulsed within and she cried out, her wings spreading above her to darken the old, faded lights inside the attic.


With a learned, whispered word, Cindy pressed Jessica’s wrist to the ground and they stayed when she removed her hand.


“Please, Cindy, Cindy, whatever you’re doing, please, stop,” Jessica begged.


Ignoring her friend, Cindy clawed at the other girl’s pants, tearing and slashing until they were ribbons on her body.  Her own small, meager breasts shook under the exertion and she felt weak but she persevered until she yanked the remains of the pants away.  A dark part of her was unsurprised that her whore of a friend wasn’t wearing panties.


Yes, the voice told her.  Yes, you see now.  She’s just a slut.  Passed around for pleasure from man to man.  


“Yes, I do see it,” Cindy said nodding.  Her horns continued to grow until they curved at the tips.  She’d always known it.  Always known her prettier friend had been the attractive one.  That she’d slept with every boy she could.  With every boy that had looked in her direction.


Yes, the voice laughed and, for moment, a fading part of her morality screamed that it was lying to her.


Another image flashed in her mind.


Carefully, the voice said.  So weak.  Not much power from what we tasted.


She wove the spell as the voice whispered.


Jessica gasped and bucked as her clit expanded.  It left the small hood and began to lengthen.   Veins appeared on the smooth texture as it bobbed with each beat of Jessica’s heart.  


“What is that?!”  Jessica shrieked.  “Holy shit, what is that?!  I can feel it!  Jesus Christ, Cindy, please!  Please, what is that?!”


At three inches in length, the skin pulled away from the tip of Jessica’s growing clit to leave a smooth head behind – the head of her new cock.  Cindy licked her lips as the void and her arousal sang in tandem.  At five inches, it stopped and Cindy whined in frustration.


No power left, the voice whispered quietly, as if from a great distance.  Quickly, quickly.


“Oh god, Cindy, is that- is that a-  I can feel it!” Jessica moaned as her cock throbbed over her swollen wet pussy lips.


Cindy stripped quickly and then positioned herself over her friend.


“No, please, no no nooooOHHH god!” Jessica screamed.


Cindy plunged herself down over her friends cock and her wings flapped eagerly behind her.  Blood seeped from her virgin pussy as a sharp pain filled her.  She leaned forward, caressing her friend’s face with her tongue as she worked her hips up and down.


Energy began to flow and she shrieked, grabbing her friend’s breasts as her wings beat the air.


“No,” Jessica said quietly as her hardened cock plunged deep into her friend’s pussy.  She could feel herself being squeezed – could feel Cindy’s pussy sliding against the skin of her cock.  She hated it.  Hated how it felt.  Hated how much she loved it.  


Slowly, the energy stopped and Cindy relaxed, rocking back and forth with small motions as she frowned at Jessica.


“Cindy,” Jessica said quietly.  “I-“


The other girl bucked and Cindy groaned at the odd sensation of cum filling her.  She grabbed her breasts and pulled while squeezing them.  Without a word, her small breasts began to swell, the skin sliding down her smooth chest until they pulled at her back.


Cindy stood and Jessica’s still-hard cock flopped free. Cum dribbled off the tip and to the floor.


“Is she-” Cindy asked as she stared at her friend.


No.  Weakened, the voice, stronger now, said.  She’ll recover and you can feast again.


Cindy turned around the room.  Her toes swelled and lengthened as thick claws pushed her toenails aside.


“What is that smell?” Cindy asked as she stood facing West.


More food, the voice moaned.


Without looking back, Cindy strode to the window, it unlocked at her glance and she shoved it open.


“Cindy, wait,” Jessica said weakly.  “Please.”


Cindy looked back as she crouched on the windowsill.  Her heavy breasts pressed against her knees.


Jessica lay on the floor with her hand around her cock.  She was stroking herself as she looked at her friend.


“I can’t- can’t stop,” Jessica moaned.  “Feels good.  Feels too good.  Why can’t I stop?  Make it- make it go away.  Please.”


“Stay here,” Cindy said, her voice deep and sensual.  “I’ll be back to feed from you again.  Wait for me.”


“God!” Jessica said, stroking herself faster.


Cindy laughed and launched herself as her wings spread and caught the air.  She flapped, raising into the sky as she oriented towards the neighbor’s farm.


More food, the voice said happily and Cindy smiled in return.

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