The Lady Wore Red – Chapter 4

Lily stood from the couch and looked around the little room.  She listened to the faint howl of the wind outside the house while she ordered her thoughts.  The small tree near her front window clawed the glass in slow patterns, sounding all the world like a ship groaning in high winds.  The living room lights flickered and Lily frowned in consternation.  Now, she thought.  What do I need to do?  Makeup?  Something nice to wear?  Neither thought filled her with excitement but she made her way to her bedroom to find what she could.

Every footstep and creak in the house sounded amplified as the growing storm muffled the outside world.  Lily trudged to her closet and then spent ten minutes trying on various outfits in a nearly hopeless attempt at finding matching clothes that didn’t make her look like a fat sausage.  Finally, she was able to settle on a black skirt with a simple gray button-down top.  A matching pair of gray bra and panties completed the outfit.  The lights overhead flickered again and she nearly swore.  The wiring in the little house was old and untrustworthy at best and, when the lights went, the heat went with it.  Ah, she told herself.  But I have a date tonight so it doesn’t matter if the heat goes out.  Lily grinned slightly as she made her way to the bathroom.

Under the harsh white lights above the small bathroom mirror, Lily looked herself over and her grin faded.  Her face was pasty except for the red pimples scattered throughout.  Leaning in close, she could see a few small wispy brown hairs on the corner of her chin.  Her first chin.  Her shirt was tighter than she wanted and bunched at just the wrong places in order to show off her small fat rolls.  Lily winced at a sharp pain in her stomach.

“I should cancel,” she said, out loud.  “I look terrible.  I’m fat and ugly.  He’ll show up and laugh in my face.”  Lily touched her cheek lightly, pushing at the slightly doughy skin.  “I should cancel,” she whispered.

The older man’s voice echoed in her head: You have something… Lily’s mind skittered around the rest of his conversation and the ring on his finger and instead repeated:  You have something.  Louder this time.  And then, the memory of Michael.  What had happened with him.  What her body had done.  The thoughts dueled within her – the idea of an actual date against the impossible changes she’d felt after… again Lily’s mind ignored the implications of what she was thinking.  Subconsciously, she knew what the ache meant and what it needed; her morality just refused to acknowledge it.

With near grim resolve, Lily took her modest makeup kit from the drawer below the sink.  She winced at every pluck of her chin hair with the tweezer until her face was as smooth as it could be.  A glob of foundation followed to add color to her face and then more small brushes inexpertly added color around her eyes.  Finally, a touch of blush to the cheeks and she stood back to look. Her acne was mostly hidden and she no longer looked like a frozen corpse.  Nobody had ever shown her how to properly do her makeup so she’d had to cobble together information from movies and online videos.  She knew she was terrible at it. The house lights dimmed briefly and she shook herself.  She would go, she decided.

The house moaned under the weight of snow and wind.  Lily felt as if she were an island of warmth on an encroaching sea of cold.  The heater gasped and squeaked to stave off the chill but, even in the middle of the room, she could feel the edges of a freeze creeping through the windows.  Frost traced lines on the windows as if the house had silvery-white veins of frozen blood.  Lily sat on her cheap couch and glanced at the clock.  Her heart skipped a few beats but she felt oddly excited at the idea of an evening out with a man.  A man that liked her.  Never mind everything-

A sharp pain deep within Lily’s belly made her wince and she moaned, closing her eyes against the pain.  The sharpness faded into a dull ache, stronger than the pain from earlier.  Through the pain was the undercurrent of a different kind of ache and Lily shifted her thighs uncomfortably.  When was the last time I had some food?  Is it hunger?  I was going to eat something today.  When was the last time I ate?  The darkness behind her closed eyes wavered briefly.  When indeed, asked the cultured male voice she’d heard earlier in the morning.  The two words echoed clearly through her mind and Lily’s eyes flew open, cutting off the deep laughter of the other voice.

Light suddenly splintered through the front window before fading away and Lily could hear the faint crunch of tires on hard-packed snow.  A small lance of pain shot up her spine.  Lily cringed and then felt her cheeks redden at the memory of the older man’s scent.  The smell of his release.  She cursed her brain for randomly digging the thought up just as the man himself arrived.  Lily wavered, unsure of whether she should stand and wait by the door or sit until he rang the doorbell.

Lily rolled her shoulders uncomfortably but then couldn’t decide why she’d done it.  The flesh along the nape of her neck went cold and she felt the stir of small hairs.  Lily looked over her shoulder as the sensation strengthened.  It was as if something was standing directly behind- she shivered suddenly.  A scrabbling, scratching sound was coming from the walls behind her.  Lily stood quickly, eyes scanning the walls as if expecting a wave of black haired rats to explode from the corners.  And then, she stopped.  The sound was still behind her, undiminished in volume – even though she stood facing the other direction.  Lily’s mouth ran dry as gooseflesh rode in waves down both arms.  She was about to call out in a panic when her doorbell rang.  On the first chime, the insidious scrabbling sound cut off.  Lily jumped at the sudden noise and covered her mouth to hold back the shriek she nearly let out.

With her hand against her chest to try to calm her beating heart, Lily breathed deeply several times until she felt able to open the front door.  The man from the coffee shop stood before her and the stench of alcohol welcomed her before he did.  He wore black shoes crusted with dirty snow that reached to the bottom of his gray slacks.  An open white button down shirt showed black chest hairs amidst a forest of white and gray.  A black suit jacket, littered with snow, sat poorly on his shoulders.  The man’s eyes swam in a sea of liquor and uncertainty above bright red cheeks and his grin slipped continuously.

“Are you okay to drive?” Lily asked.  Oh no, she thought.  We were going to have a nice little date out.  I was excited.  I thought he’d want me.

The man looked around the small entryway and then tried to focus on Lily.  His eyes crawled along her body.  Lily wanted to squirm under his gaze but she found herself transfixed.  The pain in her stomach was gone, replaced by a low thrum behind her belly button.  Her teeth suddenly ached and she was forced to swallow when she tasted her own saliva.  The man was rubbing himself again and Lily could see the outline of his penis.  He smelled of cigarettes, sweat and death.  The slow humming deep inside of her intensified and she almost moaned in hunger and need.

The man’s grin slipped into a leer.  “We don’t need to drive anywhere,” he told Lily.

The pressure in Lily’s belly expanded throughout her body.  She felt drunk and slow and distracted by a faint but deep static hiss in her ears.  Heat rose to her cheeks and a near giggle escaped her lips.  Lily knew something was wrong but a part of her felt like she was watching the world through a filter; a passenger in her own body.  She floated in her warmth while solid thoughts slipped out of her grasp when she tried to focus.  Scattered words wove through the noise and Lily frowned briefly when she couldn’t place the voice.  A sudden surge of heat stormed through her and she laughed again, pressing her fingers to her mouth.  She wanted to sing.  She wanted to dance.  She wanted-

“It looks like I’m not the only one drinking tonight,” the man told her.  He shrugged his coat off and it fell in a heap behind him.  “Here, love, why don’t you help me with my buttons and- h… hey!”

Lily moved but, while the motion seemed almost sluggish to her, she fairly crashed against the older man.  She wanted… Lily’s lips touched against the man’s throat and she nearly purred from the scent of him.  Old aftershave mixed with cigarettes, sex and the edge of rot.  Cancer, said a voice through the static.  Lily held the man’s right wrist against the wall while she slowly dragged her lips up the man’s neck and to his jaw.  She felt him shiver against her – whether from the cold outside or the stimulation, she couldn’t tell.  Nor did she care.  More words fought the fog permeating her head but few survived.  Folstrum.  Wife.  Edward.  Lung.  Tiffany.

Edward (Eddie to his friends) Folstrum gasped as Lily’s lips touched the stubble of his neck.  He felt her breath on his skin and it nearly burned – as if it were warm water on hands frozen by winter’s frost.  When the tip of Lily’s tongue lightly touched his cheek, Edward tried to scream.  Warmth fled from his body in a trickle from the core of his body.  Lily licked her lips, tasting the man as he struggled.  Her nerves stood on end, as if waiting for something.  Physical contact was almost too much and, yet, not enough.  She could smell his blood and his fear.  It called to her and she swayed with her eyes closed as if listening to a symphony.  She smiled and perfect white teeth flashed behind slightly darkened lips.  Lily’s breathing became shallow and quick as electricity built along the edge of her nerves.

The pressure and heat within her body concentrated to a small spot just below her belly button.  She could feel a tiny vortex of energy pulling at the core of her being, digging deep into her.  Driving her.  She smelled herself before she felt the loosening that brought a slick wetness between her thighs.  Lily released the man’s wrist and moaned into his ear.  She nibbled at his earlobe gently, unwilling to break skin with canine teeth now sharper than moments ago.  Eddie’s arm fell limply to his side and he shook as Lily’s teeth dug at his soft flesh.  Scrambling, scratching, whispering, oozing, wailing and screeching sounds crashed into his brain as she breathed against his ear.  He wanted to run, to fight and to cry but all he could manage was a faint whimper as his body locked itself into place.  Thoughts turned to his wife… his wife… Eddie swallowed and tried to think past the cacophony of clashing noise but it was nearly too much.  Trisha?  Tanya?  Oh god, what is her name?  My wife.  What is her name?!

Pain bloomed in Eddie’s chest as Lily knelt before him.  The nails of her right hand pressed against the cheap white fabric of his shirt.  As if dropping ink into water, black coloring flooded the translucent patches of her fingernails that showed through her cheap cracked red nail polish.  Lily pulled her hand down and her index finger caught the man’s shirt.  Her nail had reshaped to a sharp point and it sliced through the fabric with ease.  Thin flakes of nail polish fell like bloody snowflakes around her fingers as her onyx colored nails solidified.  Lily was eye level with the bulge in Eddie’s pants and she pressed her mouth to it.  She could smell his seed and the small streams of blood rolling down the man’s pasty white belly.  The ache in her own stomach drove her now, distracting her from rational thought as lust flooded her body.  She looked up and the terror she saw in Eddie’s eyes made her laugh.  Her voice was rich and sultry; a blues singer playing the audience.  Lazily, she licked her four sharp fangs in anticipation of what would come and the flesh of her lips darkened from pink to deep red to pure black.

Lily hooked her fingers into the waist of Eddie’s pants.  The small clawed tips of her nails dug in and she yanked.  Unnatural strength from her core lent strength to her arms and the fabric, buttons and zippers snapped under the pressure.  Lily eagerly pulled the man’s black boxer-briefs down and then sighed at the sight of his erect penis.  Flesh bulged on her forehead as two small bony knobs grew above her eyes.  The skin itched but Lily was transfixed by the man’s cock.  As if a virgin at her bedding, Lily tentatively leaned forward.  Eddie was circumcised and covered with random dark spots of flesh with scarring below the head of his cock.  She knew she should be repulsed but none of that bothered her as she reached out with her tongue.

“P… P…” Eddie stuttered above her.  She looked up and Eddie watched as Lily’s pupils narrowed into vertical slits.  Pain lanced through his right arm as he tried to move to stop the creature beneath him.  Lily sneered and her tongue flicked out, narrower than before and a deep, bloody red color.  The tip of her tongue separated an instant before it touched the head of his cock and the two tips of her tongue delicately cupped the pre-cum dotting the tip of his length.  Eddie’s eyes rolled back into his head.  The pain in his chest and arm was tremendous and he could no longer form coherent thoughts through the thunderous noise in his head.

Eddie Folstrum died a tiny death when Lily’s black lips parted around the soft flesh of his cock.  Her small fangs rode the length of him as she pushed down, lithe tongue coiling around him until she felt the tip at the back of her throat.  She pushed and her throat bulged slightly until she reached his base.  She tasted his blood from the small pricks of her fangs and her mind sang a sweet hymn.  She dug her nails into his pudgy belly and kneaded his flesh like a cat while she pulled back and then pushed forward.  A part of her wished Tiffany was half as good at blowjobs as this fat woman was… but she pushed at the thought, forcing herself to remember that she was not Eddie.  She was Lily.  She would not make the same mistake she’d made with Michael.  She was Lily.  Eddie leaked a small, steady supply of cum under her attentions and the salty taste of it mixed with the blood to form a heady brew.  She sucked and licked and bobbed until she felt the sharp pain in her lower belly flare up.  Lily pulled off of Eddie’s cock with a wet pop and her forked tongue made a small circuit of her black lips, lapping up a bit of thick cum.

Lily pointed at the ground next to her.  With a voice as soft as velvet and deep as the darkest nightmare, she spoke.  “Lie down for me, Eddie.”  The shell of the man immediately complied, jerking himself down to the ground and onto his back.  His bloodied cock throbbed above his chalk white skin.  Lily smiled wide, her cheeks more slim than an hour before.  Slowly, purposefully, she stripped, exposing her sagging breasts with their hard brown nipples.  She stood to work her skirt off and her soaking wet panties followed.  She couldn’t quite see her pussy past her flabby belly but she could feel the wetness inside and her own juice on her pussy lips and chunky thighs.    She knelt above his lower stomach and lowered herself over him.  Her left nipple touched the man’s lips but he made no move to suckle from her.  She sighed and slid lower, feeling his hardness against her ass and the burning between her legs.

A soft hiss escaped Lily’s lips as she guided Eddie’s cock, pressing the tip between her pussy lips.  She felt the lips separate and she moaned as he entered her.  As she took him in.  Lily sat back and her pussy gripped eagerly at him.  Eddie trembled once beneath her and then lay still.  His soul screamed as it tore from his body and into her and she forced it into a small pinpoint deep inside of her, the same way she contained Michael.  The light dimmed in the old man’s eyes.

Eddie Vincent Folstrum’s life unfolded in her body and she feasted on it.  Born on February 2nd, 1963 to Vincent Folstrum and Pam Lamar.  He was sometimes a bully, often a liar and always gone.  Gone from his children, even when he was home and they were still young.  Gone from his wife, Tiffany on his business trips. Taking every single opportunity to go on the road to be away from his wife and her empty nest.  Sitting in the back of strip clubs after meeting with clients all day.  Watching the women.  Touching himself.  Touching them when they come to sit until word spread and the girls avoided him.  A sad, lonely life squandered because he couldn’t bear to trust or love anyone other than himself.  His own children never bothered calling and he placed the blame on their shoulders.  He didn’t even know the name of a single grandchild.

Lily rode Eddie slowly, head back.  Pinpoints of blood welled beneath her shoulder blades and she felt the skin slice open as small growths pushed at her back and then stopped.  Two small hooked claws wriggled in the cuts on her back as if trying to pull themselves out further.  Fat melted from her body as her rhythm increased.  Down and back, trying to reach that spot… that one spot in her lower belly.  Trying to hit it with this man’s cock.  Pressing harder and faster to find it.  She tore at her head in frustration and blood ran down her face.  The two nubs above her eyes showed through the torn skin and they grew to two very small points.

“More,” Lily told him.  “More, you fucker!”  She could feel the pressure.  She could feel it tearing at her, deep inside.  She felt the base of her spine push at her flesh but then stop.  Lily screamed in frustration and ripped at the man’s chest, flinging blood and small strips of flesh across the room.  She bent low as her hips flexed and worked and her brilliant white teeth tore and bit at the man, exposing bones and more flesh.  But, no further spark joined the soul she’d taken from him.  He was finished.

Lily howled, claws deep in the man’s belly.  Her hard, fit body tensed from her anger as she felt his cock dribble more cum.  She was close – so close to orgasm that it was maddening.  Lily leaned forward and her fangs tore a chunk out of the man’s throat.  Blood spurted from his neck, spraying her in slow beats as his body stubbornly refused to admit its final death.  Soulless, the body continued to spurt blood until the heart finally stopped.  Lily sat back and felt the man’s cock wither inside of her.

The soul inside of her raged as the body died.  She nearly tore into her own stomach to silence it but instead, stood and spat a glob of bloody spit on the man’s face.  She was soaked with blood, most of it his, and it slowly oozed down her lean body.  The aching pressure made her grind her teeth.

“Fucking useless,” she said.  Whether to the corpse or its soul, she cared not.  Lily sat heavily on her couch with her legs splayed open.  She looked down her tight, large breasts to see her engorged pussy.  Her thighs and pussy were pink from Eddie’s blood and cum.  She rubbed herself, moaning at the sensation of her sharp nails on the sensitive flesh.  Dipping a fingertip inside, not caring about the slight pain of the claw, she pressed the heel of her hand against her clit and rubbed.  Thick white cum leaked between her pussy lips and down to the cushions.  Electricity built and she rubbed harder, feeling her finger cut the soft wet flesh inside her cunt.  Harder and faster she rubbed until she thought she might explode from the storm in her gut.  “FUCK!”  Lily screamed.  Her orgasm eluded her and it was worse than if she’d never touched herself to begin with.

She had to finish.  There had to be something.  She would either go mad or die if she couldn’t finish what had started.  She…  dried blood cracked at the corners of her mouth as Lily smiled.  Lily reached over to grab her phone.  She felt the small bony claws below sher shoulder blades twist slightly, digging at the fabric of her couch.  Her tongue flicked out as she pressed three buttons on the phone.  Lily ran a hand down her stomach as the phone rang once and then twice.  She pressed a delicate claw against the flesh covering her clit.

“911, what’s your emergency?”  A professional voice answered crisply.

“Yes,” Lily said, smiling.  “A man is in my house.  I think he’s dead.”  Her tongue explored her sharp teeth behind pure black lips.  Her vertical eyes widened slightly in amusement.  She pressed her finger down on her clit and wriggled her hips in delight.  “Please.  I’m scared.”

As the operator asked for information, Lily pleasured herself.  Slowly and carefully, she coaxed her nerve endings into full attention.  Eddie’s soul wept as Lily finished the phone call and hung up.  She allowed herself two fingers into the greedy hot wetness between her thighs and smiled when she heard sirens in the distance.

“Don’t worry, Eddie,” Lily cooed.  “You won’t be alone long.”

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