At The Stake

Villagers burn the wrong woman at the stake and she takes revenge

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“They’ve come for you!” Cidrin yelled as he crashed through the small store.  He stumbled and fell and a shelf of glass shattered next to him.  “You have to run!  They’re coming for you!”

The small child still wore the cast she’d made for him and the herbs stuffed within mixed with the oils and tinctures from the broken vials surrounding him.  Midia glanced up sharply at his entry and immediately moved to help him back up.  She fussed at his arm but he pulled away as he caught his breath.…

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From my Patreon! But also from my Discord. Sometimes I ask patrons for random ideas when I’m bored and I need a change of pace. So, this is one of the stories that came out of that!

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1. The CYOA continues – I just posted the third part!
2. I have about 13 or 14 stories posted on the Patreon but nowhere else. I have a lot of dog girl stories, a lesbian donkey TF and more! Including The Gift chapter 2 and OFFICE BITCH CHAPTER 3!!
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3,000 (out of an estimated 6,000) words into the commission story.  Should be done tomorrow.  I’ll post a link to the story once it’s done but it won’t be posted here since it’ll belong to the person that commissioned it.  I’ll admit I was stuck on it – I’m not used to doing commissions and I sometimes struggle with them.

Then, again, I’ll start work on a bimbofication story that isn’t a simple sketch.   Then either a chapter of The Lady Wore Red or Testing Grounds but definitely both of those before a chapter of Sacrifice.

I’m mentally working through the plots of all the stories, including the new werewolf one I’d thought of recently.  …

Sacrifice [Dragoness/TF] – Edited

I’ve edited Sacrifice’s ending for clarity and to clean up a few points in preparation for turning it into a multiple chapter series.  New stuff begins in the last … quarter?  Of the story.


Maida grit her teeth as she lugged the heavily laden basket of potatoes back to her parent’s house. The sun had not yet burned off the early morning fog and the young woman relished the cool mist. Summer had fully set in and the sun spared no mercy for those that worked the fields. Maida grunted and lifted the basket higher, lean muscles tensing under the load.…