Fractured Light

The lone tower sat amidst an eerily silent clearing.  The thief knelt, hidden behind blackened trees as she watched for movement.  


Moonlight streamed down, the lines of silver highlighting lazily floating wisps.  Reaching down, the thief placed two fingers against the charred earth at the edge of the clearing.  The ground was brittle, as if the earth itself was a giant scab surrounding the tilted tower.


The thief rocked back, carefully pulling her dappled gray and green hood back to expose shoulder-length brown hair.  She wrinkled her nose at the harsh smell surrounding her.  It was alien to her and the closest she could place it was rotten oil mixed with a sharp, electric taste. 

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The Labyrinth Ch. 02 [TF / TG / Cow Woman]

Part 2 of 2.  Theseus enters the Labyrinth as his body changes further.

Always forward, never left or right, Theseus remembered.  The tear on his left side continued stretched against his increased bulk, ripping up to his armpit.  The cool air that flowed in and against his skin made him shiver with pleasure.  His small breasts had grown enough to show through the tear, the swell of the new skin soft and white against his tanned skin.  White fur sprouted between his breasts, lengthening into a small tuft that tickled his thick, hardened nipples.

Theseus walked forward, wincing in pain with each step. …

The Labyrinth Ch. 01 [TF / TG / Cow Woman]

Part 1 of 2.  A retelling of Theseus facing the Minotaur.

Air stirred in the small cell. Small strands of hay danced, twirling and spinning around each other as warm wind found its way through the cracks and hallways of the palace. Young Theseus closed his eyes with a sigh, welcoming the fresh air. The man sat stiffly against the cool wall of his cell, strong arms crossed over his stomach. Despite his calm demeanor, the youth hummed with energy, purpose and confidence.

Suddenly, the door to the cells groaned open. Theseus squared his shoulders to face his captor but, to his surprise, a young woman soon stepped into view.…

Sacrifice [Dragoness/TF] – Edited

I’ve edited Sacrifice’s ending for clarity and to clean up a few points in preparation for turning it into a multiple chapter series.  New stuff begins in the last … quarter?  Of the story.


Maida grit her teeth as she lugged the heavily laden basket of potatoes back to her parent’s house. The sun had not yet burned off the early morning fog and the young woman relished the cool mist. Summer had fully set in and the sun spared no mercy for those that worked the fields. Maida grunted and lifted the basket higher, lean muscles tensing under the load.…