The Labyrinth Ch. 02 [TF / TG / Cow Woman]

Part 2 of 2.  Theseus enters the Labyrinth as his body changes further.

Always forward, never left or right, Theseus remembered.  The tear on his left side continued stretched against his increased bulk, ripping up to his armpit.  The cool air that flowed in and against his skin made him shiver with pleasure.  His small breasts had grown enough to show through the tear, the swell of the new skin soft and white against his tanned skin.  White fur sprouted between his breasts, lengthening into a small tuft that tickled his thick, hardened nipples.

Theseus walked forward, wincing in pain with each step.  As soon as he was out-of-sight of the soldiers, he stopped to retrieve the ball of yarn tucked away.  His slim, deft feminine fingers quickly undid the small knot and he unraveled a bit of it to tie around a protrusion in the wall.

Satisfied, he continued forward.  The heat within the Labyrinth was stifling.  He’d imagined it to be open to the sky but it was sealed.  And yet, light dim somehow found its way into the massive structure.  Whether by accident or masterful artifice, Theseus could only guess.

Despite the breeze caressing his body, the youth began to sweat profusely, large drops of the liquid sliding along his new curves and light fur.  A bulge appeared at the small of his back and he mindlessly massaged it while lapping at his face and nose with a widening, lengthening tongue.

Forward, never left or right, he chanted.  Forward.  Slowly, as he walked, a new scent floated to his wide nose.  Theseus gasped and fell against a nearby wall.  The soldiers’ musk was thick and enticing but this new scent made his pulse speed and his breathing come in short, quick gasps.  Something twisted and pinched between his legs and he collapsed onto his plump, soft ass.

He’d never realized that he’d been clenching a muscle within his belly so tight.  He’d never, as a man, even knew there was such a muscle deep within his groin.  But, suddenly, that muscle relaxed and Theseus gasped.  He could feel things moving slightly within his body and his ears began to ring with a high pitched noise.  Gasping, breathing as deeply as possible, he reached between his legs to try to touch the new muscle.  To feel it between his fingers.

“Noooo,” he moaned in frustration, his voice husky and thick with need.  His cock throbbed and twisted, trying to grow erect.  He touched himself and then his hand went higher, fumbling over the four nipples growing on the soft skin of his lower belly.  He pulled and twisted the nipples and his feet rubbed against each other in front of him.

Within seconds, the bones in his feet began to fuse, the joints solidifying and fusing together into a solid lump.  His feet lengthened.  The unkempt toenails at the tips of his toes clicked together.  The dense, solidified nail spread to cover the front of his toes and then curved around to line the bottom of the balls of his feet.

Theseus’ new hooves clacked against the ground as he teased the nipples on his udder.

Below the four new nipples, the skin of his stomach was incredibly soft.  His slim fingers slid against the smooth, silky skin.  The sensation made him gasp and arch his back.  Small bumps rose along the length of his arm in a wave.  A third and fourth vein appeared on his udder, bulging against the creamy flesh.  He massaged himself and the udder responded, slowly swelling under his attentions.

The pleasure he felt distracted him as his testicles dwindled away to nothing, leaving a loose sack of skin hanging beneath his useless penis.

The bump at the base of his spine pushed further away from above his wide hips.  Long white hairs grew from the very tip of it and his tail flicked against the wall.

“Ohhh,” Theseus moaned.  His jaw popped.  Bones slid and grew beneath his skin.  He licked his face against the aching pain caused by the growth of his muzzle.  Light brown and white fur grew along his expanding face.  Beneath his torn clothing, his breasts swelled further and he groaned as the hard, throbbing nipples rasped against his tattered, rough clothing.

Only partially aware of what he was doing, Theseus pulled at his chiton.  The already torn fabric ripped the rest of the way, freeing his large, half-furred form.  His breasts hung on his sweaty chest, swelling as they filled with milk.

With one hand on his growing udder and the other pressing uselessly, hopelessly between his legs, he felt the skin of his ball sack pull into his body.  Something opened within his body and he screamed out from the alien, erotic feeling.

Theseus clawed at the dirt floor, breasts heaving and hoofed feet kicking as his vagina opened for the first time.  Skin folded and pulled and a tiny slit appeared under his limp cock.  The youth’s finger slid against the hole accidentally and he gasped.

Slowly, he brought the traitorous finger up to his face.  His eyes crossed over his long muzzle.  When they refocused, the muzzle half-vanished, a shadow hidden by a trick of his mind.

His fingertip was coated in a clear liquid.  He could smell the familiar scent.  A scent he’d found on every single one of the women he bedded.

The smell of his new, wet virgin pussy.

Light brown fur covered the back of his hand.  He turned his hand back and forth as if seeing it for the first time.  Slender and soft.  His fingers were long and ended in clear, thick nails.  The fur continued up his hand to his elbow and small, irregular white spots of fur mixed with the brown.

A sudden gust of wind made Theseus flex his hips.  He tried looking down at the sensitive spots on his chest but his muzzle blocked his view.  Instead, he saw the bulge on his lower belly.  And the four long nipples growing out of it.

Although his small udder partially hid his sex, old and new, from view, he could feel the head of his cock against the small slit that had grown between his legs.

He wanted to touch himself again.  He wanted to press a finger into that aching emptiness.

Despite the changes, he yearned to fill that new part of him.  Theseus shivered again.

“No,” he whispered in his high, feminine voice.  “This isn’t right.  I’ve been cursed.  Magic from the Labyrinth changing me into this monster.  Turning me.  No.  No.

With renewed resolve he stood and his torn chiton slid against his body to pool against the floor.  Theseus moaned.  Everything felt sensitive.  Everything on his body begged to be caressed.  To be touched and licked and scratched.

“No,” he said again.  “I can heal this.  Kill the beast and I break the curse.  That has to be the way.  Ariadne.  Our children.  I’ve seen the vision of my children ruling a united realm.  I’ve… I’ve seen it.  It… It has to… it will…”  His modest breasts called to him but he forced his hands to his sides.

Long fingers tipped with short, clear nails slid against his wide, furred hips and a line of fire raced along his belly to set off small, pinching pleasurable aches in all six of his nipples.  Theseus sighed, leaning against the nearby wall until the intense feeling passed.  He resolved not to touch himself again.  This body… this accursed, false body would tempt him no more, he vowed silently.

Bending down, awkward on his new hooves, he reached for the knife he’d hidden in his clothing.  The cool handle felt odd and somehow smaller in his hands but he held it tight.  The ball of yarn had bounded away but he retrieved it and continued down down the passage, marking his journey.

White fur sprouted around Theseus’ belly button.  It crept down to the white fur mixed in with his still-human pubic hair.  The hair spread out and around his cock and down his inner thighs.  The sensation was maddening but Theseus focused on his task.

The Minotaur’s smell guided him.  He didn’t want to admit it but the male’s scent pulled at him.  He found himself continuously drooling and licking it away with his long tongue.

Clear liquid leaked through the slit between his legs.  Theseus stumbled, falling painfully to his knees at the sudden sensation of it.  At the smell of it.  His own scent.  He could feel his insides sliding together as he walked.  Sliding wetly together and making him even more turned on.  His body cried out in its arousal.  A slow, maddening, thrumming sense of need that was completely alien to his old male body.

Brown fur grew down his neck and along his shoulders.  Short and soft, it covered him, sprouting down his arms until it reached his elbow.  Theseus scratched himself idly, tongue lolling out in happiness as he followed the male’s scent.

Sudden sharp pains in his stomach made Theseus pause.  He grunted, again leaning against a nearby wall.

His udder swelled suddenly.  No longer a gentle bump on his belly, the skin ballooned out as his milk came in.  Drops of translucent white liquid welled from the tips of the four nipples hanging from his udder.  Almost as if in sympathy, a single drop of milk formed from the tip of nipple on his right breast.  One of the four long nipples pulled tight and spurted a jet of milk and he gasped, knees dropping slightly from the sensation.  His cock disappeared completely from view as the udder continued to grow.  Black coloring appeared on the nearly pink, silky skin.

Theseus clutched his growing udder, supporting the new weight as it pulled heavily at his body.  The skin along his back bulged, rippling patches of short brown fur.  Muscles grew and thickened.  His biceps bulged, twitching and jerking under the coat of fur covering them.  Theseus’ short tail whipped angrily behind him, slapping against his furred thighs and ass.

With a muscular back and stomach that flared into a wide ass and powerful thighs, Theseus was distinctly feminine.  Patches of bare skin were still visible along his stomach and back and calves.

His udder ached and burned on his belly.  He was swollen and he knew he needed to express the milk but he refused, grunting through the pain that bordered on a sick sense of pleasure.

Another long string of clear liquid leaked out of his pussy, sticking to his thigh before falling to the ground.  His face and ears burned.  His traitorous fingers slid from his udder down to his thighs.

“Oh gods, no,” he whimpered, lips trembling.  The brown fur along his brow was darkened from sweat and he was gasping, chest heaving.  The growth of his udder had stopped and, slowly, he found himself calming.  His new sex ached badly and all six nipples throbbed down to his stomach but he snatched his hand away from his legs.

“The male- Minotaur. The- the Minotaur,” he said, gasping.  “I- I have to find him.  End this.  I have to end it.  And save myself.  I have to.”

Theseus clopped away from the wall.  The smell of his milk and sex was hard to ignore but he turned and continued, following the male’s musk.  With a narrow, forced focus, he continued on.  His hooves clopped loudly down the passageways.  His tail flicked behind him and he could feel his large ass cheeks and thighs rubbing together with each step.  Sweat slid down his chest, sliding around and down his breasts.  He focused on each step.

Because of his focus, Theseus didn’t realize he’d found the center of the Labyrinth until he stood at the entrance of it.  The room was vast.  Torches lined the walls, flickering and guttering.

He was there.

The Minotaur stood at the back, eyes trained on Theseus.  He was huge.  Wide and tall and covered in fur and heavy, corded muscles.  Two large curved horns grew from the beast’s temples.

Theseus thought the creature was the most magnificent thing he’d ever seen.  A thought that quickly brought a blush of shame and anger.  And, yet, just beneath the surface of that quick, forced rage, his heart raced.

Theseus found his eyes trailing down at the gigantic cock hanging between the male’s legs.  At its base it was as thick as his old human arm.  It was red and veiny and seemed to almost glisten in the faint light.  A short, barely noticeable black furred sheath enveloped the very base of it.  The male’s cock tapered slightly along its length until, three inches from the tip, it bent and twisted slightly into a rounded tip.

“Oh gods, no,Theseus whispered, eyes wide and still locked on the male’s cock.  The youth shuddered.  He pressed himself against the wall, dropping the ball of string to hold the dagger in front of himself with both hands.  He trembled.  As much as he tried, he couldn’t look away from the Minotaur’s cock.  Drool formed at Theseus’ lips.  He felt it fall against his furred chest but he couldn’t move.

The ache between his legs intensified.  He could almost feel the male in him.  He could almost feel his hot, wet virgin slit being forced open by the male.  Theseus moaned deeply, blood rushing to his face and pussy.  It throbbed between his legs.



“I smelled you coming,” the beast said.  It’s voice was a low, powerful rumble.  “What are you?  Not like me.  Not quite.  But not like them, either.”

“I-  I-”  Theseus stuttered.  He fell, landing on his ass.  The air rushed from his lungs and his legs pressed painfully against his udder.  “I-”

The dagger clattered to the ground from nerveless fingers.  Theseus’ uncircumcised cock began to shrink, pulling into his body.  As it did, his wet slit lengthened, opening in eager anticipation of the male’s girth.  The head of his cock closed and then pulled into the foreskin.  Smaller and smaller it shrunk.  A cluster of nerves formed and Theseus found himself spreading his legs open and closed in response.

Wafting his new scent to the male in invitation.

Theseus’ slit bulged and folded as his vulva formed.  Clear liquid squirted from between his new lips, coating his furred thighs as his pussy opened wide and formed properly.  The new lips were engorged with blood.  Thick, puffy black lips with small, pink spots.

On his chest, his breasts began to swell.  He grasped them roughly with his soft hands, massaging away the pain as best as he could.  The areola widened, pulling the nipple with it until they were twice as thick as a human woman’s nipple.  They pushed out from his areola, a quarter the length of the udder’s nipples.  He could feel the weight of his breasts as they grew, sliding against his furry chest until they hung, heavy and full to his sides.

The hot, painful ache in his udder worsened.  Theseus, mind filled by the changes raging through his body, grasped at his lower nipples.  He squeezed and pulled over and over until milk spurted from the tips, arching in front of him to splash on the dirty floor.  The aching hot pain passed quickly as he milked himself.  Since he hadn’t birthed a calf, his milk hadn’t properly and fully come in.  He was simply expressing the little that had come when his udder formed.

The long nipples on his udder lay bent in half now that his udder was empty and Theseus found his breasts jealously begging for his attention.  Theseus rocked his hips back and forth as he dug into the soft flesh and silky fur covering his heavy breasts.  He pinched and rubbed at his nipples while he moved, twisting and shifting on his ass.

His foreskin folded into a hood around the tiny head of his cock.

The youth cried out as nerves connected and the head of his cock became the clit on his soaking wet, engorged pussy.

Heat flooded his body.  He felt drugged.  Drunken.  Worse than he’d ever felt before.  A single hand reached between his legs and he threw his head back in ecstasy as he touched himself properly for the first time.

“Oh, oh gods, oh yes,” he whimpered.  Looking down, his eyes fell on the male.  The Minotaur was watching him closely.  Theseus rocked faster back and forth, fucking his finger.  A second joined the first.  Then a third.  Then a fourth.  He licked his muzzle while picturing the male between his legs.  Thick liquid soaked his hand.  He cried out, needing release.  Needing to feel the release of the built up desires that had been storming through his body.  His other hand rubbed against the marble skin of his udder, fingers sliding among the four nipples.  He pulled awkwardly at them, lowing deep in his throat with pleasure.  Legs spread wide open, knees touching the dirty ground, he grunted over and over, frustration growing at the lack of fulfillment.

Why, his dazed mind wondered.  Why won’t he just fuck me?  Why won’t he take me?  Gods, I need him.  I need him in me.  Fucking me.  Why won’t he do it?  He’s a beast.  A monster.  He murders innocent people.  What is he waiting for?

The Minotaur stood in the same position.  His nostrils were flaring over and over and his giant cock throbbed in the air before him.  And yet, he stood still, large hands clenched in fists at his side.

Theseus went to him.

Theseus, hero of Athens.  Brave and bold and without fear.

The youth crawled to the Minotaur on hands and knees.  His hooves clacked against the ground and his hand, soaked with his own juices, mixed with the dirt.  His wide nose took the male’s scent in over and over and his eyes traced the thick cock down to the huge black furred balls dangling below them.

Theseus stopped in front of the Minotaur.  He expected to be taken then.  He wanted it to happen.  He wanted to feel those rough hands against his hips.  He could barely breathe from his need.  Nerves along his spine and sides and legs sung out to him and that deep, wet ache between his legs was a burning, hungry hole that could never be filled.

“You,” the Minotaur said.  “You have to do it.  You are not of them.  I will not kill you or force you.  If you are to be mine, you will show it.  The gods sent you to me but you will finish it.  You-”

Theseus grabbed the Minotaur’s cock.  It was solid and huge and warm.  He couldn’t wrap his hand completely around the base of it.  He held it with both hands, eagerly stroking it.  Looking up at the male for approval.  Long, brown ears flicking back while he pulled on the huge cock.  His giant breasts bounced under his enthusiasm.

But, the smell of it.  Gods, the smell of that heady musky.  He wanted to please the male.  He wanted to hear the Minotaur tell him how happy he was.  He good he felt.  He wanted to hear all of those things and blush but now, now pure raw need made him feel more aggressive than his new nature told him to be.  Almost tentatively, he lapped at the male’s cock with his wide tongue.  A low moan escaped Theseus’ lips.  It just felt right to do it.  To taste him.  The red skin was smooth and warm against his tongue and the taste…  The taste.

Holding the length of the male’s cock steady, Theseus took it into his long muzzle.  He wrapped the cock lovingly with his wet, thick tongue until he felt the round tip pushing at the back of his throat.  He could feel himself gagging from it and he still had two hand-widths left.

The Minotaur stroked Theseus’ long, soft, curly brown hair and the youth nearly leapt from the tenderness he felt.  His heart sung from the touch.  From the implied approval.  He gently cupped the Minotaur’s testicles, squeezing and pulling and rubbing lightly as he slowly worked his muzzle up and down the smooth length of him.

“It is good,” the Minotaur said flatly.  Despite the rumbling bluntness of it, Theseus was sure he heard something different in the male’s tone.  An excited lilt to words.  A warmth that wasn’t there before.  “I have never-  I have never done this.  I have never mated with anyone.  I-”

The Minotaur growled, fingers clenched tightly in Theseus’ hair.  The youth froze, glancing upwards at the male.

“Something is happening.  I.  Be careful.  Be careful.  My… love.”

Tears welled in Theseus’ eyes at the words.  His heart raced beneath his wide, furred chest.  Slowly, gingerly, he slid down over the male’s thick cock.  His tongue licked at the smooth, rippled skin.  Slowly, he again built up speed, sucking and licking at the male.  The Minotaur grunted above him.

Suddenly, the male bellowed.  His cock swelled and Theseus choked.  Pulling back, eyes wide, he felt thick gouts of cum spurt from the tip of the Minotaur’s cock.

An odd sort of pride filled him.  He’d made his mate cum for the first time.

Cum spurted out between Theseus’ black lips to cover the fur along his chin but he tried to swallow as much as he could.  Again and again the Minotaur’s cock swelled until, finally, the youth gasped for air.

“It is my first time,” he said, his rumble breathless.  “Are you hurt?”

Theseus shook his head.  Long white ropes of the male’s cum hung from his chin.  He wiped the cum with the back of his arm and then, without hesitation, he licked himself.  Cleaning the cum from the fur of his arm.  Tasting it slowly with each lap of his wide tongue.  Finished, he cast his eyes down but felt the Minotaur’s thick, rough hand gently under his chin, raising his head.

“Are you hurt?” the male repeated.

“N- no,” Theseus gasped.  “No.  But, I ache.”


Without answering, Theseus turned.  He spread his thighs and raised his wide hips.  His pussy lips opened wetly.  Thick strands of clear liquid connected from his pussy to his thigh and the base of his lifted tail.

The Minotaur’s nose flared and white filled his eyes.  He bent to Theseus, roughly grabbing the youth’s hips.  Large, flat fingers dug into Theseus’ side and the youth gasped at the sensation.  Everything along his body felt like a live wire.  The male licked at Theseus’ long ears and he groaned in appreciation.

One hand came away from Theseus’ side and he looked back to see what was happening.  The Minotaur held his cock steady, slowly pushing forward until the tip of it pressed between Theseus’ legs.

“Please,” Theseus gasped.  “Please.  Please yes.”  Rational thought fled as the male began to push into him.  Pain mixed with pleasure.  The Minotaur’s slick, spit and cum-coated tip slid easily into Theseus’ virgin pussy.  His tight, engorged black pussy lips wrapped around the Minotaur’s red cock and the youth felt new muscles gripping and pulling the male.  Theseus pressed his forehead to the ground, eyes shut.  His long fingers dug into his soft palms and he held back the cry of pain he wanted to make.

He would be brave, he decided.  Brave for his lover.  To show that he could take him.  That he could take his mate’s cock.

Theseus’ lower stomach and udder bulged as the male slid into him.  It was unlike anything he’d felt and he didn’t think he could ever get enough.  The ache in his loins faded, replaced with pressure, pain and pleasure.  He reached under himself, grabbing at a long nipple to twist and pull.  Two drops of milk fell and a deep, husky moan escaped Theseus’ lips at the double sensation.

“Almost,” the Minotaur said, gasping.  “Almost all of me.”

Theseus’ pussy throbbed with heat and blood.  He was gasping.  Part of him wanted more of his mate’s cock but another part tried to warn him that it was too much.  Almost, almost he cried out to make his mate stop but, finally, he felt the Minotaur’s soft balls against his furry, wet pussy lips.

And then the Minotaur pulled back.  The enormous girth of the Minotaur’s cock rubbed every single inch of Theseus’ pussy.  He gasped, shaking and shuddering as the male withdrew. Slowly, he eased into Theseus again.

The human side of Theseus screamed as it was wiped away.

He was mated now.

She was mated.

“More,” the female panted.  She felt how slick she was from the male, how her thighs and ass were coated with her own juices but she needed more.  She pushed back, gasping and groaning as he filled her again.  The male growled and grabbed a thick tuft of fur on the back of the female’s neck.  Her head jerked back and, incredibly she grew more wet for her mate.

Pain and sharp, bright pleasure tore through the female as her pussy was used for the first time.  Muscles unused and still tight felt torn by the male.  She wanted to scream as tiny knives tore inside of her but the pure pleasure of it was too much.  Not just the feeling of her mate inside of her but the position, giving herself up – feeling herself taken on hands and knees, as docile as her new namesake.

With each motion, the pain faded.  She found herself pushing back, able to easily take more of her mate.  Wanting more of him.  She couldn’t stop herself from gasping and moaning in pleasure.  The old Theseus was a rough, quiet lover but now, she couldn’t stop the sounds escaping from her long, furred muzzle.  The old Theseus was controlled.  Disciplined.  But, no longer.  She had let everything go.  Given herself up to her mate and the submission was enormously freeing.

Long, brown ears flicked back, eyes half-closed in lust and love, she looked back at the Minotaur.  Watched the way the muscles of his forearm shifted as he gripped her wide hips.  Her large soft ass slammed against her mate’s hard stomach.  Her tail pressed against the male’s side, coiling against him lovingly.  She could feel the strength in his body with each motion.

How proud she was of him.

Thoughts were slowly becoming difficult.  The world began to compress to a sphere in the center of her body.  Her heavy, large breasts shook beneath her, rocked by the roughness of their motion.  No lovemaking this.  Two creatures, unique in the world and unmated.  Virgins needing desperate release.

They fucked on their knees in the dirt of the open room.  Surrounded by bones and dried blood and tattered furnishings, the male grunted while the female screamed in pleasure.  The ground below them became soaked with drops of her milk and cum as the pressure built within her.  The male began to thrust faster.  Painfully so as his round tip slammed deep within her uterus.  Over and over he pounded her, his red cock spreading her lips.  Filling her to near bursting.

The female opened her mouth to scream but no sound came out.  She bucked, her hooves clattering loudly on the ground as her first orgasm stormed through her.  She fell to the ground, huge breasts and udder flattening beneath her as she twisted and kicked.  Her tail flailed widly behind her until the male grabbed it and pulled.  The sensation of it and the pure dominance shown by the male sent another orgasm crashing through her body.

A loud, animalistic lowing sound came from the female’s lips as her mate’s cock swelled inside of her.  She gasped, clutching and clawing at the ground with her eyes rolling into her head as, again, thick spurts of cum slammed into her.  The male roared above her, head back.  Her pussy clenched over and over, pushing their mixed cum from between her tight pussy, coating them both in their juices.

Finally, the male collapsed gently above the female.  They panted next to each other.  Each small movement of the male sent shockwaves through the female.  The dull, hungry ache had lessened but, even as she lay, filled and satisfied, the warmth of her mate against her furred back, she knew she wanted more.

Knew she would never stop wanting him.


The female lay on her side on a soft blanket.  Her breasts were swollen and painful and her udder felt hot and hard to the touch.

“Come,” she said.  “Come young Theseus and sup.”  The female held her child closer to her udder and the small babe sucked blindly until he found a nipple.  The babe’s soft, short muzzle held her long nipple tightly and his small eyes stared adoringly up at his mother.  She stroked the baby’s furred back while he sucked from her nipple.

The Minotaur held a sleeping young child in his arms.  It was another boy.  As with his brother, the young child had a small muzzle atop of furry body. Two small bumps stood out from his temples, nearly hidden by curly brown hair that he’d inherited from his mother.

“My love, bring him.  Agis will be hungry, too.”

“In a moment,” the Minotaur answered.  “He has my finger.”

“And my breasts need to be emptied.  Both of them.”

With a sigh, the Minotaur gently laid the young child at his mate’s breasts.  The child sniffed, scenting her milk before opening his eyes.  He rolled to his mother, fumbling her for breast’s smaller nipple.  She cooed to him when he found it.

“I will leave tomorrow,” the Minotaur said.  “I have followed the string you brought so long ago and it still leads to the entrance.  I will gather allies.  More of my kind.  Those forced to be hidden away from the sight of men.  Flying beasts.  Crawling beasts.  Those deep within the sea.  I will find them and we shall make war.  Alone, I was satisfied to accept my fate.  No longer.”

“I-” the female paused.  “I remember some things.  Old memories.  Of before.”  She didn’t like to talk about them.  Even now they were painful.  Reminders of who she was.  Before.  Before she found her mate.  “I remember war.  And the world.  I will go with you.”

The Minotaur nodded, as if he’d expected no less.

The female furrowed her brow, eyes staring into the distance.  “My-  Our children will inherit the kingdom we build.”

After a moment, she finished quietly.  “I have seen it.”

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  1. This story was bizarre and hard to stop reading, at least until the explicitly sexual bits kicked in once the minotaur had been introduced where I was torn away somewhat. I’m not sure which came first but this felt like sort of a condensed exaggerated version of the transformation in Legal Issues which is great considering how much shorter this is. Aaand I thought the transformation process was really strong and had an interesting setting aaaand thumbs up.

    • So the sex stuff threw you off? I’m glad you liked it otherwise! My two most viewed types of stories are TG and Cow TF so I figured, why not combine them into something? This popped up as an idea and I went with it.

      • The books I usually read that have sex in ’em are often quite tender and romantic, whereas this was more… well… how do I put it?
        “They fucked on their knees in the dirt… surrounded by bones and dried blood… while the female screamed…” ^-^
        Direct. That’s the word. When it comes to sex, the TF scene is often very direct in its approach. I suppose it makes sense though if the subjects are turning into animals. I love your work, I just had to skim through the more intense moments. Sorry! >_< Keep it up!

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