The Labyrinth Ch. 01 [TF / TG / Cow Woman]

Part 1 of 2.  A retelling of Theseus facing the Minotaur.

Air stirred in the small cell. Small strands of hay danced, twirling and spinning around each other as warm wind found its way through the cracks and hallways of the palace. Young Theseus closed his eyes with a sigh, welcoming the fresh air. The man sat stiffly against the cool wall of his cell, strong arms crossed over his stomach. Despite his calm demeanor, the youth hummed with energy, purpose and confidence.

Suddenly, the door to the cells groaned open. Theseus squared his shoulders to face his captor but, to his surprise, a young woman soon stepped into view. Her hair was golden curls held up and away from her smooth, tan neck. She wore a simple, yet expensive, white chiton with an ornate golden girdle that matched her luxurious hair. Her body was hidden by the long, loose fabric yet Theseus could nearly imagine her form and his heart raced from a different kind of energy.

The young woman glanced nervously at Theseus and then back at the entrance to the cells.

“If I had known my jailors to be so beautiful, I would’ve surrendered myself to their care far before now,” Theseus said. He stood, dusting himself off.

The girl licked her lips with a quick, pink tongue. “You’re a fool to take such an attitude,” she told the young man. “If you knew what waited for you-”

“The minotaur,” Theseus said easily. “I know my fate and I welcome it.”

Blinking, the young woman stepped back. “You know?”


“And yet you still stand there, grinning like a fool?”

“Young mistress, I volunteered. My name is Theseus and I will end the minotaur and its terrible hunger. No more will our youths be sent to King Minos. I will end it all.” The young man opened and closed his fists, strong corded forearm muscles bunching and flexing.

“I knew it,” the young woman said, breathlessly. Again she licked her lips and, again she glanced at the entrance to the cells. “I am Ariadne, daughter of King Minos and I loved you as soon as I saw you step foot onto the island. At a glance I could tell you were no normal man and I thank the gods for your arrival. I have no great love for the beast, whom some say is my half-brother.”

Theseus approached the bars of his cell. Passion and hunger burned in his eyes. “Ariadne, I would have you. When I have slain the abomination, I will come for you and make you my queen. For, one day, I will unite the people into a great kingdom. I have seen it. Your beauty drives all reason and thought from me. If I had not already pledged my services to defeat the foul creature, I would leave this island with you at my side.”

“The gods have done more than unite us; they’ve seen fit to give you your escape from the Labyrinth.” Reaching into her garment, the young woman pulled out a large ball of string. “Daedalus built the Labyrinth for my father. His work is nothing less than miraculous. Even if you were to find the minotaur and defeat it, you would find yourself lost forever in its passages. And, yet, the builder despises what has become of his work. Look! A simple ball of string shall bring my love back to me.”

Theseus took the string and then clasped the young woman’s hand when she withdrew. Red flushed quickly to the woman’s tanned cheeks.

“Wait for me. By tomorrow night, I shall return.”

“I will,” the young woman said. She hid her eyes, unable to look at the young man. “I… I must go before I am missed. Always forward in Daedalus’ Labyrinth. Neither left or right but always forward.”

Without another word, the woman pulled free and left, holding up her long chiton over bare feet. Theseus watched her go. Smiling, the youth again sat, lightly tossing the string ball back and forth while dreaming of a future with the beautiful, daring young woman.


Pasiphae leaned back on the small stool. She was adjacent to Theseus’ cell, hidden away in order to spy on the youth. As her daughter had, Pasiphae noticed the unusual aura of the young man immediately and had spent the evening waiting for him to reveal his plans.

Anger burned through the queen at her daughter’s betrayal. She couldn’t, and wouldn’t, raise a hand against her daughter, whom she loved, but Theseus was another matter. She left the small room as quietly as possible, listening for movement before opening the hidden door leading out into the hallway. Soon, she found herself leaving the palace.

The sun was low on the horizon. Great waves crashed in the distance and the air smelled heavily of salt. White birds hung nearly motionless over the nearby cliffs, shifting and dipping before folding their wings to disappear over the water.

Queen Pasiphae made her way to a nearby hill. There, at the crest, stood a small temple in honor of her father, the god Helios. Made of imported white marble with pure gold highlights, it was open and barely large enough for five people to stand in. A large copper hammered bowl dominated the center of the temple. Every evening she lit a fire within and her priests tended it until the sun again rose over the sea.

Following her evening ritual, the queen kneeled, facing the sun after lighting the fire.

“Helios. Father. Hear me,” the woman intoned. The blazing fire shifted and roared within the bowl. The air became heavy with an undefinable pressure. “My son is in danger. Already he languishes at the center of the Labyrinth, punished for following nothing more than his own nature. Kept far away from his mother and the pleasures of man. I beg of you, intercede on his behalf. Keep him safe. Please, Father. I beg of you.”

The fire within the brazier flared and spun, swirling into a great height. Queen Pasiphae forced herself still, even as the heat threatened to steal her breath and burn her skin. A single tear slid from beneath closed eyes, evaporating instantly in the oppressive heat.

“Thank you,” Pasiphae whispered. “Thank you, Father.”


Daughter, the voice said. I would speak with you.

The young woman stirred in her bed, stretching and yawning. Animals stirred around her, adjusting themselves around their mistress. A large sow squealed quietly in the corner before settling back to sleep.

“Father,” the young woman said, blinking away her sleep. “You honor me with your presence. What brings you to me this evening?”

The voice speak directly to her mind and she listened. As Helios neared the end of his instructions, the woman smiled.

“Oh, yes. Nothing would give me more pleasure, Father.” She spoke to empty air. The god had already withdrawn.

Standing, the woman adjusted her cascading robes. Her auburn hair fell to her waist in great waves. It was near the middle of the night and cold but, the daughter of Helios never felt the cold. She worked quickly over a long table filled with vials and casks and jars of odd mixtures. The woman poured her final mixture into a large plain cup with a generous helping of honey mead.

A long staff, tipped with curved golden wings, lay against her table. She snatched the staff up and faced her room. With a quiet incantation, she took a step and found herself outside the cells of King Minos’ palace. Cup in one hand, staff in the other, she opened the great doors and took another step.

Leather laced sandals appeared on the woman’s feet. With another step, her long robes shortened and became more plain. A third step and she shimmered, as if a great heat had surrounded her. When it faded, an old man appeared in her place. The young woman, her true appearance hidden, made her way to Theseus’ cell.

“Boy!” the woman cried out, her voice hoarse with feigned age. “Princess Ariadne has sent me on this fool’s errand. I would see you starve but the princess begged me to pity you. I brought warmed mead. I’d rather feed it to the cows, who stand above you in my eyes, but I love the princess and would see her smile at my benevolence. Speak nothing of this if you wish the princess no harm.”

Theseus approached the bars, eyes wary but open. The youth grabbed the cup from the old guard and tipped it to his lips, drinking deeply. The guard cracked the butt of his staff three times against the cold ground as Theseus finished the drink.

“Thank you,” the youth said, handing the old cup back through the bars. “And send Princess Ariadne my gratitude if it cause her no trouble.”

“Oh,” the guard said with a smile. “It’ll be no trouble at all, boy.”

Without another word, the guard turned and left. Once out of sight, the disguise quickly fell away to leave the beautiful woman standing barefoot at the entrance to the cells.

“It is done, Father,” Circe said aloud.


Theseus felt the warm mead flow through his body. He lay against the ground on his side, relaxing with the aid of the drink. He’d neared sleep before the guard had arrived but, now, he felt his heavy eyelids slid close.

His dreams were brief and chaotic. A swirl of images he couldn’t comprehend of grasp. They slipped through his fingers as he slept through the night.

Heavy footsteps woke the youth from his deep sleep. His head buzzed with a queer feeling that Theseus attributed to the drink and rough sleep in an unfamiliar place. Quickly, he checked his light clothing for the ball of string he’d hidden and then stood, groaning.

A new guard arrived. Younger than the guard from the night before with eyes full of anger, the guard unlocked the cell. Two more men stood behind the guard. No guards these but well trained soldiers. Theseus noted their muscular arms, eyes tracing along the bulge of their biceps down to their large, calloused hands. He blinked and looked over to the guard, telling himself his heart was racing from the danger he would soon face.

The two soldiers stood back, allowing Theseus to follow the guard while they trailed. The men smelled of leather and sweat and he knew they had been awake hours before, training. He could almost imagine them working through their forms in the rising son. Yelling, fighting, grappling, bodies twisting as they fought. The youth missed a step in his excitement. Blood raising at the thought of the fight. How he wished he could have joined them in their exercise.

The cells lead out through long, twisting corridors before finally opening into the huge front courtyard. Theseus took the entirety of it in a glance. Queen Pasiphae stood with her children. Theseus looked over her sons, noting how they had taken their mother’s beauty and grace, before settling on Ariadne. The young girl was blushing but she gave a quick nod toward Theseus and he could see the promise of their new life hidden in her glance.

Surely, Theseus thought, glancing again at Ariadne’s brothers, if our sons are as beautiful as Queen Pasiphae’s own children, I shall be a lucky man. The skin around Theseus’ small nipples darkened to a light brown. He scratched quickly at his chest as the skin became puffy, growing into small areolas.

The guard stopped at the palace gates but the soldiers continued. One of the men switched to the front to lead Theseus to the labyrinth while the other remained in the rear. They marched along the path leading from the palace and Theseus blinked in the sudden harsh sunlight. Pain shot behind his eyes to settle throughout his entire head but he ignored it and continued.

As they walked, Theseus admired the lead soldier’s calves. He considered himself fleet footed but, surely, the nameless soldier in front of him was quicker. Sweat ran along his body in small drips, between his shoulderblades and along his hard, muscular stomach. The youth scratched at his lower belly as the sweat tickled his flesh. Four small spots on his stomach puckered, the smooth flesh becoming four wrinkled circles.

Broad shoulders as well, Theseus admitted. He watched the way the man walked, the easy, confident sway to his hips that spoke of years of hard experience. A slow, barely noticeable pulse thrummed deep within Theseus’ belly. I would have a hard time with this man if I were to fight him one-on-one. Would he keep to his sword or wrestle? The battle raging around us, facing off against this man, close in, swords lost to the side, hands gripping and pulling as we fought for better positions. Bodies close and sweating and hard.

The light pulsing beat quickened, small and hot. Soft brown hairs slid from the skin along Theseus’ spine, sparse and light. The youth shifted as the sweat brushed against the light fur. He shivered when the drops slid against his suddenly sensitive ass. A small gasp escaped unnoticed from his lips.

Theseus’ manhood stiffened under his clothes. He bit his lips as it rose slowly to full attention. His heartbeat pounded at his temples and he flushed in shame and excitement. He looked down, praying that the soldiers focused on their goals. Eyes cast down, he watched the soldier’s bare calf muscles, mindlessly enjoying the view. Excitement from my upcoming battle. And the princess. The beautiful princess. I’ll make her my wife and we shall unite the kingdoms for my sons.

Slowly, muscles bulged within Theseus’ thighs. The man shivered as they first rubbed together but, soon, they simply chafed. Light brown hairs sprouted in a line among his leg hair. Down the hairs grew, hidden beneath his curly leg hair until the brown hairs turned white around his ankles. Short and barely unnoticeable, the new hairs swayed with the fresh sea wind.

The three men marched along the small island. The Labyrinth was an imposing structure that loomed closer and closer. The pressure in his lower belly began to ache. The youth could feel the soreness in his belly, chest and teeth. His manhood throbbed almost as painfully beneath his clothes.

He wanted to touch it.

He wanted to caress his length as he had many lonely nights while traveling. So many nights spent on the road between campaigns and quests when no woman was available to keep him warm. His heart ached in his chest with each beat, echoed between his legs. His hands ached to touch himself, to slid along his girth.

At the thought, the skin along his rough hands tightened. Calluses were pulled smooth and the thick, dirty worn palms of his hands softened. Soft brown hairs sprouted alongside the darker brown hairs of his short, rough beard. He rubbed as his face with his long, thin fingers and the darker hairs of his beard pulled free.

Under her shirt, just below his belly button, small ducts began to develop. A single vein bulged from one side of his hip to the other.

The three men approached a large olive tree and suddenly halted. The lead soldier turned to face Theseus and his eyes immediately flicked down to the youth’s excitement. Theseus flushed with embarrassment, twisting his larger thighs together under the man’s scrutiny. The soldier looked up, his lips pulled back in disgust before the man blinked in surprise. He started to speak but stopped and shook his head instead.

Oh, gods, Theseus groaned. This is too much. He’ll probably think it was due to him. I should say something. I should- no, fool! You’ll only make it worse. Do you want to lose face in front of this man? More than you already have? It’s nothing to do with him; let him look upon you. Let him see who you are. His judgment is nothing.

Still, Theseus found himself casting his eyes downward. Not in shame but out of some emotion he hadn’t ever felt before. He felt at a loss to describe it but his heart beat faster as his ears roared with the blood racing to his face.

Ears nicked and torn and weathered from battle slowly smoothed and healed. Hard creases within his ears flattened into soft skin. Beneath his chest, his small, pink nipples swelled, pushing his areola wider. Small pink spots appeared on his brown nipples as they grew larger.

Theseus sighed. Eyes still down, the man wondered if the soldier would hit him. If, in his disgust at Theseus and what he thought the youth had imagined, he’d backhand him. I didn’t! The youth thought, somewhat petulantly. I didn’t think of you so stop looking at me like that. I wasn’t thinking of you in that way.

The young man’s thoughts betrayed him. He raised his eyes slightly to peer at the soldier’s stomach. A small, quiet part of him hoped the other man would like what he saw. That he would be hard and as large as he was now imagining. Theseus licked his lips quickly, wiping away a line of drool from slowly thickening lips. The thought of the man’s cock filled him and the youth wondered how it’d feel against his soft hands.

“Drink,” the soldier said roughly, thrusting a filled water skin towards the young man.

Theseus reached for the water skin carefully. Shyly. He drank greedily, water slopping over awkward, thick lips. Handing back the skin, Theseus wiped his mouth, not noticing more dark hairs coming away to leave light brown fur behind.

Without a word, the soldier turned and they continued. Impossibly, Theseus was still hard. He could feel his need for release from the way he ached deep in his gut. He could picture it, his hands around his cock, pumping furiously. Moaning from it. Watching the soldier’s face as he pleasured the man, working his slim fingers up and down. Squeezing gently at the man’s balls. Flushing in excitement and pleasure at the way the soldier would groan in approval. Feeling the man’s hand in his hair as he pushed Theseus down to swallow his cock.

Theseus whimpered quietly at the thought. Fatty tissue built beneath his ass and his hips swelled slowly, changing his solid, trim figure into a slightly hourglass shape. The chafing of his thighs lessened as he filled out.

He could almost smell the man’s cock. It’d be dotted with pre-cum and he’d lick at it with his tongue before…

With a blink, Theseus stumbled. No, he thought. NO. This is… this is wrong. This isn’t me. I don’t- something is wrong with me.

“Keep walking,” the rear soldier told him.

“Ye- yes,” Theseus said quietly, his confidence gone. The light fur along his spine crept downward. As soon as it reached his lower back, it began to spread, creeping along and down to cover his widening ass. “I’m sorry,” he whispered. His voice cracked on the word and he coughed. Tears welled in his eyes. His throat swelled. He wanted to cry suddenly and desperately but he fought against the feeling.

The sun climbed the sky as Theseus stumbled along in a daze. His excitement faded, replaced with a surge of emotions battling for attention. A second vein bulged in his lower belly. The four small puckered circles tightened and swelled, pushing a quarter inch away from his skin.

Pathetic, he told himself, scratching his belly. He blinked away fresh tears, sniffing. Bones cracked suddenly within his chest and he cried out, voice high and woman-like. Falling to the ground, Theseus clutched his sides. His ribcage flexed and expanded and the man sobbed through the pain of it.

“Get up!” yelled the first soldier.

“S-sorry,” Theseus cried. “I- I’m s-s-sorry.” New tissues and glands began to grow on his chest and his nipples pushed out into small small bumps. The youth wanted to cry and scream. New hormones rushed through his body, bringing with them a host of emotions that he’d never bothered feeling before. He clutched at his head, trying to ignore the babbling whispers in his skull. Hair slid slowly through his fingers as his short, curly hair grew down to touch the middle of his neck. Light brown fur lifted from his neck beneath the hair. Bones creaked beneath the skin of his feet.

“I said get UP!” the soldier yelled again, slamming his boot against Theseus.

The young man cried out with a shrill, high voice. His entire body ached. Bones and ligaments stretched to near breaking points as his entire body expanded. Theseus pushed himself to his hands and knees, head low, sweat sliding against his lightly furred cheeks to drip to ground. Finally, he pushed himself up. His clothes clung tightly to his body, dirty and sweat-soaked. Bones deep within his foot slid, cutting through tissue and muscle.

Although shaky, Theseus felt solid on the ground. His center of balance had shifted and, unnoticed to him, his larger, wider body made his stance stronger. Although his body was sore all over, his feet were particular painful. The slight change to his feet caused his bones to scrape against each other and, as he continued to walk, each step shot pain up his legs.

Before long, the Labyrinth loomed before them. The walls stood easily twelve feet high and were entirely solid. No cracks or holes or any seams showed through the brilliant architecture. There was no door to block the entrance as nobody except Daedalus had ever walked out of the maze. There was no need to guard the entrance.

Fear sank like a knife into Theseus’ heart. Never had he felt it so clear and strong. Never had he trembled at the touch of it. But, now, seeing the entrance, he wavered. For the first time in his life, he wanted to run. The only thing keeping him in place were the soldiers. Just yesterday, he would’ve been sure that he could’ve easily handled both men but, now, he knew he couldn’t. His confidence was gone. Stolen from him with each step from his morning’s journey.

“Please,” he whispered, eyes locked onto the entrance. “Please don’t.”

The soldiers laughed, heads thrown back and bellies shaking.

“Please? Please?!” the rear soldier roared. “I’ve seen boys half your age and half your size walk bravely into the Labyrinth and you say please?”

“I- I’ll do anything,” Theseus begged. “Please. Please don’t. I- I’ll pleasure you. I will. If you let me go, I’ll pleasure you both as a woman would. Just please let me go.” A small part of him grew excited at the thought of the man naked in front of him.

The youth didn’t see soldier’s fist but the world spun around him as he slumped to the ground with a thud. He stared senselessly at the blue sky above him. Clouds raced across the sky as a brisk, hard whipped along his body. He shivered and his nipples tightened on his tiny breasts at the wind’s caress. He felt the sensation as a deep, pleasurable tickle between his legs. As he lay there, his ears grew longer. Thin, smooth skin making the tips of his ears flop slightly. Soft white fur sprouted from the skin above his cock. He twisted, murmuring in his daze.

The skin along his lower stomach softened and bulged. Theseus moaned. The pulsing ache in his groin began again, even lower now and, as he had with his nipples, he felt it between his legs. A dull, throbbing ache.

An empty ache.

Theseus groaned and shifted, sitting up. His nipples made small tents against his clothing. His tiny breasts swelled, flattening against the already tight clothes.

I have to, he told himself. A small shred of his confidence surged. I have to go. I have to stop this. He closed his eyes and breathed. Theseus’ nose widened above his thick lips. He licked at it with an elongating tongue as he began to control his breathing.

Scents flooded him. The sharp bite of the nearby olive trees, the tang of the sea and the sweaty flesh of the soldiers. The youth licked his lips and nose again. The slowly growing ache between his legs pulsed and he groaned. He could smell the soldier’s musky scent. He moaned quietly, low and husky and feminine.

No. Stand up. Stand up, he told himself. Slowly, he did. His back clicked and popped until he stood straight. The side of his chiton strained as the fat and muscles grew in his waist and back. Finally, it gave under the pressure with a quiet tearing sound. The skin beneath the rip was sweaty. Seven single strands of soft brown fur sprouted from the skin while he straightened.

He hadn’t realized before but he stood taller than both soldiers and, yet, they loomed over him. He ducked his head while rubbing his lower back.

“Go forward and be brave,” the soldier told him. “Or die at our swords like a coward.”

Theseus stared at the man. Again, he scented the air. A bubble of drool appeared at the corner of his lips. The ache between his legs flared again at the smell of the man’s cock. His earlier thoughts began to return. The thought of his soft hands around the man’s thickness. Blood rushed to his own manhood and it stirred.

Before he found himself begging on his knees again, Theseus turned and stepped through the threshold of the Labyrinth. Faint sounds echoed around the walls and passages curved off to his left and right and before him.

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