Alpha Beta Selene

“Come ooooon!” Bella crooned.  She sat in the small dorm room she shared with her roommate.  Her stomach was against the cheap, armless rolling chair she was able to afford and she spun lightly back and forth while facing her stubborn, shy friend.

“No, I really- I really don’t think it’d be a good idea,” Mia said.  She sat at the edge of her bed on her grandmother’s handmade quilt, staring at her hands.  Her pink nails stood out against her smooth, ebony skin as she rubbed her wrist slowly.  The tips of her frosted, straight black hair tickled her neck and she reached back to run her fingers against her nape while glancing at the clock on her phone.…

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Simple Needs

My daily routine?


I get home around 5 or so.  I work at a 7-11 early in the morning and then I take a couple computer classes at the local community college on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  When I’m home, I usually spend a couple hours catching up on a few of the shows I’ve missed throughout the week.  I like the CSI shows and I loved the old Law and Order series.  The newer ones are okay but the old ones are the best.  My absolute favorite episodes are where the elitist assholes try to get away with everything and then fail. …


“I shouldn’t be here.” I tell myself. Standing outside the bar, garish neon lights blinking slowly in my face, I shiver and almost leave. It’s loud inside – people laughing and a blare of music trying to drown everyone out. I’m standing about 15 feet away by a dead lamp post. Watching. A somewhat steady stream of people in and out, various states of dress. Various types. Nice, casual, punk, grimy – all kinds.

I just turned 21. I’m going. Fuck my parents. Fuck the Church and fuck everyone else. All I’ve known my entire life is what I shouldn’t do.…


Greg pushed the button on the treadmill to make it speed up slightly.  He could feel the ache starting in the right side of his stomach but he felt restless.  Around him were people in various levels of fitness running, jogging or walking on the other treadmills.  The gym was fairly packed for a Saturday evening but he’d been lucky enough to find an empty spot.  Usually he skipped exercising on the weekends but he woke feeling out-of-sorts and decided to try the gym rather than pace his small apartment.


An attractive lady stole a glance at him, smiling as she did. …