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I don’t listen very well but I like to think of it as part of my charm.

It’s frustrated most of my boyfriends who had preconceived notions for how our relationship should work.  However, for those few rare others, it’s the spice of life.  Or at least a bit of pepper for our love life.

Russell was one of those.  I gravitated towards men like him.  Quiet.  Confident.  Loving.  Commanding.  Better yet, he was amused by my little acts of disobedience.  Aroused by it, even.  At least most of the time.

It was a game I played in life and in love.  Pushing.  Just a little bit.  Just enough.  It pissed off my parents something fierce, though.  And my teachers.  So forth and so forth.

Do the dishes, Jonathan!  Okay, sure.  I heard you, mom.  I’ll just sit here a bit until you tell me to do it again.  And then maybe I’ll do it this time.

Get on your knees and suck my cock, Jonathan!  Oh, yes.  I’ll go.  I’ll kneel here like a good little boy.  But-?  Maybe I’ll kiss it first?  Maybe play with the balls a little next.  Or stroke you without looking you in the eye so you can’t see my smirk.  Until you grab the back of my head and force my mouth open with it.  Fuck yes.

I don’t like being in control but sometimes I need you to make me do what you want.  Quiet little Jonathan Pierce always doing what he’s told to do.

Where was I?

Russell.  Right.

He was a lucky find.  And a tough one.  I was just out at the bar and there he was.  The light brown skin he’d inherited from his Middle Eastern parents grabbed my attention initially but his very presence drew me in.  He sat drinking alone at the bar with his hand around a tumbler.  Sandy brown hair with a short beard showing a little gray on the chin.  He didn’t look sad or especially lonely but there was a heavy air around him that caused people to give him wide berth.  So I sat next to him and ordered a drink, much to his surprise.  As the night wore on, I asked for his number.  He turned me down so I asked again later.  It took four times until he growled at me – actually growled at me! – and wrote his number down.

I called him right then and there to make sure he hadn’t lied to me.  He laughed and called me a bratty asshole.  So I kissed him.  I reached for his scratchy stubble but he growled (again!), grabbed my hand, slammed it down to the bar and then gripped my own hair while forcing his tongue down my throat.  He was hot and fierce and it made me weak in the knees.  I sat afterwards and he just stared at me.  It’s cliche, especially now that I know what I know, but I felt like prey in his eyes.  Those mellow brown eyes of his were intensely focused when he was riled up.  God I felt so small.  Frozen to the spot, afraid to move and just waiting for him to go for my throat.

But then something flickered in his eyes.  The tension drained out of him and he sat next to me.  Just silently took a sip of his drink.  I think he was waiting for me to leave.  That I would be spooked out and bolt.

“Jesus,” I’d said.  Just that.  And then I finished the rest of my drink in one go.  My hand shook but I had the biggest erection of my twenty-two year old life.  I didn’t run for it.  Oh no.  No way.  I needed him in my life.  Someone that with just a simple kiss could reduce me to a quivering bag of needs. A firm hand to my impertinence.

That was eight months ago and I learned a few things since then.  The first thing, which I suspected, was that he was single and hadn’t had many lovers.  Awesome.  The second, even better, that he loved when I was a brat.  It, well, itched something for him.  A need to hunt.  He didn’t want someone completely submissive and he couldn’t work well with dominant personalities.  They clashed with him.  But me?  Perfection.  I wanted to see that part of him come out.  It was a game to me and he loved it.  I fought him and teased him and pushed his buttons (mostly at the right times, I’m not perfect) and he brought me back down.  He’d get all rough and growl-y and hands-y and- where was I?

I learned why later.  Or part of it.  Two months ago – six months into dating.  He put together a dinner date at his house.  The whole thing.  Home cooked meal with a bottle of wine and candles.  So, I was immediately suspicious. He ignored me when I asked him what the deal was.  He wasn’t going to propose.  No fucking way.  I’d be lying if I wasn’t half hoping that’s what it was, though.  Yeah, I know!  Six months isn’t enough time.  He’s just- he’s just so charming and handsome and a perfect piece to my relationship puzzle.

When he told me, the asshole waited until I had a mouthful of wine.  I spat it out.

I’m a werewolf.

Like what the fuck?  Was it a roleplaying thing?  A furry thing?  He didn’t seem like the type for either despite all the growling and roughness.  No, he clarified.  An actual, honest-to-god werewolf.  I told him to change for me and show me.  He said he couldn’t – just at the full moon.  So I asked if that meant the first full moon anywhere in the world and he said just where he was at the time.  Okay, but what if it’s a full moon in China?  Are you still a werewolf?  What if it’s cloudy and you can’t see the moon?  Can you only change if it’s visible in the sky?  Do you turn into a full wolf?  Are you fluffy?  Do you have your own pet name? Name tag on your collar?

He slammed his fists and growled (uh-huh, he did) and then stood up.  I could see the muscles working on his jaws and I’m pretty sure he was counting down from ten.  When he was done, he said he’d show me.  The next day.  Alright.  I apologized because I could tell I pushed him too far.  I was still learning my boundaries.  Plus, I was starting to love him and wanted to keep him around.

The next day, I got ready for some weird shit.  To be disappointed in him in some way.  Like, he’d have this weird mental issue.  I fully expected him to roll around on the floor, grunting and groaning and then pretend to be a werewolf.  I was ready to break up with him and so I was pretty quiet the whole time.  I liked him, you know?

Holy shit, no.  I was wrong.  So fucking wrong.  He led me to his basement where he had a little mini dungeon set up.  Padded walls, giant metal chains and these ridiculously thick cuffs attached to the ends of them.  I went from “quiet and sad” to “Oh god, I’m going to die here.  He’s going to lock me in his little dungeon and I’m going to starve to death.”  But, no.  He showed it to me and then we had a long talk about trust.  And he told me he loved me.  I forgot a little of what he said after that, to be honest.  He trailed off when he noticed me smiling and not listening and I asked him to tell me again.  That he loved me.  He did and I went to kiss him but he held me back with a firm hand to my chest.

Apparently, the days of, he was infectious.  Ah.  Boner killer.  Back to this stuff again.  Well, until he stripped.  That got me all worked up again.  He lay his clothes out next to the door, neatly folded and then locked himself in the room.  The only thing he had with him was a key to open the door.  It also opened from the outside as a security measure but he needed the key to get out.  There was a small window at the top of the door for airflow and because he gets claustrophobic.  The little bit of air and light helps, apparently.

Right.  Back to the werewolf bit.  He wasn’t joking.  I will never forget that night.  Watching him change.  He looked at me at the beginning and then not again.  At least not until he’d turned a little feral.  Huge and bound in the chains, pulling at them and snarling.  Gigantic furry muscles.  It was horrifying yet I couldn’t look away.  His voice was different.  Meaner.  Hungrier.  Told me he could smell me.  He showed me his cock.  Fucking Christ it was gigantic.  It was so long, he could lick himself and he flaunted it while I watched.

I wish I could say I waited there all night for him but I couldn’t take it.  His laughter followed me out of the basement but soon devolved into this rasping, choking noise.  Sleep did not come easily that night and I didn’t talk to Russell the day after.  But the second day, I just showed up.  We talked.  I cried and told him I was sorry for doubting him and I’d like to work through it with him.  He explained some more about how it works and what happens and it was a lovely time.  I stayed to watch the last night but I moved upstairs to sleep because I could still hear him howling and slamming against the chains even with the soundproofing.  And we cuddled the next day after he’d showered.  No sex, no kissing, just a day together.

And now here we are, two months after that.  The second night of the full moon and I’m staying with him again.

“Hey,” I tell him with a smile when he answers the door.  I go in for a kiss but he turns his head so I kiss his ear instead.  He’s not sure if his spit is infectious but he’s also incredibly paranoid about passing on his affliction.

I can feel the nervous energy just exuding from him.  It’s about an hour away from when it’ll start.  Give or take since it’s not exactly rocket science.  He presses a little too close against me.  A little too hard.  The sigh I hear in my ear has a slight, rumbling tremble to it and I can feel him growing hard.  He sniffs me twice, quickly and then steps back just as fast.  I’m pretty sure he isn’t aware of that – the sniffing.  Right around the full moon, he takes on these extra little traits and mannerisms.  Bits of the wolf coming through.

It excites me, though.  The way he does it.  Like he’s greeting me in his special way.  His ‘mate’ when he’s in that mode.  I blush and look away when I remember the one time I tried to initiate some, umm, “wolf play”.  I’d showed him this really sexy black leather Red Riding Hood outfit and told him he could be the Big Bad Wolf.  He did not take that well.  No.  No, he did not.  As much as I love pushing, I never tried again.  He doesn’t like the wolf side.  At all.  He won’t even talk about how it happened.

So, I help how I can in the brief time before he hides himself away. Dinner is laid out and we just talk.  He asks how my day went and I talk about his day.  It’s all Suzie Homemaker bullshit but it helps him relax and feel normal.

Silverware crashes to the table.  I look up to see him cradling his hand.  It’s trembling.  Tendons are standing out and the fingers are bent.  Worse, his lips are back and there’s a wild look in his eyes.

“Babe,” I say as gently as I can.  “Maybe it’s time?”

He looks up at me as if he’s forgotten I’m there.  Already his ears are sharp and folded back.  Wispy brown hairs run along the edge of them.  I’m not worried yet since he’ll sometimes have little changes before it really starts to hit.

“Babe?”  I ask.  I’m starting to feel a bit of cold sweat breaking out but he blinks and swallows.

“Yeah,” he says, his voice rough.  “Are- are you coming tonight?”

“Of course,” I tell him.  I go for a cheek kiss, not daring to test his limits right now, and his stubble is soft on my lips.  It’s already getting thicker so I know time is short.

Russell leads the way and I follow him down into the basement.  He runs his fingernails against the brick wall down the staircase while I mentally try to push him faster.  Still, I’m getting hard thinking about it.  Flashing back to rough sex.  His hand around the back of my neck.  Or, god, the few times he’s bitten my shoulder when he’s really getting into it and losing himself a little.  He tries not to because it’s from his wolf side but I know he can’t help it.  I just never tell him about it.  About the times I’ve looked back at him to see him staring in the distance while he’s pounding into me after wrestling me down to my hands and knees.  As if he’d mounted me.  I just- tease him a little bit.  Raise my shoulder near his mouth or push my back up against him.  Or raise my little narrow hips while he’s spreading my ass with his cock.


I want to touch him while he strips but I know it’s not safe.  His chest hair is too thick and there’s actual patches of fur on his thighs and calves.  He’s as hard as I am but bigger.  As always.  Thick skin surrounds his ballsack and most of his manhood.  I wish I could grab it.  To feel the sheath before it really grows in.  And after.  It looks so soft when it’s all fuzzy.

The door slams shut.  Russell goes to the far wall and then turns, facing me.  But he doesn’t look up at me.  He reaches into the shackles to grip the chains connecting them.  Corded muscle stands out on his forearms.  My lover kneels and the chains move to allow him some reach.  His chest is rising and falling so fast and it’s full of his thick, curly hair.  Fur now, I guess?  Or somewhere in between.

All I can do is stare at him.  The skin along his cock is tightening.  It seems to glisten in the overhead light while taking on a reddish tone.  I grab my own bulge while I watch. Stroking myself slowly.  Squeezing myself.  He’s not small by any means but this- this thing- this reddened wolf’s cock is just…

“FUCK!” Russell screams, shaking the chains.  His neck is red beneath long brown hairs.  I think this is when his face starts to change.  I know that part hurts him a lot and it’s right around where he starts to go a little feral.

I’ve unzipped myself to hold my hairless dick while my lover becomes something else.  I’ve come to enjoy watching him.  Although I was disgusted at first, now I find it to be incredibly erotic.  It fits him. This animal he’s becoming.  They’re inseparable in my mind now – my rough, handsome Russell and the animalistic beast he’s turning into.  The thought of being taken by the wolf – the thrill of it-

“Mmm,” I moan, edging back from the my own orgasm.

Watching for a moment more, I make a decision.  He won’t let me push his wolf side.  He keeps himself so restrained that I can’t join this part of him.

So I unlatch the door and let it open just a bit.

It’s a small, safe thrill.  Breaking the barrier between us.  I sit back on the bench he installed for me last month with my pants around my ankle.  He’s so close to me.  Thirty feet away, chained to the wall.


He’s looking up at me.  Beautiful, deadly golden eyes beneath brown fur on a short, powerful muzzle.  A thick strand of drool hangs from his mouth while his nostrils expand.  The light brown skin of his nose darkens into moistened black.  I smile at him and spread my legs, pulling my shaft as straight as I can.  His return smile is wicked and sharp and I know the beast has him.

But then he tugs his left arm through the shackle and my heart skips a beat.

Time seems to slow when I realize that the shackles were made for his other self.  I could picture him now, holding the chains until he grew too big to escape the manacles.  Holding onto his human side until he knew he was secure.  Those just kept him in place; it was the door that contained him.  The door I’d just left open.

“Shit shit shit!” I yell, standing to try to close and lock the door.  He’s pulling at his other arm and it’s down over the heel of his padded hand.  With his freed hand, he’s slipping clawed fingers under the edge, straining to open it.

I’m almost to the door but I trip on my pants like a fucking idiot so I roll on the floor while trying to pull them up.  When I realize I’m just wasting time, I leave them.  I reach the door just as he pulls himself free.  For one beautiful moment, the door closes and my fingers brush the heavy bolt that secures it.

But then my ears are ringing and I’m staring at the ceiling.  Something.  Something’s not quite right.  What was I doing? Shit!

I scramble up and then I’m back down again.  Russell is above me, pinning me to the ground on my back.  He’s got my arms in his claws while he lowers his head to mine.  I turn my face and feel his fur against my neck.  He’s sniffing me.

“R- Russell?”  I ask.  God.  I’ve never been more terrified in my life.  “Russell, h- hey, it’s- it’s me, Jonathan and-”

Pain explodes along my body.  He’s ripped my shirt off and there are bloody claw marks down my chest.  I try to scream but I’m suddenly in the air and then slammed down again and I can’t breathe.  I try to push myself up but then he’s growling so I freeze.  His massive body blocks out the overhead light and all I can smell is his sweat, fur and a heady musk that seems to permeate his body.

I try to talk again but a rough hand grips the back of my neck and I wheeze instead.  It’s such a familiar move.  Just like he does when he’s human.  Only now he’s not holding back.  It hurts so much.  And then none of that matters when I feel his cock against my ass.  It’s slick and hot and he’s rubbing it back and forth.  I feel the tip brush between my cheeks and suddenly I’m wet, slick with the pre-cum dribbling from his cock.  There’s so much of it that’s coating my ass and thighs.

“Ruh- ruuuuh-” I try to say but his leathery pads clench against my throat and I watch bright white fireworks bloom in my slowly fading vision.

Russell releases me and I gasp for air, trembling beneath him.  I start to wonder if maybe a part of him remembers me and maybe I’ll be okay but then his fat cock pulls back and the tip presses into my asshole.  He doesn’t hesitate; he pushes and I scrabble at the ground when his cock pierces my clenched ass.  There’s a sharp, stabbing pain and it feels like the first time I ever tried anal.  Only worse.  Even with his pre-cum providing lubrication, I’m in pain and can barely take the head of his wolf’s dick.

And still he thrusts.  Small little movements in and out while I groan beneath him.  His teeth find my shoulder and he bites.  God, it almost feels good.  Like with the hand around my throat, it’s an oddly familiar move that makes me relax to take more of him inside.  My own dick is throbbing beneath me, bouncing with each thrust and I just want to growl and reach back to grab his fur and force myself back-

Hair is growing from the backs of my hand.

“Russell!  You- Russell!”  I gasp, closing my fist.  It’s spreading up my arm.  I press my forehead to the ground to stare hopelessly as the small hairs begin to thicken, twining together into fur.  Fur that then shifts as muscles expand on my lean frame.

I’m so goddamn hot and my head is buzzing.  I feel it in my cheeks and ears as if I were drunk.  There’s too much happening and I can’t focus on anything except for the growing pleasure from the way my mate is pressing into me.  Pushing up, I lick at his wrists and whine, shoving my widening ass back against him.  Crying out in pain when he opens me further.

My body is growing to accept my mate.  Changing me to take all of him.

Pain, dull and throbbing, blooms in my jaw.  Beneath that is a headache building between my throbbing temples.  It fades a little when my tight asshole is stretched by Russell’s cock so I pull away and then shove back.  Inviting him.  Wanting him.  Needing him to fuck me and finish me.

God.  Fucking hell.  He’s slick with pre-cum and so hot and hard.  There’s barely any pain now but he’s so fucking big that he hasn’t even bottomed out.  He nips at my lengthening ears and then his rough tongue rasps against the fur beginning to cover my usually clean-shaven face.

Growling, I grab myself, my biceps bulging when I hold myself up one-handed.  I can feel myself changing.  The thick skin of my own sheath flows around my fingers while I grip the base of my cock.  My tongue hangs from still-human teeth and I lick my lips, whining while slamming back.  A little deeper.  His brown belly fur brushes against the short black hairs sprouting from my spine.

I squeeze myself, feeling the soft, thick skin against the leather pads bulging on my hands.  My little claws pierce my palm but I’m stroking myself, using my furry sheath as a masturbatory sleeve.

Russell pushes and I go down, my hot cheek against the cold ground.  I feel my ears sliding against the concrete floor.  And then my hand moves.  No.  Bones are popping all over my back.  It hurts but there’s pleasure beneath the pain.  My body is lengthening.  Growing even bigger than before.  Thick with muscle and fur.

When my lover’s knot touches the back of my thighs, I snap at the ground and growl.  It’s.  Getting.  Harder to think.  My legs are trembling behind me.  I fall to my stomach, yelping at the pain in my balls but Russell doesn’t stop.  He’s speeding up and I’m losing time.  Losing myself in the change.  My mind staggers at the way he feels inside while his girth and knot presses against my prostate.  His pre-cum is drying on the fur that’s grown around my ass and thighs and the scent excites me.  It fills my muzzle and my mind until the heat spreading through my body is undeniable.

“Fuurck!” I growl again.  My mouth doesn’t work right and I can’t remember words.  He’s got his hand around my spine.  No.  Something.  Something on my back.  Tail!  He’s gripping it so hard.  Holding me in place.  Pushing slowly.  Fucking pushing.  God damn it hurts.  His knot is spreading my asshole.  Stretching me open.  Trying to knot me!

I snarl and twist and my claws dig into the concrete to provide leverage.  I’m still smaller than him but faster.  Dextrous.  I flip mid-air, landing on my feet while swiping his muzzle.  The coppery scent of blood fills the hallway and the wolf inside of me howls in pleasure at marking him.  I go to strike him with my other hand but he backhands me almost casually and I slam against the wall.

Russell is over me before I can blink.  His huge hand is tangled in my chest fur and his jaw snaps at my face.  I turn, ears down while whining.  My jaw- no my entire body seems to vibrate when he growls less than an inch away from me.  I shift and squirm and now I know my place.  For the moment.  To show him I understand, I lick his muzzle eagerly and that calms him enough to stop his growling.

My mate releases me so I turn and offer myself to him, legs spread, ass up and my thick tail curved over my back.  I bite my arm while breathing through my nose when he presses against me again.  Bracing myself for the pain to follow, I’m surprised when, instead, I feel his leathery hand against my swollen red cock.  He licks my ruff while stroking me slowly.  I whimper and reach a clawed hand back to wrap awkwardly around his neck.  My eyes flutter, lost to the sensation of his thick paws on my overly sensitive dick combined with the way he’s spreading my ass.

His breathing is changing.  Huffing and growling and groaning above me as I push back harder and harder.  His rhythm is erratic now.  He lets go of my cock so I grab it instead, roughly masturbating myself while he-

Hot, thick cum fills my ass.  I accidentally dig claws into my dick because he surprises me with it.  He’s still going and I feel like I’m going to burst because I’m clenched so tight that none of it is leaking.  His teeth on my neck brings me back.  I pump myself furiously, so close to release.  Whining, licking my thick black lips while grinding deadly fangs until the slanted tip of my wolf dick jerks, spilling my own cum all over the fur on my belly.

I yelp when Russell pulls out of me.  My muscles are weak so I fall to my side and then roll to my back.  I’m still cumming.  It’s lancing up to my muzzle and chest until my coal black fur is coated in white.

Above me, Russell is on all fours, walking on hands and feet to rub his still hard cock against my lips.  I lap at him, already feeling the need growing within again.  It feels like the heat could never be sated.

My eyes weigh a ton and every muscle in my body aches.  I groan and try to sit up.  It’s too bright but I quickly adjust to it.

Destroyed furniture covers the ground, dotted with broken glass and plates. I can smell the dried blood and cum covering my body.  I’m spent.  Entirely worn out.

Oh.  Oh god.  Oh fuck.  No, no, no.

Russell is naked beside me.  He snores and then snorts and rolls to his side on the floor.  I just stare at my hands and body, feeling for the subtle changes deep within.  The funny thing is, I can’t remember anything beyond following him down the stairs but I know deep within the core of my being that this is all my fault somehow.

I stand on wobbly legs while my lover smacks his lips in his sleep.  I’m an old hand at this kind of thing already, though.  I just need to whip up a special meal of “apology eggs” and bacon.  That fixes everything, doesn’t it?  And I’m starving right now.

The smell of food fills the air and my boyfriend sits up, scratching his stomach.

“Babe,” I say with my widest, fakest smile.  I already have a plate of food and a completely fabricated but somewhat realistic story ready to go.  “You’ll never believe what happened.”

He’s immediately suspicious so I widen my smile and sit with him amongst the ruin.

This’ll be so much fun.

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