Simple Needs

My daily routine?


I get home around 5 or so.  I work at a 7-11 early in the morning and then I take a couple computer classes at the local community college on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  When I’m home, I usually spend a couple hours catching up on a few of the shows I’ve missed throughout the week.  I like the CSI shows and I loved the old Law and Order series.  The newer ones are okay but the old ones are the best.  My absolute favorite episodes are where the elitist assholes try to get away with everything and then fail.  Yeah.  I’ve had to deal with a lot of people looking down at me.  I’m 33 and working at a convenience store.  I live vicariously through the cops bustin’ some rich guy’s ass on TV.

And then?  Porn.  I like Red Tube normally but I’ll watch xHamster for when I want to see something harder.  Kind of depends on my mood whether I want to watch some scrawny-ass girl be fucked in the ass for the first time (supposedly) or to see some woman be backhanded until she can’t see straight and then basically raped.  Sometimes I like the tears and sometimes I just want to see normal sex.  Just depends.  If I’m really feeling fucked up (maybe a couple shots of Fireball down the line) then I’ll watch eFukt.  Sometimes.  If I were being honest with myself, I’d say I get pulled towards the violent stuff a lot.  The crying again.  Where some bitch is all “Ohhhhh, fuck me in the ass and hurt me” and then the guy starts putting the hurt on her and she is suddenly all “Wait!  I didn’t mean it like that!  Stop!”  Bitch, please.  And the guy never actually stops.  The lady’s crying and bawling but you can see her cumming and moaning.  The same woman will show up in other videos so you know it’s not actual rape.  Which is too bad, sometimes.


I masturbate a lot.  I may be kind of ugly but I came out good in the dick arena.  I even measured myself once.  Okay, fine.  More than once.  A little over nine inches of thick meat.  Circumcised and a little crooked but it’s big enough to hurt.  And I’ve done that a couple times.  Had one lady flat out say “no” when she saw it.  A couple others cried when I was pounding them.  Cried and then pushed their whorish fat asses right back into me.  Both bled on me but that’s all right. It happens.  Stayed with the second one for a couple years but she was a bitch.  Gave good head but her goddamned voice got on my nerves.  I think my proudest moment with her was shooting my massive load in her mouth and watching her gag and then throw up.  Some of my cum came right out of her nose.  I kicked her to the curb two weeks later.


Four tissues (for one load) later, I pull up Craigslist.  First up is the missed connections section.  I take the bus to work and I get a lot of people coming into the store.  Sometimes I think I’m getting the eye from a woman or two so I always check.  It’s mostly bullshit, though.  Filled with sappy little stupid poems women write for some non-existent guy.  An occasional mention of a soldier or guy in some BMW.  Like, yeah, all us guys know what you want when you post about some guy in an M5 that maybe glanced your way briefly.  Money.


After missed connections, I’ll skim through the straight-up w4m dating section.  That’s almost worse.  Completely full of “Where are the real men” or (most likely) “BBW single mom seeks hot man with good job” and some variation on that theme.  My last girl (Chrstine – Ms. Cum Nose) was a big woman and I found her on this section.  Said she wasn’t like most girls and liked to go out and do things and be one of the guys when all she did was sit on her lazy ass and watch TV.  I swear to god, she knew every fucking celebrity out there and what they were doing or who they were sleeping with.


Finally – casual encounters.  I’ve learned to find the fakes and that takes care of 95% of the ads listed.  Most of the rest are in the next town over or trying to sell panties or wanting someone younger than me.  I’ve responded to a few that were looking for a FWB or just some casual stuff but the only time I got a response was from a prostitute.  I wrote that bitch a long email about the kind of stuff I was into and then got back a simple little “Hey, all that is fine is you got the $$$.”  Whore.


I get nearly to the bottom of the day’s listing when I see a nice little “I like it rough” post:  “Are you man enough to handle me?  I want a dominant male to hold me down and fuck me hard.  I’m 26, petite and own my own business.  I’m a hard-ass in public and need someone to take that from me in the bedroom.  Be local and have a big dick.  I want a picture of your dick and a face picture.  I’m hot and picky so don’t waste my time – I want this to happen tonight.  Put ‘I’m rufff’ in the subject so I know you’re real.”


I nearly pass it over.  Nearly.  Usually the hot ones are an instant no-go.  I’m 6’1″ and have a strong build but I have a developing beer gut and a kind of weird face.  My eyes are slightly too far apart, I’m going bald and my nose is wrong.  But, I have a big dick and she’s posted from my town so I’m local to her.  The picture is hot.  She’s wearing black yoga pants.  Looks smaller – maybe 5’2″ – and is totally a slim build but in really good shape.  Her face is blotted out but she’s probably damn fine.  So, I write a reply.  I tell her I have a big dick (picture included) and I know how to use it.  I’m clean and don’t have a problem putting the woman where I want her and keeping her there.  Fucking her hard.  I tell her how I made the other women bleed because I fucked the shit out of them.  I also save her picture to a folder I have of different hot bitches.  Good for masturbation – it somehow helps looking at the picture and knowing she’s an actual person that lives nearby.  Someone real that I might accidentally see on the street.


And then I wait.  More TV.  I don’t expect a reply (as much as I wish I’d get one) but my heart skips a beat when I see the little notification for my inbox.  And then, dammit – says the email address isn’t valid.  I go back in to find her ad but now it’s at the top.  She’s added a bit and reposted – cursing out the guys for flagging her, saying she’s real, etc… etc… So, I reply again.


Ten minutes later, I have a reply – a proper reply.  A bad proper reply:  “Oh my god. Seriously?  Did you see my picture?  Seriously, dude?  You think a guy like you could ever have a piece of me?  I’d let a dog fuck me before you.”


I flag the bitch and go back to TV.  When it’s time for bed, I got back on the Internet to check Craigslist a final time.  Still nothing but that lady has posted again.  This time she’s not looking for sex any more – she’s written a full page rant against men flagging real women and ugly losers that don’t have the balls to do anything other flagging her ad.  And that’s it.


The dim red lights on my old bedside alarm clock tell me I’ve been not-sleeping for two hours.  Two hours of staring at the ceiling.  I’m failing one of my two classes.  I’m alone and my life is basically in the shitter.  It’s one of those nights where your brain decides to bring out every single little thing that’s gone wrong in your life and I have a lot for it to show me.  I’ve got nothing – I’m kind of just going to work and coming home and probably eating myself into a heart attack.  I haven’t had sex with a woman in two years.  Day in, day out at the store hearing the fading voices of the middle-aged fat bitches telling their snot-nosed little brats that they should go to college so they don’t end up like me.  And now I’m not sleeping because some bitchy lady called me ugly.


I still see the image of the lady from the ad.  She was laying back on a couch with her hands on her knees, legs spread.  Tight black yoga pants with hot pink stripes running down the sides.  A little bit of a hip on her.  She’s probably got no fat on her and I get a short visual of her with her eyes closed, mouth open in ecstasy while I run my hands along her tight little body.  I can feel myself getting turned on but I’m a one shot wonder so that’s not going anywhere.  Doesn’t stop me from rubbing myself, though.  I picture her on her hands and knees shrieking my name as I fuck her.  And then my brain brings up the “Oh my god.  Seriously?” and I hear it in this condescending woman’s voice.  It hurts and pisses me off all at the same time.  And then her rant.  Faggot-y ass men blah blah blah don’t have the balls to man up and just flag her ad blah blah blah.


Don’t have the balls, huh?  I sit up in bed and my belly bulges out slightly from my t-shirt.  All right, then.  Okay.  We’ll see who has the balls.  It takes me 3 minutes to get dressed and out of the door.  My little green Geo Metro is right where I keep it parked.  Normally I take the bus to save on gas but I need it now – Walmart is outside of town and it’s after midnight.  Takes me 30 minutes to get there and my brain is humming along like I’ve snorted a line of cocaine.  Well, what I imagine that’d be like.  I haven’t done nothing more than weed in my life.  The Walmart is a 24/7 version so I walk in under the bleary eyed glare of the ancient security guard.


I’m building a small list in my head as I walk down the glaring aisles.  Gorilla tape.  Folding knife.  Ski mask.  Zip ties.  WD-40.  Neoprene gloves.  I’m standing in the check-out line behind two other people before I realize what I have in my basket.  Not an “Oh shit, what am I doing?!” moment but a “Whoa, I totally look like a rapist shopping for new gear.”  I step out of line and find a place to put the mask and gloves and then get back in line.  Chances are, the bored teen working the register wouldn’t even notice but why take a chance?  The tape, knife, zip ties and WD-40 look like simple home building stuff.  When I check out, I wait in the car for an hour and then go back for the gloves and mask.  The guy at the register doesn’t even look up.


And then home.  I put all of my stuff on the table and stare at it.  My mind is blank.  It’s stuff.  Stuff I bought.  Stuff I might use.  Shit.  How am I going to get in her house?  Apartment.  Whatever.  I don’t know how to pick locks.  I know vague made-for-TV stuff about little silver sticks you shove in and move around.  I almost change my mind but then decide to at least try.  I mean, shit, this is the most exciting thing I’ve done in fucking years.


So, back to the computer.  Her ad is completely gone now and she hasn’t reposted.  I think for a while.  What should… ah.  Right.  Google Maps tells me there are two yoga places in my town.  A little hot yoga place and then a woman’s gym that has yoga classes.  Both have Saturday classes at different times.  Today is Saturday.  Well, kind of.  Two in the morning on Saturday.  I write down the times for the classes and then sleep.  Or, I try to.  I’m awake until 5 am, imagining things.  Working through ideas.  Sleep kind of rolls over me and I don’t remember when it happened.


My alarm wakes me a little before noon.  The first yoga class is at 1 pm so I hustle out of bed, showering, eating and then startle my car into awakeness.  The gym has the first class and there’s a little cafe right across the street.  I’m sure they thought it was great to have a cute little cafe across from a lady’s gym but now, here I am, stalking.  In their cute little cafe.  The next class is at the same place but at 3 pm and then the second place at 5 pm so – ah.  It’s her.  It has to be her.  That same damn outfit.  Black yoga pants with pink and white stripes down the side.  Plain black jacket.  Probably some sports bra underneath that.  My dick stirs – not because she’s cute (she is) but because of all the thoughts I had of her last night.  All the plans.  All the different ways I fucked her in my imagination.  She’s blond with a very slightly wide jaw, straight blond hair just below her ears and cute cheeks.  As slim as she is, she has a nice ass that the yoga pants kind of mold themselves around.  Now I’m really fucking hard.  She’s walking away from an older, dusty silver Mercedes.  Nice.


I wait.  It takes about an hour but she’s dressed in street clothes when she comes out.  Probably showered, too.  I leave a small tip and leave for my own car, making sure she doesn’t see me.  It’s not hard to follow her through the small town with the empty streets.  But, it’s too easy – I can’t follow too close in case she notices.  So, I fall behind and then lose her through some traffic lights when she turns right.  I’m not too worried, though – I just drive back and forth through the streets until I find her car.  She’s parked in front of a print shop and I can see her inside, working the counter.  More waiting.  Is this what cops do?  Wait all the damn time?  My heart is beating faster than normal but I feel oddly calm.  I just followed someone, I tell myself.  I just found this woman based on her picture and then followed her.  Holy shit.  Out of everything I’ve done in my life, this makes me feel the most proud.  And that’s kind of sad at 33 years old.


It’s dark and I’ve napped a little by the time she leaves.  I’m a block away but I look up when I hear the purr of her engine.  Her turn blinker flashes on and I slowly pull off to follow her when she drives off.  We leave the town limits and I let a car merge ahead of me so I don’t look so obvious following her down the two lane road out of town.  She pulls off on a side road that leads to a decent sized house.  Two floors.  Can’t tell the color in the dark but it’s got a little garden and stone path around the yard.  I pull to the shoulder before the turn-off, immediately killing my lights and engine, letting the car roll to a dead stop.  And then I watch.


The woman goes to the door and then stops, staring at the door and her hand.  And then back to the car.  She digs around in the back seat and then the passenger seat for a moment.  Back out beside her car, hands on her hips.  Foot tapping.  Finally, she walks to the front window and bends.  Does something near her feet before standing and going to the front door and then into the house.


I smile in the dark and then start my car.


The rest of the night passes and, again, I can’t sleep until it’s morning.  I debate myself back and forth.   Back and forth.  I didn’t use my real email address with her ad.  She has my picture but probably deleted it.  And, anyway, she probably got a shit ton of emails.  Should I?  Shouldn’t I?  Why shouldn’t I?  What could happen?  Jail for the rest of my life?  If they catch me.  If they believe her or care.  Would it be any worse?  Going to jail versus my life now?  Could I just kill myself before they caught me?


I spend Sunday thinking.  And thinking.  And thinking.


Night falls.  I dress and stare at myself in the mirror.  Black plain t-shirt.  Black exercise pants – easier to quickly take on and off.  No underwear so my dick and balls just kind of hang loosely.  Gray running shoes that are nearly brand new.  My eyes are bloodshot.  I force myself out of the house before I change my mind.


I’m in my car.  In the apartment parking lot.  On the seat next to me is a roll of tape, the ski mask, my old tattered backpack and other gear.  I feel like throwing up but I’m completely hard.  I didn’t masturbate all day and I’m fucking excited at the thought of what I’m about to do.  And terrified.  I took four Ibuprofen earlier because of the headache behind my eyes.  Those and two Monster energy drinks helped a lot.  A lot.  And I’m awake.  So awake.


I don’t think on the entire car ride to the lady’s house.  My brain just kind of shuts off and I drive in complete silence.  Two roads before her house, I pull off and find a place to park.  Her neighbors live on acreage with a lot of trees so I just pull off to the side and drive until I think it’s enough.  It’s nearly 11:30 at night and every single noise makes me want to scream.  I change my mind thirty times before I finally crouch below the lady’s large, completely dark front window.  I find the key under the fourth flat rock.  I actually didn’t think it’d be there.  I didn’t even know people actually kept extra keys.  Hell, I never thought I’d be taking one.  I quietly dig in my backpack and pull out the can of WD-40.  Two quick spurts on the brass hinges of her door fills the air with a strong oily scent.  With the spare key in my gloved hands, I slowly unlock the door, wincing at the slight ‘crick!’ the key makes as it turns.


The door opens buttery smooth.  I need to pee.  I seriously need to piss.  So bad right now.  My heart is pounding in my chest.  I should leave.  This is the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life.  They’ll find me and arrest me and I’ll be ass-raped by large men in prison for the rest of my life.


The carpet is thick and soft around my shoes as I step in.  The house looks like a model home that housing people show off but nobody actually lives in.  The whole place smells vaguely like apple and cinnamon and cooked rice.  Her living room is huge, but empty.  I pad through but the only bedroom on the bottom floor is a guest room.  I guess that’s lucky, right?  I nearly use the downstairs bathroom.  Nearly.  Almost.  I have to piss so bad but I can’t decide if it’s nerves or an actual full bladder.  I make my way up the stairs slowly, lightly pushing on every step to listen for a creak.  Nothing – good construction there.  Quiet as a church mouse.


Her bedroom is the first door on the left.  I pull back and breathe.  Against the wall next to her door.  Breathing.  Slowly.  In and out.  It’s now or never.  I feel my dick moving in my pants.  I picture what’s about to happen and I get hard again.  I use that.  I use it to make it happen.  To make me go through with it.  I can hear her in the room – she’s making a very quiet “hhhhh-snk” noise as she sleeps.  It’s so quiet.  I – oh shit.  I didn’t check for a dog or anything else.  Oh shit.  That could’ve been bad.  Really bad.  Didn’t look around the house to make sure nobody was outside and didn’t watch her to see if she had a guy that – no, she couldn’t have a boyfriend or husband if she was looking for casual stuff, right?  Shit.  So many things.  What else am I missing?


My breath feels hot and moist under the mask and my hands are sweating in the gloves.  I pull the tape out of the backpack first.  I have a small piece of wood stuck under the end of the tape so I can grab it with my gloves.  I already practiced ripping the tape off and it’s awkward but it works.  The knife goes in one hand, tape in the other.  Backpack on the shoulder.


I step into the room and am suddenly eerily calm.  I guess I didn’t need to pee after all.  The room smells like lavender but is otherwise just as sterile as the rest of the house.  There’s no trash or messes or anything.  Probably has some Mexican maid come through to clean it up every day or some shit.  Standing there and watching and pointing out every little spec of dirt the lady missed.  Fuckin’ people.  Ah, but there’s the little princess.  My eyes adjusted to the darkness a little while back and I can see her pretty well.  Mouth open, upper body mostly uncovered.  Too bad she doesn’t sleep naked – that’d make my job a hell of a lot easier.


The thick carpet completely masks me while I creep around to the side of her bed.  But, now what?  I have the roll of tape in my left hand and the knife in my right.  I rub my hard dick with my right hand while I watch her – she showers at night because she still smells like it.  Like some fruity flowery shit.


I want to run my hand through her hair and kiss her neck.  I want her to look at me and want me.  I want to fuck her until she screams my name.  I want her to want it.  I know she would.  She fucking would.  She wants it rough and she wants it big and that’s what I am.  Fuck her just because I’m not some model.


The bed creaks under my sudden weight when I jump on top of her.  I tried to land on her waist but I miss by a bit (she was twisted in the bed) and I kind of knee her hip before adjusting and straddling her.  She’s so small.  The woman makes this gasping half shrieking noise and tries to get up but I grab her hair with my right hand and shove her face down into the bed.  I hear her muffled cries as she struggles under me.  She’s kind of rubbing on me because of it and it just turns me on more.  I lean in with my hand pressing her head down hard.  “Hey bitch.  You wanted it rough, huh?  I’ll give it to you rough.  I’ll make you bleed, you fucking cunt.”  She stopped briefly to hear what I was saying but now she’s trying to fight again.  I can feel her heels kicking against my back but it’s nothing.


I set the tape down on the bed next to her and then grip her short hair with my left hand.  It takes a couple tries to click open the knife with my gloves but I do and then I press it against the side of her neck.  She’s immediately still.  “Yeah,” I tell her.  “You fucking know what that is.  You think I’m afraid to cut you?  To hurt you?”  I press it in and drag slightly.  She shivers under me as it bites in and a single drop of blood beads out of the shallow cut.  Her breathing is ragged now and she’s gripping the sheets tightly.  I lean in again.  “Now, you fucking stay there or I’ll take a chunk out of your pretty little face with this knife.”  My dick is practically begging to fuck her.  I can feel the pre-cum and it’s throbbing painfully.  I’ve been rough with women before but never like this.  Never like this.


She stays there – breathing hard with her hands gripping and twisting in the bed sheets.  She squirms under me slightly while I grab the roll of tape with my right hand.  Pressing my left palm against her, I grip the end of the tape and pull.  It tries to stick to the bed but I lay the end against the back of her head and then grab her under the chin and pull her head back.  It takes a second to figure out how to wrap the tape around her head to cover her eyes without cutting her (the knife is still in my right hand) but I finally get it and wrap her several times.  The piece of tape touching her hair slides a bit but I make it tight enough not to matter.  Her mouth is working but she’s not saying anything.


I put the tape aside again and grab her shirt.  I could just take it off but, why?  The knife slices cleanly through the neck of it and then down, uncovering her back.  I can see the slight curves of muscles in her back.  Oh.  And no bra.  Nice.  Very nice.  I grab her around her neck and pull up.  She squawks and grabs at my hand but I’ve got at least a hundred pounds on her and a massive amount of adrenaline going.  I try to pull the shirt off from her front but she’s still holding onto my hand on her throat.  “Let go,” I tell her through clenched teeth.  She’s gasping for air but still clawing at me.  Fucking whore.  I press the knife against her back, just to the left of her right shoulder blade.  She’s making like ‘ghk!’ noises and still trying to get my hand off of her throat so I press in.  Hard.  Her hands drop to her sides as her body shakes.  A line of blood runs down her back and into her loose sleeping pants.


“Now,” I tell her.  “Take your shirt off and throw it on the floor.”  She’s crying.  Little quiet tears are escaping the tape around her head.  But, she does what she’s told and I catch a good glimpse of side boob and nipple.  She’s not stacked but they look nice.  “Now put your hands behind your back.  I’m taking the knife away but if you fuck with me, I’ll carve into you.”  My balls are pressed right up against the bottom of her ass and I guess I’ve been rubbing my dick against her without knowing it.  I sit back against her and wait.  She’s shaking but she reaches behind herself slowly and grabs her hands together.  Sweet.  She’s pressing her face flat onto the bed and she’s still shaking.  Crying probably.  She keeps her hands together while I tape them in place.


Her back is still bleeding.  I lean in, rubbing against her a little and then lick her back.  She’s sweating a little bit and her body feels hot.  I don’t lick much of her blood – I was just wondering what it was like.  It’s thrilling to see what I’ve done.  To see this woman tied up like this with her blood running down her back.  She’s stuck now.  She’s mine now.  I grab her little waist and flip her over.  She arches her back, moaning in pain because of the way her arms are done up but all I see is her pretty little mouth opening and the woman writhing under me.  Her nipples aren’t big but they’re standing at attention.  Well, the left one is anyway.  I force her legs apart to lay between them, leaning in on my hands to either side of her head.  She’s still moving her mouth like a fish out of water and I cover it with mine, roughly kissing her and trying to force my tongue through her suddenly clenched teeth.


I press harder on her mouth but now she’s trying to turn left and right.   Fine.  Fine if she wants it like that.  I go to my elbows to grab her hair with my left hand, pulling her head back to hold her in place.  I still have the knife in my right hand and I let the tip press against her neck to remind her of that fact.  She’s still again.  When I kiss her this time, her mouth stays open and I work my tongue into her.  Ah, I’m rocking back and forth against her again.  With my left hand still holding her hair, I kiss and then bite her throat.  Her skin is smooth.  Hot.  Flushed.  Sweaty from all the moving around and my body against hers.  Her titties are pretty small but firm.  What’s that word people use?  Perk?  Perky?  Perky, right?  Like that.  Both nipples are hard, wanting my attention.  I take the left one in my mouth first, rolling it around.  Her body tenses and then stops.  She tastes salty in my mouth from the sweat.  I’ve missed this – the feeling of a woman under me.  I bite at her nipple and she twists, moving her head around and I let her do it.


My gloves hide the feeling of her soft tit while I massage her, sucking her into my mouth, biting and licking the nipple, squeezing and kneading the flesh.  I pull off and the nipple makes a wet popping noise as it comes out.  She’s still moving under me, trying to close her legs over and over but I’m between her so she can’t.  She gasps when I touch her nipple with my knife.  A stray beam of moonlight shines off of the blade when I turn it slightly.  I hear her breath hiss out between her teeth while I play.  Slowly, lightly pressing the tip of the knife down and then around.  Drawing a line around the… whatever the dark skin around the nipple is called.  It’s mesmerizing.  I’ve never done this before.  I’d only brought the knife to threaten her but watching the cold silver metal against her pale skin is driving me crazy.  My balls are aching with the need to cum.  I trace the knife along her side and she buries her face into the bed again, as best as she can without being able to turn.


Down and down the knife goes, sometimes pressed harder, sometimes soft.  Down to her bellybutton and then against the top of her cotton sleeping pants.  I press and the pants come down slightly, revealing the top of her mound.  I can see her heart beating so fast now.  She’s gasping for breath.  Down the knife goes more and the band of her pants dips further to show a the top of her trimmed pubic hair.  I can almost smell her.  I grab the waistband in my left hand and pull up.  She’s so light that her hips lift from the bed.  The knife snags on the fabric and then digs in, slicing as I hold it, baring her pussy to me.


I can’t take it any more.  I stab the knife down into the bed next to her and then flip her again to her stomach.  She yells out in pain again and presses her face to the side against the sheets.  The blood on her back is smeared a bit now but I don’t care.  Her pants come off in three quick pulls and now she’s naked.  Beautiful.  Beaded in sweat, covered in blood and completely naked to me.  She’s small but has a little bubble butt.  My pants come off quickly but it takes a second to work them around my shoes.  I grab the back of her neck, digging my fingers into her skin.  My dick presses against the small of her back but I move forward until it touches her hand.  She jumps at the feeling of it.


“Grab it,” I tell her, voice raspy with need.  “Put your little whorish hands around my dick.  I want you feel what I’m about to fuck you with.  I want you to know how big I am before I tear your cunt up.  You wanted a big dick?  I have one.  Bigger than you’ve ever had, slut.”  Her fingernails are long but she doesn’t move her hand.  “I.  Told.  You.  To.  Grab.  My.  Dick.  NOW!”  My fingernails dig harder and harder into her neck with every word until she’s gasping again.  Still she doesn’t move.  I let go of her neck and slap the side of her head, hard.


“FUCK YOU!”  She screams.  I only now realize it’s the first time she’s said anything.  I hit her again with an open hand against her ear – even harder this time.  “FUCK!  YOU!”  She yells again.  I see a little blood at the corner of her mouth.  I wonder if she realizes that, yeah, it’s pissing me off but this little display is also turning me on.  The knife is still where I put it so I pull it out and then slice down the left side of her back.  I try to not go too deep but I can’t really tell easily and I’m all riled up.  I don’t want to kill the bitch but I want to hurt her bad.  Blood wells out immediately and she gasps before biting into her bottom lip, moaning against the pain.


Slowly.  So slowly, she opens her hand and reaches for me.  She moans again when her little hand closes around me.  It feels like she’s on fire.  She pulls at it a little bit and then grabs with her other hand, too.  “That’s good, slut,”  I whisper.  “That’s real good.”  I put the knife back in the mattress and pull out of her grasp and then back.  My hands go under her hips and I lift, pulling her to her knees.  “I’d suggest you pray real hard that you get wet quick because this is going to hurt.”  I hold myself and then press against her.


My dick easily slides into her hot, wet cunt.  What the fuck?  She’s basically drooling down there.  I feel the walls of her tight little pussy gripping my dick as I press all the way into her.  She’s soaked inside.  Fucking little… There’s some resistance at the end but then I slam into her and bury myself.  Her pussy smacks against my balls and I can feel her juice on me – it makes a wet little ‘splat’ noise.  The lady screams into the bed with her face flat against the sheets when I’m completely in her.  I pull out and watch her engorged pussy lips open as my dick slides out, coated in her cum.  Fucking little whore.  Fucking little slutty whore.  She’s so tight and small that it almost hurts ME to slam into her – some piece of her is pressing hard against the head of my dick and it kind of hurts.


Words stream out of my mouth as I pull her hard against me over and over.  “You fucking like it don’t you, you little cum slut?  You want me to fill you with my cum, don’t you?  You need to feel it in you.  It’s all you’re fucking good for.  It’s what you were fucking made for – to take my big dick in your fucking cunt.  You want it, don’t you?  Yeah.  Fucking take it, you cock sucking bitch!”  She’s got her head on the side of the bed now, gasping and shrieking with every thrust.  I wish I could see her eyes.  I wish I could see the hate in them as I fuck her.  I almost undo the tape but I’m so close.  So close to filling her up.  Her head is slammed into the bed over and over every time I bury myself.  I can see her nipples rocking back and forth from the impact.


I’m almost… I can feel… I grunt, gritting my teeth as I cum.  I feel it in her.  I feel the head of my dick swell as I press as far into her as I can.  She screams and bucks and kicks.  Her pussy convulses hard around my dick, nearly squirting my cum back out onto me.  It’s the best orgasm I’ve ever had in my entire life.  I pull out and look down – I’m still hard.  Usually I go limp pretty quick but I’m still mostly hard.  The woman is shaking on the bed.  Gasping out little noises while she does it.  I think for a second and then grab her left ass cheek with my left hand, spreading her open.


With my right hand, I guide my still mostly hard, slick dick until it’s pressing against her little asshole.  She screams again – “NO!  NO!  OH GOD!  OH GOD!  NOOOO!”  The head of my dick slips as I press it against her.  Her moving isn’t helping so I punch her.  I aim for where I cut into her the second time and then just slam down with a closed fist.  She makes a sound almost like she’s going to throw up but then stops moving.  I try again, pressing slowly into her.  She’s whimpering and begging me not to do it.  Since her ass is so small I can watch myself go in.  She shrieks but doesn’t move as her asshole opens to take the head of my dick.  She’s screaming now – louder than when I cut into her.  Screaming until she can’t breathe while I go deeper into her ass.  It’s even tighter than her pussy was – I can get about half-way into her before I can’t really push anymore.  I move and she sucks in a breath and shrieks again.  Screaming that it’s too much – the pain is too much.  Telling me that she’s never had it before, never had her ass fucked before and I’m tearing her apart.  Screaming out obscenities as I slowly push in and out of her.


In.  And out.  Slowly in and out.  I’m still hard enough for it to work.  Her asshole sucks greedily against my thickness every time I move.  She’s moaning now.  Her ‘nos’ become whispered as her voice cracks from the strain of the screams.  In and out, feeling the walls of her ass against my dick.  How warm and tight she is.  Slowly getting deeper and deeper into her ass.


And then she orgasms.  Another intense one rolls through her body and more of my cum leaks out of her when she jerks.  I can feel her pussy when it happens – I can feel it in her ass.  A little deeper.  She’s moaning louder now.  A little deeper.  A little faster.  She’s gasping for air as I finally touch my balls against her sopping wet pussy lips.  Completely inside of her ass.  And then out.   “Ssss… stop…” She whispers.  “Please.  Please, no.  I can’t…”  Another orgasm rocks her body.  “Noooooo…” she whimpers.


Her ass is incredible but I can’t keep my dick hard – her orgasm pushes against me and she moans when I’m all the way out.  There’s a pool of cum under her and her body is slick from it.  My dick is sore from everything.  She’s flat on her stomach, twisting and turning and moaning.  I’m kneeling back, trying to catch my breath.  Feeling the dull ache in my balls from how hard I came.  I grab the woman’s neck again and pull her to me.  She moves surprisingly easy, turning towards me on her side.  Her little breasts barely sag to the side.  I grab my dick with my other hand and hold it up to her mouth.  She jerks back but I hold her in place.


“Now clean me off,” I growl at her.


“No.  No, please.  You can’t.  Please.  Please don’t.”  Her voice sounds cracked.


“Bitch, don’t make me hurt you more,” I warn.  “I don’t give a good goddamn what you want.  You wrap those fat lips around my dick and you fucking suck on me like your life depends on it.”  It looks like her cheek is bruised from where I hit her.


“Oh god.  Oh god.  Oh-”  I shove her mouth on me and she’d scream if she wasn’t filled from it.  She’s so small that even limp, her mouth is stuffed.  She gags and I almost pull out so she doesn’t throw up on me but, she doesn’t.  I laugh when I feel her tongue against me.  When she slowly drags her head back and forth along me.  If I could, I’d be hard again.  She’s not great at it but she works her tongue along the length of me and around the tip of my dick until I let her pull completely off.  She gags a few more times and then lies there, breathing hard.  I watch her breasts move while she breathes.


The bed is a bloody, cum filled messed.  I grab the tape and knife and then step off of the bed to put my pants back on.  I have to lean against her wall to do it.  She just lies there the whole time, panting like a dog.  A bitch.  I dump everything into my backpack and then, on a whim, put her torn pants in there, too.  I walk to her and then crouch down at the edge of the bed.


“I can kill you, you know.  A quick slice along the neck.  That’s it.  I mean, if you go to the cops then what else do I have left?  I’ll be there forever, basically.  So before they caught me, I’d just find you and kill you because what difference would it make for me?  So you lie here and you take it and you keep your fucking mouth shut.  I’ll watch you.  If I get a hint that the cops are coming, I’ll find you and I will kill you slowly.”  I stroke her hair slowly while I talk, putting the little strands up and over her ear.  “Do you understand?”


She’s still panting and not answering.  I grab her ear and twist.  Now she gasps out a “YES!  I understand!”


“Good,” I tell her.  She’s so small.  Her thighs shine in the moonlight from our cum and I can see her pussy between her legs.  So small and lithe and nothing to me.  I feel strong.  I could snuff out her life with one hand around her neck, watching her face turn purple as she tried begging for her life.


I walk away, not caring about what noise I make now.  She doesn’t yell out after me.  She doesn’t scream or tell me to let her out of the tape or anything.  The car is right where I left it and it starts right up.  I hum quietly to myself as I make my way home.  That night I have the best sleep of my entire life.


It hits me when I’m brushing my teeth.  I came in her.  No condom.  Nothing.  Oh my fucking god, how could I be so stupid?  I lied to her about killing her – my blood was up but now, under the harsh fluorescent lights in the middle of the day, I realize how fucking stupid I am.  I couldn’t actually kill her.  No way.  The cops wouldn’t even let me close to her.  They would bust down my door in the middle of the night and handcuff me and then it’ll be my dumb ass getting raped in prison.  But… but… I didn’t leave fingerprints and, if she had cameras, they wouldn’t have seen anything except a masked guy coming and going.  I parked my car away from her place.  There’s nothing, right?  My heart is pounding but I’m suddenly covered in cold sweat.  What the fuck do I do?  Should I run?  They could get my cum and … what else?  Nothing, right?  It’s just that.  They can’t go around everywhere and make people pee in a cup or swab their mouth or whatever the hell they do, right?  It’s a small town but not THAT small.  And what if I run for it?  Then they’d know for sure something was up.  How could I be so fucking dumb?


I try to go through different possibilities but, well, shit.  I’m failing community college for a reason.  I’m not that smart.  But, if all they have is my cum then that’s not enough.  Bitch probably didn’t even have cameras and she never saw me.


It takes every ounce of courage to go to work that day.  Every little glance makes my heart pound.  Every car passing outside of my work looks like a cop car at the corner of my eye.  I twitch every time the little door chime goes off.  I can’t sleep at night.  I can’t eat.  The world is a haze.  I can’t even get up the energy to masturbate.


Two days pass.  Three.  Four.  It’s easier now.  Finally.  I’m getting back into my routine.  Relaxing.  Telling myself that if it happens, it happens.  I’m fucked either way, right?  I don’t have any savings to run and, anyway, where would I go?  My stomach is starting to relax.  I can actually concentrate on the TV again.  I’d been watching all the news channels and reading both newspapers our town puts out – waiting for word.  But, nothing.  So, I relax a bit.  The lady hasn’t been at work and the one time I was brave enough to get close to her store, I saw a little stupid “On vacation!” sign on the door.


Saturday night, I finally feel the urge to masturbate.  It’s her again.  Behind my closed eyes, I feel how wet she is.  I feel her skin under my fingers.  Her hard, hot little body slamming into me, lithe legs wrapped around me but her hands bound behind her back.  Cuts and bruises lining her body.  Even four tissues isn’t enough to hold all of my cum and I actually yell out “FUCK!” while drumming my feet on the ground when it happens.  Fucking great.  My desk is covered in cum.  Takes a bit to clean up and kind of grosses me out to touch the stuff but, whatever.  I automatically fall back into things and have Craigslist open before I realize it.  Missed connections.


The title “Last Weekend – Unannounced Visitor” is seven posts down the page and two days old.  It couldn’t be.  I click it and read, eyes growing wider and wider.


“Last weekend I had an announced visitor.  You answered an ad of mine but that’s all I know.  Or you looked at it.  I don’t know who you are.  I don’t know if you were one of the guys that emailed me.  I don’t care if you are.  I need it.  I need it again.  I have never in my life felt so small and helpless and used.  And I want it again.


I’ve included a small picture of my back.  I hope they scar.  Your marks.  I touch them and remember that night.  I remember what happened and it’s more than I can take.  I’ve masturbated to the thought of that night so many times that I’ve rubbed myself raw.  And it’s still not the same.


Don’t answer this email.  Don’t tell me when you’re coming.  Just… come.  You know where I am and you know how to get in.




I will keep posting this until you show up again.  My pussy aches to feel you and every time my back hurts, I think of you in me.




I trace the marks on her back on my monitor.


Incredibly, I’m entirely hard again.

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