Alpha Beta Selene

“Come ooooon!” Bella crooned.  She sat in the small dorm room she shared with her roommate.  Her stomach was against the cheap, armless rolling chair she was able to afford and she spun lightly back and forth while facing her stubborn, shy friend.

“No, I really- I really don’t think it’d be a good idea,” Mia said.  She sat at the edge of her bed on her grandmother’s handmade quilt, staring at her hands.  Her pink nails stood out against her smooth, ebony skin as she rubbed her wrist slowly.  The tips of her frosted, straight black hair tickled her neck and she reached back to run her fingers against her nape while glancing at the clock on her phone.

“Mia, please,” Bella begged.  “It’s the end of the freshman year!  You haven’t gone to any of the parties and this is our time to get out there and enjoy ourselves!  And Jessica’s going to be there and you know I hate her.  I need you there with me.  Please, I’m begging you.  You’re my best friend and I won’t know any of the other girls there.  Please, please, please!”

Mia bit her lip.  Dusk was beginning to settle around campus and she could hear students laughing and playing on the nearby field.  She woke her phone to check the time for the thirtieth time that evening.

It was risky but the college was remote and next to the woods.  She woke her phone again and scratched the back of her neck with her trimmed nails while looking through the window.  The moon was faint but full, far in the horizon and she blushed at it while quickly looking away, as if catching the eye of a lover.

“There’ll be some guys there,” Bella ventured cautiously.  She hadn’t actually seen her roommate flirt with any boys and she definitely hadn’t talked about any but she was fairly certain she liked men.  Mostly certain.  “But not a lot!  It’s a smaller party and I know most of the boys going.  They’re almost all decent.”

Hah, boys, Mia thought bitterly.  She’d started calling her vibrator Charles because it’d been years since she’d actually had sex.  Right before the camping trip, actually.

“Look, it’ll be fine,” the red head told her.  She toyed with a few of her fiery curls while searching her roommate’s face for a decision or a crack in her defenses.  “I’ll keep an eye on you and the men and if things look like they’re getting out of hand, we’ll bounce.”

Mia sniffed the air.  Her friend was excited and slightly aroused.  And smelled faintly of alcohol already.  She scratched at the inside of her wrist while avoiding thinking about the issue.  The itch was the worst before the rest started.

“Noah’s going, isn’t he?” Mia accused her friend.  “That’s why you want to go.  Girl, he hasn’t even looked your way the whole semester.”

“Daisy swears he’s single!” Bella said.  She leaned back and her impressive cleavage swelled through the gap in her shirt.  “Ugh.  Yes.  Yeah, I want to go because Noah’s there and I haven’t gotten him alone.”

“It hasn’t even been a week since Charles,” Mia said.

“Fuck Charles,” the red head answered.  “Come on, yeah, it’s about Noah but I really need you there for support.  I’m too shy to go by myself.  You know I’d just sit in the corner until I lose my nerve.  We can still make it before it gets started.”

“An hour,” Mia told her.  “I can only be there for an hour and then I need to go help my parents around the house.”

Her parents were her go-to excuse every time she went out for the evening.  She was sure her friends thought her parents were invalids or disabled but she didn’t care.  The worst part was using the excuse when it wasn’t a full moon, just so she didn’t worry about someone making a connection.

An hour was enough time.  She’d be able to have a drink, say hello to people so they knew she existed and then be a wing-woman to her roommate.

“Fuck yes!” Bella said, kicking out her legs and spinning in her chair.  “And wear something sexy?  The black skirt you wore when we out to karaoke?  And your gray top.  Just stay away from Noah because he’s mine and I don’t need him falling for my hot roommate.”

“You’re safe, trust me,” Mia said.  She sighed in defeat and got up to pull her clothes from the small close in her side of the room.  Maybe I’ll even put on some makeup.  Not like it’ll matter later tonight and it’ll feel nice to be checked out for once.

Bass thumped from within the large house as Mia looked up for the moon.  This late in the evening, she always knew where it was.  She wasn’t sure if she imagined it or not but the moonlight warmed her skin as if she were tanning at the beach.  She reached back to rub her neck but felt nothing other than peach fuzz below her hairline.

Laughter and loud conversations caught her twitching ears as her roommate rang the doorbell.  The other girl wore a tight black skirt and a t-shirt that seemed to be vacuum-sealed to her upper body.  Her nipples showed even through the lacy bra she wore.  She’d argued with Bella about her stockings but the girl hadn’t listened and so the fishnet material hugged her calves.  The girl’s red lipstick completed the look and she’d squawked when Mia had told her she looked like a hooker.

Smells wafted to the slim black girl and she found herself breathing deeply of them.

Men, high on testosterone.

And weed, she groaned, wrinkling her nose.  A harsh, stomach-twisting scent hung beneath and she knew it was some other drug but had no idea which.  The cloying smell of alcohol overshadowed all of it, though.  Still, she could smell the men in her heightened state and she felt a thread of warmth begin to awaken deep within.  Charles would not be happy to know I’m thinking of other men.

“Bella!” a young man said as he opened the door.  He was fit and Mia vaguely thought she remembered him from the football team.  His khaki pants were pressed and his shirt looked new but he smiled warmly while looking over the redhead’s shoulder.  “And who’s this?”

“It’s my roommate, Mia!” Bella yelled over a sudden blare of music.  “Mia, this is Mason!”

“Well, come in, come in,” Mason said, standing aside for them.

With a last glance to the glowing moon, the young woman stepped into the brightly lit house.

Just a drink or two, she told herself, scratching along the back of her hand.  And I’ll hunt down Noah, get that going and leave.  Plenty of time.

Mia stood at the set of long tables.  Empty bottles of vodka, rum and tequila were arrayed amongst even more bottles that were still half full.  The gigantic punch bowl at the center of the first table was a red and black sea of juice and various alcohols.

Club music boomed, drowning out muted conversations interspersed with yells, good-natured curses and loud, rambling stories.  She swayed at the table and growled as the punch spilled over the edge of her cup while she refilled it. 

As the young woman turned, the room lagged for a moment and then spun quickly to catch up.  Specks of yellow filled her eyes while they darted around for Noah.  Finally, she found him as she sipped the drink.  He sat with three of his friends and she strained to listen to them. 

Black wisps of fur emerged from the backs of her ears and around the edges.  They marched up until long strands with gray tips stood at the tops of her still-round ears.  She flashed lengthened canines in frustration when glancing into the corner of the room to see Bella holding a drink and looking forlorn.  She’d been drinking with her roommate and goading her into talking to Noah but the boy seemed unapproachable.

“Fuggit,” Mia slurred, downing the rest of her drink in a snarling hiss.  I’m not going to leave until I’ve separated him from the herd and drove him towards her.  Then- then I’ll go.  To the woods.  Off to the woods and away from it all.  Dammit.

She caught Bella’s eyes widening in alarm as she made her way to the trio of boys.  Her tongue worked around her lips as the smell of their youth and hormones washed over her.  The alcohol and the untapped potential of sex warmed her and she shivered as her clothes caressed her sensitive sides.

Fine hairs curled from the backs of her knuckles and her wrist as she smiled at the men in front of her.

“Boys!” she said too-loudly.  They turned to her as she sat at an empty chair next to them with her legs spread.  One of them glanced down for a moment and she winked at him.

“You’re Bella’s friend, right?” Mason asked.  “Mia?”

“Yeah, listen- listen,” she said, leaning forward conspiratorially.  “She likes one of you.  I could tell you which.  Because I know.  I know which one of you she likes.  Girl’s broken up from her last… break-up.  Broke up from the break-up.  Listen.  God, it’s hot in here.”

Sweat rolled down Mia’s back and she rolled her head.  Bones cracked in her jaw, loosening it.  She shivered and gripped the arms of her chair to arch her back.  More pops echoed like tiny fireworks until they ended in her hips and her tailbone broke free.  She sighed and her throat vibrated into a quiet growl. 

The men watched her little show and she could see the bulges in their pants.  Her nostrils flared and she lapped at her nose while leaning forward more to show her modest chest.  As she shifted back in her seat, her swollen pussy lips rubbed the rough fabric and the arm of her chair groaned and buckled against her growing strength.

“Listen,” she repeated, trying to remember what she’d been saying.  Her head buzzed from the heat overpowering her and the alcohol she’d steadily consumed.  In the years that she’d hidden herself away at the full moon, she’d never been near men when the wolf was close.  She’d recognized the beast’s needs before the changes threatened to show and so she’d secluded herself.  Now, surrounded by them, she lost herself to it.  To the buzzing in her ears and the throbbing in her swollen clit.

“Listen,” she whispered, leaning forward and dropping her voice to a throaty rumble.  Her lips trembled and she flashed her teeth at them.  Her jaw ached as the bones began to expand within.  Slowly and subtly, her face pushed forward.  Her full, reddened lips pulled back and then stopped as her body focused in other areas.  “Do you know.  Know how long it’s been since I’ve been fucked?”

The boy that had stared between her legs swallowed and smiled but glanced over at Mason.  He was lighter skinned than her but his broad face was smooth and handsome and she could almost feel his hands on her aching body. 

“I think it’s time we found Bella,” Mason said.  He reached for her wrist and his fingers slid down to her hand.  “You’re trashed, Mia.  Let’s get you home, yeah?”

“No,” she answered.  She gripped his hand and his smile faded as he tried to tug away from her.  “Years.  Three.  Three years.  Three years since I’ve been fucked and I’m done with it.  Done.  With.  It.   So, instead, how about we go to the bedroom over there and end this dry spell.  Well.  Not.  Not so dry.  Not if you put your hand between my thighs because I’m fucking soaked at the thought of you boys mounting me.”

Mason pulled his hand and then again, straining against her inhuman grip.  She released him as her muscles strained against the soft skin of her forearm and bicep.  Mia reached forward as black points pierced her fingertips and she grabbed Mason’s erection through his pants.

“You have my fucking consent,” she purred, staring the man in the eyes as she pumped him slowly.

She stood and the three men stood with her until she spun and stumbled, falling against the black man’s chest.  He caught her and she grinded against him as his hand sought her breast.

“Not.  Not you,” she said, her golden eyes focusing on Noah.  The tip of her claw tapped the boy’s chest.  “Not you.  Talk to her.  Bella.  She likes you.  Run along.”

Mia turned, grabbing the unnamed man’s wrist.  She pulled him along and Mason followed them, closing the door behind them.

“No, turn it off,” she said as Mason clicked on the light.  She shoved the other man onto the bed.  “Whas your name, lover?”

“Lucas,” he said, pressing back into the bed as she climbed up after him on her hands and knees.

The young woman slowly raised her ass and wiggled it back and forth towards Mason.  She smiled and her jaw clicked as his hands grabbed her hips.  Her nose pulled flat against her face while it widened into a proper muzzle.  Sharp teeth pierced the empty spots in her gums as she undid Lucas’ pants and pulled them down to expose his uncircumcised cock.  She pressed her face against it, groaning as she rubbed the light black fur of her cheeks against the warmth of him.  She’d almost forgotten the feel of it.

“Fuck!” Lucas gasped as she stroked him.  She sucked his testicles carefully into her mouth and then spread his legs.  He jerked when her cold, wet nose pressed between his thigh and ball sack.  Her sharp teeth nipped him and his legs jumped at the mixed sensation of pain and pleasure.  The man’s fingers clutched her hair as she licked the blood her fangs left behind. 

Mia knelt and leaned back, grabbing the bottom of her shirt to pull it over her head.  A line of soft fur ran from the back of her neck to her skirt and her claws clicked together as she struggled with her bra.  Warm fingers pushed hers aside as Mason helped her with it.  She turned to lick his cheek when he freed her and his fingers brushed the hairs on her back.

The room spun warmly around her as she bent forward to press her breasts against Lucas’ cock.  She slid forward, kissing along his belly as her nipples dragged along his skin until her thin, black lips pressed against his.  She kissed him, sucking his tongue into her small muzzle and the taste of his blood filled her mouth from all the tiny cuts her teeth made.

Strong hands slid along her back, pushing the sweat rolling from her body against the fur spreading along her spine.  She pushed her hips down and looked back at Mason.

“Take my ass,” she growled as she grabbed Lucas’ cock.  She pulled him back to expose his head and then gasped at the double image of a wolf’s sheath appeared in her mind.  Her panties pushed aside as she brushed him back and forth against her soaked sex and she howled quietly as she eased herself down on top of him.  The boy’s hands massaged her breasts and his fingertips dug into the black fur growing between them.

Mason pulled her panties further to the side.  She heard him spit as light briefly filled the room.  Pulling forward, she paused and held herself ready as Mason’s dick pushed against her asshole.  She snarled, showing a deadly row of teeth on an expanding muzzle as her claws tore at the bed. 

She opened for him and then her eyes widened as fingers gripped her hair.  The scent of a cock filled her furred mouth and she opened to it, eagerly sucking on the offered cock as Mason pushed deeper and deeper inside of her.

“Fuuurrrk!” Mia snarled as the man bottomed out.  She worked her hips in little movements to keep both of them inside of her as she sucked and bobbed on the cock filling her mouth.  The two men deep inside of her drove her wild, distracting her from the human thoughts slowly vanishing from her mind.

“Watch the teeth!” the third man said.  She could taste his blood now, too and it made her even more frantic.  But the smell of the man pulled her back and she pulled off of him.

“No!” she said, growling at him.  “Bella!  You.  Bella!  Go!”

She pushed him away and then moaned, falling to Lucas’ chest as both men began to pound into her.  Lucas groaned and twisted and growled beneath her and she felt sharp tips clawing through the thick fur on her back.  She licked the man’s lips and he licked her back as another set of claws pierced her sides.

“God,” Mason snarled.  She felt his thick, hard bulge against her asshole just before Mason’s own knot began to swell.  “Tight.  So.  Fucking.  Tight.  Hot.  Fuck!”

Her tail brushed against his stomach, sliding along the thick, sweaty blond fur beginning to cover him.  He reached around and his fingertips massaged the sore spots blooming on her lower belly.  She grabbed his hand and pinched it against the teats forming there and then reached back to pull him close, tightening her grip as her orgasm drew closer.  She snarled and snapped as Lucas licked the fur lining her throat.

Mia’s first orgasm wiped out all human thought and she lost herself in the mating.

Bella frowned as Noah stumbled stumbled out of the room.  He was still clothed but he looked distant and distracted as he squeezed his crotch.  She blushed and looked around but nobody seemed to notice the boy obviously playing with himself. 

I have to do this now, she told herself, gathering her courage. 

Noah stumbled over to a brunette girl sitting by herself.  He leaned into her, spoke in her ear and then grabbed her, kissing her hard while his hand squeezed her ass.  She broke away and slapped him, calling him an asshole and his lips trembled in anger.  Bella watched as he wiped spit and blood into the unkempt five o’clock shadow lining his cheeks.

“N- Noah!” she said as she quickly made her way over to him.  He turned and the light caught his brilliant yellow eyes.  She gasped, her breath stolen away by how beautiful and vibrant they were.  “I just wanted to- mmph!”

He grabbed her as he had the other girl and his tongue filled her mouth while his sharp nails dug into her back and ass.  She hesitated for a moment and then kissed him back, barely noticing as his canines sliced her tongue.  The couple turned while kissing until she felt the wall against her back.  She pulled away, hugging him close while gasped for air.  The warmth of the alcohol intensified within her and exploded down her body in a lightning storm that ended between her thighs.  She moaned and leaned her head back as Noah’s rough tongue lapped at her long neck. 

The man’s tongue seemed to pull short red hairs from her skin and her jaw clicked as more hairs emerged from her hairline and down her cheeks and nape of her neck.  She wrapped her leg around him, grinding against him while pushing her hands down the back of his pants.  Her fingers dug and pulled at the fur covering her ass and her moan deepened into a thick growl.

Bella slid down his body until she was eye level with his crotch.  She licked his pants and breathed deeply.  With another lick, her tongue lengthened and rasped against the fabric.  The redhead fumbled with his jeans as skin bulged on the palm of her hand and sharp points sliced through her fingernails.  She panted and moaned and pulled until he was freed. 

Another wolf’s scent was on him and she dug her nails into his furred thighs in anger.  But she would take him and remove the other wolf’s scent.  He would be hers.  She squeezed the reddened base of his cock, feeling it harden in her thick paws as the sides swelled.  She sucked and kissed the sharp tip of his dick until her cracking jaw forced her muzzle forward and she pushed her head down over his manhood.

“What the hell?” a woman asked from the corner.

The brunette yelled and fell to her knees with her hands at her sides.  She trembled and pulled, tearing her shirt and bra from her body to leave herself bare.  Brown patches of fur lined her back.  She reached a trembling hand out towards a young man that stepped toward her.

“P- please h- help me, I- I- ohhh,” she moaned as his hand touched her shoulder.  She grabbed him as muscles bulged and rippled along her back and he fell to his ass beside her.  She climbed over him, pulling her panties aside and shoving her ass down over his mouth while rocking her hips back and forth.  The girl’s thin biceps bulged as she tore her flared mini skirt away from her hips.  She hunched her back and clawed at the floor as the boy slowly stopped struggling.  The reddened tip of his changing cock slid past the band of his pants while his hands reached up to hold the girl against his face.

One of the remaining two girls screamed as the bedroom door crashed open.  A gigantic black werewolf filled the frame and its huge cock bobbed before it.  He launched itself, swiping at the last male before tackling the screaming girl.  His claws tore her blouse and bra away and his massive paw held her throat while he tugged at her jeans. 

Now bare, the werewolf flipped the girl over onto all fours on the floor.  He bit into her shoulder as his weight held her in place and his cock probed against her pussy.  His lips trembled around the bite marks in her shoulder until he impaled her.  She screamed again and then lowered her head, sobbing as he thrust against her.  Her pale, pink pussy lips bulged around his knot.  The werewolf held her down and slammed into her.

Blonde hairs sprouted around the girl’s glistening lips and around the bite in her shoulder.  She shook herself and breathed one last heavy, sobbing breath before shoving her slim ass back.  As she pushed herself up, she turned her head to the side to look up at her lover.  Flecks of gold swarmed her blue eyes and her lips bulged over lengthening fangs.

The last man lay against the wall with his hand over his bloody shoulder.  A black haired girl ran to him, her eyes wide with fear.  She pulled at his hand.

“We have to go, now!” she whispered, her eyes locked on the hellish sight of the black werewolf and the girl moaning beneath it.  “Come on, we-!”

The boy’s hand gripped hers and he pulled her into a kiss.

“S- sorry,” he said as his hands kneaded her ass.  He pressed her against his raging erection and then kissed her again.  “You don’t- oh fuck, oh fuck, oh FUUURRK!  You don’t know.  How hard.  How hot.  Fuck.  Need.  Fuck!”

The boy bit the girl’s shoulder as his fingers tore the thin thong away from her pussy.  His finger pressed against her dry pussy lips as she struggled against him.

“Stop!  Oh god, please!  No!”  She slapped at him and he growled.  She reached back for another slap but his finger slipped into her suddenly wet sex.  “No!  No.  Oh no, I can- I can feel- I can feel it.  I can-“

She kissed him and then lay her cheek against his, panting as a second finger joined the first to spread her open.  Fur spread from her engorged lips, lazily spreading down her thighs and up her back.  He felt her hips crack and she reached down,  unzipping him before sliding her swollen pussy lips over his manhood. 

The young woman raised her head to bare her tiny fangs in a silent howl as she forced herself down on the man’s thick cock.

Howls, snarls, moans and screams filled the house, mixing in with the thumping bass as the moon crested high above.

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