First Contact

This morning I had a weird dream.  I think because I’d just finished reading a sci-fi book the day before.  Spaceships and fighting and etc… etc… So, anyway, I had a dream about aliens exploring Earth.  And, well, could aliens be infected by werewolves?  It was an interesting dream so I wanted to write it out quickly before I forgot too much or got sidetracked.

Delicate chimes alerted the young female to the impending drop.

Light flared around her as the small ship woke.  Displays gave atmospheric information surrounding the drop zone.  A live holographic representation of her site bloomed before her eyes. …

A Gift Story – Mass Effect

This is a gift for a friend of mine.  Just a quick little bit of sex set in the Mass Effect universe :)  Hardly any editing or anything so, apologies.

The slow, powerful thrum of the massive ship reverberated quietly throughout the darkened cabin.  A single ice cube shifted with a clink in Commander Shepherd’s glass but the woman barely noticed.  The stress of a thousand daily tasks lay on her shoulders but she set them aside in her quarters.  With her eyes closed, she breathed deeply in and out, clearing her mind of all the mistakes and near-mistakes of the day.