A Gift Story – Mass Effect

This is a gift for a friend of mine.  Just a quick little bit of sex set in the Mass Effect universe :)  Hardly any editing or anything so, apologies.

The slow, powerful thrum of the massive ship reverberated quietly throughout the darkened cabin.  A single ice cube shifted with a clink in Commander Shepherd’s glass but the woman barely noticed.  The stress of a thousand daily tasks lay on her shoulders but she set them aside in her quarters.  With her eyes closed, she breathed deeply in and out, clearing her mind of all the mistakes and near-mistakes of the day.  With every single day, how much more do we lose?  She wondered.  Commander Shepherd sipped at her whiskey – a rare Earth brand – and let everything slide away as well as she could.

A muted ping preceded EDI’s announcement.  “Commander Shepherd, Garrus Vakarian wishes to enter your quarters.”

“Let him in,” Command Shepherd answered.  Great, she thought.  Just what I need right now.  The door to her right opened on nearly silent hydraulics.  Everything is so quiet when nothing is happening, Commander Shepherd remarked to herself.  Out there, it’s all noise and panic and screaming and gunfire and here – even the doors whisper.  “Garrus,” the woman said out loud.  “I’d get up but I’m both tired and well on my way to being drunk.  Have a seat.  I’d offer you a drink…”

“But we both remember what happened the last time  I tried some of your…”  The tall Turian tilted his head back slightly as he took in the scent of the room.  “Rum?”

“Whiskey, actually,” Command Shepherd answered.  “There’s a subtle difference.  My fourth glass.”  The lean woman eyed the Turian as he eased himself down.  She didn’t often see him out of his armor so, when he was, she studied him.  The Turian always reminded her faintly of a dinosaur – if a dinosaur could talk, fight, think and… Garrus’ scarred face swept up in hard lines to a crest of horns.  His skin (carapace?  she wondered) shined sometimes blue, sometimes gray, sometimes white but never red or pink or anywhere close.  It made it damn hard to read emotions in the man.

“Fourth one?  What’s the occasion?”

“I lived today,” Commander Shepherd answered.  “I lived today and, so far, so did everyone on the ship.  We have two days until we reach the Citadel and I thought, what a perfect time to get drunk.  My plans for tomorrow so far include sleeping off the hangover I plan to incur after the seventh of eighth glass.”

Garrus’ laugh was sharp and sudden.  “I would drink to that but the nearest drink I could stomach is in the officer’s lounge and I’m far too comfortable where I am.”

“Well,” said Shepherd after a measured sip of her drink.  “I could always keep a bottle of that Turian piss on hand for you.”

“So I could celebrate with you every time you survived a day out in the field?  Come on, Shepherd.  With your kind of luck, we’d be drunk every day.  May those days be plenty.”

A blush rose to Commander Shepherd’s pale face.  “And full of good company,” Shepherd replied.

“But, my father once told me you give a toast to celebrate and you get drunk to forget.  Well, the translation’s different but that’s roughly what it comes to.  Is that what you’re doing, Shepherd?  Forgetting?”

A silence stretched between the two as Shepherd took another drink.  “I can’t forget,” she finally answered.  “I close my eyes at night and I’m lucky if I can sleep without a sedative from Chakwas.  Sometimes it’s the voices.  Sometimes it’s the face of the man on the other side of my rifle.  Sometimes it’s the fear of losing someone close to me.  That damn hidden fear running in the back of my mind the entire time we’re under fire.  Will this be the day it happens?  If I die, that’s it and who cares.  Well, unless they figure out a way to bring me back again.  I just won’t care – I’ll finally get to sleep and someone else can worry about the entire universe.  But if – if someone I care about were to die?  I get to live with that.  I drink to let it go for just one moment.  It’s not healthy but neither is my life.  Sometimes I need to give it all up and drinking helps.  Sometimes I don’t want to feel like I’m the one in charge.  Just for a bit.  Just for a night.”

Garrus nodded but said nothing.  Damn him and that face, Shepherd thought.  Why can’t he show some emotion some time?  “And there goes number four,” Shepherd said.  “Pardon me while I fill up for number five.  Halfway there already.”  Standing, the woman made her way to the glass shelf beside her bed.  “I should just bring the-”

Thin, strong arms wrapped around Shepherds chest and the woman froze.  Garrus’ spoke from behind her and he sounded both far away and so intimately close at the same time.  “You humans.  I can never read you.  I’ve always had a hard time with your body language.  Some I learned in C-Sec but interrogation is far from… if you tell me to step away, I will and I’ll laugh this off as the time I misunderstood human intricacies.  I’ll go back to following by your side, protecting you, watching your back and worrying about you.  And I’ll never do it again. ”

Commander Shepherd sighed and turned within the Turian’s grip.  When the male loosened his hold in fear of an upcoming rejection, she instead held his arms and looked up at him.  Without a single word, Command Shepherd pressed her lips against Garrus’ surprised mouth.  She could smell the faint hint of spices and water and sweat around the Turian and she wondered if that was how he always smelled.  His mouth was warm and, when it opened to her, she could taste nothing but the whiskey on her breath.  Their tongues met and Shepherd moaned quietly as they kissed.

Garrus’ hand pressed the back of her head while the other lowered to her back.  The woman stepped back, fire in her cheeks and eyes as she looked at the Turian male.  Still quiet, she tugged at his shirt and smiled when he pulled it off.  Pants came next, without prompting and Garrus stood naked in front of her.

With a single finger, Command Shepherd traced down the harsh lines of the Turian’s thin body.  The man made an odd noise being a grunt and a cough and then, “Sorry,” he said.  A hole opened in the male’s crotch.  From within the darkened area, a pink, nearly human penis emerged.  More pale than any man’s (human male, she told herself)  penis and with an oddly pointed tip surrounded by a flared hood of thick skin, the Turian’s cock pushed out thick and into the warm air.  The male nearly vibrated with agitation.

“Sorry for what,” Shepherd asked.

“For… this.  For this thing.  I don’t… I didn’t think this far ahead.  I’ve never been with a human before.  I… do you think I’m ugly?”

Rather than answer, Shepherd kissed Garrus again.  “Well,” she said when they separated.  “Speaking as a human female, I’m fairly certain I have a place or two where that will fit just fine.”  The woman lifted her own shirt up, exposing her small breasts.  Her dark nipples twisted on her chest as she eyed the Turian’s large cock.  I wonder, she thought idly. I wonder what the Turian slang is for penis.

“Hah,” Garrus laughed.  “I’ve seen you naked plenty of times while we geared up but there’s something different in the moment, isn’t there?  Something more-”  Command Shepherd pulled the Turian’s mouth down to her nipples, sighing as he flicked at it with his tongue.  She held him to her chest and gasped as four sharp teeth nibbled her hard nipple.  The Turian’s smooth, cool flesh against her flushed skin made her shiver.  She didn’t notice when he hooked his four fingers into her pants but she bit her lips as he pulled them off of her.

“It’s… ohhh…”  She moaned.  “I’ve never been ridiculously and embarrassingly wet for you before.  That’s… yes, right there… harder… that’s part of it.”  The male’s small nose flared as he took in her scent and she felt the small puff of hot air as he breathed.


“Ann, Garrus.  It’s Ann right now.  Please.”

“Ann.  You smell so beautiful, Ann.”

Garrus kneeled in front of Commander Shepherd and, when she looked down, she saw that he was staring at her face.  She was about to ask him to stop staring or ask him what he was looking at but, before she could, the Turian leaned forward to her wetness.  Shepherd leaned back, placing her hands on the glass shelf as she spread herself for the male.  He still watched her and she couldn’t help but stare down at him.  He opened his mouth and she watched his tongue move agonizingly slowly toward her opening  She couldn’t stop the gasp of pleasure when he entered her.  The male’s thin tongue and angular face made it so he could push his tongue deep into her, spreading her slick pussy lips.  Shepherd jerked as Garrus’ tongue worked around her tight pussy.  She wanted to move with him but she couldn’t figure out the rhythm so she let him do the work.

Sharp claws dug gently into Shepherd’s ass and she felt him spread her open.  Unable to hold back, Shepherd grabbed the crest of Garrus’ head, pushing him harder between her legs.  Slowly, she worked her hips back and forth as she felt the pressure build within.  “Up. Up and back a- oh fuck yes, right there.  Right there.  Don’t… don’t stop… Don’t…” A very feminine mewling sound escaped from Shepherd’s lips and she barely noticed.  The tip of Garrus’ tongue was pressing in the most amazing spot deep within her pussy.  She squeezed at her breasts, moaning from the sudden sparks the male was making within her belly.  Her nerves felt raw and sensitive and nearly too much to hold back.  “Y… y… oh… oh, Garrus… I-”

Commander Shepherd screamed when her orgasm rolled through her.  Glass crashed behind her and she would’ve fallen if not for the male’s strong hands holding her.  It had been years since she’d had a lover of any kind.  Years since she’d had an orgasm from anything other than her hand or her hidden toys.  Words failed her.  And, yet, she could feel how incredibly wet she was inside.  The ache deep within needed more than just Garrus’ tongue.

Garrus looked up at Shepherd.  His mouth was slick with her juices and his pale skin shined in the light from her pleasure.  “That… that was diff-”  Garrus started.  Shepherd pulled him up and kissed him fiercely.  Pulling him tightly against her, she could feel the wet his penis felt against her skin.  Slick and slightly wet.  And so warm.  She craved it.  Right now, she needed nothing more in the world than to feel him-

It was with great surprise when she felt herself grabbed roughly and turned around.  Garrus’ hands were on her shoulders and his claws dug painfully in her chest.  Something like a hissing growl rumbled within Garrus’ throat and Shepherd hung her head at the sudden release within her pussy.  She’d never been treated roughly before by anyone.  Before, she’d always taken charge and now… now her she was with Garrus behind her.  Holding her.  Pushing her.  Claws digging into her flesh.  She could feel his smooth cock pressing against her ass and she wriggled back against it.  Tempting him.

She felt hot breath on her ear as Garrus leaned forward next to her face.  He said something in his own language and it was face and harsh and she didn’t have to speak Turian to know what it meant.  Garrus moved and she felt his cock press against her soaking wet cunt.  She bit her lip, holding back the words.  Holding back the “please” that immediately came to mind.  The feeling of slight submission was incredible and she wanted to beg him for it.

There was no need.  Garrus pushed and she opened for him again.  Against her will, her mouth opened and she gasped at how thick he was.  It was painful to hold him inside of her – it’d been too long without an actual partner.  But, she wanted more.  She pushed back and cried out as his sharp body slammed against her muscular ass.  It was all the encouragement he needed.  Garrus dug his one hand into her and then began furiously pounding into his commander.  Her own orgasm was almost immediately and she felt herself buckle from the sensation. Garrus wrapped his arm around her chest and she gasped for air.  When he pushed deep into her again, she gripped the cabinet in front of her and stopped fighting.

“Oh fuck.  Oh fuck, Garrus.  Yes.  Oh, god, yes.  Fuck me.  Just… just like… just…”  Another orgasm stormed through her and she lost track of the words coming from her mouth.  Words that would have her blushing and forever denying she’d spoken them streamed from her mouth.  She told him how much she’d wanted him.  How she’d waited for him.  How sometimes in the field, when they were alone, she thought about fucking him with their gear and gun strewn around their naked bodies.  She lost count of her orgasms and her mind cleared of all the horrors she’d seen.  She felt herself filled with a kind of warm, bright light as she came again and again.

Finally, she heard Garrus gasping behind her, faster and faster.  “Are you going to cum?”  She asked, breathless.  “Do it.  Cum in me.  Fill me with it.  I want to feel it inside of me.  God, yes.  Fucking cum in my wet pussy, Garrus.  Do it.  Fuck.  Fuck.  Oh-”  The male exploded in her.  She’d never felt anything like it.  It wasn’t the spurting that she’d known from human men – it was a near literal explosion of cum deep within her and it brought the strongest orgasm of her life.

Commander Shepherd lost her balance and Garrus couldn’t hold her as his penis swelled and exploded again and again, emptying himself of his load.

“S…s… sor…sorry,” Garrus gasped.

Commander Shepherd worked her mouth to try to respond but she couldn’t as a series of strong orgasms rattled off within her, leaving her shaking and twitching under the Turian.  Finally, when her body responded to her, she pointed at the bed and the Turian nodded.  She felt herself lifted from the ground and carried to the bed.  Garrus’ cum ran down her legs as she was lifted but she could hardly bring herself to care.  The last orgasm was mind blowing and she wanted more.

“Can… oh fuck.  Can you do that again?”  She asked.

“Give me…” Garrus gasped, his chest heaving as he lay beside Shepherd.  “Give me a bit and I’ll show you.”

The stress and cares and worries of the world fled for that one night and Command Shepherd felt herself at peace.  For the one night, she was simply a woman with her mate and nothing more.

When her alarm chimed for the morning, Garrus was dressing himself.  “I have an inspection in thirty minutes,” he told her.

“Garrus,” Shepherd said.

“Yes, commander?”

“I think I will grab a bottle of that drink you like.  The next time we drink, it won’t be for surviving.  It will be for living.”

Garrus smiled as he walked away from the bed.  “Then perhaps you’ll help me raise a glass tonight, Shepherd.”

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