First Contact

This morning I had a weird dream.  I think because I’d just finished reading a sci-fi book the day before.  Spaceships and fighting and etc… etc… So, anyway, I had a dream about aliens exploring Earth.  And, well, could aliens be infected by werewolves?  It was an interesting dream so I wanted to write it out quickly before I forgot too much or got sidetracked.

Delicate chimes alerted the young female to the impending drop.

Light flared around her as the small ship woke.  Displays gave atmospheric information surrounding the drop zone.  A live holographic representation of her site bloomed before her eyes.  The Station had chosen a location ringed by tall flora, well away from any of the indigenous inhabitants but not too far away so that their impact could be inspected.  She reached for the display.  Everything was just so tall, she thought to herself.

She smiled, still not believing she was here.  Still not believing that she was chosen.  Her heart raced in the silent confine of her ship.  She knew that outside, in the Station, the crew would be boisterous.  Calling to each other as they finished their final checks on each ship.  Laughing and joking with one another as the ships were sanitized before launch.  Years of research and planning had culminated into this moment.  A very, very small part of her wished she could join in the celebrations but only a small part.  Nothing could compare with what she was about to do.

“H’plita,” Station intoned.  Its voice was carefully modulated.  “Optimal drop time in one minute.  All of your vitals are perfectly within required parameters.”

The young female grinned.  “I’m ready, Station.”  She could barely keep herself contained.

“Sun fall is in thirty minutes, local time.  All equipment report operational status.”  There was a pause and the ship shifted.  “All personnel are clear.  Release in ten.  Nine.  Eight.  Seven.  Six.  Five.  Four.  Three.  Two-”

The final count was lost to H’plita.  The universe roared around her.

Displays changed to mark her course.  If she’d cared to look, she’d see exactly how much time was left until she touched down.  She could see exactly where she’d be landing.  She’d know wind speed, temperature, percentages of oxygen, argon, nitrogen and more.

If she cared to look.

H’plita screamed in pure joy.  Her eyes locked to the main display.  The planet below grew to fill the screen, edging out the surrounding stars and the edge of its solitary moon.  The young woman gripped the webbing around her, kicking her feet as she entered the upper atmosphere.  She laughed and shouted as the ship fell.  Countless instruments gave information regarding solid fuel consumption as the ship made small adjustments to stay on course.

Station provided another countdown as her ship neared its landing zone.  H’plita continued to ignore it until a sudden jerking motion pulled her tight against her restraints.  The ship hovered and then gently lowered itself until it touched down.  The temperature spiked around her ship as excess heat from the entry was shunted off into the surrounding atmosphere.  She watched the gauges, grinning and hiding an occasional giggle behind a gloved hand.  She nearly felt drunk with excitement but she knew she needed to calm down if she were to complete the mission.

“Station.  Open, please.”  H’plita said.

Above and around her, the thick canopy cockpit split into three sections, unfolding into the ship.  Numerous clicks filled the air as her restraints pulled away from her.  She pulled her gloves off, tossing them into the floor below.

The world was utterly silent around her. Animals had fled at her approach.  The air wavered around her ship as it cooled.  H’plita pushed herself into a standing position and then closed her eyes to take in a deep breath.  The air tasted sweeter than her own world.  Clear.  There was more moisture here than at home and she thought she could almost drink the air.   Panels pulled away from the side of her ship, revealing rungs for her to climb down.

The young woman wasted no time racing down the ladder.  Although Station had adjusted its gravity to match the planet’s gravity, she could still feel a difference.  She’d spent nearly thirty years on her home world.  Born and raised there until over 3 years ago.  She felt like she could run and leap over the ridiculously tall trees the planet offered.  It was to be expected.  Unfettered by the harsher gravity of her home planet, this world grew everything taller and left her feeling like a leaf floating in the wind.

“H’plita,” Station whispered in her ear.  “Please do not forget your mission.  You’ve left your equipment in the ship and I need to seal it behind you.”

“Yes, Station,” H’plita grinned.  She climbed up to retrieve her backpack and then back down again.  Station closed the ship’s canopy as soon as she was on the ground.

The sun lay low on the horizon, casting deep red along the horizon.  H’plita’s vertically slit eyes expanded to take in the light and she grinned at it.  She couldn’t help smiling at everything around her.  The chance to be on ground was incredible.  She’d gone through so much testing, psychological and physical in order to be where she was.  Her strong flat teeth ground together as she remembered some of the harsher tests but the thoughts were quickly replaced by the tasks at hand.

A lone, brave animal whistled at her nearby.  “Station?”  H’plita asked.

“A simple winged creature.  It is of no threat.”

The young woman nodded and continued her work, sampling the environment.  She wore protective armor, not quite military grade but more than capable based on research.  The primary intelligent species had not yet advanced enough in metallurgy to be a threat.  Best guesses based on predictive models and analysis of the planet, they wouldn’t even learn to mix basic metals for at least 5,000 years local time.

The sun fell as she worked but Station flooded the area with her ship’s lights.  The few brave animals that had returned suddenly fled again.

“Thirty-six minutes until mission end,” Station whispered.

“I’ll be done in ten,” the young woman answered.  She reached a four-fingered hand to pluck a nearly purple fruit from a squat tree.

“A gathering of the primary species is occurring 5.23 kilometers from here.”

H’plita paused.  “Did they see the landing?”

“Unlikely.  The approach was calculated to prevent this from happening.  It may be coincidence but I will continue to watch.”  An array of geosynchronous satellites kept watch over the entire planet.  The eyes of Station.

Small bugs flocked to the ship’s lights, casting tiny shadows as they hovered and danced around.  It’d taken the biologists over a year to run tests on the various animals brought back by small probes.  Tests designed to look for possible complications due to incompatibilities between their different species.  Extrapolated results from the samples they had, knowing that there were billions of other animals unaccounted for.  However, the planet was chosen because of how similar it was to her home world and the gene therapy required to bridge the biological differences was surprisingly minimal.

The young woman continued to work, gritting her flat teeth to resist the urge to swat at the biting insects.  Half of the mission was collecting an array of samples for the other scientists onboard Station.  The other half would be H’plita herself.  She’d be subjected to an enormous amount of testing when she returned.  Actual contact with the primary species was decades away but they needed to know what effect standing on the planet would have for her people.  She was part of the very first group and would likely be in the second group a year from now.

Finally, H’plita stood, her full pack barely weighing her down in the local gravity.  “I’m done, Station.  Open up.”  She approached her ship, waiting patiently as sensors scanned over her, picking up her genetic markers as keys for entry.  When the cockpit sealed, it closed the ship off completely.  Her earpiece was similar coded only for her and allowed the ship to bypass standard security checks to relay information.  But, due to the nature of the mission, everything else was locked down tightly.  No compromises allowed.

The canopy unfolded and H’plita carefully placed her pack into the proper place.  Once finished, she lowered herself back down to the ground.  “How much longer until I’m required to leave, Station?”

“Twenty-four minutes, forty-three seconds,” the voice answered.  “However, I highly recommend leaving now.  The primary species is moving.  Their intentions are unclear but it does not fit recent patterns.”

The woman frowned.  “Are they coming this way?”

“No,” Station replied.  “They’re moving east and spreading out.  They have smaller tame animals with them.  They’re looking for something or someone but not in our direction.  Still, precaution is wise.  All ships with the exception of yours and Sh’sel have returned.”

H’plita looked around, her eyes dilating as she stared away into the darkness.  She’d kept herself within the defined area but with less than thirty minutes left, she felt the urge to explore again.  Even though she was in the first group to touch down, there was always the chance they may not let her come down again.  Full contact with the primary species may not even happen while she was still alive.  It took a huge amount of time to run the simulations required to fully map out the psychological responses from the various separate tribes as well as the long term impact of contact.  Her people were in no hurry and would get no second chances if something went wrong.

“I’ll just be a moment, Station,” H’plita said.  The canopy hissed shut behind her as she turned away.  She closed her eyes, calling a mental image of the localized map.  They’d followed their own planet’s rules, setting east as the direction in which the sun came over the horizon in the morning and west as the direction it set.  Water surrounded her designated area on three sides but the sea was far in the distance.  Mountains and rivers lined the horizon to the west.

She walked through the trees for a distance, her short strides purposeful.  She knew there would be a large river once she was past the trees but-

Fine hairs stood along her back and shoulders.  Subtle differences in pressure and the quality of noises signaled a change in her environment.  A change her body didn’t like.  H’plita paused, turning her head slowly to try to catch whatever sounds she could with her delicate ears.  She reflexively sniffed at the air before mentally chastising herself.  Her long nose lay nearly flat on her face, nostril flaps flaring several times before lying still, sealing her nose completely.  Of course you won’t smell anything.  This isn’t even your world.  And you’re not some-

“H’plita,” hissed Station in her ear.  “Ship sensors are picking up a large, previously unidentified life form less than 8 meters to your left.  The signal and life signs are faint and it is nearly impossible to keep a lock on it, even though it’s not moving.  We’ve never seen anything like it and its effect on our equipment is troubling.  I fully recommend-”

Station’s words faded away.

Eyes watching her through the trees.  The planet’s moon shined off of them and they were nearly luminescent in the silvery light.  She’d heard nothing of its approach even though loose sticks from the trees lined the ground.

Heart hammering in her chest, H’plita froze.  She remembered her training.  The briefings.  The gravity of her home world was nearly 70% higher than this planet.  Studies based on scans from the primary species showed that her kind were faster and stronger due to this difference.  Only a few recorded species of animal life were faster and none of them were in her area.  But, Station wasn’t aware of whatever this thing was and that was terrifying.

H’plita stepped carefully backward, her eyes not moving.  The other creature blinked but didn’t move.  She couldn’t make out its shape.  The moon provided strong light but the trees hid everything in shadows.   Her gray eyes dilated further, pulling in as much light as they could.  She could see a vague brutish outline and knew even from that that it was huge.  She took another careful step back.

The creature stood.  H’plita thought it was already large until it unfolded.  It had to be over 2 meters tall.  Over half a meter taller than she was.  The young woman swallowed.  The chill from her neck and shoulders washed over her bare scalp.

She turned and ran.  The response from the animal was immediate; it crashed through the trees behind her.  Her armor should protect her but her head was bare.  If she was caught, she’d most likely die.  It was clearly a predator.  H’plita fumbled with a small part of her leg armor until a small black box came free in her hand.  The little device hummed with energy.  She looked back to judge the distance.

It was already there and it was a nightmare.  Long arms reached for her and, with a shriek, H’plita twisted, throwing the small device.  Light flared as the small black box struck the animal in its midsection.  A part of her, the peaceful, civilized part of her, hoped it wouldn’t hurt the animal too bad.  A smaller voice from thousands of years before her civilization started down the path towards non-aggression fervently wished it would die.

The animal didn’t even slow as its claws swiped through H’plita’s upper arm.  Sparks showered the night air as the armor’s hardened alloy tore.  She felt pain lance through her arm and up her neck but was thankful that it was no worse.  The blow caused her to stumble and she fell but years of defensive training and a surge of adrenaline brought her into a graceful roll that ended with her back on her feet.  The nightmare behind her crashed into a thick tree, giving her a moment’s advantage.   It roared as her thick muscles pushed her quickly through the forest.

“H’plita, the animal’s cry has … nearby tribe.  They’re… way… I…”  Station’s voice crackled and died in her ear.  H’plita ground her teeth in frustration and pain.  Her arm felt like it was on fire.  Briefly, she wondered if the thing was poisonous.  She didn’t doubt that the adrenaline and exertion would force the poison quickly through her body if so.  She just had to reach her ship.  The doctors on Station could synthesize a cure.

Behind her, the creature had regained its footing and gave chase.  It had been surprised that its prey hadn’t fallen from its strike and that had thrown it off balance.  It wouldn’t make the same mistake again.  A low growl escaped from its lips.  The scent of blood was heavy in the air.  Prey.  Its ears flicked back against its head as it ran, falling to all fours to gain speed.

H’plita’s heart burned in her chest.  She’d kept in shape on Station as required but never like this.  She’d never felt real fear.  Never as an adult.  Never with the fear of death looming over her shoulder.  She gasped in pain and frustration as the lit clearing came closer.  Just a bit more, she thought frantically.  Just a bit more.

A meter away from the clearing, an instinct forced H’plita to duck.  The animal sailed over her, snarling as it raked at her back.  The young woman screamed in pain as, again, it shredded her armor.  It landed heavily in front of her and she had a moment to stare.  It was biped and huge.  Thick black fur covered it completely from head to foot.  A long, bushy black tail thrashed behind it.  The creature threw its head back into a roar, clawed hands wide.  Challenging.

The creature stopped at a loud warning sound from H’plita’s ship.  A dome near the rear of the ship swiveled to turn a flashing red light toward the animal.  The creature crouched low, facing the large ship, sniffing at it in puzzlement.  The ship’s alarm began beeping steadily until the fifth tone.  When the creature didn’t move outside of the lit area, a small, simple popping sound came from the dome.  The creature fell immediately fell to its side, unmoving.

H’plita sighed in relief.  She lay on her belly at the edge of the clearing.  Pain coursed through her left arm and back, shooting down to her feet.  She pulled herself forward and then up, swaying as she stood.

“Station,” H’plita called.  “I need a medical team standing-”

A loud warning sounded from the ship.  H’plita stopped, her mouth open in shock.  “Station!”  she yelled out.  “It’s… it’s me!  H’plita!  What-!”

Again, the dome at the rear of the ship swiveled until its red light was facing her.  She watched in horror as a steady beeping sounded from the turret.  The young woman stumbled backward and the sound cut off mid-beep.

“Station,” she gasped from outside the clearing.  “Station it’s me!  Why aren’t you-”

Pain lanced from H’plita’s left arm and she turned to look at it.  The smooth skin of her middle finger was tearing, pale red blood leaking away from the wound.  Something moved within her finger and she watched as a thick black bone-like shape pushed through the cut in her finger.  Her hand shook and  cramped as muscles shifted to adapt to new bones growing in her hand.  A razor sharp black point pushed through the smooth skin of her inward finger until a second growth joined the first.

Claws, she thought, remembering the beast that had slashed through her armor.  It had claws just like this.  But, that’s impossible.  That’s…

A third claw tore through her outward finger and she gripped her left wrist to stead the hand, gasping through compressed lips against the pain.  Before the third claw finished, a fourth sliced open her sideward finger.

It hit her then.  The thing had infected her with something.  Her earpiece was keyed to her genetic code and it began cutting out after it had cut into her.  And her ship had warned her off because it didn’t recognize her anymore.  It was changing her.  Its poison had infected her and was changing her on a genetic level.

“No,” she said, out loud.  “No.  This can’t.  Nothing here can do this.  They checked.  They checked they checked they checked-”

A crawling sensation along the back of her hand made her look down.  Small hairs pushed through her skin.  Her people had trace bits of her along their shoulders and neck and sometimes their scalp but she’d never seen anything like this.  They’d been effectively hairless since their recorded history.  Now, as she watched silver hairs grew from the back of her hands and around her wrist.  A similar sensation rolled along her back near where the creature had slashed at her and she moaned, shivering at the sensation.

H’plita leaned forward, clawed left hand digging into the cool earth.  Her stomach heaved and she vomited.  Her throat and chest burned but she wasn’t entirely sure it was because of the vomit.  Black claws burst forth from her right hand, pushing into the dark dirt.  Hairs grew along the smooth flesh of her right hand and down to her wrist, thickening until the back of her hand was completely covered.  She knelt and looked at herself, breathing rapidly.  The dark skin around the edge of the palm of her hand darkened further into pure black.  The skin cracked and puffed out away from her palm.  She’d seen the same growth on private animals at the observatories on her home world.  On animals.

The light in the clearing suddenly cut off and the ensuing darkness was near complete.  H’plita blinked at the sudden lack of light.  The ship is leaving, her mind whispered to her.  Sweat poured from above her eyes and she moaned as her armor constricted around her.  Her nostril flaps flared and rich scents flooded her senses.  She could smell blood in her vomit and along her body.  The earth gave off a pungent odor that did nothing to hide the smell of small animals.  Her jaw ached.  Running her long tongue along her teeth, she felt gaps near the front of her mouth.  And tasted blood.  She moaned at the taste of it and the sound came out deeper than it should have.

A growl.

Sharp points pressed through her gum line, pricking at her tongue.  Three sharp points pushed out and, as she tested them, two more of her teeth cracked and fell out by the roots.  More blood filled her mouth and she swallowed before she could stop herself.  H’plita gagged at the rich, copper taste but it filled her with a sense of… something that she’d never felt before.  She closed her eyes as her tongue licked around her lips, cleaning herself of the blood that had dripped from her mouth.

H’plita fell to her hands again, flexing the length of her body as her armor cut into her flesh.  She leaned back and tore at the straps, pieces of hard alloy falling around her.  She wore a plain black skinsuit beneath the armor.  When she’d finished disengaging the armor’s leg pieces, she kicked away from them.

More cracking sounds came from her jaw and the young woman turned her head to spit the teeth that had fallen out.  Before she could, she swallowed again and moaned.  Her hands roamed her body, clawing at the fabric holding her.  She burned in the light outfit.  Wisps of steam rolled from her body in the cool night air.

Something tugged at her mind.  Tugged at her memory.  She growled at the thought.  Her gray eyes searched the area for a reminder.  Collecting.  Things, she thought.  Her mind was scattered.  In pain.  Changing.  New scents and sensations pulling at her.  Walking.  I-  She lifted her chin.  Her face, longer than the primary species cracked as her jaw pushed out even further.  The taste of more blood wiped away the rest of her thoughts.  The long slits of her nostrils blackened on her face as the skin closed and then pushed up into a flat, black, wet nose.  Her tongue, already long, thickened in her muzzle and she licked around her lips again.

H’plita’s small, thin ears elongated minutely.  Light fur sprouted from the tips of them and then down to her face and along her jawline.  Small specks of gold dotted the gray of her eyes.  More and more flecks appeared until the gold of her vertical eyes pushed away the gray.  She blinked and the world brightened around her.  She sniffed again.  No animals nearby.  But, she sniffed again.  A male.  Another growl burst from her lips.

She stood and looked down at her feet, the skin above her eyes knitting in confusion.  Something on my feet.  What.  Kicking her legs did nothing to free her feet and so the young woman growled and crouched, tugging at the strange things trapping her paws.  She gripped and pulled at her right paw and her armored boot flew off.  Before she could pull at her left paw, six claws burst through the tips of her boot.  She felt the pain but it was nothing.  A small hurt.  Blood seeped from the six bare toes of her right paw and she knew her other claws would come soon.  With several tugs, her other boot came off and her paws were completely free.  She growled in approval.

Bare brown skin showed through the tears in her black skinsuit.  Her chest was smooth.  One small nipple showed through a long tear in the outfit.  Flesh around the small nipple hardened as the wolf fought her body.  Genetic reprogramming from thousands of years ago had removed the need to nurse their children at their breasts.  None of her species carried their own children to term anymore, instead relying on machines to do the work for them.  It was a kinder method, less likely to produce harmful hormones that might cause anger in the host.  Eventually, her people had edited out some of the secondary systems.

The wolf fought that programming now.  Her small nipple pulled, twisting with the growth of new hard flesh.  Growing larger and fatter as it pushed from her body.  Beneath the suit, her other nipple hardened and grew, pressing out against the fabric.  A single drop of nearly clear liquid pooled from the tip of her exposed nipple as new glands and tissues grew beneath the surface of her chest.  Her skin bulged, pushing both nipples slowly away from her chest.  The skinsuit clung to the exposed, growing breast as it filled out.  H’plita tore at her skinsuit, ripping it to shreds until she stood naked.  Silver fur lined her arms, growing up to her shoulders and along her back to meet the growth of fur around her healing back wound.  Her already thick muscles bunched and she threw her head back to howl at the full moon above.

Breasts formed on H’plita’s chest.  Her thick, erect nipples swelled, growing larger and larger until they hung down and to the side of her chest.  A spray of silver fur sprouted between both breasts.  The dark, taut skin of her heavy breasts seemed to absorb the silver light of the moon and she arched her back as if to proudly show them off.

The slit between the woman’s legs swelled.  Her sex was smaller than the local primary species’ sex but the wolf would change it for her.  Skin split as it grew to match her larger body.  A small bulb of flesh pushed out from under the crown of her sex and the young woman moaned in pleasure.  Normally hidden away, her sensitive clit now throbbed in the cool night.  Blood mixed with a clear liquid to leak from between her sex, running down her leg.

Her spine cracked and she cried out, falling to her knees.  Fur sprouted faster down her spine and along her sides.  The bones of her spine pressed up against her skin and she grit her sharp fangs, twisting her head against the pain of it.   Muscles shifted and expanded in her back and her bones moved with it.  The changes continued along her arms and legs.  The wolf telling her body that she was built to run.  To chase.  To hunt.  Her small, nearly flat ass bubbled out to match the new strength in her thighs.

Fur continued to spread along her body, curving around her sides and up her stomach.  At the base of H’plita’s spine, the bones cracked and stopped.  There was no tailbone and the wolf was confused.  It surged and a small growth of bone expanded downward from her spine.  Two small, new bones clicked in place and then the spirit of the wolf retreated.

H’plita stood, her chest heaving.  She gripped the tree next to her, claws splintering the thick wood.  Bones shifted along her paws and she shifted until she stood comfortably on the pads of her paws.  The male still lay on his side in front of her.  The young woman walked to him.  She could smell his blood.  Could smell how he still lived.  Could smell his vitality.  She dropped to all fours, the wolf guiding her, showing her what was natural.  She huffed and pressed her muzzle between his legs, scenting him around the base of his furry sheath.  He groaned under her attentions and shifted slightly.

A noise in the distance caused H’plita to look up and her oddly shaped, furry ears lifted forward at attention.  Gold, vertically slit eyes expanded as she stared.  A group of people were coming.

Prey, the wolf thought.

Yes, H’plita answered.

The male shifted again under her.  One eye opened and he regarded her.  He’d never seen a she-wolf.  Had never let anyone live through a change.  This one smelled different.  Not like them.  Not like him.  But, close.  Close enough.  He could feel her wolf.  The wolf that had settled into her.  He pushed himself up and turned to the direction of the approaching villagers.  He was larger than H’plita but she was more densely muscled.  Still, he couldn’t not nip at her, growling his dominance.

H’plita grabbed the male’s wrists and her teeth were wrapped around the male’s throat before he’d realized what had happened.  Blood and drool dripped from her open mouth, falling to the fur along the male’s throat.  He struggled briefly before realizing exactly how strong she was.  If not for the nearby prey, he’d push her and fight but this prey would join the fight until they were both dead.  Instead, he flicked his ears back and turned his head.

The young woman pulled back and stood and the male stood beside her.  He waited for her to take the lead and she did, launching herself through the forest. He struggled to match her pace and only his familiarity with his own world and its rules allowed him to keep up.

They caught the villagers within minutes and it was a massacre.  H’plita roared, leaping for the lead male, claws out.  Her jaws closed around the man’s throat, decapitating him before they both hit the ground.  She clawed at his chest and stomach, biting and tearing at his intestines.  Blood sprayed against her, covering the silver fur of her breasts and stomach with dark red.

A very, very small part of H’plita whimpered at the man’s death.

The large group of men screamed, hacking with crude bronze swords and farming instruments.  The two wolves tore through the group, feasting and killing until the last man fell.  H’plita tore into his stomach, by now addicted to the soft flesh hidden within.

The male approached, blood and flesh and guts dripping from his muzzle and the fur along his body.  His thick red cock was exposed, his excitement from the chase and the kill showing.  He walked to H’plita on two legs.  The wolf inside him was frantic at the thought of mounting a female.  It had play mounted a few dead women in blind need but that pounding desire paled in comparison to the thought of fucking the she-wolf.  His blood was up and his cock throbbed in front of him, thick pre-cum dripping to the ground as he squeezed and played with the bulbous knot holding back his furred sheath.  The rough bloody padding on his paws felt incredibly good on his cock.

Once he reached the female, he dropped to all fours around her.  She stopped to look up and back at him.  He could see her fury, her hunger, her need in her eyes.  She snapped at him and growled but then bent her head back down to the corpse below her, worrying at the bones of its spine.  The male rubbed his cock against the tailless female , growling and groaning as he probed at her.  The female’s sex was engorged and she shuddered as the male’s knot rubbed against her exposed clit.  He moved again and she dropped the bone she’d held in her mouth.

H’plita pushed back against the male, encouraging him.  She growled as his cock missed again and again.  The male’s muzzle clenched to the back of her neck and she collapsed, still growling but the anger faded from her eyes piece by piece.  She moaned and whined, arching her back up into him.

Finally, the male’s pointed cock slipped into the female’s sex.  She howled, her wet sex gripping at his thick length.  The male wasted no time as he began pounding into her over and over.  H’plita dug her back claws into the earth, spreading her muscled thighs open while pushing her hips back.  Her tongue lolled out of her mouth.

Again and again the male’s knot probed at her opening.  Stretching her every time.  She pushed back.  Wanting all of him.  Needing all of him.  Wanting to fill his knot opening her all of the way.  Wanting to feel the tip of his pointed cock as far as it could go.  Her full, furred breasts pressed against the ground below her, soaking in the blood of the dead man.  The sensations, scent of blood and recent killing were driving her mad.  H’plita had never been taken like this.  Never been filled like this.  Intercourse amongst her species had waned over the years in favor of toys and other stimulation.  The wolf was showing her things she’d never knew she’d missed.  The fragment of H’plita that remained was overloaded from it.

She opened for the male and he knotted her.

Blood again mixed with their juices.  Blood from the small tears inside of her body.  From being knotted.  The wolf healed her and she howled low in her throat as her orgasm built.

The male’s own orgasm caught her by surprise.  She felt his claws dig into her shoulder and she growled at him in sudden anger until she felt him suddenly swell.  H’plita gasped at the sudden feeling of the male cumming deep inside of her.  She felt him filling her with his seed.  Felt his cum drilling into her over and over.  His knot had swollen even larger and his movements shortened.  She slammed back into him when his rhythm faltered and he responded, fucking her with deep, hard movements.

White noise filled H’plita’s ears, blocking the entire world away from her.  Her muzzle worked over and over.  She scrabbled at the ground with her claws but couldn’t move.  The male held her tight, a paw on her shoulder and his knot deep inside of her sex.  The male’s cum spurted out of H’plita as a second orgasm rolled through her, forcing her muscles to tighten around the male’s cock.  She fell to her arms, forehead against the ground as her world exploded.

When H’plita opened her eyes, she felt the warm fur of the male surrounding her.  He was no longer inside of her and she felt his furred sheath against her soaked sex.  She could smell his seed and her own juices.  And the blood from being torn by his thickness.  Their fur was tangled with blood.  She felt weak from her orgasms but a strange sort of energy was replacing the weakness.  With a shake of her hips, she pulled away from the male and stood.  The male groaned but rolled to stand beside her.

The wolf in H’plita looked out from the woman’s eyes.  The world was huge and there were a million smells she’d never even knew existed.

She ran and the male followed.  Through the trees, splashing through rivers and chasing small game before running off to the next thing.  The fragment of H’plita wanted to know what everything was and the wolf obliged.  They ran and fought and fucked until grey light filtered through the sky.  Both wolves stopped to watch the dim progress of the slowly rising sun.  Both wolves knew what it meant.

The change back was painful.  But, nothing matched the pain of realization when H’plita’s mind returned to her mid-change.

The young woman wailed.  Loud and long she cried out, beating the ground around her.  She cried hot, hard tears as the vague memories of the night echoed through her mind.  The blood had long washed off in their run through the waters but the memories remained.  She cried until she couldn’t breathe.

When she looked up, the male was there.  She’d seen images and videos of the primary species.  The strangeness of their features.  The nearness of them.  Almost-them.  Almost-same.  He watched her, naked as she was.  His hair and beard was curly and black, as was the forest of hair on his chest.  She felt an odd, sudden heat between her legs at the look at him and she cursed herself for it.  It wasn’t her desire she felt.  She knew that.  She knew it was the other thing inside of her.  But, she still felt it.  Still felt that quick flash of heat.

H’plita looked down at herself.  Her breasts were gone but her nipples were much larger.  Much like the females of the primary species.  Large and hard.  Her hips and the bones of her lower back hurt, as if something had broken or changed there.  Otherwise, she was the same.  Four fingers, six toes, hairless.  Compact and strong.  Were her legs longer?  More lean and less stout?  Something about the size and shape of her body tickled at her memory but her thoughts swam away.

The male walked away and she watched him.  He was much taller than her and, while she knew she was physically stronger than him, he was wide of frame of had thick ropes of muscles along his body.  His male sex hung low between his legs.  Not red.  Not pointed.  Again, she felt a heat and her sex grew moist at the unbidden thoughts.  At the whispers of the wolf.  She hugged her knees to her chest.

Eventually the male returned.  In his hand was a large, long, sharp rock.  He tossed it to her and said a few words.  H’plita shook her head at him.  He spoke again, harder this time and she looked at him.  Again, she shook her head.

“I can’t understand you,” she said.

He frowned and then picked up the rock.  Pointing the sharp end of the rock at his chest, he made a stabbing movement near the center of his chest and then pointed at her.  Again, he tossed the rock to her.

H’plita looked at it.  Station might come looking for her.  It might send someone to look for her.  And then what?  Would they fix her?  Would they keep her locked away?  The thought made a physical growl escape her lips and she felt a sudden flash of anger.  No.  I will never be chained.   She closed her eyes at the thought and calmed.  She’d never felt anger like that.  Not once in her life.  Was it her now?  Or the thing inside of her.  Could they take it out of her now that it was part of her?  Part of her enough that her ship wouldn’t recognize her genetic material?

Can I go back?  She asked herself.  I’ve killed.  And I’ve… I’ve eaten them.  The primary species.  Not unthinking animals but primary species.  I’ve-  She choked up and tears fell.  She could remember the blood.  An echo of the scent and taste of the blood floated through her mind and she rolled her shoulders, gasping at it.

Do I want to go back?  The thought scared her but she couldn’t see where her thoughts and the other thing’s thoughts ended.  She kicked the rock away.  In her mind, a part of her grinned.  Deep and dark inside of her.  A part of her wanted it to be night.  Wanted to chase. To hunt.  To run.

The man watched all of this.  When H’plita looked up, his male sex was erect.   She felt a deep, pleasurable ache inside her belly before looking away, shifting her hips.  Rolling them once.  He knelt in front of her and when she closed her eyes, a memory of his sheath filled her mind.  His red cock.  And how it felt.  The wolf inside of her huffed in laughter.  She opened her eyes and forced herself to look at him.

“Theseus,” the man said.  Tapping his chest.  “Theseus.”

The woman watched him for a moment and then placed a hand on her chest.  “H’plita,” she told him.

The male, Theseus, watched her for a moment.  He nodded and held his hand out to her.  “Hippolyta,” he said.

This time, she followed him and shivered, a small part of her trying to remember how long a day was on this world.

For when the moon would rise.

For when the hunt would begin again.

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