The Den

“Are you sure you can’t go?” Riley asked, her fingers hooked into the front belt loops of her husband’s blue jeans.  “Just picture it.  Me on the dance floor, shaking my ass all alone while sex-starved men circle like animals.  I’ll be all alone.  Helpless.  Vulnerable.  Out there twerking my booty, unaware of the approaching predators.”


“Oh please, David Attenborough,” Carter laughed.  He pressed the palm of his hand against her cheek and she gently nuzzled back against him before he traced a finger up and over her ear.  “You’ll have Zoey and Brooklyn there with you and I trust you more than I’d trust Mr. Rogers.  Even with you out there, dazzling the crowd.”


Riley smiled up at her husband, thrilled by his compliment.  Her loose curly braid brushed her bare back as she pulled her husband close.  Despite her long legs, she had to go to her tiptoes to kiss her husband.  She allowed him a quick kiss in return before laughing and spinning away, her braid twirling out.  Stopping mid-spin, she pushed against him with her back bent, grinding against his crotch.


“Mmm,” she teased, turning her narrow jaw to the side to smile at him.  Raising and lowering her hips, she could feel him growing hard against her ass.  His rough, large hands grabbed at her sides and she lowered her head in pleasure as his fingers dug into her skin.  “But look at what you’ll be missing.”


Suddenly, he reared back to slap her ass playfully.  She yelped but turned back to him to kiss him quickly, her breath hot on his cheek as she wrapped her arms around his neck.


“Any more of that and I’ll stay home with you instead,” she whispered in his ear.  His hands roamed her back before reaching down to grab her toned ass.  She sighed, pressing harder against him as she felt his cock against her stomach.


With another quick kiss, he gently pushed her away.


“I gotta get ready, babe,” he told her, leaning down to kiss her again.


“I know,” she told him.  “It’s just that we’d had the night planned out and I was looking forward to dancing with you. It won’t be the same with just the girls.  Brooklyn will be a mess since she just broke up with Greg and Zoey’s still in that gross ‘I love you so much, snookie-wookums’ phase with her boyfriend.  I’ll have to guard Brooklyn all night so she doesn’t go home with the first douchebag to call her pretty.  And not drinking since you won’t be there to carry me home.”


“You’ve got this,” he told her as he walked from the living room to their bedroom.  She followed behind, already dreading the evening.  “And I’ll make it up to you tomorrow night.  I already told Justin that he owes me.”


She sat on the edge of their bed, palms flat on their comforter while swinging her feet slowly back and forth.  The soft carpet brushed her toes while she watched her husband change from his casual “home clothes” to his work clothes.  He managed the warehouse at a local packing company but the night shift supervisor had called out when his wife suddenly went into labor three weeks early.


After almost ten years of marriage, she still loved him deeply and she smiled at his strong back when he pulled his t-shirt off.  She knew she should start getting ready but without her husband joining her, she had extra time.  She didn’t need to put on as much makeup as she’d planned if he wasn’t there to admire her.  No need to dazzle anyone else or give anyone an extra excuse to hit on her.  She would’ve canceled and stayed home if she hadn’t already promised to meet her friends there.


She watched him, both of them comfortable in their shared silence as he finished getting ready.


“Kiss me goodbye?” he asked.


“Always,” she told him with a smile, taking his hand while he led her to the front door.  She waited patiently as he shoved his feet into his work boots and then lay her fingers in his hands when he turned to her.  She started to rise to kiss him but he bent down first.  Their lips met and she melted against him as his mouth opened to her.  His short stubble scratched her face but she loved the feel of it against her smooth, dark skin.


“Bye, babe,” he told her with a fond look.  He brushed her cheek with his thumb and she kissed his fingers.  “Be safe.”


“Always,” she told him again while he unlocked the door.  “You be safe out there.  I’ll see you when you’re home.”


The door closed and she sighed before locking the deadbolt.


“Now,” she asked herself quietly, scanning the room with her eyes narrowed.  “Where did I put my phone?”


She could almost hear her husband’s exasperated sigh as she dug around cushions and on the various counters around their home.  He always put everything in the same place and it drove him wild that she couldn’t do the same thing.  Yet he somehow seemed to know exactly where she’d left her purse or keys or phone.  She knew he took malicious pleasure in watching her search before finally telling her where she’d left them.


This time she found her phone in the bathroom.  She woke it and texted Brooklyn to ask if she still wanted to go out dancing, hoping the girl would want to cancel.  


Yes.  And I’m already pre-gaming, came the reply.


Riley shook her head with a grimace.  Just as she lay her phone down, it beeped again and she woke it.


That asshole posted an update on Facebook and some bitch liked the post, the new text read.


“Oh god,” Riley said, holding her phone against her stomach.  The phone vibrated against her once, twice and then a third time but she lay it on her dresser without looking.  It beeped and vibrated a fourth time but she knew her friend would just be venting.


Ignoring the sporadic beeping of her phone, Riley told her smart speaker to play her dancing playlist.  She sang along to the music as she twirled in her room until she went to her closet to pull out her clothes.  She nodded and sang and stepped lightly as she picked out a thin black dress that ended just above her knees.  Laying the dress down on the bed, she dug through her dresser to find matching panties and bra.


When her phone buzzed again, she sighed and glanced at her messages to see a block of text from Brooklyn ranting about how her ex boyfriend had probably cheated on her.  Their breakup was recent and she’d calm eventually but the pain was too raw for her and she always kept her emotions on the surface.


Putting her phone away, she stripped, turning to the side in front of her vanity mirror with her hand pressed against her belly.  She had a tiny paunch and a little extra fat on her hips that she pretended didn’t bother her but it did and she’d recently decided to take some spin and Zumba  classes at the local gym.  Still, she smiled at herself as she turned, lifting her breasts and checking her hair before grabbing her underclothes.


Riley’s phone beeped several more times as she dressed but she ignored it as she made her way to the bathroom.  The right side (and most of the middle and left, she admitted) of the bathroom sink was full of the various products she used.  She grabbed her articulating mirror and sat before it.  Carter grumbled occasionally at how her things gave little room for him but her doe eyes, long, slowly blinking lashes and innocent face usually made him forgive her.  


Plus, she told herself as she touched up her face expertly.  All he has is a toothbrush and a razor.  He doesn’t even need all that space.


Once she was satisfied with the bit of makeup she added, she stood and looked over herself a final time.


“Carter’s loss,” she told her reflection.  “But I’ll look even better for him tomorrow night.”


Singing quietly to the music still playing, she walked back to her room to dig through her shoes.  She had four pairs that would work with the dress she wore and it took trying on three pairs before she was satisfied with her pick.


For once, her purse was by the back door with her keys hanging half out of the side pocket.  She grabbed them both, unlocked the door and then hesitated.


Oh, my phone! Now where did I put it?


An incoming text from Brooklyn saved her from tearing the house apart.  She grabbed her phone, sighed at the novel her friend was still writing and shoved the phone in her purse before leaving.



Cursing her husband quietly from the driver’s seat of her parked car, Riley stared at the club.  The parking lot was nearly full and it was her first time visiting.  


The Den, as the club was called, was located outside the city.  The loud music thumped every time the doors opened but the surrounding forest seemed to absorb the sound.  The club had opened two weeks ago and had quickly become a hotspot.  She glanced at the stream of people coming and going and wished yet again that her husband had come with her. 


“I’m getting old,” she sighed.  In her college years, she would’ve joined the crowd in a heartbeat and lost herself to the rhythm.  Now she yearned for the safety and quiet of her home in her husband’s absence.  


A new set of people approached the doors and she spotted Zoey and her boyfriend at back of the group.  Riley opened her car door quietly and made her way past parked cars until she stood by her friend.


“Riley!” Zoey said loudly, alcohol thick on her breath.  She hugged her friend and then wrapped her arm around her boyfriend’s side.  “I’m sorry Carter couldn’t make it but damn, girl, you are looking fine tonight.”


“Every night,” Riley replied as she reached into her purse for her wallet and driver’s license.  “I almost didn’t come but Brooklyn’s coming and you know how she’s going to be.”


“She’ll have a new boyfriend before she even leaves the club,” Zoey laughed.  She shook her head and her blonde curls bounced against her shoulders.  With her hot pink lips and glittering eye shadow, the petite, drunken girl had little room to talk.  Her latest boyfriend – Riley didn’t even know the man’s name yet – was one in a long string.  The relationships never seemed to end badly, they just ended and a new boyfriend stepped in to replace the old.


The newest boyfriend smiled at Riley.  He was bald with kind eyes and skin the color of walnut –  darker than her own, but his grin was far too charming for his own good and he knew it.


“And he’ll be worse than the last one,” Riley sighed.  She followed the pair through the crowds until she reached the bouncer.  He waved her in without a glance at her license.  The music pounded inside, reaching deep into her skin and her very bones.  Still, she couldn’t help but tap her feet as she waited her turn to pay her cover.


“Welcome to my club,” a deep, cultured voice said from her side. 


“Excuse me?” Riley asked, turning to look at the older gentleman standing by her side.  She approached the man standing behind the podium but the gentleman beside her waved his hand.  Zoey and her boyfriend paid and walked past without a second glance.  The man behind the counter reached into a box to grab a single red wristband.  Riley held her arm out as the man wrapped it carefully around her wrist.


“No cover for you,” the gentleman said, resting his hand lightly against her arm for one brief moment.  “Welcome to the Den.  I’m Benjamin.  I own the club and I’m taking the time to greet some of my guests.  To get a feel for them and see what draws them in.”


“Oh,” Riley said, glancing towards her friends as they vanished into the crowds.  She felt anxious and unsettled but couldn’t tell if it was due to the unwanted attention from the owner or from losing track of her friends.  “Well, my friend, who just went inside, saw some advertisements online.  She asked me to come with her.  And I’m expecting another friend.  And my husband.  He’ll be here later.”


“Surely he will,” Benjamin said with a wide smile that showed far too many teeth.  She couldn’t tell how old he was but there was gray at his temples.  He looked incredibly fit for his age and he appeared to loom over her, despite being shorter than her husband.  “Enjoy your time and I hope to see you again soon.”


Riley submerged herself in the crowds, eager to be away from the owner.  She turned, pretending to look to the side while glancing at the man from the corner of her eyes.  He watched her still, tracking her movements with the smile wiped from his face.  She shivered and pushed further into the club as she searched for her friends.  


“Riley!” a voice shouted.  “Riley over here!”


She turned, looking around the club until she found Brooklyn at the edge of the dance floor, waving an arm full of bracelets and a red wristband.  A tall, thin man with deep-set eyes and a rough, scraggly beard danced next to the girl.  He grabbed her waist aggressively and she laughed, spinning to dance with him.  Zoey and her boyfriend clung to each other nearby, writhing in time to the beat.


Riley frowned at Brooklyn and the man she danced with.  She zig-zagged through the crowd until she reached her friends and then chose a table next to her friends.


She felt anxious.  Her urge to dance with the rest of them had vanished and she resigned herself to sit and watch.  Already on edge from the meeting with the owner, she now felt her unease increasing as she watched the thin man dancing with Brooklyn.


She’d joked with her husband earlier about the men in the club but this man actually seemed hungry.  Unlike everyone around him, he wasn’t enjoying himself. He wasn’t smiling and losing himself in the music.  He was watching Brooklyn closely.  His motions were possessive and rough and he pushed people away if they danced too close.  


Time to go in and- she thought to herself before someone tapped her on the shoulder.


“Are you here alone?” a man asked.  Riley looked up at him and her eyes widened.


She could only describe the newcomer as beautiful.  His short beard was immaculate and his dark hair was slicked back over spotless, tanned skin.  She wondered if he was from the Middle East but his smooth voice had no accent.  He seemed sharp in a way she couldn’t define.  From his movements to his expensive suit to his very jawline.  He glanced at her wrist and then seemed to examine her closely.


“No, I’m here with my friends,” Riley finally remembered to say, gesturing towards Zoey and Brooklyn.  


“They’re dancing and enjoying themselves but you sit here alone.  Dance with me,” he told her, reaching his hand out.  It felt like a command more than anything else and a chill ran down her spine.


Still, she stared at his hand as pressure built in her temples.  The music became formless and she licked her lips until the spell was broken and she breathed deeply.


“I’m waiting for my husband,” she said weakly.  


The man lifted his chin and his nostrils flared.  He looked back down at her, his hand still out.


“It’s a poor man that leaves a beauty such as yourself alone,” he told her, his eyes freely roaming the curves of her breasts and her hips.  She found herself sitting up straight despite herself.  “I am here now and he isn’t.  Dance with me.”


Again, it felt a command and she almost acquiesced.  Whether just to keep herself occupied or because of his presence.  Instead, she folded her arms and shook her head, her black curls brushing her smooth back.


“No, he’ll be here soon,” she lied.  “I’ll wait.”


The man glanced down at her arm again and grew angry in a flash.  He turned on his heel to stalk away and she watched him until he was gone.  Only then did she breathe out while relaxing.  She could feel her body unspooling and she was surprised at the tension she’d held.


Riley glanced back and then stood as she found Brooklyn against the wall.  The thin man held her tight, kissing and rubbing against the other girl.  The girl’s dress was up high enough to expose her ass cheek and Riley could see the man’s fingers pressing hard enough into Brooklyn’s skin to leave red marks.


She walked quickly to the pair and the man snapped around to glare at her.


“Brooklyn!” Riley said with false bravado.  “Dance with me!”


“No,” the man snarled but he reluctantly fell away as Brooklyn reached out breathlessly for her friend. 


“Riley, you made it!” Brooklyn said, stumbling into her friends arms.  The shorter brunette giggled as she grabbed Riley’s hands, pulling her onto the dance floor.


Riley let herself move automatically as she kept the thin man in her sight.  He glowered at both of them in between pawing at the obvious erection at the front of his pants.


“I don’t like that guy!” Riley yelled into her friend’s ears.  As she leaned in, she spotted a large bruise on the curve of the other girl’s neck.  Small white dots lined the bruise.  Bite marks, she realized.  “He only wants to fuck you, Brooklyn.  He looks really mean!”


“No, no,” Brooklyn laughed, grabbing her friend’s hips.  “He’s nice!  He’s really nice!  And he’s a real good kisser.  And he smells really fucking good.”


“Something’s wrong with him,” Riley insisted.  “I’m being serious here, Brooklyn.  I really-“


“She’s mine!” the thin man said.  He was suddenly in between them, grabbing Brooklyn away from Riley.  The brunette laughed and pressed herself against him as he turned her to shove his erection against her ass.


Goddammit, Riley thought to herself.  She walked back to the booth she’d claimed in order to grab her purse before turning to track down Zoey and her boyfriend.  They were nearby, dancing slowly to a fast beat.


“Zoey, I don’t like the guy dancing with Brooklyn,” Riley told her friend.


Zoey turned, looking around the dance floor until she spotted the third girl.  She watched for a moment and then shrugged.


“They’re just dancing,” Zoey said.  “I mean, dancing close but that’s just Brooklyn.  You know how she is.  She’ll be fine.  Just some new guy for her to get overly attached to.”


“I just- he’s just-” Riley floundered, realizing how she sounded while trying to describe the eerie feeling he gave off.


She watched as the man kissed Brooklyn roughly but the short-haired brunette kissed him back, grabbing and clawing at his back.  They broke apart and the man said something in the other girl’s ears.  Brooklyn smiled wide and nodded, letting the man take her hand and pull her through the crowd.  


Riley followed them but was surprised when they turned away from the bathrooms and made their way to the front.  


I am not letting him drive her anywhere, she decided as she moved more quickly.


The thin man stopped at the entrance to speak to the man behind the podium.  They exchanged a few words and then continued outside.  Riley bumped into a few people in her hurry to follow.


“Hey,” the man at the front said, grabbing her arm.  She pulled herself free.  “Where’s your chaperone?”


“My what?” Riley asked, staring at the door leading outside.


“Your chaperone,” the man repeated, as if she knew exactly what she’d meant.


“The fuck do I need a chaperone for?” Riley demanded hotly.  Normally reserved, she felt her anger boil over at the strangeness of the place and the way she’d been treated.


Rather than wait for him to answer, she pushed forward to leave.


“Hey.  Hey!  You can’t just-  You have to wait-!” the man said as she stalked past a young man holding the door for his partner.


The air outside was cool and quiet.  Riley searched the parking lot, turning and going to her toes to look for Brooklyn and the man with her.  She almost gave up, frustrated that she was too late until she finally spotted them.


The pair headed toward the trees.  Riley frowned as Brooklyn stumbled and fell to her hands and knees.  The brunette stretched out her back legs while raising her head high.  The odd movement pulled her too-short dress up to show her bare ass and a small part of Riley’s mind was not surprised to see her without panties.  The man beside Brooklyn grabbed her up quickly and pulled her into the woods.


“Oh, hell no,” Riley said, quickly moving through the packed parking lot.


She fell behind as she dodged cars and people but persisted until she reached the grass beyond the parking lot.  Her heels sunk into the soft dirt and she stumbled, catching herself on the hood of a nearby car.


“Dammit,” she hissed, undoing the straps for her shoes to stand barefoot on the cold, wet ground.


“Dammit.  Dammit.  Dammit,” Riley said quietly with every step she took.  Her shoes dangled from her left hand as she stepped as carefully as she could through the underbrush.


A peculiar sound came to her as she pushed deeper into the woods.  It was oddly familiar to her but she couldn’t place it until she found Brooklyn and then man she’d danced with.


Her friend was bent over, holding the trunk of the tree in front of her with the bottom of her dress up over her hips.  The man was behind her, holding her waist and pounding into her over and over.  The sound she heard was the wet slapping of their bodies and an almost guttural grunting sound.


The sound was coming from Brooklyn.  


“Fu- fuck me!” Brooklyn cried, shoving herself back.  “Fuck!  Fuck my wet pussy you fucking argh-!”


Riley’s eyes widened as Brooklyn arched her back.  The other girl trembled and the dress pulled tight against her before tearing down the center to fall beneath her.


Pale white skin lay exposed to moonlight and a thick tuft of fur run down the girl’s back.  She leaned her head back and snarled.


“What the- what the fu-” Riley gasped.


“There you are, you bitch,” came a familiar voice.


Riley whirled to find the man who had approached her earlier.  The one who had demanded a dance from her.  


“You’re mine,” the man told her, grabbing her wrist.


Riley slapped the man as hard as she could.  He released her with a snarl and she turned to run but molten, fiery pain exploded along her back.  She tried to scream as she fell to the ground.  Her dress was shredded but cling to her waist and she could feel searing agony between her shoulders and down the left side of her body.


She turned, hissing as dirt, grass and sticks scraped against her throbbing back.  Her spurned dance partner stood over her, his fingers curled.  Blood dripped from the tips of his sharp claws and his clothes strained against his body.  But her eyes focused on his face.  On his sharp ears and sharper fangs.


Leaning back on her elbows, Riley kicked up as hard as she could to slam her shin into the man’s crotch.  He howled silently, grabbing his balls as he knelt in front of her.  She wasted no time in pushing herself up and running.  Her torn dress caught on every passing branch and she struggled with it, pulling at the ragged edge until it split completely.  She threw the dress, leaving her completely naked.


“You fucking bitch!” the man screamed behind her.  His voice sounded rougher now and she shivered, not entirely from the way the air surrounded her body.  Her back was seething with pain but, as she ran, it began to recede and she was grateful for it.


“Find you.  Fuck you.  Until you’re fucking bloody!” the voice called after her.  “And you’ll love.  Every.  Goddamn.  Minute of it!”


She glanced back and her foot caught an exposed root.  Riley fell, tumbling end over end down a sloping bank.  She flipped and the world spun around her until she landed in icy water.  She gasped as the cold invaded her body.


Unwilling to wait to see if the man still followed her, Riley forced herself up, splashing in the water as she frantically made her way for the far bank.  The further she went, the deeper the water ran until she was forced to swim, the current dragging her downstream.


As her throat and chest began to burn from fighting the swiftly moving water, her toes brushed smooth rocks beneath her.  She paddled quickly until she could stand and she struggled through the current.


Finally free of the water, she shook her head, flinging droplets around her.  She bent over, continuing to shake her body until she stood hunched and mostly dry.


The pain had lessened in her back but she growled quietly as the echoes of it seemed to flare along her spine.  


Still, the scent of her blood was gone, washed away by the river.  If the man would track her, he would have a hard time with it.  


The pain pooling along the middle of her back shifted and she groaned as he spread slowly, like golden honey oozing over wheatcakes.  It was torturous and slow and exotic and she could feel everything.  The few hairs she’d missed while shaving over the past week stood on end as the sensation spreading beneath her skin warmed her.  


Black hairs pushed from the scarred claw marks covering her back.  Riley wrinkled her nose and dug her fingers into the ground as the warmth reached her guts.  She groaned and then suddenly jerked as her traitorous body shoved her forward, forcing her ass in the air with her thighs spread.  She moaned, turning her head to stare at the full, silvery moon casting its glow upon her naked body.


Tiny daggers stabbed into her lower belly, spearing through her guts and into her hips.  Her body twisted painfully to one side and then the other as her tailbone cracked and separated.  Muscles grew, dense and powerful and she felt it as the daggers turn to hot knives.  Her ass swelled until the cheeks pressed together above her pussy.


“What’s-” Riley gasped before growling as she felt her muscles cramping in her thighs and ass.  She fell to her knees, squeezing her legs together.  Incredibly, she could feel her pussy lips against her bare thighs.


Her slick, engorged lips pounded with each beat of her heart.  She growled again and her body disobeyed her once more.  Her breasts pressed to the cold ground as her widened, trembling hips raised to the ground.  Showing her eagerness. Notifying any nearby males that she was ready for breeding.  Hungry for it.  Aching for it.


The sudden image of Brooklyn against the tree came to mind and Riley’s eyes widened again.


Changing, she realized.  Changing like her.  Oh god.  Oh god, that thing marked me and now I’m changing!


The girl’s ears twitched.  Skin twisted as the soft ridges and antihelixes of her ears stretched.  She rolled her head as a dull pounding formed behind her eyes.  Slowly, the rounded, folded edges of her ears began to flow, sliding back and up into points as more skin formed.


Gray and black hairs pierced the backs of her newly pointed ears and they flicked at an angle as she heard something crashing through the trees on the opposite bank.


He’s there! she realized.  Riley coiled her heavily muscled legs and pushed, launching herself in the air.  She opened her mouth to scream but the ground rushed up quickly beneath her and she caught herself, rolling along rocks and dirt that collected into the thickening fur spreading along her back.


Pain flared above her ass cheeks as she rolled onto the bones of her forming tail.


With a quiet yip, she went to all fours and then stood, instinctually going to the balls of her feet before settling back flat-footed.


She ran, faster than she ever had before, leaping over logs and ducking beneath branches until she paused in the roots of a gigantic tree.


Her heart pounded but the pressure in her face was expanding and tears leaked from her eyes.  She pressed her palms against her cheeks and her hands felt like ice.  No, she realized – her face was burning.  Her cheekbones cracked and she hissed while pulling her hands away. 


The world spun around her as bone formed beneath her skin, pushing at her jaw.  Creating her muzzle.  She pushed against her face once more, uselessly trying to undo what was happening.  Expecting smooth skin, she was surprised to find fuzzy little hairs instead.  She explored and her fingertips brushed soft blacks hairs and bare skin.  More hairs grew forth as she touched her face.  


Riley closed her eyes against the pain and sweat rolled down her clenched brow.  She pounded the ground with a moan, shoving her snout against the bark of the tree next to her, scratching the growing fur and aching bones.


The pain stopped suddenly.  She leaned back and opened her eyes.


The forest was alive in front of her.  It was lighter and the moonlight seemed to cling to places around her.  It clumped and swirled in lines that extended in different directions.  The lines shifted and flowed and she raised her long jaw to breathe deeply.


And then breathe out in a huff.  It was scents.  Combined with changed eyesight and the moonlight itself.  Animals.  Prey.  Racing to hide.  To hide from her as they saw her change.


The heat pulled her back and she moaned, biting at one of the roots with her teeth.  Her mouth ached and she gnawed as her ears flattened against her head, the fur lining the back of them brushing against her black curls.


Fangs split her gums to fill the gaps between her teeth.  They grew, pushing out her old teeth so new, sharp teeth could replace them.  Her cheeks flared and she sawed through the root with deadly teeth.  


Through all of it, she could feel the hungry void between her thighs.  


I could- she panted, her tongue slipping between her jaws as she released the root.  It stretched and widened as drool dripped from the tip.  I could.  Give myself away.  Go to him.  Fuck.  Fuck him.  Raise my ass to him until his cock splits me open and fills me.  Red and thick and hard and filling me with cum  until-


God!  God, no! she gasped, grabbing at her sides.  


With her hands pressed against her chest, she felt her ribcage flare out.  The bones pressed against her skin and her breathing grew deep and powerful.  Her metabolism spiraled out of control and the excess skin around her wide hips and belly pulled tight to reveal hardened lines of muscle.  Her upper body began to expand to match her hips, ass and thighs.


Carter, she reminded herself.


Riley turned, gripping the roots with her hands as she shoved her ass against the tree behind her.  She spread her thighs and snapped at the air in front of her as she rubbed her pussy against the tree.  


The male was forgotten in her urge to quench the fire within.


The girl’s breasts quaked as she pounded herself back.  Stretch marks appeared at the edges of the soft, brown skin.  The marks vanished and re-formed as fatty tissue grew beneath her tits.  She ignored them, continuing to shove herself back as her growing breasts began to slap against her body.


She could see the man from the club.  Could see his blood-stained claws.  Could feel him behind her.  She growled and replaced him with Carter but her mind kept slipping.


The beast was taking her and it knew its own.  


Fur grew from her swollen labia as she frantically rubbed herself against the tree.  Already slick from her juices, her fur spread down over her thighs and up over her dark mound.  


“Fuck,” Riley grunted, grabbing a huge tit in one hand to massage it roughly.  “Fuck.  Fuck.  Fuck me.  Carter, fuck me.  Pound me.  Fucking hurt me.  Bite me.  Fuck me and change me.  Sink your teeth into me and rub your fur onto my body and fill me.”


Pain twisted in Riley’s guts once more, forcing her to her knees.  She pressed her muzzle to the ground as her hips shook.  Her tail, short but furred, curled back and she spread her thighs.  A quick, sharp cramp exploded between her thighs as bones broke and moved, raising her pussy higher.  Readying her for being mounted.  Blood raced to her labia and they folded over the inner lips until they began to press together.  Her mound, hidden behind thick black fur, pressed up and skin began to grow to cover her clit until, still moving, it pressed against her outer labia.


Her thick lips, surrounded by a heavy tangle of slicked-back fur, swelled further until they were exposed.  Clear liquid seeped between the folded labia and she whined, slipping a hand beneath her to rub her new pussy.


Her fingernails brushed the fur spreading on her lower belly and she jerked as she scratched a tiny, sensitive nipple hidden beneath the fur.  


“Ohhhh god,” Riley moaned, grabbing the fur in her hand and pulling while shoving her ass back.  She clawed at her lower belly, feeling the aching points begging for attention.  Skin shriveled beneath her finger before twisting into a second teat that connected to milk ducts beneath her belly. 


Sounds forced her to stillness and she grinded her fangs together to ignore her own heat.  She scented the air and the fur on the nape of her neck stood at attention.  A gentle breeze brought his scent to her.


It would be so easy to let him take her.  Or to take him.  To lose herself in it.  She wanted it badly enough to she was willing to ignore her vows.  That, in the moment, she was sure she’d never wanted anything more than to fuck beneath the moonlight with a stranger.  


As her spreading fur brushed the bottom of her heavy breasts, she shook her muzzle.  She could still feel the air on bare skin.  She wasn’t taken completely yet.  She could fight it.  She could remember her husband.


The other wolf (man! she yelled at herself) entered her line of sight.  Her eyes tracked to his black-furred sheath and the exposed red cock and she almost lost herself to him.  


Instead, she hardened her mind and dug her nails into the palms of her hands.  She felt tough skin beneath her fingers.  Her hands throbbed and she rubbed her palm with her fingertips, feeling the leather padding as it began to form.  


Now, she willed herself.  Hurry now.  Claws.  Claws for striking.  For hurting.  For hunting.  Now. Now.  Now.


Riley’s nails bent back to reveal her black claws.  They anchored to her fingerbones as her hand widened and the fingers lengthened.  She watched the other wolf, ignoring his hardened cock as she scratched her palm over and over.  Until the claws were fully formed.  


She knelt, huge and powerful, at the base of the tree under the moon’s soft light.  It glistened off her silky black fur and she felt is a loving warmth.  She could feel her mind slipping further.  Oddly enough, she wasn’t terrified.  She felt relaxed despite the anger and quick emotions of the wolf that filled her body.  It was part of her now, and she a part of it.  She sunk into it and welcomed its embrace.  It was powerful and ancient and would do whatever it took to keep her alive.


Readying herself, she pushed her toes into the ground as they began to throb.  Just as her fingers had.


Time fractured as she hunted the male.  As much as she tried to focus, she saw only bits and pieces.


A fight.  Blood.  PAIN.  Snapping teeth.  Tearing.






Being chased.


A torn arm, hanging limp.  Her claw in his eye.  Rolling.  Tumbling.  Falling.






Blood.  His.  Hers.  


A changed man.  Fur receding.


The man in the club.


Hunger.  Pain.  Anger.  Fear.  Fierceness.


The man’s face kept changing to Carter.


Unnatural hatred.


Carter in pain and bleeding.



“Carter!” Riley gasped, sitting up in bed.


The sheet clung to her naked body.  Cold air filled the room but it washed off of her.  She knew it was cold but she felt hot, despite her nudity.  The bedroom window and most of the frame surrounding it was broken.


She sat wrapped in a bed sheet that was covered in dried blood and dirt and a million black hairs.


Memories swirled and she clung to them, trying to remember.  Desperately trying to make sense of them.


Nobody came to see her or what had caused her to shout.


“Carter!” Riley shouted again, rolling off of the bed and running from the room to search for him.  Panic built within her body as she raced through the house.


His face haunted her memories.  It flickered.


The terror in his expression.  The blood.  So much blood.


Riley returned to the bedroom and collapsed, sobbing as she grabbed the bed sheet to pull it around her.




Her human ears twitched as keys jingled in the lock and the deadbolt twisted.  She jumped to her feet and smelled him before she turned the corner to see him.


“Babe!  There’s a huge dead deer at the intersection.  The cops are even oof-!”  Carter said as Riley slammed into him.  His keys dropped to the ground as she wrapped herself around him, crying in relief.


“Babe?  Why’re you crying?  Wait, why are you naked?  And why do you smell like- like- what is that?  Is that blood?”


“Oh god, oh god, Carter,” she said, kissing his cheek before crushing him against her.  


“Hey, ow, hey, you’re hurting me,” Carter told her, gently trying to pry her off.


“I thought you were dead!  God!  I thought-  I thought-  You- You smell good,” she said, pressing her nose into the crook of his neck.  She sniffed him while pressing her body against him.  “You smell.  Oh.   You smell- You smell really good.  Really fucking good.”


“Hey, ow! Babe!  Watch your nails!”  Carter said.


She released him with a growl, dropping to her knees while struggling with his pants.  


“Hey, why are you- whoa, whoa, slow do- oh, hell!” Carter, moaned, his hands going to his wife’s thick hair as she ran her rough, wide tongue over his limp cock.  


She moaned, shoving her nose into the corner of his thigh while grabbing his manhood, pumping him hard before rearing back to shove her mouth down over him.  Riley gagged for a brief moment but pushed further, moaning as Carter’s fingers tightened in her hair.  She dug her fingernails into his ass as she began to bob up and down.


The smell of blood filled the air as she dragged the sharp black tips of her claws down her husband’s bare ass.  Black hairs stood up on the nape of her neck, slowly spreading down her spine as she felt herself grow wet.  


“God!” Carter moaned, laying back against the wall.  He looked down at his wife as she frantically shoved herself up and down on his cock.


A powerful scent filled the man’s nose and his throat vibrated into a growl as he clawed at the wall next to him with his free hand.  Riley pulled off of him, drool connecting from his cock from the corner of his wife’s mouth before she cleaned him off.  Her eyes were a brilliant golden color and dark hairs lined her jaw but he was distracted by the smell that burned his eyes.  His eyes watered as his jaw crunched and he tightened his other hand in her hair.


Riley moaned loudly as her husband pulled her away.  He snarled and shoved her to the ground and she cried out in pleasure at the show of his dominance.  


Pure, clear liquid seeped from her trembling labia as they began to bulge away from her body.  She glanced back to see her husband clawing at his shirt, tearing it away from his body to show a chest lined with short, light brown fur.  Red tinged his cock as he fell to all fours over her.


She screamed, shoving her widening hips back against his cock as his teeth sunk into her shoulder.  She could feel his fangs spearing into her as he rubbed himself against her swollen, wet, aching pussy.  Thick skin rubbed against her bulging pussy lips and she shivered as his forming sheath grew tiny hairs that teased her sensitive lips.


Carter reared back and the head of his cock slipped down to press into her changing pussy.  He howled as he entered her, shoving her down.  Her growing breasts flattened on the ground beneath her as her husband slammed into her.


The wolf, barely restrained within her soul, snarled and shook at the chains that still held it tight.  She knew it would be free soon but she held on as long as she could so she could remember this later.  This intense passion.  The pain and pleasure mixing as her husband’s knot began to push against her.  The way he licked the healing scars he’d given her when he bit her shoulder.  The way their fur brushed as they rutted.


But the wolf broke free and she floated, pushing herself up to all fours and then twisting, shoving her husband back, her claws resting on a patch of bare skin on his chest as she grabbed his huge, red cock.  Pressing herself down onto him as his hands grabbed her breasts.  She could feel his padding forming.  It scratched against her aching nipples until, fully grown, the skin softened.  


Riley rode her husband, her stubby tail growing behind her.  She could feel the orgasm coming – building to an intense relief that was denied to her the night before.  She rocked against him again and again as the tight muscles of her pussy flared in an attempt to take her husband’s knot.


Her orgasm surprised her and her feet clawed at the carpet, tearing gouges through the backing and the floor beneath.  He slipped completely inside of her as her pussy pulsed around his cock and she screamed in a deep, ragged voice as her claws marked his chest.


A second orgasm rocked her, nearly as powerful as the first and then a third followed when her husband pulled her close and bruised her cervix by shoving deeply inside of her.  She felt him grow even larger inside as he came and she trembled against his body, her sharp ears held back with her thick tail curled over her body.


As much as she tried to hold onto the moment, the wolf consumed her and she again lost track of time.


She mated through most of the day.  And then they were outside.  Woods.  Mating again.  Hunting together.  Nightfall – the second night of the fall moon.  Blessing them.  She could feel its warmth even as deep as she was inside her own body.  


When she woke this time, she lay on the ground near her bed with her husband wrapped around her.


There was a new smell in the house and she jerked alert, extracting herself from her husband.  He grumbled and tossed and turned but she padded through the wrecked home without him, sighing at the broken furniture as the scent trail led her to the front door.


A single envelope lay on the ground in the entryway.  


Riley kicked the letter with her foot and then frowned, bending to grab it.  It was unsealed with nothing written on the outside.  The smell was familiar but she couldn’t place it until she read the contents.


It read:


You’ve killed your progenitor.  He was an old friend of mine but I don’t blame you.  I can’t blame you.  You or the wolf that’s taken root inside of you.


Stay away from my territory.  If I see you here, I’ll kill you.  And I won’t be alone.


Your friend belongs to us now.  I’ve marked her and she’ll kill you as quickly as I would.


We can live peaceably together.


Let this be your warning.



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