Beast of Burden Ch. 01

The meal was eaten in silence but the barely repressed anger of the host filled the room as one harried servant took the place of many.


At the head of the table the host sat on a lowered, cushioned couch, his back utterly straight as he glared at his food.  Despite the small size of the room and the meager trappings, the meal itself was rich.  Plates of fruits lay in an elegant pattern between bowls of thick, rich stews.  Two long baskets of bread edged the table and a large pot of scented rice dominated the center.


Spiced coffee steamed to the side of the guest’s plate. 

The Den

“Are you sure you can’t go?” Riley asked, her fingers hooked into the front belt loops of her husband’s blue jeans.  “Just picture it.  Me on the dance floor, shaking my ass all alone while sex-starved men circle like animals.  I’ll be all alone.  Helpless.  Vulnerable.  Out there twerking my booty, unaware of the approaching predators.”


“Oh please, David Attenborough,” Carter laughed.  He pressed the palm of his hand against her cheek and she gently nuzzled back against him before he traced a finger up and over her ear.  “You’ll have Zoey and Brooklyn there with you and I trust you more than I’d trust Mr.