A New Familiar

The house is quiet but I know that won’t last.  My kid sister is home from college and she’s brought her roommate with her.  It’s okay since I’m not home much longer.  In fact, I’ll be gone quite a while but they don’t know that yet.


They – the anonymous “they” – always said that college would open doors for me but they never said what kind of doors.  Or to what dimension those doors would lead.


When I was a kid, I cracked my head good at the playground.  An exposed bolt beneath the slide that should’ve been covered.  My parents sued, got tons of money and did what they could for me and the kids that played on the playground.  Honestly, I love them dearly and they’ve both been amazing from start to finish.


I turned out alright.  I just saw things different afterwards.


Very different.


Half hidden things lurking in the shadows beneath the corners of the world. My father used to sit with me every night.  Every.  Night.  That’s how good of a person he is.  Every night he would hold my hand to keep me safe from what lurked in my room.  He couldn’t see them, of course.  And he never believed me but that’s okay.  He believed that I believed and that’s all that mattered.  


I shooed them away from my baby sister even though they never bothered anyone.   I learned to ignore them.  To pretend they didn’t exist.  I went to high school.  Then college.


They found me my sophomore year.  The specific “they” this time.  An order.  Ancient and small.  Conjurers and witches and warlocks and shamen and other holy men.  Specifically a witch found me.


In a coffee shop.  She stopped in and did that slow turn thing you see in the movie.  Came right up to me and said “You see them, don’t you?”


It took me a moment to understand what the crazy woman meant but then I did.  I told her I had no idea what she was saying.  


Then she did something to me and I followed her to her room and told her everything I knew from childhood to that moment.  She apologized afterwards and said it was extremely bad manners to bewitch someone as she’d done but she had to be certain.  Plus, I learned my first lesson there: morals are very relative and extremely flexible in what we actually know of the universe.


I left college and began learning other things.  That was four years ago and I’m still incredibly new at everything.  Oh, I’ve picked up some tricks but I have a long, long way to go.


Literally and metaphorically.  I’m leaving tonight for several years.  A trip all of us must make.  Alone.  Well.  It doesn’t have to be completely alone.


I spent the night before growing some gold in my parent’s property and setting up events for them to find it.  It’ll leave them quite well off.


“-right back!” I hear my sister say.  She’s a freakin’ delightful kid.  Even growing up.  Smart and kind and the best of people.  


I wait for a second and then head to the bathroom but I stop for a moment by her room.


“-tonight,” a girl says from my sister’s room.  The roommate, of course.  “No, why would I want her to come with us?  She’s boring.  No.  I sent her out for some food.  I’m just here because I bummed a ride from her.  Haha, are you serious?  She doesn’t even drink.  You’ll have more than just molly, right?  Fucking good.  Yeah, I’ll leave around 9.  Just text me the address.”


So.  One weird thing I learned is that, while there isn’t a capital-G God that we know about, the universe seems awfully funny.  Ordered in a weird way that seems purposeful sometimes.  We make a big deal out of pretending it’s not (unless you’re religious then, sure) but, really, it’s almost got a weird life of its own.  Like it takes enjoyment out of making some things happen.


Earlier, I said I was taking a trip alone.  I have to – it’s the laws.  A spirit journey of a kind.  We all do it.  Those of us that see things.


You are, however, allowed to bring a familiar.


Oh-hoh, you think, what are familiars?  


Let me show you.


I walk into my sister’s room and this girl looks up at me.  She’s – hold on.  A bit of concentration, a bit of willpower and a bit of magic.


She’s third generation Japanese.  Both parents are Japanese.  Grandparents on one side from Osaka and the other from, ah, also Osaka.  I stop the magic there otherwise it’d just keep going and filling me in.  It can get annoyingly verbose in its enthusiasm. 


She’s pretty.  Shoulder length straight black hair and very Americanized.  Slim, petite and catty.


See, that’s what I mean about a funny universe.  Here I am, about to go on a spirit trip without a familiar and the universe provides.


“Your sister went to the store,” the girl tells me with a bored glance.  She’s already back on her phone, browsing whatever.


“I know,” I answer, walking close.  Starting the magic.


She’s comfortable in her safety until I’m at the edge of the bed.  Then primal monkey instincts kick in and she looks up.  Worried.

It’s too late.


I lay my hand on her forehead and she jerks back.  


Again.  Too late.


“What the fuck, freak?” she yells, rubbing her head.


My parents left their old rocking chair in my sister’s room.  They used to rock her to sleep with it.  Me, they had to sit on the washing machine to get me to pass out but she was good after being rocked.  I take it for now, sitting while facing the girl.


“Your name is Emi,” I tell her.  The spell earlier informed me.  “We’re going to leave in the morning.  Me and you.”


She laughs.  It’s actually a pretty laugh but her ugly personality twists it.  My spell earlier confirmed a lot of what I suspected from her short phone call.  She’s a bitch.  To just about everyone.


“What the fuck makes you think-” she starts to say but cuts off when I raise my hand.  Her eyes widen as her mouth works.


“You’re my familiar now,” I tell her.  “And you’ll listen to me.  We’ll both learn from the trip and we’ll be gone for a long time.  I’ll put together a convenient spell to hide your disappearance so it doesn’t match with mine.  It won’t be too hard.”


“Who the fuck do you think you are?” she sputters.


“Well, I could be all old fashion and say I’m your master now but,” I tell her, pausing and tapping my chin.  “No, actually that is what I am.  I’ve bonded you.”


She starts to say something but I hold my finger up again and her voice doesn’t work.  She’ll need some training.


“I’ve twinned your soul with an animal,” I tell her.  “Because that’s how it’s done.  Apparently for millenia.  A cat because I like cats.  It’ll be hard on you.  We’ve changed so much from the animals around us.  Separated ourselves in so many ways.  Having an animal ride your soul, well.  It changes you apparently.  In quite a few ways.”


“You- you’re crazy,” she whispers, her hands reaching for her phone.


“You’ll tell nobody,” I command her and she snatches her hand back.  “When I leave, you’ll pretend everything is fine.  You’ll actually think things are fine and you’ll be too embarrassed to say anything.  The rest is up to you.  I’ll see you later tonight.”


I stand and she blinks, scratching the side of her head.


“Freak,” she whispers as I leave.


I head back to my room, close and lock (and then seal) my room.  Nobody will hear anything from my room and can’t get in unless they know how to unlock magic.  Which, they don’t.


A simple spell shows me my sister’s room in three dimensions, complete with sounds.  I place the image on my desk as I begin working on a spell to remove Emi from the world.  It’ll take a while but that’s okay.


I look up when my sister enters her room.  She has a bag of fast food and she hands some over to Emi who eats in relative silence.  I dim the sound coming from the spell as they talk randomly but when I take a break from the spell I’m crafting, I watch.


It wasn’t a lie.  Bonding an animal to someone’s spirit does all kinds of things to them.  I spot the beginning of it when Emi’s hand keeps straying to her thighs.  She snatches it back but it slowly moves right back.  She’ll place her hand on her knee as if she doesn’t know what she’s doing and then it slides up her thigh.


Ah.  There we go.  Emi slips her hand between her thighs and her head dips before she grabs it away.


Only a few things truly drive us at a very, very basic level and one of them is the urge to reproduce.  We’ve repressed it as humans.  Tamed it.  But animals need it to survive.  They don’t know control.  When it hits, it hits.


One of my masters keeps cats and I’ve been around plenty of times when they go into heat.


I almost feel bad for the girl.  Almost.


Again, her hand moves up her leg, pressing into the gap between her crossed thighs.  A simple gesture zooms in as she presses fingers into her pants.  She’s rubbing herself and I see the pants growing dark.  Wet.


But, yet again, she pulls her hand back.  She shakes from time to time now and I catch her glancing at the door.


“How’s your brother?” I hear Emi ask.  She’s laying both of her hands against the inside of her thighs and she’s dug her nails in deep.


“Owen?  He’s good,” my sister says, surprised to hear the question.  “Just back for a little bit, he said.”


“I thought I saw him before,” Emi says nervously, glancing to the door.  She scratches her cheek and chin and then quickly licks the back of her hand anxiously.  “Tall guy?  Handsome?  I think he came from the room next door.”


“Handsome?” my sister asks with a smile.  “Emi, he’s my brother.  Come on.  But, yeah, he’s got the room next to me.”


The other girl nods and then looks towards my room as she scratches at her upper lips.  Tiny little holes have opened along her lip.  She’s shaking again and she grabs her sides as the wet patch grows between her thighs.  She grabs one of the many pillows my sister has and lays it on her lap, resting her left arm on it.  Her right hand slips beneath the pillow and she looks away while biting her lip.


It’s almost time.  I look outside and see how dark it’s getting.  


“Sleep,” I whisper, making a pushing motion towards my sister.  She yawns, hiding her mouth with the back of her hand.


“I’m thinking about going to sleep early,” my sister says, yawning again.  “I’ll sleep on the mat on the floor so you can have the bed.”


“O- okay,” Emi says, her right arm jerking slightly.  


My sister unrolls a mat and grabs a blanket and pillow from her closet, laying down and falling asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow.


Emi is up as soon as my sister closes her eyes.  She practically leaps over the other girl, bolts from the room and then tries to open my door.  Of course it doesn’t work.


She knocks quietly.


“Owen!” the girl says.  “Owen, please!  Something- something’s- what did you do?”


I wait and she knocks again.  And then again.  


“God,” the girl says.  “Gooood.”


“I can’t- I can’t controooowwwwl,” she yowls, clawing at the door.  I relent, gesture and the door opens.


Emi stumbles in, falling on her hands and knees in front of me.  She’s breathing hard, looking up at me and showing her bosom.  I can see her dark, left nipple.  


“What did you doooo,” she moans, grabbing at the carpet.


Sitting and staring at her, I see her brown irises begin to lighten to a dark sandy color.  It expands, consuming the whites of her eyes.  At the same time, the holes above her lips open wider and clear whiskers peek out.


She grits her teeth, closes her eyes and her hand presses against her crotch beneath her as she holds herself up on one hand.  


When she opens her eyes again, her pupils are open wide before they narrow to vertical slits in the bright lights.  


I stand and go to her and she draws back before the heat consuming her keeps her in place.  I kneel and brush her soft cheek, rubbing my finger along the skin.  I can feel a light fuzziness there and her skin darkens as black hairs begin to sprout.


“I can’t- I can’t-” she mumbles, straining for me, pressing her cheek into my hand.  “I can’t stop thinking of sex.  I need it.  I need it so bad.  Please.  Please, I need it.”


“I know,” I tell her while sitting back on my bed.  


She yowls again and sits back on her knees.  She has a sweater on over a long sleeve white shirt and both of her nipples are clearly visible.  Hard and eager.


Without a word, she grabs her sweater and pulls it off, flinging it into the corner of the room.  For a brief moment, I see her midriff – bare, white skin and so smooth.  She’s shaking and her fingers fumble with her buttons, starting at the top.  I watch, feeling myself grow hard as the third button shows her cleavage.  The fourth comes undone and she hisses in frustration.


Rather than waiting to undo the rest, she pulls and the button pop free to show a slim, thin bra on her toned frame.  She’s blushing furiously.


I can smell her arousal and I’m just a mostly normal human.  She’s soaked through her slacks and she’s slowly writhing on her hips as her body tells her what it wants her to do.  


She rolls her head and I see a faint trail of black fur along her shoulders and down the nape of her neck.  She drops to her hands and knees and comes to me, swaying her hips in an exaggerated fashion until her head is between my knees.


Gently, she places her hands on my knees.


I can feel her warmth but I let her do what she needs.  


“I can’t stop myself,” she’s panting, starting up at me with her tawny eyes.


She’s kneading at my thighs and I look down.  Her pink nail polish is cracking as her nails bend.  I watch them thicken and then sink into the flesh at the tip of her fingers.  She flexes and clear claws spear out to dig into my pants.


“Soorrrry,” she moans, pushing herself up with her hands to kiss my lips.  She forces her tongue into my mouth and then nuzzles her soft, furred cheek against mine.


When she sits back on her heels, her face is nearly completely consumed by the fur.  It’s short but growing longer where it first grew. I brush her whiskers with my thumb and she closes her eyes.  Her throat vibrates in a deep purr that startles her.  She grab at her throat and then touches her skin carefully to feel the fur that’s spreading down from her chin.  


Her hand touches my crotch but she stops to look for permission and I nod.  Her fingers are awkward but she unzips me and her purr returns when she sees my hardened cock.  


“Oh, god, I don’t- I don’t know-” she says, starting at it.


Her hand reaches out and she strokes me gently.  She turns her wrist and I see pink forming just beneath her fingers.


“I’m a-” she swallows. “I’m a virgin.”


I reach forward, gently running my hand through her hair and her purr grows louder.  Pulling her hair back, I see the tips of her ears growing to sharp points.  They thin as they move and, when I touch them, they flick.  I pull her towards me and feel her hot breath on my cock.  She kisses it, unsure of herself and I nod again.  


Her hand cradles my dick and I move it up and down to encourage her.  Her padding is growing out as she grips me softly.  She groans and her tongue gives me a quick, explorative lick.


“Yes,” I tell her.  


She grabs my thigh with her other hand and licks me from the base to the tip, swirling the head with her tongue.  I shiver and grip her furry ear with my fingers, rubbing it as I hold her head tightly.  She licks again and I start to feel a roughness.  Little barbs forming as she gets more into it.


And then, as she’s eagerly cleaning my pre-cum, I push her head down.  She opens her mouth and I feel the brush of her elongating canines.  She moans and then begins to purr and I jerk from the odd sensation around my sensitive head.  I pull her up and push her down and she following, slowly working her head up and then down, backing off when she starts to gag.


The tongue and the purring is killing me.  


I reach down to undo her bra straps and then scratch the thick line of fur creeping down her back.


“Oh fuck!” she moans, freezing in place as I scratch her harder.  She grips my cock and rests her head on my thighs as I claw her back, scratching the spreading fur.


Emi mews, rubbing her cheek into my thigh until I push her back.  She stares down at the ground, her arms at her side.  Her ears flick anxiously and I imagine she’s blushing beneath the black fur.


Tiny bulges push at her lower belly.  She rolls her head and grips her small breasts, squeezing them as black fur surrounds and encompases them.  


“Strip,” I tell her.


She sits back, scratching and clawing at her pants until she kicks them free.


Strings of clear liquid connect from her pussy to her panties as she pulls them off.


“Lay back,” I command and she does, her hands to her sides.  


I kneel before her and kiss her mound.  She jerks and grabs my hair, lifting her hips to me.  I kiss higher and she yowls quietly.  I kiss one of the small mounds and she claws the ground.  My tongue works around the smooth, loose skin and she’s thrashing beneath me.  The skin is hardening in my mouth.


“Yes,” Emi moans.  “Yes, yes.”


I can feel her small, prickly fur against my tongue as it sprouts around her new teat.  I kiss each of them and she shudders.


Once done, I take off my shirt and then stand to let my pants and underwear fall free.  She hides her breasts for a second before putting her hands to the side.  I can see her dark brown nipple in the sea of black fur.  Her sharp ears twitch back as I kneel before her.


Lowering my face to her pussy, I can feel the heat.  


“Wait,” she tells me.  I don’t, getting closer to her.


“Wait, wait, I’m not- wait- ooooooooowwwwl!” she screeches as my mouth touches her pussy.  She incredibly wet and her pink lips glisten in the light.


She bucks under me as I kiss and lick her pussy. Licking my finger, I pull her hood back and carefully rub her clit as I suck at her pussy lips.  She’s screaming and mewling and yowling and clawing at my hair with her knees pressed hard against my face until I pull back, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand.


Her furred chest is rising and falling so fast.  I can see the fur creeping down her arms as strands sprout from the back of her hands.  


I grab her right foot carefully, my thumb gently pressing against her small, smooth arch.  Not a single blemish shows on her skin as I kiss the sole of her feet.  Starting beneath her big toe, I kiss the ball of her foot, moving slowly outward until I reach beneath her little toe.  


She shudders and twists as I massage and kiss her feet.  As I massage her foot, I feel a kind of dense lump forming just beneath the skin.  I massage her as the white skin stretches, kissing her again as the white fades to pink padding.  


Holding her slim calf muscle, her growing hairs prick me as they pierce her skin.


I lay her foot down on my lap and pick up her other foot to repeat the process, rubbing and kneading the skin.


While I stroke her, she feels my cock with the foot in my lap.  Unbidden, she slides her foot against me, spreading her toes in a cute attempt to jack me off with her foot.  I let her as she gets into it as her other foot begins to change.  She’s awkward with it but enjoys herself, toying with her teats as she rubs my cock with her soft foot.


I gently pull her away and then kiss her before rolling her over.  She goes easily to her hands and knees, lowering her upper body and spreading her thighs automatically to ensure her swollen pussy is visible.


She has a light dusting of black fur covering her ass.  I squeeze her and she pushes back.


“Take me,” she moans, laying her head down on her cheek to look back at me.  “Take me, please.  My virginity.  It hurts.  It hurts so bad.  I’ve never felt it like this.  Never.  Never, please. Please.  I’m losing my mind.  I’m ooooooowwwl! Losing owwwwwl!  Please!”


I rub the small of her back and feel the looseness there.  The fur has grown dense and thick and I pull at it, to which she eagerly responds.  But then I massage her more as a bone presses against my hand.  Her skin bubbles up around it and pushes away so I kiss the tip of her new tail.


And then I grip the short base and she screams, shoving herself against my stomach and rubbing herself, marking me with her cum.


Holding the base of her slowly growing tail with one hand, I grab her ass with the other, my thumb near her pussy.  I spread her open and then lay the head of my cock against her opened pussy.


She tries to impale herself on me.  She frantically tries to push back but I hold her in place, tugging on her tail while squeezing her ass.  And I slowly enter her.  She cries out and claws at the floor as a hint of blood mixes with her juices.  I push slowly but she’s still trying to shove herself back, despite the pain.


Further.  Further until I bottom out and she’s purring and mewling and begging me to fuck her.  I pull back and she squeezes her pussy against me, instinctually trying to hold me in place.  She’s so incredibly tight that it blows my mind.


I grab her slim hips and begin to move in earnest.  


“Yes, please, yes!” she cries out.  “Yes, god, it’s better- better than I- imagined!  God, yes yes yes!  Fuck me!”


“Sir”, I tell her, freezing in place.


She tries to move but I hold her.  Her tail is long enough that the tip thumps angrily against my chest as I hold her still.  It’s as thick as my wrist and strong but I tug and she moans.


“Call me ‘sir’,” I tell her.


“Sir!” she gasps.  “Sir, please fuck me, sir!”


I slam into her and she slides on the carpet.  I’m close but I want her to cum.  So, I cheat.  I scratch at her back while pulling her tail and her eyes widen while her mouth drops open.  She’s shaking, talking gibberish and clawing.


When she cums, she squeezes my cock painfully and squirts, covering me as she flails, squeezing and gripping my dick.  I pull her back hard by her tail and she screams again.  It’s more than enough and I cum deep inside, holding her tight as she squeezes my cum from her tight pussy.  It squirts free, shockingly white against her the black fur of her ass and thighs.


“More,” she gasps as she collapses on the floor.  “More, sir.  More.  Please.  Please.”


“Soon,” I tell her, scratching her side.  She purrs and pushes into me.  “We have to get ready.  You’ll have years and years ahead of you.  And I don’t know if you’ll ever get enough.”

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