What Goes Around

The sky was a perfect, boundless blue without a single imperfection.  A gentle breeze whirled past, carrying the scent of the nearby ocean as Penelope sauntered down the sidewalk.  She adjusted the duffle bag against her white t-shirt before pulling at her bikini top’s strap on her left shoulder.


In the distance, children laughed and yelled as seagulls cried high above.  The girl’s flip-flops smacked against the concrete in a slow staccato.  She passed the post office in her small town and the scenery opened up to show trees kept in beautiful condition by the local parks department.  In the distance, the path curved toward the ocean.  She glanced up and covered her nose with a frown as an ancient station wagon rattled past, the windows open to allow the ear-piercing shrieks of five small children to fill the air.


As the car growled past, a different sound replaced it – a raspy trilling sound.  Penelope paused on her walk to look around until she found the source.


A small, fluffy but hideously bulky baby bird floundered on the ground next to her, twisting and turning as it flapped its nubby wings.


“Oh, gross,” she said, stepping away from the small creature.  It appeared to be a bulky little creature with a yellow beak and yellow claws and its body was lined in what looked like dirty lint.


Giving it wide berth, she almost continued on her way until she spotted a cat standing on the wide wall surrounding the post office behind her.  Its ears flicked and it circled, tail lashing.


“Here, kitty kitty,” Penelope crooned, getting the sleek white cat’s attention.  It turned to her, sitting for a moment with its tail curled around its paws.  Until she pointed toward the baby bird.  


The cat immediately hunkered down, staring at the bird.  With a quick glance to the sky and the nearby ground, it launched itself, grabbing the small, struggling creature in its jaws.  It turned immediately, looking back at Penelope to see if she would challenge its catch but the girl just waved it away.


“It’s all yours,” she told it.  “Just, eww, just kill it somewhere else.”


When she didn’t stop it, the cat dragged the bird into the bushes and the girl continued on her way, swinging her hair to settle her frosted blonde hair against her back.


High overhead, a large eagle cried loudly while circling endlessly.


Penelope continued on her walk, her long, tanned legs working tirelessly until her flip-flops crunched on fine sand.  With the weekend just started, the beach was packed with families, teenagers and old couples on vacation.  She sighed, glancing around the pristine white sand before spotting an empty spot near an old pier.


A single distant rumbling filled the otherwise perfect day as the young woman walked past the crowds.  The small hairs lining her body suddenly lifted at once and then settled as a sharp scent filled her nose.  The smell passed as she glanced around and she shrugged before walking under the huge rotting beams of the pier.


The sounds from the crowds dimmed as she lay her bag on the beach.  Grabbing the edge of her shirt, she pulled to undress down to her tiny bikini before tucking her shirt into her bag.  She grabbed a huge towel and unrolled it next to her bag.


Sitting on the blanket with her knees wide, Penelope reached in to grab a bottle of sunscreen.  A splashing sound caught her attention, forcing her to look up.


Under the pier, just at the edge of the water, a furred head peeked over the lapping waves.


“Awww,” Penelope cooed.


The little creature stared at her curiously as she stood up 


“Hey little guy,” the girl said as she walked slowly to the water.  The creature floated for a moment and then swam toward the shore, barely hesitating before waddling onto the sand.  “Oh, you’re so precious!  Hi!”


The otter glanced at her, wrinkling its whiskers as she walked closer.  Penelope knelt and reached her hand out carefully.  It regarded her with its beady black eyes and then walked closer on webbed, clawed feet.  Its sleek, wet body glistened in the bright summer sun.


“Aww, hey.  H- hey?”  Penelope said, suddenly uncertain.


The otter shook itself and began to grow while pulsing with an expanding golden glow.  Its back feet dragged against the sand as it lengthened.  It continued to watch her, its expression unreadable as it gained bulk.  The young girl fell back onto the sand with her mouth agape.


Now human sized but far larger than the woman it lay before, the otter pressed itself up, raising on two feet with its huge tail counterbalancing it in place.  Its arms and legs shifted, stretching into strangely human proportions until it loomed over her.


“Wh- wh- wh-” Penelope stuttered.


Despite how bestial it still appeared, and how threatening it seemed as it stood over her, she found herself somehow enthralled by it. She couldn’t look away and was astonished to find herself growing aroused at its presence.


Penelope blinked, shaking her head against the fuzz filling her brain.  She tried to push herself back but the gigantic otter creature fell down to ground over her, pinning her in place.  She gasped as its cold, wet fur surrounded her.  She struggled but the weight of the creature was immense.  Worse, she found herself growing weak and excited as it pressed itself against her.


A spot of warmth appeared lower on her body.  It was smooth and slick as it dragged down her belly.  Only when she felt it probe between her legs did she realize what it was.


“No!  N-mmmph!” she cut off as she felt the creature’s gigantic cock thrust against her and its fur smothered her.  Her bikini bottom slid against her pussy as it writhed and pushed and thrusted until the bottom was pushed aside.  Her traitorous hands gripped the fur lining the creatures back as she clung to it, gasping in fear and excitement.


Pain filled her as the creature’s cock forced her open.  She gasped as he entered her but the pain faded away as she grew wet under its advances.  It filled her completely and she moaned, losing herself in its supernatural charms.


“Y- yes,” she gasped, pushing her hips up to match the creature’s rhythms.  Its cock, surprisingly human shaped, was gigantic.  More than she’d ever had before and it was driving her wild.


It moved, thrusting again and again until it squealed with an unearthly chirping noise.  She felt its cum explode into her and she bit at the thing’s fur, gagging on the dirty, salty taste of its coat as it emptied itself inside of her.  She was on edge, close to her own orgasm but not close enough and faintly disappointed despite the monstrosity of the beast.


Once finished, it pulled out.  Penelope quivered as it did, watching through wide eyes as it stood over her.  She followed its movements, numb and sore but wanting more as it turned and ambled into the water.  It grew shorter and more compact with each step until its small, furred head vanished beneath a wave.


She could feel its cum covering her.  The pain returned, dull and distant, pounding in time with her heartbeat like a sharp needle.  Slowly, the pain began to change.  Her fingers dug into the sand as the ache twisted inside of her to become an itching pleasure.  She could still feel him inside her somehow, an echo of his eager mating that matched the rhythm of her heartbeat.  She was spent.  Relaxed.  Hot.  Needy.  Blood rushed to her face as she tried to ignore the feelings rising up within her body.


Penelope reached a tentative hand down her body and her hand brushed thick fur.  She squealed, sitting up to stare down her body.  She lay in a pool of cum with her bikini bottom broken, leaving her lower half bare.


Brown fur stood out on her mound.  She always kept herself smooth and had even shaved that morning but she watched now as the fur began to spread, racing down her thighs.  She groaned, grabbing handfuls of sand as the sensation dug deep beneath her skin, toying with every single nerve.  She pulled at the hair and cried at the pain as she tugged her own fur.


The creature’s white cum stood out in stark contrast against the brown pelt she was growing.  She watched in fascinated horror as it began to crawl up her body.  Her trim stomach slowly vanished beneath a dense pelt.


Someone grabbed her by her waist and yanked as hard as they could.  Penelope shrieked in surprise and pain, twisting to see who it was.  Her heart raced but she saw nobody.  And still the pain remained.  She turned and then reached behind herself.


Her hand closed around a dense lump of skin protruding from her lower back.  She pulled and her body raised with it.  It was a part of her and she could feel it writhing in her grasp as if it wanted to be free.  Tiny ticklish sensations pricked her palm as hairs begin to grow to cover the expanding lump of her tail.


As her tail grew, it pushed against the ground, forcing her to turn to her forearms and knees.  She could feel it pulling on her spine and she spread her furred thighs to give it room.  


“God!” Penelope yelled as bones within her hips snapped, forcing her to her side.  Her tail thumped the ground and she curled it between her thighs instinctually as she pulled her knees into a fetal position.  Dull pressure blossomed in her waist as she began to take on muscle and fat.  


Her fur slipped beneath her bikini top as it surrounded her breasts in an undeniably erotic tingling.  She gasped as she felt a sudden weight against her.  Her top strained against her growing mass until it was pulled up to reveal the furred mounds of her breasts.  She gasped and then quickly hyperventilated as she felt her breasts grow full and heavy and the fur covering her chest shifted over her swelling tits.


Penelope quickly lost track of her changes as pressure built in her head.  She rolled on the ground as lighter colored fur sprouted from her jaw before spreading up to her cheeks and into her scalp.  She could feel bones moving beneath her hands as her face began to push forward.  Worse, her ears moved, sliding against the palm of her hands as they flattened against her expanding skull.  


The young woman sneezed suddenly as the bridge of her nose cracked and lengthened.  She licked her lips and briefly felt the sharp points of her sprouting whiskers.  Her nose flattened against her expanding muzzle as the delicate pink coloring began to darken to a dull, flat black.


On her side still, she could feel her tail sliding against her thighs and then the hot sand beneath her while it continued to grow.  As wide as her hips at the base, it grew narrow but still thick until it passed her feet.


Finally, the changes stopped.  Penelope lay panting, swallowing and gasping for air as every single part of her changed body screamed for attention.  She glanced down her heavy brown coat of fur and her eyes caught people walking in her direction in the distance.


“No!” she yelled, twisting to try and stand.  Her tail caught her and she fell to her hands and feet.  With a squeal, she ran, awkwardly raising her hips and tail in a wave as she moved away from the crowds and headed towards the trees beyond the water.


After she passed the trees, she paused, gasping for air.  The young woman hooked her nails into the trunk of the tree next to her and then turned to stare at her fuzzy hand.  Three of her nails had fallen away to reveal curved black claws.  Her eyes widened as the short webbing between each of her fingers began to slide upwards to her first knuckle.  She winced as her other two nails were pushed away to reveal the tips of new claws.


Lifting her other hand, she was horrified to see it similarly transformed, without her notice.  She flexed her fingers to find them oddly stiff and sore.  The skin of her palm was distended and bruised but, as she watched, it grew darker and began to form lumps.  She waved her hands in front of her as if hoping to shake off what was happening but the thick padding continued to grow in.


A lance of pain in her feet made her look down to see them growing but she refused to watch.


Penelope ran, stumbling on lengthening, webbed toes.  She lost herself in the woods as she followed a small river.  Weak and out of breath, she crashed to the ground and lay awkwardly against the trunk of an old tree.  Her huge tail curled to press against her feet as they finished growing.


Water ran through a complex, chaotic dam made of sticks and a few pieces of trash.  She focused on it for a time and, slowly, a few beavers made themselves known to her.  They were curious, rotund little creatures that would pause and lift themselves up to stretch towards her every so often.  


Two of the beavers crept close to her.  She pulled her knees to her chest, bumping into her larger breasts while wrapping her long, clawed fingers around her shins.  She could feel the padding against the skin beneath her fur.  


As the two beavers waddled near, she sniffled and wiped a tear away.  As unused to her muzzle as she was, her hand bumped awkwardly into her cheek.


The beaver on the left began glowing with a golden light and the other beaver squeaked before turning and running back to the dam.


“No, oh no, no, no,” Penelope moaned.  She turned, wincing as she pressed her side painfully against her tail while trying to scrabble away.  But she turned, mesmerized as before.  “No, please.”


Her mouth opened as she watched the beaver unfold.  It grunted, pushing its upper body forward while shaking itself.  Joints and bones popped as its arms and legs lengthened to support a humanoid figure that sat crouched on the ground.  It – no, he, she knew – was majestic in its brilliance and she began to feel a warmth between her thighs.  


“No,” she whispered, pushing at her lower belly.  She jerked as her leathery pads rubbed a sore teat.  At her touch, she felt more aching points lower on her belly that mirrored the first.  


Unable to contain herself, she spread her thighs and reached over her head to anchor her claws in the tree behind her.  She pulled herself up, lifting her hips in a lewd display of offering.  She knew it was wrong.  She hated- no, that was a lie she was telling herself as the creature stood on powerful legs.  He was beautiful and powerful and she chirped for him as he came to her.


“Please, I can’t-” she tried to say, a piece of her mind still resisting.


The creature’s hands were gentle as he reached down to grab her wide, furred thighs and pull her down.  She turned, blushing shamefully as she went to her hands and knees instead, mindful of her tail and the urges whispering in her brain.


He grabbed the base of her tail with one hand and a firm, round ass cheek with the other, pulling on her tail roughly.  She purred and raised herself as she felt him lay his cock against her.  Despite his form, it was still human shaped and, this time, he found little resistance in her as he pushed his hard manhood into her sopping wet sex.


Penelope dug her webbed fingers into the dirt as the creature thrust into her.  She purred and then chirped as he went to all fours over her, their fur brushing together as he pumped into her.  She lost herself to the rhythm of it, feeling her orgasm grow close as the head of his cock brushed her cervix.


“Ha- ha- harder,” she whispered, gritting her sharp little fangs in embarrassment as the creature listened and began pounding.  She snarled, her little earls twisting as her face was forced into the dirt but she pushed back, moaning as he slammed into her powerful ass.  “Fuck!  Yes!”


The beast came as quickly as before but, now riled and enjoying it more, Penelope found herself pushed over the edge as he pulsed deep within her.  She squeezed him as she cried out, milking his huge cock as he spilled his seed.  Her strong legs trembled and she buckled, falling to her knees.


When the creature pulled back and out of her, a second, much smaller orgasm erupted within and she squirted, spilling his cum upon the ground.  Penelope looked back but the beast was already shrinking, folding into itself as it walked back to the dam to disappear among the ranks of the other beavers.


“God.  Dammit,” she gasped, collapsing to her stomach on weak legs.  Her ears burned as she realized what she’d done.  And how much she’d enjoyed it.  And how much she still wanted it.  She tensed the muscles within her pussy while enjoying, for a brief moment, the warmth that still filled her.


The girl’s reverie was broken as spasms filled her tail.  She cried out, reaching back to grab her tail while it lifted behind her.  A stick lay nearby and she bit into it, snarling through the pain as her tail began to flatten.  It wavered above her as it stretched, light brown and gray fur quickly growing to replace the bald skin uncovered by its new growth.  


Her tail lay behind her, paddle-like in its shape, as it finished its transformation.  As she relaxed, it slapped down against her ass and thighs, causing her to cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure.


She could see the beavers watching her cautiously near their dam but none of them glowed.  Taking a deep breath, she knelt and her tail slid against the ground behind her.  With another breath, she stood, wobbling slightly as she adjusted to her new tail.  The broad tip lightly brushed the ground behind her.


Just as she started to take a step, that same invisible force as before latched onto her back.  Penelope grabbed the tree next to where she stood, laying her forehead against its rough bark.  Her hair brushed against her fur as the bones in her already widened hips pushed further.  She shivered, rolling her shoulders as more muscles formed beneath her skin, giving her the added strength to move her enormous tail effortlessly.


When she moved away from the tree, she surprised herself by how light she felt.


The reality of the situation soon re-asserted itself as she remembered what had happened.  And what she looked like.  And what danger may still lurk nearby.


She moved away from the dam and her enormous tail bounced against her ass with every step, distracting her as her ample hips swayed seductively with their new, luscious curves.  She stepped over logs and beneath boughs as she tried to find her way free of the forest.


Bright sunlight far overhead filtered through the limbs of trees as she moved.  A clearing lay ahead and she hurried, nearly stumbling over exposed roots until she pushed past the edge of the trees surrounding her.


A gigantic lake shimmered in the center of the clearing.  It was peaceful here with the sound of quiet quacking and small insects churring and rasping in their hidden spots.  Penelope sat on a moss covered log to take a moment to rest.


“God, why?” Penelope sighed, bowing her head. 


Blinding light burst from the surface of the pond.  She shielded her eyes with her arm but, nearly invisible in the bright light, she spied angelic wings spread wide.


Maybe, she thought, trying to focus on the magnificent angel before her.  Maybe this was all a test?  Like, like what’s his name that got eaten by the whale.  Oh god.  Or was that Pinocchio?  Wasn’t there someone in the Bible who-


The light faded to reveal, not an angel but a huge duck in the shape of a man.  It glowed with its own internal light and her stomach sank as she felt an odd vibration between her thighs.


Penelope yelped and flung herself backward, crawling away as she felt the intense desire begin to worm its way through her body.  She panted, dragging her aching, sensitive breasts along the ground as her throbbing pussy began to leak, betraying her with its neediness.  She trembled, raising her flat tail while spreading her thighs and panting like a beast in heat.


“Why?” she gasped, trembling.  Waiting.  Wanting.  “What.  Did I do?”


“The eagle,” a deep male voice answered her.  “A sacred animal for me.”


“I don’t, oh god, please, I’m so hot, please,”  she begged.  Closing her eyes, she focused.  “I don’t remember an eagle.”


“The eaglet,” the voice answered.  Closer.  She raised her ass higher, eager.  “You condemned it to death.  Calling the cat’s attention.  Its mother witnessed the act but was too late to intercept.  I heard her cries.”


“Please, please, please,” her breath huffed on the ground as she reached a finger under her body.  She jerked as her claw rubbed her swollen, aching labia but slipped it inside, unable to stop from pleasuring herself in the creature’s presence.  “I didn’t kill it.”


“No,” he said, his breath on her neck as its soft, downy feathers pressed against her fur.  “But you carelessly and wilfully tried.”


“Just fuck me!  Please!” she screamed, spreading herself open with two webbed fingers.  “I can’t take it!  Please!”


Her eyes widened as his cock spread her fully open.  Despite the times before, his girth and length amazed her.  Yet she slammed herself back, slapping his soft chest with her tail in her eagerness.  Penelope wasted no time, rocking back and forth as fast as she could.  He’d cum quickly before and she had to orgasm.  She had to.  It would drive her-


The beast held her tight, grunting as he shoved himself painfully deep.  His beak nipped at her neck as he made tiny thrusting motions that drove her wild.  She babbled, telling him how amazing his cock was, how she was his little furry slut, how much she loved to be fucked by him and many other things that would shame her later.  


Penelope lost consciousness for a brief moment under the most intense orgasm of her life.  She clenched her pussy against the creature’s cock and he grunted once before his own release.  So full was she of his cum now that she felt it burst from her, coating her fur in his scent.


The young woman gasped and collapsed and the creature pulled free.  She kicked away from him, her muscles moving involuntarily as the waves of her orgasm continued to crash into her.  He stood over her, changing once again.  Yet, instead of returning to the form of a lake duck, his feathers dropped to reveal smooth, muscle-lined skin.  His face and legs reshaped until he stood behind her as a man.


She eyed him, her mouth working as she tried to speak.


“Wh- who?” she rasped finally.  


“You know me as Zeus,” he answered before waving his arm.  “And this is my kingdom.”


Another man stepped from the trees cautiously.  He was horned like a goat with furred legs and hooves yet he bent knee to the figure behind Penelope, kneeling with his head bowed.


“Want.  Home,” she managed.


“This is your home now,” he told her, kneeling to her side.  “You carry my daughter within you.  A minor demi-god but one of my own.  You will live here and give birth to her from the egg you carry.  Only then will your penance be over.”


“Eh- egg?” she asked.


Pain tore through her uterus as it rearranged itself.  She gasped, clutching her arms against her sides, her claws digging into her flesh.  Spittle flew from her mouth as she growled, her throat vibrating as her eyes watered and her nostrils burned.  


She watched her nose pushed away from her face.  Her eyes crossed as she felt it slide up her muzzle and then flow outward.  It anchored itself to her skull painfully.  She shook her head and her whiskers fell freely as the growth latched onto her lips, pulling outward in a broad bill.  She growled again, rubbing the bill together as it curved slightly.  For a moment, she panicked as she realized she couldn’t breathe through her nose but openings appeared in the bill and she exhaled in a sharp breath.


Penelope dug into the soil with her snout in order to ease the pain.  It worked as a spade and she flung dirt over her shoulder until it finished expanding.


Zeus was gone and the clearing was silent.  She reached up to touch her bill but her fingers didn’t seem to work right.  Her hand strained as bones were pushed apart within her palm.  The webbing that connected the first knuckles of her fingers was spreading again.  Her hand widened as the skin grew thick and long, flowing past her second knuckles and beyond the fingertips themselves.  


The woman rolled to her ass, lifting her huge tail before she sat.  She grabbed her feet in a futile attempt to stop the change she knew would be coming.  Her toes swelled and lengthened as the connective webbing slid up to attach higher until they were past the ends of her toes.  


And then the changes were finished with her.


Penelope sat with her legs straight and her tail flat on the ground.  Dirt pressed against her slick pussy but she ignored it.  An hour or go or more she would’ve been disgusted at herself but now, she couldn’t seem to care.  She was more animal than human.  It just seemed like a small thing to her at the moment.  She felt numb but empty with a seed of warmth hiding in her guts.  His touch, deep inside of her.  A part of her, not small, missed his touch already.


“Miss?” came a quiet, anxious voice.


She glanced up to see the goat man nearby.  His short tail flicked as he licked his lips.  


“Are you here to-” she started to say.


“Oh no!  No, no, no!  I would never dare!” he said quickly.  “No, I’m here to guide you to the priestesses.  Lord Zeus rarely seems fit to … visit… mortals these days and his children are fewer.  You will be well cared for until he comes for you again.”


“Comes for- you mean when I give birth?” she asked, accepting his hand as he helped her stand.  She touched her snout carefully as she wondered how she could still speak intelligibly.  


“Noooo,” the man said slowly  “No, I’m sorry, no.  Our Lord has quite the appetite, I’m sorry.”


“I’m.  Huh.  I’m not?” she said, frowning and touching her soft pelt.  “That’s terrible. I should be.  Maybe it’ll wear off the longer he’s gone.  I just.  No, no, it’ll wear off.  It has to.”


“Please, this way,” the goat man said.


She followed him, starting slowly at first as she learned to use her new feet.  A gigantic marble structure appeared beyond the trees.  After some time, she found she could walk fairly easily in an odd shambling waddle.


In the distance, a large squirrel-shaped human scampered down a path, her bushy tail bouncing behind her as a young woman followed.  They yelled indistinctly at each other before vanishing in the distance.


“Tsk,” the goat man said, shaking his head.  “Interlopers.”


“They’ll be quite pleased to have you, my lady,” he told her as they continued toward the temple.  “And I’ll be certain to find you a nice heated pond to relax in.”


“Sure,” she said, staring all around and then up as a winged horse streaked across the sky.  “Sure.  Goddamn eagles.”



A white cat sat beside a white wall, cleaning itself carefully.  It bent to lick at its side to clean the red that streaked its fur.  Three bloody marks lined its side but it had seen worse in its life on the streets.  


Pausing mid-wash, it glanced up at the sky as a huge eagle flew away with a small gray eaglet clutched in one of its claws.  The cat narrowed its eyes for a brief moment and then resumed cleaning itself, already forgetting the incident while its belly rumbled in hunger.

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