The Honeypot Ch. 01 [BE / Bimbofication / TG]

A young agent is tasked with sabotaging a rising politician’s career and life but finds the game can change in an instant.

Chapter 1 of 3


The heavy silence in the old room was finally broken by a tiny ‘clink’ sound as a crystal clear ice cube shifted in a short, heavy glass.  Massive velvet curtains blocked all outside light to the room.  A huge mahogany desk lived in an oasis of soft yellow light that emanated from dark green lamps.  The world beyond was darkness and the pale, overweight man sitting behind the desk looked as if he had lived his entire life in that tiny realm.

A single leather-bound chair faced the monolithic slab of old wood.  A much younger, slimmer man sat in the chair, his hand around a thick glass of honey hued whiskey.  A second ice cube shifted in the drink and the man sighed, lifting the glass to his lips.  With a practiced gesture, the young man took his cell phone from his inside pocket, woke it to check the time and then replaced it.

“I can either continue along the steady path to becoming horribly drunk,” the young man said.  “Or you could actually tell me why I’m here.  Sir.”

A minute passed.  Two minutes.  Finally, as if he bore the weight of the world upon his bald head, the old man slowly looked up.

“Ah, Williams.  So glad you could make it.  I have something for you.”  The old man’s glasses hung from the tip of his nose, as if a raindrop pausing before its fall.  Robert Williams, III stared at the other man’s glasses.  He willed them to either fall or for the old man to push them back into proper place.  The blatant disregard for both physics and order were beginning to drive him mad.

“Oh?  It must be important if you’ve pulled me away from Santiago.  You realize I’ve blown my cover, don’t you?  Three years of work to have your assistant very publicly tap me on the shoulder.  All of that work, gone.  You’ll be lucky if you can engineer an excuse for my sudden absence and then replace me with another agent.  I’d been so close that I’d almost forgotten how to speak English.”

“Very important and very time sensitive.  We had no choice.  Something will be done with Santiago but it is no longer your concern.  Tell me, Williams, do you follow politics?”

Robert blinked.  “Foreign or domestic?”

“Domestic in this case.”

“No, neither, actually,” Robert answered.  “Well, beyond the case files and the bits I pick up in passing from the news or conversations.  I’m fairly certain I know who the president is but much beyond that doesn’t interest me.”

The old man harrumphed.  “Pity.  There is a young woman, a new senator, making waves in the community.  Large waves.  She was recently appointed as head of an internal investigation against Senator Bowman.”

“Ah,” Robert smiled.  “I’ve actually heard of Senator Bowman.  Corruption investigation, yes?  Accepting money from some oil company and something about a massive pipeline explosion in… Kansas wasn’t it?”

“So you do pay attention.  Yes.  The explosion was two years ago and was what caused the food riots.  They still haven’t fully recovered.  The investigation eventually came knocking on Bowman’s door and that turned over some… unfortunate stones.  The junior senator, Ms. O’Neal, has previous experience with Bowman and so was named to the committee.  Our research shows that she’ll be the guiding vote.  As deep as Senator Bowman’s pockets are, he won’t survive this if it goes badly.”

“And, so?”  Robert asked.  “Am I to seduce this Senator O’Neal and convince her to vote on Bowman’s behalf?”

The old man’s laugher was deep and surprisingly rich.  He held his large stomach as it shook.  “Oh, oh my dear boy.  I’m afraid your storied charms would do naught here.  The gossip around the community is that Ms. O’Neal prefers her partners to be, well, less cocky, shall we say.”  The man wiped sudden sweat from his heavy jowls while chuckling at his joke.

“Surely you don’t mean for me to kill her, then?  It would seem to be a bad idea given-”

“No,” the man interrupted.  “No, certainly not.  We’ve already ran simulations with that particular scenario but every single one of them ended with Bowman in jail.  Every single one.”

Another ice cube shifted in Robert’s nearly empty glass.  “I don’t like these kinds of guessing games, sir.  Do I break into her house to find something to use against her?  To discredit her?”

The two men stared at one another through the dim lighting.  Without a word, the older man opened a drawer in his desk.  From the drawer, he withdrew a small black case.  Robert cocked his head.  The case seemed to absorb the pale lighting and was barely larger than a credit card.

“The contents of this case cost half of Senator Bowman’s entire, prodigious wealth.  It is untested and rather unique.  And, possibly unable to be duplicated.  The lead chemist behind the project recently had an unfortunate accident when we discovered, too late, that he had a gambling addiction.  We all know where that can lead in these situations.   The rest of his team, biologists and geneticists, were only a small part of the whole and are unable to do much on their own.  Sadly.”

The old man pressed his wrinkled thumb against the top of the case.  It opened with a tiny, enthusiastic electronic pop.  With surprising gentleness, he withdrew a micro cylinder.  Robert could see a pale golden liquid inside the container.  His sharp eyes picked out nearly invisible specks suspended within the mixture.

“What is it?”  Robert asked.

“They never came up with a name for it and it’s untested.”

“I’m sorry,” Robert said.  “Did you say ‘untested’?  You’re giving me something that I’m supposed to, what?  Feed her?  Inject into her?  Whatever I’m supposed to do and you don’t know whether it’ll do anything at all?”

The old man shrugged.  “The project lead… died before creating additional batches for testing.  His notes are incomprehensible and incomplete.  This is all we have.  Theoretically, it should work.”

“Theoretically.”  Robert deadpanned.

“It’s not our job to make it work.  It’s our job to deliver it and walk away.  Our client pays whether it does what was intended or whether it does nothing more than give her a minor headache.”

“And?”  Robert asked.  “What is it supposed to do?”

“It,” the old man cleared his throat.  “It is supposed to make her insatiable.  Sexually.  Unable to hold back her libido, she will, sooner or later, disgrace herself.  We’ll have camera teams following her discretely until it takes effect.  Ideally, we’ll catch her with another woman or multiple women and that may be enough to discredit her.  She’s never made her orientation public and shies away from the question when asked.  The news companies would be in a frenzy and, at a minimum, she’d be made to step down due to the distractions caused.”

“Surely there’s a more simple way?  Bowman is incredibly wealthy and this overly complicated plan seems cartoonish.  Why not just fabricate something or dig into her past?  There has to be something there.  Everyone has their dirty little secret.”

“Perhaps.  Senator O’Neal is surprisingly clean.  She’s clever, smart and scrupulous.  A dangerous combination for a man like Senator Bowman.  We’ve yet to find anything strong enough to break her.  However, even if we had, I suspect Bowman would rather this method.  There’s history between the two.  For some reason, Ms. O’Neal has made a strong effort to bring Bowman down.  And the man himself has given her plenty of ammunition, unfortunately.”

Robert rolled his shoulders.  “Childish.  But, we still get paid?”

“Oh yes.  Regardless of the outcome.”

“All right.  What do I need to do?”

The old man smiled widely, his misshapen, nicotine yellow teeth appearing darker in the low light.


Robert adjusted his tie as he stepped through the heavy doors of the hotel bar.  He looked down his body for the third time that evening in order to ensure his tuxedo was immaculate.  Satisfied, he stepped fully into the bar.  Light music played from a live piano in the corner and muted conversations filled the room with a low level hum.  Robert surveyed the area, eyeing every single woman.  His eye lingered on a few of the more attractive ones before continuing.  Finally, he found Ms. O’Neal sitting at the bar.  She had a champagne flute on the reflective wood of the bar and a small notepad next to it.  She wore a cream colored blouse and a short black skirt.  Her medium length brown hair was held up by two black lacquered sticks.

Well, Robert thought.  Perhaps this won’t be as boring as I thought.  She’s not as unattractive as her dossier makes her seem.  He made his way to the bar, smiling at random women while threading his way through the various tables.

The bartender appeared as soon as Robert stood next to Senator O’Neal’s stool.  The woman glanced up at Robert before bending back over her notebook.  Her neat handwriting filled the entire page but the lighting was too dim to make anything out.

“Whiskey.  Neat.”  Robert sat and stared in the distance.  Mentally, he ran through various options on how to deliver the solution.  From the notes, the chemical was easily deployed; it would work ingested, through skin contact or inhaled.  Finally, he decided the glass of champagne presented a perfect opportunity.  The color matched the liquid from the vial and should mask whatever taste it had.  Hopefully.

Robert looked over at Senator O’Neal.  “Usually when people come to a bar, they come to escape work.”  He nodded at her notebook for emphasis.

Senator Samantha O’Neal (R-KS) looked sideways at Robert.  “I don’t really have a typical job; I can’t ever really just put it all away.”

“Ah,” Robert nodded.  “Let me guess – CEO?  That’s me, too.  Small electronics company.  Although I mostly herd cats and sign checks.  Well, and come to nice hotel bars to relax.  I’m in town for a sales meeting.  Mostly I’m just here to nod my head while my product managers talk their talk.”

The slim woman next to him turned back to her notebook.   “No, not a CEO.  It hardly matters, however.”

A sudden burst of laughter gave Robert the perfect opportunity to perform another quick survey of the room.  The darkened overhead lights were naturally to his benefit.  One other person sat at the far end of the bar, a middle-aged man well on his way to being drunk.  The rest of the tables were set far from the bar and most of the people were facing away from him.  Only the bartender remained a threat.  However, the young man’s attention was elsewhere as he kept glancing at the ornate clock set among the array of liquor bottles lining the bar shelves.

Perfect, Robert thought.  He reached into his pocket to palm the small vial.  Now, how to do it?  The senator’s glass of champagne was still nearly full and she didn’t seem tipsy so he assumed it was her first glass.  He would only need an excuse to reach over her glass and… He smiled to himself as an idea struck.

“Excuse me, bartender?”  Robert asked.

“Yes, sir?”

“What’s the bottle over there on the right?  The black label one?  I think I had that exact same one on my last trip to Madrid and it was exceptional.  No, not that one.  The one… no, the one over to the right.  No.  More.  It’s, look here, this one.”  Robert popped the small vial’s cap off with his thumb and index finger.  Years of training and natural reflexes kept his hand steady with machine-like precision.  He reached forward, hand pausing over the senator’s glass.  With a twist of his wrist, he pointed at a random bottle of the bar’s shelf.  The bartender turned to look and even the senator glanced up out of habit as a tiny stream of liquid splashed into the thin champagne flute.  He withdrew his hand almost immediately.  “Yes, that one.  Perfect.  May I see the bottle, please?”

Robert turned the bottle of scotch over in his hands, pretending to read over the label as he watched Senator O’Neal from the corner of his eyes.  Finally, he smiled and handed the bottle back.

“Was it the same one, sir?”  The bartender asked, obviously not caring whether it was or not.

“No, I’m afraid not.  Similar but not the same.  I clearly remember a busty young woman on the label.  Of course, by the time I’d had it, I was nearly drooling on the counter so perhaps I just imagined it.  Still, thank you for indulging me.”

“Of course, sir,” the bartended replied.

The senator’s pen made small scratching noises against the notebook’s paper as she wrote her notes in a neat, small script.  Robert waited, patiently sipping on his drink while appearing deep in thought.  His heart raced when the senator reached for her glass.  She held it with her left hand, frowning at her notebook in concentration.  She crossed her previous sentence out before adding a few more words.  Mid-sentence, Senator O’Neal took a large swallow of her drink and then set it back down to finish what she was writing.

And, done, Robert told himself.  Possibly the easiest job I’ve ever taken.  He continued to watch the woman from the corner of his eye.  He had no idea how long it’d take for the formula to take effect or what the trigger would be.

The more Robert watched the senator, the more attractive he found her to be.  In fact, her self-confidence and concentration added to her charm.  He usually found himself bedding women nearly half his age.  Mostly mentally immature young girls that were dazzled by a fast car and expensive hotel rooms.  He’d never had a senator, though.  And with what that chemical was supposed to do, perhaps now he would.

Robert turned to the other woman.  She didn’t look any different as she stared at her papers but perhaps she just needed a push.  He grinned at her.

“I’m sorry,” he told her.  The knowledge of what she’d taken made him more bold than usual.  “I know you’re in the middle of work but what do you say you put all of that away and take me up to your room.  I bet you’re just dying to feel-”

She was faster than he expected and he just barely had time to blink as the woman’s drink splashed across his face.

“You’re a disgusting pig,” the senator said, her voice a harsh whisper.  Her eyes were steel and her thin, hard lips were pressed in a line.  “I don’t know where you get off, thinking I’m some loose, desperate woman to take any man that comes snorting after me but you’re wrong.  I look forward to the day your kind dies out and misogyny breathes its last breath.  Crawl back into the sewers where you belong, you sexist, arrogant asshole.”

He watched her gather her things as he cleaned himself up.  So, not fast acting, I guess.  Would’ve been nice to know ahead of time.  If it even works at all.  Damn foolish plan.

With a chuckle, Robert finished his drink and signaled for a refill.  He was on his fourth drink, and happily tipsy, when a young, mousy woman sat two stools down from him at the bar.  He watched her openly, well past the point of caring whether he was being too obvious or not.  She had short blonde hair with bangs that nearly hid her entirely forgettable face.  She was obviously playing dress up in an attempt to appear more sophisticated than she really was.  It appeared that she had browsed through a high end fashion catalogue and then tried to match the outfits with a vaguely similar selection of clothing from Target.  Nothing fit exactly right and the colors were off enough to be noticeable.

Perfect, Robert thought.  Grabbing his drink, he made his way over to her while the woman dug nervously through her purse to find her ID.

“Hi,” Robert told the young woman.  “Mind if I sit?”

Startled, the girl stared back with wide eyes while clutching her purse to her lap.  “Y… no.  I mean, sure, go ahead.”

Robert swallowed the last of his drink and then nodded at the new bartender for another.  The evening shift bartender was older and more on top of his game.   Both of their drinks arrived quickly, quietly and efficiently.

“First time here?”  Robert asked.

The young woman nodded as she took a too-large sip of her drink.  She made a face and then blushed.

Robert smiled at her.  “It’s a good place.  I’m here on business.  I own my own trading firm and I’m in town to look at a few prospects.  Just because I’m worth millions doesn’t mean I’m not careful with my money, you know?”  He watched her carefully as he spoke, watching her eyes light up at ‘trading firm’ and then even further on ‘millions’.  He held out his hand.  “James Buckley.  My friends call me Jim.”

With another too-big gulp of her drink, the young woman nervously shook Robert’s hand.  “K… Karyn.”

“Are you in town for work?”

“N… no.  I… I’m treating myself to a mini vacation.  I was in the spa and pool earlier and, oh, did you know the water is heated?  The pool water.”

Robert gave Karyn his best patronizing expression.  He found that for women like her, it worked wonders on their confidence.  “Oh.  That’s nice.  I’m sure.  I’ve never used it since it’s far too public for me.  But, I’m sure it’s quite nice.”

Karyn blushed deep red with embarrassment.  “I… I thought it was.”  She tried to take another sip of her margarita and seemed surprised when it was nearly empty.

“Would you mind if I got your next drink for you?  I’ve been sitting here drinking alone the entire evening and I wouldn’t mind the company and it’d only seem fair for me to pay.”  Without waiting for an answer, Robert raised his finger to catch the bartender’s attention.  “Another for the pretty lady.  On my tab, please.”

“Th… thank you.”  Karyn’s blush was a mixture of pleasure and a reaction to her low tolerance to alcohol.  Robert grinned back at her.

When the drink arrived, Robert raised his glass in a toast.  “To evenings spent drinking alone.  And nights spent in the company of others.”

Not knowing how to respond or what to say, Karyn shyly clinked her glass against Robert’s glass.


“So then I said, ‘Darling, if you want to see the whole thing, you’d better take a bus over to the next city and stand out of the way.'”  Robert quipped, his head a warm buzz from his sixth glass of whiskey.

Karyn snorted with laughter and then covered her mouth while giggling.  She was on her fourth drink and had been drunk since halfway through her third.  The shy girl was replaced with a perpetually smiling, flushed young woman.  It almost made her attractive, Robert decided.

“You’re so funny,” Karyn slurred.  “Funny and handsome and rich and funny.”

“Oh?  Handsome, huh?”

“Yes.  Yes.  Handsome.”  Karyn repeated, trying to focus on her drink.  “You’re-”

Robert leaned forward, surprising the woman with a light kiss on the lips.  Her mouth parted for him and their tongues met. Karyn moaned as Robert’s hand brushed her breast, trailing down to grab her hip.  He was pleased to find her slim beneath her terrible clothes.  The young woman gripped at his thigh, nearly clawing at him in her drunkenness.  When they broke apart, she stared at Robert cross-eyed, her mind a million miles away.  She licked her red lips as she composed herself.

“I have a room,” Karyn said.

“I know you do,” Robert said with a smile.

“You could come to my room.  Up to it.  There’s a bed.”

“Oh?”  Robert leaned forward, his lips brushing the young woman’s ear.  She shivered at his touch.  “Do you want me, Karyn?  Tell me you want me and I’ll come with you.”

“Yes.  Yes.  God, yes.  I want you.”

Still whispering, he continued.  “What do you want, Karyn?”

“I want you.  I want to feel you inside of me.  I want to suck on your cock.  James.  I want you to fuck me.  Oh god yes.”  She tried to kiss him again but he pulled back and smiled as she stared at him, confusion on her face.

“I want you to give me a hand job right now, Karyn.  Right here at the bar.”

“But… but…”

“And then I’ll go up with you.  Just a few strokes to show me you mean it.  That you want me that bad.”

Karyn looked around, swaying in her seat.  Her face was a deep scarlet as she bit her lip.  Turning back, she gingerly touched Robert’s belt, working to find a way to undo it through the drunken haze consuming her.  Robert stopped her.

“Good girl.  I just wanted to see if you’d try.  You’re a good girl.”

“Yes.  Yes, I’m your good girl.”

Robert dropped a wad of cash on the table and then stood.  Karyn stood with him, steadying herself on the stool next to her.

“After you, Karyn,” Robert smiled.  He followed her through the dark room, into the lobby and to the elevators.  When the doors closed behind them, he pressed into her, kissing her hard again, tongue twisting and writhing against hers.  She moaned when he reached his hand down the front of her skirt.  He felt the smooth skin of her lower stomach and then her mound.  She’d missed a few hairs when she’d shaved but, oh, she was wet.  He smiled through his kiss when her moan deepened.  His fingers pressed into her, feeling her slick wetness.  He pulled off of her as the elevator slowed.  She reached for him as the doors opened and he gestured to the hallway.

Karyn walked out of the elevator, nearly crashing into the opened doors as she stumbled drunkenly into the hall.  Robert sniffed his finger when her back was to him.  She smelled sweet and he felt himself stir.

The walk to Karyn’s hotel room was short and she didn’t wait for him before opening the door.  Robert stepped in and closed the door behind him, locking the security latch.  It was a tiny room and as simple as he expected for someone like her.  She was already in the bedroom area, sitting on the bed, unsure of what to do next.  Robert stood next to her, looking down at her.

“Unbutton me, Karyn.  I want to feel your mouth on me.”

The young woman barely hesitated.  She fumbled at his belt until it came undone and then worked the two buttons of his black slacks, finally unzipping him.  If nothing else, she was eager and that pleased him.  Robert ran his fingers through the woman’s hair as she pulled his underwear and pants down.  He sighed as she took him in her mouth.  She was warm and wet and she knew exactly what she was doing.

Robert unbuttoned his shirt and finished undressing while Karyn sucked him off.  He stood before her, naked, watching her while she squeezed and rubbed and sucked on him.  Finally, he pulled her away and then frowned.  He wasn’t even half erect.

Karyn stripped quickly on the bed, throwing clothes off to the side one after the other while Robert massaged himself.  He didn’t feel like he was drunk enough to not get hard and she’d been surprisingly good at the blowjob.  So why-

Looking up, Robert saw Karyn naked with her legs spread and her heels on the edge of the bed.  She was fit and her breasts were firm with thick pink nipples straining in the air.  Robert felt his cock stir but watched as it simply shifted, still mostly soft.  Karyn moaned in front of him, her fingers playing with her clit, spreading herself open to show her petite pussy off to Robert.  She dipped a finger carefully between her lips, arching her back as she fingered herself slowly.  Robert shrugged away his concern and went to her, grabbing her hips to push her further up the bed.

Robert lay between her legs, pressing his cock against her as he kissed her deeply.  Karyn’s fingers worked against his muscular back, clawing and massaging as he grinded on her.

“Please.  Please, I need to feel you in me.  You’re driving me wild.  Please.” Karyn moaned, over and over.  “Oh god, I want to feel your cock inside of me.  Filling me, opening me.  I want you deep inside, fucking me hard.”

With a grunt, Robert reached down.  He loved when a woman talked.  When she told him what she wanted.  When she begged for it.  But, even now, with Karyn begging and the feel of her slick, firm body against him, even now he wasn’t hard.  He grit his teeth and pulled the skin back on his cock, making himself as hard as possible so he could press himself into her.  Karyn twisted above him, digging her fingers hard into his back.  He held himself for a moment, pressing as deep as he could before letting go.  He moved and felt himself almost slip out so he pressed in again as hard as he could and held himself there.  The woman moaned again, begging him to fuck her hard, to pound into her but Robert only felt shame as he made small movements so he could stay in her.  Thankfully, she was incredibly tight.

It was with great surprise when, suddenly, barely minutes into finding a position that kept him in place, Robert orgasmed.  He didn’t feel the warning signs or the start of it; one moment, he was thrusting into Karyn and the next, he felt himself twitching and cumming.  Robert yelled out in surprise.

“Did… did you cum?”  Karyn asked.

“I… yeah.  What the hell?”  A small part of him wanted to apologize but his pride forbade it.

“Hey, it’s okay.  You had a lot to drink.  It happens.  I know.”

“No, it… it… dammit.”

“No, really.  S’okay.  I’m totally wasted anyway so probably can’t get off.  Just lie down with me.  Sleep it off and wake me up with morning sex.  It’s okay.  Just lie with me.”

Robert grimaced.  He didn’t want to start a scene by just leaving so, instead, he pulled the blankets back and covered both of them.  Karyn immediately pressed herself back into Robert’s stomach.  He automatically reached over to cup her breasts and she sighed in contentment.  She felt warm against him and her thighs were slick with cum and the smell permeated the small area.  Robert felt himself stir at the scent of their sex.  With his eyes closed, he could picture it – his cum spurting into her tight pussy, slowly oozing out of her to cover her thighs.  Thick and white and-

Warm and comfortable with a belly full of whiskey Robert drifted into a deep, dreamless sleep.


A group of drunk young man passing in the hallway outside woke Robert from his sleep.  He found himself in the same position as when he’d fallen asleep.  Karyn’s breathing was deep and steady against him.  Robert carefully pulled himself off of the young woman.  Moving as slowly as possible, he eased himself out from under the blankets in order to stand by the bed.  Karyn shifted once, twice and then lay still.

Moving quietly, Robert dressed himself in the near darkness of the small hotel room.  Once dressed and with his eyes adjusted to the dark, he glanced a last time at the bed.  The sooner I forget this night, the better.  Jesus Christ.  That was embarrassing as hell, he told himself.

The door was surprisingly quiet as he unlatched and opened it.  He left and closed the door with a soft ‘click’.  Finding the elevator took a moment but from there it was a short walk outside.  Two orange and white Prius taxicabs waited near the entrance of the hotel.  Both drivers were standing and talking with each other but turned as he approached.

“Airport?”  The first one asked – a young black man dressed in white pants and a Hawaiian shirt.

“No.  Downtown.  11th and Pike.”

“Perfect.  Hop in.  I’ll get you there.”

Robert took the seat behind the driver.  The car was pristine and smelled vaguely like cinnamon.  Sensing his mood, the driver left him alone as he pulled away from the curb.  Bright lights faded into darkness as the driver merged onto the interstate.  Robert leaned against the car window, feeling the coldness of it against his forehead.

He smelled of sex.

Bringing his fingers up to his nose, he breathed in again.  Karyn’s scent was still strong but there was something else, too.  Glancing at the driver to make sure his view was blocked, Robert slouched back to reach into his pants.  He dug his fingers between his thighs, rubbing and pressing .  With another look at the cabbie, he took his fingers out.  There.  That smell. The smell of both of us.  Jesus, that’s good.  Robert felt drool pool at the back of his mouth.  His cock stirred again, shifting and twisting without growing hard.

The smell of his cum called to him.  Mixed with Karyn’s scent, it was intoxicating.  He held his fingers to his nose while he rubbed himself, wriggling his ass slightly as he closed his eyes, again picturing Karyn’s lithe body beneath him.  He was hard in his imagination.  Fucking her hard while she screamed his name.  He fast forwarded to his orgasm.  The image of himself vanished and, again, he thought of the feeling of his cum spurting out, filling Karyn.  Robert licked his lips at the thought of her rubbing herself, tasting his cum.  Taking globs of his cum into her mouth, moaning and twisting as she sucked on her fingers, cleaning them.

Just like he was moaning and twisting in the taxi.  Just like he was sucking on his own fingers right now.

Robert froze.  The driver was taking the exit for his apartment complex, smoothly changing lanes and braking for a stoplight.  What the fuck am I doing?  He asked himself?  He yawned, covering his mouth.  I’m just exhausted is all.  And drunk.  This whole night is wrong and I just need to sleep.

The driver pushed a few buttons on his dashboard.  “Here you go, man.  11th and Pike.  Total comes to $12.75.”

As if in a daze, Robert unbuckled himself and pulled his wallet out.  He passed the cab driver a $20 and told him to keep the change as he stepped out of the cab.  The taxi drove off as he made his way to the front door through the cold night air.  He yawned again.  Sleep pulled at him and he fumbled for his key to unlock the glass entry doors.  He shuffled through the hallway, barely making it to the elevator before leaning against the walls inside.  The ‘ding’ of the elevator arriving on his floor woke him from half-sleep and he forced himself awake.

“Just… just one step… one step… after… another,” Robert told himself, lurching forward.  He cursed as he dropped his keys while trying to open his apartment door.  It took three tries before he was able to open the lock and then he was inside.  Robert kicked off his shoes and then briefly considered trying to strip naked.  He yawned again and opted to just fall into his bed.

Robert was snoring within seconds.  Nearly an hour later, he moaned, gripping at his bed sheets.  Beneath his silk shirt, his right nipple hardened.  Robert bit his lip in his sleep.  The skin immediately surrounding the nipple darkened slightly to a near brown. His small, useless nipple twisted beneath his shirt, pulling at the skin around it.  As it twisted, it grew, the darkened skin surrounding the small nipple, adding to it.  Robert’s shirt shifted as his right nipple thickened.  Soon, his left nipple followed.  Twisting and growing until both nipples stood erect, pressing against Robert’s silk shirt.

A small drop of milk pushed from Robert’s left nipple, darkening the shirt above in a tiny circle.  Robert gasped quietly in his sleep and then settled again.

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