Jenny – Epilogue

Dave kneeled against the wall as he stared at the two furry women in front of him.  Craig’s smile was lazy as she luxuriated in the effects of the change and the enormous amount of sex the three had.  She kneeled with her thick, muscular thighs open and her long fingers slowly stroking the short fur covering her skin.  Her thick brown tail lay still behind her as she looked at the man.  The smaller donkey girl, John, crouched to the side.  Her black lips were pulled back in the suggestion of a smile; pure hatred mingled with the thrill of retribution being meted out to her former friend.

Reaching out with a long finger, John lightly touched Dave’s fat nipple.  Her fingernail dug into the soft flesh and she toyed with it until Dave gasped.  John pushed the man’s chest hairs out of the way as she ran a fingertip around the dark areola surrounding the man’s womanly nipples.

“S… stop,” Dave moaned.  Flesh on the man’s face shifted subtly.  No longer would a quick look identify him as male; two or three glances would be needed to see through the higher cheekbones and slightly reshaped chin.

John looked at Craig.  “Why isn’t he changing more?  It’s stopped or going too slow.  There’s no way I let this fucker get off that easily.”

Craig giggled.  “Who cares?  Relax, would you?  Besides, I’m starting to feel the need for more cock.  I can’t seem to stop thinking about it.  Feeling it inside of me.  Filling me up.  Touching all those little spots deep inside of this wet hole I have now.  Oh god.  You don’t feel it?  You don’t feel that ache?  It’s driving me mad.”  Craig moaned and reached for Dave’s cock with her soft, furry fingers.  The man tried to move but Craig leaned over to take the man’s cock deep into her short muzzle.  Fingers meant to push Craig away instead gripped deep in her fur as Dave gasped.

“You’re such a fucking slut.  Get a hold of yourself.”  John’s voice rose in anger.  “Although… maybe sex will do it.  Yeah, actually, why not?  Fuck him hard and I’ll sit back and laugh and see how he fucking likes it.”

“No.  Hey, no way!”  Dave pushed but Craig’s larger form barely moved.  “Get the hell off of me!”

John sat back to watch.  She grit her flat teeth as small beads of sweat broke out along her neck.  As much as she wanted to deny it, she felt the heat rising deep within her gut.  As the seconds passed, the urge to fuck built within her incrementally.  She couldn’t help it.  Her eyes were drawn to Craig’s muzzle as she sloppily sucked at the man’s thick cock and all she could do was stare.  Swallowing heavily, she watched and still the pressure built.  No, I can fight this.  I don’t need cock.  I don’t need some man to fuck me.  Women… Craig is fucking hot.  I still feel turned on by that body, that woman’s body.  I can just do that.  I can just stay with women… Aw shit.  I’m a fucking donkey freak.  I can’t ever leave the damn house.  I can’t ever go out in public or… maybe… maybe I could call Amanda over?  And then explain to her what happened?  She could… she could let me fuck her.  I could eat her out and, hey, we could get a strap on and I could fuck her.  I bet… I bet she would understand.  She wouldn’t be freaked out.  I’d just tell her what happened and explain how I can’t control myself.  How I need to be fucked.  She could wear the strap on and fuck me.  Pounding into my fat ass, pulling my tail and pinching my nipples.  Slamming that cock into me over and over until I get the release I need.  She could… oh god yes, she could make me call myself her slut.  I… oh, oh… I could tell her what a slutty girl I was as she pounded me.  Spreading my legs open for her.  Dave could help.  He could suck on my titties or finger my ass and make me ride him again.  Force me to do it.  Tell me to kneel above him and slide that hard cock into my soaking wet cunt.  Feeling his hands on my thighs and tits as I bounce on his dick.

The smell of sex hung heavily in the room and John gasped as her fingers rubbed frantically against her black furred clit.  The girl’s hips worked back and forth automatically in a rhythm as, in her mind’s eye, she rode Dave’s cock.  With her free hand, she twisted and pinched at her top nipple and a soft donkey’s ‘haaaaah’ escaped her black lips.  In her fantasy, Dave was slapping her black muzzle and telling her over and over again that she was a useless whore.  The thought of the pain and degradation only made her more wet.  Finally, she pushed herself over the edge and a sweet little orgasm rolled through her.

John opened her eyes as her chest heaved.  Craig was kneeling above Dave’s face and the man was sucking on the girl’s pussy.  Craig was leaning forward, her huge furry brown breasts squeezed between her arms as she held herself up.  A brief pang of jealousy surged through her and she grit her teeth against it.  With her orgasm, the urgent need to fuck was gone.  No.  No.  I’m a man.  I’m a fucking man.  I’ll get this fixed.  There has to be a way to come back from it.  Briefly, she recalled her fantasy – how in her mind she was still a donkey girl and how fast Amanda was replaced by Dave and his cock.  No.  I… I’m a fucking man.

A knock made all three pause.  John looked over at the door and her eyes widened.  Dave was beating at Craig’s legs in an attempt to get her off of him.  Craig moved away as the man sat up but the donkey girl’s hands almost immediately went to the man’s cock and she pumped him with near vacant eyes.  John glared at Dave.  His almost feminine face was shiny with Craig’s juices but nothing else had changed.  The person at the door knocked again in a ‘shave and a haircut’ pattern.

“Are you… are you going to answer it?”  John asked.

“No I’m not going to fucking- I said get off of me!”  Dave knocked Craig’s hand away from his cock and the donkey girl’s hand immediately went between her own legs.

Is Dave’s voice ever so slightly higher? John wondered.  “At least you still look like who you are.”  The knock sounded again, neither impatient nor lazy; just a steady five knock pattern.  “Just… Just see who it is at least.  Then tell them to go away if they don’t stop.”  The smell from between Craig’s thighs wafted up to John’s nose as the other girl fingered herself.  John moaned as a now familiar dull ache bloomed in the pit of her stomach.  No, she thought.  Not my stomach.  My fucking pussy.  God.  I thought I’d have more time before it started again.  Was it because the orgasm was so small?  Ahhh, shit.  The ache within her pulsed in time to her heart as it crept along her spine and into John’s head.  John moaned as her fingers trembled on her thighs.  The donkey girl made fists, feeling her longer nails dig into her palms.  She could still ignore it.

Again the figure behind the door knocked and Dave cursed.  The man stood and both donkey girls watched his semi-hard cock flop as he moved.  John looked at the man’s ass when he stood at the door.  He could see Dave’s cock hanging down between his legs and he hated himself for the way it made him feel.  The alien sensations now living in his body.  He could feel the liquid within his vagina and he knew it meant he was turned on.  His breathing came faster the longer he stared at the man’s now flaccid cock but he couldn’t look away.  There was hair on the man’s ass and back but the donkey girl could only think of his strong hands on her body and the way his dick felt inside of her.  A soft moan escaped her lips and she subconsciously opened her thighs wider.  Beside her, Craig cried out from her third orgasm.

“Oh ,what the hell?”  Dave said out loud.  The man unlocked and opened the door.  John’s heart leapt to his throat as he looked around frantically for a place to hide.  And then, he stopped.

“L.W.?!”  John cried out.

A small, red faced man stepped into the house.  Standing barely over five feet tall with cartoonish ears and a big nose, Dave and John’s supplier was far from imposing.  The small man looked over at the two donkey girls and smiled.  Then, the man looked up at Dave and his grin widened even further.

“Well, well.  I only expected two this year but it looks like you done found another one to join in.  Just looks like it’s still not strong enough to make a third.  But, you’ve started the change haven’t you, sweetheart?”  Lampwick, known as ‘L.W.’ to his clients, reached up to pat Dave’s cheek but the other man jerked back.

John stood, wobbling on her still unfamiliar hooved feet.  She could feel his breasts pulling on her back and chest as she stood upright.  “Hey!  Oh thank god, man!  Thank fucking god!  You have to fix this.  You have to turn me back, man!  Please god, tell me you brought something that can fix it.”

“I’m not going like they-”  Dave started.

“Well,” Lampwick said, walking towards John.  The man wore a tailored suit with his long sleeves rolled up to his elbows.  A dark gray tie was tucked behind a black silk vest and the contrast between those and the pure white button down shirt he wore was striking.  Lampwick stopped directly in front of John.  He reached up to touch John’s soft black muzzle and she trembled at the sensation.  “I’m afraid not.  It’s permanent.  Trust me, I know.  You three aren’t the first.”

John sank to his knees in despair.  Worse, the ache within her was fast being replaced by a spreading, consuming warmth.  She felt the first bit of sweat on her furred back and knew she wouldn’t be able to ignore the building need much longer.

Craig spoke by the door.  “It’s two.  Just two.  I’m not like them.  I’m not.  It’s stopped.  I can… I can live like this.  I can hide the nipples.”  Turning back to the door, Lampwick unbuttoned his vest.  Without a word, he tossed it aside and loosened his tie.  “What are you doing?”  Craig asked, voice cracking towards the end.

The tie joined the vest on the floor and the small man slowly undid the buttons on his shirt.  Beneath the shirt was a tangle of brown chest hair and a white undershirt.  The white shirt landed in a pile and was soon joined by the undershirt.  The man stood shirtless and his body was dense with hair and muscles.  John moaned again, licking her lips at the sight of the short but strong man.  The heat spreading through her body made her head buzz.  All that hair… it’s like fur.  And so strong.  I… I bet he’s got a big dick.  He’d fuck me.  I bet he’d fuck me.  He doesn’t think I look like a freak.  He touched me and it was nice.  It was real nice.  I bet he’d let me suck his cock.  I bet if I asked real nice, he’d let me suck him until he came in my mouth.  I’d swallow him and tell him I was his good girl and maybe he’d hit me a little.  Tell me that I wasn’t a good girl yet.  That I’d need to beg for his cock.  I bet… I bet he would.  I bet he’d make me beg for it, telling me what a dirty little girl I was.  A dirty bad little girl.  Telling me to get on my hands and knees and he’d spank my furry ass.  Yank on my tail while I begged him to fuck me.  While I told him how good I could be for him.  Oh.  And then.  Oh.  Oh yes.  And then he’d fuck me.  He’d pet my soft… oh… oh yes… my soft furry back and tell me what a good girl I- oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.  “Haaaaaaaaw!”  John cried out as she came, fingers soaked with her juices.  Her nipples ached for attention but she cursed as the heat faded.  God fucking dammit.  Not again.  Not fucking again.

While she’d masturbated, Lampwick had stripped completely naked.  His legs were as hairy as his back.  But, more than that, she saw his cock and, despite her hard orgasm, the heat immediately flooded through her body, forcing her to arch her back.  Craig panted heavily beside her, each breath a small donkey’s ‘haw’ sound as her fingers worked wetly and furiously between the black folds of her pussy.

“What… what the fuck is that?”  Craig asked.

Lampwick smiled.  In place of his pubic hair was an animal’s furry brown sheath.  While Dave watched, the sheath swelled and a thick black cock emerged from the short sheath.  It continued to grow, thicker and longer until it stood over twelve inches from the base of the man’s odd furry skin.  The head of the man’s cock was slightly flattened and a few small pink spots dotted the otherwise coal-black dick.  John’s heat-flooded mind thought it was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen.

“The girls know what it is.  Well, part of them do.  You know how I make that weed, friend?  A bit of magic, a bit of actual weed and a bit of my cum.  Once a year or so, I make a small batch and I turn people.  One or two at a time.  Although sometimes it don’t take.  Over many, many years.  I mean, hell, if I’m going to be cursed, I might as well make the most of it, yeah?  And the money, oh yes, the money.  These donkey girls, they don’t age the right way.  They don’t get wrinkly and ugly like real women.  They don’t stop being horny.  Most of them can’t think beyond their next orgasm unless they got it from second hand smoke.  Then they can usually fend off the lust for a while.  Don’t make them no less horny, though.  And, besides, those are the best ones.  My clients love to watch them fight it.”  Lampwick reached for Dave and smiled again when the man pulled back.  “You though, you’re a first.  Never had a third one.  Looks like I was right.  Ain’t powerful enough for three.”

“G… good.  You just… you just take them and go.  I won’t ever say anything.  I can deal with this.  I got money I can give you.  I’ll be good.  I’m done.  I never cheated you and always squared my debts, right man?  You know I won’t say anything.  You know that.”

“Oh, I know that sweetheart.  See, it didn’t work on a third but now… you got a bit of sin in you, friend.  I don’t need more of Pleasure Island to finish you off.  You can smell me, can’t you?  This close?  With my cock out?  It’s almost the same with me.  Well, it used to be.  I can ignore it most times.  The need to cum.  To fuck some bitches and fill them up until they’re choking on my cum.  And I can never hold back when I meet new girls.  Ever.  Something about fresh changed girls drives me fuckin’ wild.  So here I am, all riled up and ready and here you are, just at the start.  And I bet you can fuckin’ taste me on the air, can’t you?”

“Please… please don’t,” Dave begged.  “Please don’t do this to me.”

“Oh, honey,” Lampwick said.  “I won’t do anything to you.  You’ll do it.  I don’t rape nobody.  That’s just sick.  I just open you up a bit.  Let out some of those whatchamacallits… inhibitions.  I get you started.  Then, I just wait.  It’ll get worse, you know.  The more you stand there next to me.  You could just walk away.  I won’t stop you.  Just go over to the other side of the room, girl.”

“I’m not a-  oh fuck.  Fuck.”  Dave snatched his hand back from the smaller man’s cock.

John called out from the other side of the room.  “I’ll fuck you!  I’ll be your good girl!  Oh, please.  Oh Jesus, please!  You can hurt me if you want!  I’ll be good for you!”

“Honey, wait your turn.  There’s plenty of me to go ’round.  I can’t ever not cum.  So, yeah, sure, be a good girl and wait in the corner.  In fact, try your first command on for size.  Don’t touch yourself until I get over there.”

John groaned as her fingers stopped rubbing against her clit.  She bit her lip in frustration but for whatever reason, she couldn’t make herself continue masturbating.  “Oh please.  Please don’t make me stop.  I’ll be good.  I’ll be a good girl.”  She moaned.

“Now… what was your name again, honey?  I can never keep you guys straight.”

“Dave,” the man moaned quietly.  “I’m a man, not a girl.  I’m not a girl.”

“I can feel it in me, Dave.  Building.  The need to cum.  I know what it does to you girls.  I know what it does.  Just touch it and let it go.  Ride it out and let it all go.  You can’t stop it.  You’re still standing there even though I told you you could walk away.”

Slowly, Dave’s hand reached out.  Sweat beaded on his forehead and his hand trembled.  “I… I… can’t…”  The man’s fingers touched the thick black cock.  “No.  Oh god, no.  I can’t… it hurts.  Inside of me, it hurts.”  Dave’s fingers closed around Lampwick’s cock and slowly, he moved his hand up and down the man’s cock.

“Yer a nice one.  Those hands’ll soften right up, girlie.”  Lampwick said.  “A bit faster, now.  And use your mouth on the head.”

“I won’t.  Fuck you.  I won’t.”  Despite Dave’s protestations, his hands worked faster along the length of the black cock.  Dave’s second hand joined the first in order to steady Lampwick’s cock.

“You slut,” John whispered.  “You whore.  I want it.  I want his cock.  It’s not fair.  It hurts so much.  I can’t even touch myself and you get to play with that?  That…”  Donkey’s cock, half of her mind told her.  The contrast of the huge black cock on the small white figure was nearly ridiculous but all John could think of was how amazing it would feel to have something that huge shoved deep inside her hungry wet hole.

“Yer mouth, love,” Lampwick said again.

“Ngghh,” Dave groaned.  The man’s nostrils flared in anger but he whimpered and then leaned forward.  Closer and closer he leaned until his lips accidentally brushed the wide, flattened head of the man’s dick.  Hesitation fled and the man opened his lips and pushed down.  The head and a single inch of Lampwick’s cock slid into Dave’s mouth.

“Less teeth and more tongue,” Lampwick said somewhat gently.  “Don’t worry, girl.  You’ll learn to take all of me in time.”  Dave pumped Lampwick’s cock harder as he tried to take more of it into his mouth.  Lampwick groaned under the attentions and the small man gripped Dave’s short hair in his fingers.  “Just a bit… just a bit more…”

Lampwick pulled Dave’s head hard back and the man came loose with a wet sucking noise.  Dave’s hands still gripped Lampwick’s cock, pointing it down towards Dave’s head and, so, when Lampwick came, it sprayed Dave’s face in thick, white fluid.  Dave gagged as again and again Lampwick came until Dave’s face was a mask of white cum.  And, yet, despite the gagging, the man licked his lips and barely slowed pumping with his hands.

Stepping away, Lampwick gently pried the other man’s hands off of his still hard cock.  Dave whimpered slightly and then wiped cum from his eyelids.  John could see a kind of sadness in Dave’s eyes as comprehension dawned on the man.  Flesh on the other man’s fingers slimmed as his fingers lengthened.  Clear white fingernails pushed from the man’s nail beds as his hands softened into a woman’s hands.  Emotions warred within the man’s eyes but lust won out and the man brought his fingers to his mouth.  With a delicate lick, Dave cleaned the cum from his finger.

“Oh,” Dave moaned.  “Oh, god.  It’s so… so…  Oh fuck.”  Dave wiped Lampwick’s cum from his face.  With barely a thought, he brought his hand down to his swollen nipples, rubbing his cum soaked hand through his chest hair and over his fat nipples.  Where the cum touched on his chest, hair came away to leave smooth skin.  Down the man rubbed, over and over until he was touching himself, rubbing his own manhood.

Lampwick pointed at John.  “You over there.  In the corner.  Get a towel for your new sister.”  John jumped, thudding on strong, thick thighs and hooves to grab a bath towel.  As she approached Dave, she saw bones shifting under the man’s face, rearranging into a more pleasing look.  Dave’s strong chin broke away completely and the cheekbones developed even further as a heart shaped face emerged.  Thin lips swelled slightly as Dave’s mouth widened into pouty fullness. Dave touched his lips with a long finger.  Lampwick grabbed the towel from John.  “All right.  Back you go, girl.”  The small man slapped John on her wide ass and the girl cried out in pain and excitement as she fled to her corner.

With towel in hand, Lampwick wiped away the cum from Dave’s face and body until a slightly sticky sheen was all that was left.  Dave moaned under the vigorous rubbing and his fingers left his cock to pinch and pull at nipples left sore from the towel.  The skin around Dave’s nipples bulged slightly and then further as fatty tissue and milk ducts grew in place.  The flesh moved Dave winced in pain as nerve endings attached to his new breasts.  Dave found that massaging helped the tender little a-cup breasts and he wasted no time pressing and squeezing the flesh.  The little breasts pushed against his hands as they grew from tiny little breasts to a nice handful.  Further they grew until he could feel the bottom of his new breasts touching the skin of his chest.  Still further and no longer could he contain them with his hands.  Dave’s breasts filled out at an alarming rate.

“Oh, beautiful,” Lampwick said.  “I guess cumming directly on you helps a bit, don’t it, sweetheart?”

Dave’s breasts pulled heavily against him.  He looked down and could no longer see his legs or his cock beyond his gigantic breasts.  He’d never seen such huge breasts on any woman and a small, new part of him was oddly proud at their size.  Sneaking a glance over at Craig, he noticed his own breasts looked even larger than hers and a flush of pride crept up his pure, white smooth cheeks.  Dave dug his fingers into the soft flesh of his breasts and the sensation made him gasp in pleasure.  As he played with his breasts, he felt the skin of his ass moving.  Reaching a hand back, he felt his ass cheeks swelling, stretching the skin until it was smooth to the touch.  He reached both hands behind himself and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand, hefting them and feeling their weight.

Running his hands along his body, he felt something press against his waist.  Exploring the area, he felt the edge of his hip bone before muscle and tissue and fat grew up to surround his new width.  His body was filling out to a sexy curve – an exaggerated hour glass shape.  Dave was just surprised it didn’t hurt.  Both Craig and John had cried out and screamed during their own change so why didn’t… Something was tugging on his penis.  Dave sat back on his padded ass and leaned back.  His cock was hard but shorter than it should be.  As he watched, his testicles shriveled as if extremely cold.  Something moved under his cock and his ball sack deflated and then pulled flat against his body.  He reached down, smooth slim arms rubbing against his soft breasts as he felt the bumpy skin where his testicles used to be.  When he pressed harder, his fingers pressed into a covered hole within his body and he could feel slick flesh within.  More, he could feel himself touching inside of himself.

Inside of his developing pussy.  Pressing harder, he felt the skin split and his finger suddenly plunged into his wet cunt.  Dave gasped, arching his back at the feeling of his hot, wet tightness.  His thumb rubbed against the shrinking head of his cock while his fingers played deep within his slick pussy.  His other hand pinched his nipple and he moaned.  Further his cock shrunk until his head became the size of a pea.  As it did, the sensitivity from it tripled and Dave bit his lips at the incredible feeling.  Something loosened within him and his fingers became even more slippery as a second finger joined the first.  He spread himself open, lost in the pleasures of the flesh as skin enveloped his new clit.  A third finger pressed inside of his soaking wet cunt and he twisted, reveling in how full he felt, in how his fingernails scratched the slick flesh and how the three slim fingers pressed against the flesh inside him.

Hair from his man’s legs fell to the floor around him, leaving behind skin that immediately tightened.  Thick veins vanished beneath beautiful white skin as the changes traveled down his leg, slimming him, fixing little imperfections from years of abusing his own body.  His feet cracked and shrunk and he barely noticed through the building orgasm.

Dave sat back, no longer a man.  Her other hand joined the first, rubbing her clit as she fingered herself.  Her massive breasts squeezed together as she played with her pussy.  A voice from above stopped her and she whimpered in cute frustration.

“Stop playin’ with yourself for a moment, sweetheart.  Your first orgasm will be from me.  Now stand up and turn around.”  Lampwick said, voice deep with hunger.

Dave stood eagerly, turning to present herself for the man.  She felt the man’s hands on her large ass as he spread her open.  Almost immediately, she felt the head of his cock press against her wet, sticky opening.  She gasped at the alien feeling of his warm cock pressed against her wetness.  Thoughts already made difficult during the change became even harder as the man slowly pressed into her.  Muscles opened for him and her pink pussy lips enveloped the giant black cock.  Lampwick hissed out slowly through his teeth as he pressed further and further in.  Dave gasped, opening and closing her mouth against the feeling of being split open.  She wanted to cry out and tell him it was too much but she pushed back against him instead.  With every movement, she thought she couldn’t take more and yet, she still pushed.  The front of her belly bulged out slightly where Lampwick’s cock pressed.

“I… I… I…”  Dave said, lamely.  She tried to think, tried to tell Lampwick something but she couldn’t think what.  All she knew was how full she felt.  How amazing it felt to have that deep ache filled with this man’s cock.  Finally, she felt his stomach against her ass.  He was completely inside of her with his monstrous cock.  Dave reached down to her smooth, flat belly and she could feel where he was.  She could feel the length of him inside of her.

Lampwick’s arm wrapped around her lower belly as he pulled out of her.  Dave crumbled, nearly falling at the sudden sensation.  She cried out, gasping for air from the simple movement of the man pulling back.  Before she could steady herself, he pushed in again and Dave gave up, relying on the small man’s strength to hold her.  Again he pulled out and Dave felt her muscles grip and move and the emptiness that he left behind.  Until he pushed in again.  Dave wriggled her hips back, warming up to the feeling of this man in her pussy.

Dave pressed her hands against the wall, feeling the cool surface on her flattened tits.  Drool leaked from the corner of her mouth as her eyes rolled up into her head.  She’d never felt anything like it.  The drugs she’d taken before as a man came nowhere close to the euphoria she was feeling by this donkey’s cock inside of her.  Sex and masturbation as a man didn’t even approach the feeling of this woman’s pussy being filled by Lampwick.  All she knew was the lust and the need and how full she felt.

And so, she missed the feeling of fur sprouting from between her thighs.  Short, soft black fur spread from her pussy, up her lower stomach and down her thighs as Lampwick pumped in and out of her.  Sloppy wet sounds filled the air and he pushed harder and harder and she grew more wet.  Her pussy lips gripping Lampwick’s cock darkened, growing slowly black until they matched the color of the man’s cock.  Fur spread around her hips to cover her ass and then slowly working up her back.  The fur thickened at a spot just at the base of her spine and then pushed out as Dave’s tail grew.  Bone and muscle and flesh and fur and nerves bulged from her lower back, growing out further and further into a wrist-thick width and she felt it pressing against Lampwick’s body.

Black fur continued to spread up Dave’s belly and around her enormous breasts.  Beneath her thicker stomach fur, two patches of flesh tightened, pressing out against the fur.  Skin twisted, swelling in the air as another set of nipples grew into place, larger and larger until they were fat, thick and as black as the skin of her pussy lips.  Fur shifted around the new nipples as her breasts grew beneath the black nipples.   Dave felt the skin tugging and pulling and then the weight of her new breasts weighed on her.  She heard and felt the wet slap of her smaller breasts slamming against her larger breasts.  She was sweat soaked from the heat and fur and rough fucking.  She could feel the sweat on her back and under her breasts but then Lampwick slammed hard against her and she screamed.  So close, Dave thought.  I feel… something… I feel it so close… I’m almost there.

Bones popped painfully in Dave’s skull.  Her ears shifted, lengthening and moving on her skull, growing longer and longer until long, pink donkey ears replaced her human ears.  The short black hair from her head fell around her as her teeth flattened into an equine’s herbivorous teeth.  Black fur sprouted from her neck and shoulders to creep up her cheeks, covering her face in the soft, short black fur like the rest of her body.  With a sickening crunch that temporarily overcame the intense pleasure of her fucking, her jaw pushed forward as her nose flattened.  A short donkey’s muzzle grew in place of her face and her new wide, black nose flared to take in the scents of the room.  Her sex, Lampwick’s cum, Craig and John and the huge amount of weed in the house.  Her thick, pouty lips stretched thin and blackened around her new muzzle until it stopped growing.  Dave licked her lips with a huge pink tongue, gasping and groaning from the pounding.  Her orgasm taunted her.  Like a huge thundering storm, moments from breaking.

Dave panted, begging Lampwick to fuck her harder.  She felt thick fingers dig into the soft furry flesh of her hips and a loud “HAAAAW!” escaped her muzzle.  Images of being mounted flashed inbetween thoughts of a man fucking her hard.  The man alternated between human and half-donkey but in both, he had a massive black donkey’s cock.

When the orgasm came, Dave screamed a pure woman’s shriek of pleasure.  Her entire body lit up from the feeling and every single nerve felt alive.  She shrieked and kicked and arched her back and still Lampwick pounded into her.  Finally, she felt him swell in her and the sudden intense pressure on her engorged, sensitive pussy made her scratch and claw at the wall as she tried to form words to tell him to stop, that it was too much.  Lampwick grunted and his seed suddenly and completely filled every single gap in Dave’s pussy.  His cock swelled again and Dave felt cum spurt out of her wetness, running down the black fur of her thigh and leg.  A third time Lampwick’s cock swelled within Dave and another orgasm cracked through her body.  The man let go of Dave’s stomach and the donkey girl slid off of his cock, falling to the ground.  White cum covered her soft black fur and thick globs of the liquid oozed between her black pussy lips.

Dave twitched on the ground, rubbing his furry legs over and over again as smaller orgasms followed the larger one.  Between orgasms, her toes grew together into a shapeless mass.  White, bony growths pushed through the tips of her feet and she shuddered, pain and pleasure mixing as her hooves formed, clacking loudly against each other as she continued rubbing them together.  Her legs grew out to accommodate the hooves and the muscles of her legs and thighs bulged to compensate for the new form.  Strong, thick thighs to handle the stress of walking on hooves.  As Lampwick watched, the girl’s hooves hardened into proper shape.

She was done.  She was his now.  Dave reached for Lampwick’s still hard cock but her hand trembled badly.  She opened and closed her muzzle, trying to form words but whether to curse him or beg for more, he couldn’t tell.  She lay in a pool of his cum and she’d never stop wanting more.

Craig was fingering John’s pussy while John sucked on Craig’s own pussy.  Lampwick smiled at the three girls.  He gripped his cock, slowly rubbing himself up and down as he watched the other two play.  His van waited outside but the driver would wait as long as Lampwick wanted.  He could never resist fucking the new girls and watching the two play together just made him even more riled.

The two donkey girls stopped when Lampwick approached and both turned to offer themselves in hope that they’d be first.  Lampwick bent over the smaller black girl and her soft hand eagerly gripped his cock, guiding him toward her dripping wet cunt.


As the four lay together afterwards, Lampwick thought of the witch from so long ago.  The witch and the curse she’d given him.  And now, the three would be joining the others on his own private island.  Waiting on his clients in order to give their pleasure.  A curse indeed, she thought before finally falling asleep.

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