Her First Clutch

Tainted eggs bring about strange changes and new urges.

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Jan held the receiver against her ear, waving at her coworker as she answered the company’s phone.


“Tellus Technologies, how may I direct your call?” she asked, watching while Linda, the head of the accounting department, stepped up to the front desk.  “Yes, please hold.”


“Jan, I remembered to bring them before I left!” the portly woman said.  Although she ran her own department, she was down-to-earth and a little ‘out there’ compared to the other executives.  Rather than their dreary gray suits, the older woman wore a bright red Christmas sweater with Santa Claus driving his reindeer across a white sky.


“Oh, good!” Jan said enthusiastically.  “I was about to leave for the day, too!”


Quiet holiday music played over the company’s loudspeaker and strings of red and green bulbs lined the large office, reflecting their lights on the dark wood paneling.  Yet another gift from Linda.  The other executives couldn’t be bothered with the holiday.


“These are from two of my hens,” Linda said as she opened a half-carton to show an array of light blue, brown and white eggs.  “I can’t believe they’re already laying eggs!  I’m so excited.”


“Are you sure you’re okay sharing your first batch?” Jan asked, touching the small eggs curiously.


“Of course I’m sure,” Linda beamed.  “You don’t have to store them in the fridge or anything.  Just put them on the table and cook them when you’re ready!  I’m going to make a soufflé tonight with mine.”


“I’ll try an omelet,” Jan told her, carefully closing the carton.  “Thank you again.  I’ve always dreamed of having my own farm so I’m going to have to just live vicariously through you!”


“Tell me how it turns out!” the other woman said.  “And, Merry Christmas!”


“Merry Christmas!” Jan told her as Linda walked away.


The young receptionist clicked a button on her console to forward her calls while gathering her purse and personal items.  Finally, she clicked the power switch to her typewriter, grabbed the eggs and walked out of her building with a wave to the few people still working.


Cold wind swirled around the young woman as she stepped into the gray afternoon air.  Driving snow pelted her face until she wrapped her scarf tightly around her neck while burying her nose deep into the thick, warm cotton folds.  Her shoes crunched over the salted parking lot until she found her car.  As quickly as she could, she unlocked the door with her key, tossed her purse inside and then closed the door behind her.  


The small, boxy car complained as she turned the key into the ignition but finally, with a few pumps of the gas pedal, it started.  She set the eggs down and then turned the vents to face her.  The freezing air seemed to seep into the car through every available gap.  Jan turned the handle for her window until her arm trembled from the effort.


With a look over her shoulder for safety, she backed up and slowly drove through the snowy streets with an iron grip on her steering wheel.



Cheers played quietly in the background in the living room while Jan stood in her kitchen.  She held her knife while listening to Frasier tell Sam about a client of his and she shook her head at the lie he was telling.


“That never goes we- ow!” Jan said, sucking in her breath as she lay her knife down.  Three drops of blood welled in a line at the cut across her pointer finger.  She tsked at herself for getting distracted and then sucked her finger briefly.  When the blood stopped, she finished cutting the bell pepper and then pushed the pieces against the pile of chopped onions on the wooden board before her.


Opening a nearby drawer, the young woman grabbed a mixing bowl and a whisk.  


“Alright, let’s see how you do,” she murmured, opening the cartoon of eggs.  She cracked the first egg against the bowl and then a second one after it.  After contemplating how small they were compared to store bought eggs, she grabbed a third and cracked it open.  Egg yolk leaked down the side of the bowl.  She wiped at it with her finger before absentmindedly cleaning her finger against her apron.


A splash of milk followed the eggs in the bowl before she added salt and pepper.  As she beat the eggs, her finger begin to throb.  Jan sucked at her finger again and the pressure seemed to help the slight pain, reducing it to a manageable ache.


Next, she turned her stove’s burner on and cut a small pat of butter to scrape into the waiting fry pan.  She reached around to scratch at her back while pushing the melting butter around.  A small bump met her fingers and she idly toyed with it before reaching up to scratch the back of her neck.


As she took her hand away from her neck to move the pan around, small holes opened in her skin.  Thin, slick shafts of keratin pushed through the holes in a wide pattern along her neck as her body began replacing her hair follicles with quills.  The shafts dried and copper-colored barbed vanes pulled away to reveal her first hackle feathers.


Jan lifted the bowl to pour it into the pan.  She stared at the soupy mess and then tilted her head in a quick gesture.  The soft, white skin beneath her chin grew red.  She scratched at it while trying to pinpoint a strange sensation beginning to arise within her body.


She felt full in a way that was nearly hard for her to describe.  The woman shifted her feet uncomfortably and then blushed.  It was changing now, perhaps due to how she moved.  Now – now it reminded her of rising arousal.  Of the emptiness she felt when she was turned on.  And how it felt to finally have her lover’s dick deep inside of her when she was craving it.  It wasn’t quite sexual-


“Oh,” Jan whispered, cocking her head sharply to the left as she pressed her hand against her trim stomach.  


She felt it now.  Not exactly the fullness of sex but something close enough to make her breathe a little faster.  To make her begin to ache deep in the pit of her stomach.  Her fingertips brushed her sides and she shivered at her own touch, her skin suddenly too sensitive.


Goosebumps rose along her arms and her hackle feathers lifted in response.  Small cramps assaulted her, sharp stabbing pains that quickly replaced the gentle waves of pleasure. For a brief moment, she thought it was her period but the pains were more mild and she’d just finished her period a week ago.  


Can’t be that, she thought, grimacing through the pinching pain.  Her uterus reshaped within as glands formed to produce albumen and calcium carbonate.  As the discomfort increased dramatically, her knees dropped and she held herself against the bar on the front of her oven.  Jan panted through the agony in quick bursts until it suddenly vanished, as quickly as it’d appeared.


Still, the fullness from earlier increased and the hint of pleasure followed with it once again.  She felt it between her legs but it began to pulse upwards, tangling every nerve with a delicious twist.  As it coursed through her body, thick follicles formed beneath her skin until the light thrill touching her body felt like a million maddening fingers toying with her.


“God! Oh, god!” Jan moaned, falling to her knees with her arms crossed beneath her breasts.


Her shirt moved against her arms as her breasts expanded.  She felt their heat as they grew firm and full, bulging from the sides of the spaghetti strap top she wore.  The weight of them pressed against her as she reached up to feel them.  Black spots bloomed in the corners of her vision as her body diverted blood flow to her engorged breasts.  The weight of them pulled at her back.  They were harden and hot against her fingers.  They begged for release but, as she squeezed them, she hissed.  They hurt.


Looking down her stomach, she realized she couldn’t see past her chest but her eyes widened further when milk leaked from her swollen nipples.  The fabric absorbed the milk in large, ragged circular splotches that felt cool on her warm skin.  She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled, dragging it upward until she was bare.


The sensation of her shirt dragging against the feathers along her neck gave her pause.  She reached back and her fingers jerked away when she felt silky softness rather than skin.  


Before she could reach back again, a deep tickling sensation along her belly distracted her.  She glanced down her body but realized her breasts had grown enough to block her view.  Blue veins stood out on the taut, marbled skin and she groaned when she touched herself.  Translucent liquid welled at the tips of her nipples.  Once the drops reached critical weight, they fell, coursing down her areola and the white skin of her tits.  Ignoring the desperate urge to express her own milk, she pushed her breasts aside.


Tiny spots appeared along her stomach but, when she looked closer, she realized they were holes opening and closing.  No, not closing but expelling dark, short shafts.  She fell back in shock, watching as the wave of strange, hairlike strands began to cover her lower stomach.  They were cool and slick against her warm body and she had to bite her lips as they brushed her skin.  Despite her rising panic, she couldn’t deny how her body begged to be stroked.  How eager it was for touch and how responsive she felt.  How incredibly turned on.


As she leaned back, she was finally able to see past her bosom and a thought filled her.  She pressed her heels into the ground to raise her hips and then slid her pajama pants down.  


The same shafts covered her mound and upper thighs.  As she exposed them to the warm, dry air, they opened to show small, glossy, midnight black feathers.


Jan opened her mouth to scream.  Her voice cracked as her vocal chords began to be absorbed into the surrounding tissue.  


“Whaa,” she gasped, hands to her rasping throat.  She coughed, turned and spat before trying again.  “Whaaaaa-aaaawk!  Whaaawk is-“


The gaps between the woman’s teeth vanished as they merged.  Her tongue explored them until they shoved forward.  She touched her face in horror but realized she was wrong, her face was the same.  Instead, she felt her tongue receding into her mouth.


“Rraawwk is ‘isss,” she cried, grabbing at her face.  Despite the warmth and heat along her chest, her face was cold.  Numb.  She touched her cheeks and her fingers pressed against bone.  


For a brief moment, her nose came into view.  She crossed her eyes as her face elongated, pulling her nose flat against her developing beak.  Her fingers explored the soft flesh of her lips and cheeks as they tightened, growing taut over her bulging, curved bill.  Her skin stretched, it cannibalizing the enamel of her teeth and bone of her jaw while producing keratin in return.  


She touched her short beak in disbelief, feeling it drying and hardening beneath her fingers.  It curved away from her face, slick and dense in a delicate downward contour at the end.  All that remained of her nose were two holes in her upper mandible.


With a racing heart, she pulled herself up and ran to the kitchen.  The air rushing past her body rifled her feathers in a disconcerting way but she ignored it until she was in the bathroom.


An alien face stared back at her from the bathroom mirror.  The dark feathers lining her stomach had reached the bottom of her engorged breasts.  Their march had slowed but she watched more tiny black mouths open along her breast bone as the milk dripping from her nipples leaked onto the bathroom sink.


But it was her face that drew her attention.  She cocked her head sharply and a strand of her black hair fell to the ground around her feet.  With shaking hands she reached up to touch her hair and more strands came free at her touch.  Tears welled in her eyes as she ran her fingers through her hair and clumps pulled away until she stood bald in the soft white overhead light.


Her scalp appeared red and irritated.  She ducked her head, clicking her beak as she stared at the bumpy red flesh atop her skull.  She touched it hesitantly and it moved freely under her fingers.  


“Naaawwk!” she crowed in denial as the reddened, lumpy skin sagged along her head.  She felt the skin slid against her scalp until it hung over her eyes.  The weight of it pulled her head and she brushed it away, shuddering at the thick, fleshy feel of it.  It swelled at her touch, growing slowly erect until her wattle covered her scalp like a spiky, bumpy mohawk.


A rasping gasp forced itself past her open beak as the growth of her feathers reached her breasts.  She gripped the edge of the sink with her eyes forced shut as she ignored the thrilling, erotic sensation of a million fingers caressing her overly sensitive, aching bosom.  The down along her belly shifted as more feathers joined them and she spied copper and purple coloring amidst the black.


Jan turned, ignoring the throbbing ache from her chest and lower belly as she made her way toward the living room.  She stumbled, catching herself against a nearby wall as she tripped over her toes.


Fearing the worst, she looked down at her feet.  Her toes had lengthened without her realizing it.  Each joint of her petite feet were an inch long and growing longer through the thick pile of her carpeting as she watched.  Worse, her feet were shrinking, shedding mass that were absorbed by her toes.  She held herself steady, watching as her soft skin grew wrinkled.  As the toes continued to slid forth, they thickened, flesh and muscle growing beneath the ropy, tough exterior.  


Pain lanced through the arch of her shortened foot.  Bones clicked and shifted as they rearranged and tendons pulled her pinky toes sideways.  As her small toe moved, the webbing between her index and middle toes expanded from the base of her shrinking foot.  It worked along her toes like a fleshy zipper, combining both of them into a single digit.


Her center of balance shifted, forcing her to lean forward onto the powerful new toes. They flexed and her toenails lifted as clear, curved claws pierced them to dig into the floor beneath her.  She lifted her feet and her toes bent automatically as if she were clutching something.  Stepping forward, they pulled flat, steadying her as she moved.  Although she expected trouble with them, her body adapted and she found it oddly comfortable.  In a disgusting, disturbing way.


The phone rang as Jan took another experimental step.  She squawked in alarm and then clacked her beak shut in frustration.  As carefully as her feet would allow, she walked down the hallway toward the living room.  She could feel quills growing beneath her pajamas, sliding against fabric and skin.  Her pants were growing tight on her body and she could feel dense muscles flexing in her thighs.


“Hi!” her voice called out from the living room.  “You’ve reached Jan’s voicemail!  I’m not home so please leave a message!”


“Jan!” said a panicked voice.  “There’s something rawwwwwk!  Some- something rawwwwkng with the eggs.  Don’t-  Doooawwwwwk!  Awwwwwwk!”


Just as Jan reached her phone, the line disconnected.  She reached for it and then shivered as thin shafts sprouted from her forearms.  They spiraled along her arms and down to her hands in a torturous, tickling rush that left her gasping.  She fell to her knees, hugging her arms to her enormous tits.


A sudden, small orgasm caused the young woman’s eyes to bulge from her sockets.  Her beak flew open and she arched her back with her wide hips thrust out behind her.  The bump on her lower back bulged.  Flesh and muscle formed beneath the skin until it pushed outward into a tail nearly the width of her waist.  


She fell to her hands and knees as her hands cramped and swelled.  Claws lanced out of the tips of her fingers as she spread her thighs.  Her naked tail quivered above her as she felt the urge to push.  To force whatever was inside of her out.  It was an undeniable feeling.  New instincts emerged, whispering in her brain.


And she couldn’t deny that it felt good to do it.  She hated herself for it but she couldn’t stop it.  And didn’t want to stop it.


The glands within her rearranged uterus coated the descending ovum, covering it before sending it further and releasing another ovum.  She cried out with her strange, harsh voice as she strained.  Sweat soaked immediately into her soft feathers and she trembled under the strain.  Pain mixed with the arousing sensation of an impending orgasm.  She pushed and then gasped, panting with her head bowed.


Copper-colored feathers bloomed from drying quills along her back.  She resumed pushing and more feathers grew over naked flesh until every inch of her body was covered.  


Almost!  God, almost! she thought to herself.  She felt herself bulge open and she raised her beak to the ceiling as the thing inside of her slid against the powerful, clenching walls of her slick pussy.  Jan bowed her head to the ground, pressing her wattle against the carpet and spreading her thighs wider as her labia widened and the egg crowned.  Unable to help herself, she reached under her body, touching her clit with her clawed finger.  As the huge egg slid past her stretched pussy, she rubbed her clit, pressing it against the shell of the egg.


Jan shuddered from her release and her pulsing pussy pushed the egg free.  Her straining pajama pants kept the egg pressed against her sex and she moaned at the pressure of it against her thighs – thick and warm like a lover’s cock.  


Has to be done, she thought while panting.  Has to- oh, oh god.  Oh!


It wasn’t stopping.  Now that she’d laid her first egg, she knew what to expect as the second one began to form.  Her beak creaked as she forced her mandibles closed.  The young woman reached back to pull her pajamas down and her egg fell to the soft carpeting beneath her.


“Raaaaaaawwwwk,” Jan cried.  She leaned forward, biting against the wooden edge of the desk while gripping its legs.  Her bare, feathered hips raised and lowered as she pushed.  Her eyes fluttered in her head as the orgasm began to build.


Descending.  Like reverse sex.  Feeling it enter her from the other side and immediately clenching against it.  Her beak digging into the table.  Quivering as her egg moved fractions of an inch through her tight pussy.  Shuddering as she lay on the knife’s edge of wanting the orgasm but wanting to prolong it.  Teasing herself.  So thick.  Like nothing she’d had before.  


Jan crowed as she squirted from a massive orgasm.  Her pussy pulsed and she looked down to see the bulge of her egg.  Gasped as the sweet pain tore through her.  Swallowing and groaning as her lips opened to show the light blue curve of the speckled egg emerging.


Her cum coated the feathers surrounding her crotch as she raised herself, shoving her feathered ass backwards.  Clenching and squeezing and rubbing herself until the egg slipped free.


Fuck!  Fuuuuuck! she thought to herself.  Her heart pounded.  She stroked her soft feathers until she froze, realizing how much she was enjoying it.  No.  No!  I have toooooOOOH GOD!


Another egg began to form and the woman’s curved beak flew open as her eyes widened.  Her clawed hand dropped to her pussy and her short tail wriggled in anticipation, her feathers fluttering with the motion.


More, she moaned, bowing her head as she gave in.  Her wattle shifted as she focused inward.  Her free hand clutched her swollen, aching breast and she squeezed herself while being careful of the feathers coating her body.  The tip of a small claw teased her nipple and she cawed quietly as the third egg began to move.


A new maternal instinct began to form.  As the next orgasm built, her mind wandered to her boyfriend, Trevor.  These eggs would be unfertilized.  She glanced at her phone before squeezing her eyes closed.  She would need his cum.  For her babies.  She would need her rooster.


Too far.  Too far.



Jan shivered and her hackle feathers lifted as goosebumps rose along her body.  She clucked, stepping carefully through her apartment door with a raised foot.  Her head jerked until she was sure it was clear.  


She was a cheerful woman that made friends easily and she knew everyone in her apartment.  


Steven was next door.  She tested her door but it was locked and she clacked her beak in frustration.


The need was bad.  She wanted to feel it again.  Had to feel it again.  Her brain buzzed with the lack of her eggs.  Her feathered hand shook as she tested Jonathon’s door.  Even though she knew he was married, she had to check.  


A third door.  She moaned, hating herself for the desire but unable to stop it.  Like a junkie questing for her fix.


A fourth.  The door opened.  It took her a second but then she remembered.  Tony.  Tony’s apartment.  Young guy that was always awkward and shy around her.  Not her type since he was scrawny and pocked with acne but she didn’t care.


His apartment was dark.  She closed the door gently and moved through the hallway, lifting her clawed feet one at a time.  Her head rocked forward with each step as she walked.  The apartments were laid out the same so she knew where his bedroom was and she peeked through into the dark interior.


The young man’s blanket was tossed aside despite the cold.  She crept into the room carefully until she was by his bed.  


God, she thought, her eyes locked on the man’s crotch.  So wet.  So damn wet.  I need it.  I need it, god I need it so bad.  His cum inside me.  Deep inside.  The eggs yes yes yes more of them.  So many more.  My babies.  The feel of it coming down.


He wore boxers and she hooked her claws carefully beneath the band before drawing them back.  His cock lay limp and she shuddered, imagining it inside of her.  Her juices were leaking from her pussy freely, running down her leg as they dripped.  


As slowly and gently as she could, she stepped onto the bed and lay down against him, pressing her hot pussy against his small cock.  Her feathers settled softly against his bare skin.  She raised her arms, lifting her massive breasts before leaning forward, spreading the black feathers apart until an aching nipple was exposed.  


Jan rocked her ass back as she pressed her nipple against the young man’s open lips.  A drop of her milk fell and he swallowed reflexively as he began to harden.  The man groaned, twisting beneath her and she wasted no time.  Lifting her hips, she grabbed his cock, rubbing the head between her thighs until she felt him against her hips.


The young woman shoved herself down and Tony gasped awake, grabbing her hips by reflex as she rode him.  She gripped him tightly, flexing her pussy against him over and over.  Milking him.  Willing him to cum.  The muscles within her pussy felt powerful.  Changed like the rest of her body so she could lay her eggs.


“Who the fuck-?!”  Tony yelled, slapping at her side.


The man bucked and came with a gasp.  Jan crowed, grabbing his hands to press against her tits as she shoved herself down, locking him in place while he filled her.  While he fertilized her.  His hands gripped her sore breasts and she moaned with an odd croaking sound until he snatched his hands away.  


Tony shoved and pulled away, scrambling back.  He fell from his bed and slammed himself against the wall.  Jan shuddered, hunching against the bed.  She pressed her hands against her swollen labia, shoving his leaking cum back into her pussy while clenching herself as hard as possible.


“What- what are you?!” Tony gasped, pushing himself up against the wall until he stood, eyes wide and staring at the feathered woman.  “How did you- What did you-aaaawk!”


She tried to smile but her beak only opened partially.  She turned to look at him sideways as he pressed his hands against his mouth.  His limp cock began to harden and she groaned as she watched it move.


The man – a virgin no more – stared at the strange creature while a million pinpricks exploded all over his body.  He found himself staring at her wide hips and the bulge of her breasts beneath her glossy black feathers.


She’s glorious, he thought, unable to stop himself.  Her sleek feathers were glossy and clean and he couldn’t stop feeling aroused at the sight of her.


A single quill slid through the skin of Tony’s forearm.  Jan turned and spread her thick thighs, raising her ass to him.  Her ropy, clawed legs rested against the edge of the bed.  Tony’s jaws clacked as his hands began to lower to his straining cock.


Can’t- he thought, touching his cum-soaked cock.  Can’t stop thinking- about-


Jan cawed as she felt hands against her hips and the brush of short feathers against the plumage covering her ass.


Yet, as the man shoved himself back inside of her and she lost herself to the pleasure of his cock pounding deep inside, all she could think of were the eggs she’d lay.  She knew, deep down, that she would never stop.


And never wanted to.

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