More Pink Gum

Innuendo? How about in-your-end….oh…. dangit.

Oh no! Don’t! Don’t buy that pack of gum, it- oh, you did it. Well. Uh. Maybe… Maybe you’ll come to like what happens.


Aw, who am I kidding. You’re gonna fucking love it.

Innuendo?  How about in-your-end….oh….  dangit.


His fingers drum on the counter before reaching out to take his change and the package of gum he’d just purchased.  Knowing how quickly the flavor would weaken, he waits until he sits outside of the manager’s office before unwrapping and sliding the stick of gum into his mouth.  


The intense flavor hits him immediately and he moans.  His straight back crumbles while his hands tremble, itching to touch his hardening cock as it bulges against his pants.  When the door opens abruptly, he sits back with wide eyes while his nostrils flex – biting back the urge to whimper and show his sudden need.  


The manager leads and he follows and stares at the trash can outside the office while his tongue works against the glob of pink gum in his mouth – stretching it, sliding against it, twirling around it.  He knows he should spit it out, but he can’t.  Instead, he stores it beneath his tongue.


Sitting.  Staring at the two dignified streaks of gray in the manager’s short beard.  At his strong jaw.  Squirming when he feels his throbbing cock grow limp, despite the ache that continues to radiate from it.  Biting at the back of his lip from the suddenly overwhelming sensation of the head draaaaaaagging against his underwear.  Despite being as straight as an old dusty road, a fork appears before him when he stares at the other man’s parted lips and the tip of the tongue within.  Wondering how he would taste. 


He blinks as his eyelashes lengthen and then grips the arms of his chair when the skin on his uncircumcised cock creates the head for his shriveling, pulsing clit.  Sudden sharp cramps seize him.  The man grunts, forced forward to grab the edge of the desk.


The manager looks up from the resume before him and the young man flashes a tremulous smile as his thin lips fill out, curving away while his trimmed nails lengthen over the tips of his fingers.  His fingers compress while hairs fall away from his knuckles.  They were delicate little things now, that he pulls back into his lap to press against his stomach while sitting back once more.


The earlier pain lessens as his testicles retreat, sliding through his newly opened vaginal canal before being snatched by his forming fallopian tubes to change into the ovaries of his womb.


His hand grips his leg as muscles erode and the skin tightens.  Squeezing.  Sliding.  Tongue stroking his plump lips as he wonders whether the manager has a bigger cock than he does.  And what it would feel like in his mouth.  Or inside of him.


An emptiness expands within when his deflated scrotum seals itself to his crotch and swells from the blood flowing through him.  He can feel the echo of his heart beat there, and in his engorged clit.


When the skin between his labia majora part, liquid seeps down before soaking into his underwear.  He raises his hand to uselessly muffle the loud moan that escapes his mouth, only to flutter his long eyelashes when he realizes how sensitive his lips are.  The thought of them sliding against the manager’s smooth, hard, hot cock burns in his mind.


He stands as his pants tighten around his hips and the back bulges outward when his ass fills out, stretching the fabric.  Little bumps push into his undershirt and the button-down shirt he wears over it and his soft, large pink nipples grow erect while his areola spread and puff out.  


Another moan, louder as he crawls onto the desk.  His nipples rub against the rough fabric of his shirt.  He can feel the skin tighten on his chest while thin blue veins appear and his gym-hardened muscles grow soft.  When his breasts expand, they sag slightly due to their weight before hanging beneath him and pulling at the ends of his shirt.  A large wet spot shows on the seat of his pants.


He continues to crawl over the desk while the manager pushes back but his hands grip the arm of the other man’s chair and he stretches forward, pressing his soft lips against the man’s mouth.  The short beard scratches him.  Tickles him.  The hesitant kiss becomes passionate when the hidden gum passes between them.


Buttons pop, unable to contain his breasts and hands reach for them with fingers pinching his fat nipples.  He takes them, kisses them and then leans back on the desk, bracing himself as the manager undresses him with astonishing speed before dropping his own pants.


Her crotch glistens and she stares down past the sharp tips of her pixie cut at her pussy, chest heaving, as the manager takes her roughly.  Gripping him tightly while shrieking at the size of him.  Papers scatter when she lays back and wraps her arms around the manager, meeting the man’s deep kiss as he slides deeper inside of him.  Clenching the entire length of him until a powerful, yet alien orgasm bursts within.  She bites his ear and moans at how thick and good he is and the man begins to pound while grunting.


He stares down at her, blinking thick lashes while hair from his beard flutters, falling to leave supple skin behind.  He hisses and trembles and his chest quivers while his hardening, thickening, lengthening nipples bounce beneath his shirt on the tips of his small breasts.


His cum fills her and she screams from yet another orgasm.  When she tries to shove back into him, his cock shrinks and she whimpers with need.  The manager falls back, shivering while his cock vanishes beneath curly pubic hair.  The last bit of his creamy white cum slides down to mix with the clear liquid dripping from his pussy when the thin, delicate lips separate.


She stands and stretches before pulling up pants that barely fit over her thick thighs and the manager watches her generous hips sway as she leaves.


He stabs at his phone and his nails, sliding past the tips of his thin, smooth fingers, dial a number different from his personal secretary.  The phone drops from his nerveless fingers when the emptiness opens within, burning his thoughts.


Her shirt lifts over her swelling breasts and she brings a finger down to her pussy, touching herself tentatively before gasping and bucking and thrusting a finger inside.  Her other hand tears her shirt open and pulls up on the one beneath to bare her breasts before lifting one to her pouting lips to suck the milk welling from her dark, thumb-thick nipple.


And so, when the IT technician she’d accidentally dialed enters, he stares at the beautiful blonde woman thrusting one finger into her own tight pussy.  She looks up and pleads with him and the man closes the door before going to her.  She unzips him with the same speed she’d shown earlier with the first woman.


Stripping him before moaning and licking his shaft up to the tip and pressing the head past her lips.  Taking him to the base until she feels him in the back of her throat with her finger pounding her pussy.  She pulls off and turns, arching her back to offer herself to him with her own cum dribbling down her legs.  He pulls a wad of gum away from the head of his cock and places it on the desk before sliding slowly into the woman’s pink pussy.


That night, a middle-aged Latino man steps into the office while his coworkers spread out into the empty cubicles behind him.  He stares at the scattered papers and the strange wet spots covering the carpet and expensive chair before picking a wad of gumoff of the desk with a shake of his head.  It sticks to his finger even when he tries to flick it away.


When a strange scent wafts from the pink gum, he brings it to his nose. His tongue slips out to touch it.  Taste it.  He takes it into his mouth, moaning as he chews on it.  Leaning over the desk while wrinkles vanish from his face.  The sensation of his skin tightening sends chills down his spine, forcing him to raise his ass.


Knowing something is wrong, he drops his tools and supplies and leaves the office.  His pant legs raise over his smooth calves when bones extend within, stretching his short frame until his slender, long legs scissor through the office towards the bathroom.  


His uniform becomes uncomfortably tight, pulling his underwear up against his empty ball sack while his chest sways and grows until his pendulous breasts lift his plain shirt to show his taut, bare, tanned midriff with his suspenders stretching against their clasps.


He grips his coworker.  Hugging him.  Smooth, high cheekbones resting against the other man’s rough beard.  Hot breath puffing against the other man’s ear.  Moaning.  She leans forward to nibble his earlobe while taking his awkward hands to place them against her expanding ass, squeezing them to show him what she wanted.  


She walks him backward until her curving ass bumps into the sink and she steps up to sit on it while spreading her knees to wrap her long legs around him.  The man chews the gum briefly before reaching down to unzip the gorgeous woman’s rolled down coveralls as a warning light glows in his head, trying and failing to raise the question of why she wore their outfit.


He fumbles with the boxer brief underwear she’s wearing, fingers desperately trying to find the flap on the soaked fabric while stroking his own cock – until she moans and takes it from him, arching her back while sliding her delicate hands over his hardness, whispering how much she wants him in husky, feminine voice that drives him crazy.  


When he finds what he needs, he takes it back from her, hissing when his long nails scratch his strangely sensitive cock head.  He glides into her and she cries out for her papi to fill her virgin pussy.  She cums as she watches his hair grow down his delicate, bare cheeks and then screams when she feels him unload the last bit of sperm he’ll ever have – his own, definitely not the last he’ll have from other men.  He’ll drown from all of it over the coming years.


The next day, the receptionist opens the unlocked office and frowns at the state of it.  Clothes are strewn over the floor and cleaning supplies left out.  She walks through and pauses outside the general manager’s office to pick up an open pack of gum before popping a stick in her mouth to help with her coffee breath.


When her gut tells her to leave, she does, catching a cab while giggling and sitting back against the seat.  She touches herself while her aching, sore breasts push against her straining blouse.  When she leans forward, she pops a bubble with the gum next to the driver’s ear, splattering him with traces of pink while he jerks the steering wheel.  She moans and tells him how much she wants him while leaning over the seat to caress his hardening cock.


Barely a minute after they pull over, she rides him, splattering his car with her cum until his cock shrinks to nothing.  Barely satisfied – never completely satisfied after this point, despite how much she cums – she stumbles away, kissing a man rushing past her with a briefcase in his hand.  Dragging him into the alley.


The taxi driver stares down in shock while spreading his legs, touching his strange new clit with long pink nails.  Moaning.  Frowning.  Brow furrowed.  Exploring her new slick lips before leaning out to call to a young man walking by, begging him to bend her over the hood and pound her hot pussy.


When the president of the company comes back from vacation two days later to an office that won’t answer his calls, he goes to his general manager first.  There’s nothing to tell him what happened so he leaves – but not before taking the pack of gum he spies outside the man’s office.  He has another flight to take and decides he can handle everything by phone.


As he sits in the VIP lounge, stubbing out his cigarette, he pats his jacket and remembers the gum.  It’s pink, but he doesn’t care. He promised his wife he’d stop smoking and she’ll kill him if she smells it on his breath.


And so he takes the stick, pressing it between his lips.


Chewing it.


Stretching it.


Sliding his tongue against it before swirling the tip over the smooth, slick surface…

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