Milk Stud [TFTG]

An old woman overhears an argument between husband and wife over the wife’s breast reduction and decides to give the man a small taste of karma… that ends up being anything but small and leaves the man beginning to be bred by a bull.

“All I’m saying is to give it some more thought,” Tyler pleaded with his wife.


“You’ve know I’ve wanted to do it,” Judy answered with a long-suffering sigh.  As much as she tried, she couldn’t hide the stress from her decision as well as her continued disagreement with her husband.


The recently wed couple sat in the back corner of a busy local coffee shop.  The lunch crowd spoke in hushed tones around them while the glass door opened to admit a steady stream of customers and the discordant sounds of the outside world.  


Tyler glanced at the expensive crystal watch on his wrist before running his hands against his buzzcut.  His jaw flared out as he grit his teeth but he nodded.


“I know, sweetheart,” he said.


“Then why do you keep arguing with me about it?” she asked.  She leaned back and then brushed her shoulder-length blonde hair aside when it caught against the metal chair.


“I just- you’re beautiful the way you are and-” he tried to say.


“Always the same thing,” she snorted, tapping her fingernails on the marbled surface of their table.  “You know you can be honest and say you like big tits.”


“Come on,” Tyler hissed, leaning close while lowering his voice.  “There’s people around.”


“That’s what I’m talking about!” his wife insisted.  “You’re a private person.  You don’t like calling attention to yourself and always try to maintain a persona when you’re out.”


“It’s part of my job to-” he interjected.


“Because you’re worried you’ll stand out when you don’t want to stand out,” she continued.  “So how can you sit there and tell me not to get a reduction when I walk around with all kinds of attention on me unless I’m wearing baggy black clothes?  And that’s just a part of it.  There’s the back pain and then, when I get older-“


“Judy?” a loud voice called out from behind the horseshoe-shaped counter dominating the coffee shop.  “Judy?”


The blonde stood, sliding her chair back quietly in order to make her way to the waiting barista.  She grabbed the large cup that held her cappuccino and then more carefully picked up her husband’s plain black coffee.  It was lidless and steaming as she held it and made her way back to the table.  As usual, she stared down at her feet with her arms lightly pressing against the sides of her breasts.  She was sure a few of the men she passed were leering at her but she dared not look up to confront them.  


Flustered by the imagined looks, she nearly tripped over a careworn leather satchel leaning against a wrought iron chair.


“I’m so sorry,” Judy said, glancing up at the older woman seated in the chair.


“Not at all, dear,” the woman said with a carefree smile.


Two tables away from the other woman, she set her husband’s cup down first before sitting.  He was half-turned and tapping out a message on his phone but he grabbed his cup and sipped it slowly until he finished his email.


“Thank you,” he told her and she nodded in return as she took her lid off to blow on her drink.


He watched her for a moment but she ignored him, holding the cup in both hands as she breathed out, watching the tiny ripples flow in the tawny liquid.  As was her habit, she realized she was hunched forward and slowly eased back to sit up straight.


“You’re only twenty-four,” he said.


“Tyler, please,” she sighed, closing her eyes.


“You have a long time until you’re old enough to worry,” her husband continued.


“Let’s talk about something else,” she said, her voice as stern as she could make it.  “Anything else.  Literally anything other than my massive bosom.  I have to think about both of them enough as it is.”


“I have to go back to work soon,” he told her.  “There’s a problem with one of my customer’s orders and I’ll need to yell at the purchasing department.”


“Already?” she fussed, setting her drink down.


“Yeah, sorry,” he answered, standing from the table.  “Bathroom first.  Could you get me a lid?”


Without waiting for her answer, he walked to the bathroom.  A brunette stood by the tall windows, talking quietly on her phone.  As he passed, he looked down to admire her ass before looking up at the curves shown through her tight hoodie.  His cock stirred fitfully within his slacks but he put the woman out of his thoughts and pushed the bathroom door open, walking to the wall of empty urinals.


He pictured his wife with smaller breasts as he held his semi-erect cock to relieve himself.  She was pretty and sweet but he would be lying if he didn’t admit that her large breasts were what initially attracted him to her.


You could divorce her.


The thought was intrusive and he shook his head as his stream slowed to a trickle.  She was a good wife and he loved her.  Didn’t he?


“Of course I do,” he said as he shook himself off. “Not going to divorce my wife just because her tits aren’t as big.”


What if they’re a lot smaller?


“You’re not helping,” he said out loud.  Talking to himself was a bad habit that he’d never seemed to break and he equated the voice to the devil on his shoulder since it often prompted him with outlandish, call-of-the-void type thoughts.  Like what would happen if he were to drive into oncoming traffic or if he stepped off the edge of the cliff he stood next to.  Only now, with the sudden inner thought, he realized he hadn’t asked how small she wanted to go.  The thought of her with really small tits made him sigh.  


He’d miss fondling her from behind when she was standing and minding her own business.  It was one of his favorite things to do – to just go up to her and reach for a hug but to cradle and caress her breasts as he kissed the back of her neck.  Holding the curves of her breasts in his wide open hands and feeling their weight while massaging her softly until she either gave into the attention or gently pushed him away.  He felt himself grow hard just at the thoughts of it.


But if she was smaller…


He frowned as his reflection while washing his hands.


“No,” he said again.  “No way.  She’s a sweet girl.  I’m not ending my marriage over something dumb like this.”


You’re young.  Just married.  No kids.  Easy enough to find a girl that’s happy with the size of her tits.  Someone sexy with-


“Enough,” he whispered as he pulled the door open.


An old lady stepped away from the table he shared with his wife as his wife walked towards the counter.  He watched her grab a lid before he glanced back at the gray-haired woman. She tucked her long skirt beneath her thighs as she sat and then she turned, smiling in his direction before picking her book up and finding her spot.


“Who’s that?” he asked, nodding in the other woman’s direction.  His wife glanced to the side without turning her head while pressing the lid around the top of his cup.


“Crazy old woman,” his wife said quietly with her lips barely moving.  She grabbed her purse, pushed the smaller cup into his hands and took her own larger drink.  “We should go.”


He followed behind her as they swept through the coffee shop but when they exited onto the street, he reached out for her arm.


“What happened?” he asked, searching her face as she went to her toes to look into the shop.


“She’s crazy,” Judy said.  “Came up when you were in the bathroom.  Said she couldn’t help overhearing our conversation.”


“Huh,” Tyler grunted as they made their way through the crowd.  “That’s not so bad.”


“No,” his wife agreed.  “That’s not bad.  But then she said she could help you understand my pain.  Said she’d read the bits at the bottom of her teacup and could see your, what was it?  Could see your resolve faltering.  That’s what she said.  Something about you doubting our relationship and how you were too self-centered to see what I was going through.”


Is she making this up to make me feel guilty about trying to talk her out of having the surgery?


The old woman’s supposed words hit too close to home.  He spared a look at his wife from the corner of his eyes but she seemed inwardly focused and upset.


“I told her she was crazy,” the blonde girl said, shaking her head and pulling at the bottom of her blouse.  “But she kept on and said to trust her and believe her.  You know I don’t like dealing with people but I told her to stay out of our business.  And she looked so nice before that.”


“Yeah,” he said quickly, agreeing with her to move her past the old woman’s eerily accurate assessment of his recent thoughts.  “Sounds like a nutjob busybody.  I’m proud of you for standing up for me.”


“Will you be home on time tonight?” she asked, going to her tip-toes to brush her lips against his.


“I don’t know,” he told her, already thinking of what he’d say to Lianna for trying to push out material he needed for a particular order.  It wasn’t a large order but it was a rush job and he’d hoped having it ready for the customer would lead to more orders later.


And there was Annette.  The new girl they hired.  Not as big as his wife but younger and hot with bright red lipstick and that black eyeliner and tight clothes.  Tyler subconsciously twisted his wedding ring on his finger before kissing his wife.


“I’ll call you when I find out,” he finally said, watching for a break in traffic in order to open the driver’s side door.


When he was promoted to sales, he’d splurged and took out a loan for a lower end BMW that was almost outside his budget.  His wife had complained but he’d told her it was a status symbol.  He looked into his rearview and shifted, merging quickly into traffic as he reminded himself for the hundredth time to book golfing lessons.  He hated golf but every single upper manager played and he’d do anything to work his way up the ladder.  Outside sales was next.  On the road constantly, in and out of hotels while trying to charm customers sounded like a headache but he was ready for it.  And hungry for the extra money.


Traffic slowed to a crawl and he sighed.  He reached over, lifting his still-warm cup to his lips for a sip.  


“Feh!” he gagged as he swallowed a mouthful.  He set the cup down and took the lid off, cursing as he saw the light brown coloring in the cup.  “I told her I wanted it black, dammit.”


Tyler snapped the lid back in place.  He dropped his right hand to rest against his lap while holding the steering wheel casually with his left hand.  Cars honked around him as he crept forward with the slow flow of vehicles.


He reached over to scratch at his left arm while scanning the road.  A tiny black irregular speck appeared just above his wrist.  His shortened nails dug at it as it spread, appearing to eat away at the surrounding tan skin like a virus.  With a happy sigh, he dug his nails in and they began to lengthen.  The rounded edges flowed out into long, thick clear nails that scraped against his skin.


A few short, coarse black hairs grew from the center of the spot forming on his arm.


He reached down to his inner thigh as his bronzed skin darkened into obsidian.  He opened his mouth and closed his eyes, moaning as the spot widened and his nails clawed his suddenly sensitive skin.  


The nails on his left hand grew out.  He despised files and so the edges of his fingernails were uneven.  However, as they flowed outward, they came to perfect, broad curves that pressed into the palm of his hand.  


“Mmmm,” he moaned, smiling as he scratched higher on his thigh.  His cock throbbed in his pants and he grabbed himself, thinking briefly of Annette in purchasing and her wicked smile and firm tits before picturing his wife.  Naked and riding him – his favorite position.  Watching her tits bounce as he pulled her down to suck on her fat nipples.


Two more spots formed on his back, one on his left shoulder blade and a second on his right hip.  He squeezed his cock and then reached over to grab the coffee cup and take a long pull of the sickly sweet drink.  A trail of caramel-colored coffee slid down the corner of his mouth and he reached out with his tongue.  The base of it grew thick as it wrapped around and down to lap at the coffee.


The traffic light turned green and he followed the car in front of him.  His right hand slid down his body and he cupped his balls.  He reached up to gently squeeze the base of his cock.  His ring and pinky fingers slipped down to press against his taint.  For a moment, unaware of what he was doing, he rubbed himself below his cock and then grabbed the wheel with both hands to make a turn.


More cars seemed to merge in front of him and he slowed while grinding his teeth.  He reached up to tug against his necktie and roll his head before tapping a button on his console to make his air conditioner colder.  Taking another long sip of his coffee, he turned the air conditioner up even more and then toyed with a button on his silk vest.


The hair covering his chest brushed against the inside of his undershirt as lobules and fatty tissue began to form.  The hard, defined lines of his pectorals grew smooth as the fat built up.  An almost imperceptible bulge outlined the beginning of his breasts and his tiny nipples moved slowly, dragged down as gravity asserted control over his changing body.


Tyler’s quarter-sized areola widened as they shifted beneath his clothing.  The light brown coloring darkened to a dusky shade of charcoal while they expanded around his nipples.


The young man tugged at his tie once more before bringing his long nails down to his chest.  Muscle and bone melted away beneath his hands and the skin tightened until his long, slim fingers were left to toy with the buttons lining his vest.  He pushed his ass back and then forward in a rocking motion and then bit his lip when his fingers slid against his swelling breasts.  They flattened against the inside of his shirt but continued to grow.  His chest hair pulled free in response to the gentle friction, leaving behind unblemished soft skin.


“God, fucking horny,” he whispered, glancing around before unzipping his slacks and slipping his hand into his pants.  He pushed his underwear down and gripped his hardened cock, grunting as he tugged at it, pulling and guiding until his dick lay exposed between the flaps of his pants. Veins lined his manhood.  “So warm.  Feels so good.”


Despite the passing cars and pedestrians walking on the sidewalk, Tyler masturbated openly.  His thick tongue slipped out as he moaned and it worked against his cheek and up to his nose.  


Pressure built low in the young man’s stomach.  Milk ducts formed in clusters around four points beneath his belly button.  The skin around the points grew reddened and throbbed with an odd pain that quickly faded to an alien itching pleasure.  His flattened shirt lifted away from his chest to show the curves of his growing breasts.  His tight vest grew taut, flattening his breasts against his body.  Tiny bumps showed over his erect male nipples.


A horn blared behind him and he snorted with wide eyes.  Letting his cock go, he pushed the gas to reach the car in front of him.  Pressure built within his chest as the adrenaline caused him to breathe quickly.  


The short trimmed hairs lining his chin and cheeks retreated as the bones beneath them began to reshape.


“Asshole,” he said, staring into his rearview mirror as his right hand trailed down to his chest.  


His long nails clicked against the buttons as they struggled to hold his vest together.  He toyed with them as he glared at the car behind him and his thumb accidentally undid a button.  The relief was immediate.  In response, he leaned back and undid the rest of them before grabbing his still-hard cock.  


Another glance at the car behind him.  He studied the man as he pumped his cock, focusing on his beard and lips.  His own mouth opened with a quiet, nearly feminine gasp.  His breath hitched and he jerked before grunting once more, moving his hand faster on his cock.  The force caused his fledgling breasts to quiver beneath his shirt.  Additional nerve endings formed inside his lips as the tiny muscles within grew more dense, forcing his lips outward in a full pout.  His tongue lashed out as he continued to glance back at the man and his hand pumped faster.  


The miniscule bumps of his nipples pressed into the exposed red button-down shirt beneath his opened vest.  Tyler rocked his ass once and then twice, moaning again as he stared at the man’s face.  His face felt hot and his breathing was erratic but he couldn’t stop staring.  Wondering how scratchy the man’s beard would be against his face.  How his lips would feel.  


“Fuck,” Tyler groaned, squeezing and jerking.  The warmth pooled in his scalp to create the sensation of a million pinpricks.  His eyelashes thickened and lengthened into gentle arcs as his hair began to grow out.  His cheekbones pushed slowly against his face before raising almost imperceptibly.  “Yeah.  Yeah, suck me off.  Gonna.  Ugh.  Gonna fuck you.”


The cars moved forward slowly before coming to a complete stop.  He glanced back and then brushed a strand of long, brown hair away from his eyes.  The twin bumps on his shirt widened as his nipples began to grow.  Tyler let the wheel go to press the ball of his hand against the itching, needy patch of skin low on his belly as his red shirt tightened against his breasts.  Low in his belly, the four scarlet patches of skin formed into four angry teats.  He jerked with a loud moan when his finger brushed one of them.


“Mmmmmmm-ooh!” he screamed, bucking in his seat as he came suddenly.  Thick white cum spurted, landing on his shirt and vest and face.  His nostrils flared as his long lashes batted and he gasped, squeezing his cock while pulling down, over and over until he drained himself.


A single button popped free on his shirt, no longer able to contain his still expanding bosom. He grunted and stuffed his flaccid cock back into his pants, just above his underwear.  When he tried to zip himself back up he found the zipper refused to move.  Fatty tissue grew over the gluteal muscles he’d spent years working on in the gym and their growth pushed his underwear down to his thighs.  His pants dug into his waist as he tried once more to zip himself up.


Another button popped free.  His nipples continued to grow.  They ached in time with the four teats lower in his belly but, before he could investigate, he caught a look at himself in the corner of the rearview mirror.


“Fucking Christ!” he shouted, wiping at his face as he suddenly realized what he’d done.


Thick ropes of cum clung to his bare cheeks and he glanced down to see more covering his body.  Yet the realization of being covered in his own sperm vanished as he stared at his enormous breasts.  Two buttons popped free and his undershirt pressed out into the opening provided.  Through the thin white shirt, he could see his pure black nipples and wide areola.  


As he watched, his already hard nipples began to lengthen further, bending as they pressed against his undershirt.  The pure cotton scratched against the incredibly sensitive flesh and he cried out, grabbing the steering wheel with both hands and digging his long, clear nails into his palms.  The bottom of his shirt was lifted by the size of his tits to leave his midriff exposed. 


The edge of two of his teats were visible.  They rested against the band of his slacks, bare for all to see.  Translucent liquid well at the tips of both.  


The car behind him honked twice, forcing Tyler to look up and see how far he lagged behind the leading vehicles.  In a panic, he turned and slid into an open spot at the curb.


“Shit!  What the shit!” he cursed, grabbing at the bottom of his shirt.  He expected a trick of some kind, despite their weight against his body and the feeling of them beneath his shirt. 


Tyler pulled his shirt up, struggling to get it past his heavy, full breasts.  Once freed, his jet black nipples flexed and drooped.  Each was twice as long as the first knuckle of his finger.  He caught movement at the corner of his eyes and spied a man stumbling as he stared into Tyler’s car.  The other man mouthed “Holy shit” and strayed for a moment but Tyler turned to hide his body.


His breasts continued to fill and they pulled at his shoulders and back as they pressed together in the middle of his chest.


“Fuck!  Fuck fuck fuck!” he cursed, tapping the button on his center console to call his wife.  “Come on!  Come on!”


“Hey hun, what-“


“I’ve got tits!” Tyler yelled, huddling into himself while cradling his breasts with his arms.  He could see blue veins against the pale skin.  They were far larger than his wife’s breasts and still continued to grow, sliding against his biceps before coming to a final rest.  


A drip of clear milk fell from his fat, swollen nipple.  He bit his lip and groaned, his hand raising to touch himself.  Both breasts felt sore and hot to the touch and they ached for his touch.  


He licked his lips as he stared at the dark nipples.  His long lashes fluttered as his mouth fell open.  He grabbed his left tit and moaned, long and low before raising it slowly towards his mouth.  Squeezing his own soft, enormous breast caused milk to drip out once more and he felt his limp cock stir, sliding against the large black spot on his thigh.  More short fur grew from the spot and it tickled the head of his dick.  


“You- I’m sorry, you what?” his wife asked.


Tyler leaned forward.  His cheekbones cracked as his ears folded at the tips and flicked, sliding through his lengthening brown hair.  His full lips brushed the nipple.


“Mmmm-oooohh,” he moaned, bringing the nipple eagerly into his mouth.  His wet lips smacked as he sucked at the long nipple and surrounding areola.


His cock throbbed and tried to grow hard but, instead, pulled back, receding slightly between his thighs.  The nipple swirled in his mouth as he kneaded on his breast with one hand.  His other slipped between his thighs and he squeezed his small cock as his left testicle shrunk.


A twin opening formed within his body, widening with each passing second into a fully functioning fallopian tube.  His shrunken testical slipped inside, squeezing past internal organs and traveling deep within his body as it began to change into his first ovary.  His second testicle trembled and shriveled.  Cells divided and changed, dividing again and again until it formed an ovum and pushed inside, traveling along the path to his second fallopian tube.


“Tyler?  What was that noise?” Judy asked, her voice showing increasing concern.  “Tyler!”


“I-” Tyler said, blinking his eyes as he released his breast.  It slapped against his chest and he pressed his hands against his temples.  The nipple at the tip of his left tip stood erect, in contrast to his long, limp right nipple.  He felt dizzy and confused but so warm.


“Tyler?  Talk to me, baby, you’re making me nervous,” his wife said.


“Judy!”  he gasped, suddenly remembering what had happened.  “Judy!  I- I know you’re going to think I’m crazy but I have- wait, I’ll show you.”


He grabbed his phone from the magnetic dock and pointed it at his breasts.  In the picture, he spotted his cum covering his shirt and he took his phone away.


I can’t let her see that!  It’s so gross.  So sticky and gross.  My cum.  Covering my clothes.  Smells- smells so good.  Thick and white.  So hot.  So fucking hot.  I just-  I just want-


He reached down to scoop his cum and shoved his hand in his mouth.  Again and again he grabbed the cum, sloppily cleaning it from his fingers until only dark spots were left on his clothing.  He leaned his head back, grabbing at his breasts and pulling his nipples as he rubbed his tongue against the roof of his mouth.  His shrunken cock flopped, uselessly trying to grow hard as he savored the taste of his semen.  


“Show me what, Tyler?  Tyler, show me what?” 


Oh god.  Oh God!  What did I-  


With a trembling hand, he grabbed his phone and pointed it down before snapping a picture.  He tapped on his screen and sent the picture, dropping the phone into the seat next to him.  


Yet he glanced over at the picture still covering the screen.  He could barely see his belly past his enormous tits.  They were so big.  He moaned, brushing the bottom of his right breast as he stared at the image.  A small black spot was growing on the side of his left breast.  He grabbed himself there and squeezed as he looked at the picture.  His fat ass rocked in the seat and he shoved himself back hard, grunting at a sharp pain in his back.  The car shook as he shoved back once more and a bulge appeared at the seat of his pants.


“Baby, what- what is this?” Judy asked.  “Is this some kind of joke?  Is- oh no.  Oh shit!”


The curse word was awkward on his wife’s lips.  She cursed so rarely that even in his dazed state, he noticed.  His ears, sliding through his thick, curly hair, rotated forward.  Tiny black hairs grew from the inside of his wide, folded ears.


“What?” he asked, suddenly alert again.  “What is it?”


“The woman!” his wife answered.  “The old woman!  She, oh shit!  She told me, remember?  That she could show you what it’s like!  She did this somehow!  She had to have.  Oh god, how is this even possible.  Are you-  baby, are you alright?”


“Yeah,” Tyler said.  His eyes grew unfocused again.  He pressed the seat control and it leaned back, taking him with it.  His heavy breasts pulled to the side and he lifted his hips.  Two drops of milk fell from his exposed teats to his bare stomach and coursed down his body.  “There’s- there’s something else-“


“What?” Judy asked.  “What is it?”




You can’t tell her.  You can’t.  Look at yourself.  This is more than she can handle.


“Nothing,” he said, touching the teat carefully.  The dark skin around the small nipple was paler than the rest.  He touched the base and his finger slid against the solid, smooth texture.  While he watched, the color drained away and then shifted to a solid white.  With his finger against his belly, he felt it move and press outward into a small bulge around the four teats.


“Judy,” he gasped, straining to pull his hand away from his udder.  “What should-“


Pain enveloped his body and he shrieked.  His voice cracked and broke, rising higher and higher to a feminine pitch.  A hole opened between his legs, wet and sore and empty.  His new cervical canal spread, pushing everything else aside as bones cracked and popped.


Tyler’s cock grew slim.  Black and white hairs infiltrated his curly brown pubic hairs as flesh built up just above his shrinking cock.  He grabbed at his door handle and the console next to him as Judy tried to speak to him.  His dick receded while his head shrunk until the fleshy hood enveloped it.


When the skin of his cock lay flat between his thighs, it grew wrinkled and bubbled outward into his inner labia.  More skin flowed to surround the lips and a slit appeared at the center.  Clear liquid slid down his virgin pussy to soak the back of his pants and his seat.  He shuddered in his seat and his enormous breasts quivered against his chest.  


“Tyler, answer me!” Judy yelled.  “What’s-“


“It’s- it’s passed-” he said, his voice unrecognizable to him.  He pressed delicate fingers to the front of his slender neck and blinked long lashes.  “I- My voice.  I can’t-“


“Oh god, baby, it’s okay,” his wife said, her tone betraying her own stress.  “Just- just wait for me there and I’ll come get you and we’ll find this woman and-“


“I can’t stay here!” Tyler moaned.  He pressed the button to move his seat back up but turned away from the sidewalk.  “Everyone can see me!”


“Ma’am, are you okay?” a young woman asked, tapping carefully on his passenger side window.  Her boyfriend stood behind her, carefully looking away from the car.


“Yes!  Yes, I’m fine!” he answered, hiding his breasts once more.  The other woman hesitated and then walked away with one quick glance back.  “Judy, I can’t stay here.  I have to go inside.  There’s a store.  It’s a clothing store.  Bel-  Belo-  Why can’t I say the word?  It’s a long word.  I can’t-“


“Baby, it’s okay, it’s okay,” his wife said, trying her best to be soothing.  “What street are you on?”


“I don’t know,” he whined, leaning forward.  His breasts pressed against the steering wheel.  “I can’t see.  Oh!  There’s a grocery story.  The little one where you got those chips you liked.”


“Okay, I know where you are,” she told him.  “Can you go into the store and wait for me?  Maybe- maybe in a changing room?”


“Yes!” Tyler said, bouncing in his seat and clapping his hands.  His breasts shook against him.  “Yes, I can do that!”


“I’ll be there soon,” she said.  “Be safe!”


The call ended and Tyler leaned over to look at the clothing store next to him.  A pair of men passed and one elbowed his friend hard in the side.  They both turned to stare and Tyler smiled shyly back at them.


“Wait, no!” he yelled, pulling back to hide his body.  “Goddammit!  What is wrong with me?!”


His hand brushed the door handle before he pulled it back.  His simple golden wedding band slid down his slim finger to the floorboard but he was distracted as he grabbed his jacket from the passenger seat.  He leaned forward and shoved his arms into the right sleeve and the end of it completely covered his hand.  He struggled with his other arm, crushing his breasts against the wheel as he tried to pull it on.


Finally, he sat back and slipped the three buttons in place at the bottom of the jacket.  Once finished, he nodded, smiling with his full lips and slightly vacant eyes until he frowned and brushed a long bang away from his eyes.  Something was off.  He stared at himself, thinking through the haze.


“Oh, dammit!” he cursed.


His tits lay exposed in the middle of the jacket.  He tugged his shirt down.  It dragged against his long nipples and he twisted his feet while biting his lips, panting until his shirt covered his breasts.  Next, he pulled his dress shirt together and struggled with those buttons, straining and grunting until he was finally able to do the buttons beneath his breasts.  He didn’t even bother trying his vest.


He stared down at himself.  His dress shirt was open and showed his undershirt and his breasts were on full display for all to see.


The thought made him squirm and press his thick thighs together.  He tensed a muscle where between his legs and his pussy clenched, the muscles inside slipping together . That made him gasp and he moaned, pressing his face and lips against the steering wheel.  He could see himself tearing his shirt off on the sidewalk and kneeling in front of the gathering crowd.  Raising his ass-


“Have to-” he panted.  “Have to keep it together.”


Grabbing his phone, he opened his door and stumbled out.  His feet ached within his shoes and his toenails dug painfully into the side of his toes.  The webbing between his index toes and big toes slid forth, pulling them together.  At the same time, the other three grew connected until he was left with two large, separate toes on each foot.


People murmured around him and he blushed to the tips of his furred, black ears.  He could feel the cooling wet spot at the seat of his pants and the air rushed into the gap of his open zipper as his underwear.


He could feel it against his soaked pussy lips.  


Tyler stumbled and a loud rip made him press his thighs together.  His slacks tore between his thighs as his ass continued to expand.  His cheeks grew red and he rushed forward, holding his jacket together.  Walking was made difficult as the underwear twisted around his thighs, forcing him to hobble.


His tits bounced with each step, pulling at his back.  Muscles developed beneath the swelling soft skin of his ass, breaking and doubling and tripling as they spread to his legs and along his back.  Fat grew over the muscles as they grew dense and readied him for the touch of a bull.  His underwear stretched painfully tight over his thighs.  His back muscles cramped as they developed but they quickly released and he found himself walking taller, which forced his breasts out.


The doors to the store opened before he got to them and he rushed inside, avoiding the welcoming sales associate as he raced to the back.  


At the back of his pants, the bulge lengthened.  He crashed into a rack with a squeal when his hairless tail slid down his ass.  It writhed as it grew and the tip curled to slip through the tear in his slacks.


“Oh no, oh no,” he whined, stepping from one foot to the other.


The changing rooms were all full.  WIth each step, his shoes strained against his feet.  The nails of the merged toes were growing over the tips and pushing forward.  As his foot grew shorter, it widened and the soles of his shoes groaned quietly under the pressure.  


Turning, he came face to face with a saleswoman who looked him up and down with a critical eye.


“B- bathroom?” he stuttered, tugging at his jacket.


“Over there, hun,” she said.


I’m not-


He turned to see the women’s bathrooms where the sales associate appointed.


I’m not a girl.


His cheeks burned as he walked in the direction she pointed.  His jaw ached and he couldn’t stop grinding his teeth over and over.  A single white hair emerged from his chin and a second followed.  He sneezed, wiping his nose as his jaw creaked forward.  With another sneeze, he licked his nose and hurried.  


The tip of his white tail continued to grow, sliding down to his thighs.  It widened the hole in his slacks as it grew thick and heavy on his spine, counterbalancing the weight of his gigantic tits.  


He glanced back at the sales woman who quickly looked away from him.  With her gaze averted, he turned and pushed open the men’s restroom.  His shoes popped as he crossed the threshold and his split hooves clacked against the hard tile.


I’m not a girl, he told himself again, panting as his swelling pussy lips rubbed against his thighs.  Bones spread in his hips as his body prepared himself for the girth needed for his changed form and the babies he’d birth as the result of it.


The stalls were mercifully empty.  He clip-clopped to the end, shaking his feet to rid himself of the remains of his shoes but the width of his hooves kept them in place.  He opened the stall and then turned to sit on the toilet seat.


As he sat, he spread his legs.  His large ass and wider hips ripped his slacks and underwear completely in half.  His freed tail curled behind him as he leaned forward, grunting when his breasts pressed into his thighs but his torn pants gave him a wider range of motion.  His nails caught into his shoelaces, forcing him to undo them more slowly than usual but he finally loosened them and pulled the tops of his ruined shoes off.  He threw them under the door and they hit the far wall.


His heart raced and he clutched the phone against his body.


Please make it soon, please, please, please-


“So I- oh, hey, what’s this?” a voice said as the door opened.


Tyler picked his feet up, placing them carefully against the inside of the stalls.  His ears burned and flicked and quivered as he heard feet shuffling around the bathroom.


But what distracted him more than anything was the position he was in.




With his legs spread and raised.


Staring down his massive tits.


Ready and waiting for a lover.


His favorite position for Judy.  


Was this what she saw when she lowered herself on his cock?  Was this what it looked like?  Bouncing on his dick?  Her breasts slapping until he grabbed them and held them?


“Is someone there?” the voice asked.  Male.  Smooth and low.  It vibrated within Tyler’s body and his hand lowered, sliding against his body to rest between his thighs.  He rested his fingers against his hot pussy lips and his long nails pressed gently into the swollen labia.  His other hand pawed at the buttons of his jacket until it opened completely and he dragged his shirt up and over his tits, baring himself completely.


“Probably just a homeless guy that got in,” a second voice said.  “Nice shoes, though.”


The bones at the base of his toes creaked.  He stared at his split toes, watching as the incredibly dense ivory nails slid against the smooth stall door while they lengthened.  As detached and distracted as he was, it bothered him that he couldn’t feel his feet any longer.


Beyond the stall, the two men grew quiet.  Tyler’s ears rotated forward and he brushed his long hair away as he tried to listen.  The quiet rasp of zippers sounded and one of the men coughed.


Peeing, he realized.  Just peeing.  


He tried to stop the image forming but a growing part of him enthusiastically reached for it.


The one who spoke first would be larger.  His voice was deep and it made sense to him.  Larger with a rough beard.  Not too long but a few weeks growth.  Short hair.


His breath came faster as he pictured the man holding his dick out just beyond the door.  It would be thick and long and hard.  Just like he was.  Just like Judy loved when she sat on it.  Like he was sitting now.  Legs spread like a dumb slut hungry for cock.


He groaned and his tail tapped quietly against the back of the toilet.  Drool formed in his mouth as he pictured the man standing before him.  He was on his knees while the other man looked down at him, holding himself ready.  


Tyler’s fingers touched his clit and his nails tapped his swollen labia, causing him to jerk.  His left hand reached for his tit as he explored himself, slipping a finger between his wet folds.  The sensation was intense and the sounds beyond the stall faded as he squeezed and pulled at his breast.  Slowly, his left hand raised to his nipple.  He tugged at it while rubbing himself.  


Black hairs emerged above his breasts.  Three more followed it and they expanded in a wave, flowing out and down over the inside swell of his right breast until white hairs replaced black.  He felt them grow beneath the hand squeezing and milking his breast.  They tickled the sensitive palm of his soft hand and he bucked, pulling hard on the nipple.


A solid stream of milk spurted from his nipple, striking the stall door.  He watched it with lidded, lust-filled eyes while it raced down the door to drip to the floor.


Tyler’s pointer and ring finger rubbed his labia as his index finger pressed inside his pussy.  Blood rushed to his labia and they bulged over his fingers to match his changing form and larger frame until they were puckered and his three fingers slipped between them into the hot, slippery lips within.


“Mmmm,” he gasped quietly, pushing his chest forward while thrusting his ass back.  It felt like a puppeteer pulled his strings, forcing his body to move despite his wishes.  The moan was swallowed by the sound of running water while the men washed their hands.  


His nail scraped painfully against the opening of his pussy.  He whimpered as the aching void called out to be filled but he didn’t know what to do.  He needed- he needed-


He needed to be filled.  His ears angled back, parting his ears as his cheeks burned red and he panted, his massive chest bobbing before him with each breath.  


Don’t, his internal voice pleaded with him.  Please, don’t.


Tyler lowered his legs and leaned forward, groaning as his face cracked and lengthened.  He stood awkwardly on his hooves, resting his palm on the side of the door.  Roaring filled his head as his mouth hung open and milk dripped from his nipples.  He felt pressure surrounding his teats and his knees buckled for a brief moment.  The young man pressed a hand against the smooth, white skin.  It felt feverish to the touch and rock hard but it pushed back against his hand while it expanded.


Don’t- he groaned, struggling through the heated buzzing as his hand fumbled for the simple door latch.  Don’t.


He opened the door, catching himself on the edge of it as he stepped out into the bathroom to stand beneath the bright light.  The bathroom door was hissing closed.  He reached out and took a step.  Clear liquid leaked from his distended pussy lips, connecting with the short, coarse fur on the inside of his thighs before he took another step.


“Don’t go,” he whispered.


The door opened again and he stumbled backwards, his eyes widening as he crossed his arms over his chest.  His tail whipped behind him and his ass shook as it tugged and slapped against the rounded, soft cheeks.


Judy peeked into the bathroom.  Her mouth opened in shock and she pulled herself inside before shoving back against the door.


“T- T- Tyler?” she asked.  She pulled at her hair before pressing her hand to her mouth.  “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.”


“Judy,” Tyler moaned.  He pressed his arms against his tits and then sneezed as his face finished growing into a long, wide muzzle.  A small black spot appeared on his oddly dainty chin and another bloomed around his right eye.  His hand crept down to squeeze at his long, pink teats as they continued to push away from his body.  His udder bulged above his mound.  He leaned back against the stall as his hand lowered between his thighs.  “I- I can’t stop- can’t stop touching myself.  So empty.  So empty.  I need help, Judy.  Please.  I need you to help me.”


“Oh god!”  Judy repeated.


“Mmmm-ooooh,” her husband moaned again.  The wet sound of his hand slapping against his pussy filled the small bathroom.  He leaned his elongated head back and his bangs parted to show two small bumps on his forehead.  The young man lifted his chest and squeezed one of his teats as he slipped three fingers into his enlarged pussy.  “Mmm.  Mmmmmmooooooo.”


“Tyler, stop!” Judy yelled, walking towards him.  “That’s not- you’re not-“


“Mmmmooooooo,” Her husband moaned once more, opening his thighs as he stared at his wife.  “You don’t know.  You don’t know what it’s like.  Empty inside.  So empty.  I need it.  I need it so bad.  Please.  Your mouth.  Or your fingers.  God!  God, yes!”


He lowered to his knees with a grunt, holding himself up with one hand as his tits and udder dangled beneath him.  His hooves clacked on the ground as he shoved his fingers deep within his tight pussy but it wasn’t enough.


“Get up,” his wife hissed.  She grabbed a blanket she’d been holding and wrapped it around her husband.  “We’re going.  My car is right outside.”


“Fuck me first!” Tyler yelled, grabbing at his wife’s arm.  “Please.  I’ll do anything.  I need to cum!  God, I need it!  Can’t think.  Can’t think of anything else.”


She pulled him and then leaned back as his weight surprised her.  The blanket ended mid calf and his long toe claws clacked against the floor as he resisted his wife.


“Pull your pants up!” Judy whisper-yelled.


“I caaaaan’t,” Tyler whined, pulling his wife’s hand down to his thighs.  She yanked it back and his ears flicked in frustration.  The skin above his temples split to expose the nubs of his horns.  


“Then.  Step.  Out.  Of.  Them,” she hissed in his ear.  “You can’t go out like that!”


She pulled and Tyler shook his legs until the slacks slid down to pool on the floor beneath him.  Milk dripped down to create small dark stains on the black fabric.


“This can’t be happening,” Judy told herself as she dragged him through the bathroom.  “This can’t be happening.  This- stop touching yourself!”


“Mmmmooooo,” Tyler moaned.  His tail brushed the floor.  He reached for it and it curled in response, sliding between his thighs until he gripped it tightly, pulling it between his aching, throbbing pussy with a happy squeal.  “Can’t.  Need it.  Need a cock.  Thick cock.  Need it.  Inside of me.”


“We’re going,” she told him, turning to face his slim, elongated muzzle.  She watched his horns bend as they lengthened.  “Keep your head down and go as fast as you can.  Let go of your goddamn tail!  Run!”


She pulled and they ran, knocking over displays in a mad dash through the store. People yelled and cursed as she pushed them away.  Tyler reached for a man standing nearby but his wife yanked him forward.


The afternoon crowd parted before them when they emerged onto the sidewalk.  


“What the fuck is that?” someone yelled as the blanket fell open.


Judy guided her husband to her small waiting car.  She opened the passenger and shoved him inside while a crowd grew around them.  The car rocked as he slammed into the seat, adjusting himself to make room for the tail coiled behind him.


Other people yelled at her, asking her what was happening but she ignored them, diving into her own seat, shifting and pulling into honking traffic without buckling her seat belt.  She took a turn onto an empty side street and floored it as Tyler spread his thighs beside her.  He grabbed at her hand but she slapped him away.


“Please,” he moaned.  


The smell of her husband’s pussy filled the tiny car but the hint of his milk joined with it and she shook her head as it filled her nose.  


“Can you- can you fucking not?” she cursed, scanning the street while her husband writhed next to her with both hands shoved against his pussy.

“Mmmoooo,” he moaned, turning to stare at her before sliding one soaked hand up to his udder.  He cradled the hardened skin and pulled at a teat.  Milk sprayed against her dashboard.


“Fuck!” she cursed.  The car swerved as she yanked the wheel and accelerated.  “Fuck!  I lost the blanket!”


“L- Language,” he gasped, his hand raising to cup his breast.  His forehead pounded as his horns grew longer.  “Don’t- ohhhh, can you just- just touch me?”


The short drive was tense as Judy watched for cops and other cars but when she finally pulled into the apartment parking lot, she slumped back into her seat.


“This is my fault,” she groaned, closing her eyes and pressing her palms against her eyelids. “That old woman.  I should’ve watched your drink.  She must’ve done something.”


“‘S’okay,” Tyler panted.  He leaned back, pulling at his left nipple.  He’d found a spot just inside his pussy that felt amazing as long as he kept his nails in check.  “S’okay.  It’s.  Good.  Feels so good.  Just.  Just need more.  Just need help.  Oh!  You have- ohhhhhhh gooood.  You have toys.  Yes, please!  The dildo!”


“I’m not-!”  she snapped.  “I’m not letting my husband use my-“


“Mmmmmm,” Tyler groaned, his hips jerking suddenly.  “You don’t know.  You don’t know what it’s like.  So empty.  Need to be filled.  Need it so bad.”


He turned to lick his wife’s face but she jerked away from him.


“We’re going to have to run for it,” she told him.  The sweet smell of her husband’s pussy was oddly intoxicating so she breathed through her mouth.  “On the count of three, open the door and go.  I’ll go behind you to try and block anyone’s view.  Just- just go fast.”


“‘Kay,” he told her, closing his eyes as his knee knocked into the door.  


Judy opened her door and tensed, ready to run.  Seconds passed before she turned to stare at her husband, still masturbating inside the car.


“God.  Dammit,” she cursed through clenched teeth.  She ran to his side and opened the door, pulling at his arm to force him out.  


Tyler went slowly and unwillingly.  He stood next to his wife, slightly taller than her but with far wider hips and larger tits.  They hung bare and full in the warm afternoon sun and the urge to lie in the grass with his legs spread for any passing male made him weak in the knees.  His tail thudded into the side of the car and he turned to look for the largest patch of grass as his stomach rumbled.  Nibbling on grass while waiting for a male to breed him sounded like the most amazing thing ever.


“Come on!” his wife insisted, pulling hard.  He followed her with a pout on his full lips, sighing regretfully as they passed a lush swathe of green grass.  His tail slapped against his calves but he went with her, hugging her arm between his breasts.


When they reached the stairs, he hesitated.  


“Hurry!” Judy groaned, pulling at him.


Tyler raised his hoof and stepped carefully, holding the rail.  He took another step and the tip of his tail swung to show his anxiety.


“So many stairs,” he whispered, taking another step.  His voice turned into a whine as he faced his girlfriend.  “Can’t we just stay down here and find someone to-“


“No!” she said, shoving at his firm ass.  “Go! Go!  Go!”


They went, clopping up the stairs until they stood in front of their apartment door.  As Judy fumbled for her keys, she heard a voice low on the stairs.  


“That’s Will!” Tyler said, his face lighting up.  “He’s- he’d fuck me.  Please, Judy.  Please!  Just ask him-“


The keys jangled in the lock and Judy shoved her husband through the suddenly open doorway, grabbing her keys and slamming back against the door.


“Oh my god,” she gasped, falling to her knees.  Her shoulders heaved as she tried to release the stress she’d been holding.  “Oh my god.”


Tyler glanced back at her and then towards the bedroom.  A sly smile emerged on his long, wide face and he walked to the bedroom out of his wife’s sight.  He bent next to her side of the bed and pulled out a small wooden box, flipping the lid open and sighing at the sight of a tiny pink dildo.  It was far, far smaller than he remembered but he grabbed it and then shoved it into his mouth, working his tongue furiously over the shaft as he lay in bed.  He spread his legs with one hoof on the bed and reached his arm down but his breasts and udder blocked him.  He whined as he played with his teat before finally rubbing the dildo back and forth against his swollen clit.


“What the fuck are you doing?!” Judy yelled.  “You can’t- augh!”


The young man jerked, squeezing his teat as his wife dived for the dildo.  A thick stream of milk splashed against her face and she staggered back, wiping at her mouth.


“Some got in my eye, dammit!” she yelled, turning and pawing at the wall as she made her way to the bathroom.


He watched her for a moment and then resumed rubbing his clit with the dildo, gasping and moaning and bellowing as his hips jerked in small motions.  And it still wasn’t enough.


“William,” he moaned, turning and rolling to stand in their bedroom.


The short black and white fur on his thighs were coated from his pussy.  He walked through the bedroom and then stopped, turning to see his wife bent over the bathroom sink.  With a mournful glance at the door, he turned and walked to the bathroom, reaching around to hug his wife as he always had.  His breasts flattened against her back while his udder settled above her ass.


Despite his concern, his hands raised up to her tits.


They moved against him.  He cocked his head and looked in the mirror to see his wife’s slack expression.  She groaned and pressed back into him and he watched as twin dimples appeared on her shirt.  The dimples bulged and she pulled at the neck of her shirt, tugging at the thin fabric until it tore.  She pulled harder, moaning as her growing breasts pushed at her struggling bra.  Her brown nipples flexed free, long and flecked with pink specks.  And dripping milk.


“All wrong,” Judy moaned, grabbing her breast.  She leaned forward, squeezing herself and two drops of milk dripped into the sink.  Her nipples lengthened as the pink appeared to consume the brown.  “Wrong.  All wrong.   Can’t- can’t do this.  Can’t.”


Tyler grabbed his wife’s expanding tits and she moaned louder.  He slid his fingers forward to her nipples and twisted them while squeezing the top of her breasts.  Milk dripped faster from her nipples and she reached back to cradle her husband’s head, digging her finger through Tyler’s thick, curly hair.


“Yesssss,” his wife moaned.  “God,  yessss.  Feels soooo good.”


“Help me,” he whispered in her ear.  “I need to be bred.  I need it.”


“Too,” his wife said, rubbing back.  A small white patch of skin appeared atop her right breast.  “Me, too.”


“William,” Tyler urged.


Judy broke away, walking to the front door as her husband went back to the bedroom.  She opened the door, giggling as a sudden rush of wind caressed her throbbing pink nipples.  Standing naked in the hallway, she knocked on William’s door.


The door opened and William’s eyes widened as he glanced down at Judy’s tits.  Before he could speak, she went to her toes and kissed him, hugging him tightly as her tongue wrapped around his.  He pushed her away and wiped his mouth.


“Judy?!”  he said, staring at her again.  “Your husband- you’re married!”


She laughed and then gasped, thrusting her chest forward as they continued to grow.  


“He- ohhhh,” she moaned, squeezing her breasts.  A large wet spot formed at her crotch and spread as her pants tightened to show the swollen, swelling lips of her pussy.  “He wants it even more than me.  I’ll show you.  Trust me.  Please.  I’m so fucking horny, WIll.  I just- I just really need your cock inside of me.  Tyler wants it, too.  Please.  I’ll show you.  Just come in.”


Judy stripped as soon as she was inside, shoving at her pants before bending over the back of her chair, not caring that the door was still open.  Tyler’s high, feminine voice cried out from the bedroom but she ignored him as she spread her legs.


“I’m waiting, stud,” she purred, looking behind.


The man took in his surroundings and glanced towards the bedroom.


“This is just really sudden,” he said, staring at the slick, glistening lips of her pussy.  His cock pressed against his pants.  “Look, I just don’t want to get in the middle of anything.”


“He- oh god,” she groaned, reaching a hand under her body to rub her clit.  “He wants it, too.  You’ll see.  Just, I can’t think straight. I need you to fuck me, first.  Please.”


Her finger pressed into her wet folds and William groaned as he undid his belt.  Licking his lips he looked to the bedroom.


“Who is that?” he asked as he stepped out of his pants.


“Tyler,” Judy gasped.  “Tyler.”


With another woman?  Damn, William thought, shaking his head.  He licked his lips, rubbing his tongue against the faint, sweet taste of Tyler’s milk transferred by Judy’s kiss.  Some freaky shit but, hell, Judy’s hot and ready and smells really fucking good all the way from here.


His cock bobbed before him.  He held himself steady and pressed slowly against Judy’s pussy before grabbing her hips.  


“Yes!” she screamed, shoving back and impaling herself.  Her ass slapped against his bare crotch and he grunted, pulling back before slamming back in.  She reached up to grab his hand and guide him to her breast.  He felt warm milk drip against his palm before he grabbed her and squeezed.  “Fuuuuuuuck, yessssss.”


Leaning into her body, he snorted and pounded into her, kissing her shoulder before grabbing her other breast, squeezing and pinching her nipples while fucking her.


“Close,” she gasped, clenching her hands against the back of the chair.  “Already close.  Harder.  Harder!  Fuck meeee!”


She bucked beneath him as she came, trembling and shaking.  He grunted, holding her weight as her muscles turned to jelly.  William lifted her to a standing position and his cock slipped free.  Judy slid to the floor, gasping for breath.


“Bedroom,” she panted.  “Join you.  In.  Moment.  Needs to be fucked.  She needs to be fucked, too.”


William grunted and rubbed his forehead.  His ballsack slowly filled out to droop to the floor as his testicles swelled and his cock lengthed.  Skin formed at the base while he stalked towards the bedroom.  He felt the weight of his dick as it grew thick and heavy.


The musk filling the bedroom made him stop and breathe deeply.  He licked his lips and stared at Tyler.  The small cow woman lay twisted beneath a blanket.  His ass and pussy was bare as he frantically tried to pleasure himself with the pink dildo.


William went to Tyler without asking, grabbing his soft hips roughly and pulling him up to his hands and knees.  He shoved forward and the head of his cock flattened against Tyler’s pussy.  The cow woman’s lips bulged around the man’s still-growing cock.  He shoved with a snort and a shake of his head and Tyler’s virgin pussy enveloped him.  


“What the fuck?” William groaned as Tyler’s tail pressed up against the blanket.  It lifted and pushed the blanket aside to reveal the broad white and black furred back, wide hips and distended pussy.  “The fuck?”


Despite his confusion, he felt dazed.  But, beyond that, testosterone was flooding his body.  Two large lump formed on the man’s head and he snorted as he forced his enormous cock deep within Tyler’s tight pussy.  


Tyler screamed as he finally felt the endless void being filled.


“No, don’t pull out!” Tyler gasped, reaching back to grab William’s cock.  Milk dripped from his udder and his breasts quaked as he shoved himself back while clenching the muscles deep within his pussy.  He paradoxically wanted to keep William inside of him forever while also wanting to feel the thick, flattened head of the man’s cock rub against every ridge inside of him.  “Please!  Need you! Please!”


William grunted and grabbed Tyler’s tail, pulling back before slamming inside.  Tyler screamed as the head of the man’s cock hit his cervix but he pushed back in return, wanting to feel every inch.  


Judy came up behind William, reaching behind him to grip the base of the man’s cock.  Despite being buried inside Tyler’s pussy, several inches of his cock were still outside.  Judy stoked him, kissing his back before letting go to rub Tyler’s clit for a quick second.  She released them both and crawled into bed, gently pushing Tyler onto his side.  William grabbed Tyler’s leg and raised it as he bent to adapt to the new position.


When the man slammed back into Tyler’s pussy, Tyler’s udder shook and Judy groaned, leaning into it and grabbing a teat.  She squeezed and pulled over and over.


“Feel good?” she gasped, rubbing herself as she played with her husband’s teat.  “Feel good?”


“Yessss!”  Tyler screamed.  He grabbed his wife’s head and shoved her down, holding her in place as Judy sucked a long teat into her mouth.


William grunted as muscles bulged in his shoulders and biceps.  He reared back and slammed again, burying himself completely in Tyler’s aching pussy as he stretched to take the other man’s length.  Judy turned over and raised her hips, bouncing her ass above her husband’s long muzzle.  When he licked between her thighs, she jerked but continued to suck and pull at his teats. 


“Oh! Oh, yes!  Oh, don’t stop, yes!” Tyler screamed, pulling Judy’s ass down against his breasts.  He clawed at her back as the sensations overpowered his meager mind.  William filled him completely, pounding relentlessly into his pussy until he felt a dull pain spreading from his crotch beneath the intense, overwhelming pleasure.  “I’m- I’m- I’m-!”


“MmmmmmMMMMMMOOOOOO!” Tyler bellowed, bucking and scrabbling as William held him in place.  The other man snorted and then yelled and his cock exploded within Tyler.  Hot cum filled Tyler’s aching pussy, squeezing past William’s pulsing cock to spurt free, covering his legs and the other man’s crotch.  


“Mmmmmmore,” Tyler gasped, squeezing his own breast before pulling at his wife’s ass.  “More.”


“Roommate,” William grunted.  A large patch of black fur was spreading through the hair on his chest.  “Have a roommate.”


The other man walked away with his enormous, cum covered cock hanging before him.  The door opened but Tyler busied himself with his wife’s pussy, licking at her while spreading her sweet lips.  Another door opened and someone shouted.


“What the fuck!” a new voice said.  “Who the fuck-?  William?  What the-  who the-  What’s wrong with them?!”


Tyler looked up to see William carrying another man on his shoulders.  The large naked man grabbed his roommate and set him down before pushing him toward Tyler.  The other man struggled, grunting and pushing and slapping at William’s hand until Judy grabbed his head and pulled him towards Tyler’s teat.  She squeezed and pulled and a thick spray of milk shot into the surprised man’s mouth.


“Fucking sick, what the fuck!”  the man said, wiping his mouth.  “What the fuck!”


William released him and the new man backed away.  Yet his eyes remained locked on Tyler’s cum-covered pussy.  


“What the fuck,” he whispered, grabbing at his cock.  He groaned and rose to his knees and then to his feet.  The head of his cock slipped past the band of his pants.


Tyler pushed his wife away and rolled, going to his hands and knees with his tail rocking behind him.  He spread his knees and shoved his ass back.  William laughed and went to Judy, grabbing her and pulling her onto his lap as he sat on the bed.  She rose and grabbed the man’s cock, her fingers barely reaching halfway around his girth.  With a loud moan, she lowered herself, grunting as she pushed down and wrapped her arms around the man’s thick, muscular neck.


Four small reddened bumps formed low on Judy’s belly as she rocked her ass and began to ride William’s dick.  He leaned forward, cupping her breast for him to suckle at her nipple while she held him tight.


“So.  Thick,” she moaned, laying against him as he spread her ass to open her wider.  With each thrust, he worked deeper inside.


The roommate walked forward and then stopped.  


“Smells.  Smells good,” he grunted, grabbing at his dick as he slid past his pants to touch his belly button.  The head of his cock flared out and grew flat as pre-cum leaked from the tip.  He unzipped himself and grabbed his cock to place it against Tyler’s eager sex. 


“Yes!” Tyler yelled as his well-lubed pussy opened to accept the man’s cock.  The roommate reared back to slap Tyler’s large ass and then grabbed his tail, yanking it to pull him deeper.


“Gonna breed you,” the man grunted.  “Fill you up.  Fuck that pussy.  Fuck!”



In the predawn darkness, an old woman stood within the ruins of the apartment living room.  Broken furniture littered the floor around Tyler.  The young man slept on the bare floor with his arm around William.  His heavy, full breasts rose and fell in a slow, steady rhythm.  William lay against his chest.  He was mostly human with the exception of small horns, a chest of fur, a heavy red cock with a flattened head and the start of a sheath.  


She leaned to the side to see Judy tangled with the roommate.  Judy’s teats were small with the barest hint of a white udder beneath them.


“This was not how I expected it to go,” the woman said quietly.  


It was an impromptu potion and potions were her weak point.  Something she still worked to perfect after decades of study.  She’d merely wanted the young man to gain large breasts to see his wife’s side but it had gone far beyond what she’d expected.  And it was supposed to be temporary.  An hour and no more.


She sighed and cleared a spot in the kitchen where she worked quietly for nearly an hour.


Finally, she stood and pressed her knuckles against her back as a wavering haze stood above a hastily scrawled diagram.


She went to Tyler and bent, touching his soft, downy furred forehead while whispering into his long, black ears.  The cow girl rose in a sleepy daze and walked to the shimmering light to disappear into it.  She touched the remaining three in turns and they followed until only she remained.


With a single glance around the apartment, she sighed and walked through the portal, collapsing it behind her.


The four changed people lay sleeping on the floor of her living room.


“Well,” she sighed.  “At least I can make them comfortable for the long years ahead.  And, let’s see…”


She turned and walked to an expansive bookshelf, touching old dusty spines before pulling one from the shelf.  She continued her survey until she found the second book she wanted.  She lay them both before her and opened each to a specific page.


The title of the first book’s chapter was simply “Childbirth” while the second book’s chapter was labeled “Calving”.  She placed a leather strip in the second book and began reading the first one.



The young woman sighed as she collected the discarded slacks in the men’s bathroom.  She handled them carefully as she walked back into the store.


“I would’ve done it,” her coworker said.


“It’s fine, Greg,” she answered.  “I hate closing so it’s a good trade.  I just really appreciate your help fixing the displays earlier.”


A sweet aroma rose from the pants as she walked to the backroom.  She breathed in deeply as she tried to place the scent and it filled her.  Curiosity took hold of her and she brought it up to her nose.


Her lips brushed a lower wet spot and her tongue reflexively licked at it, tasting the milk left behind.  She stopped as a slow warmth began to fill her.  Still holding the pants, she brought it up to her mouth and sucked on the wet spots as she found them, moaning as she felt her pussy grow slick.  Her head buzzed and she gasped, pulling the pants away and dropping them.


Pressure built in the girl’s chest.  Her small, pert breasts began to fill out and buttons popped on her tight shirt.  She moaned, pulling the shirt apart to bare her breasts.  Pink patches of skin appeared in her black nipples as they began to stretch and grow, slipping free from her lacey bra as her tits expanded, sliding down her bare chest.


“Hey, you al-” Greg asked, placing a hand on her shoulder.


She turned, pulling him into a tight kiss while rubbing against his thigh.  Her soaked pussy marked his slacks and she grunted as her clit rubbed against the rough seam of his pants.


“What the hell, Tracy!” the young man yelled, pulling away.


She giggled and grabbed him as she squeezed her growing breasts.  They pulled at her back and shoulders but they ached to be touched so she massaged them while pulling Greg toward the lengthening nipples.  Stretch marks appeared on the smooth skin before vanishing as her body repaired itself over and over and her heavy breasts pressed together.


“Just so fucking horny suddenly,” she moaned.  “Mmmm.”


He pulled back but a thin stream of milk sprayed his lips and he fell in alarm.  She followed him, shoving herself down on the erection he was trying to hide.  As he struggled beneath her, she unzipped him and lowered her nipple into his open mouth.  His hands pushed at her chest but he swallowed her dripping milk as she grabbed his cock and slid it beneath her skirt.  Holding him in place, she used the head of his dick to push her soaked pussy aside.  


Brown hairs emerged around her pussy lips as she impaled herself on his cock and white hairs grew around her widening left areola.


“Tracy, you can’t- can’t- oh,” Greg said, grabbing her hips.  Her skirt strained against her waist as fatty tissue built up within.  He squeezed her ass and slammed her down.  “Can’t.  Oh god, you’re so tight.”


Milk dribbled into his mouth as she rode him frantically and their voices echoed through the dark store as they both began to change.

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