Petting Zoo Ch. 01

A very unusual petting zoo comes to town and it changes people in its wake

The squeaky third wheel of the cart screeched in the packed grocery store, pulling the cart hard to the right before Emi pulled it back to the left.  She eyed a parked cart sitting beside a display stand of mixed vegetables.  It looked newer and she was sure she could move the contents to her cart before the old, bent-backed gray haired woman browsing nearby noticed.


“Any fruits?” Janelle asked, tapping a long nail against reddened lips as she turned around the area.


“What pairs well with wine?” Emi replied, sighing regretfully as they moved past the beautiful cart and its probably well-oiled wheels.  “And what doesn’t taste disgusting coming back up in the middle of the night?”


“Girl, how much wine are you planning to drink?” Janelle asked, cocking a slim eyebrow while looking down at her friend.  “You’re turning twenty-seven, not forty.”


“A bottle for every year,” she told her, tugging the cart back in line.  “I’m single and nearing thirty.  My mom keeps tagging me in posts of her friends and their brand new grandbabies.  She’s all like ‘Oh, Emiiii, isn’t this a cute baby?!’  and ‘Emiiiii didn’t you just have your period?  Aren’t you ovulating?  Look, Jack from your 3rd grade class just changed his status to single.  I gave him your number!'”


“Come on,” Janelle laughed softly.


“She did,” Emi groaned, leaning forward to lay her forehead down on the handle of the cart.  “Jack called me last night.  He’s got a kid already and he’s shaped like a Matryoshka doll with less hair.  The outside one.  The big one.  And he brays like a donkey when he laughs.”


“Jesus,” her friend said, shaking her head.


“I mean, yeah, it’s been a bit and I could use some attention,” Emi conceded.  “But, Jack?  Jack from 3rd grade?  He used to eat mud on dares.”


“What about Caleb?”


“Caleb from the club last week or Caleb that works at Starbucks?” Emi asked, turning her head to look up at her friend from the side.


“The club,” came the reply.


“Dating someone else,” she answered.




“No, yeah,” she sighed.  “I gave him my number and he called me and flirted and set up a date.  I shaved, got all ready and then looked him up.”


“Why?” her friend asked.


“Why what?” Emi said.


“Why the hell would you do that?” Janelle replied.


“Because he’s already dating someone else,” Emi said, rolling her eyes.


“No, that’s what you found,” her friend told her.  “Why would you look him up?”


“Because he’s dating someone else!” she said, throwing her hands up and then grabbing the cart again when it tried to bolt.  “They all are!  They’re all, ‘Awww, Emi, you’re sooo cute and small.  I could just pick you up and carry you!’ and then I see the ring or their kids’ names as a tattoo or, whatever.  I’m old, Janelle.  Shriveled up.  That reminds me, maybe grab some dried apricots?”


“You just need to get out more,” the girl said, shaking her head.   “And stop creepin’ on everyone.  Just relax and enjoy yourself once in a while.”


“That sounds like I need even more wine,” Emi groaned.  “Can you grab a box of the crackers over there?  Top shelf on the left?  The high fiber ones because I’m old and basically dead and far too short to reach it myself.”


Rather than answer, her friend reached up to grab a box of Ritz crackers.  She placed it next to a block of asiago cheese on the crowded cart.


“Four bottles are more than enough,” Janelle said.  “Let’s go check out.  I have a surprise before we go to your apartment.  Something to offset all the whining you’ll be doing later about your bad taste in men.”


“I said we’d go dancing tomorrow,” Emi pouted, pushing the cart to the front of the store.  “Anyways, what surprise?”


“You’ll see,” the other girl smiled.



“No.  Way,” Emi said, leaning forward in her car seat with a gigantic smile on her face.  


The building before the car was unremarkable by itself.  It loomed in the middle of a gigantic parking lot and the faded K-Mart logo was still recognizable across the facade.  Workers milled about and a few cars tentatively drove into the parking lot to see what was happening to the old, abandoned store.


A homemade wooden signed proclaimed, simply: “Lady Lilith’s Exotic Petting Zoo”


“No way!” Emi said again, lightly punching Janelle’s arm.  “Do they have pigs?  Little pigs?  The little ones that fit in a cup?  Janelle.  Janelle.  Can I buy one of the pigs?  Oh my god.”


Janelle laughed as she navigated over cracks and chunks of asphalt until she reached the front of the lot.


“They aren’t open yet,” Janelle told her as she pulled into a space marked by faded paint.   “But I called and they said they were allowing some people a special preview.  I told them about the state fair we went to last year and how you spent the entire day in the barn area playing with sheep and pigs and, well, here we are.”


“You are the absolute best friend,” Emi sighed.  She tapped her fingers on the dashboard while staring at the large store until Janelle pushed her gently with her elbow.  The smaller girl opened the door with one hand while undoing her seatbelt.


“I did not tell them that you tried to steal a pig.”


“It called to me, Janelle,” Emi said.  “It went right up to me and wouldn’t leave me alone.  It followed me around with its little curly tail wiggling and went right up to my lap.  It even fits in my jacket pocket!  Oh my god, so tiny.”


“They were actually mad at you, Em,” her friend said.  “And they yelled at me, too.”


“I almost made it out with little Torturo,” she said, her lips pressed together and her eyes dark with the loss of her pig.


“They didn’t even have names,” Janelle groaned.




“Gah!” Emi said, grabbing her friend’s arm.


A tall woman smiled at them from the midst of the crew working around the entrance.  Her black hair was braided in tight, intricate weaves that reached her thighs.  She was dressed impeccably in slacks, shiny black shoes, a silver shirt with alternating black lines hidden beneath a silk vest.


“You must be Emi,” the woman said with a smile.  It was impossible to guess her age as she projected a maturity belied by a lack of wrinkles.  When she moved in the afternoon light, she appeared to fluctuate between early 20s and late 40s.  “I’m Lady Lilith and it’s a pleasure to meet you both.”


“Hi,” Emi answered shyly.  She pulled away, blushing in embarrassment.  “I’m so excited to be here!”


“Well,” the woman said with a sly wink.  “Let me be your guide!”


She turned and a worker opened the door for them.  Emi’s eyes widened as she followed the other two women inside.  The entire store was gutted and the tile floor replaced with dirt.  Stones created a path that branched off to different sections.  Low stone walls separated the animals – all who appeared content within their little areas.


“Holy shit, Janelle, look!” Emi grabbed her friend, tugging her as she pointed.


A worker dangled branches from a raised scissor lift and a graceful giraffe nibbled slowly on the leaves. The small woman watched the creature’s dark purple tongue coil around the branch until it closed its mouth to pull the leaves free.


“We haven’t finished stocking the zoo,” Lilith said.  She brought the pair to long tables laid out before the pens.  “Please, grab a basket of food and follow me.”


Janelle tapped Emi to get her attention away from the giraffe and they both browsed through the baskets before choosing one each.


“How do they stay where they are?” Emi asked, holding the basket close to her stomach.


The older woman shrugged.  She stood for a moment, surveying the zoo until, with a backwards glance at Emi, she took the left path.


“I’m exceptionally good with animals,” she told them.  “I was raised with them and they understand me.  I feed them well and care for them as if they were my own children.  The back of the building is reserved for a place for them to run when they need exercise but they’re otherwise content to rest in their areas.”


“Wow,” Emi said.  Her eyes wandered but settled on an approaching woman.  She was slight and pale with loose red hair cascading down her back and a small, happy smile on her face.


“Hey, isn’t that your coworker?” Janelle started to ask.


“Yeah! Hey Siobhan!” she said loudly, waving a free arm.  


“Emi?  Are you off work today?” the redhead asked.


“Yeah, it’s my birthday,” she answered.  “Isn’t this place amazing!  How’d you hear about it and why didn’t you tell me?!”


“I saw a flier,” her coworker said.  “On.  Uhh.  On.  Where was that?  Well, somewhere.  Emi, they have lions!  Well, one.  A lioness.  She was beautiful.”


“Did they let you pet her?” Emi asked, grabbing her co-worker’s arm.  


“Yes, god yes and it was amazing,” the girl said.  “Her eyes were so pretty and at the end, she stood up and nuzzled my stomach.  I never even felt scared.”


“If you please, Emi?” Lilith asked politely.  “I have many things to do but I’d be a poor host if I didn’t guide you through our little zoo.”


“Oh, sorry,” she said abashedly.  “I’ll see you tomorrow, Siobhan.”


“Sure,” the other woman said, scratching at her arms.  “I have to head back to work anyway.  Took a late lunch just to see what this was all about.  Worth it.”


They continued, nearing the giraffe before stopping two pens away from the huge beast.


“Emi,” the woman said.  “May I present Charlotte, our resident red kangaroo.”


“Oooooh my gosh,” Emi crooned quietly as the Kangaroo came to them.  “She’s so pretty.”


It leaned forward, resting its front paws and tail on the ground before raising its long feet.  Just at the edge of the wall, it stopped and stood, cocking its head with its thick ears back.  It leaned forward, waving its paws before its body.


“Oh, do you want some?” Emi asked, grabbing some long grass from her basket.


The kangaroo gently grabbed Emi’s arm to hold her steady.  The girl turned to her friend with watery eyes and a tremulous smile.


“It’s touching me oh my gosh its hands are so soft and it’s touching me, Janelle,” she rambled.  “Please tell me it has a baby hiding in its pouch.”


“No,” Lilith said.  “I’m afraid not.  Not at the moment.  However, eventually I will pair all of them off with mates.  I’m simply very selective and the search takes time.”


“Can I pet her head?” Emi asked.


“Oh, yes,” the other woman said, waving her hand.  “They’re all very docile.”


“Hey,” Emi said, reaching out her other arm.  The kangaroo’s ears lowered but it stayed in place, leaning into the basket to forage for more food.  “Hey there.  Oh god, she’s so soft.”


The small woman stroked the kangaroo’s head slowly from brow to her ears.


“Its nails tickle,” the girl said.  “This is so amazing.  Janelle, do you want to-“


“Well,” Lilith said.  “I thought we might visit our giraffes before I hand you off to an associate to finish the tour.”


“Okay,” Emi said.  “Bye, little one.”


“She’s taller than you, Em,” Janelle noted.  


“Everything’s taller than me,” the girl sighed.


“And this,” Lilith said, gesturing with a sleeved arm.  “Is Adaeze.”


The tall giraffe ducked her head as the scissor lift began its descent.  She stomped and her tail slapped against her side before she turned to spy the three women standing by her pen.  


“What an-” Janelle started to say.  

The giraffe ducked her head lower and its tongue lashed out to wrap around Janelle’s neck.  The woman shrieked but Adaeze bent lower to rub itself against the woman’s face and shoulders.


“Ah, ah god, it’s so sticky,” Janelle groaned.  “And now I’m going to smell like a gross wet animal the rest of the day.  Man.”


“Well,” Lililth said, her thin eyebrows raising.  “She’s taken a liking to you, I’d say.”


“Or the apples in my basket.”  She disentangled herself from the creature, rubbing at her neck before grabbing an apple to offer to the creature.  It licked her hand and then carefully grabbed the apple with its protruding front teeth.  The giraffe stepped back, dipping its head while bending its front legs.  “Did she just curtsy to me?”


“I did say I’m quite good with animals,” Lililth said with a smile and a nod toward the creature.  “Ah, here’s Rosaria to guide you the rest of the way.  I’m afraid I must be off but I’m quite pleased you both stopped by.  Don’t forget to sign the guestbook.  If you leave your phone number, we’ll contact you when the zoo is officially open.”


A thin, quiet brunette stood waiting nearby.  She grinned at the two women as Lilith swept away.


“If you’ll follow me?” the woman said, gesturing towards a pen with a monstrous looking dog.



“Janelle,” Emi said once they were back in the car.  “That was literally the best birthday gift I’ve ever had.  And that’s including the one time my dad got me fireworks and a BB gun to go with the dolls my mom got me.”


As the car backed up, Janelle reached up to scratch at her neck.  She rolled her head on her shoulders and winced at the cracking sounds beneath.  The fetid, dried drool flaked away at her touch and she gagged briefly.


“I need a fucking shower,” the woman grumped.


“I thought it was sweet,” Emi said.  She scratched at the faint red marks surrounding her left wrist.


“Well,” Janelle retorted.  “You weren’t the one getting a tongue bath by something that probably rolls around in its own poop and drinks standing water.”


“Can it roll around?” Emi mused while staring out of her window.  “Does it just like, flop on its side and lay there?  Or does it sleep sitting up?  Does it anchor itself with its head against the ground?”


Janelle rubbed her neck in the hopes it would lessen the smell.  More clear flakes fell away to reveal a small ashen gray spot in the middle of her neck amidst the surrounding brown skin.


“It is pretty strong smelling,” Emi admitted, pressing her fingers against her nose.


“Yeah,” the other girl grunted.  She wiped her hand on her pants and then rubbed her nose, breathing deeply for a brief moment before gagging once more.


“What now?” the smaller girl asked as she drummed her fingers on her legs.  She bounced her toes in the flooring of the car as the scenery raced past.


“Now,” Janelle said, signaling for a turn.  “Now we eat and get drunk.”



Siobhan stretched next to her small car, raising up to her tiptoes and smiling at the sun with her eyes closed.  She groaned happily as the warmth surrounded her and the groan deepened to a short rumble as cartilage formed against her hyoid bone.  It lengthened to attach to her skull and she dropped down to her feet just as a coughing fit overtook her.  She covered her mouth with the crook of her bent arm, as the harsh cough tore through her.


When the fit subsided, she growled quietly and rumbled her throat to clear the itchiness within.  


Normally the young woman slept in her car during her lunch break and she’d dreaded returning to work, assuming she’d struggle throughout the rest of the day.  However, as she stood in the warm evening air, she felt full of energy.  She patted down her skirt, adjusted her blouse and stepped quickly on her light blue pumps, eyeing the path before her while breathing deeply of the trees surrounding her office.  


Light brown cracks appeared at the inside of her chartreuse irises.  They caught the sun and brightened to honey as they took root, winding slowly through the rest of her eyes until she pushed open the double glass doors to survey the office building with brilliant, alert eyes the color of marigold.


“Tom,” she acknowledged with a brisk nod of her head as she entered the building.  


“Hey Siobhan,” he said, grabbing papers from the office copy machine.  He followed beside her and his cologne rose to her nose.  “How was the zoo?”


Faint tan hairs, too small to notice, emerged along the bridge of her wrinkled nose and the tip of her tongue slid between her teeth.  Her mouth hung open briefly as she scented him and her throat rumbled once more.


Easy on the body wash, she told him in her imagination.  


“Amazing,” she said out loud.  “Honestly, I have no idea how they’re able to handle and show that many exotic animals.  They even had a Komodo dragon!”


“Are you serious?” he asked, stopping at his cubicle.  “Where was this?  I want to go see.”


“Oh, it was over by-” she paused, tilting her head as the location lay on the tip of her tongue.  “The, uhh.  It was- Huh.  I think I have the flier somewhere so I’ll dig it up and email you the address when I find it.”


“Sounds great,” he said.  His smile faltered as he stared into her eyes.  An ancient, primal instinct screamed at him from the depths of his unconscious but he couldn’t hear it.  Instead, he shuddered and rubbed his arms.  “Just let me know, yeah?”


Siobhan nodded and continued on her way, her head snapping to catch movements until she sat in her rolling chair.  She pushed back into it, sitting up straight as bones within her hips grated uncomfortably against each other.  The redhead wiggled in her seat and then toyed with the lever for the lumbar support, shoving her ass back with a huff until her tailbone cracked and the pain vanished.  


“Good,” she said, pulling herself forward.


More sand-colored hairs rose along her arm.  They were thin and sparse and hidden against the pale white of her skin and scattered freckles.  She moved her mouse and the screen woke as her fingers found the home row on the keyboard.


Her finger reached forward for the first letter of her password.  A milky white line appeared in the middle of her long nail when it suddenly bent down the middle, folding her nail in half.  Skin bulged around the base of her nail bed as the nail pulled back until it barely covered the tip of her finger.  Keratin flowed from the base of the nail, doubling the thickness as it widened while continuing to bend.  Her other nails followed suit in random order, clacking loudly against the plastic keys as she typed out her password. 


She scanned the spreadsheet on the monitor as her tongue roamed against her canines.  Her jaw throbbed at the edge of pain as the teeth lengthened, pressing against their neighbors while forcing her lips outward.


A single white hair sprouted from the nub of her tragus in front of her left ear.  Two more followed.  A fourth joined the three already in place as a lone hair slowly pushed through the inner fold of her right ear.


Siobhan’s sheaths clicked against her mouse as she pushed it around.  She sat up in her seat, purposefully rubbing the rough fabric against her lower back as she looked through the large windows at the side of the office.  A bird landed on a branch outside and she watched it, envious of its freedom before it zipped away.


With a sigh, she sat down, scratching at her back before focusing on her work.



Two empty wine bottles lay on the coffee table with a third opened next to them.  An old cutting board held the remains of cheese, crackers and various sliced meats.


Emi giggled as she swirled the white wine in her glass.  She had her toes on the edge of the rectangular table and her legs bounced restlessly.  The bones within her feet ached even though she’d taken her shoes off hours before.  


The small girl pushed a thumb hard against her lower back, stealing a glance at Janelle before blushing and rubbing the strangely sensitive spot.  She’d discovered earlier that it felt incredibly good to massage herself there.  Too good, in fact.  Orgasmically good.  Her hand kept finding its way back to the spot for her to knuckle into or scratch against.


“You’re drunk already,” Janelle sighed.  She looked at the slim gold watch on her wrist but she knew it was getting late without even checking. Dusk had settled long before they’d opened the third bottle.  She’d hoped one would be enough but it was Emi’s birthday and the girl kept insisting.


Tiny gray spots pockmarked her neck.  They reached up to her jaw and dipped down between her shoulder blades.  The first to appear in the car had grown larger and lightened over time, fading to alabaster.  She massaged her neck and looked away as blood rushed to her ears.  Her nails clawed against her skin and she breathed deeply.


The scent from earlier filled her and she shifted in place on the couch.  She wasn’t sure when it happened but the smell of the drool and unwashed animal pelt had changed from disgusting to something else entirely.


She rubbed her nose and breathed in again, closing her eyes as the smell filled her.  Her tongue darted out to lick her palm and then her hand raised, nails scratching through her hair.  Cartilage formed high on her forehead, beneath her hair, building in circular layers that pushed against her skin.  With each new growth, the previous layer ossified.


Her nails scratched against the ossicones and her tongue slipped between her lips.  Magenta streaks lined her tongue and it waggled as it slid low enough to rub against her chin.


Emi’s eyes drooped and her hand wavered before firming and she sipped her drink.  Janelle stared at her and then glanced at her watch.  She’d planned to finish out the evening and go home to sleep since it was a weeknight but she felt too awake.  And as she clawed at the base of her ossicones and bit her lips to hold the quiet moan that threatened to escape, she realized she wanted to go out.  


Her apartment was empty.  Despite giving her friend a hard time, her own love life was embarrassingly blank at the moment. She took a sip of her wine and her tongue dipped into the glass to lap up the drink.


A stretch mark appeared low on her neck, just above her shoulders.  She groaned as the cervical vertebrae within her neck widened fractionally, pulling at the discs and ligaments between.  Small gray spots formed as the stretch marks slowly healed.


Janelle rubbed at her neck with a sigh and her thumb flattened soft white and black hairs growing from the nape of her neck.


“Go out dancing with me,” she said suddenly, pushing at Emi’s bouncing leg with her toe.


“It’s late,” Emi said with a yawn.  She pushed the base of her palm against her thigh.  Muscles beneath the normally soft skin rubbed against each other.  “Had too much to drink.”


“I’ll drive,” Janelle said.


Emi tossed back the rest of her drink.  She tried to set the glass down on the end table, missed and then tried again.  The skin around her knees was reddened and irritated but she ignored it as she squeezed her thigh.  


Unnoticed by either of them, the small girl’s legs lengthened.  Her femur broke and then grew more dense as collagen filled the gaps, hardening when calcium phosphate surrounded the soft protein.  Her stretching skin pulled tight to reveal lines of muscles in her thighs.  The soft gray cotton shorts she wore rode higher as her legs continued to grow, until they pulled tight against her crotch.


“Come on,” Janelle pleaded.


“No.  No, no, no,” Emi said, pushing her thumb against the taut skin and bulging muscles beneath.  Her eyes narrowed suspiciously as her brain tried uselessly to tell her something was wrong.  “Imma sleep.  You go.  You go have fun.  Just.  Sleep just here.”


Janelle looked at her watch once more.  She knew she should go home and go to sleep but she felt restless.  Anxious for a reason she couldn’t pinpoint.


With a heavy sigh, she got up as Emi burrowed deep into the couch.  She set her glass down and made her way into her friend’s bedroom to steal a blanket.  When she returned, Emi was snoring softly with her legs tucked against her body and her feet deep into the cushions on the back of the couch.  Janelle covered her friend with a rueful shake of her head and then collected her purse and shoes.  

The line of hair down the nape of her neck thickened as more hairs sprouted.  White strands grew over the gray spots as black emerged around them.  They brushed against her now-loose black hair as she walked to the foyer.


When the girl bent to slip into her heels, her longer neck pulled her off balance and she squawked, catching herself with a hand against the wall.  Her ears slanted back in response to the sudden panic and the inner ridges began to grow smooth.  She licked her lips as she stood upright and her tongue bumped against her nose.  It appeared darker in the dim light overhead.


Am I okay to drive? she asked herself, suddenly unsure if she’d lost her balance due to tipsiness.  Yet, as she worked her feet into her shoes, she realized she felt fine and the buzz coursing through her was due to the excitement of a night out rather than the two glasses of wine she’d had.


With the door opened, she locked the doorknob and glanced back at Emi before slipping into the night.



Siobhan paced in her living room.  Pale light streamed through the open curtains from a silvery crescent moon.  She’d turned the lights off earlier, finding the darkness preferable for a reason she couldn’t quite understand.  She’d felt too exposed.


She turned, running her hands through her hair, pulling them up and back with her fist.  The motion drew her claws out briefly but she opened her hand before they could pierce her palm.  She shook her head with a growl.


The girl’s red hair moved against her temples and cheeks.  Her ears opened as the bumps within pushed outward to leave smooth skin behind.  The tips slid through her silky hair and she shivered, clawing at her sides, responding as if a lover nibbled at the sensitive flesh.


She thought she might explode from the restrained vitality within.  It had continued to build throughout the day, causing her to lose focus.  She barely remembered the drive home but she’d arrived famished.  Empty containers of food lay open on her dining room table.


The girl rubbed her hands on her thighs and rough skin along her palms dragged against the skin-tight yoga pants she wore.  Her mat lay unrolled in the corner with gashes from her claws dotting the length of it.  She’d tried to relax herself with the few positions she knew but-


She missed a step at the memory of it.  At raising her hips with a growl.  Her legs shuddering as she sat on all fours with knees spread and the scent of her sex filled the room.  The memory of it made her dig her claws into her side and she snarled.


Her yoga pants were still wet.


She could still feel her slick muscles deep within her pussy slipping against each other with every step.


Her heart raced as she fought with the urge to masturbate.  To run.  To chase.  To fight.


Tan hairs covered her cheeks.  Her tongue rasped against her black lips and the front of her darkened nostrils.  


“Dammit!” she cursed, stomping over to her door.  She threw it open and it slammed against the wall.  Her biceps strained against the tight Dri-Fit long sleeved t-shirt she wore.  


A spray of hairs tickled the inside of her constrained breasts when they grew forth.  They pressed through her sports bra and she scratched at them, accidentally slicing through shirt and bra with an enormous, translucent claw.


Siobhan’s fingers wrapped around her door frame.  Her wide sheaths retracted to expose her dense claws in a deadly curl.  They screeched as they scored the metal frame.  She scented the air and slowly leaned out into the hallway of the second floor.  Thick white hairs lined the inside of her ears as they lay exposed from her long hair.  Tan hairs covered the backs and her hair swayed softly as her ears rotated to catch the sounds of her neighbors.


Shaking her head at her own foolishness, she stepped into the hallway, closing her door behind her.  


Her bare feet crossed over each other as she walked.  Calluses began to form along her forefeet and bottom of her toes.  As it grew, it darkened into gray and then obsidian.  Muscles swelled within her foot, pushing at her toes to spread them into wide paws that could properly hold her changing body.  


Skin bubbled up at the base of the furrow lining the middle of her back.  The outline of cylindrical bones appeared before more skin grew to cover the short tail.


The girl flexed her back with her hands open and wide at her side.  She made a fist and growled as she rose to the balls of her feet.  


Siobhan ran, the padding on her bare feet protecting her as her claws struck concrete.  Her hair streamed behind her as her legs pumped.  Cars passed, forcing her further and further into the darkness away from the street.


Trees replaced street lamps but her eyes adjusted, drawing in the light while her pupils dilated far beyond their ordinary means.  Colors faded but she barely noticed as she leaped over logs and exposed roots.  Her heart pounded and she pushed harder until she struck out, sinking her claws in the bark of a tree.




She knelt, panting with her tongue out and her teeth bared.  Drunken voices and the scent of cigarettes.  And weed.


The old part of her told her to go around but a newer part claimed the area for her own.  It was the park near her apartments and it was hers.  She wouldn’t show fear in front of these men.  She would show herself and let her presence be known.


Grass gave way to a dirt path that led to a large lake.  She brushed her knees off and stood to walk beneath the flickering light of a lamp at the edge of the water.  She could see them now, one sitting on the back of a bench while the other stood.  Both had paper bags with a bottle of some alcohol hidden within.  The one on the bench passed a joint to the other.


“-telling you she’s not worth your fucking time, man,” the one on the bench said.


The short fur along her body stood on end as she neared them.


“Yo, like, I hear you but she’s banging,” the other man said.  The joint glowed as he dragged from it.


“Only banging is her banging every fucking guy got money for her,” the first said.


“Fuck if I care as long as I get some.”


They both grew quiet as Siobhan approached.  She could feel their stares and her hackles rose.  Her short tail, barely as long as her thumb, thrashed behind her.


“You out late, girl,” laughed the man on the bench.  


She slowed to stare at him.  He was gaunt with haunted eyes and stubble over a ragged face.  And he dared to look back at her.  To leer at her body.  She felt the anger rise within.  


“You lookin’ for somethin’?” asked the other.


“Lookin for my dick,” said the first, grabbing at his baggy crotch.  


Her claws dug into the dirt path as she turned to face them and her black lips drew back to show her enlarged fangs.  They scraped against the nearby teeth until the pressure of their growth cracked the old teeth.  She spat and her ears flattened against her skull


Siobhan roared, burning her throat and chest as she forced the air out with her claws exposed at her side and the muscles bunched at her back and legs, ready to pounce.


“Fuckin-!” the first man yelled, falling off the back of the bench.


She leaped at the other one and her fist closed around his neck as she bore him to the ground.  Her claws bit into his neck and he beat at her until she squeezed and his face began to turn red.


“Grk-!” the man tried to say.  His hands closed on her wrist but she held tight.


“Christ!” the man’s friend yelled.  She heard him running.


She roared again and the man looked away from her as spittle splattered against his face.  She could smell his bladder release and she huffed, jumping up to stand beside him with her heart hammering in her chest.


The man wasted no time in scrambling away but she ignored him as she stood alone beneath the light.  She swallowed her anger and wondered at the pride she felt for defending the area.  Her area.  It was an incredible feeling – a sense of power she’d never felt before and never realized she was missing.  


And all it did was make her that much more aroused.


She clawed at her pussy, easily tearing through her pants and panties to expose her sex.  Her swollen lips burned and she yowled as a thick finger slipped between the slick, puffy labia to the tender pussy beneath.  Tan hairs emerged from her labia, dragging against her bushy red pubic hairs as they spread, piercing the black yoga pants when they spread down her thighs.


She moved silently along the path.  Hunting.  




As the trees turned to bushes and the streets reappeared, a young man leaned against a bus stop sign.  He nodded along to the headphones he wore as she crept forward, listening for others.  She breathed him in, growling with need at his clean scent and the masculinity of him.  He wasn’t overly large but he was young.  Virile.  Her tail rubbed painfully against the thick band of her yoga pants while she stalked towards him.


When she entered his line of sight, he glanced over at her and nodded before closing his eyes to bob his head to the beat she could clearly hear.  No scent of a female on him.  She licked her lips and smiled.


He turned again when she approached and his eyes widened when she grabbed him, pressing her mouth against his to force her tongue against his.  He struggled as she growled, kissing him deeply while her paw grabbed at his pants.  She bent her fingers, forcing her claws free and then pulled, tearing through his clothing until he stood in his boxers.


“Jesus, lady!” the young man said when she pulled back.  “What the fu-oooh- fuck!”


She’d knelt immediately, grabbing his boxers and pulling down to expose him.  His dark cock hung low and she yowled, pressing her face against it while cradling his balls.  Leaning back, she opened her mouth and her jaw cracked, forcing her cheekbones forward while her face expanded.  Her tongue wrapped around him and he hardened as she dragged the tiny spines covering it along his cock.  His fingers clamped into her shoulders and he shook, crying out until she lowered her head.  She held his back with her left hand while tearing at her shirt and sports bra with the right.  Claws slid through the fur growing on her chest as she freed herself, baring her breasts for anyone to see.


Siobhan pushed and the man toppled, catching himself awkwardly as she continued to suck him off, bobbing her head while her tongue wrapped around him, swirling and dragging against his skin.  She felt an unquenchable heat rising in her and she broke away, growling as she turned to straddle his face.  She forced her torn pants down to his mouth, rubbing her engorged pussy over his mouth and chin and nose again and again as her claws dug into his leg.  


She shivered when she felt his tongue against her and his hands found her ass, squeezing and pulling as he shoved his face into her.  She jerked, laying her head against his thigh when her overly sensitive pussy became too much to process.  Her hand squeezed him, jerking him as her hips rocked and a high pitched, drawn out yowl came from her shortened muzzle.


“More!” she yelled, pushing harder.  “More!  Yes, more, yes!”


The girl reached back with both hands, digging her claws into the thick fabric and she pulled, freeing her ass. Fur crept over the curves of her cheeks and up.  She grabbed his hand and moved it up, closing his fingers around her tail.


“The fuck!” the man said, pulling away and jerking his hand from her back.


She turned, pinning him in place and cleaning his face with her wide, rough tongue while she grinded against his still-hard cock.  


“Feel so good,” she groaned in his ear, pressing her furred cheek to his.  “So hot.  Need it so bad.  Need it.  God, I’m so hot.”


“Lady, something’s fucking wrong-“


Her mouth met his and then she squeezed his arms painfully before jerking her head back.  His cock pressed against her lips and she shoved, spearing herself on his fat cock.  She shuddered, curling into him and licking his neck before pulling back and shoving down again.  The wet slapping of her pussy filled the air along with her high pitched cries as her orgasm grew near.  She grabbed his hand and placed it against her tail once more, tugging it to give him encouragement.


“Fuck,” the man whispered, looking at her closely for the first time.  “Fuck, oh god, fuck, that feels- What are you?”


“Doesn’t-” she panted, shivering and clawing the ground.  “Doesn’t- doesn’t matter.  Just fuck me.  Just fuck me.  Just-“


Her claws dug into his chest through his jacket and shirt as she came, roaring into the night.  Yet his hands gripped her tail and he pulled her down.  She hung in place with her breasts over his face and he leaned up to suck on her exposed nipple as he pounded into her.  When her strength returned, she worked her hips to match his rhythm.  


She lost herself in it, leaning back and grabbing his hands to rub along her body.  To cover herself in his scent.  He explored her as they fucked and she jerked, grabbing his hand to keep it in place when his fingernail dragged against a reddened, sensitive spot low on her belly, just above the red and tan hairs covering her mound.  She squeezed his finger around the tiny teat and he pulled, expressing milk as the ducts formed beneath the skin.


His orgasm surprised her and she hissed as it forced her over the edge once more.  Her lips vibrated as holes opened in the skin and the transparent tips of her whiskers emerged.  Siobhan dragged her tongue along his face, cleaning him as he filled her, his arms wrapped around her powerful back.  


“Fuck,” he moaned, thrashing as he came within, filling her again and again.  “I- Fuck.  Fuuuuck.”


Siobhan’s tongue dragged against a single black hair along his jaw and the man flexed his fingers with a growl, digging a claw into her back.


“Fuck,” he groaned again.  “That feels-  I can’t-  Fuck.”


She pulled herself off of him slowly, regretting the loss of each inch until she stood over him, weak-kneed and still horny.  His golden eyes stared into her and she held a hand out, easily pulling him to a standing position before leading him deeper into the park, away from prying eyes.

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